Thursday, June 28, 2007


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Some of tonight's topics:

Aryan Brotherhood and racist gangs;

Neo Nazi attack a US world war two vet.,

What is going on with the racist forum known as VNN;

Nikki's Response to Alex Linder's letter to Patti Porter;

Kalamazoo update, plus some great music and we will be joined by Nikki Nichols and a special guest (maybe). Hope you can join us

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

White Off The Charts


We knew it wouldn't be much longer before Bill White entered his manic phase and started another turbulence within the movement. Actually, he lasted longer than I thought he would. But, with all of the rallies taking place and the promise of a possible burying of the hatchet among rival white supremacist groups, the thought that he might be left out in the cold struggling with his little rag-tag, do-nothing group of nut jobs was just too overwhelming. So he had to do something that would show off his "talents."

Outraged by the media coverage that was being given to white nationalist activists, ill decided ro target that media. Every time someone reports in what he refers to as an "anti white" vein, that person will suffer the wrath of White. They will be targeted by "the movement." Their personal information will be made public, their neighborhood will be papered with lies about them, and they will be harassed and intimidated into compliance with the "White agenda."

Now, this has become very popular with some of those in the racist movement and Bill is being praised ad nauseum. Of course, our position is that Bill White is a fake, a fraud, and a charlatan and that he is only involved in all of this because of the attention he can get. Apparently he has found his niche - because as much damage as he has personally done to the racist movement, the dullards keep coming back for more.

Because the attention span of the racist right is very short, and their memory even shorter, we have decided to assist them by publishing quotes from others about Bill White, as well as some quotes about the racists from Bill himself. Each day we will add a couple or three more. Perhaps, just perhaps, a few people will quit dancing to the tune of the puppeteer.


NEW:"Bill White commits his dirty deeds and runs away. He's a pussy. He won't even pick up the phone to respond to challenges."

"I remind VNNers that any information you turn over to Bill White will be used against you the minute it's in his interest."

"According to his own articles he picked my bedroom lock because I locked myself in MY ROOM all day. I was talking to another guy on the net at the time... Everyone who knows me in REAL LIFE knows that I was utterly repulsed by Bill. He did many weird things like pick my locks, go through my drawers... sniffing my dirty underwear, and I even caught him wearing lingerie one time, and it wasn't mine!"


"I guess I'm a Darwinist. Anybody stupid enough to trust Bill White deserves what they get. I'd rather they get culled now than later, when everything gets critical."


UPDATE:"I would be real upset about the losers, paranoid freaks and megalomanic self-appointed "elitist" weirdos in the "movement," if it wasn't for the fact that I am not part of the "movement," and thus am totally immune to any repercussions of their peculiar behavior."

"…white nationalism deserves to fail because the people involved in it are too stupid to deserve success, whether that be in their personal lives or their private lives. White nationalism is held back by the freaks defectives, and professional ignoramouses that make up not just its leadership, but much of its rank and file. I am not a white nationalist primarily because I would never want to be lumped in with the idiots who are."

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kalamazoo On the Racist Circuit

Breaking News from Eye On Hate Radio

Calls are coming in to me and posting on racist websites that major racist leaders are planning on holding a rally in Kalamazoo, MI Aug 4th at 1pm to protest the beating of a White man by Black youth.

According to Hal Turner racist broadcaster in NJ and postings on VNNforum the following have agreed to be part of this rally Alex Linder, Pastor Jim Wickstrom, Hal turner, NSM, local Ku Klux Klan, and a host of others to speak!

as more in information become available , I will be it sending your way.

DLJ or anyone that has contacts among anti's in Michigan please pass this information along.

Eye On Hate Radio will be discussing this tonight at 9pm est on our regular Thusrday night broadcast.



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Aftermath of the June 16 racist rally in Knoxville, Tenn.
Knoxville, Tenn. to Racists Gangs : GO AWAY !

Bill White's latest tactic - is he trying to make a comeback? (From Nikki Nichols)

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Headline of Hate
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007



By Nicole Nichols

“VNNF people, you have to do your part. Put my name out there as our champion. We WN are not cowardly conservatives. We don't grovel and whine about bias and hate crimes and other stupid shit like that, we advocate our race's interests and we defend it against all comers. We go directly after the jews that set up this system, and we never hack at the branches of evil, always at the root.” (Alex Linder, July 11, 2007)

Living up to a prediction that I made earlier this year, Alex Linder is making his bid for “Leader of the Pack” just as others have been marginalized and no shooting star appears on the horizon for the hate mongers.

