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KKK Leader Shuts Down His Racist Group Reaches Out To Eye On Hate

Tune in
This Thursday Night at 9Pm EST Eye On Hate Raio Host Floyd Cochran Will Ask "the former KKK Wizard" Why?

Promises to Be A Great Show On Thursday Night April 5 at 9pm EST
Eye ON Hate Host Floyd Cochran
wil ask KKK leader Joe Bednarsky
Why He is Quiting the KKK and Racism.


I have been working this guy over for the last three years - and they finally got his sorry butt!

Todd Findley, the real estate Nazi, Flim Flam Man of hate has been arrested! Findley has been running a scam on the unsuspecting populace of Florida and a few other places and, at last, his dog-and-pony show might come to an end. Findley is also the owner/operator of the New Saxon website that is host to omany skinheads and white power types. He is also known as "Buster" on Stormfront.

You can read the article here:


And for more information - HERE



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Eye On Hate Live Radio Tonight March 29 at 9pm EST

March 29, 2007 - Eye On Hate Live Radio 9pm tonight (Thursday)

Just a short reminder that Eye On Hate Live Radio will be broadcasting tonight in it's new time slot, tonight Thursday at 9pm EST -

Topics will include plans for Knoxville, of course; Did Bill White really go to Kentucky?; upcoming events; and why is Billy Roper so pissed off?

At approx. 920pm EST Eye On Hate Live Radio will open the phone lines for your calls and comments.

Please feel free to pass the info along to friends and organizations.

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This is a powerful article that was written by a dear friend of mine and Citizens Against Hate who would prefer to remain anonymous.


To all neo-Nazis, KKK, WN, Christian Identity, and “Creators” :

You are doing your own movement a grave disservice with your endless violent rhetoric and homicidal exhortations. You are unwittingly planting the seeds of your own demise even as we speak!

On countless internet forums and through endless virulent propaganda screeds, you are unintentionally (and I am certain unknowingly) giving rise to the very opposite reaction in the vast majority of folks who happen upon your vile gibberish. You are , in fact, creating anti-racists out of individuals, like myself, who hadn’t given much thought to the notion of organized racism and bigotry beforehand. You are drawing the “line in the sand”, and all decent human beings who oppose your sick ideology are quickly beginning to realize that the time for letting you slip beneath the radar of “First Amendment” rights is over. A decade ago, you were a barely-recognizable embarrassment, the epitome of the soapbox loony with a handful of Xeroxed flyers and an axe to grind with society. You could be derided and possibly pitied in your stupidity.

Now, in the shadow of the Oklahoma City Bombing, and 9/11, we as a society no longer have the luxury of laughing you away. You have infested the internet with your cauldron of lies, half-truths, propaganda, and vile nonsense, and the citizens of the United States and the rest of the Free World are becoming increasingly alarmed, and poised for action, against you. You wonder why there are “Holocaust Denial”” laws in some European countries, or anti-Nazi laws? Are you so beyond the grasp of conventional reality that you even need to ask?

When you slander African Americans and equate them with animals, you create a reaction in our communities that will result in the coming backlash against you. You continually air grievances against the perceived threat from so many Hispanic people, yet you are consciously blind to the fact that they are going to , one day, make up the majority in this country, whether you like it or not. Your pallid intimidation tactics against them will not stand against their sheer numbers. Let me guess: most of you spent your school days not knowing how to “play” with the rest of the class.

No matter how an individual feels, personally, about the issue of homosexuality , they are a fact of our existence, citizens of our country, and they do not deserve nor will they stand for your bullying. They outnumber you, and you will lose.

Neo-Nazi Alex Linder, of VNN, despises Christians and Catholics, a group that make up BILLIONS of people walking this planet. Comparatively, his own ranks may not even number into the dozens. Even Hitler realized you couldn’t fight the church. He didn’t try, and the church worked against him, subverted him at every turn, and Hitler ended up eating the barrel of his own revolver. You can’t stand against God; try as you might, you will lose.

Now this next one is VERY important. I realize you and the rest of the WP crowd are a little dense, so I want you to pay very close attention.

Every time you deny the Holocaust, call for the general murder of Jewish people, threaten Jewish institutions, support the enemies of America in the world or the purveyors of terrorism, anti-Americanism, or anti-Semitism, you are digging your own graves. History will bear this truth to be self-evident: NO ONE THAT HAS EVER PERSECUTED THE JEWISH PEOPLE HAS SUCCEDED , PROSPERED, OR SURVIVED. Greece, Babylon, Rome, Stalin, and Hitler are all examples, and there are myriad more. During the War of Independence in 1948, Israel, with a population of less than 300,000 , managed to best the combined strength of seven nations that had aligned to destroy her. She has stood since then for repeated attacks by a convergence of increasingly desperate enemies, every one of which has failed miserably in their attempts to “drive her into the sea”. But all you have to do is pick up a history book to know this.

