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"Floyd Cochran, an individual associated with the Southern Poverty Law Center, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and his own group, Citizens Against Hate, met with a senior editor of the Roanoke Times in Roanoke in September, just prior to the assault, and then with members of the drug gang who assaulted White, as part of what Cochran called, on his website, an effort to "organize an anti-Bill White militia". Cochran also traveled to what he believed was White's home, taking pictures, and distributed material urging that White be "killed". In doing this, he collaborated with Brenda Hale of the Roanoke NAACP, who also met with local drug dealers and threw NAACP support behind their assault on White. Cochran also met with at least one staff member of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Report, Brentin Mock, as well as an "independent photojournalist" hired by the SPLC to photograph White."




Unless you can find some sort of loyalty, you cannot find unity and peace in your active living.
(Josiah Royce)

The vehemence and yes, passion, with which many white supremacists spew their vitriolic hatred may not be welcomed by the majority of American society but did you ever wonder where that passion comes from? I mean, they cannot truly believe all of the venom that seems to reside within their hearts.

As has been noted, time and again, racism and bigotry is bred by fear and ignorance - a total lack of reality contact. However, being a racist at the forefront of what they call the "movement" generates complications and a need for the dramatic.

You see, unlike when you and I serve our communities, join social or civic groups, or just take on the tasks of proselytizing our beliefs, the racist is always under the magnifying glass of his/her peers not to mention those of us who are relentlessly vigilant in tracking their actions.

The very nature of the beast requires them to either attempt to demonstrate their superior intellect (at which most fail miserable) or their physical prowess. Hence, it seems that they are thrust into a position of always having to flex muscle of one kind or another. And for those who rise to the top within the movement, the knowledge that they are just one rung away from a fall is often too much pressure.

Not only have I reported on the lack of unity and loyalty among the racist rank and file - many of them have noted time and again that the lack of both of these necessary elements has greatly hindered their progress - so much so, that we often bank on them doing themselves in before we have to take a stand.

The insecurity of being part of a group of people who call themselves friends and comrades at one table and use the steak knife to insert a jagged wound at the next has to be debilitating, to say the least. Always watching your back, always being on guard, and never knowing where the blow will originate would be exhausting for me.

The latest event demonstrating the perfidious nature of both the groups and the people in them also demonstrates the ignobility of the characters involved. Of course, we knew about a couple of them and, given their activism as racists and insidious bigots, we probably shouldn't have expected anything more from them.

On Sunday, April 27th, Michael Blevins, better known to the internet crowd as VonBluvens, posted an announcement on the Vanguard News Network Forum. He claimed that he and Christopher Drake, former member of the National Socialist Movement, were forming a new group called the American National Unity. Where had we heard that name before?

In July of 2006, the NSM came apart at the seams and shortly after that so did Michael Blevins. As Bill White was forming up a new group, Blevins joined and unjoined Bill in what was soon to become a real comedy. In the midst of all of this, Blevins announced that he would form his own group - American National Unity. Perhaps the most pressing issue surrounding the formation of such a group, Blevins' mental stability notwithstanding, was the uniform. Blevins has this certain fashion sense that dictates a beret along with basic black, you see.

Along with the recent announcement of formation of the new ANU, Blevins also posted this picture of Chris Drake along with a caption indicating this is the proper way to wear the uniform. It looked like Mike was finally going to be able to make his fashion statement. It also looked as if Chris was planning on this new group being quite militant.

Christopher Drake has been, superficially, a long time supporter of Blevins. When the chips were down and it seemed that every other racist had pegged Blevins as a mental defective unworthy of any status, Drake would always defend him. Drake would rail against those who belittled and ostracized Blevins. Drake was Mike's friend - maybe his closest friend. Thus, it made sense that the two would team up at some point.

Unlike Bill White, and even Michael Blevins, Christopher Drake has always had a pretty good reputation among his skinhead and racist bretheren. Most would call him a "stand-up" guy. Bright, articulate, and somewhat charismatic, Drake might have been a force for us to reckon with - except, like so many among them, he lacks any sense of loyalty or allegiance. Perhaps that's because he really doesn't have both feet planted firmly in the movement or the ideology that fuels it. Perhaps it's because he really isn't rooted there - or is ambivalent about where he really belongs.

After the announcement, which was met with a few well wishes and a couple of accolades for Drake, the question arose - what about Blevins' membership in White's American National Socialist's Workers Party? Mike was quick to assure everyone that dual membership wasn't prohibited by either group and that the new group wouldn't interefere with ANSWP.