The recent rally in Knoxville, planned by Linder and attended by few, demonstrated Linder’s woefully lacking organizational skills. While his arrest was pretty obviously planned by him, we had to laugh at the gullibility of those in the rank and file calling themselves “VNN’ers.” Falling into lock-step behind their “leader,” they commiserated over the unfairness of the system and applauded Linder for his unwavering “support” for their cause.

Bolstered by the knowledge that his plan endeared him to some stalwart racists, Alex Linder is making his move to be at the forefront of the racist movement. Still dancing on the graves of two innocent murder victims, Linder is attempting to catapult himself into the limelight by attacking syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts over an article about the Knoxville murders that ended with the phrase “Cry Me A River.” Pitts won the Pulitzer Prize in 2004, for commentary.

Earlier this week, Bill White attacked the Pitts article and published his address and phone number on his site which drew a protest from Dave Wilson, the Managing Editor of the Miami Herald to which White replied:

“Dear Mr Wilson:

We have no intention of removing Mr Pitts' personal information.

Frankly, if some loony took the info and killed him, I wouldn't shed a tear.

That also goes for your whole news room.”

White is now indicating that a demonstration will be held in front of Pitts’ home this week.

Yesterday, Linder posted his answer to the Pitts column along with a challenge to debate Pitts. Additionally, he encouraged the members of VNN to harass Pitts and to publicize his own name as a spokesman for the white race. Needless to say, this has drawn a response from me. Below you will find that response in red:

BTL: Leonard Pitts: “Cry Me a River”

Posted by alex in Alex Linder

It always amazes me when white people put on the victim hat. As in victim of racial oppression. By any measure — health, education, economics, employment — white Americans enjoy a superior standard of living. If that’s racial oppression, sign me up.

Whites earned that standard of living. Because of their genius and hard work, blacks in America enjoy a standard of living they couldn’t achieve on their own - far higher than their bros in Afreaka, who still eat each other and live in mud huts. The only reason you have a syndicated column, Pitts, is because you’re black. The only reason you have a Pulitzer for commentary is because you’re black. I doubt you even realize this. There are literally dozens of White men at the forum that brought the crime you sneer at to light who can write more incisive and profound political analysis than you can.

Leonard Pitts is a prolific writer who has earned not only his standard of living through his genius, but a Pulitzer Prize as well. For Alex Linder to even breathe the same air as Pitts is preposterous. Linder fancies himself in the same league as great writers. Unfortunately for him, he lacks the ability to appeal to anyone within the mainstream because of his inability to think outside of the racist box. Speaking ill of those living in mud huts is almost laughable when you consider that until recently, the middle-aged Linder called the basement of his grandmother’s house “home.”

Attempts to trivialize the brilliance of Pitts by claiming the only reason that he has achieved such success is because of the color of his skin merely highlights the absolutely preposterous racist outcroppings of a very twisted mind.

Additionally, Linder through his astigmatic view of the world, cannot conceptualize that there are millions of non-whites who are, not only more talented that he, but far more able to achieve financial success and professional excellence through hard work and diligence and who upon reaching their 40th birthday have achieved a life-style far more comfortable than anything Linder will ever enjoy.

But still, one occasionally hears mewling noises from that subset of my white countrymen who feel put upon by big, bad racial minorities. This is one of those times. And Knoxville, Tenn., has become the capital city of that lunatic fringe.

Niggers like Pitts rape 100 White women a day, and murder thousands of Whites each year. And only mewling lunatics make an issue of it. Why is Pitts still employed? A White writer who does so little as to praise niggers in the wrong way is fired before the day is out, but this nigger keeps his job after insulting a race whose people are being raped and slaughtered around the clock by jew-loosed muds.

This ridiculous nigger wouldn’t even have a job if he were White. He lacks the talent. But in a government controlled by jews, hacks in the right category prosper, and today that means blacks. Pitts is able to live a nice upper-middle class lifestyle because he is one of a handful of niggers nationwide who can write string together two or three intelligible sentences. Pitts, you’re nothing but a house nigger for the jews who set up the System, and the sad part is you don’t even realize it. You actually believe you hold your position by merit.

