Monday, February 27, 2006


The recent events of the Orlando Rally and the continuous hype and misinformation as well as characterizations that were put out to the public by people like Bill White and Michael Blevins just pissed me off enough to have to say a few words.
In a special edition of "Coldshot," I try to convey not only what really happened but precisely what's on my mind as well. You can hear that audio HERE.

Additionally, Floyd Cochran gave his perspective on One People's Radio and you can hear what he has to say,HERE

Friday, February 24, 2006

Someone Please...Bitch Slap This Man

On the eve of the NSM rally in Orlando, Florida the guru of lies on the fly, Bill White, is running his mouth and predicting a record turnout. It seems that Rick Springs of Aryan Nations has shown up and most of us aren't surprised that an AN presence will be evident since several of the burn-outs moved into the region.

Bill, however, claims that other than the core group of about 40 NSM members, at least 150 members of "other groups and the general public" have contacted them for a meetup in the parking lot. Of course, he is laying the ground work to be able to whine and complain about how so many of their people were detained, derailed, or otherwise impeded from making the march. He says he is worried that "police may lock the parking lot down." Well...Bill - life's just not always fair is it.

As to the rest of Mr. White's lamentations - he needs to be bitch slapped into next week. As to this little gem:

"It also appears that the cops are ready to squash any sort of nigger insurrection that might occur -- they have shoot to kill orders on anyone with a gun and I think we may get a show of these guys showing the blacks who owns the streets. Maybe we'll get to see the homeless shelters burn. LOL Honestly, it would be good for the neighborhood."

I have this to say:

If anything burns in Orlando there are a number of people who know precisely where the blame should be placed. As far as police orders are concerned - I think he had better not flatter himself into thinking that the Orlando Police Department like him or the NSM. That would be a huge mistake on White's part.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Photo from Yahoo images

Bill White just isn't satisfied with being numero uno Nazi, he has to be a protector of virtue, defender of white morality, and music critic. How absolutely big of him.

Now, I'm not a big country music fan, although every once in awhile a song crosses over on the charts and I find myself humming it as I go about my daily routine. Frankly, I didn't even know who Trace Adkins was until Bill went off the charts on him. I watched the video that incited him so, and just didn't see it the same way he did.

I found that the song "Hony Tonk Bodonkadonk" is a cute little country song that has topped the dance charts in country music for weeks. The video itself is rife with a lot of T & A and, in my opinion, can't be faulted for much other than it exploits women as "sex-objects," but that isn't unusal any more - women do it to themselves. I kind of like the song and see no reason for the reaction that White had. I really think he needs to get some sort of life for himself.

That being said, I decided to have a little bit of fun with this - and this was the result:


Somehow or other, Bill White being the last word on what is moral and acceptable just cracks me up. And those who hang on his every word have to be the dumbest people of the lot. Who could ever take Bill White's critique seriously? Who could ever consider him to be a decent, moral, upstanding individual? Well...yeah, the NSM clowns.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Backlash Segment

A story appeared in the St. Petersburg Times yesterday about a fifteen year old boy who was arrested on weapons charges. Once again, white supremacists figure into the scenario. Also, once again, there are those who would defend him and even praise him. In this Backlash episode, I present my thoughts on the entire situation.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Nikki & Tony With Special Guest

Working with someone as dedicated and knowledgeable as Floyd Cochran has long been our pleasure, having the opportunity to actually meet him, see his presentation, and spend quality time together has been our blessing. Nicole Nichols and Tony Willow had the good fortune to do all of those things over the past few days as all three converged in Oklahoma and the end result is heard in this round-table discussion of three of the most committed anti-racists on the hate front today. They discuss everything from Mr. Cochran’s time at Aryan Nations to those miscreants making the news today, as well as some ideas and views on what’s ahead and what communities can do to confront the very real problem of racism in America.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Evil Lurks...

On KKK road trip, evil lurks in Ark. woods
By Michele McPhee/ The Beat
Monday, February 13, 2006 - Updated: 12:05 AM EST


Are you a hate-filled psycho with aspirations of becoming a white supremacist? Any thoughts of storming a gay bar with a hatchet or scrawling a swastika on a synagogue?

Well, let me fill you in on the truth of how the Ku Klux Klan lives, knowledge garnered while entering the back woods of Zinc, Ark. (population 75, likely all related), in search of the Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Thomas Robb.

The route into Robb’s home is a rocky, dirt stretch past trailers stained with smoke from smoldering rubbish and rundown homes obscured by piles of old cars, broken toys and rusted tools.

Actual people were scarce. The only signs of life were satellite dishes outside ramshackle homes. There was one woman in a housedress and red socks who flashed a grin outside her trailer. Wired to a fence post outside her property was a Kerry/Edwards sign.

Perhaps this was the woman’s way of protesting the “dangerous, inbred mother------s,” as one Zinc resident described the Robb clan, who live a few miles up the dirt road.

Getting to the Robb house was not easy, despite the helpful Zinc resident’s directions: “Drive over a slab and take a right at the mountain cave.” The directions came only after a warning to Herald photographer David Goldman: “Boy, you best be careful.”

The few homes we did see flew Confederate flags and banners emblazoned with two number 8s, which I later found out is code for: “Heil Hitler.” (H is the 8th letter of the alphabet.)

When we finally found the Robb house, it was disappointing. Apparently the KKK is broke.

