Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Announcing the Coveted Bill White Award

Citizens Against Hate, in conjunction with One People's Radio, and One People's Project is happy to announce the Bill White Award. Tonight, Bill White was made aware that this award was being made available in honor of his efforts to rid our society of hate-filled organizations and individuals. The criteria for this award is very stringent and the recipients must meet each and every element.

We here at Citizens Against Hate, One Peoples Radio and One Peoples Project have been so overwhelmed by all of the assistance we have gotten by Bill White in our quest to eliminate organized hate groups that we thought the best way to honor him would be to offer an award in his name. The criteria:

1. The recipient must be a practicing racist.
( Mr. White is spokesman for the National Socialist Movement )

2. The recipient must be active in the hate movement.
( Mr. White is an NSM organizer, a web-host operator and likes his mocha with whipped cream)

3. The recipient must demonstrate a unique ability to create havoc and dissension among the rank and file organizied bigots.
(Mr Whites actions and lies, led to a beating of five of NSM followers by members of an opposing hate group ( Vinlanders).

4. The recipient must be able to stay within the rank and file until such dissension has rendered the movement or an organization impotent.

We here at Citizens Against Hate and One Peoples Radio and One Peoples Project give recognition to Bill White's ability to wreak havoc in the racist right-wing and we encourage him to continue.

Duo Indicted In Assault

Just a couple of hours ago David Henry Tuck and Keith Robert Turner were indicted for the attack six weeks ago on a Mexican teen.

At a party in Spring, Texas, the two allegedly beat and sodomized the 16 year old boy by kicking a patio umbrella pipe up his rectum. They also burned the boy with cigarettes and doused his body in bleach. Tuck has a history of a previous assault on a minority.

The victim is "improving," according to reports. They say he is finally awake however he is not yet speaking.


May 31, 2006, 1:24PM

Teens indicted for brutal attack on Spring student
Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle

A Harris County grand jury today indicted two men for a vicious assault on a Spring teenager during a party six weeks ago.

David Henry Tuck, 18, and Keith Robert Turner, 17, both of Spring, were each indicted on one charge of aggravated sexual assault, said Harris County prosecutor Mike Trent.

Tuck and Turner are accused of severely beating a former Klein Collins High School football player and kicking a tapered pipe up inside his rectum. Both suspects remain in the Harris County Jail. They are due to appear once again in state District Judge Michael McSpadden's court Thursday.

Authorities have said at least one of the attackers shouted racist slurs at the victim, who is Hispanic. The victim was stripped, kicked with steel-toed boots, burned with cigarettes and doused with bleach when he was attacked in the back yard of a home in the 21300 block of Glenbranch Drive during a party there on April 22.

The injured victim was then left in the back yard for hours before an adult at the home discovered him and called for help, authorities said.

Tuck's indictment contains an enhancement paragraph stating that he has a previous conviction for aggravated assault, Trent said. If Tuck is convicted and the enhancement paragraph is found to be true, he faces anything from 15 years up to life in prison.

Turner faces a punishment range of 5 years to life in prison if convicted.

The victim remains in the intensive care unit at Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he is showing gradual signs of improvement, Trent said. The teen is now awake, but is not yet talking, Trent said.

"He is doing better and gradually improving day by day," Trent said.

Authorities don't know if the victim has any memory of the attack. They have not yet tried to interview him because they want to give him ample time to recover from his injuries, Trent said.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bad Month To Be A Hale

Bad Month To Be A Hale

CAH Staff

May hasn't been a very good month for the racist right, but it has been even worse for the Hale's. Matt is in prison for 40 years for the solicitation of the murder of Judge Joan Lefkow and it looks like he is there to stay.

This morning, Matthew Hale lost his appeal as he represented himself to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. In a 30 page response the Court denied him that appeal.

A couple of days ago Matt's brother, David, was arrested after Daddy Hale discovered his gun collection was missing. David sold the collection to pay for his crack cocaine habit.

Tony Willow is all curled up with the latest court document and will fill us all in very soon - so stay tuned!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Dancing With the Devil

The “nonviolence” of the racist right is astounding! Actually, the idea of “nonviolence” must have gotten a make-over. Where have I been? I must admit, however, that it is somewhat of a treat to be writing about violence perpetrated on these idiots rather than by them on innocent victims.

Amid their hackneyed claims of not being violent in nature, five NSM members were the recipients of a beating given to them by a bunch of skinheads with a real hard-on for Bill White and Mark Martin. No…neither White nor Martin showed up. The Vinlanders Social Club, run by the skinhead Brien James and Eric “The Butcher,” Fairburn had quite a presence at this year’s Nordic Fest. The Vinlander’s are nothing more than a spin-off of the old Outlaw Hammerskins bunch.

Now, for most of us “regular people”, Memorial Day weekend means a day off of work, picnics, watermelon, swimming, relaxiation, honoring our dead and saying a big hello to summer. Sure, a family member or friend might drink a little too much beer and get a little unruly, but by-and-large, it is a time we all look forward to.

Racists look forward to it too. They love to meet up in Kentucky for “music,” cold beer, hate speeches, contests, moshing, raising hell, and generally engaging in their manical brand of “entertainment,” and we are usually relieved because it takes a bunch of them off of our streets for a couple of days. This year was no exception. Actually, this year there was an added bonus – the NSM had been invited – to speak.

Five brown-shirted, swastika wearing, NSM members showed up at Dawson Springs, Kentucky and they really shouldn’t have. There has long been bad-blood between the Vinlanders and the NSM in general and Bill White in particular, and a lot of that bad blood was present at this event.

Steven Boswell of the NSM gave a speech – a speech about activism vs social clubs and armchair warriors – and he shouldn’t have done that. Alcohol, bad blood, and dissing those who are hosting an event are really not a good combination. While there are various accounts of what actually happened, the short of it is Bosman and the other four Hollywood Nazi’s got their collective asses kicked. It got bloody and they, along with some Creator’s left.

Bill White reported on the incident long before any other reports were in, and true to his hyperbolic self, he got a lot of the goings on ass-backward. White claimed that “The National Socialist Movement's leadership spoke tonight to the Kentucky State Police, who were prepared to arrest James, Edwards and others on charges of felony mob assault, but did not do so because the members who were attacked refused to press charges, despite orders from National Headquarters to the contrary.”

This, of course, went over really well with the skinheads and kluxers. In virtually evey account that NSM members have released regarding the attack, Bill White’s name was linked with the reason for the assault.

White wrote a scathing article back in January about Billy Roper and White Revolution and how the NSM was gaining membership from both of those organizations and others. At the time it was pretty obvious that Bill was feeling really full of himself and grand-standing once again as he encouraged others to leave their groups and join with the Hollywood Nazi’s.

The Hammerskins have long had a grudge against White from the time that he ran a site called the “Nationalist Enquirer” where he outed many racists and slagged all over them. A message on the Vinlander boards pretty much summed it all up:

“Bill White is a coward who hides behind the computer and refuses to face those he slanders. We've seen his works and his ilk many times before and predictably, he will even wear his welcome out with his new found "friends" in the NSM.

“The truth about this coward is self-evident: He thrives on assumptions and promotes half-truths, exaggerations and blatent lies as fact. For some reason he does this on his web site with abandon and some folks in the NSM actually wonder why don't want to have anything to do with them until Bill White and his ilk are properly checked and handled by the NSM.

“After all, you legitimize his "standing" in a new era which has made its intentions quite clear to abandon the likes of Bill White and his kind. NSM, do what must be done, you know there is no other way because true activists and northmen will not accept cowardice, rumors, lies and slander any longer.

“By his own admission, Bill White is a snitch and informant of the lowest kind and has repeatedly promoted "contacting the authorties" in regards to people he deems his "enemies".

“My friend and club brother, Brien, has never given Bill White a second thought other than to offer him the chance to spout off at the mouth in person. Bill White refuses to meet with any Vinlander in person. Draw your own conclusions.

“Bill your days are numbered and thats not a threat from us, its just a simple fact. You ilk are a dying breed reduced to shit talk on the net. Got a problem? Handle it in person. Every artcile you post, every slander you write, all the shit you talk = nothing.

“A life of nothing, promoting nothing, contributing nothing. Good bye Bill.”

Yesterday, in response to my reporting on the attacks, Bill had this to say:

“Funny that the only kind of "hard core racism" supported by "anti-racist" groups is the pathological criminality of the Vinlanders and the Keystone State Skinheads -- two groups who are so "racist" that they have banned the swastika, denounced national socialism, and pledged to "kill" any "Nazis" that they see.

“The fact is that the Vinlanders, the Keystone State Skinheads, and the Imperial Klans of America are radical *anti-racist* groups -- Brien James in particular has been a marginal and radical anti-racist for a long time. I think this incident has brought that into focus for a lot of the movement.

“Their Nordicfest drew about one third as many people as it has in previous years, and will probably be a non-event by 2007.”

We all recognize Bill’s posturing and pugnacious style, but to liken the Vinlanders, the KSS, and the IKA to anti-racists was a lot more than ludicrous – even for the narcissistc Bill White.

For several years now, we have been reporting on Bill White and his bizarre antics and we have said repeatedly that he is going to get someone hurt or killed. We have also said that he doesn’t really understand what game he is playing or what the rules are. In his quest for attention and validation, Bill has stepped into the arena with some very hardcore people and has no frame of reference for their brand of hate or their inner-workings.
White is nothing more than a groupie and is frolicking in very dangerous pastures. His little game centered around self-promotion has just moved from Sunday afternoon to Prime Time Live. He has pissed off some very nasty individuals, and continues to try and dance with the devil – problem is, he’s a rich little white boy who has no rhythm.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Trouble In Nazi Heaven

Valhalla on Earth might have just proven to be as shallow as the Nazi's. It seems, according to Bill White, that some members of the National Socialist Movement have gotten themselves beaten up by their own kind. Of course, we will have to sift through all of the garbage that Bill is bound to be throwing around out there to find the truth, but as he tells it, five NSM members have been assaulted at Nordic Fest by the Klan and the Keystone State Skinheads.

White is also taking umbrage with what he reports was a thirty minute harangue about him delivered by Brien James.