Pitts pegged them correctly, in my opinion, when he referred to them as the “lunatic fringe.” But, however marginalized they may be they still present a clear and present danger to society because of their volatile nature and their appeal to many depraved and violent individuals.

Of course the claims of rape and murder by Linder are nothing more than the ludicrous by-product of racist delusion. One can understand Linder’s venomous nature a little easier when we realize that Linder has always had difficulty maintaining employment largely because of his vitriolic racism.

Alex Linder’s attack on Pitts’ talent is one that is quickly recognized as jealousy and envy. His inability to accept that there are millions of writers out there who are far more talented and erudite than he will ever be might amuse the other racists who suffer from the same malady, but does nothing to earn him any credibility in mainstream society. Obviously, the audience that Linder writes for is not one that is discerning enough to see through the diatribe – but is myopic enough to hang on his every word.

It seems that in January, a young white couple, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, were victims of a brutal crime. They were carjacked, kidnapped and raped. Cleaning fluid was sprayed into Christian’s mouth. She was stuffed in a trash can and apparently suffocated. Newsom was shot and set afire. His body was dumped. Five blacks, one a woman, have been arrested.

The story made headlines around Knoxville. It was unnoticed nationally.

Unnoticed? Rather, it went unreported, unpicked up. As is always the case when the perps are muds and the victims human, managing editors nationwide leave the story on the wires and out of their pages. The jews producing the national cable shows avert their eyes and whistle show tunes while sending their pert ‘n’ inert blondes out to interview kike experts about the disposition of Larry Birkhead’s legal bill (I kid you not - was a subject on Greta Van Sustern). The crime did not go unnoticed, it went unreported by junk media. It was covered in depth in the new media, the blogosphere, the video sites. All you have to do to see the difference between the old ways and the new is search “Channon Christian” under google/news vs google/blogs. It is crystal clear that the people who run the System media do not think the same way as the People. They think the reverse. That is why the most horrific crime in the history of Tennessee went uncovered, and it is also why our borders remain open, our troops in Iraq, and affirmative action on the books. The People are at war with the System and its Media.

Forgive me while I puke. Alex Linder is arguing semantics with Leonard Pitts. First of all, I know of no one who believed this crime to be anything but heinous and horrendous – we all agree. However, there are many brutal crimes committed in this country that go unreported in the national media. That has nothing to do with the race of the victims.

The nearsightedness of the racist sees everything in terms of black and white while the rest of us simply see people – victims and perpetrators. Should every crime that is committed by a black person against a white person be given a hate crime label then it would stand to reason that the reverse would also be true. Do you want to venture a guess at how many hate crime criminals would be behind bars that are white?

The Linderites truly are the lunatic fringe who must…absolutely must…lay the blame on everything on some scapegoat, somewhere – generally the Jews.

That has changed. A constellation of white supremacists and conservative bloggers has pushed the story into the national limelight as an illustration of their argument that news media, constrained by political correctness, refuse to report black-on-white crime while pulling out all the stops when crime is white-on-black, as in the Duke lacrosse debacle. Me, I would see their Duke case and raise them a Central Park jogger, but what do I know?

Even for a nigger this is stupid. See, nig Pitts, the Duke boys were innocent. The mudpack that raped the human woman was guilty. You see the difference? No, you don’t. No reasonable person could believe the Duke students were guilty within 24 hours of the allegation, since the whore’s fellow stripper said she was lying. But you and the rest of the media ran with story purely out of your hatred of Whites, and White men specifically. You ran with it for the better part of a year, and when you were proved so wrong the D.A. actually proclaimed the positive innocence of the three, you hadn’t the decency to apologize. You were angry. Yet you’re the ones lecturing us mewling lunatics about hate.

Another tool in the racist set emerges. Disagreement with the racist mindset gains you the moniker “race traitor” or “white hater.” It’s that “you’re either with us or against us” mindset. They will taunt you, bait you, and hammer you over the head with it.

While Linder and others pushed the story of Channon Christian and Chris Newsome into the national limelight – the reporting that was done was, generally speaking, not so much about the crime but about a bunch of racist goons who were coming to Knoxville to protest. What did they accomplish? They accomplished nothing. There is no positive side to this.