Christopher Drake chimed in with the following message...

Good job. I'd just like to make clear that Mike actually wrote that and I put my name to it, or rather he did. It pretty much sums it up.

"My only regret is that you've got an ultra-militant picture of me up there in my basement. Its sloppy as hell down there but truth be known, everyone's favorite room.

"Wish us luck everybody! Either follow our sucesses or learn from our mistakes!"

Now, it appeared that we anti-racists were going to have yet another group to monitor.

There were questions and Christopher fielded them stating at one point...

"Mike got excited, typed up something he felt summed it all up and issued a statement on my behalf. We were up until 2:00 am last night getting details worked out and ordering things we needed.

"Mike plans to continue his work for the ANSWP. I've got no problem with duel membership. My "model" if you will, is local and regional activism combined with membership in a national organization. This might seem an overloaded concept now but I'm positive that there will be much more work to do in the very near future. I also hope Bill will allow me to continue contributing to his magazine."

It appeared that everything was well underway. Citizens Against Hate went into gear gathering information and doing the things that we always do when a new group is announced and I voiced my particular concerns over the fact that this might turn out to be a group more viable than the ones we have seen come and go over the last few years.

Even after Chris Drake indicated that he wished that Blevins had not posted that particular picture of him and that he had waited until some other things had been ironed out, it appeared evident that not only was the group being formed - but that a number of people were showing an interest. And then...a cryptic message from Bill White was posted...

"Thank you Chris. Mike Blevins needed something else to distract him ..."

Collectively we all laughed at once. We laughed because we knew that Bill White was pissed...Bill White was definitely not overjoyed by the news...and Bill White was going to take both Chris and Mike to task - it was coming.

And we were absolutely right.

Now, walking softly and carrying a big stick is not Bill White's style. In his predictable and ceremonious style, he entered the conversation with a vengence. Seeing the very possibility of a competitive and cohesive threat to his fledgling ANSWP, his attack was swift, calculated and manipulative.

First, he had to take Blevins out of the mix. Although Blevins had been the brunt of much ridicule within the movement of late, pairing his radio skills with the popularity of Drake was untenable to White. Although Blevins was quick to try and reassure Bill that there would be no conflict, it was too little too late. White was picking up a head of steam that would leave everyone's jaws dropping and Michael Blevins decimated.

With precision, he delivered the first blow.

"Mike, you are the ANSWP's Florida State Leader, and this is just another distraction that I'm sure Chris is getting a good chuckle from, as am I.

"Why doesn't anyone who wants to discuss Chris's "new group's" relationship to the ANSWP just email or call me instead of posting breathlessly here?

"And Mike: Bernie doesn't even allow you to travel to Chicago for the weekend; she's not going to let you start running around in the woods with assault rifles, either."

Attemptimg to make light of Blevins' announcement, White also immediately insinuated himself into the new group. While doing this in few words, he also managed to cast aspersions on the manhood of Blevins. This had to be a costly attack for Mike, as he had been much ridiculed over the last year for his undying devotion to the pseudo-Nazi from Roanoke, Virginia.

Cautiously, Blevins responded with his surprise at White's statement. Emotions were almost palapable as it was easy to see that Mike was walking on egg shells. Ever the spin-doctor, White spun his web and proffered the bait...

"Chris is out camping this weekend, and is and has been planning to start a gun / wilderness survival club.

"He asked Mike Blevins the other day what they should call it.

"Rather than wait for Chris to respond, Mike wrote a press release in Chris' name, attached to it a photo Chris sent, and declared they were starting a new organization.

"Very typically Mike.

"In the real world, Chris is probably going to take over our Georgia organization in the near future, and we have discussed whether an official ANSWP gun club or wilderness survival club is something we want to do.

"For folk who don't know me, my dry humor sometimes comes across wrong -- I'm told it may appear that way on this thread. I have watched this which much bemusement."

Well, we've been reporting on Bill White for way to long to believe that he was being humorous about anything other than laughing at his own cunning.

Blevins, obviously, saw the handwriting on the wall. As he issued a mild protest and pointed out that it was premature for White to speculate on what Drake was going to do, one could almost read the dread between the lines.

Bill White has demonstrated time and again his ability to manipulate others and to maneuver around any stumbling blocks that may be placed in his way. Often, he has bull-dozed others in the movement without them realizing what is happening until it is much too late. His next move was to marginalize the new group...