There were no shotgun-wielding men in white sheets guarding the gates. No nooses hanging from the trees as reminder of the KKK’s stronger years. No fire-scarred crosses in his yard. Nothing there but a broken-down Lincoln Continental with a dented hood.

A friendly dog — all white, of course — played with roosters that wandered the Robb property. Maybe Robb spent the Klan’s money on haispray for his wife’s beehive? Or perhaps the Klan missed the white sale at Wal-Mart and paid full-price for sheets?

Behind the Robb home was his Soldiers of the Cross Bible Camp. From the outside, it looks like a kid’s day care center. Inside, though, is more insidious.

Inlaid in the wood over the doors were the words Loyalty, Trust, Service. Under the inscription was a kitchen with a hand-scrawled note reading: “Don’t want burnt food? Don’t bother the cooks.”

Two glass doors inlaid with a yellow cross against red glass opened into a TV studio with a silkscreen of the Capitol set up in front of video equipment.

The image was flanked by two long, red banners containing KKK crosses. There was a sign warning that the area was under 24-hour surveillance, but lucky for us Yankees, no soldiers of the cross came.

Investigators believe it was Robb’s compound — or one like it — that 18-year-old Jacob Robida was headed for in the days after he went into Puzzles Lounge in New Bedford and attacked three men with a hatchet and handgun before fleeing the state, bound for West Virginia. There the teen picked up his girlfriend, a 33-year-old mother of three.

By the time I arrived in Arkansas, Robida was dead. So was the woman. Along with an elderly police officer who had the misfortune of pulling Robida over for speeding.

It’s unclear where Robida got the Ruger .9mm used to kill three people — himself included — and wound another three; or why a kid of Portuguese descent wanted to hang out with the KKK. But for anyone else considering joining Robb’s army (he claims there are 30 members from Massachusetts) be prepared. It ain’t pretty in them woods.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Keep The Bastard On A Short Leash

A word to the reader – the following will undoubtedly be a rant. The language contained within will be offensive and often untenable. However, when dealing with the racist right, sometimes such things are just unavoidable.

The last person who pissed me off this much is now serving forty years in a maximum security prison. Rarely do I ever feel the need to engage in flagellation of anyone and equally as rarely does anyone send my temper right off the charts. However, a certain slum-lord, sleazebag has seemed to have that effect on me.

Yesterday I listened to a “radio program,” that William A. White did on Hal Turner’s network. The piss-poor quality aside, I, once again, realized that Mr. White is nothing more than a pseudo-intellectual trying to make a name for himself in whatever venue happens to be available to him. In so doing, he makes a horse’s ass out of himself and speaks volumes about the lack of character, integrity, and moral fiber of those practicing racists that make up his cadre.

When the story broke about eighteen-year-old Jacob Robida using an axe and a gun on the patrons of a gay bar in New Bedford, Bill White was quickly referring to young Jacob as a “normal” white man who had had enough. As despicable as that sounds…it gets worse.

Robida, it was discovered, had a fascination with a cultish rap group known as “Insane Clown Posse.” He also had a penchant for swastikas and racist/anti-Semitic literature. Some of his closest friends characterized him as considerably racist.

After leaving New Bedford, Robida picked up a thirty-three year old girlfriend who might not have gone willingly and ended up in Arkansas where he killed a police officer, the girlfriend, and himself in an insane chain of events.

As most of the racists were attempting to deny any sort of connection between Robida and the racist movement, Bill White’s glaring referral to Jake as a “normal” individual was casting even more aspersions than there already were on White’s claimed “Nazism.” In what had to be the back-peddle of the month, White began to lambaste the young murderer. If it were not for the fact that there were so many people touched by Robida’s insanity, it would have been comical to watch White attempt to extricate his foot from his over-zealous mouth.

Bill White now claimed, “It is clear the immediate cause of Robida's behavior was his consumption of the music produced by the Insane Clown Posse, a horror-rap group that openly advocates mass murder with an axe. Having reviewed his profile --, I do not see any 'National Socialist' symbols or material posted -- but I do see the lyrics of Insane Clown Posse raps posted prominently throughout the site, as well as pictures of Robida in Insane Clown makeup. I also see numerous calls of support from other followers of the group.”

We guess that Bill overlooked the Seig Hiel and the 14/88 that started the page. But then if you are feverishly attempting to cover up a previous blunder – you just bull-shit your way through it. The next thing that needs to be done is to find someway to refocus the blame – a way that all the racists would accept. Hence:

"This kind of nihilism is much more closely associated to militant anti- racism and to Jewish modernism than it is to National Socialism. There is no question that youth who engage in this kind of behavior often look at National Socialism, either, a) in an effort to find a sense of identity and lift themselves out of their nihilism, or b) because they have watched too much Jewish television and come to believe that National Socialism is somehow linked to their nihilistic fantasies.”

So, now this ignorant buffoon wants to blame anti-racists and the Jews. This should not have been too shocking or surprising – and it wasn’t. It’s pretty much Bill White’s schtick and I dealt with it. It wasn’t until Bill took to the cyber waves with his horseshit that I totally wanted to reach through my computer and…well, you can imagine.

Under deplorable audio, I found myself trying to make sense of what this maniac was trying to convey. As he ranted about Insane Clown Posse and the influence this had on Jacob Robida ( because, according to Bill – if he says it, it’s gospel) I found myself thinking about the influence that music often has on the young. True enough, ICP is a despicable group and their lyrics are pretty disgusting. I wouldn’t allow it to be played in my house. Hal Turner obliged Bill by playing a clip of an ICP song that was pretty indicative of the duo and their lack of talent. But to hear Bill White tell it – the lyrics whipped Jacob Robida into a killing frenzy and just sent him over the edge.

