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COLD SHOT - June 1, 2007

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The Latest on Eric Hunt
New Developments in the Strom Case
(Who else knew about Strom?)
The Death of David Lane and April Gaede’s Dementia
(Fund-raising and Lane’s Self-agrandizement)
Knoxville – Dancing on the Graves of the Innocent
What’s Next For Knoxville
The Accomplishments of Citizens Against Hate



  1. We Didn’t Kill Christopher Newsom or Channon Christian

    A Very Sick Sick Statement by Nikki Nichols

    I happened to tune into the latest eye on hate report “show” hosted by Nikki Nichols this evening. I expected more of the same anti-constitutional rhetoric that I have come to expect, but nothing prepared me for her statement concerning the latest demonstration (hosted by VNN) in support of the victims of the Knoxville murders. In the last portion of the program, Nikki said, “Protesting the heinous act of the murderers, the racist committed an act almost as reprehensible.” Click Here To Listen To Clip

    How getting in the street and protesting this crime is comparable to hijacking a car, cutting off genitals, burning someone alive and pouring cleaning solution on open sexual assault wounds is anyone’s guess. Nikki wasn’t too clear on that point.

    What Nichols is suggesting is anyone that has the gall to speak out against this reprehensible crime or who opposes this brutality is responsible for a crime “almost” as reprehensible. Pure insanity.

    People like Nikki are so confined and restricted by their anti-racism ideology that they cannot help but make convoluted comparisons such as this. It is nothing more than a red herring.

    I couldn’t understand a statement like this. Even in the context of her and others wanting to pass laws to do away with our freedom of speech, how in the world does protesting this crime become a crime in itself?
    But then I remembered what Chris Drake said to me concerning this liberal mental illness, “Mike they say they are anti-racist. What they are really are anti-white racists.” Anti-racist (or ARA activist) is nothing more than a code word for anti-white racist.
    To those that agree with Nikki it is very simple why people demonstrate--we are tired of being killed and then being told we can’t say anything about it.
    There is nothing more insulting than someone shouting it is raining while they piss down your back.
    Nikki, you owe the VNN demonstrators, victims and all of the people of Knoxville an apology.

  2. Forgive me, Mike, if I don't make some maudlin apology to the racists who are dancing on the graves of innocent victims just to make a spectacle of themselves.

    Picture this...Your beautiful, bright, and vivacious child who has her/his whole life in front of them is brutally and horrendously taken from you in what can only be considered a heinous act.

    With your heart breaking and filled with grief so palpable that you think it will explode, you have to identify her/his broken and battered body.

    While you are in the depths of despair you are still desperate for answers as to why this happened and what exactly she/he went through in the final hours. You have read and heard the news accounts and now you are reading the findings of the autopsy that further mutilated his/her body.

    Desperately seeking some sort of closure you sit and you watch the initial proceedings of his/her attacker and everything within you demands justice - the anger is all consuming and you wish that you could hurt that person or persons - but you leave and go back to your home - a home where the laughter and glow of that young person you poured your heart and soul into raising will never be seen or heard again. wait...and you cry.

    The next thing you know, there is a group of swastika-waving, seig-heiling, Hitlerites claiming that this child - your precious son/daughter was murdered because they were white. They are making headlines because they are screaming there wasn't enough media coverage of the crime.

    Now...all you want to do is mourn and grieve and learn how to live again in a world without someone you loved with all of your heart. You don't believe the crime was about race. You raised your child to be fair and kind to ALL people and not to be racist.

    The next thing you know, the news people are shining bright lights and rolling their cameras on you - wanting you to react to the fact that a group whose ideology goes against everything you believe is coming to your community to "rally" around your son/daughter's grave.

    Any closure that you might have achieved, all of the anguish that you have felt has been desecrated by the promise of their presence. And, the headlines are still running - no peace, no closure.

    Then the day arrives. The speaker stands on the steps of the courthouse and shouts out grisly and even fabricated details about what was done to your child. The cameras pan to the man clad in a swastika T-Shirt and focus there for awhile. Then the speaker threatens lynching. People are seig-heiling and screaming racial epithets - IN THE NAME OF YOUR CHILD!

