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With Nikki Nichols

April 21, 2008 Topics:

Polygamy,prejudice, and pedophilia - a follow-up report on the latest out of El Dorado, Texas.

"In the good old times, regulation of minimal age for consensual sex was based on biological reality. As soon as a girl had her first cycle (12-13 years old), parents sought a man to marry them with. Having a child between 16-20 years is what a woman's body is designed for. This period forms the peak of fertility and, of course, the peak age of sexual drive and appeal." (from the warped mind of a racist)

Which one is the pig? Why Bob Dumas, a Raliegh, N.C. radio host has caught our attention - along with a special interview with Beth Jacobs, the Founding Director of Brown Babies, Inc. who will shed some light on the racism and bigotry at G105 Radio that needs to be stopped NOW.

"Brown Babies is a nonprofit organization that advocates for the rights of children living in poor communities. While a large percentage of our membership are families of color, Brown Babies speaks out for the right for all children to have opportunities to succeed in America. The continuation of this blatantly bigoted radio show is harmful to all children and should be banned from our public airwaves. Just because hate can be well disguised as humor does not make it any less real or dangerous." (Beth Jacobs).

There are close to 900 hate groups operating within the United States today. While memership numbers in these groups are small, that doesn't tell the real story. Forces other than organized white supremacist organizations are reeling in and exploiting many young people within our nation.

The dangers these people pose to our youth are many and far-reaching. Nikki Nichols discusses youth within the "movement" and how to protect your children.

The Hate Crime Blotter - All the events and Hate crimes from around the country this week.

Personal reflections on the deadliest act of domestic terrorism in the U.S. - The Oklahoma City Bombing - 13 years later.



  1. You talk about so-called "Hate Crimes" here all the time. But do you ever talk about ACTUAL REAL CRIMES OF HATE?

    I didn't think so. Allow me then, please:

    National crime statistics for 2005, the latest year for new statistics, shows that 37,460 White women were victims of sexual assault by Black males.

    In 2005 there was a total of 36,620 Black females sexually assaulted. The percentage committed by Black males was 100%.

    Such numbers have remained consistent throughout American crime history.

    Black males rape white women above their own kind. Now that's hate.

    Whereas no White man has raped a Black female. So is this love? No. It just means that White men would rather have their own kind. No matter the way.

    And such crime statistics don't lie. They state clearly to us, that Black males are animlas when compared to White men. That's because Blacks are subhuman; deficit in areas of judgement and intelligence when compared to Whites.

    Black on White crime should subject the Black offender to swift and summary execution. It's the only thing that'll save our White race.

    Telling the truth about race isn't bigoted or hateful. It's just the facts, ma'am.

    Justice Department Link:

    See "Victims and offenders"

  2. Blue eyed knight is a hypocrite.

    It ignores the fact that there were over 191,670 rapes but only caring about 74,080 of them. It ignores the other 117,590 reported rapes.....

    I guess that because Blue Eyed Knight doesn't think white on white rape is anything to be concerned about.

    The truth is, 5 out of 6 rapes of white women are done by white men. It's the white men that white women should be worried about raping them, not black men.

  3. I left a similar comment last night, Harry, but either the Google gremlins ate it, or I did not hit the Publish button.

    Harry correctly notes the relative infrequency of inter-racial rape, and something like 9 out of 10 rape cases are intra-racial. Moreover, 70 percent of rapes are committed by someone known to the victim, yet many WNs still stick to racial stereotypes of sex-crazed black rapists roaming the land in search of helpless white women that date back to slavery. I'm surprised Blue Eyed Knight didn't bring up the slavery-era myth of the black Jezebel while he was at it to explain away black females who are rape victims.

    Also, Blue Eyed Knight's assertion that "no White man has raped a Black female" is one of the most retarded comments I have ever seen a WN utter.

    Yet it is much easier for WNs to cherry-pick through evidence to find an isolated and horrific example of inter-racial rape-murder like the Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian case than it is for them to engage in a rational discussion of crime. After all, a bunch of boring statistics can't inflame public opinion in the way that one shocking tragedy can.

  4. Where I live, we had the notorious Larry Bright case: this guy (who is white) murdered 8 African American women.

    No, he wasn't charged with a hate crime as these were sexually related crimes.

    But yeah, some sick white men indeed commit horrific crimes against black women.

  5. Exactly History Mike... The racist love to point to black on white murders but the fact is, when a white person is murdered, 85 percent of the time it's done by another white. Pedophilia is almost white on white or black on black.

    Murder and rape (and every other crime) is almost always intra-racial.

    But yet the racist want to point to the 15 percent of murders, and paint them as the norm.

    Stats show that white women should worry most about white men raping them and black women should worry most about black men raping them.

    But HistoryMike, We've never seen a racist let facts get in the way do we?

  6. I'll have to give Hal Turner for this story. While 20-30 nazis showed up Washington and 2 ANSWP members showed up at Art Jones private hotel room in Chicago, 10,000 show up for a marijuana celebration


    (I've never had weed in my life but I do find it funny as all get out)

  7. LOL!!!! I owe TWO DOLLARS??? :-)

  8. yes Ollie and the ANSWP even wasn't allow to show their swastika's outside the closed hotel room by order of Art Jones, who rented and ran the event from what I heard.

    The only two ANSWP who showed up was BW and Mr Anderson. That's about half their total membership.

    I also see Pluss is back trying to stir something, the same Pluss that made phone recordings of Blevins including one where Blevins was concerned he couldn't get seroquel samples to control his mania.

  9. Schwartzy, you should retract everything unkind you said about me. Because I never said White on White crime isn't a problem. I merely said that Black on White crime is the greater problem. Since it's the direct result of racial disparity and hatred.

    And 117,590 of 191,670 isn't 5 of 6. So think before you start criticizing me with your non sequiturs and bad math.

    You too, HistoryMike. I said "no White man has raped a Black woman". Which is absolutely correct. Look at the statistics for 2005. I didn't say "ever".

    Y'all are living in the past. As your comments clearly show. So that's fine. Stay there. Because the future belongs to the White race. Just as it always has. We shall overcome. And drive all the Marxists back into the sea.


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