Sunday, June 24, 2007

White Off The Charts


We knew it wouldn't be much longer before Bill White entered his manic phase and started another turbulence within the movement. Actually, he lasted longer than I thought he would. But, with all of the rallies taking place and the promise of a possible burying of the hatchet among rival white supremacist groups, the thought that he might be left out in the cold struggling with his little rag-tag, do-nothing group of nut jobs was just too overwhelming. So he had to do something that would show off his "talents."

Outraged by the media coverage that was being given to white nationalist activists, ill decided ro target that media. Every time someone reports in what he refers to as an "anti white" vein, that person will suffer the wrath of White. They will be targeted by "the movement." Their personal information will be made public, their neighborhood will be papered with lies about them, and they will be harassed and intimidated into compliance with the "White agenda."

Now, this has become very popular with some of those in the racist movement and Bill is being praised ad nauseum. Of course, our position is that Bill White is a fake, a fraud, and a charlatan and that he is only involved in all of this because of the attention he can get. Apparently he has found his niche - because as much damage as he has personally done to the racist movement, the dullards keep coming back for more.

Because the attention span of the racist right is very short, and their memory even shorter, we have decided to assist them by publishing quotes from others about Bill White, as well as some quotes about the racists from Bill himself. Each day we will add a couple or three more. Perhaps, just perhaps, a few people will quit dancing to the tune of the puppeteer.


NEW:"Bill White commits his dirty deeds and runs away. He's a pussy. He won't even pick up the phone to respond to challenges."

"I remind VNNers that any information you turn over to Bill White will be used against you the minute it's in his interest."

"According to his own articles he picked my bedroom lock because I locked myself in MY ROOM all day. I was talking to another guy on the net at the time... Everyone who knows me in REAL LIFE knows that I was utterly repulsed by Bill. He did many weird things like pick my locks, go through my drawers... sniffing my dirty underwear, and I even caught him wearing lingerie one time, and it wasn't mine!"


"I guess I'm a Darwinist. Anybody stupid enough to trust Bill White deserves what they get. I'd rather they get culled now than later, when everything gets critical."


UPDATE:"I would be real upset about the losers, paranoid freaks and megalomanic self-appointed "elitist" weirdos in the "movement," if it wasn't for the fact that I am not part of the "movement," and thus am totally immune to any repercussions of their peculiar behavior."

"…white nationalism deserves to fail because the people involved in it are too stupid to deserve success, whether that be in their personal lives or their private lives. White nationalism is held back by the freaks defectives, and professional ignoramouses that make up not just its leadership, but much of its rank and file. I am not a white nationalist primarily because I would never want to be lumped in with the idiots who are."


  1. BW is good at one thing, and one thing only:

    Bringing attention to himself.

    His latest antics vis a vis Leonard Pitts are the classic Bill White: find some way to inject himself into the debate, and then up the ante by printing the most scurrilous, threatening BS with which he can legally post.

    Only this time, his attacks on a Pulitzer-Prize winning writer - working for a major daily newspaper - might just bring Bill the sort of legal battle that is beyond his ability to pay for. He has recently described Pitts as a peson who "just loves rape" and "an admirer of sex offenders;" to my ears this sounds a lot like defamation.

    Perhaps Leonard Pitts will be owning some dilapidated properties in Roanoke soon.

  2. Don't forget extortion Mike that BW is trying to do against Leonard Pitts.

    But Pitts won't gain anything by acquiring those run down properties in Roanoke. They are all over-leveraged and hold no real value at all.

    Pitts is planning on running a nationwide column about the harassment he is receiving

  3. More stories discrediting White from the Redding News Review.


  4. Totally off topic.

    Ping Steve

    For a moment, let's cut out the bullshit.

    Check out this story about Chris Benoit of the WWE being found dead in his home along with his family.


    What's odd is that Benoit cancelled his appearance at the PPV in order to attend a family emergency.

    Sounds like a murder/suicide to me.

  5. Now back to neo-nazi issues.

    Don't mean to spam my own blog but a real piece of shit skinhead killed a corrections officer today, fled, and finally got caught again.


    The smoking Gun did a report on this piece of crap on Nov 3, 2006.

    Look at the photo of him. Nice eh?


  6. Oh my God. Oh my God. First Vince McMahon now the Crippler who offed his whole family in a fit of Roid rage. How can Steve and other White Trash (or in Steve's case white wanna be) Nationals possibly carry on? Thanks for the update Mr. Schwartz.