"I think this wilderness survival and gun club is a great idea and I hope everyone joins."

Gun club? Somehow or other, this is not what came to mind when reading the specs for this new organization - and that was enough to rancor Blevins. But, the next announcement from Bill was the pièce de résistance, the capper, if you will.

"Before any of our usual enemies on this board use Von's misguided press release to further create division, I'm ending this conversation by saying this:

"Chris Drake has joined the ANSWP as our Georgia State Leader. I am also giving him our Southern regional lists to see if he can make a go of it as Southern Regional Director. This is not a sudden thing, but something we've been discussing for several months. It has been a complex negotiation because it has involved several former NSM units and activists, and I hope everyone else associated with Chris who has been involved in this discussion makes a similar move. All former NSM members who meet ANSWP membership standards are welcome and any past conflicts are set aside. I understand fully anyone who has been misled by Schoep or any other former leaders, and all is forgiven.

"Further, the ANSWP is looking into developing a gun and wilderness club, which will be social and not political in orientation, and is looking at developing a party religious order based on Odinist practices. ANSWP members interested in these activities should contact Chris. I say "looking into" because there is a process involved before the party can endorse these groups and I cannot approve this summarily, and there are a lot of details involved that need attention. I will also say that any social activities will be separate from political activities; i.e., we will not be indoctrinating people with commentary on the socio-political situation while enjoying the recreational use of firearms.

"However, I believe Chris' addition to the party will increase activism in the Southeastern United States and will bring together our leaders out there, who have often felt somewhat isolated, given that our Southern organization, while large relative to the rest of the party, has been concentrated in a handful of states."

Christopher Drake, the well-liked and respected skinhead, had joined Bill White - the pariah of the movement? Everyone was stunned...and speechless, it seemed.

Michael Blevins resigned from ANSWP and the feeding frenzy began. While many spoke out against White, Bill felt the need to further exsanguinate Blevins. Referencing the psychological problems that Blevins has experienced for years, White told him...

"I'm not continuing this fight on this board, and, you need to stop calling people on the phone and screaming at them to the point where they are just saying "yes" to try to appease you. Poor Chris is doing everything he can to try to calm you down and you've now been throwing a temper tantrum non stop for days.

"And, frankly, going back on your medication -- or your old medication, since the new stuff doesn't seem to be working -- is also probably a very good idea at this point.

"This is just embarassing -- to you, not me."

Like a cur dog who has gotten the taste of first blood, White continued with the blood-letting painting Blevins as an out-of-control lunatic who had, in his words, gone "batshit crazy." Claiming that he had gone off his meds and was breaking things, screaming, and calling people at all hours of the night to throw temper tantrums he had effectively and efficiently cut Michael Blevins to shreds. Chris Drake? He confirmed that he had joined forces with White.

Now, we know that there is no honor among the racist crowd - no dignity - no integrity - and no sense of loyalty. The recent actions of Bill White and Chris Drake solidify that statement. However, for those who are still dubious, for those who still believe Drake to be a "stand-up guy," think again. I promise you he isn't.

Over the years that we have been utilizing the internet to fight against organized hate groups and to try to make a difference in the racism that insinuates itself into the lives of our communities and neighborhoods we have met many people, cultivated many sources of information, and developed quite a network. Hence, it is not unusual for me to find messages from racists in my email. Sometimes those messages are nasty and hateful, other times they are from those wanting to leave the "movement," and sometimes they are providing me with information on others or actions being planned. The National Socialist Movement is notorious for the latter.

In October of 2006, I received a strange and unsolicited email from Drake and a cyber conversation ensued. That converstation can be read in its' entirety here. Now, whether his blather about Blevins held any validity or not, it is evident that Chris, for whatever reason, wanted to talk about Mike. Why he felt compelled to do so, I don't know. The real point here is that Chris Drake was attempting to sell Michael Blevins out at the same time he was professing to be his friend - no honor among the racists.

Why Christopher Drake chose to join with Bill White at this moment in time is anyone's guess. Some believe that it was out of fear. Others believe that Bill was able to buy his allegiance. One speculation that I believe is pretty safe is that promises were made and Christopher Drake fell for the lying antics of White while throwing Blevins under a bus.

Throughout all of this, I have been questioned about, what appears to be, to some individuals, an unusual caring or concern about Michael Blevins. Normally, the mistreatment of one movement member by another, the news that a new organization was shut down before it started, would be cause for celebration and partying. To those who question or wonder...

