Thursday, May 26, 2011

Old Habits Die Hard

A blast from the past, it seems that 41 months in a Federal prison didn't make a big enough impression on this 71-year-old Aryan Nations benefactor.

Richard Bertollini made the down-payment on Richard Butler's old Aryan Nation's compound in Hayden Lake, Idaho years ago. An ordained Christian Identity minister, Bertollini played a major role in Butler's group.

After three-and-half years in prison on a firearm's charge, he decided to get a fresh start - sort of.

Wave Bye-Bye, Ron

The halls of justice may not be perfect - but karma is! After his Klan group severely beat a Latino teen at a county fair in 2006, Ron Edwards was ordered to pay $2.5 million in damages only to have the judgement overturned and the case hanging in the breeze. But, there will be no such luck on the the four year sentence just handed down today.

Of course, according to Edwards, he's just being persecuted because he's a racist lunatic who just so happened to get caught trafficking methamphetamine. No one really understands him, right? Oh, well, a prison diet and a few years in a cage will fix him right up! Not!

Nothing Changes But Scenery

And the wheels on the bus continue to go round and round...

After taking a much needed sabbatical from the abyss known as the "hate movement," I am being greeted with notion that nothing much has changed but the scenery. As one after another of my nemeses have been neutered or caged, there will, evidently, always be others to take their place - sort of.

It seems that Travis Ricci, the cocky little Vinlander who featured himself as some kind of ethnic cleansing badass will be finding out just how badassed he isn't.