The one word that I just kept repeating throughout all of this was “bullshit.” And I kept wondering what he would have had young Jacob listen to. Of course I already knew the answer to that:

Run Nigger Run
By Vaginal Jesus

Run- I've got a chainsaw
Run- I've got david duke's phone number
Run- My father owns a rope factory
Run- My uncle's the grand dragon
Run, Nigger-nigger, run, nigger-nigger, run! run! (3x)
Run, Nigger-nigger, run, nigger-nigger, run!
Run- I've got a bucket of tar
Run- And it looks like you
Run- My friend has some feathers
Run- You're gonna fucking die
Run, Nigger-nigger, run, nigger-nigger, run! run! (3x)
Run, Nigger-nigger, run, nigger-nigger, run!


Racially Debased
By Angry Aryans

The mud brown child that's been given birth
The beating of your life is what it is worth
To satisfy your lust, well, you never did care
Your baby was born a mongrel, with African hair!
The culprit of producing a maleficient race
We will soon dispose of your shameless disgrace
Your villainous contempt is really well understood
Your futile cries of mercy will do ya no good!
You had to be sexually explored by countless black men
You continue to abide by this horrible trend
Fear strickened eyes are drenched with tears
Your feeble pleas will only fall upon deaf ears
My Hands are around your neck
Your error is mine to correct
The air slowly dwindles away
Your defiled body, on the ground it lays.


Splatterday, Nigger Day
By Grinded Nig

Drive around in my van
We want to kill a nigger
They are in the city
Follow one into the alley
We all attack the nigger
He has seen his last day

Beat his face from black to red
Cut off his cock, shove it in his mouth
No more racemixing, spreading your seed

Splatter day, Nigger Day
We must stop the decay
Splatterday, Nigger Day
Niggers are in the Whiteman?s way

Slice open an ape throat, pull out the esophagus
Mutilate the nigger face with a sharp instrument
Flesh & Meat splattered on my hands and the wall

Fuck the Hip-Hop community
We will kill minorities

Now, I’m certain that the calming and melodic melodies provided by this hatecore would have had a soothing effect on the tortured mind of one so young as Jacob Robida. And I am certain that had Mr. Robida elected to listen to such enrichment he would have been a much better white man and people would still be alive.

In the grand scheme of things, Bill White might be nothing more than an amoebic drivel but in the context of the events surrounding this troubled child he has become more than just an infected pus-sac. He has become the quintessential asshole and a lying sack of manure.

Jacob Robida was a very trouble young man and we may never know what tripped his trigger. It is doubtful that it was one thing over another. It was, more than likely, a combination of experiences and influences. And try as Bill White may, he cannot negate the fact that one of those influences was the neo-Nazi ideology of hate and bigotry. No matter how much he wants others to think that it was the Jews and the anti-racists, no matter how much spin he tries to place on this crime, the bottom line is – the kid’s room was lined with swastika flags and anti-Semitic writing. That was one of the influences – and had neo-Nazism not been in existence, perhaps that fragile mind wouldn’t have snapped.

The lyrics of ICP are hateful. The tenets of National Socialism and Nazism are hateful. To an already distressed and youthful mind, the two can be reconciled. Jacob Robida is a prime example of that. And the demented and convoluted spewing of Bill White can’t change that. He can’t spin it any other way. How is it that this man believes himself to be an authority in such things?

He rails against violence – and claims to not advocate violence against anyone. This is the same man who said, “It is justified to rape and murder an individual involved in an organization such as “One People’s Project,” there is no question that if one of the individuals associated with them is raped and murdered, it is well deserved and there is no crime insofar as the pain inflicted on the victim is concerned.”

I am of the opinion that Bill White is a pitiful excuse for what we know as human. It is also my opinion that Bill White needs a padded room and a huge dose of Thorazine. Until the day arrives when those needs are met, I can only hope that someone keeps the bastard on a very short leash.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Crime & Racist Pundits

Black on white crime is a favorite theme among white supremacists and neo-Nazi's. They labor long and hard to find evidence of atrocities committed by blacks against whites and they laboriously accumulate and amass examples of heinous acts. This has become almost laughably evident across the internet and interspersed throughout their propagandist literature. They embrace acts of black on white cruelty and scour the headlines for fresh "evidence" that blacks are animalistic and indiscriminately violent. Virtually every discussion held with a racist will eventually lead to black on white crime, and the lamentation that these acts are rarely ever given hate crime status.

We must first, in any discussion of "Hate Crimes," determine what the parameters of such a crime might be. In general terms, a hate crime is a criminal act perpetrated against an individual solely because of race, ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation. Implicit within that definition is the idea that the perpetrator is racist, anti-Semitic, religion-intolerant or homophobic and that the act was committed out of hate. The definition is, in and of itself, problematic in that it requires knowledge of the perpetrator's ideology as well as mind-set at the time of the crime.

With the definition being stated, we must note that the vast majority of hate crimes committed are 1) not against persons but against property; and 2) committed by whites against people of color, differing ethnicities, differing religions or differing sexual preferences. Generally speaking, the perpetrators are self-avowed racists or otherwise intolerants.