So go right ahead in your attempts to defame the Jewish People and the Jewish State. Ultimately, all you are doing is lighting the fire of Christian Zionism and anti-Nazi factions, who will stop at nothing to crush the despicable menace of Hitlerism and send it back to the fetid crevice of Hell from which it first emerged. Believe you me, there are blond-haired, blue-eyed so-called “Aryans” who would fight to the last drop of blood in their veins to stop you and the rest of the neo-Nazi movement dead in its tracks. We believe in America, and all that freedom and democracy entails, and you represent everything that we, collectively, despise. We are here, and we are growing.

In our minds, it is your ideology that killed 3000 Americans on September 11th , 2001. It is YOUR ideology that prompted Tim McVeigh to kill 165 Americans during the Oklahoma City Bombing. It is YOUR ideology that killed 200,000 American soldiers during W.W. 2 , and it is your ideology that led, albeit indirectly, to the nuclear nightmare we all face to this very day.

Likewise, it is your ideology that fed children into the living hells of Auschwitz, Dachau, Treblinka, Bergen-Belsen, Mauthausen, Sobibor, and Bitburg. You will not take history and rewrite it to suit your own needs. We will not allow it.

Are you listening to me Bill White? Am I coming through Alex Linder? Do you understand me, Tom Metzger? Are you hearing me, Hal Turner? Can you comprehend me, Don Black? How about you David Duke, can you hear me? Are all of you “Aryan Jesus” cultists paying attention?

If you’’re not listening, you really should start right now.

The time is short.

The world is standing, yet again, on the precipice of an international crisis, and the threat of nuclear proliferation, global terrorism, and an imminent, escalated war are all very real. We will not tolerate your “muddying of the waters” any longer, and we vastly outnumber you. To your thousands we can claim MILLIONS. For every one of YOU, there are many, many of US, standing and waiting , patiently, until the clarion call is sounded and it is time to defend the principles that this country, and our entire civilization in the Free World, was founded upon.

And I write this particular polemic not out of hatred, and certainly not because I am interested in hearing your opinion, debating you, or having any sort of intellectual exchange with any of you. Quite simply, I am giving you a warning. Take it as you will.

Never Forget.

Never Again.


Six Million Jews

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Racist Gang led by NJ gang leader coming to Knoxville,Tenn

Goodmorning - Eye On Hate with Floyd and Nikki will doing our weekly broadcast tonight March 23 at 7pm EST.

Main topic of discussion:
Racist Gangs coming to Knoxville,
KKK coming to Chambersburg,PA
plus much more.

We will open the phone line at 20 minutes after the hour -We look forward to hearing from you.

Eye On Hate

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I have stolen these from Idledevils over at OPP and I have no shame. This recent little "rally" of two that Bill White is crowing about can best be shown in these pictures:

This is Dimitry:

Sharpie - 99cents
posterboard - $1.99
spellchecking your nazi sign - priceless

Neal Joitke -
He was in the NSM but left with bill white and is now his "michigan state leader" of his ASSWIPE - er I mean ANSWP.
This guy got so flustered he actually tripped ove the pavement a couple times - and didnt even make it halfway through the "25 points" of the answp before he gave up and told the kid "alright, thats enough - lets get out of here"

That's it - a rally of TWO!

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In this Cold Shot, Georgia takes two steps forward and 200 steps backward; VNN demonstrates the misogynistic nature of the racist male; and "Kill Whitey" parties being held in New York City.


Monday, March 19, 2007


The following statement has been sent to all media outlets in the Knoxville, TN area.


For immediate release

On March 19, 2007, on the internet radio show “Free Talk Live,” it was announced that a rally is planned in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. This rally is being promoted by Alex Linder of Vanguard News Network, an internet forum for neo-Nazi’s and white supremacists.

This rally is being held in response to a murder that took place in Knoxville. Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome were victims in this crime and the aforementioned rally is to be held in their honor and to protest what Linder and associates refer to as a “hush crime.”

Rallies of this nature raise a great level of concern among the police and civic leaders and this happens for good reason. The history of violence and community expense speaks for itself not to mention the emotional scars that are often left upon the residents long after the participants leave.

Citizens Against Hate along with Eye On Hate will be active within your area and offering our community outreach programs to law enforcement, civic groups, and community leaders in an effort to assure that if such an event takes place the community is well-prepared.

