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Who Or What Is A Hardy Lloyd?

By Nicole Nichols


I am writing this article largely because I cannot tolerate those who lie, those who dupe, or those who are "performing" for the sole purpose of gaining attention. In January of this year, Creator, Hardy Lloyd was released on probation. Hardy had been acquitted of shooting his girlfriend - which he did - but evidence convinced the jury that it was an act of self-defense. He was placed on 3 years probation on a misdemeanor firearms charge. During the probation proceedings the presiding judge asked Hardy what his white supremacist views were all about. Hardy replied, "That was more of an attempt to anger my parents, as a way of rebelling against them." His defense attorney Caroline Roberto, along with his uncle, Ted Brooks, told the media that Hardy had "disavowed his white supremacist leanings years ago." Of course, both statements were, categorically, untrue.

Hardy was born to a very prominent family. His father is a well known and respected physician who, at one time, worked for, of all things, the Jewish Healthcare Foundation. As a teen he led his father on a merry chase. Hardy would print out racist flyers and post them around town while his eminent father followed his trail and took them down. Now, that might sound a little odd to us, and we might wonder why his father didn't just discipline him. You see, Hardy was born with an affliction known as Asperger's Syndrome. Asperger's generally manifests itself as a mild form of Autism. Generally speaking, Asperger's interferes with social interaction, ability to interpret facial expressions or general social cues, and often results in fixations or repetitive behaviors. Often, however, intellectual development proceeds at a normal, and, sometimes, at an accelerated rate.

In the case of Hardy, it seems that he became fixated on racism and the hate movement.

Hardy joined up with the World Church of the Creator in 2000, and no one should be surprised that he was attracted to such a group. They were, after all, the fast growing white supremacist group in the nation and they seemed to attract an inordinate number of members from the criminal element. Prior to 1999, I had been following the law-license fight waged by Matt Hale, the "Church" leader. However, with the shooting spree of Benjamin Smith on the Fourth of July weekend in 1999, I began to focus much more closely on Hale, the ideology, and the members. As the archives of Citizens Against Hate and the Eye On Hate websites will attest, I became well acquainted with a number of Creators and with their beliefs.

Shortly after the arrest of Hale in 2003, the Pittsburgh Creator, Hardy Lloyd, started doing some very bizarre things. Given the attraction to Creativity by so many violent individuals, I was watching Hardy very carefully - so was law-enforcement. The following chronology of my correspondence with Hardy and his anomalistic behaviors is written, in part, because of the fact that history really does repeat itself - and in Hardy's case, it has already started. This is my way of setting the record and the racists straight when it comes to Mr. Lloyd.

It should also be noted that according to, "those with Asperger's have no clinically significant delay in language development or in cognitive abilities. Many with Asperger's are of average intelligence, but many are actually highly gifted and even brilliant. People with Asperger's often obtain one or more college degrees, and they may become mathematicians, philosophers, scientists, university professors, etc. But adult functioning usually requires some degree of communication skill and social adaptability, and these are notably lacking in Asperger's Syndrome, which is why adult support services are often helpful or even necessary.
"What else is often lacking is comprehension of the non-literal aspects of language, especially spoken language. Just as they miss nonverbal signals when interacting with others, people with Asperger's usually are stymied by humor, irony, metaphor, or any other use of language that goes beyond literal meaning. This makes normal interaction with coworkers or acquaintances difficult."
Thus, anyone engaged in communication or interaction with someone like Hardy must keep in mind his limitations. His mind has fixated on Creativity. That fixation prohibits consideration of anything contrary to that ideology such as Christianity. Even though he may appear to be embracing something different, his thought processes will continue to try to somehow insinuate Creativity into that which he is currently focusing on. One can readily see this when reading about his fascination with Melkor.
Hardy is definitely unique. However, his inability to process certain nuances and subtleties have cost him and will continue to do so. Is he dangerous? Well, you can't ignore that possibility given his love of fire-arms, violent outbursts, and dysfunctional mental processes. He certainly must be watched - closely.


Misbegotten Nazi's are a dime-a-dozen. Malfunctioning miscreants within the Nazi Movement are, certainly, nothing new. Everything from full-blown psychosis to Narcissistic Personality Disorders have presented themselves within the rank and file of the white supremacist organizations. In short, the hate movement is a psychological researchers dream. However, no one has ever seen anyone more delusional, more anti-social, or more insane than Hardy Lloyd. In fact, no one has ever, in the annals of the hate movement, witnessed a more convoluted, twisted, or multifarious anomaly than a man who believes himself to be the current Pontifex Maximus of the Creativity Movement.

Hardy had always been a loose cannon thus it is little wonder that he found his way to the World Church of the Creator which has been renamed the Creativity Movement. Matt Hale loved lose cannons - and he liked young men who could be molded and manipulated. Especially dear to him were disturbed young men whose buttons were easily pushed. Hardy Lloyd, however, was even too over the top for Hale and his followers.