According to White, members of the Vinlanders, the Imperial Klans of America, and the Keystone State Skinheads attacked five NSM members. The NSM members were encouraged to file charges but refused. Also according to White, these members had been "invited" to speak at Nordic Fest. This is not the first time that violence has been a part of this event.

This is the event where Hal Turner claimed he would present a list of people in government and what should be done to them.

We have been reporting over and over that there are a number of racists and racist groups out there who really have no use for the National Socialist Movement and their antics - and that there are a lot of racists who see Bill White as anything other than a leader. And...he really lacks the understanding of what hardcore racism is all about.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Judge on Crack?

There is a really big question surrounding the ruling of this judge in Nebraska. The man assaulted a child (sexually) but can't go to prison? This has to be one of the most outrageous cases I have ever run across.

Judge says man is too short for prison
(5/25/06 - SIDNEY, NE) - A judge said a 5-foot-1 man convicted of sexually assaulting a child was too small to survive in prison, and gave him 10 years of probation instead.

His crimes deserved a long sentence, District Judge Kristine Cecava said, but she worried that Richard W. Thompson, 50, would be especially imperiled by prison dangers.

"You are a sex offender, and you did it to a child," she said.

But, she said, "That doesn't make you a hunter. You do not fit in that category."

Thompson will be electronically monitored the first four months of his probation, and he was told to never be alone with someone under age 18 or date or live with a woman whose children were under 18. Cecava also ordered Thompson to get rid of his pornography.

He faces 30 days of jail each year of his probation unless he follows its conditions closely.

"I want control of you until I know you have integrated change into your life," the judge told Thompson. "I truly hope that my bet on you being OK out in society is not misplaced."

Monday, May 22, 2006

Identity Crisis


By Nicole Nichols

Alabama, the birth-place of civil rights, has long been struggling to promote a better and more positive image for its state. For decades, the people of Alabama have worked toward dispelling the stereotypical belief that it and the rest of the South is racist and non-compromising in their views against diversity. Home to a bevy of Civil Rights museums and monuments, Alabama offers tours to visitors and proudly discusses their history and how far they have come. It's all too sad that their efforts now have to be doubled because of the blight that one state candidate has cast on their hard work.

Larry Darby is running for Attorney General in the state of Alabama. Darby is the founder and one-time president of the Atheist Law Center. He believes that marijuana should be treated as alcohol and limited as such.1

As an attorney, Darby specializes in juvenile law and he has expressed a desire to "break the cycle of teenagers having babies and being trapped in a life of poverty, which is then repeated by the next generation."2 When there were protests over Chief Justice Roy Moore's Ten Commandment monument in the state judicial building, Darby led them. He also opposes a recently proposed constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriages as he says it is writing "religious doctrine into the Constitution."

All of this may sound pretty good to some - or at the very least, innocuous depending upon your political persuasion. However, Darby is now catering to another group of individuals with an agenda more noxious than anything he has proffered to date. That group is the white nationalists and supremacists who deny the Holocaust and promote an agenda for an all white America.

Larry Darby gave an interview to The Associated Press where he claimed that "no more than 140,000 Jewish people died in Europe during World War II, and most of them succumbed to typhus.3

He said that he realized that his views were somewhat radical but they should help him win wide support among Alabama voters as he tries to "reawaken white racial awareness" with his campaign against Mobile County District Attorney John Tyson."4

With that report the racist right was ecstatic. Finally they had a candidate that was viable, and who would support white America. The Democratic Party, however, was a little less enthusiastic about this admission. Shocked, they reported that they were deciding what to do about his candidacy. "Any type of hatred toward groups of people, especially for political gain, is completely unacceptable in the Alabama Democratic Party," said Joe Turnham the State Democratic Chairman.

Given that Darby has no money and no backing, it is a pretty safe bet that his comments and convictions came about for the "political gain" that the Chairman was speaking of. To add insult to injury, On May 13, 2006, Larry went outside the Alabama borders to secure support from the white supremacist group known as National Vanguard, of which he was a member. Attending the National Vanguard Conference in New Jersey, Darby mapped out his plan:

"Darby would use de-federalized National Guard troops and possibly state defense forces, he said, along with a citizen constabulary under the direction of local sheriffs, to stop the non-White influx and return the invaders to their countries of origin. According to Darby, Alabama have had state defense forces for some time, though they have not been used and garner little publicity.

"Mr. Darby, who is a prominent pro-free speech attorney, said that state officials need to recognize that the incursion from Central America is an actual invasion and that the invaders need to be captured and -- until they are deported -- humanely treated just as prisoners of war would be treated.

"Mr. Darby also indicated that he would seek the help of adjacent states -- and would in turn cooperate with them in what he called a "confederation" -- to ensure that invaders did not leave Alabama only to remain in other U.S. states. During the question and answer session after his address, Mr. Darby said that a period of martial law would be necessary to end the invasion, but only for a short time. He also stated that there was precedent for the broad outlines of his plan in earlier American deportations of non-White invaders."5

Darby also enjoyed the music of the Gaede twins known as "Prussian Blue" and took advantage of the opportunity to have his picture made with Lynx, Lamb, and their mother April. Also present were Kevin Alfred Strom, Paul Fromm, and David Duke.
Never mind that Darby's motives are very transparent and should be recognized by anyone with a scintilla of common sense - it gets better. As accolades were being sung by the racist right over the fact that they now had someone to endorse, there were a few who wanted to look a little deeper into Darby's background and they came up with a real winner. It seems that for all of his glib political talk about "racial awareness," and such, Mr. Darby has two daughters by a Chinese wife. That's right - for all practical purposes, Larry Darby is one of the most hated, a "race traitor."

Now, if you aren't already loving it - it gets better. The real proof of how strongly convicted the racist right is in their ideology surrounds the support or non-support of Larry Darby. Given the fact that to the white supremacist race mixing is the ultimate sin, it has been interesting to watch the reaction of those who embrace the Nazi mindset. It has also been interesting to see just how desperate some on the racist right are to have a candidate elected - they really hunger for some crumb that will validate their belief system.

When Wesley Sitton broke the news of Darby's miscegenation on Stormfront the debate took off like a wildfire. A number of posters were absolutely outraged and began their posturing for the forum standing firm on the movement's dislike of "race traitors." Patriot T from Jacksonville, Florida had this to offer, "I couldn't agree more. We have got to stop making excuses or lowering the bar, just because we agree with some of a persons views. To me it is same as AmRen allowing jew members.

There is no such thing as a little bit pregnant. You are either 100% with us, or you're not."

BaltNA88 says:
"There is no excuse to race mix. There are mistakes that people make that are unforgivable. Race mixing is one of them."

And later adds…
"It's very simple. Larry Darby is a filthy race traitor. He should be shunned not condoned for his treasonous behaivor."

Vajo jr weighed in quickly:

"I'm going to make it as plain as I can, without a whole bunch of talking, because those of you who are working for our cause, know just what I'm about, and what I mean when I say; your either with us, or your against us in this fight. There isn't any in between here folks. You don't have non-white children, and then go about saying that there is only one true race, and that is the white race. Think about it folks."

Not all, however, were willing to write Darby off their support list which demonstrates how fickle, hypocritical, and utterly desperate they are. We have been saying for a very long time that the racist right spews a lot of altruistic righteousness about their beliefs and their dogma, but few live within the parameters of those tenets. The racist movement is filled with needy people. They need recognition, they need validation, they need acceptance and they are desperately accepting of any bone that is thrown their way. Larry Darby is just another bone.

One of the most surprising of those to step forth in support of Mr. Darby was April Gaede. April has long been an outspoken and somewhat respected member of the racist right, but her recent stand on Darby could cost her some of that respectability. Citing Ron Stevens, a former flame, as an example, April spoke passionately about how Dr. William Pierce, while not accepting him as a member because of his background of miscegenation, embraced him and kept him in the fold. She further bashed white women with this harangue:

"White men with Chinese wives is a lesson to us about how feminism has created a hostile environment for men who want to be married to a woman that will stay home to raise her children and treat him like the head of the household. Unfortunatly [sic] many White men choose Asian wives with the hopes that they will get a wife who is not a materialistic feminist ballbasher like so many White women have become these days."

Further, April seems to believe that such mistakes as race-mixing can be atoned for:

"I am not making excuses for Darby or for my friend. It was a huge error and it was a disaster for us that these two highly intelligent men didn't [sic] find White women to create intelligent White children. But these are reasons why it happened that shouldn't[sic] be forgotton [sic] or ignored. And I see no reason now that they cannot make up for thier [sic]mistakes by working for our cause."

This is the same woman who, in an interview, claimed that should her daughters go outside of their race they would be disowned - she would never want to see them again.

April continued through several pages of forum debate to stand up for Larry Darby and she wasn't alone. Wolfsnarl, from Boston, had the following to offer:

"He's still far better than any other candidate out there, the kids he had were from a long time ago and I don't think Chinese is anywhere near as bad as blacks. He has said he opposes illegal immigration, the 'holocaust' propaganda, and anti-white discrimination, it appears all of these claims are true, I think this greatly outweighs anything in his past background that might be less than ideal."

So, which is it…zero tolerance on "race traitors" or "it depends?" Some indicated that they had no problem with "using" Darby to further their message but they wouldn't support him financially. Others vociferously opposed any alignment with the likes of someone so devoid of moral character as to mix with a "mud."

As the debate continues, the racist right continues to demonstrate their "needy" nature and their hypocritical actions. While it seems to be agreed that Darby doesn't have a ghost of a chance of being elected, there are those who will support him because he "says" the right things. Don Black was eely enough to not take a stand one way or the other. He attempted to change the focus by telling his minions that since Darby couldn't win they should look to the Lieutenant Governor's race as there was a viable candidate on the ballot. That candidate is none other than George Wallace, Jr. Wallace is an active member of the Council of Conservative Citizens, and we all know his lineage.

It's clear - they don't know what they believe or what is acceptable or not acceptable in their own ideology. It's also clear that they can accept anything as long as they see a modicum of benefit to their "cause." And, they really don't even know what that cause is.