Couched within the black on white crime rhetoric espoused by the right-wing extremists are statistical data which is proffered as proof positive that whites are under siege by the black population and that blacks are far more apt to commit violence against whites than the other way around. After all, numbers don't lie. However, those eager and devoted to furthering a "white agenda" often utilize figures to achieve that end regardless of how skewed or out of context those figures might be.

The United States of America holds the distinction of being the most domestically violent nation on the face of the Earth. To extrapolate from our crime statistics, however, that one group of people is far more violent than another is quite a gigantic leap even for the most zealous advocate of any cause. The fact that there are so many in mainstream Americans who are able to make such a leap is simply demonstrative of how easy it is for racist propaganda to be internalized. Even if the statistics presented were pristine and without compilation biases and variables, one would have to look at the picture in its' entirety from a sociological and macrocosmic perspective.

The continued and dogmatic assertions of the supremacist, et. al., that violent crimes are melanin specific meet their demise when presented with the violence of a Timothy McVeigh, a Buford Furrow, a Richard Baumhammers or a Benjamin Smith. However, most rational individuals, when confronted with the racist rhetoric, refuse to engage in a tit-for-tat exchange of comparison. Often what transpires is a process of rationalization and an attempt to refute their statements with a broader look at the causes of such criminal activities. The upshot is that neither side ever capitulates and the argument deteriorates into an exercise of obvious futility.

In actuality, questioning whether blacks are more violent than whites or why most serial killers and pedophiles are Caucasian, while being an intrinsically and perhaps challenging psychological journey, does not in the end provide us with closure or anything more definitive than mere speculation. And even if the "whethers" and the "whys" were to be answered we would still be left with the unanswered and over-riding question - "What difference does it make?"

Throughout all of the verbiage and discourse that surrounds the discussions of black on white crime or white on black crime, the central crux of the problem is absent thereby rendering all of those discussions circular and non-productive. As discussions of crime have become increasingly racialized we, as a society, have been engaged in the age-old practice of scapegoating. Our obsession with laying blame has served no other purpose than to marginalize the greater issue of American crime and its solution. Even then, the looming question in all of this remains "Why do we even engage in such statistical breakdowns?" If a person is gunned down in their driveway is he/she any more or less deceased if the shooter is of a different race? Is the family any more or less traumatized? Should the crime be any more or less punishable based upon the ethnicity of those involved?

The issue is crime. The statistical machinations and divisions of crime along racial lines is the outcropping of a government and its entities born in colonialism and steeped in white privilege. The only basis that it serves is to provide extremists with yet another vehicle to further their dogma. Their utilization of such figures is simply another attempt at justifying their unjustifiable agenda of white separation and ethnic cleansing. Any discussion along the lines of crime and race merely provides them with another forum from which to spew their venom and serves to perpetuate their convoluted and vitriolic version of "the truth."

Once a veteran in racist dialogue you quickly realize that the issues being brought to the forefront are generally those which the "movement" has been able to spin in a racist direction - and there are few issues which remain untouched by the spin doctors of hatred. The color of crime is probably the most over-used tool within the racist arsenal. Repetition is an integral part of the art of propaganda and the racist factions have mastered this well. Consequently, the discussion has found its way into mainstream America and will continue to be a point of contention for racist right who are scrambling for the conservative vote. All of this delineates the dangers of the propagation of racist maneuverings and the proliferation of racist ideology.

Bibles & Bigots - A Most Dangerous Game

Organized hate groups in America and around the world are of genuine concern to a free society such as ours. They not only gnaw at the fabric of humanity they degrade all that is wholesome and decent in a civilized world. Studying these groups they often seem to be only the "fringe" element of our nation considering the small number of members and their inability to unify and present any type of legitimate threat. Yet, the numbers are frequently deceiving because they do not take into account the silent supporters and the tacit agreement that others share with them.

Groups like Aryan Nations and the National Socialist Movement get our attention through their blatant acts of racism and discrimination. They are vocal and visible. It is those who fly below the radar of watch groups and others who report on their outlandish and sometimes violent actions who we really must consider perhaps even more dangerous in the grand scheme of things. These are the groups who operate within the mainstream of American society and who wield awesome power both at the voting booth and in the halls of government.

The neo-Confederate Movement is, to many, considered to be a little daffy and somewhat eccentric. Often the operation is thought of as harmless and benign and something engaged in by those malcontents in the South whom, for whatever reason, never got over losing the Civil War. Nothing could be further from the truth. And nothing could be more dangerous than allowing this Movement to flourish - and believe me, it is doing precisely that.

Like the neo-Nazi's and the whole White Supremacy movement, the neo-Confederates' contingencies are varied with a number of groups making up the whole. Unlike the neo-Nazi's, they appear to be a lot more cohesive in their efforts to present a united front. Vehemently opposed to immigration, homosexuals, inter-race marriages, and integration, membership in these groups spans the United States and boasts about an alarming number of members. Additionally, the movement is spearheaded by individuals of prominence and sometimes wealth.

The neo-Confederates are but the tip of the ice-berg in the grand scheme of this repugnant hard-right morass, however. Behind every "movement" there has to be largesse - and lots of it. As we move through the members and the leaders of this "Southern Swamp" we will attempt to connect the dots. There are connections - and we think we have found some of the money trail.

The premier group among these neo-Confederates is the Council of Conservative Citizens who were largely unnoticed prior to Senator Trent Lott being outed as an honorary member and staunch supporter of the group.

