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*Hating the Haters - a personal message to our critics

*News On The Hate Front - The Hate Crimes Index

*Hal Turner's Threats To Anti-Racists - Nikki Nichols Responds



  1. Nikki,

    I listened to this show intently and with an open mind. Here is a list of a few thoughts:

    *I detect that you have done some soul searching, but apparently you haven't really dug deep enough.

    *The sad fact is that many on your side do in fact "hate the hater". I have seen this hatred manifest itself many times into physical violence against those that dare to exercise their rights under our Constitution. This is an undeniable fact. If your side realized just how this strengthened our position your side would never physically attack us again. Every physical attack against one of us not only solidifies our position but makes us stronger--especially in terms of persuading new people to our way of thinking to the point of actually joining us.

    *Yes,you have the right to counter our message publicly(that has never been our grievance), but those that don the ski mask and attack others absolutely do not have that right. Just so we are clear.

    *BTW- Speaking of motivations--I wonder why you didn't identify yourself to Hal when you called him last week as "Lucy". Was this out of fear? I think fear motivates a lot of what you do. Perhaps there would have been some actual dialog if you had had the nerve to come out and say who you actually were.

    *Your message might have more traction if you guys actually practiced parity instead of duplicity and the old double standard.

    *Until you address the hatred of non-whites towards whites as well as the white brand of hatred your message will continue to be viewed as one with an agenda and disingenuous. The attack on whites in that park in Florida is a good example.

    *You also have a complete lack of understanding with what motivates our side, because if you truly did comprehend what motivated us you would take an entirely different tact in addressing us and our message.

    There is much more I could write about this but I suspect it is falling on deaf ears anyway.

  2. I know this is off topic, but Stan seems to have finally done the right thing and closed Nimbusters.

  3. Anonymous - thank you for your critique. Soul-searching is something I engage in often, and I guess how deep I go is open to interpretation.

    I guess you and I will just disagree on this multitude of physical attacks that you claim to suffer from anti-racists.

    As I said...I abhor violence and do not condone physical attacks on each other unless in self-defense. I understand the emotions evoked by the hateful message that is spewed by racists and bigots and the anger that rises when swastikas are raised, nooses are dangled, or other symbols of intimidation are brandished. I understand those things all too well. But, violence, in my opinion solves nothing and only exacerbates the situation.

    Your claim that about "hatred toward whites" just doesn't inspire me now any more than it did 20 years ago. While, as I said on the show, racism comes in all colors, I just don't see the "oppression" that the racist likes to pretend he/she suffers.

    As to "Lucy..." I didn't call Hal's show and pose as anyone. I haven't spoken with Hal since Satan's Gate when we did have some conversations - and he knew who he was speaking with.

    What sense would it make for me to call into Hal's show and claim to be someone else? My voice is fairly distinctive and would be knocked off right away. Hal would certainly recognize me.

    Actually, I had not listened to Hal's show until yesterday - and even then, I didn't listen to the whole thing and haven't heard the dialogue between Hal and "Lucy." I'll check it out though. Jimbo who so badly wants his messages here to be left alone... can repost everything that I remove. You can do that and we can play that game. should know that there are several people here who have the ability and the authority to remove posts from this comment section.

    We cut a lot of slack on this blog and allow a lot of things to go on here that wouldn't be tolerated elsewhere. Most who come here know that and many have been surprised and even "turned off" by what is allowed.

    Your comments have been allowed to stand on many occasions...BUT...I refuse to allow civil discussions and meaningful dialogue to be derailed by someone whose sole purpose is disruption. Your posts here are nothing more than racist graffiti resembling that of gang mentality and not nearly as artistic.

    If you have something to contribute, then please do so in a constructive and well-thought out manner rather than a childish and almost indecipherable rage. It's not that we don't want to "hear" what you have to say - it's that your presentation is not conducive to discussion.

  4. As usual Pedo Holsten is wrong.

  5. Nikki, I heard the call and that was definitely you. Lie and deny it all you want.

    Lying isn't exactly a good character trait.

  6. Anonymous Pussy, did you not read how I worded that? I said that it appeared that Stan shut down his board, and he did lock it down overnight and most of today. So don't be calling me a liar and your pet name of Pedo.

  7. Yes, I heard that call too. Hal said it sounded like Nikki Nichols when Vonbluvens called in afterwards to quiz Hal on who the last caller was.

  8. STFU Pedo. No one gives a flying fuck about anything you have to say, moron.

  9. That's right Anonymous Pussy; as all you can do is piss & moan. I proved that your spewed shit was wrong and you can't stand it. If you really want me to shut up; you'll have to shut me up, you Faggot looking Bastard.

  10. Steve,

    Have you noticed that almost no one around here has mentioned your name in quite a while around here????? This forum is so much more civil without you around.