For any further information please contact either Nicole Nichols or Floyd Cochran at the addresses below.

Nicole Nichols –
Floyd Cochran –

March 20,2006
In earlier email to you, I was a bit vague about this possible racist rally in Knoxville, so I have put together this Knoxville Fact Sheet concerning the racist rally coming to Knoxville; I have included supporting links to outside documentation.

Back story- A white couple where abducted , rape and murdered in January 7,2007 in Knoxville,Tenn., five Black suspects have been arrested and charged for this crime. ( this link will take you to a series of news articles from the Knoxville area media, reporting on this crime.)

For the last week several racist organization such as the VNN (Vanguard News Network),the KKK and neo-Nazis have been talking about holding a rally to draw attention to "Black on White crime" in Knoxville.

Last night (March19Th, 2007 ) several racist leaders got together to discuss on VNN's Internet talk radio program to announce plans to go to Knoxville to hold a rally and "talk to the white people of Knoxville". ( this link will take you to the Vanguard Network News Forum where VNN has devoted an entire page for this rally.)

The groups and people involved so far:
Alex Linder from Vanguard News Network;
Hal Turner the racist broadcaster from New Jersey,
several members of the Vanguard News Network forum join in as Linder ask Hal Turner to be a speaker at the Knoxville rally,
also discussed was the possibly of racists going into white neighborhoods a few days before the rally to "talk with white people on a personal level".

One of the calls that Linder fielded last night on his program, the caller ask if they could come in KKK robes, Linder answered that while he wasn't crazy about the idea ,he did tell them they could come dressed in thier sheets and hoods.

The idea of KKK members in sheets and hoods going door to door is some what frightening.

Linder, Turner are exploiting a horrific crime to bolster their ranks,raise money and get out their message of hate. They have already been in contact with Knoxville media out lets.

Possible date for rally, memorial day week-end has been discuss they are deciding now,

Finally, later today, Eye On hate will have the recording of last night's VNN Internet Talk program, we will send it over, so you can hear what they are discussing.

As more information becomes available Eye On Hate will send it your way.

Floyd Cochran

Gangs of White Racists Coming to Knoxville,Tenn

Monday March 19
Tonight on the VNN's internet radio program various white racist leaders representing numerous racist groups are coming to Knoxville, Tenn..

Racist leaders such as Hal Turner and others are announcing they are planning on coming to Knoxville to protest "black on white crime". VNN and Turner are exploiting a horrible crime that happened in Knoxville recently.

Eye On Hate will keep you informed.

Eye On Hate

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


A few days ago, I wrote and article entitled “Psychosis Is What It’s Called,” and am finding the response among the White Nationalist crowd quite enlightening. It’s always interesting to see what, exactly, stirs the racist movement into action or into heated discussion. However, this seemed to have struck a nerve that maybe needed to be struck.

Shortly after posting the article on Citizens Against Hate and Nikki’s Nest, an unusual thing took place. Michael Blevins, better known to some as VonBluvens, made the following comment on the article:

“I have to say that most of your analysis (not all) is pretty dead on...this is one of the reasons for my early retirement--at least until I can figure out if there really ever was a movement to save or retire from.

”A big broom is required indeed”

I say this is unusual because rarely do racists and I ever agree on anything, and even more rarely do Blevins and I ever see eye-to-eye. However, in the preface I noted that with the recent rash of arrests on charges of pedophilia and child porn there is little wonder that a number of movement members are considering leaving the movement or engaging in a drastic clean-up – one that would definitely require a very large broom.

Word started being spread around the internet quickly that “Vonbluvens was taking sides with Nicole Nichols.” Amazing how people can take an incident and blow it completely out of proportion. The same thing happened a couple of weeks ago when I agreed with Bill White on a public forum about the NSM. Those on the racist right started pointing fingers and trying to further blacken White’s eye. In truth, there are occasions upon which agreement occurs – not all of us live in a vacuum and we do have opinions on things other than race relations.

At any rate, Michael Blevins took his opinion on my article, along with an excerpt to the VNN forum – maybe not the smartest thing for him to do, but it certainly generated some sparks.

Now, there have been many things thrown around over there on that thread and I intend to address just a few of them. As you can well imagine, Blevins took a beating over this and Bill White along with Alex Linder cut him no slack. Interestingly enough, the first thing out of Bill White was “Why are you even reading Citizens Against Hate.” This is particularly interesting because Bill White rarely has a day go by that he isn’t reading there or on my blog. As a matter of fact, he has made numerous posts on Nikki’s Nest. Of course, if you are Bill White, you think you can bamboozle the peons beneath you. Also, it wouldn’t do for him to admit that he frequents the place, especially since he is trying to curry favor with one Alex Linder. I sort of wondered how he would handle all of this since he is between Blevins and Linder who are really at each others throats.