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5. National Vanguard Conference Report ( May 17, 2006

Saturday, May 20, 2006

White Lies Leave Skid Marks

By Nicole Nichols

In his recent furor over the activism of Citizens Against Hate, and more notably, Floyd Cochran, Bill White took great pleasure in what he thought was the "exposing" of Cochran and his criminal past. One would think that since White's past has been anything but a glowing report that he would consider such "outings" as repugnant and non-productive. Of course, when you are an egomaniacal, crazed narcissist, you really don't care what kind of attention you get - negative will do just fine.

In truth, however, Bill White didn't "expose" anyone. True to form, the mocha sipping, self-aggrandized, mogul of sleaze and Nazidom, lies again. As early as 1994, Floyd Cochran and others were speaking openly about his life prior to leaving the movement as well as his illegal ventures.

In this article from Mother Jones May/June 1994 Issue, one can clearly see that Mr. White has done nothing but embellish and rehash old news. Aside from that, the article captures the very essence of the Floyd Cochran that we know and love. Unlike anything ever published by Bill White, it is replete with truth and insight.


(Emphasis Added)

Changing colors

Once a rising star in the white supremacist movement, Floyd Cochran now attacks racism with equal fervor. Is he for real?

Adam Hochschild

May/June 1994 Issue

Until July 1992, Floyd Cochran was the fifth-ranking member of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations--a white supremacist group that combines Nazi ideas with a racist brand of biblical fundamentalism known as Christian Identity. Aryan Nations is based in heavily armed compounds in Utah and Pennsylvania, with smaller outposts elsewhere; the Idaho headquarters was disarmed when the state passed the Terrorist Control Act of 1987. The organized white racist movement, of which Aryan Nations has been a key part, has been linked to at least several dozen murders since 1980.

Floyd Cochran brought to Aryan Nations something that few such hate groups have had: media savvy and an instinctive flair for marketing. When reporters visited, he served them coffee and doughnuts instead of chasing them away. He became Aryan Nations' chief recruiter and took the group's racist message to young people with music videos. Calm, articulate, with a knack for the headline-catching phrase, Cochran quickly became the group's national spokesperson. Aryan Nations' chief, the Rev. Richard Butler, proudly called him "the next Goebbels."

One day in the spring of 1992, shortly before he was to be the featured speaker at Aryan Nations' annual Hitler Youth festival, Cochran was chatting with Wayne Jones, then head of security at the Idaho compound. Cochran had just gotten a phone call from his ex-wife: Their four-year-old son was having an operation to repair a cleft palate.

"He's a genetic defect," Jones told him. "When we come to power, he'll have to be euthanized."

Cochran was stunned. Then 34, he had been an avid reader of Ku Klux Klan and Nazi literature for almost 25 years. For the first time, as he tells it, he realized that the hate he'd preached could circle back to people close to him.

Several months after that conversation, Cochran confessed his doubts to Butler, who gave him $100 and said, "You've got five minutes to get off the compound." Within seven or eight months, Cochran was traveling the country speaking out against racism as articulately as he had once defended it.

Like many others, I was skeptical when I first heard about Floyd Cochran. People drop out of hate groups all the time, not always with good motives. Some are escaping prosecution by becoming FBI informants. Others hope to sell their story. But Cochran had not been under threat of arrest and, since leaving, has actually turned away publishers offering ghostwriters and money.

When I finally reached Cochran by phone, his voice had a sort of bottled-up tension, but his words had the immediate ring of truth. "If ever anybody tries to tell you that a change like this happens overnight," he said, "don't believe them. It's a long business. For me it's still going on."

January 1994. Floyd Cochran is visiting the University of Mississippi. Worried about right-wing death threats, he has registered under another name at the Ole Miss campus guest house.

Cochran is of medium height and extremely thin. His eyes have a hollowed-out look. From time to time his face crinkles into a warm smile, but at rest its expression is one of sadness. He smokes, and he drinks about 15 to 20 cups of coffee a day. As Cochran goes through several days of meetings with students, faculty, and local ministers, he leaves all his meals half-finished.

Again and again during the days I spend with him in Mississippi, Cochran returns to that pivotal moment when Jones told him his son should be euthanized. He would still be in the movement, he says, if this had not happened.

I'm not so sure. Testimonials sound better with dramatic turning points, but life is usually more complicated. At least as important to Cochran's change, I suspect, is the paradox that at Aryan Nations he had found his vocation. Discovering his talents as a speaker and writer--he turned out articles and pamphlets on racist themes--may have left him with less need for scapegoats. Also, Cochran has one quality that would have made it hard for him to stay in any cult forever: a sense of irony.

"One night I was doing guard duty. It was 1 o'clock, and a taxicab pulls up to the gate. Aryan Nations is 10 miles from the nearest town, so it's not like taxis are cruising by all the time. A man gets out and says he wants to see Pastor Butler. I say, 'Hold on! We need to see some identification.' He unbuttons his shirt and pulls out his stomach, and on it is tattooed 'ARYAN WARRIOR.'

"I tell him to stand there, and i call up to Frank, the sergeant. Frank comes running down to the gate, dressed in nothing but his bvds and carrying a shotgun. So I've got this cab driver sitting there, it's midnight, and this guy with his gut hanging out, and Frank with a shotgun and a pair of underpants on. And I'm thinking to myself: 'I'm saving the white race?'"

I would teach people that Jews had negative electrons. The first time I was with Leonard, who is Jewish, I kept walking around both sides of him. Finally he said, "I shut 'em off."

An estimated 25,000 activists form the hard core of American hate groups such as Aryan Nations, the Ku Klux Klan, and the like. Perhaps another 150,000 people are active sympathizers who attend the occasional rally or buy the literature.

"Armchair racists" is what Floyd Cochran calls those in the latter category. He was one himself until four years ago, when he left his native upstate New York to live with fellow white supremacists at the Aryan Nations headquarters near Hayden Lake, Idaho. The life he left behind had not been happy: a childhood partly spent in foster homes, a divorce, some heavy drinking, and several years in county jails--bad checks, drunken driving, breaking and entering. The rest of the time he'd worked as a farmhand.

A social loser, Cochran, like many others, was attracted to right-wing fringe groups, and he put this experience to work as Aryan Nations' chief recruiter.

"We used to send people into the cities to pick up homeless kids and bring them back to the compound," he says. "You give a homeless kid some food and a place to stay and tell him that you love him--you can do a lot of things with that kid."

"The number one thing is that nobody in the racist movement gets blamed for anything. My marriage didn't work? It's not my fault, it's because I was a racial activist and my wife couldn't stand it. I didn't graduate from high school? It's because my Jewish English teacher didn't like me. If you couldn't find a job--hey, it's not your fault, it's the Jews'. Or it's because of affirmative action . . . even though northern Idaho is 98 percent white!"

I watched as Cochran showed audiences slides and a videotape of life inside the Idaho compound-- watchtowers, Nazi and Confederate flags, a wedding in which the young couple marches under arms raised in "Heil Hitler" salutes. The Aryan Nations' various outposts can contain everything from firing ranges to printing presses to schools for the children. The women do all the cooking.

When he arrived in the Aryan Nation's mini-state, Cochran began to thrive. It was the first community he'd felt a part of. The strict discipline--no drinking, no drugs--was good for him. And he enjoyed the limelight. "When I went to Aryan Nations, I'd milked cows all my life. Six months later, I'm on 'CBS News'! I'm in Newsweek! I'm in a PBS special!"

When Cochran left Aryan Nations, he found himself with no job, no home, and no money to leave Idaho. For several months he lived in a tent. Eventually a local sheriff linked him up with the Center for Democratic Renewal, an Atlanta-based civil rights organization that monitors the radical right.

"Leonard Zeskind was the first person to contact me from there," says Cochran. "Leonard is Jewish. I mean, here's a person who a month earlier I was advocating killing. And he's the first person to call me up. And not to ask for anything, other than, 'Do you want someone to talk to?'"

Not long after, Cochran and Zeskind had the first of many meetings. Cochran was uneasy: "In the racist movement, one of the things I would teach people was that white people had positive electrons. But the Jewish people, the children of Satan, had negative electrons. And if you walked into a room with them, those electrons would go off. The first time I was around Leonard, I kept walking around both sides of him. I didn't say a word. Finally Leonard said, 'I shut 'em off!'"

The other person who most helped Cochran was a co-worker of Zeskind's named Loretta Ross. Ross is black and, like Zeskind, has done civil rights work for many years. "In the summer of '92 I got this call from Floyd Cochran," she says. "'You mean the Floyd Cochran?' I thought he was calling to deliver a death threat!"

Ross was the first black person Cochran had ever really talked to. "The first time we met," Ross says, "he was very guarded. He censored himself. But it's been fascinating for me to watch his growth.

"I also have to confess that my own feelings underwent some transformation. I used to feel toward racists a lot of the things they felt toward me. But they're people with aches and pains and loves and hates just like me. I think most blacks in America, especially in the middle class, don't get to see the face of white poverty."

A speakers bureau sends Cochran to a college campus every month or so, but he usually stays on at each spot for up to a week, speaking for free to any church, YMCA, high school, or jail that will have him.

Although Cochran changes his phone number frequently, his former comrades eventually learn it and call to say they're going to kill him. When he was about to go on a TV show to debate some white supremacists recently, one pulled a gun from a holster beforehand. "He didn't point it at me. But he made sure I saw it." About 90 percent of such threats are bluster, he says, but Cochran worries about the other 10 percent.

Cochran always hunches forward slightly, as if he is walking against a perpetual wind. Despite his newfound commitment to human rights, shedding decades of prejudice hasn't been easy. He recently testified before the Montana state legislature on behalf of two civil rights bills for gays and lesbians. "I had a real struggle with that. My stomach was in knots. I began to sweat. My mind was saying one thing, but inside it was something else."

Another piece of unfinished business is Cochran's sense of guilt. "How do I apologize to someone that I've made to feel less than a man or woman? I told a whole room full of black people that none of them were going to heaven."

