Friday, June 26, 2009

Metger Raided - Mahon Finally Arrested

Dennis Mahon has quite a history in the white supremacy movement. In 1995, he was a major figure in the Oklahoma City bombing. He avoided arrest but continued his neo-Nazi activities and relationships.

In 2004, he and Tom Metzger were in attentance at Arayanfest in Fountain Park, Arizona and a conversation between Mahon and some other skinheads was documented in the New Phoenix Times:

"I knew Timothy McVeigh quite well," he bragged. "In fact, I knew him back when he was named Timothy Tuttle [an alias McVeigh used in the months before the bombing], and he and I were involved in quite a few bom . . ." Here, Mahon dramatically cut himself off, as if he had just barely stopped himself from making a serious admission, and then he continued. ". . . Let's just say he and I did some serious business together. And after Oklahoma City, the feds came after me big-time, boy, but they never proved a thing."

At this point, Mahon raised his eyebrows and the corners of his mouth knowingly.

"But they've kept me from being able to have a good job. Well, that and they caught me pissing on Air Force One. [He didn't let on how he came to pee on the president's plane.] But I'll tell you what, as soon as my parents have left this world, I'm moving to the Ukraine, because it beats the hell out of living in a trailer. I've been shot twice, stabbed. Last year my appendix burst, and now I might even have cancer, and I'll tell you, I've had it with this cocksucking country."

Prior to expatriating, however, Mahon would like to see D.C. reduced to smoldering, irradiated ruins. "You nuke D.C., you're going to wipe out most of the politicians, plus a couple million crack-head niggers," he told Poindexter, who nodded in agreement, swaying on his feet like a prizefighter enduring a standing eight count.

"It's a win-win," Mahon continued. "And I think it's the only way, I really do. Terrorism works. We did a lot of terrorism in Tulsa in the 1980s. We put heads in the road, and people paid attention. You have to give it to the Iraqis, they're putting us to shame right now. I mean, I hate those cocksucking towel heads, but they're showing us how it's done."


June 25, 2009
Feds make arrests in 3 states in Scottsdale bombing
By Gary Grado
Former Scottsdale Diversity Director Don Logan. Federal authorities make arrests in at least three states with ties to the 2004 mail bombing that injured three employees, including Logan.


Federals authorities conducting raids in at least three states have arrested two White Supremist brothers Thursday in connection with a mail bomb that injured three employees of the Scottsdale Office of Diversity and Dialogue in 2004.

Read the indictment (279K PDF) []

Dennis Mahon and Daniel Mahon were arrested in David Junction, Ill., and appeared in court in Rockford, according to court documents.

The three-count indictment alleges that Dennis Mahon built the bomb on Feb. 21, 2004, and it sent it to Donald Logan, former Scottsdale diversity director, who opened the package Feb. 26, 2004, injuring him, Renita Linyard and Jacque Bell.

Logan caught the brunt of the bomb and had to undergo extensive surgery to repair damage to his hands and arms.

Logan, who now works in a similar job for Glendale, was not immediately available for comment.

“The object of the conspiracy was to promote racial discord on behalf of the ‘White Aryan Resistance’ (WAR) by damaging and destroying buildings, facilities and real property of both government and businesses whose activities defendants believed conflicted with their goals,” the indictment states.

The arrests come a year after U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms announced it had made significant strides in the case with the help of new technology able to extract tiny amounts of DNA from bomb debris.

Authorities hinted last year that the Scottsdale bombing had “commonalities” with other bombings throughout the United States and Canada.

Authorities on Thursday also raided the home of Tom Metzger in Warsaw, Indiana, the founder of WAR, but he was not arrested.

Authorities also made an arrest in Missouri that “arose from a federal investigation” into the Scottsdale bombing, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Western District of Missouri.



White supremacist from area arrested

From staff, AP reports

Robert Neil Joos, 56, a self-professed white supremacist from McDonald County, was charged Thursday in federal court with illegally possessing firearms, the U.S. attorney’s office said.

A search of Joos’ 200-acre property was the result of an investigation into a “retreat location in McDonald County used by white supremacists,” said Matt Whitworth, acting U.S. attorney for the Western District of Missouri, in a statement.

Joos was charged in a federal criminal complaint filed in Springfield with being a felon in possession of firearms, Whitworth said.

Joos was arrested Thursday and remained in federal custody pending a detention hearing set for Monday.

The statement by Whitworth said the arrest stemmed from a federal investigation into a Feb. 26, 2004, bombing that injured Don Logan, the director of the diversity office for the city of Scottsdale, Ariz., who is a black man. Two others were injured in the attack.