In late 2002, some of the WCOTC members were questioning Hale about this guy calling himself "Pittsburgh Creator" and calling for his ousting from the ranks of the members. Hardy's erratic behaviors were becoming a liability, not to mention an embarrassment to Hale's crew - and that required a lot of acting out.

With Hale's arrest in January of 2003, Hardy became more and more off the wall. Disgruntled over the lack of action by Creators and the movement, in general, Hardy decided to branch out on his own and start his own "Church," which he called it "Orthodox Creativity," and claiming a "new form of Creativity" called GAEE (Gods Against Earthly Existence.) The following is what was found on his webpage:

Welcome To "GAEE" - Reverend Lloyd' Web-Site. (
His motto is: "EVOLVE OR DIE!!"
Contact Reverend Lloyd at:
- PObox 19204 - Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Send E-mail to:
Hardcore Hardy' web-site provides information that the everage "Joe" doesn't have... Hardy will meet with any anti-JEW and anti race-mixing group: New Axis, Nation of Islam, PLO's, Black Separatists, Arabs, Muslims, Brazilian Nazis and so on...! We are ALL under attack from the JEWS, so we might as well work together! Hardy sees himself as a traveling White Racial Leader, who's first loyalty is to the WHITE RACE ALONE!! Reverend Lloyd is the missionary, he can only show you the door; it is you who must open it... The future resides inside the individual White! We are ALL WORRIERS!! Reverend Lloyd will work with ANY group/individual that is serious about saving the White Race... All others need not apply!! Hardy WILL NOT work with "Christian-Identity" "people"!! He will work with Satanists, Odinists and Melkorists, but not Christ-Insanity WACKOS!!!! Blowing up abortion clinics is WRONG!! Hardy encourages ALL REAL WHITE RACIAL LOYALISTS to stay away from those people...!!! Hardy believes that people have a right to choose what they do with their own bodies! As long as they are not committing a crime against the White Race, IE: race-mixing, rape, and so on, and they keep it in the "closet", then it is no one else's concern!! Hardy is fighting for WHITE RACIAL FREEDOM and not White Racial Fascism!! The JEWS are FASCISTS and we are FREEDOM FIGHTERS!!!! Creativity is Hardy' mind-set, but he believes that the "COC" should just sell the religious books and stop wasting time holding rallies... That's what "GAEE" is all about, every White man, woman and child being their own leader! Doing WHATEVER is required of them at that moment in time and not living by some fixed dogma! Hardy is the new Creator, the Creator of the future! He does not live in the past or waste time with losers... "GAEE" is the new form of Creativity, with NO "moral" handicaps... EVOLVE OR DIE!! White civilization has always emerged from CHAOS! Out of chaos the new order will arise and reclaim this planet for our people. Chaos is the weapon that the White Race must utilize in order to survive this final Race War!! Only through chaos can we achieve a place in this universe... I will explain ALL over the next months...
Creativity is a White racial religion based on the Laws of Nature, the experience of History and Logic and Common Sense. Our golden rule is: What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue, what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin!

Creativity Logo: The "W", of course, stands for our White Race, which we regard as the most precious treasure on the face of the earth. The Crown signifies our Aristocratic position in Nature's scheme of things, indicating that we are the Elite. The Halo indicates that we regard our Race as being unique and sacred above all other values.......................
Although Hardcore Hardy aproves of the Lone Wolf, he does not tell people to do anything "illegal"! Hardy himself is 100% "legal"!! He is a Professional, Non-Violent, Progressive Pro-White Religious Man. He promotes White Civil Rights, White Self-Determination, and White Liberation via 100% legal activism. Everyone else can do as they please... LOL
The contents of this page and all other pages are protected by the human rights of free speech, as guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, reaffirmed by the Supreme Court as applying to Internet content on June 27, 1997.
Article 19 Human Rights Charter, United Nations: "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
(TM) (C) (R) 1973Ce (MCMLXXIII), 1999Ce (MCMXCIX), 2003Ce (MMIII) / 1IC (I), 26Ac (XXVI), 30Ac (XXX) / Feel free to use!!
Needless to say, a number of eyebrows were already being raised. Hardy started so many different Yahoo groups and began posting outlandish rants and joining under different names. You could, literally, watch him argue with himself as his mind slipped further and further into the dementia of the lunatic. Amid all of the discussions waged by Creators dealing with the
incarceration of their leader, was the looming question of what to do about Hardy who was still listed as a contact in Pittsburgh.

In October, Hardy sent the following announcement to selected Creators:

From: "Reverend Hardy Lloyd"
Date: Tue Oct 14, 2003 11:35 am
Subject: RAHOWA to all!