In the 1950's South racism was the norm. In Mississippi it was perpetuated by a group called the "White Citizens Council" and a racist infrastructure that was unparalled and virtually impossible to destroy. Robert "Tut" Patterson was the founder of the White Citizens Council and together with a handful of other small businessmen and shop-owners, as well as Mayors and other white community leades the organization grew to a membership of over 250,000 in and out of Mississippi. The group prided itself on their ability to threaten and harass those who advocated civil rights. The Council was a segregationist organization and they often wielded a heavy hand and quite a bit of power within the communities.

The White Citizens Council was often referred to as the "Uptown Klan" as it appeared that sheets and hoods had been discarded and replaced by suits and ties. The ideology of this group was much like that of the Klan believing that whites were superior and "uppity Negroes" had to be kept in their place. According to the Sisters of Selma website, "Uppity blacks found themselves jobless, black professionals had credit, insurance, or license problems, and all blacks who tried to register to vote were placed on a blacklist."

Eventually, after a long history of intimidation and hate, the Council fell apart only to be resurrected a few years later by some of the previous members. Gordon Lee Baum of St. Louis, Missouri, once a field organizer for the White Citizens Council, pulled a meeting together in Atlanta of some of the former members, including one-time Governor of Georgia, Lester Maddox, and together they formed what is know known as the Council of Conservative Citizens. Not surprisingly, Tut Patterson became a columnist for the "Citizens Informer" newspaper, a CCC publication. That same publication ran a column written by none other than Trent Lott.

Using old mailing lists, the 30+ membership rapidly gained momentum attracting those who agreed on segregation, miscegenation, the Confederate Flag, and immigration. Claiming not to be racist, the organization continued to flourish primarily in the South but later spanning much of the United States as it does still today. Their non-racist claims, however, just don't hold up to scrutiny. The Southern Poverty Law Center, long ago, declared the Council a "Hate Group" and their attempts to appear mainstream conservative have recently fallen by the wayside opting for a much more blatant presentation of their agenda. In the late 1990's, a few politicians got themselves in some real hot water over their affiliations with this group, not the least of which were Bob Barr and Trent Lott.

It has been reported that the organization currently has over 15,000 members across the United States. Of course, the number of supporters and sympathizers is much larger.

On the next page we have listed some of the major figures behind and within the Council for Conservative Citizens. These are leaders of the organization, people who have written articles for the organization, or people who haven addressed the group.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Photo from Reuters


King eulogists jab Bush at funeral By Karen Jacobs and Tabassum Zakaria
2 hours, 43 minutes ago

Speakers took a rare opportunity to criticize U.S. President George W. Bush's policies to his face at the funeral on Tuesday of Coretta Scott King, widow of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

Civil-rights leader the Rev. Joseph Lowery and former President Jimmy Carter cited Mrs. King's legacy as a leader in her own right and advocate of nonviolence as they launched barbs over the Iraq war, government social policies and Bush's domestic eavesdropping program.

Bush sat watching the long service before an audience of 10,000 including politicians, civil rights leaders and entertainers at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, and a national cable television audience.

Lowery, former head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which King helped found in 1957, gave a playful reading of a poem in eulogy of Mrs. King.

"She extended Martin's message against poverty, racism and war / She deplored the terror inflicted by our smart bombs on missions way afar," he said.

"We know now there were no weapons of mass destruction over there / But Coretta knew and we knew that there are weapons of misdirection right down here / Millions without health insurance. Poverty abounds. For war billions more but no more for the poor."

The mourners gave a standing ovation. Bush's reaction could not be seen on the television coverage, but after Lowery finished speaking, the president shook his hand and laughed.

Mrs. King, seen by many as the "first lady" of the American civil rights movement, died last week in a Mexican alternative health clinic at the age of 78, after complications from ovarian cancer and a recent stroke and heart attack.

Bush, speaking before his critics, said, "By going forward with a strong and forgiving heart, Coretta Scott King not only secured her husband's legacy, she built her own."

With Washington debating the legality of Bush's domestic eavesdropping on Americans suspected of al Qaeda ties, Carter also drew applause with pointed comments on federal efforts to spy on the Kings.

"It was difficult for them personally with the civil liberties of both husband and wife violated, and they became the targets of secret government wiretapping and other surveillance," he said.

Speaking later, Bush's father, former President George Bush, broke any tension by recalling his own meetings as president with Lowery and gave a score: "Lowery 21, Bush 3, it wasn't a fair fight."

Former President Bill Clinton, a favorite among mainstream civil rights leaders, was able to offer a teasing hint of the possible presidential candidacy of his wife, New York Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Insanity Begets Insanity

photo by Isis

This has been an insane few days. With Bill White posting the personal information of anti-racist activists along with that of their families, Hal Turner attempting to circumvent the law, and the killing and maiming of innocent people by a New Bedford teen, the crew at Citizens Against Hate has been kept quite busy.

When the news came out of New Bedford, MA, that an 18 year-old had entered a gay bar and attacked three patrons with a hatchet and a 9mm, it was in usual hyperbolic and unrealistic fashion that Bill White reported the incident. He claimed, "Police are searching for Jacob D. Robida, 18, who is the latest normal American to violently reject the homosexual presence in his community."

Perhaps to Bill White, Jacob Robida was a "normal American." I guess in his already demented psyche, acts such as those perpetrated by Robida are the "normal" reaction to perceived problems. White further claimed that, according to witnesses, Robida held one victim down and began to "chop off his head." Forget the claim that this was a "normal American," doing the chopping, the real point of interest here is the next statement made by White, "The beheaded man is in critical condition."