As someone who has spent the majority of her life fighting against racism and bigotry, there are a few truths that I have learned. One of those truths is that racists are people - people who are scared, often lonely, troubled, and sadly misinformed. There are those who are hardcore, sure. There are those who are hellbent on living a violent and brutal lifestyle. And there are those who just want to belong - to fit in - to have a place. We, as human beings, often have a hard time reaching out to those so misguided souls - maybe we're scared too. But the battle isn't always about what someone believes - it's also about changing those beliefs and showing others that they have choices and alternatives.

Leaving a belief system that you have been enmeshed in or indoctrinated into is extremely difficult. That sort of thing isn't done easily. It isn't done quickly and it isn't always smooth. Michael Blevins is a wounded person right now. He has had, not one but, two friends stab him in the back and leave him for the vultures. Will he leave the movement? I don't know. But, I do know that if we cannot find it in our hearts to try and reach him, to try and help him should he decide to do so then we are no better than the racist.

As I see it, being anti-racist, actively taking a stand against hatred, means much more than waving banners and chanting in the streets. It means much more than sitting at a keyboard and typing snide sarcasms and witty prose. It means much more than shouting down the hateful rhetoric that is often spewn from the racist mouth. It means recognizing the pain of others and being willing to give someone a hand up. It means being a beacon and safe harbor. It means being able to set yourself aside long enough to hear those who need you.

Sometimes the hand that we extend gets bitten and sometimes it is warmly received. The point is, the hand was there when someone needed it. Let us not fall into the category of hating others simply because of who they are - let us be the hope for tomorrow.

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*Democrats, Racism, & November

*The Shame of the Sean Bell Trial

*The Comedy of Chris Drake, Michael Blevins, & The Roanoke Pseudo-Nazi



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NO Justice

As a White person like many White people, I have been told most of my life that everyone regardless of skin color gets a fair shake in the so called justice system.

We (whites) grow up believing that when a injustices happen, that the injustice will be corrected by the courts and that justice will prevail ,then when a injustice occurs against a Person of Color we say to our collective White selves: the court and justice system will prevail and everything will be fine. What a lie , what a myth, lets take a look at a couple of cases involving Black men and see how justice prevailed.

Back in the summer of 1992 a unarmed white woman Vickie Weaver)was shot and killed by law enforcement (cops), the out cry was heard around the world, well known lawyers came forth to represent the family for free, congress held hearing and then gave the family three million some odd dollars, justice prevailed !

Fast forward to November 2006 in NYC a unarmed Black man (Sean Bell) was shot and killed in a hail of fifty bullets fired at him, today's (April 2008) result ? No world wide outrage, no hearings in congress, no money for the family, no high price lawyer volunteering their time to represent the family of the slain man and the shooters (cops)are acquitted, some justice huh ?

A couple of days ago Black actor Wesley Snipes was sent to prison for three years for failing to file his taxes, a few years ago White singer Willie Nelson was facing tax charges and issues, the result ? Willie didn't go to jail, his friends held concerts to help him bail him out of his tax issues, some justice huh ?

We (whites) need to wake up, we need to ask ourselves that if we live in a nation of "law and order" why is that people of different races more often than not get more"law and less order" then people who look like me.

Floyd Cochran
Eye On Hate

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Beth Jacobs is a recent law-school graduate, a community organizer, and an activist in North Carolina. She is also the Founder and Director of Brown Babies, Inc. With all that she does for others and her community, it is safe to say that her plate is pretty full – but this young woman has stretched even further in the giving of herself and her time. She has now taken on a popular radio host in the Raleigh-Durham area – and we really like what she is doing.

Bob Dumas has come under fire more than once for his blatant racism and insipid commentary. On April 1st, he crossed the line again in a segment that can only be described as racist, hurtful and disturbing.

In response, Jacobs wrote the following OP Ed article that has been published in several local newspapers:

I am my parents' only daughter. I am a recent law school graduate and a community organizer for a voting rights organization in North Carolina.

I am also a Lumbee Indian.

Because I am Indian, nothing I do is ever as important as the American stereotypes that depict me as a member of a depraved race of people. I grew up hearing all the bad things that Americans say about Indians; brutal savagery, drunken laziness; the tepee and scalping jokes. As an adult, I am still surprised at how often I feel blatantly offended as a Lumbee Indian.