The undercover investigation focused on several people involved in white-supremacist movements throughout the United States.

According to an affidavit by Special Agent Kevin Farnsworth, brothers Daniel and Dennis Mahon were identified as suspects in the Arizona bombing.

A federal indictment unsealed Thursday in Arizona charges the Mahons with conspiracy to damage buildings and property by means of explosives. The indictment also says the brothers intended to “promote racial discord” on behalf of the War Aryan Resistance.

Authorities who arrested the brothers at their home in Davis Junction, Ill., said they had assault weapons, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and white-supremacist material.

In 2005, according to the affidavit, the Mahon brothers told undercover investigators about a “retreat” location in Missouri that members of the “movement” used for survival training. It was occupied by Joos.

A confidential informant and two undercover agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives visited Joos at his McDonald County property on three occasions, in January 2008 and in January and February 2009. During those visits, the affidavit says, they observed different firearms and ammunition.

Joos is characterized in the affidavit as a “long-time white supremacist associate and an expert on weapons, explosives, bomb making and general survival skills.”

Joos allegedly told undercover operatives that he knew how to make napalm and agreed to train others, and that he used caves on his property for concealment and shelter. The caves were stockpiled with food, water and weapons, according to the affidavit.

Federal law makes it illegal for anyone who has been convicted of a felony to be in possession of firearms or ammunition.

Joos has a 1997 felony conviction for unlawful use of a weapon and a 2004 conviction for operating a motor vehicle without a valid license.

Joos at one point refused to get a driver’s license, saying during a court hearing in 2002 that it was against his religion, and that he could “make no covenant with the heathen government.”

Joos in 2004 led the Sacerdotal Church of David on a 200-acre farm near the community of Cyclone, between Powell and Pineville on Big Sugar Creek.


  1. As Harry S. Truman suggested, “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.”--Harry S. Truman

  2. Dennis Mahon is not a "voice of opposition" as you so ineptly claim. Dennis Mahon IS a terrorist. READ!!! LEARN SOMETHING!!!

  3. No, but you are trying to make a "link" or estrapolate what people like Metzger says to other people's actions. Not everyone buys that.

    I believe that EVERY type of speech is protected by the 1st amendment, hate or love, war or peace, is protected. people who try to silent the Right wing community are American haters. we also have a voice, an opinion, and we also vote too.

  4. If we don't agree with the party line, or become vocal about it, we should all just be rounded up, right?

  5. Oh good grief! These people are accused of sending bombs! Injuring people! Blowing shit up! What the hell does that have to do with Free Speech?

    Go listen to Metzger's hitline message. Read about Dennis Mahon. One hundred and sixty-eight people were murdered in OKC - and if he is, in fact, responsible for sending bombs to people - then it's a damned good thing that the feds did.

    As to Metzger - he and Mahon have been friends for decades. Mahon was one of Metzger's "operatives." Don't EVEN try to sugar coat it. Tom Metger sits behind a lot of nefarious things. It's little wonder they raided his house.

    As he says, "I'm a peaceful man" in public he encourages lone-wolf actions in private.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with FREE SPEECH - it has to do with terrorism. How naive are you?

  6. Nikki, I am a White racialist and Metzger is a buffoon. He gets drunk in the bar with non-Whites and sings karoeke with them. He is a fraud like Schoep is.

  7. Thank you, Jim Ratt for belittling someone who has sacrificed everything for the cause. I guess you can't really blame Jim. He considers himself a white activist because he had a website at one time.

  8. It that facker Jim Ramm's fault. He knew those guys and conspired with them. Ramm also helped Hitler build Nazi Germany and sold lemonade to black school children...

    I am so sick of hearing Michael Burks talk about this Ram Madman he must really fear him.

  9. Why do you think Metzger is a terrorist, becuase the government says so?

    You shouldn't accuse people of doing criminal acts or being a party to them without proof.

  10. "As he says, 'I'm a peaceful man' in public he encourages lone-wolf actions in private."- Nikki

    You got proof he is encouraging lone-wolf actions in private?

  11. Ramsey is as bad as Mahon. A complete idiot without a clue. Nothing but hate and stupidity to base his own life upon. Doesn't even have the balls to post under his own name.

    These people are not protected under free speech not when you build bombs or threaten elected officials just trying to do their job. If you do not agree with someone there is other ways to show your dissatisfaction than threatening their lives. Hal Turner and Bill White are learning valuable lessons right now that they should have learned years ago. Both are old enough to know better. I am sure they won't be running their mouths in jail very much, other wise someone will check them. Crime and Punishment, you got to love it.

