Friday, March 23, 2007

Racist Gang led by NJ gang leader coming to Knoxville,Tenn

Goodmorning - Eye On Hate with Floyd and Nikki will doing our weekly broadcast tonight March 23 at 7pm EST.

Main topic of discussion:
Racist Gangs coming to Knoxville,
KKK coming to Chambersburg,PA
plus much more.

We will open the phone line at 20 minutes after the hour -We look forward to hearing from you.

Eye On Hate


  1. Now...I just can't wait for tonight!

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  3. Andrew - if you read this, I need to email you! Can you contact me at

  4. Hello- just a brief posting to announce that Eye On Hate will be broadcasted on blogtalkradio at a new time -

    Starting this Thursday Night March 29 we will air live at 9pm and open up the phone lines for call at aprox. 20 minutes after the hour.

    As we get closer to Thursday we will post info about this weeks show.

    You can listen to past shows by going here

    Eye On Hate discussing issues of organizied bigotry, talking the issues of racism and lookin for solutions.

  5. 'Floyd' & 'Nikki': i hope youse aren't foolish enough to seriously consider attending this up-coming 'rally' with the 'anti-'crowd?

    my advice to youse is: don't!

    Floyd: yr a man in l8 middle-age from what i know(?);

    Nikki: i think yr a smallish, mousey-type woman also in middle-age....i could be wrong of course: but: i think yr smallish, nonethe-less!

    there is going to be a huge turn-out in Knoxville: most of that will be angry, aggressive, young, white racialists.....with a good smattering of angry, aggressive, older, white racialists...none of them will be in any mood to 'exchange pleasantries'!

    i have a gut-feeling that this 'rally' could well turn VERY UGLY INDEED!: i doubt if the local police will be able to cope with it!

    the National Guard may be required: how-ever: and un-fortunately for youse 'Kwans: yr National Guard is currently else-where: viz: defending Israel's interests in Iraq!

    that means the situation could turn into one big, violent maelstrom!

    i'v been in a few street-fights in my time and, also, the odd 'pub brawl' here in Oz but i don't think i'd be too keen to attend this up-coming event: even in the company of fellow Creators!.....and i'v got @ least ten years grace on Nikki and Floyd!

    i don't think you two realise what yr getting in to with this: i have nothing against you personally: my advice to youse is: STAY HOME!....OTW you could get badly hurt! and find the rest of yr lives stuffed up as a result!

    what's worth that?


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