Michael Burks, a klan guy, who has been sidling up to Daryle Lamont Jenkins for the last couple of years and playing two ends against the middle had to weigh in as he now is a member of Bill’s new group, ANSWP. His offering…

“Who cares what this ARA Nikki slut thinks? Look at ARA membership. Morris Dees, a fruit cake. Jenkins of OPP, cross dresser. Erica Hardwick, geez, enough said. Old Floyd, drugie and deadbeat dad. I mean, come on... they're losers.”

This is the typical juvenile racist way of handling things – name calling, character assassination, “you’re just as bad as we are,” – anything but addressing the issue. In fairness, these types of comebacks were not tolerated very well by a couple of people on the board not the least of which was none other than Elisha Strom, Kevin Strom’s wife who had this to say to Burks et. al.

“Y'all are just as sick and twisted as us seems like a rather weak argument, don't you think?”

This has to be one colossal moment! I agree with another racist! Good Lord – I’m beginning to worry about me. The person that Elisha had directed her comment to was Ron Doggett – and he was at the ready with an explanation:

“The issue is not a plague upon our cause. For every one person in our ranks guilty of these things there are a huge number of people who are not. Defending and wanting to save our race has nothing to do with these sexual issues, it should not be a shock to find every once and a while a freak amongst us. My point is for her to worry about our cause having these issues is a joke. She will promote anything which puts our side in a bad light. Her cause is every bit as plagued by these issues, if not more than ours.”
Of course I am going to report on the stuff that shows “their side” as what many of them really are. My job is to shine a bright light on those who are a threat within the racist movement. Citizens Against Hate focuses on organized hate groups and the individuals who inhabit them. Doggett’s claim of there being a “huge number” of people on their side who are not guilty of these things really doesn’t hold a lot of water considering the number of violent crimes committed by their members over the last few years.

True, not every member of a hate group is a sexual pervert or a criminal. However, the premise of the article written is that a disproportionate number of very disturbed individuals are attracted to the hate movement – a fact that has been lamented even among the racists themselves.

Alex Linder, the head hancho at VNN interjected this pearl of wisdom…

“And we who represent what is good in WN don't defend our perverts. The things running the country give their perverts national holidays.”

Naturally, I will take great objection to this statement. How can you say, Linder, that you do not defend your criminal element? Look at the number of people who have taken up for Kevin Alfred Strom – not because they don’t believe that it is true – but they have actually gone so far as to try to justify pedophilia and child pornography right there on your very own forum! Look at the number of murderers you consider prisoners of war and support! What an asinine statement even from you!

Additionally, the “national holidays” that he refers to includes Martin Luther King. I cannot think of anyone on the racist right who merits a national holiday or who could even begin to compare with Dr. King in the changes that he was able to bring about. Even considering him in the same breath with some of the low-life’s currently incarcerated from that side of the fence is sheer whimsical fantasy.

Linder further comments…

“Sure. But we're dealing with people. They aren't perfect. If they're criminals or perverts, we turn them in.”

I doubt that I could ever give a better rebuttal to this statement than Elisha Strom did when she said, “We sure do turn them in... to heroes and martyrs. Good plan. Are we winning yet?”

There are many active in the movement who see these problems and realize that no one in mainstream America is ever going to take them seriously and that they are pissing in the wind as long as they continue to draw the riff-raff into the rank and file. However, there isn’t much that can be done about it as long as the “leaders” continue to try to sweep the problem under the rug and who place value upon members simply because they pay their dues or contribute financially to the cause.

Feeble attempts are always being made to levy charges against the left and against those who fight against their insidious dogma. Those attempts, however, are generally without merit and much like the kid on the playground who tries to one-up everyone with “Your Mama.”

Citizens Against Hate and Eye On Hate seldom find the need to defend or justify our words or our actions. We shine a light on those who would rather be left alone in the dark, dank recesses of the hate movement to further their agenda. They don’t like that, and they don’t like me. That’s okay. I don’t want them to like me. Some oaf over there, calling himself King Cormac,with a handful of posts probably demonstrated just how much they don’t like me with this meager little nugget of sputum:

“Useful idiots like "Nikki" will be among the first to be lined up and shot in a firing squad by her own jUDEO-masters if we allow the total jUDEO-bolshevik takeover.
By total I mean the taking all of the guns..that's the last hope for our people... GUNS.

”But to sum it up I couldn't give two shitz what our enemies think.