    No - I will not apologize. What your friends did to those families and to the friends of those victims was absolutely reprehensible. This wasn't a memorial service. It wasn't even about these two victims - you know it, I know it, and the rest of the world knows it.

  3. I agree with you Von.

    By the way? Happened to Joe Benardsky's show and webpage? They all just happened to just "disappear" a few days ago? I wonder if Floyd or Nikki had anything to do with that?

    I also like the Freedom Fighters show too!

  4. "By the way? Happened to Joe Benardsky's show and webpage? They all just happened to just "disappear" a few days ago? I wonder if Floyd or Nikki had anything to do with that?"

    Kinda makes you wonder, huh?

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  6. Having just gotten off the phone with the real Lloyd Davies I can promise you that he didn't post on your blog, Nikki. Kind of looks like Steve Hoslten is once again impersonating Lloyd....again.

  7. nikki: "If you should miss our live shows they will be archived and posted with-in an hour after the show airs.
    Join Eye On Hate Radio Every Thursday night at 9pm.

    Give US A Listen, Then Give US A Call !

    WTF'd wanna listen to yr stoopid twaddle, u brain-dead fkcn twat?

    u can get the same shite just by switchin' on the fckn JewTube: WTF dffrnc?


    WTF don't u get yr facts straight abt David Lane: WTF he did or did not do, the charges he was convicted of & serving time on were: 'racketeering', 'conspiracy' & 'violating the civil rights' of JewBoy Berg....that's all from the wiki entry for Lane!

    i consider none of those charges to be serious! but simply 'ZOG garbage charges'; murder is a serious charge;
    man-slaugher is a serious charge;
    armed robbery is a serious charge;
    drug-dealing is a serious charge;
    rape is a serious charge;
    (when it actually IS rape!, that is!)
    'violating civil rights'?
    GIMME a fckn break!
    and he gets wht?
    150 yrs?
    in Oz, he wouldn't have got 150 WEEKS for that sort of rubbish!

    why don't you let the bloke rest in peace and shut yr FCKN GOB?


    he never did nuthin' to you personally!

    maybe we'll dance on yr fckn graves when we come to power, hunh?

    or: maybe we'll dig up yr rotten carcasses and feed 'em to pigs & dogs!


  8. You still didn't address this ridiculous statement you made:

    "Protesting the heinous act of the murderers, the racist committed an act almost as reprehesnible."

    The two acts are not similiar in any way or fashion and you know it.

    I know you are going to say "read my above post," but this doesn't address this statement, now does it?

    Apples and oranges, Nikki.

  9. Admin - thanks for the clarification.

    Mike - again, dancing on the graves of the innocent victims, keeping the wounds open and making a mockery of their deaths in the name of racism, dishonoring the families of the victims and not honoring their wishes or letting them find closure is almost as reprehensible.

  10. nikki: Mike - again, dancing on the graves of the innocent victims
    thatz wot you & those pathetic retards in Knoxville were doing!...not one single, solitary word of commiseration or sympathy for the victims of this heinous atrocity emanated from those drongos!

    keeping the wounds open and making a mockery of their deaths in the name of racism
    the wounds are 'kept open' as long as the four fkcn savages who done this are still breathing!
    and: the only 'mockery' was by yr circus blonks on the other side of the street: if they were even ½-pie serious, they would have been in a church or sumthin'!
    but: they weren't xtians and neither are YOU, you kike cunt!

    dishonoring the families of the victims and not honoring their wishes or letting them find closure is almost as reprehensible
    how could we 'dis-honour' the families any more than those four yard apes did?
    and: WTF do you know abt 'the families wishes'?
    have you gone around there, knocked on their doors and asked them?
    when you have: post the recording & we might believe it!
    the jew-controlled MSM reports their thoughts, words & emotions verbatim, right?

    (yr just making yr-self look stoopid, you fckn bitch!...any-one with ½-dzn properly functioning brain cells can see yr a fckn JEW TOOL...OTW: you'd be exposing some REAL the way the Yidsraelis carry on in 'the occupied territories' or the ZOG-boys comport them-selves in Iraq or Afghanistan, right?...but: yr not an 'anti-racist', yr just 'anti-white'; FCK!...yr not even a 'liberal'...they wouldn't even let a twunt like u take out the garbage or make the coffee @!)