RAHOWA to all!

Many Reverend's of Creativity and I are making a new Church to
replace the dead Church of Matt Hale. This Church will be laid out as
Klassen had when he first got started. Business like, clean cut, the
best will be able to join not just anyone and the Guardians of the
Faith will actually do their job!!

So join us today and contact myself, Rev. King and Rev. Kroenke

Reverend Lloyd, PA state leader of Creativity...

Needless to say, there weren't any takers. In fact, no one in Creativity took him seriously with the exception of John King, Michael Cook, and the referenced Thomas Kroenke who considered throwing in with Hardy for about a minute.

In November of 2003, Lloyd went on a tirade and claimed to have deleted all of the posts in one of his Yahoo groups made by people attacking him. The truth of the matter was - no one had posted anything. It was almost spooky watching Hardy Lloyd self-destruct.

Finally, the phantom posters got the best of Hardy and he declared:

Message: 3
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 21:03:10 -0000
From: "Reverend Hardy Lloyd"
Subject: Melkorism above all this BS in fighting!

Melkorism above all this BS in fighting!

Sorry folks, but I must promote an ideology that kikkks ass and that
does not tolerate in fighting! Why, because we KILL anyone who is a
fellow Melkorist who argues with us!!!!

No more supporting ANYONE who argues!!!! I don't see the KSS arguing,
I don't see WAR arguing, I don't see the PA Congregation of
Creativity arguing, I don't see the White Pittsburgh Front arguing,
but I see everyone else arguing!!!!

So to hell with everyone else and I piss on you...!!! I must start my
own "Movement" and leave you all in the dust! I have evolved passed
your pathetic arguing and in fighting and I will now promote the most
hardcore survivalist ideology on the planet, MELKORISM!!!!

You may think I'm crazy, you may think I'm psycho, but I think I'm
doing the right thing for my race and I see only morons and wimps
hiding behind their computers rather than taking the fight to the

So, piss off, or get a boot in the face, for I will no longer attach
my name to any group or ideology that promotes in-fighting and/or
senseless arguing... I mean really, arguing about a name is the most
absurd thing I've ever witnessed as a White Racial Loyalist!!!! STOP
IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So goodbye, and I know I wont see any of you in Valhalla, for you are
all too chicken shit to get up off your ass and do anything!!!!

From now on I, Reverend Hardy Lloyd, am in my own Movement; a
movement of loyal skinheads, hardcore psychotic Melkorists and
LW's...! I say GAEE on anyone who sits on his ass and types out
what "should be done" and doesn't go out and do it himself...!

Hail Melkor
Hail and KILL

Rev. Lloyd

Melkor was the original name for Morgoth Bauglir, a fictional character created by J.R.R. Tolkien, further attesting to the degradation of Lloyd's already deranged mind. Day after day, Hardy took to the internet calling for action - calling for RAHOWA - calling for death to all Jews, blacks, race-traitors, and, of course, Christians. Throughout all of this, Hardy's paranoia began to grow. He was constantly claiming that someone in his "Empire" of Pennsylvania didn't like him - and that seemed to trouble him a great deal.

The pace and the violent nature of his posts increased. The more the Creators objected to his lunacy, the more strident his messages became. To wit:

"A message to americas troops:

"Eat shit and die! I hope Iraq uses Anthrax on your ASS!! As for your
wives and children, I hope all the niggers rape and kill them!!!!
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Anyone, ANYONE, who works for the JOG is a race-
traitor and should be shot!! The Lone Wolves will eat your children,
after having their way with them first!!

WILL VISIT YOU IN YOUR SLEEP!! The Lone Wolf will win this war, not
Mr. FAGGOT Bush or your tanks.

Oh, ya, big strong men with tanks and M-16's against little unarmed
children and old ladies... Tough as nails you army guys are. Lets see
you meet me in an alley sometime without that BIG GUN of yours, then
we shell see who is the real man!!!!


It is the beliefe that the Aryan Race was created when Melkor' leg was cut and the blood that sprade out created Aryan Man!
"When the world is much older and the gods weary, Morgoth will come back through the door and the last battle will be fought. And Melkor, with his mighty Hammer, GROND, will destroy the VALAR, and the Aryan Race will rule this planet!!"


It is a better form. 'GAEE'
teaches one to obey NO discipline, to follow NO 'moral' codes, to do
WHATEVER IT TAKES to win this RACIAL HOLY WAR!! Creativity is the
foundation of 'GAEE', I add my own philosophy, and then to spice it
up and make it more HARDCORE I add a little Satanism, Odinism,
Fascism and Stalinism to the mix... The result is a more HARDCORE
form of Creativity. Something that will lead our people out of the
holy chaos and into a new order! A follower of 'GAEE' is called a
GOD, for ALL PURE RACIALY CONSCIENCE WHITES are they're own gods! He
obeys no one, has no leader and follows the holy path to the
inevitable chaos. The holy and lovely chaos of our future, our own
design and creation. We must create this holy chaos so our people can

When a Confederate soldier asked General Stonewall Jackson what he
should do to Yankees, the General told him:

"Kill'em, kill'em all!"