  12. Michael Jackson lives forever!
    s A lifelong member of NAMBLA, I am witnessed to the magic between a man and his boy.

  13. Apparently, "Hal Turner, traitor, etc" is Jim Ramm. Why are you trying so hard to keep your name out there Jim? Do you think that if people dislike you that means you are still somehow included? You aren't. Go find a new hobbie.

    And I don't like Hal either but you've got zero ground to call anyone a traitor especially when you are free as a bird and he isn't.

  14. I am neither Ramsey or Burks, you guys are batting 1000%.

  15. If you follow the Nimbusters ( then you know that the Nimbusters managed to do what Nikki and her gang of nigger lovers could not and that is to put that back stabbing little weasel Hal Turner behind bars. Someone named Unknown Fucktard aka Eric Liberman aka Schwartz did it.

    Turner is being sent to Chicago Federal lock up with his bisexual chocolate highway buddy Billy White. The long time lovers will soon be reunited in the United State Penal system. Soon they can once again practice protology upon one another. My hat goes off to you Nimbusters.

  16. The 7 Signs Revolution Will Likely Occur...


    How close is America to a revolution? I edited/simplified it for clarity. You can read the entire thing written by Sarah Robinson at:

    The 7 Steps to Revolution

    Over the past 350 years, almost every major revolution in a modern industrialized country has been preceded by this pattern of seven preconditions:

    1. Soaring, Then Crashing

    This is where a “crash” occurrs from the hieghts of a very affluent and economically advanced society.
    Rrevolutions don't happen in traditional societies that are stable and static — where people have their place, things are as they've always been, and nobody expects any of that to change. Rather, modern revolutions — particularly the progressive-minded ones in which people emerge from the fray with greater rights and equality — happen in economically advancing societies, always at the point where a long period of rising living standards and high, hopeful expectations comes to a crashing end, leaving the citizens in an ugly and disgruntled mood.

    2. They Call It A Class War

    This stage for revolution was set when the upper classes broke faith with society's other groups, and began to openly prey on them in ways that threatened their very future. Not surprisingly, the other groups soon united, took up arms, and rebelled.

    3. Deserted Intellectuals

    Mere unrest among the working and middle classes, all by itself, isn't enough. Revolutions require leaders — and those always come from the professional and intellectual classes. In most times and places, these groups (which also include military officers) usually enjoy comfortable ties to the upper classes, and access to a certain level of power. But if those connections become frayed and weak, and the disaffected intellectuals make common cause with the lower classes, revolution becomes almost inevitable.

    4. Incompetent Government

    …It turns out there's never been a modern revolution that didn't start against a backdrop of atrocious government malfeasance in the face of precipitously declining fortunes. From George III's onerous taxes to Marie Antoinette's "Let them eat cake," revolutions begin when stubborn aristocrats heap fuel on the fire by blithely disregarding the falling fortunes of their once-prosperous citizens. And America is getting dangerously close to that point now.

    5. Gutless Wonders in the Ruling Class

    Revolution becomes necessary when the ruling classes fail in their duty to lead.

    Which is why, every time our current crop of so-called leaders open their mouths to propose a policy or Explain It All To Us, it's embarrassingly obvious that they don't have the vision, the intelligence, or the courage to face the future that everyone can clearly see bearing down on us, whether we're ready or not.

    6. Fiscal Irresponsibility

    As we've seen, revolutions follow in the wake of national economic reversals. Almost always, these reversals occur when inept and corrupt governments mismanage the national economy to the point of indebtedness, bankruptcy, and currency collapse.

    7. Inept and Inconsistent Use of Force

    The final criterion for revolution is this: The government no longer exercises force in a way that people find fair or consistent. And this can happen in all kinds of ways.

    Domestically, there's uneven sentencing, where some people get the maximum and others get cut loose without penalty — and neither outcome has any connection to the actual circumstances of the crime (though it often correlates all too closely with race, class, and the ability to afford a good lawyer).

    Disclaimer: I post this here for the purpose of discussion and in no way am I advocating violence or revolution.

  17. Shit...who cares about revolutions...I just wanna get laid by the young Meat....NAMBLA Forever!

  18. When will that asswipe Matthew Ramsey grow up? Oh who cares. I just fowarded all his NSM radio programs to the FBI. Should be interesting to see how long he remains free.

    God is Great.