    I guess you are here just trying to get some attention since NIM Busters is shut down right now. Honestly, I believe you enjoy being called a pedo and having your chain irked.

    Now if that isn't the case that you are in here to get attention, please leave or contribute something of importance around here using proper English without profanities in every sentence.

    Now to shut you up, Nikki only has to make a few mouse clicks to remove your postings.

  11. Listen here KIKE, Nikki & I have had our differences & etc here. I don't need your ignorance trying to enlighten my greatness.

    Answer me this KIKE, why is is it fine & dandy for them to say whatever the Fuck they want say to me, but then you come along and spew your hateful Shit towards me and not say nothing to them. I can't and will not leave till ones like you play fair.

  12. Steve,

    You can't read very well can you?

    I'll repeat, no one has said a word about you in quite a while until you came back on here.

    It only happens when you show up. When you go way... the trouble goes away also.....

    I think you thrive on the attention of being called a pedophile. Since NIM Busters is down, you had to come back here in order to keep the flame wars going.

    Now if you are too stupid to figure that out...'re just stupid

  13. Yes FuckTard, I can read. But evidently you can't. You don't know how to answer simple questions. You must be too big of a Pussy to say anything to the others about them being off-topic & stupid. Trouble of it is that I would stomp your ass harder & quicker than they would.

  14. Let Hal Turner continue to issue threats. I can tell you that for certain should anyone ever act on Hal's threats that he will be sued into the poor house. You would think that Hal would take hint from Bill's mess. Free speech is a right in this country but if you use that right to cause harm to others you can be held accountable. It seems a shame that Hal's wife and kid should feel the bite of his stupidity.

    I don't know what amuses me more, a racist trying to claim "they have an open mind" as in the first post or Steve talking about his "greatness". Please excuse me while I laugh myself silly :)

  15. Yes Bouncing Turd Avatar, when it comes to you and Schwartzo KIKE; my greatness shines so brightly.

    Hal knows how to take care of Hal.

  16. Raoul, I've heard that Southern Poverty Law Center is going to take the case should one of Hal's listens commit a crime that Hal has encouraged. What I wonder is if they can get even a penny from Hal Turner. He has been unemployed since Coldwell Banker fired his fat ass back in 2000. Hal is nothing more than a fat, beggar who sponges off idiots even stupider than himself (Holeswine).

    Yeah Holsten, your greatness shines so brightly. You are a great idiot, who has a burning jealousy of black people who generally do better than you. Looks like your son is a chip off the old block. Molesting little girls and writing hot checks. I'd say white trash breeds true but your fellow WN's don't consider you white.

  17. You & Schwartzo Kike only wish I was jealous of other color. I don't care what you or anyone else says about your Great Hero's color. I'm as White as need be to say that I am White.

    As far as my son goes; he has never molested anyone or been convicted of any such Bullshit. Yeah, he wrote a hot check. Big deal, so what, it happens everyday.

    Hal was NOT fired by Coldwell-Banker. They did give him the ultimatum of his job or his website. He chose the latter. You sound like you have the hots for Hal just like Schwartzo KIKE does.

  18. I didn't know anything about the SPLC
    but it doesn't surprise me. I think the only reason Hal has been able to stay out of trouble is because no one takes him seriously.

  19. I hate to break it to you,Nikki, but you are a racist.

    While I do not believe in racism in ANY form, including affirmative action and reparations, there are those that do not believe in SOME racism, those that denounce racism against blacks but promote racism against whites like you did in this and previous shows; there are those that think racism has some good points and those that are full blown racists.

    There is a whole spectrum of opinions and attitudes about racism in this country. And you know what? That is a wonderful thing. I happen to think that it would be a better thing if everyone subscribed to MY view of racism, but I am not going to go around and shout at or persecute people because of their beliefs. I will point out why I think they are wrong and ignorant, but I am not going to persecute them--like you guys have done in the past. Persecuting people because of their opinions and beliefs, "hateful" or not, is wrong. If they do something unlawful, that is another matter, but the fact that people have certain opinions and points of view should never be singled out for persecution or special circumstances for being STALKED. Pardon the pun, but this is an extremely black and white issue.

    There is no gray area where it is OK to either stereotype people into groups based upon skin color or individuals because of their BELIEFS. Oh yeah, I am also saying that it is OK to be a racist. Hell, every Obama type that speaks out for affirmative action or retribution for perceived injustices is a complete racist just like the National Socialist is a racist organization. Nikki, it's OK to be racist(even the anti-white variety such as yours), I wish you were not, but it is your right. If you are a racist and you truly and honestly believe in it, then don’t let those idiot do-gooders get you down, go be a anti-white-racist with PRIDE. Just don’t do anything unlawful or you will be persecuted for YOUR beliefs.


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