Only through creating the holy chaos can we regain control of this
planet and march towards perfection, like an Ant colony. All the
same, all working for the same goals, all obeying the holy chaos!! We
must become GODS and work for the chaos, but after the holy chaos we
must become an Ant colony... Genetically breeding Alphas, Betas, and
Deltas... Only then can we have a brave new world full of pure

The individual's will must step aside for the RACE! Only the RACE
matters, the individual is nothing. We must take charge and together,
working independently, create the HOLY CHAOS and engulf the world in
the flames of change! We must bring about death in order to create
new life. We can all be our own gods if we wish to be. We can live
full lives through obeying NO DICIPLINE!! The few, the radical few



Even though he had officially declared that he was in his "own Movement" he kept attempting to weave Creativity in with what he called Mekorism. In December of 2003, he announced that he was holding a "Festus Album" event at his home. Festus Album is the Creator's event that replaces Christmas. Needless to say, the Creator's were at their wits end with Hardy Lloyd.

During the period of time that all of this was occurring, Matt Hale was being held behind bars under Special Administrative Measures (SAM's) and had little contact with the outside world. However, I happen to know that he was informed of this distortion of Creativity that Lloyd was engaging in and have it on excellent authority that he was more than a little rancored over Hardy's actions, yet Hardy still claims that they were the best of friends. I find it interesting that Hardy never once contacted Hale during his time in Chicago - not one card - not one letter.

It was also around this time that Hardy started signing his posts and emails:

Rev. Lloyd, a hardcore true to life Skinhead Creator hell bent on
winning the war and not playing quire boy with a silly idea like
a "legal Church"!!!!

This from a man who claims he was one of Matt Hale's best friends. Matt was quite proud of the fact that his "Church" was considered a legal religion and would have castigated Hardy Lloyd for such a statement.

Hardy and I had communicated off and on about this craziness, but in March of 2004, I referenced a number of the Creator websites that had been thrown up in the last year in an article that I wrote. Hardy sent a short one-liner to me saying "Hey, you forgot my "Church of Creativity." My response to Hardy was …

Actually, Reverned Lloyd, I had just heard that you and John King were teaming up to form your own church. I also noticed on your website that you are using the PM title. How can you do that? I mean don't you have to be chosen by the GFC? I really don't know how the church works in these matters.

Since you are starting your own church - how will that work? Will you install your own GFC? What about a Hasta Primus? Do you go along with Adam Jacobs, Overturf, or will you appoint your own?

What happens if Matt Hale is acquitted? Will you join up with him if that happens - or are you thinking of giving a whole new look to Creativity?


To which there was no answer. I thought I would try again…

Dear Rev. Lloyd,

There are a few other things that I would like to ask you.

1) How do you respond to the claims of other Creators who believe that you are not really practicing Creativity and that yours, at best, is a "companion philosophy?"

2) If you are not promoting Creativity - as it is written - then, why is it that you still use the "symbols" of Creativity rather than adopting something more akin to your ideology?

3) Do you ascribe to a "Salubrious Diet?"

4) What do you believe will happen at Hale's trial?

If you should choose to respond, Rev. Lloyd, to this and my last email, consider that whatever you say will be on the record - unless, of course, you request certain things not to be published.


Now…as is common in people with Asperger's, Hardy became fixated on the first question, and asked…

What do you mean in question 1?

What do you consider my philosophy to be?

Notice, that Hardy, by this time, was calling himself "Dr." Rev. Lloyd. It was obvious that what others were saying still volleyed around wreaking havoc in his troubled mind. Hence, I decided to take a "soft approach." Here is the dialogue that ensued.

NICOLE SAID: Well, according to others in the Church, they claim that you are not practicing Creativity in accordance with the precepts set forth by Ben Klassen. They believe that you are attempting to circumvent the laws and rules of Creativity by taking parts of the creed - the parts that you want to keep and bending the rules to further your own brand of Creativity. They believe that you are trying to combine "Satanism, Nazism, and Creativity" into your own special blend.

I consider your philosophy to be one that was born out of frustration with those in the movement, in general, and in Creativity specifically. What little I know about you has been what I have witnessed on the internet. I get the feeling that you would like to see more "action" taking place within the ranks and that you are disgusted with "leaders" who lead nowhere. It appears that you promote lone wolf activism, but I believe that you would like to take the Church of Creativity in another direction - perhaps one that doesn't adhere part and parcel to Klassen's teachings. That would require people to think outside of the Creativity box, and for some that is hard to accept.