"Let them rot in the bloody fields of Chaeronea"

”We'll dance over their dead bodies !”

He might not believe in hauntings and ghosts and things like that – but he will if he ever sets foot on my grave – because I will wreck his world.

I never thought that I would be defending Michael Blevins to anyone, but I guess I will have to do that. Within the first 24 hours there were over 100 posts in the thread that Michael Blevins started regarding some of the truths that I stated. He has been called an idiot by Alex Linder and has been maligned by many others – only because he agreed with some of what was stated. He has been accused of whining, and told he is not of value thereby furthering my belief that those on the racist right have no loyalty and they will eat their own without compassion or a passing thought. Neither has anyone come to his defense, although a few have also agreed with the basics within the article. Michael Blevins and Elisha Strom, however, outclassed the rest of the VNN bunch all to hell.

It is precisely because of the treatment that Blevins is receiving at the hands of what he has believed were his comrades and the refusal of others to remove the criminals and the mentally ill from the rank and file that so many are contemplating their own flight from the insanity. While there are those singing Hallelujah because of the recent influx of young men into the movement, they are not considering the numbers who are fleeing – as fast as they can.

This thing they call a “Movement” is rapidly becoming an Exodus with long-time adherents rejecting it and those who lead it. Those few stalwarts who remain are engaged in a battle that is not only uphill but, perhaps, insurmountable. With rag-tag publications warning of impending doom and blazoning racial epithets they are simply ill-equipped to handle the repudiation of decent, upstanding Americans who want no part of their reprehensible dogma. Thank God.

Friday, March 09, 2007


The racist right and hate groups, in general, seem to harbor a pervasiveness of mental illness. From psychotic egocentrism to pedophilia, a case can be made indicting these groups as magnets for the perverse. Setting the aberrant thought process that racism requires aside, there is definitely something within that “Movement” which attracts and feeds weirdoes, criminals, and fiendishness.

With the recent arrests of some of the more prominent personalities within that cultish segment of our society for things such as pedophilia and child pornography it is little wonder that many on the racist right are thinking strongly about either leaving or cleaning up their outlandish actions.

When it was announced that several notables within the movement were planning on attending and lending their speaking acumen to a gathering in Orange County, California, hosted by Joe Fields, it was not surprising that a few voices were raised in protest. After all, Fields served a little stint in the penal system several years ago when he plead nolo contendre to charges that he had propositioned several very young girls. Having someone of such questionable character host a symposium of the magnitude that is expected, would simply further the already growing chasm that is evident and growing within the rank and file.

Bill White and Tom Metzger have both been credited with bringing Fields’ past and the list of his supporters to the forefront of this matter. In true factitious Bill White hyperbole, White posted the following:

“Stormfront Bans Posters Who Question Fields
Man Diddled Little Girl For Home Movies Is Close Associate Of Kelso, Strom

“A man who raped little girls in front a video camera for his home viewing pleasure is being protected by Stormfront officials, who have banned at least five people from their website today for questioning the organization's involvement with Joe Fields.

Fields made a name for himself working as a political organizer for David Duke and Willis Carto in the early 1990s, but his organization, the Nationalist Forum, collapsed after Tom Metzger circulated copies of his criminal record to white nationalist leaders.

”In 2005, though, Fields restarted the Nationalist Forum with the support of Jamie Kelso, Don Black and Kevin Strom -- and now enjoys support from a wide band of white nationalist political figures. A conference he has planned for March has figures such as Paul Fromm, Michael Collins Piper, Willis Carto, Edgar Steele and Ed Fields billed as speakers.”

One can only speculate on the purpose of such a statement, but I would venture to guess that Bill White was capitalizing on the fact that other prominent people had just been indicted on child porn and molestation charges and the fact that lots of accusatory fingers were pointing at the Stormfront eunuchs Don Black, Jamie Kelso, David Duke, et. al. as the relationship between those three and some of their supporters has been questioned by many both on the right and on the left.

There is no evidence that any physical contact was made by Fields with the girls in question and where Mr. White came up with that headline is anyone’s guess. However, that does not mean that Joe Fields was innocent – far from it. The definite rancor between Metzger, White, and Fields is more than apparent and it is sometimes difficult to know where the distortion of the story ends and the truth begins. However, given the players in this drama, it doesn’t take a Mensa IQ to deduce that with the track record of most of these people, even the most outrageous claims must be considered.

J. Edgar Steele, racist attorney and mouthpiece for lost causes within the movement, was scheduled to address the attendees until he was made aware of the trouble that might cause him. In a scathing letter, and after some research into the Fields debacle, Steele attacked Joe Fields mercilessly and withdrew his name from the speaker list. His letter has been spread throughout the internet, and it is pretty safe to say that Joe Fields’ reputation has taken a major hit once again.

