Thursday, March 22, 2007


I have stolen these from Idledevils over at OPP and I have no shame. This recent little "rally" of two that Bill White is crowing about can best be shown in these pictures:

This is Dimitry:

Sharpie - 99cents
posterboard - $1.99
spellchecking your nazi sign - priceless

Neal Joitke -
He was in the NSM but left with bill white and is now his "michigan state leader" of his ASSWIPE - er I mean ANSWP.
This guy got so flustered he actually tripped ove the pavement a couple times - and didnt even make it halfway through the "25 points" of the answp before he gave up and told the kid "alright, thats enough - lets get out of here"

That's it - a rally of TWO!


  1. BWHAHAHAHAHA. Priceless. Over and over, you figure they would check their spelling.

    Neal appears also to suffer from some form of disability.

  2. LOL!!! I have a whole collection of these idiots holding up signs with misspelled words! It just gets funnier and funnier.

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  4. They were ridiculed in the Weimar years, too. Then came 30. January 1933, and an end to the "LOL's".

    Not to be a wet blanket, mind you- Yeah, that's some funny shit, seriously.

    But it don't take no grate fassility withum the readin' and a-rightin' and rifmatik to detonate a 1,500 lb fertilizer bomb at the nearest MLK Center or Jewish daycare.

    Attack their sick views and conduct, and keep up your good work in shining the spotlight on them/physically countering their actions, but don't underestimate these people just because they ain't nevver had a look-see in the Dikshunary.

    ~ Miller

  5. I will say this, however. When you Google "Neal Joitke", you get the following: "Did you mean to search for: "Neal Joke"

    Why did the NSM member avoid consulting a thesaurus?

    Even Nazis fear DINOSAURS.

  6. Blogger is acting up.

    This isn't Jan 33 in the United States. The nazis had a sizeable minority in the German paraliament and the economy there was in total ruins.This isn't the case in the US today.

    But in Eastern Europe where neo-nazism is growing, it is a problem. The economy sucks in Eastern Europe and many want a return to the nazism/Stalinism that was in place prior. Make no mistake, nazism and USSR communism are exactly the same thing.

    ---Now some good news---

    Looks like Alex Linder's plan to pass themselves as normal people is going to backfire thanks in part to one William A White. White is planning on counter-protesting Linder's rally wearing a nazi uniform. Like someone said on VNN, Linder will be there in a cheap suit giving an interview and White will show up wearing nazi khaki's and the reporters will flock to White and leave Linder standing there by himself.

    You gotta love it.

  7. Believe me, Michael, I NEVER underestimate these people!

    Harry, I have laughed all day at this mess with Bill White and his two followers. Can't you imagine them standing with antifa and protesting the other Nazi's? Oh, I sooo want to see that - especailly if some of their "security" is the Vinlanders.

  8. "tripped ove the pavement"?

    Ummmmm Nikki, maybe you'd better check yours as well.

  9. Ah man, you're a stupid fool, you think that jewish and strangers are appart from !

    But you're appart of us all

    Stop thinkink like hitler and shut the fuck up motherfucker !


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