As a resident of the Triangle, I have known for years that local radio station G105, and its owner Clear Channel, permit hate-filled racist misinformation against ALL minorities.

While I have no intention of repeating the derogatory language used by Bob Dumas, the broadcast verbally abused American Indians -and Lumbee Indians specifically- in a 15 minute rant. At one point, his co-hosts asked if they were being offensive with a joke about sitting "Indian-style," but that only energized their tirade. Worse, he used his intern's relationship with a Lumbee man to degrade the Lumbee Nation

Mr. Dumas' intern, Chelsea Prior, a student at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke, must be brought out as the uninformed underling that she was in this situation. I doubt that she expected to be bombarded with such ignorance directed at her fiancé.

Nevertheless, in addition to insulting her family, she has greatly insulted her university. As an alumnus of UNCP, I am most personally offended by her failure to recognize the negative affect that her words would have on the university and community.

The Lumbee people themselves raised money to purchase land and construct a building for the Croatan Indian Normal School. More than a century -and many transformations- later it became The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Ms. Prior had the cowardice to degrade the very people who built the institution at which she receives her education. I demand that G105 allow her to air a public apology.

In regards to Mr. Dumas and his radio show, I support all efforts to have him permanently removed. Many groups have been offended by this man, and I encourage all our friends to continue the torrent of complaints to G105, Clear Channel and the FCC. I personally request that G105 enter negotiations to discuss an authentic act of contrition that will contribute positively to the community and people they have degraded.

I hope we will all keep in mind that the real issue reaches beyond this local radio show. The lack of accurate information and positive consideration of minority cultures is not limited to North Carolina. Our children's history books continue to depict us a savages or drunkards. Both the state and federal government have failed to issue any substantive acknowledgement of - much less apology for - Native genocide. Bob Dumas and his racially defamatory radio broadcast are the most recent and most public display of the need for significant reconciliation for American Indians in America.

If we do not stand against hate, our children will suffer the consequences of our idle complaints.

Beth Jacobs
Founding Director, Brown Babies, Inc.

On Monday, April 21st, Jacobs appeared on Citizen’s Against Hate “Cold Shot” with Nikki Nichols and gave an excellent overview of the problems with the Bob Dumas show and how we, as concerned anti-racists, can help.

Below are the links to the various mechanisms by which we can get involved and actually do something to make a difference in this world. Please reach out and give her a hand…you’ll be glad you did.



Please forward a formal complaint to G105 and send the NC Commission of Indian Affairs a copy of the complaint.

WDCG-FM 105.1
General Manager: Dick Harlow
3100 Smoketree Ct Ste 700
Raleigh, NC 27604

Program Director: Randi West

G. Richardson, Executive Director

NC Commission of Indian Affairs

1317 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-1317

Main Number: (919) 789-5900

FAX: (919) 420-1373


And to tell Bo Jangles that people in North Carolina pay for biscuits not bigots…


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From staff reports
Published: April 21, 2008

The leader of a “white nationalist” group was sentenced to 23 months in prison and 15 years of supervised release on Monday morning on a possession of child pornography charge.

Kevin Alfred Strom, 51, pleaded guilty to the charge earlier this year in lieu of a trial. Authorities seized his computer in August 2006; he was arrested in January 2007 after a federal grand jury handed down an indictment charging him with witness intimidation and possession of child pornography.

Strom’s sentence was four months shy of the maximum sentencing guidelines, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Gould.

Strom has been segregated from other inmates at the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail and Central Virginia Regional Jail for the last 16 months because of his beliefs, said defense attorney Andrea Harris.

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With Nikki Nichols

April 21, 2008 Topics:

Polygamy,prejudice, and pedophilia - a follow-up report on the latest out of El Dorado, Texas.

"In the good old times, regulation of minimal age for consensual sex was based on biological reality. As soon as a girl had her first cycle (12-13 years old), parents sought a man to marry them with. Having a child between 16-20 years is what a woman's body is designed for. This period forms the peak of fertility and, of course, the peak age of sexual drive and appeal." (from the warped mind of a racist)

Which one is the pig? Why Bob Dumas, a Raliegh, N.C. radio host has caught our attention - along with a special interview with Beth Jacobs, the Founding Director of Brown Babies, Inc. who will shed some light on the racism and bigotry at G105 Radio that needs to be stopped NOW.