In Steele’s letter, many valid points are made. Far be it from me to agree with much of anything that has ever come out of Mr. Steele’s mouth as I find him to be somewhat of a buffoon and a Philistine. Yet, when you’re right, you’re right and I will share the points that I agree with.

1. “Pleading nolo to a charge (literally, "no contest," or "you got me dead to rights and I ain't got no defense") is a fiction created by the courts to allow guys like Fields to claim, somehow, that they didn't really plead guilty. Courts do this because it saves time by getting cases closed that, otherwise, would have to be tried in order to obtain the inevitable guilty verdict. People pleading "nolo" get marked down as "guilty" and are sentenced accordingly.”

This has always been my contention on the “nolo” plea and I have frequently wondered why such a plea is even allowed. American Jurisprudence, in and of itself, is already awkward and clunky enough without such vagaries.

2. “The file speaks for itself. Joe pled, did some hard time and then served extended probation.”

Few innocent people ever plead guilty to charges that will list them as a sex-offenders. There were nine unrelated girls who picked Mr. Fields out of a photo line-up. He had no defense and he copped a plea with the District Attorney – plain and simple, the man appears to be guilty.

3. “Fields also wrote an extended letter to the WN community at the time which attempted to explain away the charges and his admissions thereto. He lied extensively in it about the charges, the meaning of his pleas, his lawyer and about appealing the result. Fields tried to blame copping the pleas on his lawyer's pressure and lying, then made some truly remarkable claims about the lawyer, to boot.

”I found no evidence of Fields appealing squat. He lied about that.

”Quite recently, I spoke at length with Fields' lawyer at the time, Encino lawyer David Currie. Though Currie was unable to discuss much about the case, due to attorney-client privilege, California Attorney Disciplinary rules do allow an attorney to speak out enough to rebut charges made by an ex-client. Currie unequivocally called Fields' written charges (he never even had heard about Fields' letter prior to my call) "absolutely false." I believe him. Fields lied about his lawyer.”

There must be an unwritten law somewhere that we anti-racists are not aware of that tells these racists to blame others for their problems. That just must seem to make living as a racist a whole lot easier. We see it all the time. “They won’t give me a law license – it must be the Jews.” I got busted for carving a swastika into her ankle – it’s only because ZOG hates Nazi’s.” “My lawyer must be Jewish because he talked me into this plea bargain.” And so it is in the racist world.

4. “It is our responsibility to clean up our own act and condemn those among us who break the law, particularly when violations so thoroughly trash the fundamental principles upon which we stand.

5. ”Make no mistake: Joe Fields was not a political prisoner. Obviously, neither is Kevin Strom. These men do not deserve our support. They have not earned our indulgence for this sort of thing. If we do not step up and condemn their actions, then we are hypocrites and worse.”

Yes…it is your responsibility and these actions fly directly in the face of all white nationalists. However, when you engage yourselves in something as seedy and reprehensible as practicing hate against others and considering yourselves superior, what can you expect? The groups and individuals involved in all of this are largely comprised of common, crass, borderline sociopaths who have no regard for societal expectations and no ability to even see beyond their own myopic view of the world.

While Steele almost sounds sane in his statements, we must remember that his rational demeanor may only appear that way to us because of the irrational people that we deal with in this melee of hate on a daily basis.

In the middle of all of this hoopla over his symposium and his penchant for young girls, neither Fields nor his wife Deirdre remained completely silent. First, the conference entitled “No More Wars For Israel” was pushed back – first to late April and then to sometime in the summer. I can only speculate that the recent flap was truly taking its’ toll on those affiliated with this group. Next, Deirdre wrote a letter on her husbands behalf and had it posted on VNN where a good deal of the upheaval was taking place.

In elegant prose, Mrs. Fields attempted to lay J. Edgar Steele, Bill White, and Tom Metzger flat. First, it should be noted that California law has a “child annoyance” statute. Supposedly, this statute is an attempt to arrest those who like to prey on minors, but have yet to commit a physical act. This is what Fields copped the plea to. In an attempt to paint her husband in a more positive light, Deirdre had this to say:

“THE ACTUAL CHARGES: Joe was accused of driving past some teenagers and asking them a question. There were three alleged instances, each lasting just seconds; one with an 18 year old; and the other two involving groups of teenagers – Whites with Mexicans -- with no indication as to which teenager he is supposed to have addressed in particular. Such a group situation is hardly conducive to raping anyone, nor to actually “picking up” anyone.