Then there's a teen-age boy, Jeremy Knesal, who now faces up to 45 years in prison in connection with the bombing of an NAACP office in Tacoma, Wash. Cochran worked closely with Knesal at the Aryan Nations compound. "I made sure he came to Bible study, to Race Eugenics class, to the Racial History class that I taught. I pumped him up. So I'm indirectly as much responsible as if I'd thrown the bomb."

On his last night in Mississippi, on at least his 15th cup of coffee that day, Floyd Cochran speaks at Ole Miss. He begins the talk, as always, with an apology for his past. Then he tells his story, spending a lot of time on the complex genealogy of the various right-wing sects. They are so numerous, he says, because there are "so many people who want to be the fuhrer, and not enough followers!"

After an hour and a half, the speech and question period are over; the crowd applauds and drifts out. But Cochran never leaves until every person who wants to talk to him has done so. This evening I see why.

He chats with a dwindling group until, finally, as the lights are going off and the video equipment is being packed up, only two people are left--a white couple in their early 20s. The man speaks with a heavy Southern accent. His face is intelligent, intense; his forehead is knotted in worry. His story comes pouring out in a rush:

"I was a skinhead. For ten years. I'm out of it now. My best friend is black. He's going to be the best man at our wedding. But I'm having trouble getting rid of some of the attitudes. A lot of trouble.

"My girlfriend here has helped straighten me out. But I got into an argument with a black student, and I threatened to crack his skull. I feel real bad about it."

I've seldom seen anyone look so tormented. He and Cochran continue the conversation the next morning, in a coffee shop. The young man, whom I will call Ben, grew up here in Mississippi. His parents told him, "We better not catch you playing with niggers on the playground." His uncle, fearing a racial Armageddon, has stockpiled thousands of guns.

Ben joined the skinheads after there were race riots in his high school. "I was standing out in the parking lot with an AK-47." When he left the movement, his parents kicked him out of the house.

Ben's fiancee is four months pregnant. He again mentions the black friend who will be best man at their wedding. But he agonizes about even that: "I don't know if I'm doing it because he's been a good friend to me who's been there when I needed him . . . or because it will throw my family into a complete culture shock."

And, it emerges, Ben has an ex-wife and small child who are still "in the movement." He hasn't seen them since he left.

"I don't know how to deal with the things I've done," Ben says, still trembling. Under the table, his fiancee holds his hand. I suspect that there may be things he hasn't told us and that his journey onward may be much harder than Cochran's.

Floyd Cochran's transformation is, as he says, still under way. Soon his 15 minutes of fame will be over, and his speaking dates and talk-show invitations will dry up. On bad days, he worries that he might relapse into the habits that used to land him in the county jail. But whatever happens, he will never again think of himself as a defender of the master race. To him and his new friends, that's a victory.

And who and what is it that needs to be defeated? It would be a mistake to focus mainly on fanatics who dress up in Nazilike uniforms, make death threats, and live in fortified compounds. They are the easy target.

The more important one is the racism that denies its own existence, that pretends to be about something else entirely, such as quotas or immigration or crime.

Looking back at his days in the white supremacy movement, Cochran thinks of the 1988 presidential election: "George Bush reconfirmed for me everything I always thought about black people when he used the Willie Horton ad."

Obviously, Floyd Cochran's criminal past is not something that he is proud of, and something that he was still attempting to atone for a full two years after leaving the movement. Bill White, however, exposed NOTHING. Floyd acknowledged his history and the things that he now considers wrong long before Nazi Bill ever came on the scene. Additionally, White referenced charges against Floyd for driving without a license. This is no surprise given that he was enmeshed in an ideology which often embraced "The Right To Travel," a militia type mindset. This is particularly interesting because we have been saying that Bill White really isn't about Nazism - only about Bill White. Obviously, he is not familiar with the "Right To Travel" premise that is held by many hardcore racists.

In a feeble attempt to discredit, yet another individual, who opposes White and his convoluted group of wannabe Nazi's, Bill grabbed at straws and attempted to look "cool" among his flock by asserting his "investigative prowess" in discovering and exposing a criminal past in the life of one of the foremost and most sought after speakers and authorities on hate groups today. Well, once again, White is left with egg on his face and holding a bag that is filled with so many lies that it soon will be unmanageable.

We said he was slipping as of late - and he just left another skid-mark on his boxers. Oh well, that's the price of thinking you are a cut or two above the rest and believing that you can run a snow job on everyone.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Let's Talk About How Non-violent They Aren't

May 19, 2006
Notorious Supremacist Arrested In Portland

This is a press release courtesy of the Department of Community Justice
PORTLAND, Ore. - Parole officers with the Multnomah County Department of Community Justice's specialized gang supervision unit arrested Kyle Brewster, age 37, Friday morning for alleged violations of his parole.

Parole officers obtained information that Brewster has been associating with members of the white supremacist gang Volksfront. By tracking the connections of gang members on social networking Web sites like, parole officers found evidence that Brewster had been in contact with Volksfront members.

Volksfront is a white supremacist group that has been associated with numerous crimes in the Northwest. In 2003, Volksfront members murdered a homeless man in Tacoma, Washington.

Brewster was taken into custody without incident during a routine visit to see his parole officer.

He is being detained at the Multnomah County Detention Center for violating parole conditions that prohibit him from being involved in gang activity.

Brewster was convicted of manslaughter in connection with the death of Ethiopian immigrant Mulugeta Seraw in Portland on November 13, 1988.

Brewster was sentenced to fifteen years in prison. He was released in November, 2002 and was scheduled to complete his parole in 2008. Brewster has no other convictions, but had several disciplinary actions while in prison.

Information provided by the Anti-Defamation League put parole officers on the trail of individuals who were ultimately linked to Brewster.

Agencies involved in the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force also provided information that indicated that Brewster has been involved with white power gang members.



Suspect pleads guilty in Fairmead murder case

Thursday, May 18, 2006

By Glenna Jarvis - Tribune Writer / Photographer

Moments after a jury was selected to hear evidence in a murder trial, the defendant plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter, according to court reports.

Chowchilla resident Jimmy Dale Steele, 21, one of six charged with the murder of 39-year-old John Emery of Chowchilla Oct. 16, 2005, entered the plea in Madera Superior Court Tuesday afternoon.

Emery was beaten and stabbed to death, and his body left among a cluster of mobile homes near Road 18 3/4.

According to testimony, during the preliminary hearing, sheriff's Det. John Grayson said Emery had been stabbed several times in the torso. Grayson said four of the defendants said all six men were involved in the attack that left Emery dead, and that a baseball bat, bed post and knife were used to kill him.

Grayson said four of the defendants admitted they went to the mobile homes in search of marijuana they believed was kept in a nearby shed. The intended to steal the drug, he said.

Emery, who went to Fairmead to visit family, rode up on a bicycle, and was attacked.

District Attorney Ernie LiCalsi said the men demanded to know where the marijuana was, and Emery didn't know.

Sheriff John Anderson refered to Emery as "an innocent victim" who was "in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"We picked the jury, then he plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter," LiCalsi said. "He admitted one strike, which doubles the sentence, then he admitted one prior serious felony conviction, which adds five years."

LiCalsi said Steele will serve a maximum of 27 years in prison.

"I'm going to be arguing for every day of that," LiCalsi said, adding that the sentence will be up to the judge.

LiCalsi added that it is not uncommon for a defendant to get right up to the moment of trial and take a plea.

"Once you start in the trial process, defendants start looking at their potential exposure and decide to plead guilty," LiCalsi said. "That happens a lot."

LiCalsi originally offered a plea bargain of 15 to life, he said, which would have made Steele eligible for parole in about 12 years. With this arrangement, Steele will have to serve a minimum of 23 years before he is eligible for parole.

"In some ways, he may be doing more than if he accepted the first plea," LiCalsi said, and added that the final decision would be up to the parole board.

LiCalsi said the family and friends of the victim were very happy with the plea.

"Mr. Steele's confession was, he admitted to kicking the victim twice," LiCalsi said. "Given what I could prove he did, I was very happy with the agreement."

He added that next week, when Joseph Avery, 22, is scheduled for trial in the death of Emery, LiCalsi won't make an offer.

"I will only accept a plea to murder," LiCalsi said.

Jury selection for Avery's trial begins Tuesday.

The five adults are documented white supremacist "skinhead" gang members, Anderson said in a previous interview, and Ramirez is a known Sure'o criminal street gang member.

In addition to Steele and Avery, Chowchilla residents Brent Richard Forehand, 34, Timothy Edward Steele, 19, Michael Luis Avery, 23, and Oscar Ramirez, 17, all faces charges of murder.

Ramirez is being tried as an adult. LiCalsi intends to seek life without parole, he said in an earlier interview.

Steele, who was facing a possible sentence of life without parole, is expected to be sentenced June 29.



Undercover Investigation of White Supremacist Gang Nets Nearly 40 Indictments

Indictments were returned last week ending a 14-month long undercover investigation charging nearly 40 individuals with weapons charges, participation in a criminal organization and sale or transportation of dangerous drugs.

The investigation was a joint effort by the Phoenix Police, Scottsdale Police, Glendale Police, ATF, U.S. Marshals, and the Maricopa County Attorney's Office. The organization was loosely referred to as the Todd Streich White Supremacy Organization because defendant Streich was the main player. Several of the defendants had tattoos reflecting Nazi and skinhead views, and espoused views that were aligned with white supremacy.

County Attorney Andrew Thomas said, "This is a hateful group with a dangerous criminal agenda. I'm grateful that law enforcement's cooperative efforts have enabled us to bring these charges and make the community safer."

The allegations in the indictment are that the organization would provide illicit items for sale as requested. Those who wanted guns to use against witnesses or law enforcement could place an order that could be filled in a matter of a few days if not hours. The organization also bought significant amounts of methamphetamines, which were broken down for resale in small amounts on the street. Undercover law enforcement agents taped a number of purchases including the sale of these explosive devices.

Evidence seized included white supremacist materials, 32 pipe bombs, two grenades, seven sawed-off weapons, illegal and stolen firearms and methamphetamines. One of the seized weapons included a stolen .50 caliber rifle. This rifle was reportedly represented to undercover agents as being powerful enough to shoot down a Phoenix Police helicopter or an armored car.