  19. Hal begs for bucks from jail. He begs like a little bitch. IF YOU CAN'T DO THE TIME, HAL. DON'T DO THE CRIME.

    Hal Turner Begs like a Bitch

  20. Truly pathetic making humor of someone's misfortune.

    I wonder how you would hold up under the same set of circumstances.

    Is it me or is there higher than normal cross-pollenation between Nick's forum and NIMbusters?

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Well, you have to remember that about 2/3 of us (Nimbusters) really really hate Hal. Then about 1/3 of us (the stupid ones: Von, Drake, and The Intern) like Hal. In any case everyone has something to say about the little bastard. How stupid is he that he can't keep his little fat mouth shut? I mean damn, every time he opens his mouth he digs a deeper hole.

  23. While reading over the various news stories concerning the arrest of the Mahons and Robert Joos one of the things that stands out is the Christian Identity/arayn Nation connection.

    Joos calls himself a dual seed-line Christian Identity believer.(believing that there was two creations, one good (Whites) one evil (Jews).The whites and Jews fight for control of the world and eventually the Whites would win).

    One of the racist organizations that are supporting Joos,is the Church of Jesu Christ Christian/Aryan Nation of Missouri.

    Lunatic Fringe

  24. Nikki fck BRAIN...As to Metzger - he and Mahon have been friends for decades. Mahon was one of Metzger's "operatives." Don't EVEN try to sugar coat it. Tom Metger sits behind a lot of nefarious things. It's little wonder they raided his house.

    As he says, "I'm a peaceful man" in public he encourages lone-wolf actions in private.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with FREE SPEECH - it has to do with terrorism. How naive are you?

    kike cunt Nikki fck Tard calls any-thing that opposes the Jew World Order "terrorism"...notice how this filthy maggot never commented on the recent horrendous atrocities inflicted on the Palis by the terrorist statelet of Isn'tReal?!?....nor on the daily, continuing terrorism "dished out" by vrs flavours of ZOG-bots in Iraq & the 'Stan?....does dropping laser-guided bombs & HELLFIRE missiles on "wedding parties" constitute "terrorism"?

    nor does she comment on the continuing "terrorism" inflicted almost daily on white people by sub-human knuckle-dragging apes called 'groids?!?

    nor on the fckn TERRORISTS (the jews!) who encourage & promote this proxy action!

    Metzger "encourages lone-wolf actions in private"?

    wtf is THAT supposed to mean, you worthless fckn CUNT?

    he discusses it with a few mates over a beer or six?

    he mentions it "in passing" @ a Sunday arvo' BBQ?

    he talks about it in his sleep?

    FCK YOU, you fckn terrorist kike cunt!

    white people have been excluded from the political process in the 'Kwa & most major Western "democracies"...instead, the interests of psychopathic, parasitical minorities like jews & niggaz (terrorists!) are catered for...despite massive popular political support, a fair & decent white man (Ron Paul) was excluded from the recent elections...instead, a psychopathic, faggot, drug-addicted 'groid, who ain't even a US citizen, was selected...ohh...sry!!...i mean, "elected" ;-)

    those who make peaceful change impossible make violent revolution inevitable

    if we don't get wtf we want (white home-lands), youse'll get "terrorism" like youse couldn't imagine in yr worst fckn night-mares!

    itz HERE!


  25. Why does this idiot Jimbo run his fucking hole? He doesn't know shit about shit or his ass from a hole in the ground.

  26. Why can't you spell a full sentence Jimbo. Is it all the meth? Is that whats doing it? Or did a WP leader declare proper english a ZOG thing or some shit?

  27. Sounds like that pervert Michael Burks can sure dish he out but can't take it. Keep on with your war fuck head, we got plenty more waiting!

  28. Self thinks that if Jimbo would get his mouth offa Ramsey's little wee wee he could talk better.

  29. We all know that "spounge bob shit pants" Is another alias for religious nutcase & traitor Michael Burks.

    The feds have set you up, the deal you made with them is worthless.

    After Bill goes down for good you and your kind are next.