In a previous article I pointed out that protesting in Knoxville had nothing to do with the victims and everything to do with furthering their own hate-filled agenda while dancing on the graves of Channon and Chris. It made no difference to them that neither one of the victims families approved of their actions and have publicly stated that it wasn’t something their children would have wanted. It was a selfish act of self-agrandizement for the racists.

If we want to get down to brass tacks and to go tit for tat – last year two skinheads in Spring, Texas savagely beat a young Hispanic teen, sodomized him with an umbrella pipe, poured bleach all over his body, and burned him with cigarettes. The mainstream media gave very little attention to that crime as well - AND neither of the skinheads were charged with a hate crime.

Anyway, bloggers like Michael Oliver have chastised the “liberal, biased, Mainstream Media” for missing the Knoxville story. He asked, “Had the roles been reversed, would the media ignore such a horrific crime?”

That's a question so easy even a nigger can answer it.

Truth is, media ignore horrific crimes all the time.

I stand corrected.

And I stand vindicated.

If we, as the American public, were to be confronted as we listen to the news during the dinner hour with all of the horrific crimes that are committed, I submit that we might not be such an obese society – our appetites would certainly be curtailed.

The racist right spends an inordinate amount of time searching the news for crimes committed by non-whites and publishing such acts on the internet. Yet, they do the very same thing they accuse the mainstream media of doing – they filter the news by race. Of course they are hypocritical – we never said they weren’t.

In their zest to blame everything on the Jews and a Jewish conspiracy they fail to realize that they engage in the same behaviors they claim to despise.

Space is limited and growing more so. Which means the story that catches fire usually has some element beyond gruesomeness to sell it. In the Duke case, it was class, privilege, sex AND race that did it.

All that was missing was actual CRIME. And, no, in fact there are few to no crimes committed by Whites against blacks that are not made national affairs. Whereas the 90% of interracial crime that is black-on-White is covered up.

So says Alex Linder. Pulling percentages and statistics out of thin air is classic racist claptrap.

The crimes are never reported nationally, let alone trumpeted or dramatized or even merely set in context. So that most readers and viewers have no idea that ALL interracial rape is black on White. Yes, niggers rape 40,000 White women a year. Are White girls warned about this? Not by the government that set up the System that facilitates that rape!

The large majority of rape is committed by white men. Rapes are largely white on white or black on black. Claiming that “ALL interracial rape is black on white” is more than misleading – and one can readily realize that his claims have no basis in truth. Additionally, as one who has worked in this area, I can tell you that most rapes are committed by people known to the victim.

To ask the question “are white girls warned about this” when referring to black on white rape is simply another demonstration depicting the narrow-mindedness of this thing they call a “movement.” Girls need to be taught how to protect themselves from predators, no doubt. However, to warn about one race over another would certainly not be in the best interest of the girl. Do only white girls need to be warned? Does he honestly believe that white men do not rape non-whites? Probably. It would be yet another distortion in his mental processing.

The government, of which the mass media are simply the propaganda arm, does everything it can to sell young White females on the idea that niggers are their natural friends and benefactors, whereas White males are freaks, weirdos, serial killers and child molestors - or at best goofy, doofy and terminally uncool. “Liberal, biased mainstream media” is nothing but the tip of the iceberg. The bulk of the iceberg, meant to rip the White Titanic apart and send it to the bottom of the ocean, is the coerced integration called ‘civil rights.’

And here we have it in a nutshell - the height of paranoia that fuels the racist right. Men in the racist movement have continuously demonstrated their fear of emasculation by the black man. Those fears manifest themselves in the hatred of blacks and the unrealistic belief that the media and the Jews wish to eliminate the white race by encouraging race-mixing and portraying others as equals.

Fearing the loss of control and power, they take to the internet and, indeed, to the streets to “save their race,” when, in fact, what they are trying to save is the power that white men have had for centuries over non-whites. The fear of becoming the oppressed after years of oppressing others is all-consuming and, of course, totally unrealistic.

Those in the racist movement feed each other – they prey on weakness and recruit through empty promises. They bully others and use intimidation to mask their own fears and inadequacies. Deep inside, however, many are just terrified of losing control, of losing their dominance. Evidence of precisely this can be found in their misogynistic treatment of women. Running a close second to their hatred of non-whites are feminists or anyone who they perceive as a feminist.