HARDY SAID: Interesting theory. I like it.
One of the ideologies I looked at was Satanism. This is true that I used to be a Satanist, but I also used to be a Mormon. What a combo ah?
My responses are in [[[me]]]:

Well, according to others in the Church, they claim that you are not practicing Creativity in accordance with the precepts set forth by Ben Klassen. They believe that you are attempting to circumvent the laws and rules of Creativity by taking parts of the creed - the parts that you want to keep and bending the rules to further your own brand of Creativity. They believe that you are trying to combine "Satanism, Nazism, and Creativity" into your own special blend.

[[[ Most Creator's I've talked to have never mentioned anything to me. Rev.'s Kroenke, King and Molyneux never mentioned that I was "out of the Creativity box". But my writings are misunderstood for the large part. The whole Melkorism essay was an attack on Odinism and people who worship spooks in general. I would like to say that I have friends in all Naturist religions. Odinism, Druidism, Satanism and Creativity. I've never let another's religion come between us unless they be Christian. This does not include Mormons.
I follow the Creed as much as possible. I believe that my interpretations of CC 65 are the correct ones. If a Creator has a problem with my writings or my congregation he can simply leave. But I will not sit still while anyone, even a White man, promotes FASCIST or Christian ideals!! I see this struggle as one of freedom for my race. I seek to free my people from bigotry and Fascism. But some in the "Movement" think that Fascism is a good tool for our people. Nothing stifles the White mans mind more than Fascism!!]]]

I consider your philosophy to be one that was born out of frustration with those in the movement, in general, and in Creativity specifically. What little I know about you has been what I have witnessed on the internet. I get the feeling that you would like to see more "action" taking place within the ranks and that you are disgusted with "leaders" who lead nowhere. It appears that you promote lone wolf activism, but I believe that you would like to take the Church of Creativity in another direction - perhaps one that doesn't adhere part and parcel to Klassen's teachings. That would require people to think outside of the Creativity box, and for some that is hard to accept.

[[[ I do promote the Lone Wolf and Leaderless Resistance because we are in a war right now and anyone who thinks we aren't is fooling themselves. I respect Matt Hale a lot. He actually listened to his members, something I also do. But he made himself the Church. So when he went down the Church fractionated.
I founded my own Church because I see my talents in the field of preaching, writing and debating. I do not see myself as a Lone Wolf, unless I get pushed into it. I for the most part love to engage in intellectual debates. I love to write. I think I best serve the Movement by being "legal" and open. ]]]

Later, Hardy would perseverate and return to ask…

Who says this? I mean, it's true that I am a bit hardcore sometimes, but this is a harsh world we live in. I admire Satanism a lot. I think Anton LaVey was on to something great. But I do not like the pro homosexual stuff. But I am lax when it comes to sex and drugs. Hey, if someone wants to smoke weed or have a 3-way, I could care less. Just do it in your home.

I take what works and try to add it to the Creed as far as promoting it goes. For instance I do what my Mormon relatives do, I go door to door with the White Mans Bible and try to convert people. I also take the Satanists approach to the world by realizing that this is a War for survival. I also borrow the Socialist ideals of Huey P. Long. But I never alter the Creed in any way!! I have added Saints and some new Holidays but they are in keeping with the Creed.

What do you think? Do you believe I have distorted Creativity?
I think it is important to note that, although Hardy Lloyd was declaring himself "Pontifex Maximus," and claiming to promote Creativity as well as denying alteration of the Creator Creed, he had yet to answer the question about how he arrived at believing that he was, in fact, the true head of the "Church." Realizing that Hardy was largely a product of his own beleaguered mind, and that through all of his distortions he probably could no longer tell truth from fiction, I was anxious to hear how he would attempt to rationalize his irrationality. I responded, thusly…
I don't think "distort" is the word that I would use - more like "elaborated upon" or "personalized." To my knowledge, there aren't many in the Creativity setting who adhere to all of the rules and tenets that Klassen set forth. I have heard several of them laugh about the "Salubrious Diet" and I don't know anyone who celebrated Festus Album this past holiday season. Additionally, I do not know of anyone who has been married in the type of ceremony strictly as it is described. Therefore, I find it humorous that there are those who sit in judgement on someone like yourself - claiming that you are not preaching Creativity. Neither are they.

You made a very intersting - and true - statement in that Matt Hale "became" the church. That might have been his biggest downfall. And yes, the Church is certainly fractured. The question is...will it ever heal? Since you have started a "new" church - how will that work? I mean according to the structure of Creativity - there is only one PM and an HP - and they all fall under the graces of the GFC. Do you not have to be appointed as PM? I must admit to more than just a little confusion on this issue - and I really do want to understand.