"Brown Babies is a nonprofit organization that advocates for the rights of children living in poor communities. While a large percentage of our membership are families of color, Brown Babies speaks out for the right for all children to have opportunities to succeed in America. The continuation of this blatantly bigoted radio show is harmful to all children and should be banned from our public airwaves. Just because hate can be well disguised as humor does not make it any less real or dangerous." (Beth Jacobs).

There are close to 900 hate groups operating within the United States today. While memership numbers in these groups are small, that doesn't tell the real story. Forces other than organized white supremacist organizations are reeling in and exploiting many young people within our nation.

The dangers these people pose to our youth are many and far-reaching. Nikki Nichols discusses youth within the "movement" and how to protect your children.

The Hate Crime Blotter - All the events and Hate crimes from around the country this week.

Personal reflections on the deadliest act of domestic terrorism in the U.S. - The Oklahoma City Bombing - 13 years later.


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UPDATE: New reports are now claiming that only about 15 neo-Nazi's showed up in D.C. and that 5 antifa were arrested. New updates here as they become available.

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Eye On Hate will air tomorrow night at 8:00 Eastern time on BlogTalk Radio. We will open the phone lines at 8:30 to take your calls. Remember - be civil. This is not a debate show - just a discussion. Please refrain from racial slurs or excessive profanity.

If you or your organization has an upcoming event - we want to hear about it.

If you or someone close to you has been the victim of racism or bigotry - we would like to hear about it.

Calls may be limited in time depending on the number of callers.

The number to call is (646) - 652-2899


April 17, 2008 Topics:

Polygamy,prejudice, and pedophilia - how the racists are reacting to the raid in El Dorado, Texas.

"If one loony White man impregnates a couple hundred White girls that result in the births of White babies, please tell me how that is worse than 100s of thousands of adult n*&^%@s impregnating underage White girls that result in the births of a sea of stupid mulattoes?" (VNN poster)

Arson, vandalism, and violence - all in the name of hate. The hate crimes that made the news this week give us reason to consider why we must continue to fight back.

"The teen got off the bus, followed by the three men, who attacked him outside..."You're going to pay for this [epithet]," and "I'm going to kill you [epithet] (they shouted}"...The victim was stabbed five times in the back, with one of the wounds puncturing his right lung. He also had three defensive wounds on his right forearm,"

Why are these Nazi's going to Washington, DC? A call to action for anti-racists!

The racism of the anti-immigration movement is once again exposed!

Who is rallying in Philadelphia this weekend - and why we need to be there.


Friday, April 11, 2008


When Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church brings his family to town it usually creates a scene much like this. As they picket the funerals of our fallen soldiers in an attempt to send their convoluted message of hate to the rest of the world we look on, shake our heads, feel utter disgust and sometimes shout back. But, what do we know about these people?

The children who travel with them are Phelps' grandchildren and the young of some of his followers. We often gasp as an eight or nine year old waves up a sign that we know he cannot begin to understand. How is it that anyone could allow their children to be permeated with such hate and such vitriol?

Unfortunately, the Phelps' clan has been engaged in such reprehensible acts for decades. The inner-workings of this cult are hair-raising and chilling beyond belief. In 1994, a reporter, working for Stauffer Communications filed a lawsuit against his employer for the rights to publish a book about the Phelps' that he had been working on. Stauffer Communications claimed that the work belonged to them. In the court filings, Michael Bell, included a copy of his work making it public record. Eventually, the document was sealed but not before thousands of copies were circulated.

Below is a link to the work as well as the court document. Before the reader begins, however, I must warn you that this is not for the squeamish. It's not for the faint of heart. It is a look into the sickness that has plagued generations of Phelps' and the graphic nature of the story causes the stomach to turn. Please keep that in mind...


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*Hating the Haters - a personal message to our critics

*News On The Hate Front - The Hate Crimes Index

*Hal Turner's Threats To Anti-Racists - Nikki Nichols Responds


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I just love this game. And wouldn't you just be intimidated to see such a bunch march down your street? Wouldn't you just run for cover? Hide in terror? The shock and awe might be too much for the neighborhood, huh? (That's satire, Bill).

Okay - who is gonna win the prize? Who can name these guys? Let's see who on here is in the know?