Preferring their women to be submissive and docile, racist often insist on dominating the home front. Many are against women voting believing that the man should cast his vote that represents the whole household’s wishes. Strong women are a threat to their manhood and to their need for control.

Hence, when a racist sees a non-white excelling or succeeding or a woman becoming a political force, his locus of control is threatened. Alex Linder has demonstrated this perfectly in his rant against Leonard Pitts.

We’re onto you guys, Pitts. Well, we’re onto your bosses. You, your commentary Pulitzer notwithstanding, how shall I put this?, lack the intelligence to grasp the System or your role within it. The fact is that bias has nothing to do with anything. The System covers up the Knoxville atrocity because it has to. The crime, while unusually awful, is nevertheless typical. The communist jews who refounded America in the sixties knew that crimes just like the Knoxville atrocity would be commonplace occurrences in the new nation we call AmeriKwa. They intended these crimes. They scare the White population, and prevent it from fighting back. Civil rights is nothing but domestic terrorism. It is jews sicking feral jungle savages on human populations. Well, Mr. Nigger, and Mr. Nigger’s Jew Boss, on May 26th, the White man began to fight back. This fight will continue until you and your kind are destroyed and we have our own free and independent nation. A nation without jewish commissars and nigger hacks.


Such bravado! Such command of the English language! Such eloquent delivery! I don’t know if I could ever top that! But, I’ll try.

Blaming violence on communists, Jews, non-whites, etc., is nothing more than a smoke screen to hide their insecurities. The racist right has lost a lot of momentum in the last couple of years. Numerous groups have collapsed and reorganization attempts have failed. While they have become more visible and groups such as Citizens Against Hate have shone a very bright light on their members and tactics, they have also shown their collective asses to the mainstream of America.

The more strident their message becomes the less likely they are to gain any ground. As Linder promises destruction to “you and your kind,” he also shoots himself squarely in the foot. The cry of “white supremacy” while screaming about how oppressed the white race is can only be characterized as comic – how is it that the supposed “superior race” allowed itself to become so oppressed? It must have something to do with that “superior intellect.”

On a personal note – I am sure that there is an island somewhere that can be had for a price. I would contribute to a transport fund that would round them all up and send them there where they could eat each other, figuratively or otherwise.

Not that I expect Oliver or any other “oppressed” white person to pay attention to something so trivial as fact. They’re too busy demanding that this case be tried as a hate crime — even though police say there’s no evidence the couple was targeted for any other reason than that they were there. And May 26, white supremacists held — I kid you not — a “rally against genocide” in Knoxville.

Nigger Pitts, there are 5,000 hate crimes a year. There are 2 million interracial violent crimes a year, 90 percent of which are black on White. We didn’t hold the rally to call it a hate crime. Of course, anytime you gang rape someone for hours, then torture and strangle her/him, there’s hate involved. And of course these niggers have heads full of jewish memes such as “all White girls really want nigger dick” and “the White man is responsible for all blacky’s problems.” But we did not rally to demand this jew-sponsored, black-executed act of routine domestic terrorism be fitted to a judeo-communist political construct; we rallied to discuss the Systemic nature of this crime. To explain to ordinary Whites what I’ve just said above: that America today is run by jews. Those jews intend to bring about White genocide. They do this by what they call civil rights, or, accurately, coerced racial integration. What are the fruits of this evil tyranny? The horrors visisted on the bodies of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom… Their charred, strangled, raped, mutilated, chemically burned corpses are the everyday, routine, predictable INTENDED CONSEQUENCE of the hell that is ‘civil rights’ (race-mixing at gunpoint). The bottom line has nothing to do with the conservative fool’s liberal-bias bugaboo and everything to do with the communist jew’s plan for White genocide by diversity. In other words, diversity = death, and that was what I carried on my sign when I was beat down by System bullies.

Well, nigger and Boss Jew and appeaser-apparatchiks I’m back up and louder than ever.

Ya know, there were 30 or 40 participants in that “rally” and they all seemed to have no idea what it was all about. Initially, it was going to be a “memorial rally” for the victims. Well…they found out that the parents were not very keen on their children being memorialized by a bunch of moronic, half-baked, swastika brandishing, anti-Semitic, crude racist misfits.