While this exchange was continuing, Hardy was posting rants on the main WCOTC message board, as well as the Ohio WCTOC boards. The morning after I sent my last response, I was alerted by one of our people that Adam Jacobs had erased all vestiges of Hardy from the main site and that his posts were also disappearing from the Ohio site. I went to Hardy's pages and all of his sites were down. I was well aware that all Creativity movement was under intense scrutiny by Federal law-enforcement and could only speculate about the disappearance of Hardy. So… I sent the following email…

Okay - so why are your sites down? Why are they removing all vestiges of you from their forums? And why is it that you have a site like in your signature?


His use of the "I Miss the 80's" site in his signature was puzzling since that site promotes a lot of hip-hop and rap music. I found that more than just a little peculiar. In fact, I was almost convinced that Hardy Lloyd wasn't a true racist - not in the sense of those who generally populate the Movement. Hardy was more of a "groupie" trying to make a name for himself somewhere - somehow. He was, actually, quite pitiable. I was also absolutely convinced that there was something, innately, wrong with Hardy Lloyd and that he had been taken advantage of and exploited by a group of very nefarious individuals. Hardy was also linking to White Revolution in his signature.

His response was…

I talked to the two Reverends and they removed the posts. Probably HAC posted them or some asshole from the KSS. KSS doesn't like me to much because I make fun of Odinism.

The host goes down once and a while, so they will be back up soon. Am working on a small info site till they come back online.

I love the 80's! :)

This produced the following dialogue…

I love the 80's too - especially the music. I just wondered why you would have that site since it features a lot of Hip-Hop and R&B.

[[[ Well, 80's will be 80's. ;) ]]]

So, you are saying that HAC or someone from KSS posted there under your name? You didn't write those posts? I can understand them not liking your making fun of Odinism - but why would they post under your name?

[[[ To slander me. The KSS is a FASCIST group! They believe in Fascism and not in freedom or White civil rights! I will never work with Fascists! I am fighting so that all peoples can live the way they want to. I will never work with the KSS or anyone who is a member!! ]]]

Also, what is your opinion of Tom Metzger? And do you have an opinion on the National Alliance/White Revolution fallout? This whole thing between Panzerfaust and Resistance is really damaging to both sides, don't you think?

[[[ I love Tom. We have talked many times in the past and I think his Lone Wolf ideas are true. I also like that fact that he is a Socialist and pro-Working class. I don't like the NA, but I joined WR because Billy Roper works with others and listens to their ideas, un like the NA. I also support Panzerfaust. ]]]

On April 19th, 2004, I received the following from Hardy:

Just so you know, I have set up the new church and have a new website. The WPF voted to Join my church along with the ONS and ICAB/ICN...

As he had been kicked off of all the Creator forums and was persona non gratis in most racist circles, Hardy settled down for awhile - he had no where to spew his hatred. He still occasionally sent out messages via his Yahoo groups - and made nonsensical statements on his new website - but was nonetheless a non-factor. On the morning of Augus 5th, I received a phone call telling me that something was going on because Hardy had redirected his website to White Aryan Resistance, Tom Metzger's outfit. The next day, a Citizen Against Hate called to tell me that Hardy had been arrested for the murder of his girlfriend.

It's quite difficult to express what I was feeling. For close to two years we had known that Hardy was volatile and, perhaps, sociopathic. Law enforcement knew it as well. Yet, the laws are such that a person cannot be arrested, or even committed, on the basis of what they "might" do. Hardy was a pitiful dupe was all that I kept thinking. Yet, while empathizing, I could feel the anger swelling up inside of me - anger at those who exploit others and manipulate them into acts of violence. Common sense told me that this was not a racially motivated crime - but that didn't seem to help.

In November of 2006, Hardy was acquitted on the murder charges and in January he was released on probation. His defense attorney told the media that Hardy was planning on marrying Lisa Donoto and going to school to study computer science. This is quite interesting in that Hardy is now claiming that he and Lisa have been married "for years." It is also interesting to note that while he was telling the judge that his interest in white supremacy was really him rebelling against his father, and while Roberto and his uncle were claiming that he had not had any "racist leanings" for years, his betrothed was a practicing Creator.

Recently, Hardy has joined the rank and file of the VNN message boards. Railing against Christians and extolling the virtues of Creativity as being the only religion for white men, Hardy has incurred the wrath of some of the Christian Identity members. Additionally, he has erected a webpage, teamed up with G.W. Hayduke of the White Pittsburgh Front, and started a Yahoo Group.

According to him, he and Lisa Donato have been married for years - and we already know that isn't true as they were reportedly engaged in January of this year. Hardy claims to hold Sunday services in his home and erects countless numbers of polls on his Yahoo site where he, himself, votes several times in an effort to look popular and important. His wife, Lisa, posts messages, often about things she believes will interest women in the movement and has posted in Hardy's defense on VNN.