All defendants are facing mandatory time in prison. At least four could spend the rest of their life in prison. 13 defendants are also charged with involvement in a criminal syndicate.

More charges are expected to follow based on an additional investigation being conducted by the ATF.


Cute, Cudly Racism


Cute, Cuddly Racism

The message may be subtler, but some Fox News hosts are recycling racist anti-immigrant messages from a century ago

by Alex Koppelman in New York, New York USA

I was willing to give Bill O’Reilly the benefit of the doubt. I was willing to believe that perhaps he just wasn’t aware that his guest, Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin, was affiliated with the hate group VDARE, which uses its website to publish “white nationalists” and push pseudo-scientific racism.

It seems I was wrong to give O’Reilly that kind of credit. Because there he was Tuesday night, talking about “lefty zealots” at the New York Times who believe that “the white Christians who hold power must be swept out by a new multicultural tie, a rainbow coalition, if you will. This can only happen if demographics change in America.

“An open border policy and the legalization of millions of Hispanic illegal aliens would deeply affect the political landscape in America.”

Changing demographics in America? Why, that sounds like someone else on Fox — O’Reilly’s colleague, John Gibson, who warned last week of the demographic trends in the United States: “Twenty-five years and the majority population is Hispanic,” he said. His solution? “The rest of you: Get busy. Make babies.”

Unsurprisingly, Gibson’s comments provoked a wave of condemnation. On Tuesday, he had a response to that condemnation: we had all misunderstood what he said, egged on by people lying because of “personal and vicious motives.” Poor, victimized John — all he was saying was,

“[S]imply that I didn't want America to become Europe, where the birthrate is so low the continent is quickly being populated by immigrants — mainly from Muslim countries — whose birthrate is very high. That fact was coupled with a news item that said half of all babies in America under five are minorities and the majority of those were Hispanic. I said fine, but it was also a good idea if people other than Hispanics also got busy and had more babies.”

Come on, John — we know what you mean.

You can’t come right out and say that Mexicans are inferior anymore, at least not if you want to keep your job as an anchor on the most popular cable news network. As I previously noted, O’Reilly himself has said that no one would take a member of the John Birch society or the KKK seriously these days. But dress that Bircher or Kluxer up in a suit, come up with a new name for their organization, slap a Ph.D on them, pretty up their language and they and their ideals are suddenly all over Fox News.

Gibson’s words, to be sure, are filled with the echoes of a dark past — specifically, echoes of Madison Grant’s landmark racist screed The Passing of the Great Race, once used to justify eugenics, and the use of quotas in setting American immigration policy. Grant, too, was concerned about immigrants doing more than their part to populate the country:

“[L]arge families among the newly arrived population are still the rule,” Grant wrote back in 1916, “…The lowering of the birth rate among the most valuable classes, while the birth rate of the lower classes remains unaffected, is a frequent phenomenon of prosperity. Such a change becomes extremely injurious to the race if unchecked.”

And this isn’t the first time that Gibson has warned his viewers about the Hispanic birth rate. Mainly, though, he does it in the context of “reconquista,” a theory, spread almost entirely by white supremacist groups and based almost entirely in myth, that Mexicans have a secret plan to take over parts of the southwestern U.S.

“There has been much discussion about the so-called reconquista,” Gibson said early last month, “which is the retaking of old Mexican territories which are now part of the United States by pure birth rate. We hear people saying we're going to take it back, and that will eventually color the immigration debate in a way that Mexican-Americans and Hispanic immigrants will not want.”

Gibson can backtrack all he wants from his comments of last week, but it’s not a one-time incident: it’s a pattern, a continuation of his oft-repeated meme that Mexicans are coming to take over the country by the sheer force of their birthrate. (And don’t think that doesn’t prey on a stereotype some are all too eager to believe — a stereotype of“others” who cram themselves in tiny houses to multiply like rabbits. It’s a common anti-immigrant mantra in this country, stretching all the way back to Grant and the hatred whipped up against people like my immigrant ancestors living in the tenements of New York’s Lower East Side a century ago. My fellow Huffington Post blogger Jamal Simmons has pointed out that the stereotype continues today in white supremacist rhetoric, such as that of racist girl group Prussian Blue.)

O’Reilly, too, has gotten in on the numbers game before. Liberal media watchdog Media Matters documented one instance last month, when O’Reilly claimed to have expose a “hidden agenda” within the immigration movement, a plan to “change the complexion of America.”

“There is a hidden agenda in this debate that no one will tell you — press won't tell you, politicians won't tell you, the illegal immigrants themselves won't tell you that,” O’Reilly told the listeners of his radio show. “… Change the complexion of America. Have an open border where Hispanics, people who live in the Caribbean, people who live in Africa and Asia can walk in and become citizens immediately. And there you have the white power structure would decline, of course. Because the numbers of people coming here would be people of color. Right? That's the hidden agenda.”

The kind of rhetoric used by Gibson and O’Reilly may be prettier, and it may be subtler, and the two anchors may take pains to appear complimentary about and friendly towards the Mexicans they criticize, but their words are in substance little different than the “Keep America American” campaigns launched by Grant’s followers nearly a century ago.

And when O’Reilly and Gibson can’t handle this kind of hidden racist rhetoric on their own, they bring in the big guns: Michelle Malkin, who, as I have previously documented, has long affiliated herself with VDARE, a hate group that uses pseudo-science to justify its white supremacist — the polite term, apparently, especially for prominent white supremacist Jared Taylor, who VDARE founder and Malkin “friend” Peter Brimelow publishes and praises, is “white nationalist” — and xenophobic message. (There are too many examples of the kind of disgusting racism employed by VDARE and its writers to list here; see my previous columns for an introductory and by no means comprehensive list.)

Are Bill O’Reilly and John Gibson racists? Do they hate Mexicans? I don’t know, and, though I may regret it later, I’m still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. But here’s what I do know: what they’ve been doing lately is feeding on the worst of the racist and xenophobic tendencies in this country, passing on coded, closeted racism, and granting legitimacy to white supremacist affiliates like Malkin.

I’ve spent the past couple weeks arguing with a friend of mine who, despite the fact that his father is Hispanic, and an immigrant, swallows and passes along the racist message passed along by O’Reilly, Gibson, Malkin and their ilk. And though he acknowledged that my previous column had proved Malkin’s white supremacist ties, he’s still accusing me of doing what all us crazy liberals are apparently guilty of — playing the old race card. That’s where this country is in our discussion on race today: we assume that if someone isn’t wearing a hood and burning a cross, they and their rhetoric can’t possibly be racist. But that’s what today’s cuter, cuddlier racists are counting on. Dress up the racism, make it sound nice and friendly, drop racist cartoons of dirty brown people huddling under sombreros in favor of a nice, complimentary message that the Hispanics simply are doing more than their fair share and we should lift a little of the burden, and you can put it on Fox News. Hide a hateful white supremacist inside an attractive Filipina, and she can be the country’s most popular conservative blogger.

The racist message hasn’t changed. It’s just a little prettier, a little more hidden. But make no mistake — it’s still there, and for some reason, the country’s most watched cable news network thinks that’s acceptable. It’s not.

Alex Koppelman, Dragonfire's Arts & Entertainment Editor, covers the media every Tuesday and Thursday. Want to tell Alex what you think? Give him a shout via Email at He's also available to chat at AIM: dfireMedia.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Racism Warning Issued In Germany

SPIEGEL ONLINE - May 18, 2006, 02:38 PM
Is Eastern Germany Safe for Foreigners?

Racism Warning Has German Hackles Raised

On Wednesday, a former government spokesman said black visitors to Germany should be careful where they go in the country. His remarks have drawn criticism -- and support.


Former government spokesman Uwe-Karsten Heye says some parts of Germany are dangerous for foreigners.
It doesn't take much to try Germany's patience in the weeks leading up to the World Cup soccer championships. Nerves are especially raw when it comes to comments and incidents that cast doubt on the country's hospitality and its openness to the millions of international guests expected to descend on the country in June. On Wednesday and Thursday, that sensitivity was laid bare for all to see.

A former government spokesman on Wednesday suggested that dark-skinned visitors to Germany should consider avoiding the eastern part of the country where racism runs high. "There are small and medium-sized towns in Brandenburg, as well as elsewhere, which I would advise a visitor of another skin colour to avoid going to," said Uwe-Karsten Heye, who now leads an anti-racism organization called "Show Your Color." "It is possible he wouldn't get out alive."

The comments came as part of an interview with the public radio station Deutschlandradio Kultur about how right-wing extremism and racism can be combated in Germany. Heye also said there was an increasing tendency in the country to look the other way when it comes to right-wing violence. His comments about "no-go" areas in Germany came as a response to a question about whether tourists from Togo or the Ivory Coast should feel comfortable travelling anywhere in Germany.

But by specifically mentioning Brandenburg, the eastern German state surrounding Berlin, Heye ensured a swift reaction. The governor of Brandenburg, Matthias Platzeck, called Heye's statements an "unjustifiable slandering of entire regions within Brandenburg." The state's Interior Minister Jörg Schönbohm demanded Heye's resignation from "Show Your Color." And even the Turkish-German parliamentarian Ekin Deligöz from the Green Party warned against overstating things. "That's want they want," he said referring to right-wing extremists. "They want foreigners to stay home and not even to come to Germany in the first place."

The uproar comes just weeks after an apparently racist attack against an Ethiopian-German in the Brandenburg state capital of Potsdam, just outside of Berlin. Almost a month after the attack, the victim remains in hospital with severe head injuries. Earlier this week, reports of a racist attack on an Italian in Berlin once again stirred up opprobrium, though it was later revealed that the alleged victim may have invented the incident.

And most are willing to admit that there are parts of Germany with a very real problem with racism. Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a Green Party representative in the European Parliament, came to Heye's defense by saying: "The reality is school classes with many immigrant children question whether it is safe to go to Brandenburg or Mecklenburg-West Pomerania" -- another state in eastern Germany -- "for camping trips."