Today, after the deaths of an Arkansas police officer, Robida's female companion, and Robida himself, Bill White seems to have forgotten that Robida was just an average, normal, all-American, white boy in his coverage of yesterday's events. Now he claims:

"A teenager who walked into a gay bar with an axe and began beheading the patrons shot a police officer, shot his girlfriend, and took two bullets in the head before being apprehended.

"Jacob Robida, an Insane Clown Posse "juggalo", who has been described, rather doubtfully, as a "neo-nazi" in the press, fought a running battle with Arkansas police and state troopers before being apprehended in Norfork, Arkansas."

After reporting that Robida was shot in the ensuing gun battle, White further claimed that Robida survived the incident. Jacob Robida died at 3:38 this morning.

Insanity begets insanity, I realize. But the continued spinning of facts carried out by Bill White is not only crazy but goes directly to the validity of his reporting and his credibility of which he has none.

Jacob Robida was a confused child who got caught up in a chaotic mess and mixture of counter-culture and Nazism. There were lots of warning signs and lots of people who might have made a difference in this young man's life had they heeded his many calls for help. No one person or group is to blame but they all share in the tragic events that surround the last few days.

As to Bill he continues to spin the facts into unrecognizable garbage, he also continues to demonstrate how truly sad it is to be a marginal human being.

Death Follows New Bedford Teen

Death Follows New Bedford Teen

By Nicole Nichols

Eighteen-year-old Jacob Robida is in custody but not before he took the life of a police officer and his companion and got himself shot twice in the head. Three people maimed, two dead, and one waiting at death’s door…why? That’s a question Jacob might not even be able to answer.

Jacob had been on the run since Thursday night when he entered a gay bar in New Bedford, Massachusetts pulled a hatchet and a gun and wounded three patrons. Police later found Nazi regalia and anti-Semitic writing on his bedroom wall.

Earlier today, Jacob was seen in Gassville, Arkansas. When officer Jim Sell approached Jacob’s vehicle, Robida shot him twice and sped away. About twenty-five miles away police laid spike strips across the highway just before he arrived but that didn’t stop him. Jacob continued forward on two rims into the town of Norfork where he lost control and ran into other vehicles that were parked. He immediately began firing at police officers with a 9mm. Before the officers shot him, Robida turned the gun on his 33 year-old female companion and killed her. Jacob was taken to a hospital in Springfield, Missouri where his condition appears to be grave.

Across the internet last night, neo-Nazi’s were speaking out against Robida’s actions and bemoaning the waste of such a fine young white man. A few were defending him, claiming that he might have entered the bar not knowing that it was a gay establishment and then was accosted. Of course, we all know that eighteen-year-old kids all go into bars armed with a machete, an axe, and a 9mm – just in case.

In all of this, no one really knows a lot about young Jacob other than he had some very racist leanings, and evidently a real dislike of homosexuals. His web presence on yields a little insight not only into his troubled mind but into the minds of his internet friends as well. In reading much of what is said there and the adoration that a few have for Jacob, one realizes that there is a very dark underbelly to what should be the happiest of ages.

As much as the racists would love to distance themselves from this, and as much as Bill White would like to portray Jacob as a “normal,” red-blooded, American white man, they must share in the responsibility for this tragedy and they must realize that there is nothing “normal” about any of this.

Hate and the ideology that promotes racism, bigotry, and rage against homosexuals is a violent emotion which is only exacerbated by the neo-Nazi rhetoric and mindset. I don’t care if Jacob was or wasn’t a member of any particular hate group or if he sympathized or identified with any of them. The fact that he even knew enough to put “14/88” and “Seig Hiel” on his website and adorn his room with swastikas and anti-Semitic writings, tells me that every, single person who is part of that movement shares in the shame of this young man’s deeds.

You can say he was disturbed. You can claim that he was insane. That still does not absolve the racist right. They know that there are disturbed people out there. They know the consequences of one of those “insane” people falling prey to their spew of racial, ethnic, and sexual hate. They know because it has been written in blood across this country by others just as disturbed as Jacob Robida. And every damned one of them shares the guilt in the injuries and deaths that occurred over the last three days. Whether they believe it or not, there is a saying that we all have to serve somebody – and when their day of reckoning is upon them they will be required to face the one that they served.

Our prayers are with the victims and their families tonight. We are mourning the losses and hoping that those responsible for so much pain will be brought to a swift and righteous justice.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Imma Be Down

photo from "Jake Jekyll"

Imma Be Down

About me:

“Jake Jekyll im an 18yo whiteboy, ImmA be down ImmA be down ImmA down till im dead in the ground. but im also proud of who i am!!14/88!! got something to say about it send me a message(SeveredTorso)”

In an absolutely nonsensical act, eighteen year old Jacob Robida wreaked havoc on the patrons of a bar in New Bedford, Massachusetts. No one claimed to see it coming. No one thought that Jacob was in trouble. No one believed that he could ever do such a thing. But Jacob was in trouble and Jacob did have it in him.

On Thursday, February 2, 2006, Jacob entered Puzzles Lounge, a gay bar. After showing a phony ID to the bartender Phillip Daggett, Robida asked if this was a gay bar. He drank a Captain Morgan rum on the rocks and ordered another. Dressed all in black, he proceeded toward the back of the room where several people were shooting pool. Alex Taylor had his back to Jacob as the young man pulled a hatchet from the inside of his hooded sweatshirt and buried it in Alex’s back. He then, held Taylor down and gave him another blow to the head.