”As I recall, the first alleged approach was an invitation to “be in a movie,” without any kind of movie being specified; in the next alleged encounter, apparently a girly asked “What kind of movie?”, and the response was allegedly “a porno”. Now this might indeed amount to an insult, and surely the girls might have been annoyed -- it might also, have been a sarcastic, reality call that like so many of the girls strutting about L.A. , they were dressed like porno actresses (supposing it happened that is).

”The 18 year old was asked whether she wanted to “invest her money” – in what was not specified -- which can hardly be taken seriously.
It all sounds like some guy wising off at some girls dressed like sluts.”

Considering that nine girls picked Joe Fields out of a photo line-up, I am inclined to believe that it, in fact, happened. Additionally, the statement by Deirdre reeks of “She asked for it.” How many times have women been raped and later humiliated by the perpetrator and insensitive others claiming that she must have wanted it otherwise she wouldn’t have dressed that way? Women have fought long and hard to educate the public to the fallacies of such thoughts and Deirdre, the good little Nazi wife, fails to realize that no female ever deserves such treatment.

Addressing much of what she has written to Steele, she asks, “Do you, on the contrary, think that verbal suggestions or insinuations should be prosecuted in the harshest manner possible, and that a person should pay for the rest of his life for a mid-life verbal indiscretion?”

Many men do, in fact, experience what is euphemistically termed “a mid-life crisis.” Few, however, would ever dream of approaching underage girls with propositions and sexual innuendoes. Thank God that most men, crisis or no, consider minors as off limits and would never even think to approach them in such a manner. Deirdre’s attempt to excuse her husband’s behavior as being a perfectly understandable case of sluts on a street corner just asking to be solicited by someone in crisis is just a little over the top for me to buy. As she is reportedly the mother of five children I wonder what she would say should some little old man make advances toward one of her daughters.

Citing the many things that Joe has done for the white race over the years Deirdre slams Steele and Metzger and Bill White for their lack of appreciation and postulates that her husband may very well have been set up because of his public activism, once again laying the blame somewhere else as has become the norm for the racist right.

A few days later, Joe Fields weighed in with his version. Claiming that he had been set up and that he had been “pressured” into a plea, he attacked Tom Metzger by calling him a tool for the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Morris Dees. In a long and laborious tirade which included his many “accomplishments” for “the cause,” there was no mention of this mid-life crisis that Deirdre relied upon, no mention of “sluts” or scantily dressed girls. His whole premise was that he was set up.

So…was this a situation of a man in the middle of a mid-life crisis who went around the bend, a man with plans to take his talk to another level, or a man who was the victim of the local police? Of course, I don’t know the answer – only he does. However, any way you slice it, it’s a mess.

It does, however, demonstrate the sickness that is so pervasive among the racist right. In the middle of all of this, a seldom heard from nutcase in the form of John “Birdman” Bryant had one of his repugnant essays posted on the board. In this essay he claims that pedophilia is basically a victimless crime and that no one really gets hurt. He goes on to say, “In short, I think that all the hoo-ha and hyperventilation over pedophilia is much do-do about pretty much nothing, and I think it is time for the Right to get over its apoplectic intolerance of a practice which is already rife among the elite, which is likely to become largely accepted in the future, about which there is no good evidence that it is harmful, and which
– as explained in earlier essays — desperately needs to be legalized in order to reduce instances of abuse.”

There are many, many people on the racist right who claim that having sex with teen-aged girls is natural and desirable. They see absolutely nothing wrong with marrying or bedding a fourteen year old. I tend to think that this, again, is all about power. White supremacists suffer from a paranoia that is all about power. They have a perverse and all pervading fear that should the white race ever become the minority the loss of power that whites have so long enjoyed, would result in retribution for all the white privilege that has been enjoyed for so long.

Being in control is very important to the white supremacist. In the home, the man is the decider – he is the one who rules the roost and in today’s world one of the things he hates the most is an independent woman which may very well account for his desire and attraction toward young, and impressionable girls. They are easier to manage, mold, and train and some leaders in the movement tell their following just that. Marry a young girl and you can make her into the perfect little Nazi wife – one that won’t talk back – one who is obedient and thankful for her wonderful husband.

The psychosis of the racist mindset is pervasive and debilitating. It undermines rationality and it cripples the growing process that makes individuals human and compassionate. Often it renders its’ host incapable of even the most simple form of human relationships. Now, it seems that the old adage “Misery loves company,” is quite true – as those who inhabit the hollow tunnels of hatred and bigotry seem to be attracting the very dregs of our society in unprecedented numbers.