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Photo from the SPLC

Under Pressure, Neo-Nazi Landlord Puts Properties on Market

Posted By Brentin Mock On April 3, 2008 @ 7:28 pm In Extremist Commerce, Hate on Campus, Anti-Semitic, Neo-Nazi, Hate Groups | No Comments

[1] Bill White has a duplex to sell you. Make that 17 duplexes. The [2] neo-Nazi landlord has put the bulk of his Roanoke, Va., real estate holdings on the market, Hatewatch has learned. Asking price: a cool $2 million.

Although White has complained recently about subprime financing woes, it’s unclear exactly what’s motivating this sudden move, and whether it’s related to the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) chairman’s [3] rapidly developing legal troubles, as reported today in the Virginian-Pilot.

White is facing possible fines and jail time as a sanction for posting threatening comments along with the home address and telephone number of Kevin Mottley, an attorney with the Richmond, Va., law firm Troutman Sanders (or, as White describes him, “the attorney representing the niggers in Virginia Beach.”) Two days ago, on April 2, White was forced to appear before U.S. Magistrate F. Bradford Stillman to explain why he was publishing thinly veiled threats against Mottley, along with the attorney’s personal information, in a case White is not directly involved in. The magistrate did not say when he would announce any sanctions against White.

Mottley is part of a team of lawyers representing five African-American tenants in Virginia Beach who sued their landlord, John Crockett Henry, alleging a long pattern of racial discrimination. The tenants also filed a complaint with the U.S. Justice Department, which is now [4] investigating Henry and his connections to White, who mailed threatening letters to Henry’s tenants, calling them “niggers” and “dirty parasites” and warning them to watch out for white activists. White also mailed copies of National Socialist, a neo-Nazi publication he edits, to their homes.

The Department of Justice subpoenaed E-mails between Henry and White as evidence in a civil trial scheduled to begin in federal court May 19. White retaliated by posting Mottley’s personal information to various neo-Nazi websites and sporadically threatening all of the plaintiffs’ lawyers.

“After we are done with our legal dispute, they are open game,” White wrote Feb. 22. Referring specifically to Mottley and Mottley’s family, White wrote: “Do not send them ‘hate fliers’ or nooses. Do not call and record them and place those phone calls on YouTube. Do not open credit cards in their name, empty their bank accounts by Internet, hack their emails.”

One week later, White wrote, “I don’t care what happens to them one way or the other. … I could see agitated ANSWP fans who are not members and not under my control in any way deciding to ‘help,’ as they have when they have mailed nooses to black leaders or kidnapped members of Jewish groups.”

All these blog entries were included in the material White’s Internet service provider turned over to the Department of Justice, and Mottley’s attorney has asked the U.S. magistrate hearing the civil case to slap White with a citation for criminal contempt.

Mottley, who reports receiving “strange phone calls” at his house in recent weeks, testified at the April 2 hearing that his wife is fearful they may be harmed and that he perceived the posts to be threats.

White testified that any calls for violence on his website, on which he frequently advocates the murder of his perceived enemies and non-whites, are intended purely as satire. Mottley was less than relieved.

“I don’t perceive Mr. White to be a choir boy,” he testified after hearing White’s explanation. “Maybe in his mind he finds some humor in this. I don’t.”

Judge Stillman is expected to rule on the contempt complaint later this month.

White could be hoping to fund his legal battle and/or pay any fine he receives with proceeds from the sale of his 17 duplexes sited along Chapman and Patterson Avenues in Roanoke’s traditionally black Mountain View neighborhood. Listed by his wife, Century 21 realtor Meghan White, the duplexes include a total of 35 units. White claims they are currently generating $18,500 in rental income per month at full occupancy, or about $530 per unit.

Whatever his reasons for seeking to unload the duplexes, White shows no signs of taming his prolific online screeds in response to the pending judgment. The day after he appeared before Judge Stillman, White posted Mottley’s home address and phone number again, and taunted him for being a “ridiculous, cowardly, shaking-trembly attorney who basically cried on the stand yesterday when describing how terrified and fearful he was.”

White also published the home address of U.S. Department of Justice lead attorney Lori Wagner, and left instructions for his followers to “Write to them. Call them. Tell them what you think. … You have a right to contact people who are involved in activities that draw public attention. They do not have a right to conduct their activities in secret or to hide from you. And if they do something irrational, like hire police bodyguards to protect them from “threats” that exist wholly in their imagination, we are in no way responsible for that.”