Next, they were going to protest the lack of mainstream media attention given to the crime. Then Linder shows up protesting diversity and staging his arrest, someone else protesting blacks raping whites, another protesting the Jew media, and Hal Turner stands on the steps of the courthouse scratching his nose and face and promising lynchings of blacks and city officials.

In actuality, the event itself was really a non-event. How Linder, et. al believes that anyone is going to take him seriously after this is beyond me. A comedy of errors is just too nice a term for what took place – it was a debacle in every sense of the word. Now…Linder is posturing for a command position and threatening a Pulitzer Prize winning author with nothing short of what can be called insane invective.

Part of me thinks I should consider the source and let this slide. But the argument being advanced here is so utterly, abysmally, stupidly, self-servingly wrong that I cannot help but respond.

Consider the source? Ok. We’re intelligent White men who know the facts, and fight the powerful forces of Semitical Correctness to convey them to genocidally threatened Whites. You’re a neo-Soviet Realist hack who has a job only because of his race - and is too dumb to realize it.

I will definitely consider the source here and calling yourselves “intelligent white men” while murdering the English language and screaming about the oppression of white people tells anyone reading this screed that the only thing you are is a fruitcake. I realize that Mr. Pitts’ poise and eloquence is tedious for you and that you have great difficulty coming to terms with the fact that he has demonstrated his mental prowess in such a way as to depict the absolute absurdity of your ideology. Suffice it to say that your diatribe has proven who the mental midget really is in this set-to.

Let’s make it personal, Pitts. You have my job. I am roughly ten times more qualified to write a paid column than you are. But because I am the wrong color and because I don’t advance The Agenda, you have the job and the standard of living that comes with it. The truth is that you could never obtain your position on your own merit, and you only have it because it serves jewish political interests. No one’s ever hipped you to that fact, Lennie cat, but that’s the way it is.

Know, Leonard, that I can outtalk, outwrite and outanalyze you any day of the week - and so can any one of a hundred of my guys at

You have no idea. You’re an uneducated hack who happened to be born the right race in the right time and place. Pulitzer material? Your writing’s on the level of a high school student.

Let me “hip” Alex to a couple of truths here. You are truly a pathetic individual. Your inability to hold a job, your lack of taste and class, your warped and depraved mind has cost you a lot. You are so transparently jealous of the abilities of Mr. Pitts and others of color who have become successful that you have authored this vitriolic response in an irrational rage bordering on the bizarre. Your “qualifications” are what? You host an internet site and message forum where you and the participants rant back and forth about blacks, Jews, Hispanics, homosexuals – you know, all the people you love to hate.

You, Alex Linder, are the hack. While you may have a way with words, you’re impotent in the area of humanity. While you may be able to string a few sentences together, you lack the ability and the vision to ever be a Leonard Pitts.

You sir, are so consumed with envy and hate that you cannot even begin to compete in the journalistic realm. You’re a washed-up racist without a pot to piss in and you just can’t stand it, can you?

So what now? You wanna be leader of the racist pack? Hey – it may be lucrative. Hal Turner ekes out a living. But those dreams you have of what could have been were pissed away along with your integrity and character.

Black crime against whites is underreported? On what planet? Study after study and expert after expert tell a completely different story.

You’re likelier to read a story about White on black crime forty years ago than black on White yesterday. If that weren’t true, the alternative media would mirror the junk media. That it differs so radically shows at the least that the People’s interests differ from the mass media, supposedly driven by profit!, or at the most that something very, very strange is going on: some kind of overt suppression of stories that matter most. The alternative media are talking about Channon Christian. The junk media are talking about Paris Hilton.

Alex Linder doesn’t know what he is talking about. The problem that Linder has is that when the media reports a crime they don’t say that the perpetrator was black and the victim was white. What he really wants is for the mainstream media to adopt his ideology and demonize people of color. Well…it isn’t going to happen.

The only story my local paper, representative of Flyover papers nationwide, picked up re Channon Christian story was the AP story the Monday before the Saturday rally in which the Big Kike attempting to puts its liberal spin in the mouths of the parents of the victims and thereby defuse White rage. The first reports of the double-murder went un-picked in most of Tennessee, let alone in other states. You guys are not only junk media, you’re bad-faith media. Your jew bosses tell people what jews want them to think, not the truth. Not even the facts. You’re liars with a genocidal agenda, and we’re on to you, thanks to the Internet.