The home page for Hardy's Yahoo Group claims "We hold services every Week. We pass out fliers. We hold 1-2 picnics each year, have Karaoke Nights, Mueseum Days, etc." Hardy also makes a claim that he is a "RAHOWA Skinhead" and that he was a POW. The latter claim has angered some as to be considered a POW by white nationalists you had to be incarcerated for a crime that is believed to have been for the betterment of the white race. Killing a white woman does not qualify you for such a status.
As we have been warned, history does have a way of repeating itself. Hardy Lloyd is back among us, and, yes, I do believe we have a problem. Becoming more and more frustrated with the reception he is receiving as he tries futilely to re-enter the movement, last week Hardy posted the following message:

As a Creator, and as the Pontifex Maximus of a Creativity Church, and
as a Skinhead, I say NO MORE!

No more time to waste!
No more missed opportunities!
No more giving in to EVIL American ideas of "HOW" I should live!
No more allowing this depressing situation to DICTATE who I am as a
White Man!
No more wasting my minutes on pointless, NON WHITE POWER,
No more allowing the situation to dictate my reactions! Instead I

From no own, I will YES me way to TOTAL WHITE VICTORY!!

Reverend Lloyd

SCREW YOU, BILLY YANK!! I am coming for you now, you YANKEE
Could this be the prelude to another Hardy meltdown? For awhile Hardy had a picture of Manuel Noriega as his avatar and a loud protest against America in his signature. His messaging seems to, once again, be becoming more and more strident and his claims more and more outlandish. Paranoia is creeping up on him again as he believes those opposing him are either from Citizens Against Hate or the Anti-Defamation League.
Earlier this week Hardy announced he had received another email from me - which was true. However, those on VNN demanded proof - they wanted him to post the email. Hardy won't do that because of the contents. The first was sent on July 12, 2007, and merely said…
Hi Hardy, I see you are back! I am curious, are calling yourself Pontifex Maximus - why? Did something happen to James Logsdon? What are your plans now that you are a free man?

Nicole Nichols
The next was sent on July 24th…
Hardy - this is Nicole Nichols, we used to communicate back before all of your troubles. I am writing an article about your return to the Creativity Movement and would like to ask you a few questions:

1. Did you not tell the Court upon your release that all of this racial stuff is behind you?

2. From what I have seen so far, it appears that you are attempting to ressurect the Church along the same lines intended by Klassen - is that correct?

3. What about James Logsdon, who is currently the head hancho of the Church? I don't see your mention of him anywhere.

4. There is another Creator out there who claims to be starting up a more militant faction of Creativity - Michael Cook - you should remember him from York.

5. How do you think your "anti-Christian" message is going to play to other racists who are Christian or Identity?

6. Is it true that you are now married and intent on raising a family? If so - congratulations.

7. How will you run things differently from Matt Hale? And comments on Hale and his incarceration?

8. I also hear that Slim Deardorf is raising his head again and promising to build a new group. With all of these different factions surfacing - do you believe your group stands a better chance of recruiting members than the others? If so, why?

Thanks in advance for your answers - and I look forward to hearing from you.

And the last was sent on August 8…
Hardy - why the hell are you telling people that you were a high ranking official in the WCOTC when Matt was arrested? And...why are you claiming that you and Matt were good friends? Now, you know better - and I know better.

Also - whatever happened to your obsession with Melchor?
Hardy doesn't want to have his feet held to the fire and be pushed into answering these questions. Hardy also knows that I know and can't be hoodwinked.

When Hardy was arrested he lived in what was an almost totally Jewish neighborhood. His small apartment was cramped and filthy. The detective who served the search warrant after the murder told CAH that it was so cluttered she ended up going in through a window. Hardy had cats - still does. It was said that the litter boxes had not been cleaned for days.

He still claims to be this bad-assed, tattooed, skinhead. Maybe he got tatted in prison, but when he made those claims in 2003, everyone who knew him was rolling. Looking at his pictures at the time of his arrest he was anything but. As a matter of fact, he sort of resembled Michael Blevins - certainly not a skinhead.

Should we pity Hardy Lloyd? I don't think so at this juncture. Many victims of Asperger's live productive lives and have learned to compensate for their social ineptness. Hardy is not mentally disabled - he is making bad choices. He enjoys the internet and loves to fantasize - but he is playing a very dangerous game. While all of this is "fun" to Hardy - it is deadly serious to others. With the current climate within the movement, there are those who are sick and tired of having to apologize or cover up for the embarrassment brought upon them by the defectives within.
Of course, we might consider everyone in the movement to be defective - there ARE those who are more flawed than others.


  1. couldn't u make that stoopid post any longer?

  2. (ignoring the site idiot above)

    Well written and researched piece, Nikki. I was unaware of your extensive connection with Hardy, although admittedly I have only been watching the weird world of white nationalism for a few years.

