Thursday, June 07, 2007


Tonight is the Night ! that Eye On Hate Radio broadcast live via the shoutcast/winamp system.

At 9pm est click here to hear out program via winamp player. During our test run over the last week - the shoutcast sometime had a delay (buffering) of up to one minute before the show actually came thru , once it started no problems. If you dont have a winamp player go here to get one ,they are free at

or you can listen by

Going here for our show broadcasted via blogtalkradio

WE are not sure if we can broadcast on both systems at the same time - we will find out - we would encourage all our listeners to tune via the winamp/shoutcast server as the sound quailty is far superior to blogtalkradio.

thank you
ps - if you listen to tonight's show, let us know what broadcasting system you listened to us on and how the show went for you.

Topics Eye On Hate Radio will be covering on June 7, 2007
Racist Rally in Knoxville: Round Two
(Second Wave of Racists Coming to Knoxville June 16.)

UpDate on the sex crime trial of Kevin Alfred Strom
(Nikki Nichols from Citizens Against Hate discovers some interesting
information about possible arrests of leading racist leaders.)

East Coast Anti-Hate Forum June 16 @ Newark NJ Public Library
(by One Peoples Project:Guest Speakers hip-hop producer, organizer and activist Andreas Jackson of MediaClectic along Eye On Hate Radio Host Floyd Cochran).

Starting Thursday Night June 7 at 9pm est. you can listen to
Eye On Hate Radio via our new winamp shoutcast server.

More Information here at Eye On Hate Radio


  1. Apparently this stuff is a steep learning curve for you all.

    We were years ahead of you.

    To be copied is the sincerest form of flattery.

  2. as I recall you did not know anything and you begged people to teach you. When someone asked you how to do do shoutcast you refused to tell them.

    Remember how you used to beg people to send you money so you could buy time on Turners site

    How many Wn have you informed on this month


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