That’s right Linder. They are all liars and the Jews have succeeded in besting that supreme intellect that inherently belongs to the white man by running a genocidal agenda and controlling the media. And your tin-foil hat, complete with antenna, is in the mail to you. Gee…I’m so glad that you brought that to everyone’s attention! I’m sure you will soon be recognized as everyone’s hero.

For instance, there’s “Off Balance: Youth, Race and Crime in the News,” a 2001 report which concluded that: Blacks and Latinos are underrepresented in news media as victims of crime and significantly overrepresented as perpetrators, based on crime statistics; newspaper articles about white homicide victims are longer and more frequent than those about black ones; and interracial violent crime is more likely to be reported even though it is just about the rarest kind of violent crime.

Every story about “crime,” if it is about real crime, rather than the jewish construct hate crime, focuses on blacks as victims. These reports NEVER report the simplest and most significant fact: black males are 6% of the country, and they are responsible for over 50% of the violent crime. That’s the only fact that matters. Blacks commit most of the violent crime, and blacks commit ALL interracial rape, and 90% of interracial violent crime.

You niggers are AT WAR WITH Whites. You’re deliberately victimizing us in record numbers, and the jews who sicced you on us with ‘civil rights’ are covering up your foul deeds.

Another salient point! Damn! We’re at war and no one told the rest of the country! Better hurry up and stockpile some provisions – oh yeah – can someone get Alex a new calculator – his seems to be more than just a little bit biased!

No more.

On May 26, the White man began to fight back.

We’ll tell the truth about you on the ‘Net, and we’ll fight you in the streets.

This is what he thinks he wants. What he really wants is another Toledo riot. That way he’ll get some media coverage and move up one more rung on the ladder to the top of the compost heap.

And here I’m obligated, because I’m black, to say that if the defendants in this case did what they are accused of doing, I’d be happy to see them rot under the jailhouse. Sadly, that needs saying because there are people who will not take it as a given.

Yeah. We saw how you niggers reacted to the O.J. verdict.

The simple truth is, you niggers do hate Whites. That’s why the jews forced you in among us, and that is why we will liberate ourselves from you - and the jews who set up the Civil Rights Tyranny.

FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM! (Sorry about that – it’s just that all of this talk about liberation brought me to celebration!) I think I better check my friends list – I never knew I had so many people who hated me because of the color of my skin.

But with that obligation fulfilled, let me add that I am likewise unkindly disposed toward the crackpots, incendiaries and flat-out racists who have chosen this tragedy upon which to take an obscene and ludicrous stand. I have four words for them and any other white Americans who feel themselves similarly victimized:

Cry me a river.

And they call us haters. We’re obscene, ludicrous, mewling crackpots because we discuss the fact that 40,000 White girls a year are raped by niggers, and 1.5 to 2 million Whites fall victim to violent crimes committed by Blacks. We’re anti-semites because we discuss the motives of the jews who set up the System that facilitates the Knoxville horror.

Uh…uh. You are NOT going to get off that easy, Linder. You are NOT going to be allowed to now play that bogus trump card this time. Your statistics are bogus. Your moral outrage is bogus. And your attempt to appear put upon or wronged is equally bogus.

Well, boy, I have some unhappy news for you. We’re not only not going away, we’re getting stronger every day.

We will vanquish you along with the jews who created you.

Now, don’t you know that Leonard Pitts is really worried about you? You think that your use of the word “boy” when addressing Mr. Pitts worries him? I’m sure it makes you look big and bad and endears you to the reprobates who you call friends, but to the rest of us it just solidifies what we already thought about you. You are truly a crass and crude individual who lacks the character and the integrity to lead anyone anywhere except into isolation.

Write him and tell him that Alex Linder of publicly challenges him to a debate on race and crime, in any forum he chooses.

Pitts, I could have kicked your ass when I was eight. You got any balls, Pulitzer Prize winning nigger, or are you just hot air, Lennie?

Awww…still haven’t forgotten how to be the school yard bully, I see. But, I’ll bet you that you are an imposter – more than likely you were nothing but the geek in the pink, huh?