  11. Voicing an opinion about this is not "dancing on the graves" as you call it.

    This situation is sad and I truly feel sorry for the parents, but we in civilized society have a duty to try to prevent something like this from happening again.

    Yes, this IS a painful situation, but you should place the blame for the parents pain and suffering where is squarely belongs--on the perpetrators of this crime.

    Being forced to be silent on this issue isn't going to make crimes like this go away.

  12. VonBluvens, the fact of the matter is that neither parents want your "help" they have rejected you, your message, and your agenda to stir up racial tension. The blame is on the "Perpetrators of this crime?" Not according to your your buddy Hal Turner. Hal likes to lay at least part of the blame on the parents. Personally were I the parents, I'd stick my boot up his short little ass. Maybe then it would teach him not to run his fat lying mouth and to mind his own damn business.

  13. I don't know why anyone would accuse me of posting as Lloyd. Nikki should know better by the IP numbers. Lloyd is my friend, and I don't do friends like that. Everyone know the fake Lloyd is a poster on the Nimbusters Shit hole who posts as Cletus, aka Unknown FuckTard.

    The guy posting here as Nimbuster's Admin is not Stan who owns Nimbusters. Stanley says he doesn't even visit here. I don't what these Turd Heads get out of impersonating others. They must be major losers who want to try to live someone else's life for awhile.

    I don't come here much anymore since Nikki has put music on the blog. It's distracting & annoying.

  14. Bouncing Turd Avatar, Hal & others are planning Knoxville II.

    SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2007 1:00 PM

    400 W. Main St.
    Knoxville, TN

    A second Rally on behalf of two White kids who were carjacked, kidnapped, gang-raped and brutally murdered by 4 savage negro beasts and one nappy-headed Ho.

    Dr Ed Fields has mailed written invitations to around 10,000 WNs on his mailing list, and he and other organizers are going all out to advertise this protest demonstration, encouraging Klan groups, other WN groups including C.C.C., and the white public in and around Knoxville to attend. IT WILL BE HUGE !!!

    Here's what Dr Fields' flyer says:

    "Stand up for Justice for Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome.


    1) We demand that the media report all the facts on the torture-murder of this innocent young White couple.

    2) We demand that it be officially declared a "hate crime"

    3) We demand that the national media give this case the same publicity they gave the Duke University Lacrosse team case."

    Speakers: Dr Ed Fields and Ken Gregg

    Sponsored by: Christian Identity Mission, PO Box 14083, Knoxville, TN 37914 - PHONE: 865-397-3200" (end of flyer)

    God bless Hal for his love & caring about our White race...

  15. Raol:

    All sorts of red herrings being tossed about concerning this issue.

    The notion that we are just as guilty as the perps of the actual crime being the most absurd.

    What Nikki and crew has/is doing is nothing more than working towards obfuscation. Pure and simple.

    Again, people have a right to voice their opinions.

  16. First the whole mucky muck that the case was ignored by the media is just so much bull. I went through Nashville in late January and heard all about it. The national media just didn't pick up on the story. This happens all the time. The rally was only a publicity stunt to stir up racial tensions. Any future rallies will be for the same purpose, your motives are clear. Don't give me the bullshit about how you care about those kids. It makes me sick to my stomach.

    The facts of the matter are that the parents of Shannon Christian and Christopher Newsome have stated that they do not think it was a hate crime, they have rejected the help of the racist White Nationals. Christopher Newsome's father was very adamant about Hal Turner minding his own business. The DA in the case stated that the lies Hal Turner is telling is hurting the case. Hal is claiming he has inside sources that the two were sexually mutilated. (With any luck Hal will find himself behind bars for being a lying sack of dog shit).

    Hal Turner doesn't give a damn about those kids or their parents. Hal is just using it as a publicity stunt to promote himself. Only someone as dim as Steve Holsten could fail to understand. Holsten can only parrot the words of others, he is a true idiot.

    And you are right Michael, people should have the right to voice their opinions. My opinion is that you and your brethren, in the White Naitonal Movement, are the scum that I scrape off the bottom of my feet after walking through a field densely populated by a herd of cattle that has a severe intestinal disorder. The world has passed you by, your numbers dim with each rally. You are nothing but a small group of disturbed people, most of which need psychological help.