Yonas Endrias, a member of Germany's African Council, likewise supported Heye. "None of us blacks would go on an outing in Brandenburg," he said. "There is also racism in western Germany, but as a black person, the chances of being attacked in an eastern German village are much higher." Following the Potsdam attack in April, the Africa Council spoke of areas in eastern Germany which blacks should avoid.

On Thursday, as a reponse to the furor, Heye clarified his remarks by saying he didn't intend to single out Brandenburg. He also praised the state's extensive efforts to combat right-wing extremism. But he didn't back down. "We cannot make it the responsibility of the victims to decide how to defend themselves from racism and anti-Semitism," he wrote in a statement for the online version of Vorwärts, a Social Democrat Party publication which he edits. "This is the responsibility of the pluralistic society. Unfortunately, the tendency to look away has increased."

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Crime and Racist Pundits II

This is an older article of mine with an update or two. Considering some discussions that have been held recently on Citizens Against Hate I thought I would revive it and present it anew.

Crime And Racists Pundits II
By Nicole Nichols

Black on white crime is a favorite theme among white supremacists and neo-Nazi's. They labor long and hard to find evidence of atrocities committed by blacks against whites and they laboriously accumulate and amass examples of heinous acts. This has become almost laughably evident across the internet and interspersed throughout their propagandist literature. They embrace acts of black on white cruelty and scour the headlines for fresh "evidence" that blacks are animalistic and indiscriminately violent. Virtually every discussion held with a racist will eventually lead to black on white crime, and the lamentation that these acts are rarely ever given hate crime status.

We must first, in any discussion of "Hate Crimes," determine what the parameters of such a crime might be. In general terms, a hate crime is a criminal act perpetrated against an individual solely because of race, ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation. Implicit within that definition is the idea that the perpetrator is racist, anti-Semitic, religion-intolerant or homophobic and that the act was committed out of hate. The definition is, in and of itself, problematic in that it requires knowledge of the perpetrator's ideology as well as mind-set at the time of the crime.

With the definition being stated, we must note that the vast majority of hate crimes committed are 1) not against persons but against property; and 2) committed by whites against people of color, differing ethnicities, differing religions or differing sexual preferences. Generally speaking, the perpetrators are self-avowed racists or otherwise intolerants.

Couched within the black on white crime rhetoric espoused by the right-wing extremists are statistical data which is proffered as proof positive that whites are under siege by the black population and that blacks are far more apt to commit violence against whites than the other way around. After all, numbers don't lie. However, those eager and devoted to furthering a "white agenda" often utilize figures to achieve that end regardless of how skewed or out of context those figures might be.

When looking at criminal behavior, the white supremacist will usually use the total number of violent crimes committed by black then invoke the rationale that this is disproportionate to the population of blacks. What they never do is spew statistics for black on white crime vs white on black even though their premise demands that they do so.

The United States of America holds the distinction of being the most domestically violent nation on the face of the Earth. To extrapolate from our crime statistics, however, that one group of people is far more violent than another is quite a gigantic leap even for the most zealous advocate of any cause. The fact that there are so many in mainstream America who are able to make such a leap is simply demonstrative of how easy it is for racist propaganda to be internalized. Even if the statistics presented were pristine and without compilation biases and variables, one would have to look at the picture in its' entirety from a sociological and macrocosmic perspective.

The continued and dogmatic assertions of the supremacist that violent crimes are melanin specific meet their demise when presented with the violence of a Timothy McVeigh, a Buford Furrow, a Richard Baumhammers or a Benjamin Smith. However, most rational individuals, when confronted with the racist rhetoric, refuse to engage in a tit-for-tat exchange of comparison. Often what transpires is a process of rationalization and an attempt to refute their statements with a broader look at the causes of such criminal activities. The upshot is that neither side ever capitulates and the argument deteriorates into an exercise of obvious futility.

In actuality, questioning whether blacks are more violent than whites or why most serial killers and pedophiles are Caucasian, while being an intrinsically and perhaps challenging psychological journey, does not in the end provide us with closure or anything more definitive than mere speculation. And even if the "whethers" and the "whys" were to be answered we would still be left with the unanswered and over-riding question - "What difference does it make?"

Throughout all of the verbiage and discourse that surrounds the discussions of black on white crime or white on black crime, the central crux of the problem is absent thereby rendering all of those discussions circular and non-productive. As discussions of crime have become increasingly racialized we, as a society, have been engaged in the age-old practice of scapegoating. Our obsession with laying blame has served no other purpose than to marginalize the greater issue of American crime and its solution. Even then, the looming question in all of this remains "Why do we even engage in such statistical breakdowns?" If a person is gunned down in their driveway is he/she any more or less deceased if the shooter is of a different race? Is the family any more or less traumatized? Should the crime be any more or less punishable based upon the ethnicity of those involved?

The issue is crime. The statistical machinations and divisions of crime along racial lines is the outcropping of a government and its entities born in colonialism and steeped in white privilege. The only basis that it serves is to provide extremists with yet another vehicle to further their dogma. Their utilization of such figures is simply another attempt at justifying their unjustifiable agenda of white separation and ethnic cleansing. Any discussion along the lines of crime and race merely provides them with another forum from which to spew their venom and serves to perpetuate their convoluted and vitriolic version of "the truth."

Once a veteran in racist dialogue you quickly realize that the issues being brought to the forefront are generally those which the "movement" has been able to spin in a racist direction - and there are few issues which remain untouched by the spin doctors of hatred. The color of crime is probably the most over-used tool within the racist arsenal. Repetition is an integral part of the art of propaganda and the racist factions have mastered this well. Consequently, the discussion has found its way into mainstream America and will continue to be a point of contention for right-wingers who are scrambling for the conservative vote. All of this delineates the dangers of the propagation of racist maneuverings and the proliferation of racist ideology.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Floyd In Cadillac

Tonight in Cadillac, Michigan Floyd Cochran addressed Cadillac United and other residents of the area. Speaking from the heart and with great humility, Mr. Cochran spoke of his time in the Aryan Nations and about the recruiting methods and techniques of neo-Nazi's in 21st Century America.

Cadillac has had its' share of problems with the Nazi's and his presentation was well received as Cadillac United has come to the forefront with some innovative ideas and events targeted at uniting the community and saying no to hate.

Mr. Cochran, himself, has been a target of late as his recent activities have been cause for some angry moments within the racist movement. Regardless of the libelous slander that has been aimed at Floyd, as well as an internet death threat, he took his message to the people of Cadillac. While everything remained peaceful, not all of the participants at this presentation were interested in combatting hate.

Photo courtesy of

Dan Carlton of the Michigan National Socialist Movement, dressed in a swastika bearing T-Shirt, was the first person to ask a question of Mr. Cochran. Carlton wanted to know how Floyd could justify the violence and arrests of Citizens Against Hate and One People's Project. Mr. Cochran was quick to inform them that neither Citizens Against Hate nor One People's Project engage in or advocate violence.

Obviously, Mr. Carlton was hoping to derail presentation and demean Mr. Cochran. As Floyd said, "They never dispute what I say." Of course, we know that when the truth is against them, the only thing left is personal attacks.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pariah Nazi

I was planning on addressing this, but One People's Project did a fantastic job!

By One People's Project

ROANOKE, VA.-As National Socialist Movement Spokesperson and Nazi pariah Bill White parades around the country in Nazi uniforms proclaiming to draw attention to crimes committed by others, attention has been drawn even moreso towards his own criminal behavior, which has garnered him a conviction as recent as last month for violating a court order to stop pursuing Erica Hardwick.

Virginia Court Records show that on April 5, White paid a fine on a contempt of court charge stemming from his attempt to contact Hardwick by phone. Hardwick had a restraining order against him since last year, when he repeatedly tried to make contact her while she was in jail. White's obsession with Hardwick dates back to her days as a member of the National Alliance, once writing a letter professing his love for her, and when she left the white power scene, he has had assaulted her, had her arrested on bogus criminal charges, and written article after article about her on his website, ironically many of them saying he doesn't care about her. In fact, on April 5, the day he was convicted on the contempt of court charge, White published a story on saying that Hardwick was sent back to jail on March 3. As often is the case with White, the story was completely untrue, as were articles that followed that suggested that if Hardwick and One People's Project did not expose his questionable property dealings in 2003, he would have never become a National Socialist, which he had proclaimed he was months before. "Now, this is simply pathetic," Hardwick has written recently. "Fat Tits just can't get it right. He can't write an article about ANYTHING without making mention of me!"

Court records also reveal that on Sept. 13, White was charged with brandishing a firearm. Indeed, there were reports of him doing so a number of times in the Chapman Ave. area where he owns a number of rental properties. This has been the subject of current investigations by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the FBI as well as a number of lawsuits from former tenants who charge he illegally had them evicted in an effort to create a whites-only living space in the predominately black neighborhood. The investigations and lawsuits are still pending. The firearm charge is not, however. Records show that the charges were dismissed.

White has a number of run-ins with the law on his record, one netting him seven months in jail for assaulting a police officer (ever the embellisher, this incident gets translated on his website as "I was in a fight with and beat four Montgomery County (MD) police officers very badly"). All of this criminal activity makes it ironic that in his recent attempt to attack One People's Radio's Floyd Cochran, he writes, "ALL of the anti-racists opposed to the National Socialist Movement are drunkards, criminals, felons and thieves. ALL of them." It is even more ironic that he makes this statement knowing that the National Socialist Movement is led by documented drunkards, criminals, felons and thieves.

Now, it's my turn. Bill White wrote:

"Some may ask why this is important -- but it illustrates a point. ALL of the anti-racists opposed to the National Socialist Movement are drunkards, criminals, felons and thieves. ALL of them."

Perhaps Mr. White has been spending too much time with the rank and file of the National Socialist Movement, Aryan Nations, and the Klan. He seems to have that all mixed up and ass-backwards. I am none of the things that he listed, nor are any of the people who I work with. But, I guess one must consider the source of these claims - after all, they did come from Bill.

In the same diatribe he wrote:

I'm sick of the scum of the earth -- thieves, drunks, killers, mentally ill people, people that no sane person would ever associate with -- passing through the white nationalist movement, joining our groups, and then turning on us just like the spineless treacherous white trash slime they've always been and trying to get self-righteous.