The offer is serious: anytime, anywhere. I speak for Whites. Put my name out in any forum, and I will appear on radio, tv, Internet - wherever. If any White coming across this wants a spokesman a la Jesse and Al, I’m your White man.

And this is where it starts to get dicey. You see, I’m this little white chick who just hates it when someone tries to speak for me. All of my life I have voted for those who I believed would best represent my beliefs and my wishes. My guy or gal doesn’t always win…but at least I know there was an election. Now this goombah comes along and says he speaks for me – why? Because he said so. Well…I don’t think so.

Now, I have been dancing with the devils of the racist movement in one form or another for a couple or three decades and I can tell you that they really don’t have much rhythm. I have seen them come and go over the years and not one of them has had much to offer in the way of style. And, if Alex Linder should suddenly shoot to head of the class that will only demonstrate how abysmally desperate the racist right really is.

On a personal level, I really have a problem with these self-appointed and anointed “leaders” of the white race. Actually, when I hear Linder speak, or read his writings I am constantly reminded of what a bitter and tainted soul he is. He might have been a contender in journalism but his racism polluted everything in his life. He has breathed that fetid air filled with hate and bigotry for so long now that his talent along with his charisma have stagnated and become nothing more than a reflective puddle that constantly reminds him of what could have been but isn’t.

People are born with all sorts of afflictions both mental and physical. People are also born with gifts – talents that must be fed and nurtured in order to reach fruition. Sometimes along the highway of life people forget about that nurturing and fail to develop that talent. Just as some pollute their bodies and their minds with drugs and toxins, others stymie their growth and productivity with racism and hate. All are poisonous and all result in the death of our potential.

Alex Linder’s rant to Leonard Pitts was a pitiful lament to what might have been - The sonnet of a polluted mind and soul. Amid all of the epithets and anger, we can hear his hunger for another life – another chance – something other than the hand he dealt himself.

Because of the dangers that are inherent in ingesting the racist dogma we fight tooth and nail to prevent these predators from stealing the hearts and minds of our youth just as we fight against the drug dealer in the schoolyard.

The fact that Alex Linder and others like him have chosen to take a path that resulted in such anguish does little to ameliorate our disdain for them or their message. We may pity them…we may even reach out to them…but we know, intuitively, that they are toxic to all who listen.

The noxious message that Linder and his friends proffer is generally unheeded and even laughed at by most individuals, it’s true. But, to them, they need to believe that others are listening – they need the delusions so they feed each other. So debilitating is their belief system that any form of attention is good. No matter how ugly the media paints them – the fact that they were mentioned is enough – they are validated.

So…I pity Linder – but not enough to allow him to speak for me even if in his own mind. I hear his anguish but any sympathy is clouded by his septic message. Alex Linder has chosen to be part of the toxic waste that pollutes my world – and that is not a good thing for Alex Linder.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hypothetically Speaking...

Okay - this is a serious inquiry. Suppose...just for the sake of this conversation...white nationalists got their dream - a race war and they won...(I know this is hard for anyone to imagine or take seriously, but let's try.) What now? How would our government be different - how would it be the same? What laws would be changed? Which ones would we keep? Would we maintain a capitalist society? Would we keep the three branches? What about checks and balances? this hypothetical situation, how would life be better? Would crime cease to exist? Would we be more or less productive as a nation? Would we become isolationists, simply tending to our own affairs or would we be an outgoing and aggressive force in other parts of the world?

Would the problems of things like health care and homelessness simply vanish? Would we be able to compete in the educational realm?


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Racist Rally in Knoxville: Round Two
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UpDate on the sex crime trial of Kevin Alfred Strom
(Nikki Nichols from Citizens Against Hate discovers some interesting
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East Coast Anti-Hate Forum June 16 @ Newark NJ Public Library
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Saturday, June 02, 2007

COLD SHOT - June 1, 2007

New Cold Shot! On Tap:

The Latest on Eric Hunt
New Developments in the Strom Case
(Who else knew about Strom?)
The Death of David Lane and April Gaede’s Dementia
(Fund-raising and Lane’s Self-agrandizement)
Knoxville – Dancing on the Graves of the Innocent
What’s Next For Knoxville
The Accomplishments of Citizens Against Hate