    BTW - what is your take on the VNN purging? A lot of notable names have been kicked out, seemingly connected to the arrival of Elisha Strom as a moderator, including Lord Sidious, Chain/Krusty/Cobb, and Michael Burks.

    I find it interesting that Alex Linder repeatedly describes Strom in terms like "hot." Is love blooming in the air for Alex and Elisha?

    (vomits in nearby wastebasket)

    Also, it appears that all of the blogs of Michael Burks, late of ANSWP fame, have been hacked and/or deleted.

    Strange days...

  3. Very informative article Nikki. His current wife was mentioned as his current girlfriend when he killed his ex-girlfriend back in 2004. Well written.

    I noticed VNN left up Lloyd's threats for a while, I don't know if they are still there or not. I'm 100 percent convinced that Linder is cooperating with LEO (law enforcement). I used about 7 nyms using proxies to stir havoc on VNN about Hardy Lloyd both pro and con.

    Have you noticed the high number of pro-pedophiles in VNN who believe that you shouldn't assist "zog" in prosecuting pedophiles. They comdemn Elisha for helping them in the Kevin A Strom case. I wouldn't say the majority of VNN does this but a high minority of them certainly do.

    Michael Burks is even more of a basket case than Michael Blevins and ranks up there with Hardy Lloyd.

    And it wouldn't shock me if Elisha goes after another weak beta male in Alex Linder.

  4. I no longer support the White National cause HistoryMike. I've had enough. Someone recently sent me poisoned food in the mail. It was laced with Arsenic. It was post marked from Oregon, I'll let you draw your own conclusions from that.

  5. Jim Ramm sent you poisoned food or is it someone else?

    Shoot me an email about this.

  6. I can't comment on it right now, Von. The police are investigating.

  7. I always though Mike Burks was just a Bill White Sock. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

  8. Yea, I would definitely get law enforcement involved as well as the postmaster.

    Let me know something when you are able to do so.

    Hopefully no one ate the stuff.

    Be safe.

  9. Michael Burks is full of shit in my opinion.

    Raoul, Burks is as much of a fruitcake as Blevins is, perhaps more so.

    If Arsenic were sent through the mail, it would not only be all over the media, they would have shut down the post offices it came through, brought in the decontamination units etc.

    Burks says he can't comment on it but yet tells the whole story the posting before. Again, more bullshit.

    Burks will be back into the nazi gangs soon enough. Burks just like Blevins has quit so many times, it would take an entire computer to calcuate it.

    I just can't make up who is more mentally ill, Burks or Blevins?

    There is website dedicated to Michael Burks which now says mission accomplished.

    However, a google cache is still around.

  10. Sorry to follow up on myself but the "commander" has issued a statement I just read in my email.


    Yesterday, Mike Burks, on his own initiative, took down a number of
    blogs he had published, including frauds of the white movement and
    kentucky ANSWP.

    Because of the way Mike took these down, Jim Ramm was able to take the
    names and post a number of fake messages.

    Mike Burks has not been poisoned with arsenic and has not resigned from the ANSWP.

    Bill White, Commander
    American National Socialist Workers Party


  11. Mike Burks is not even a real person. Bill White is Mike Burks. So of course he was not poisoned. Bill is so full of shit.

  12. It must suck for you Nigger Lovers. You Turds have no goals or ambition except to try to figure out who's who in the WN world.

  13. raoul - Michael Burks IS a real person. I do not believe the person posting here is Michael Burks.

    I agree Harry - we would have heard about something like that.

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  16. Nikki,

    I suspect that now this is a fake Burks. The REAL Michael Burks is just having another episode of Blevinitis. He'll be back in some freakish form in a few weeks when he recovers.

    Blevinitis - a chronic mental illness. Signs including manic episodes, constantly quitting forums and organizations, and irrational acting out against others. Secondary signs include stabbing friends in the back, paranoia, irrational statements, grandoise visions. It is closely related to Turner Syndrome.

    There is no current cure for Blevinitis although doctors are trying to all forms of white supremacism classified as a mental illness.

  17. The strangest thing happened to me tonight. I was going over to see an ex girl friend (since I am engaged she is an ex) when I was robbed at gun point by three kids. Two blacks and one Hispanic. I wonder if Hal will come do a rally for me? The police are covering it up as a hate crime because one of them called me a peckerwood. I am white so by Hal's think it must be a hate crime, right? I mean those guys were really hateful, one of them even hit me! The really sad part is I think the ex girl friend set me up to get robbed. Ironically I was going out there tonight to ask her to go to drug treatment.

    I really need to move back to Canada. We have a whole lot less crime. Oh and for the record I was just kidding about the rally and the hate crime. The last thing we need here is some Coke using bigot preaching about hate crimes.

  18. Scary. Burks looks almost like my nephew.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.


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