Let’s look at this clearly for just a minute. Kevin Alfred Strom is arrested on charges of child porn. In his earlier years, David Duke wrote a sex manual for women under a female pseudonym. David Duke’s right hand man Vincent Breeding is found to be involved in the making of pornographic films and, supposedly, leaves the movement. David Duke exits prison with a meth habit and picks up a new houseboy in Jamie Kelso, and they purchase a luxury car in both their names. Don Black, long time friend and supporter of Duke, heralds Duke’s return and provides him with a vehicle in which to spread his message in the form of Stormfront. Boston National Vanguard leader, Matthew Downing is arrested on charges of statutory rape and inducing a fourteen year old into prostitution.

After the Strom arrest, Don Black said that they had been worried about that clearly indicating prior knowledge of Strom’s child porn fetish or activities. Now, we learn that a symposium to be held by Joe Fields might not happen because Fields has been maligned as a sexual predator for his crimes years ago. All of this is coming from just the Stormfront group. How many other groups have the same problem? Remember the National Socialist Movement having John Snyder, convicted rapist and felon, in a high position? How about the Chairman of the NSM helping his wife run the Joy of Satan Ministries? Let’s not forget that she was guiding impressionable and vulnerable teen-agers in sexual acts with demons.

This is the racist movement today. No longer are we very worried about the Klan setting fire to a cross in the neighbor’s yard. We aren’t sweating the occasional neo-Nazi boneheads marching in our cities. What we are most concerned about are those who prey on our youth. We worry about them being indoctrinated into a life of hate and violence, of course, but we also have to worry about them being taken in by sexual deviants who seem to have found a home among the racist groups.

Whether the charges levied against these twisted aberrant people are valid is anyone’s guess at this juncture. However, there are so many who have been arrested, charged, convicted that it stands to reason something is very amiss within the racist realm. For those on the right who have been advocating a general house cleaning, you had better bring some very big brooms and be prepared to see a drastic number drop in your membership.

Pedophilia and the abuse of children cannot and should not ever be taken lightly. People who prey upon the young physically or emotionally are the sickest of the sick. The many attempts at justifying such acts that I have witnessed since the Strom arrest have not only sickened me, but told me that this battle against hate is being moved to another plane. It’s no longer just about racism, bigotry, or prejudice. It’s about a mindset that knows nothing of morals, values, or integrity. It’s about a group of individuals who live in a gutter and want to pull everyone else down there with them. It’s about self-loathing so ingrained within their psyche that they wish to defile anything that is innocent and good and so very much unlike them. God help them…because I can’t.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007


In the latest Cold Shot, Nikki discusses the latest word from Kevin Alfred Strom from his jail cell and Frazier Glenn Miller who received that communique. Does Miller still have ties to the Feds???

Next she has a few pointed comments about Bill White and his propensity to lies and a really strong message to Hal Turner concerning his most recent threats and pleas for protection from those planning to protest in his town.

You really want to hear this.


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Neo-Nazi Working For Top Family Court Judge in Brooklyn

Eye On Hate Breaking News - One Peoples Project is reporting that a Secretatry for a local Judge in Brooklyn is connected to a violent neo nazi gang.

From Indy Media
One People's Project has an article about a white supremacist working for Judge Jane Pearl

Now this really has got to be one of the boldest boneheads we have ever seen. Even if we are just learning about her now, someone who works as a court officer in New York City should still be wary of showing off as not only WP but as a member or supporter of a crew that's seen as a gang at the least and domestic terrorists at the most. Yes, you read that correctly. Sharon Hewitt is down with the Vinlander Social Club (VSC), who has changed their name quite a few times over the years, their first being Outlaw Hammerskins. They are a splinter group of former Hammerskins who were booted out of the original crew because they were too criminal and violent for Hammerskin tastes - which is saying lot since Hammerskins are not exactly living by the teachings of Gandhi. Sharon is also a badge-wearing Court Assistant working within the Office of Court Administrations (OCA), which is the New York State department that handles security in the state courts. It's even deeper than that, though. She is the Court Assistant to Judge Jane Pearl, the Supervising Judge of Kings County Family Court. For those who are not from NYC, that means the Judge is in charge of the entire Family Court system in Brooklyn, and Sharon Hewitt is - in layman's terms - her Executive Secretary!
For the rest of this story please go here

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Live Tonight!

Floyd Cochran of Eye On Hate, along with Nicole Nichols, will discuss, among other things, a possible informational picket of racist radio shock-jock and Hal Turner. We would love to hear your thoughts on this and other issues to be discussed. To tune in the show - CLICK HERE