  7. Raoul,

    The Vince McMahon death was a "wrestling angle"...meaning it was faked.

    The Benoit story is sickening and true.

    Last week, another wrestler died young named Sherri Martel.

    The number of wrestlers who die at a young age is rampant. If this were a real sport, it probably would be shut down because of the deaths. Rampant steroid and drug usage I suspect is the reason.


    My blog - selfless promotion of myself

  8. Oh Raoul,

    Forgot mention. Steve's nickname of Elmer Frazier comes from a former wrestler. His real name was Stan Frazier who went by the nickname of Uncle Elmer in the WWE.. and Steve admires him so much, he uses his nickname.

    And yes, Stan Frazier died fairly young and was grossly obese.

  9. I wrestled in college. I personally detest WWE. I am sure that Steve just loves looking at those big 'ole he men in their tights, I wouldn't want to piss on his parade. Yes, I realize that Vince ain't really dead. I was just having a bit of fun.

    I kind of hope that History Mike is right and Billy gets his in court. Though I wouldn't be at all surprised by Billy being beaten to death at the hands of one his "fellow" WTN (White Trash Nationals).

  10. I never wrestled in high school, I was track and field, a high jump and middle distance specialist.

    Steve used to be teased on NIM Busters that while most teens his age were hanging posters of Farrah Fawcet on their walls, Steve was posting pictures of half naked male wrestlers. I still laugh at that one from NIM Busters

    Okay, enough of Steevo.

    I liked the old school pro wrestling from the early 80s before it got real gimmicky. It's hard to watch now.

  11. You two Turds are still running your holes about me, your Great Hero.

    Schwartzo, the truth is that I had naked pics of girls from Playboy magazines on my walls. That is till my Mom made me take them down.

    Yes, I've known for years that Wrestling is fake. i enjoy the soap opera and fast-foward most of the matches.

  12. Think about it Steve.

    Your Mom would discover those "naked photos" hanging on your wall within days. What about the many other years?

    I personally care less if you had pictures of half naked wrestlers on your wall or not. But to actually naming yourself on here after one of them for quite a while??? You really must have idolized them.

    It was just funny to hear it mentioned on NIM Busters... then funnier to hear you respond to it.

    Get a life, it's called humor. You honestly could use some.

    You're such a classic case....

  13. Mom found the pics the next morning when she woke me for school. She let me keep them up for about a month till she got tired of seeing them.

    There is nothing humorous about being called a Faggot on Nimbusters or anywhere else as you triedto say.

  14. Keep up the comments Nikki.

    I'm sure you'll be up to a few 100 by the end of the month.

    Maybe Bill "underwear sniffer" White might be a good label to stick to him.

    Did you see that banner that "Underwear sniffer" probably put up himself in an abondoned part of Roanoke with no moving traffic visible??

    It's humorous to say the least.

    What a prankster he is.

  15. Nothing in the news about a Nazi banner on Portland's Marquam Bridge, but I did find a brief blurb on this Portland blog about it.

    Eight days ago, that is. So Bill White is reporting about a news item at least nine days old. One would think that if this is, indeed, an ANuSWiPe campaign, Bill White would have known about it at least the day it happened.

  16. The photo Bill has - if indeed this is of a banner in Portland - does not look like the Marquam Bridge.

    The Marquam Bridge does not permit pedestrians, and is a double deck cantilever bridge in which the upper deck carries northbound traffic, while the lower deck carries southbound traffic.

    It is possible that this is some overpass leading to the Marquam Bridge, or near the Marquam Bridge, but the picture BW put up is of your garden-variety freeway overpass, not some majestic span over the Willamette River.

    But Bill White never lets the facts get in the way of a good whopper, now does he?

  17. History Mike,

    Bill slipped up on VNN and let the goods out it was him.


    Comment #19

    From Bill:

    The photo is not actually of an overpass. When I went and looked up the bridge involved, it is hanging from the overhead trusses of a bridge over a highway.

    So Bill was in Portland, Oregon today while being in Roanoke at the same time??

    Caught red-handed in a another lie.

  18. Yes he did Harry. And the response of Bill White clearly demonstrates why Mr. Pitts is where he is and Bill White is a nobody neverwas.

  19. Nikki,

    Did you see the fake blog that Bill obviously created in order to get Justin Boyer and Kenny Fields either beaten or in trouble with the authorities?

    Not that it's any of my business though.

    Bill created it just yesterday and it's got his exact writing style. Bill is also in love with himself and I would bet if he were double jointed, he would never leave his own bedroom.


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