Pandemonium descended upon the bar where approximately eighteen patrons were enjoying Mariah Carey on the jukebox and being together for a few rounds of brew and pool. As others tried to subdue Jacob, Robert Perry swung a pool stick at him only to have Robida snatch it away as he flailed at Perry hitting him in the back and face with the deadly hatchet. A few patrons tackled Jacob, but he pulled a 9mm and began shooting hitting Perry in the cheek and then in the head. As Luis Rosado came out of the bathroom, he was met with a bullet to the abdomen.

Several people had already called 911 as Jacob drew a bead on the bartender and pulled the trigger. An angel must have been riding on Daggett’s shoulder as all that happened was a “click.” Jacob fled the establishment leaving a trail of blood and trauma behind.

Jaocb Robida lives with his mother who is ill, and siblings. As the police entered his room they found what they termed “Nazi regalia,” as well as anti-Semitic writings on his wall. They had also found what appeared to be a Star of David with a pitchfork pointing to it on the outside wall of the bar.

Further investigation uncovered the fact that Jacob had dropped out of school a couple of years earlier but not before he graduated from the Junior Police Academy in 2001. It wasn’t too surprising that they also found that Jacob had a website at

Using the name “Jake Jekyll,” Jacob had set up his web presence in slip-shod fashion. However, that presence told an all too familiar tale: “Seig Heil! You are a true comrade

Welcome brother or sister, you have seen the light and are a true comrade...Seig heil 14/88,” reads the welcome.

“Seeing the light,” must not be very illuminating because Jacob Robida failed to see the road he was traveling was one that would only lead to disaster. “Seeing the light,” really didn’t mean much as he wielded his hatchet and his gun. Jacob Robida is but another among so many young people who have been led into the futureless madness of hate and supremacy and now have nothing ahead of them.

Before the blood could dry upon the barroom floor, Bill White was exaggerating the events and saying, “Police are searching for Jacob D. Robida, 18, who is the latest normal American to violently reject the homosexual presence in his community.”

The racist right has never been accused of dealing with reality or a full deck. The many violent acts that have been perpetrated by those indoctrinated with the Nazi ideology are generally forgiven by the members and sometimes applauded. People like Bill White will attempt to explain away these acts of violence while soliciting others to come into the fold.

The real shame in all of this is that the victims and their families will suffer more than we can ever imagine. And young Jacob Robida’s life is over. When he wrote, “I am 75% Metal Head. I was born with the mark of the beast on my forehead and an axe in my arms. I am the god of all things metal! Now if only I could get my parents to give me back my car keys.....,” on his website, I wonder if he knew that the hatred in his heart would take away his future.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all those who have been maimed either physically or emotionally by Jacob’s hate. And our thoughts are with them and their families. When something like this happens we realize that no matter how much headway we make in fighting against this insidious evil, there is so much more to do.

Nikki & Tony - Take 2

Nikki & Tony - Take 2

Nikki & Tony are back and they bring you the news from the racist right as well as a few comments on the upcoming rally in Florida. Mark Martin and Bill White seem to have an agenda and these ladies break it all down.

Also, in this audio - they bring you some very sound suggestions for protecting your community against hate as well as what you can do when hate comes calling.


Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tragedy Strikes Eight

In a heart-wrenching story out of Goleta, California, eight people are dead after a shooting rampage by a former postal worker who was said to be racist.


Shooting toll rises to 8 amid reports of racism by former postal worker
Associated Press

GOLETA, Calif. - A woman wounded in a rampage by a former postal worker died Wednesday, and investigators said the assailant also killed a former neighbor just before the attack, bringing the death toll to eight, including the shooter.
A former postal worker said the attacker had spewed racist comments in the past, and six of the victims were members of minority groups, but investigators have refused to discuss a motive in the slayings.

The eighth victim, Beverly Graham, 54, was found Tuesday at a Santa Barbara condominium complex where Jennifer San Marco, a former postal employee, had lived until a few years ago.

Sheriff's Sgt. Erik Raney said authorities believed the death of Graham, who was shot in the head, was "the beginning of this rampage."

Investigators matched several 9mm shell casings found at Graham's condo to casings from the postal distribution center.

A neighbor of Graham's reported hearing a gunshot Monday evening, before San Marco went to the mail-processing center.

San Marco shot six postal employees to death and committed suicide in what was believed to be the nation's deadliest workplace shooting by a woman. It was also the nation's bloodiest shooting at a postal facility in nearly 20 years.

Charlotte Colton, 44, a postal worker who was shot in the head, died of her wounds Wednesday, said Teresa Rounds, spokeswoman for Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

Former plant worker Jeff Tabala recalled that San Marco, who was white, seemed particularly hostile to Asians while working for the Postal Service.

He said all of the slain postal workers were members of minority groups: Three were black, one was Chinese-American, one was Hispanic, and one was Filipino. Authorities said Graham was white.

Investigators gave no motive for the postal rampage but said San Marco had been put on medical leave in 2003 for psychological reasons and deputies had removed her from the building at least once.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Jim Anderson said officers took San Marco away from the postal center Feb. 5, 2001, because "she was acting irrational." She was held for three days at a psychiatric hospital, but the sheriff did not know if any diagnosis was made.