  30. Self is Burks? LOL. Ramsey is starting to see Burks under trees and under his bed.

  31. The First Amendment is doing its job when it protects Neocon propagandist Michael Savage as he delivers genocidal rants demanding that the U.S. nuke Arabs for Israel. It protects Glenn Beck when he equates 9/11 Truthers with terrorists. It protected the LA Times after it published the notorious "Shooting Bush" editorial cartoon on July 20, 2003: More recently, on Feb. 18, it protected Ruppert Murdoch's New York Post, which offered a "Dead Monkey" editorial cartoon that encouraged racism and assassination at the same time:

    It protected the Jewish Defense League when it published a worldwide screed against Revisionist David Cole, a Jew who had investigated inconsistencies in the Holocaust narrative at Auschwitz and other infamous German concentration camps. The JDL urged the "elimination" of Cole and posted a bounty for information on his whereabouts in its David Cole: Monstrous Traitor,

    For some reason the First Amendment doesn't protect Hal Turner, though, when he argues in favor of the Second Amendment, and says that federal judges in Chicago who are aiming to undermine gun rights are traitors, and should be killed:,0,7879524.story.

  32. Hal Turner stopped being protected by the 1st amendment when he started threatening peoples lives. When will you dumbasses realize that? Hal is going to do two or three years in prison. Good place for the fat fool. Maybe when he is free again he will understand when to keep his mouth shut. IF YOU CAN'T DO THE TIME, DON'T DO THE CRIME, FOOL.

  33. No, the laws, though fuzzy don't protect anyone who is pro-white. It doesn't protect Hal Turner, no matter how much we roll our eyes on his latest lesson on how to be a actionless blowhard. The law does not protect white nationalist like Jeff Schoep from attacks on himself and his family by such individuals as Matt Ramsey. If there is going to be a law, let's just see it enforced equally (better not hold my breath, huh?).

  34. You're too damn stupid to understand the law. It has less to do with politics than it does current events. Hal should have shut his mouth after Bill was arrested but no, he kept on going. If you read the comments section on Hal's blog then you'd know that someone called "God is Justice" or some shit like that was egging Hal on. He told Hal he was reporting him to the authorities every day. Hal wouldn't stop and seemed to get worse and worse. Oh some level I think Hal Turner wanted to be locked up.

    They now also have to make an example of Hal, if they do not Hal will just get out and keep on getting worse. 5 years of so in jail out to teach him a good lesson.

  35. .....and yr "too damn stoopid" to under-stand prison (especially in the 'Kwa)...HT will be "taught a lesson" all-right; that lesson will be that the time for "talk" is over & that the time for "action" is NOW! you think a few years cheek-by-jowl with crowds of 'groidz will do?

    "rehabiliate" him?!?

    yr "off with the fckn fairies", champ!

    all that imprisonment in ZOG gulags does is radicalise white men;

    HT will, more likely than not, emerge from gaol "ready for action"....either to actively participate in violent white actions against ZOG or to actively facilitate the same.....ZOG should have let him "continue ranting"....after this, he will be TEN TIMES more dangerous to them!

    itz HERE!


  36. Jimbo, its gonna be a little hard for Hal to do shit whilst in prison.

    Your 'actions' might be that of the 'lone wolf' but thats all you have working for you and the WP cause, its pathetic when those in your own 'pure' movement can't keep their mouths shut and foil any plan that 2 or more of you fucks cook up. Theres strength in numbers but as the good book says- a house divided against itself will not stand. Think about it, don't try to hurt yourself though.

  37. You people are all wrong.
    The NSM is a non-criminal organization. Join today and accept the Nazi demon.

    Follow commander Kike and his mexican mistress. Dress in devil black and backstab your members. Lie, cheat, steal and discard your children.

    It is too bad that Ramm didn't show up at Jeff's house, armed to the teeth and put a end to his madness once and for all.

  38. OHMYGOD, Matthew Ramsey #1 coward show up anywhere armed? Matthew Ramsey known weenie wagged show up armed with something beside his three inch dick? Ima gonna laugh at that thought, Ramsey is a little bitch who besides wagging his penis at third graders is unlikely in the extreme to do anything that requires a nut sack.

  39. Michael ConnelyJune 28, 2009 8:23 PM

    Faggot like Michael Burks or AKA Chris Drake, need to stop fantasizing about sucking Ramm's dick.

    Go back to the bath house NAMBLA member, and stay away from the young children in the school yards!

  40. If Ramm has a dick, he'd better spit that long black thing out of his girlie little mouth, then.

  41. Hey Michael, did you ever registure as a sex offender?

    We all sure hope you kill yourself now and do all the children of the world a favor.

  42. I am trying to figure out who is more retarded. Ramm known idiot or Burks known idiot. I think I'd have to ride with Ramsey but it's pretty damn close it's not like Burks is a rocket scientist. Can we give those two sharp pointed objects and lock them in a closet together?

  43. Help me! Need Cocaine smuggled into my jail cell!

  44. No Hal impostor, you need a black cock shoved in your tail.


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