  17. Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome Update: Their was $5,000 dollars raised to help pay for the funeral costs of the two dead kids. Neither Hal Turner nor any WN contributed a single dime according to the parents of the kids.

  18. Damn, the Bouncing Turd Avatar truly is either other color or a no-good Nigger Lover. That goes for the parents of the mudered kids as well. Their diversity training is what caused those kids to get into harm's way.

  19. Steve, you are a very sick and sad person. You are a stain upon yourself and your community. Each time you touch your keyboard you make a fool out of yourself.

    I am not all that familiar with this case. Blaming the parents for what happened to their children is the action of a deluded individual.

  20. Sarah, I actually feel sorry for you. You have been blinded to the Savage Nigger Beast truths. I'm proud that I taught my kids well about the Savage truth. My daughters were almost ruined by Diversity Bullshit in Jr high, but they realized that dear old Dad right by the time they became adults.

    I'm teaching my 12 yr old step-daughter the Savage truth now. I'm proud that my sweet wife is also racially aware.

  21. Raoul the bouncing turd= bitchy Ritchie A. Troy of Bethpage, NY.

  22. raoul X: "Their was $5000 dollars raised to help pay for the funeral costs of the two dead kids. Neither Hal Turner nor any WN contributed a single dime according to the parents of the kids"

    you mean: "according to the MSM's reporting of the alleged comments of the parents!"

    but: HTF would the parents know exactly who contributed exactly what?

    i/@ least some of the donations would have been anonymous;

    ii/even if there was money contributed from WN-sources, would the parents be too scared to acknowledge it?
    (or, even if they did, would the MSM report such acknowledgements?)

  23. Jimbo why are you such an idiot? Oh yeah, I forgot who you associate with.

  24. Jimbo much like Holsten is just a kook. If possible Jimbo is even less intelligent than little Stevie who on rare occasions does manage to make sense once in a while. I do find it interesting that he is somehow in the know about who gave money to help defer funeral expenses. So much in the know he knows more than the parents who received the money. (snicker) Or maybe, just maybe Jimbo doesn't know his ass from the grand canyon.

  25. Just to let you guys know I will be in Knoxville for round II. You guys do realize there is going to be a rally there every month for the rest of the year? Better take your vitamins.

    Perhaps some of you in the opposing camp would like have a civil conversation over some coffee...who knows.

  26. Willow, it is very hard for me to imagine someone as stupid as Jimbo pretends to be. Although I have met Steve Holsten (briefly) and he is ever bit as stupid in person. He is all that is wrong with this part of the country. Can you believe he brags about trying to make his children as backward and as deluded as he? Given his son Christopher's recent arrest as a sexual predator....I guess he is

    Raoul, if you heard Steve's thick country accent and heard him talk for more than 3 minutes you would not be so quick to judge Steve as more intelligent than Jimbo.

  27. Von - how do you like your coffee?

  28. Von, do you really think that anyone would want to sit down and have coffee with you when you make comments like you did last night on Hal's show? The rock you pick up Von, instead of supposedly using it, please do all of us a favor and crawl under it. I feel the same way as Nikki on the subject, you have no business going to Knoxville!!!

  29. Willer just proved that Von needs to be.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. I like my coffee with fat free milk and sweetandlo.

  32. VONBLUVENSSHOW said..."I like my coffee with fat free milk and sweetandlo.

    Then why are you so fat

  33. 230lbs at 6'2" inches isn't ideal, and this is why I work out now 5 days a week with an emphasis on weight training.

    I am taking my own advice to my listeners by getting myself into COMBAT shape.

    When I am in ideal shape (probably 4-6 months more) I will be taking Russian martial arts.

  34. 230? I don't see your fatass being a pound under 250. Just say no to Krispy Creme, lardass.

    Russian martial arts? Getting worried that all the people you've informed on over the years are gonna kick your fat ass? Can't say I blame you. Maybe you should invest in some body armor too.

    Oh anyone dumb enough to believe Holsten's lies can email me at I maybe the only non sock puppet here!

  35. Calm down Cletus, it'll be Ok.


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