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Harry Schwartz, a regular contributor at the Nest, just posted the follwing messsage and article. I think it's worthy of our front page I have added some emphasis and a few comments at the end.

Looks like Bill White might be in big trouble. If anything, the $1000s he has to pay his lawyer to show up in court is reward enough. It should also be noted that under the RICO laws, any fine levied against him, any ANSWP member like Michael Blevins and Eric Anderson of Peoria can be made to pay.

If you have information that can also indicate White on perjury, like the fact that has convicted criminals like Justin Boyer & and the fact that he mails his newsletter to prisoners in his organization, make sure you send it to prosecution in this case.

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Roanoke neo-Nazi faces fines, possible jail time


The leader of a Roanoke-based white supremacist group faces fines and possible jail time for interfering in a local racial discrimination suit involving black tenants of a Virginia Beach apartment complex.

William “Bill” White of Roanoke, commander of the American National Socialist Workers’ Party, faced a federal judge in Norfolk on Wednesday to explain emails and Internet postings regarding an attorney representing the tenants.

The attorney took the publications as threats and said he was forced to have off-duty police guard his home outside Richmond.

White and his attorney argued in court that the emails and postings were “misunderstood and misconstrued” and were meant strictly as satire.

U.S. Magistrate F. Bradford Stillman said he would rule on the sanctions at a later date. The sanctions, if any, would then have to be approved by a district judge.

The case began more than a year ago when five tenants of an apartment complex at 15 1/2 Street in Virginia Beach sued their landlord, John Crockett Henry, claiming a long pattern of racial discrimination.

The residents accuse Henry of using racial slurs against them and their children and placing restrictions on black residents that were not applied to white residents, including a curfew.

After the suit was filed, White sent a derogatory letter to the tenants as well as a magazine he publishes called the National Socialist, which has a swastika on the cover and articles expressing hatred against blacks and Jews.

The Department of Justice, which intervened on the tenants’ behalf, suspects that Henry has strong links to White and his white supremacy groups, according to Justice Department court filings. White denies knowing Henry.

That case is set for trial in May.

In the meantime, attorneys for the tenants, in their pre-trial preparations, subpoenaed White seeking any records linking him to Henry. Documents provided in court included the blog entries.

On Feb. 22, White posted a message on a white supremacist blog that listed the name, home address and phone number of one of the attorneys in the case, Kevin Mottley of Troutman Sanders in Richmond.

“After we are done with our legal dispute, they are open game,” White wrote of the tenants and attorneys involved.

Specifically, of Mottley and his wife, White wrote:

“Do not send them `hate fliers’ or nooses. Do not call and record them and place those phone calls on YouTube. Do not open credit cards in their name, empty their bank accounts by Internet, hack their emails.”

“I perceived this posting to be a threat,” Mottley testified Wednesday.

He said he believed White’s true intention was for anyone who read it to do exactly the opposite. He said he began receiving strange phone calls right after that. His wife now fears for her safety and is afraid to leave the house.

White testified that nothing he posts on the Internet is illegal. Anyone in his group who commits a crime is booted, he said. But any postings he has made, such as calling for the killing of human rights advocates, is meant as satire, he said.

“I don’t see how you can take that other than as a joke,” he said of some of his postings.

After hearing White’s testimony, Mottley said from the stand that he felt no less concerned.

“I don’t perceive Mr. White to be a choir boy,” Mottley said. “Maybe in his mind he finds some humor in this. I don’t.”

The attorney for Mottley is pushing for a criminal contempt citation against White, which could lead to jail time. White could also face a fine or be forced to pay attorneys’ fees.

Judge Stillman did not give a time frame for when he would rule.

White and his attorney, Harry W. Brown of Roanoke, declined to comment outside of court Wednesday.

Tim McGlone, (757) 446-2343,, this is an interesting development, indeed and White's statements are even more interesting. I say that because the statements made by White about not allowing criminals into his organization or "booting" those who commit crimes are patently false - hence, perjurious if made in open court.

I can tell our readers that they can rest assured that Kevin Mottley and the Prosecution have been provided with a lot of information which could absolutely hang Mr. White on the stand. Additionally, they have a wealth of background on Mr. White. As this whole thing reaches fruition, watch for some real interesting courtroom drama.


  1. And just think Nikki, this doesn't even cover any future civil suits that can be brought up against White because of all of this.

    I wonder if Harry Brown knows that Bill White is lying???

    I suspect Bill lies to his own lawyer also.....

  2. It has to be killing Bill White that Hal Turner gets away with this satire stuff with full immunity while he is spending all of his money in court defending himself!!!!! His own mouth keeps costing him countless amounts of money, you figure he would learn JUST TO SHUT THE FUCK UP and stop playing neo-nazi.

  3. It's not his money, his parents are paying for the lawyer.

  4. Rumour has it that all of his properties are up for sale.

  5. "RICO" is appropriate legislation to be used against ALL jewish-terrorist orgs in the 'Kwa like, for insatnce: the ADL, the SPLC, AIPAC, AEI, World Council of Jewey, ARA, the JDL, the Wiesenthal Centre &c....99½% of kikez are, genetically, terroists and gangsters, so, they should ALL be dealt with as if they are Caitol Offenders!

  6. I would like to find out how true that rumor is. And...Harrry - you are so right about more civil suits.

  7. Lawyers though often greasy and money hungry can sometimes do great good. If you think that Bill is in legal trouble wait until one of little Harold's followers does something illegal, in Hal's name. I know a certain legal team that is going sue him into the poor house.

  8. They won't do jack shit to BIG HAL. He always comes out smelling like a rose.

  9. Nikki, evidently the rumor is true. This SPLC article has a photo of the ad.

  10. How sweet it is! Thanks, Ollie - I just put it up on the front page.
    Seventeen properties for $2 million? Yep - he's in trouble.

  11. As usual Steve, you don't have even a vague clue about what you are talking about. Harold is in for a big surprise in the coming months. The only reason Hal hasn't been a target sooner is that Hal has no assets. Hal is a bum who hasn't had a job since Coldwell Banker fired his fat useless ass. Still I know an attorney who would love to own Hal's condo and see Hal out on the street.


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