Well...guess what. Bill White just described 99.999% of the National Socialist Movement - himself included. As to being "sick of the scum of the earth," I am pretty damned sick of them myself. I am completely fed up with the antics of an educated Neanderthal who thinks he can say and do anything he chooses without a counter or consequences. As OPP pointed out in the above article, Bill White spends much of his life in court. As he continues to amass libelous claims and statements against those of us on the other side of the fence, it's a pretty good bet that some of us are going to see him before a judge and jury before it is all over. At some point, the hammer will fall - and it will fall very heavy on the Conduct Disordered Bill White.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Death Threats

Tonight, at 7:32 PM the following death threat was made at Citizens Against Hate:

Re: Cadillac - Making A Difference (Score: 1)
by fu on May 10, 2006 - 07:32 PM
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Kiss my ass you guies think you know it all. You think that NSM is a radical movement when infact they are the only real people helping the white race in the U.S. ***** YOU GUYES I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE Floyd I will kill you you little Jewish ***** loving bastard. You have been a thorn in our side for too long and you will die.

Now, of course all of the proper authorities have been notified and all information turned over. However, the long and the short of this is that someone feels comfortable enough to threaten the life of another person behind a computer. This coward has been empowered by people like Bill White who has not a moral fiber in his body and who will certainly share in the blame should someone get hurt.

While the NSM claims non-violence, their actions do nothing but incite violence. A little earlier, Bill White posted this in the comments section - my comments will be in bold:

I think some people are just embarassed that Floyd sent such a violent note.

Embarassed? No, Bill. I was not embarassed. Floyd reacted precisely the way I would have reacted. And the note really wasn't "violent" - it just told you precisely what would happen if anything was done to his girlfriend or his property. You see, Bill - it's called "Backlash" or what goes around comes around. You can only push so far before someone pushes back. Surely, you don't expect people to take the shit you dish out without a response? For one the smartest people in the country, you sure don't have any street smarts. You have a lot to learn and it looks like, true to form, you will have to learn it the hard way.

Floyd, like all the antifa, is really just an unstable character -- and has been all his life. He's an admitted drunkard who was in and out of jail for about fifteen years for drinking, stealing and just generally being human trash. Like most former antifa, his problem was never "racism", but the fact he was born an asshole. lie more than anyone I have EVER known. When you can't find the facts you just make them up and expect people to believe you. That gutter that you crawl out of every morning - you know the one you live in - is a place where you ought to stay - the environment is perfect for growing fungus and other unsavory bacteria. Everyone who reads this knows, deep in their hearts, that you calling someone "unstable" is just laughable. And claiming someone was born an asshole really is rich coming from one who lives with his head up his own.

It amazes me that people treat him as being credible. I hope we contribute to undermining that point of view.

The only thing that you have contributed to tonight is to an unstable individual who has murder on his mind. And, you know that. You are going to end up getting someone hurt or killed. And because of the way you make things up just to look important, might very well cause a total innocent to be in the line of fire. You are no better than the nutjob who posted that threat - you're worse, in fact. And I will tell you why. You are worse because unlike a lot of people in the movement, you really don't believe in anything but yourself. You have no ideology other than what will make you feel important, what will feed your ego. You are a sham, a lot of bluster, and if someone gets hurt in the process of Bill White furthering himself, it won't mean a thing. You're a fraud. I know it. You know it. And most of the racist right knows it. Keep it up Bill and we will see what good all those millions of yours will do when you say hello to Bubba.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Cadillac - Making A Difference

Floyd Cochran has been very busy these days and he is going to be even busier this week as he travels to Cadillac, Michigan.

Last summer, the National Socialist Movement in Cadillac decided to become good citizens and clean up a local park. The City didn’t mind, they’d take all of the help that they could get. But, when the Nazi’s showed up wearing their swastikas and stopping every now and then for photo-ops, it was pretty obvious that this was nothing more than a publicity stunt for them. It was, however, when the City Council presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the Nazi’s that the residents said “Whoa!”

Out of that situation emerged a great example of what a community can do to unite and tell hate to take a hike. When current leader of Cadillac United, Tiyi Schippers, heard a member of the NSM tell the city council that they were a legitimate political organizition she responded that they were “as much a political group as Al Qaeda with pretty much the same agenda, except with a broader target.”

From a loosely knit group to a solidified community builder, Schippers explains how it was done and where they are now:

“When the city back peddaled and refused to give a firm statement denouncing nazis we organized. We invited the ADL to speak to the community about the NSM and other hate groups. Betsy Kellman, the regional director af the ADL came up with reps from the department of human rights, and the state justice department. they talked about what was happening, and how we could counteract it. We passed out a sheet asking for volunteers to from a diversity team. This meeting took place four days after the city council meeting and about 50 people came! Twenty something signed to be on the task force.

“We scheduled our first meeting with the help of the ADL. I went to city council and invited them to the meeting, then notified the paper that I had personally invited them all. They all came. Betsy Kellman explained further what we could do and asked for the assembled group to select a leader. I drew the short straw.

Now the group meets monthly. Members include the mayor, city manager, director of public safety, superintendant of schools, MSU Extension workers, a mental health rights worker, DNR biologist, county commissioners, local ministers, a teacher, students, and concerned citizens.”

And that is how it is done, folks. Over the last year, Cadillac United has implemented a community art project entitled “From Many Places We Are One Cadillac United,” contacted Michigan State University for diversity training and applied for a grant to provide that service for the community. And the group doesn’t let any grass grow under its’ feet. Tiyi says, “We organized a large group to clean up the parks this past weekend, and all wore "No Place For Hate" buttons at the clean up and the picnic afterwards. The nazis came again, but even the city council wore the buttons. I think the message was clear. There was no confrontation, only a firm statement that we were not about hate in our town. This year saw the largest number of volunteers for the clean-up. I am not sure, but I like to think it is because folks decided to put their rakes where their hearts were in support of tolerance.”

Citizens – all against hate, working together to build a better community and send a message of zero tolerance to hate in their town. It does work, and Cadillac United is living proof of that. Tiyi Schippers is proud of what they have accomplished and what lies ahead.

“In March I was invited and participated in the Michigan Civil Rights Summit at Wayne State University,” Schippers said. “Civil rights activists from arround the state gathered to discuss segregation, hate crimes, and affirmative action. From that summit a report will be presented to the governor's office including policy suggestions. Michigan is third in the nation for hate crimes, one of the most segregated states, and not a great place for minority and women's opportunities. I was proud to be part a group striving to change that status.

“Cadillac United was also featured in the ADL Annual Report as an example of how investigation exposed latent threats.”

We wish them well in their upcoming endeavors which includes an event that will counter the NSM’s National White Pride Picnic held in July. This week, Cadillac United has invited Floyd Cochran to bring his message to the schools and to the community. On Friday, May 12, Mr. Cochran will take center stage to address the public schools of Cadillac. That evening, at 7:00 PM, Floyd will be speaking to the public at Cadillac Community Schools Auditorium – an event that promises to be well attended.

Cadillac United is but one shining example of what citizens against hate all across the country can do – and are doing. Hate doesn’t have to thrive in your neighborhood. Racism doesn’t have to be tolerated. Solutions don’t always involve confrontations. Unity, love of your fellow man, and a willingness to say no to hate can and does make a difference.

*For more information on building community coalitions and groups, please visit our “Fighting Back” section or for an audio version at AUDIO.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

This & That

The latest Coldshot takes on Bill "I'm A Millionaire" White's attack on a reporter over how relevant he is; the leaks and moles within the rank and file of the NSM; VNN - to porn or not to porn and "stud white guys"; Matthew Ramsey (Jim Ramm) and his latest rant; and a couple of shout-outs.



***Who used to advertise militia meetings south of the post office on Saturday mornings - and never had anyone show up?

***What is the "Brown House" at 100 Lover's Lane, Waynesboro, GA, 30830, and how much did it cost the NSM members?

Friday, May 05, 2006



By Nicole Nichols

"The Swastika stands for truth…for justice…"(Jeff Schoep April 22, 2006, from the steps of the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing)

(Picture from the National Socialist Blogspot -

Chomping on gum, swaggering to the microphone, Jeff Schoep stood before the group of protestors on a beautiful Spring day and spewed his rhetoric of hate and racism. It was evident that Schoep and the rest of his goon squad were making every effort to capitalize upon the problems currently beseiging America. Blasting the President and his war might be popular among most people today, and the immigration issue is really heating up, but the words of Schoep and friends weren't recevied any better than usual as the crowd saw right through the smoke-screen.

Schoep, who has been so low key as to appear non-existent, has all but relinquished the reins of the National Socialist Movement to Bill White. The big question on everyone's mind is why?" Why would Schoep, who struggled through the criticisms and disdain of even those within the "Movement," to bring the National Socialist Movement to the forefront, give up his control to someone like Bill White? In attempting to make some sense out of all of this, we must first look at some facts.

Over the last few years the entire racist movement has been in total and utter chaos. The death of William Pierce and the annointing of Erich Gliebe and Shawn Walker has been disasterous for the once largest neo-Nazi group in America, the National Alliance. Fraught with one scandal after another surrounding sex, hatecore music, and the mishandling of money they have lost a mountain of members and a lot of funds.

The Aryan Nations was fledgling after the head of that group lost a major lawsuit and its compound. The death of the infamous Richard Butler put the last nail in the coffin of that outfit and rendered it impotent with nothing but a few fragmented cells remaining.

The Creativity Movement (f.k.a. The World Church of the Creator) was dead in the water with the arrest, conviction, and sentencing of Matt Hale. While a few ersatz members tried to resurrect the "Church," it didn't stand a chance. This was largely due to the violent nature of Creator's and the string of crimes that they insist upon engaging in.

The arrival of David Duke back on the scene was welcomed by many on the racist right only to fizzle out after the New Orleans Protocol fiasco and claims that his organization EURO had gone soft.

This left the National Socialist Movement as the only "Organization" in the hate arena. It is natural to assume that some members of the previous groups switched allegiances and signed up. This, of course, meant more dues money and donations for Schoep's rag-tag bunch of Nazi's. Jeff Schoep, it has been said, is happiest when the money is rolling in.