Bill White's new song and yodel

I hear that in regards to this court case Bill White might be singing a new tune; take a listen to this 51 second mp3 ;
White's New song and Yodel

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Is Bill White Going to Jail;

Are White Racists Coming to Washington,DC ?
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Were I was April 4th 1968;

Let me know what you think of Bill's New song and yodel

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Photo Courtesy of Isis Imagery

Harry Schwartz, a regular contributor at the Nest, just posted the follwing messsage and article. I think it's worthy of our front page I have added some emphasis and a few comments at the end.

Looks like Bill White might be in big trouble. If anything, the $1000s he has to pay his lawyer to show up in court is reward enough. It should also be noted that under the RICO laws, any fine levied against him, any ANSWP member like Michael Blevins and Eric Anderson of Peoria can be made to pay.

If you have information that can also indicate White on perjury, like the fact that has convicted criminals like Justin Boyer & and the fact that he mails his newsletter to prisoners in his organization, make sure you send it to prosecution in this case.

Published on | (
Roanoke neo-Nazi faces fines, possible jail time


The leader of a Roanoke-based white supremacist group faces fines and possible jail time for interfering in a local racial discrimination suit involving black tenants of a Virginia Beach apartment complex.

William “Bill” White of Roanoke, commander of the American National Socialist Workers’ Party, faced a federal judge in Norfolk on Wednesday to explain emails and Internet postings regarding an attorney representing the tenants.

The attorney took the publications as threats and said he was forced to have off-duty police guard his home outside Richmond.

White and his attorney argued in court that the emails and postings were “misunderstood and misconstrued” and were meant strictly as satire.

U.S. Magistrate F. Bradford Stillman said he would rule on the sanctions at a later date. The sanctions, if any, would then have to be approved by a district judge.

The case began more than a year ago when five tenants of an apartment complex at 15 1/2 Street in Virginia Beach sued their landlord, John Crockett Henry, claiming a long pattern of racial discrimination.

The residents accuse Henry of using racial slurs against them and their children and placing restrictions on black residents that were not applied to white residents, including a curfew.

After the suit was filed, White sent a derogatory letter to the tenants as well as a magazine he publishes called the National Socialist, which has a swastika on the cover and articles expressing hatred against blacks and Jews.

The Department of Justice, which intervened on the tenants’ behalf, suspects that Henry has strong links to White and his white supremacy groups, according to Justice Department court filings. White denies knowing Henry.

That case is set for trial in May.

In the meantime, attorneys for the tenants, in their pre-trial preparations, subpoenaed White seeking any records linking him to Henry. Documents provided in court included the blog entries.

On Feb. 22, White posted a message on a white supremacist blog that listed the name, home address and phone number of one of the attorneys in the case, Kevin Mottley of Troutman Sanders in Richmond.

“After we are done with our legal dispute, they are open game,” White wrote of the tenants and attorneys involved.

Specifically, of Mottley and his wife, White wrote:

“Do not send them `hate fliers’ or nooses. Do not call and record them and place those phone calls on YouTube. Do not open credit cards in their name, empty their bank accounts by Internet, hack their emails.”

“I perceived this posting to be a threat,” Mottley testified Wednesday.

He said he believed White’s true intention was for anyone who read it to do exactly the opposite. He said he began receiving strange phone calls right after that. His wife now fears for her safety and is afraid to leave the house.

White testified that nothing he posts on the Internet is illegal. Anyone in his group who commits a crime is booted, he said. But any postings he has made, such as calling for the killing of human rights advocates, is meant as satire, he said.

“I don’t see how you can take that other than as a joke,” he said of some of his postings.

After hearing White’s testimony, Mottley said from the stand that he felt no less concerned.

“I don’t perceive Mr. White to be a choir boy,” Mottley said. “Maybe in his mind he finds some humor in this. I don’t.”

The attorney for Mottley is pushing for a criminal contempt citation against White, which could lead to jail time. White could also face a fine or be forced to pay attorneys’ fees.

Judge Stillman did not give a time frame for when he would rule.

White and his attorney, Harry W. Brown of Roanoke, declined to comment outside of court Wednesday.

Tim McGlone, (757) 446-2343,, this is an interesting development, indeed and White's statements are even more interesting. I say that because the statements made by White about not allowing criminals into his organization or "booting" those who commit crimes are patently false - hence, perjurious if made in open court.

I can tell our readers that they can rest assured that Kevin Mottley and the Prosecution have been provided with a lot of information which could absolutely hang Mr. White on the stand. Additionally, they have a wealth of background on Mr. White. As this whole thing reaches fruition, watch for some real interesting courtroom drama.