After leaving her postal job, San Marco moved to New Mexico in late 2003 or early 2004 and lived in an isolated desert home. A deputy clerk for the city of Milan, N.M., said she once applied for a business license for a publication called "The Racist Press" but did not qualify.

Authorities in New Mexico also described San Marco's increasingly bizarre behavior after she lost her job.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hollywood Nazi Dreamers

Tony Willow does wonders with her research and tenacious following of the people we focus on. On top of all of that, she has a wonderful sense of humor which is evident in her new creation entitled "Hollywood Nazi Dreamers." You will need Windows Media Player for this - and a chair - because you will be laughing so hard you won't be able to stand.


God Doesn't Like Ugly

Fred Phelps is a worthless human being and has been making his headlines exploiting the grief of others. Bringing his brainwashed and braindead "followers" to demonstrate at the funererals of our fallen soldiers has to be right up there with the most despicable acts ever committed by those on the racist right.

Railing against homosexuality, these people insinuate themselves into the proceedings surrounding one of the most difficult times ever faced by the friends and families of our soldiers. They line the street followed by the funeral procession, and protest the admittance of homosexuals into the military.


5 States Consider Bans On Protests at Funerals
Proposals Aimed at Anti-Gay Demonstrations

By Kari Lydersen
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, January 30, 2006; A09

CHICAGO -- At least five Midwestern states are considering legislation to ban protests at funerals in response to demonstrations by the Rev. Fred Phelps and members of his Topeka, Kan.-based Westboro Baptist Church, who have been protesting at funerals of Iraq war casualties because they say the deaths are God's punishment for U.S. tolerance toward gays.

Though the soldiers were not gay, the protesters say the deaths, as well as Hurricane Katrina, recent mining disasters and other tragedies are God's signs of displeasure. They also protested at the memorial service for the 12 West Virginia miners who died in the Sago Mine.

"The families weren't able to bury their loved ones in peace," said Kansas state Sen. Jean Schodorf, who has proposed legislation. "We felt pretty strongly that we needed to do something about it."

Kansas already has a law banning demonstrations at funerals, but Schodorf said the existing law is vague and hard to enforce. The proposed bill would keep protesters 300 feet away from any funeral or memorial service and ban demonstrations within one hour before or two hours after a service.

Legislators in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Oklahoma are looking at similar bills. Proposed legislation in Indiana would keep protesters 500 feet from funerals, and make a violation a felony punishable by a three-year prison term and a $10,000 fine.

State Sen. Anita Bowser said she thinks the demonstrators are hoping to provoke a physical attack so they can file a lawsuit.

"These people are not gainfully employed, so they're waiting for someone to do battle with them so they can go to court and win," said Bowser. "They want a big liability case to pursue. I don't think they actually give a diddly wink about the arguments they're making, but they're clever individuals trying to make a fast buck."

Shirley Phelps-Roper, Phelps's daughter and an attorney for the church, said if legislation passes, the group will challenge it in court. "Whatever they do would be unconstitutional," she said. "These aren't private funerals; these are patriotic pep rallies. Our goal is to call America an abomination, to help the nation connect the dots. You turn this nation over to the fags and our soldiers come home in body bags."

A motorcycle group called the Patriot Guard, made up mostly of veterans, has started attending funerals to act as a buffer between the protesters and family members.

"They'll chant and make snide remarks, they have all these signs that say 'Thank God for dead soldiers,' 'Thank God for body bags,' " said Patriot Guard member Rich "Stretch" Strothman, a Wichita resident. "They'll throw the flag on the floor and wipe their feet on it. . . . We go under request from the families, we're not counter-protesters."

Ed Yohnka, communications director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, said the bills are troubling from a free speech perspective. "We have some concerns about the vagueness of the language," Yohnka said about the proposed Illinois bill. ". . . One of the things that concerns us very much is the degree to which the bill blocks access to people engaged in political expression on public sidewalks. We think a 300-foot bubble is excessive."

The Keystone Kooks

The Keystone Kooks have a lot of trouble staying out of trouble. Like the old saying, "You just can't take them anywhere," you really need to lock these fools away from everyday people.

Charges filed in skinhead stabbings
Jason R. Honeywell is charged with assault in melee at Café Metropolis in W-B.


WILKES-BARRE – A Kingston man has been charged with stabbing two men during a recent melee outside Café Metropolis that witnesses say was started by members of a statewide skinhead group.

Jason R. Honeywell, 20, was arraigned Wednesday night on four counts of felony aggravated assault. He’s accused of stabbing Sean Fitzmaurice of Ashley and Timothy David Alonso of Wharton, N.J., outside the South Main Street club on Jan. 7 after a show.

Witnesses to the fracas told police the stabbing victims are members of a rival skinhead group.

Honeywell, listed in prison records as 6 feet 2 inches tall and 300 pounds, was sent to the Luzerne County Correctional Facility by District Judge Joseph Zola of Hazleton in lieu of $50,000 straight bail. Honeywell declined an interview with the Times Leader on Thursday.

Sean “Hutch” Hutchinson, who described himself as a traditional skinhead, was at the club the night of the stabbings. He said a small group of Keystone State Skinheads, including Honeywell, began making Nazi hand signals during a performance by the band River Side Riot, whose lead singer, Mike Lungs, is black.

“They were giving kids dirty looks and giving the ‘sieg heil,’ ” Hutchinson said.

Traditional skinheads and SHARPS, skinheads against racial prejudice, are generally at loggerheads with neo-Nazi or white power skinheads, who they call “boneheads.”