It is unclear - and even debated - as to how and why Michael Blevins of Vonbluvens fame and Bill White jumped on board. Blevins was just remaining very low-key after a scandal surrounding him broadcasting his Nazi radio show out of the same place that housed a daycare center. It appears that it was the NSM that was responsible for putting him back on the air. White, on the other hand, is a little more of an enigma.

Considering White's narcissism and his need for constant attention, it might be safe to assume that since the NSM had become more and more active it appealed to his yen for the limelight. Additionally, since White could be seen as a cash cow by Schoep, it's possible he was recruited with a promise of being placed in a prominent position - for a fee, that is. Among those who stay abreast of the racist right there seems to be a consenus in belief that, whatever the reason, Bill White bought his way in and continues to throw around some dough in order to appease Schoep. This belief is furthered by a racist article that appears on which references White as a "spokesman and financier."

Jeff Schoep has long been castigated for his acceptance of members of dubious character and his refusal to dismiss anyone who actually pays their dues. Several who have left the rank and file demonstrate great disdain for Schoep's love of money and how easily he is bought. Of course, this might explain Bill White, but there might just be something else at work here - something that the rank and file either know about and refuse to acknowledge, or something that is kept very quiet among the leadership. At any rate, someone knows about it - the information that is being leaked out of that group on a weekly basis is painting a very graphic, if unsavory, picture.

It is important to remember that Schoep isn't exactly the epitome of integrity or honor and was admonished severely when standing before a judge on charges of a burglary he and a girlfriend committed while children awaited them in the car. Additionally, it has been said that he has fathered several children by different women and that he does little on their behalf. Knowing all of this it is little wonder that as Schoep stood on the Capitol steps in Lansing and shouted "The nation that was once America back in the 1950's where a family was normal no longer exists," we all just cracked up. The very idea of Schoep using the words "normal" and "family" together is just incongruous.

Given the lifestyle led by Schoep it is likely that his "friends and comrades" fail to exhibit much in the way of character as well. One of Schoep's close friends who might just be able to shed a little light on the goings on within that organization is a man by the name of Anthony Pierpont. If that name rings a bell he is the guy who ran Panzerfaust Records and was on the fast track to becoming the biggest white power record company in the world. Alas, however, Anthony let his base love of Asian women get the best of him and when his exploits in Thailand became public knowledge along with compelling evidence that he might very well be of Mexican descent he was met with great ridicule and complete disdain by those on the racist right. Pierpont pulled out and, supposedly, left the scene.

I say Pierpont "supposedly" left the scene because that is what he and his friends would like everyone to believe. However, I have been informed by several different sources in the know that Pierpont is alive and well and playing in his litterbox out of sight. Maybe, however, Anthony isn't playing there all by himself.

It was no secret that the NSM wanted to purchase Panzerfaust Records when the Pierpont fiasco took place. What didn't seem to be known by many at the time, at least publicly, was that the relationship between Schoep and Pierpont was as close as it is. From those who were close to Pierpont there was much skepticism that Anthony could just walk away from the money generated by that which he had built. Maybe he didn't.

As I have been informed by various people who either left the movement or who know that Pierpont wouldn't just walk away, Anthony Pierpont is behind the latest NSM venture NSM88 Records. One look at the offerings and one knows that many of the groups are those who were being promoted by him and Panzerfaust.

According to an unnamed source who is inside the NSM, Jeff Schoep and Anthony Pierpont maintain an extremely close relationship and Pierpont remains a very integral part of the hatecore music industry. Last year Bryant Cecchini, Pierpont's former partner at Panzerfaust, told me that when Pierpont got egg on his face he remarked, "Now that I'm out of the limelight, I'll snort all the coke and bang all the whores I want."

Even though the relationship between Schoep and Pierpont has been reported to us on more than one occasion, I did a little more "nosing around" and along the way met up with Professor Jacques Pluss. Some may remember that Pluss is the college Professor who infiltrated the National Socialist Movement to gather experiences and information for a book that he is working on. As his writings are coming along nicely he had a little time to talk with me.

I have found Professor Pluss to be not only erudite and knowledgeable but quite humorous as well. My curiosity about the NSM's rank and file reaction to Bill White elicited this respose from Pluss:

"I think the rank-and-file of the Movement would give a nod of obeisance to
anyone with a loud mouth and a website. They sure treated me like g-d
after three or so of my radio shows. If it weren't White, it would be
someone like him. Would they jump to defend him? No. The NSM
rank-and-file ARE merely Hollywood Nazi's. Were he in trouble of some
kind, they'd pat him on the back, give him a seig heil or two, and go back
to whatever they do in their daily lives. Like most people in most groups,
the NSM rank and file are "sheeple." Even monkey man Brunson wouldn't lift
his leg to pee unless Schoep told him to. It's too bad that he was
"ordered" to hassle you. So, what do the rank-and-file think about
VonBluvens or White? Most of them don't do too much thinking."

Richard Brunson, by all outward appearances, is Jeff Schoep's man-servant and general lackey. Reportedly, he and Schoep share a room together anytime they are away and Brunson is in charge of making sure that nothing happens to Schoep. He takes his job seriously and to the extreme. He will be the first one on the scene whenever something negative is said about Jeff and is quick with a tirade and threats. A long-time member of the NSM who bailed about a year ago told me that "Brunson would wipe Jeff's ass and lick his boots if Schoep would let him."

It seems like the time Pluss spent inside resulted in some pretty valid insight into this organization. As we start to try to pull the pieces to all of this together, the thing that always keeps playing over and over in my mind is "follow the money trail." According to Cecchini, "PF was merely a subsidary of Victory Media, Inc., which was not a sole proprietorship, it was a corporation that Pierpont was merely the president of. But lots of money (I found out later) had a way of going from the business bank account straight to his personal account. In fact, one day last June, over $100,000 (in one day) was transferred from the business to his personal account."

Now that's an awful lot of money, folks - no matter how you slice it. Further questions of Professor Pluss resulted in the following revelations:

"It appears, according to my source, that NSM Records took up the distribution of some White Power music groups (particularly "Race War") originally sponsored or "discovered" by Panzerfaust. The NSM gets a large cut of distribution in-take, and, more importantly, Pierpont seems to, also. The NSM Record Label has taken over some of Panzerfaust's clients for a fee, but I could not find out exactly how any monies are divided or applied in a broad sense. Pierpont is there, in the background, masking his business interests behind his friendship with Schoep.

"…The take I got last night in a brief conversation with my contact indicates to me that Schoep's relationship with Pierpont is very, very close -- if you catch my
drift, as they used to say -- and, obviously includes more than business arrangements. Psychologically, Schoep's "macho" act with the women goes to
cover up his "shameful" desire to be with members of the same sex."

Whoa! Now, if all of this is true, that brings into question the real loyalties of those who purchase music from the NSM and thus from Anthony Pierpont. Those on the racist right are always quick to point out hypocrisy yet if they are aware of who their money is going to, how hypocritical is that? The truth of the matter, however, is more than likely few know what is going on.

Given the fact that Schoep has already proven himself prone to larceny a teaming up with Pierpont could be quite lucrative to both of them. But, what of the rank and file NSM and others who have turned to NSM88 for their music purchases? If there is validity in this, then their money is going to support none other than the man they wanted to run out of town on a rail.

And then there are the drugs…Anthony Pierpont is a dependent personality. He had previously served time for drugs and was busted again a little over a year ago for possession. It is highly unlikely that Pierpont, according to those who know him, can or will stay straight for any length of time.

Anthony Pierpont loved traveling to Thailand - according to him it was always one helluva party. Interestingly enough, a former member of the NSM, Mike McQueeny, who was dismissed after a violent episode at one of the groups confabs, has a tattoo shop in Thailand and enjoyed bringing back tokens of his appreciation to Schoep. Trips to Thailand cost a lot of money. But then if you are raking it in, you tend to want to live large.

As some questions get answered, more are born. One burning question in all of this is, if it is true and Schoep and Pierpont have a close relationship both personally and business wise, how much does Bill White know? When the NSM88 Record store opened I eagerly wrung my hands and openly waited for another Shop White fiasco as I was sure that Bill had his hands in that pie. He told me, "Actually, my whole contribution to this project was contributing to the bulk uploading of the image files -- grunt work.

"Jeff and company had this in the works since long before I joined the NSM."

I can't help but wonder if William A. White knows who the "company" in "Jeff and company" is. I'll bet he does - and I don't buy that his hands aren't in there somewhere - not for one minute.

For many years now I have chronicled the exceedingly violent and seedy realm of hate. The violence still appalls me. The degenercy of its members never ceases to disgust me. The illogic of their "logic" somehow still astounds me. But, their fickle nature when it comes to saying one thing and doing another simply blows my mind. For all of their bluster and blow about family and values and purety - few have families, most have no sense of value, and no one can claim "purety" with hearts as black as theirs. They call for unity and declare certain individuals and groups as people unacceptable, yet those are the very people who they cleave to when it appears that they are all alone.

It is often said that hate is born out of fear - fear of the unknown, fear of the unfamiliar, or fear of the loss of power. Their every day activities demonstrate the validity of this theory in many ways. Should the scenario just presented turn out to be valid, there is no way that any of them could ever hold their heads up again - or so sane people would think. Yet, they have a way of excusing the past and rationalizing ( as best they can) their acceptance of the very ones they castigated. None of this will make any sense to the rest of us. But, to them, in their own little microcosm of life, it will be justifiable.

I feel certain that there is much more on the Jeff Schoep/Anthony Pierpont than we have heard to date. There are many on the racist right who are still fuming over Pierpont and who consider him no more than last week's garbage. It will be interesting to see how many of his naysayers flock around him if he ever resurfaces. I've said it many times before, and I don't mind saying it all again - the racist "Movement" really isn't about anything other than money and a little bit of power. Those who know how to manipulate large groups of people float right to the top of the hate ladder where they manipulate others into doing their bidding and forking over the greenbacks while they are saying yes sir to their leader. None of this is based on principles or beliefs. It is merely a way to give the anguished someone to blame while the fleecing continues.