Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Duo Indicted In Assault

Just a couple of hours ago David Henry Tuck and Keith Robert Turner were indicted for the attack six weeks ago on a Mexican teen.

At a party in Spring, Texas, the two allegedly beat and sodomized the 16 year old boy by kicking a patio umbrella pipe up his rectum. They also burned the boy with cigarettes and doused his body in bleach. Tuck has a history of a previous assault on a minority.

The victim is "improving," according to reports. They say he is finally awake however he is not yet speaking.


May 31, 2006, 1:24PM

Teens indicted for brutal attack on Spring student
Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle

A Harris County grand jury today indicted two men for a vicious assault on a Spring teenager during a party six weeks ago.

David Henry Tuck, 18, and Keith Robert Turner, 17, both of Spring, were each indicted on one charge of aggravated sexual assault, said Harris County prosecutor Mike Trent.

Tuck and Turner are accused of severely beating a former Klein Collins High School football player and kicking a tapered pipe up inside his rectum. Both suspects remain in the Harris County Jail. They are due to appear once again in state District Judge Michael McSpadden's court Thursday.

Authorities have said at least one of the attackers shouted racist slurs at the victim, who is Hispanic. The victim was stripped, kicked with steel-toed boots, burned with cigarettes and doused with bleach when he was attacked in the back yard of a home in the 21300 block of Glenbranch Drive during a party there on April 22.

The injured victim was then left in the back yard for hours before an adult at the home discovered him and called for help, authorities said.

Tuck's indictment contains an enhancement paragraph stating that he has a previous conviction for aggravated assault, Trent said. If Tuck is convicted and the enhancement paragraph is found to be true, he faces anything from 15 years up to life in prison.

Turner faces a punishment range of 5 years to life in prison if convicted.

The victim remains in the intensive care unit at Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he is showing gradual signs of improvement, Trent said. The teen is now awake, but is not yet talking, Trent said.

"He is doing better and gradually improving day by day," Trent said.

Authorities don't know if the victim has any memory of the attack. They have not yet tried to interview him because they want to give him ample time to recover from his injuries, Trent said.


  1. The Hispanic 16 year old was trying to kiss a Hispanic 12 year old—I doubt any WN would find an objection with that. This is probably just an incident of emotionally dysfunctional teenagers—I doubt that there is a ‘race’ component to this story.

  2. Stefan, for someone so "intelligent" you really do not have an ounce of common sense. Of course there is a "race" component to this story. No matter how much you want to negate the violence that accompanies the racist right - it is still there. And somehow or another, I believe stomping this child with steel-toed boots, sodomizing him with a pipe until his internal organs are ruptured, burning him with cigarettes, and dousing him with bleach while screaming racial epithets makes these two individuals monsters.

    This was a child.

  3. screaming racial epithets makes these two individuals monsters.--Nikki

    Do you have proof for this allegation?

  4. I am asking because there were no witnesses—save for one badly beaten Hispanic who cannot talk and the two offenders [why would they admit to using racial slurs].

    Anyways, he was kissing a Hispanic girl. Can someone explain the motivation for this [obviously] racially motivated crime? Teenagers often fight—not to excuse the incident but you guys did the same for Robby Hendrick.

  5. Maybe, Schmitty, the fact that the kid was Hispanic was the reason?

    Boy, the real world is going to be a cosmic 2x4 up side that thick skull as a wake up call for you, ain't it?

  6. The mongrel was kissing a white girl. They needed to take action, but not as harsh as they did.

  7. Proud White,

    I hope you behave yourself under this nym.


    It was widely reported in this article and other articles that racial slurs were used by the attackers.

    The importance of that is it shows what the REAL motive was in this crime.

    Ethnic Hatred.

    Regardless of the nationality of the victim and the nationality of the accused, these two freaks should spend quite a bit of time in prison.

  8. "Breaking News!!!" :


    No word yet on whether or not the Justice League of America plans to take this threat seriously; Superman said to be consulting with Batman and the Green Lantern on possible airstrikes.

    "Just. . . .SICK!
    Gee, wouldn't it be terrible if DC Comics got fire-bombed for trying to shove this degenerate filth at children? On second thought, no; it wouldn't be a bad thing at all."

  9. Maybe the sicko's would stop trying to shove faggot and sodomite things on the kids

  10. Jimmie Olsen said...
    "Breaking News!!!" :


    No word yet on whether or not the Justice League of America plans to take this threat seriously; Superman said to be consulting with Batman and the Green Lantern on possible airstrikes."


  11. Well, doesn't Hal look a little like The Penguin?

  12. Proud White said...
    The mongrel was kissing a white girl. They needed to take action

    ur a fag. Dritch was no mongrel u asshole

  13. the victim, who is Hispanic.

    Now tell me he is not a Mongrel.

  14. ya ino hes not u fuck cuz hes my freind. im sorry im not racist like u but he was a hella good person

  15. There are good in all races. Other races need to screw ones in their own race. Whites should only be with whites.

  16. that way of thinking is wat beeds the two responsible for this.

    u call him a "mongrel" for how he was born but i say u cant jugde him if u didnt know him. he was a badass straight up and good too pretty much every1

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. ur a dumbass dood he wasnt illegal, he was an outstanding athlete, and a great freind. considering this u hate for no reason.

    and another thing, the girl lied thats bullshit. i know wat it was over n it doesnt matter the boys responsible for this were phsyco to start out with. it was them to start things first

  19. No - he is not a "mongrel." I hear he was a pretty good football player. With prayers and hope, maybe he will play again soon.

    Hopefully, these people will spend a lot of time thinking about what they did and how they affected so many lives in such a horrible fashion.

  20. Maybe, Schmitty, the fact that the kid was Hispanic was the reason?--anonymous

    That is not a reason. They live in Texas—if they wished to randomly beat Hispanics then they have a wide selection to choose from. Why this kid? Why not the Hispanic girl that he was trying to kiss?

    Moreover, the fact that the authorities know that they made some racial epithets is puzzling. Why would they admit to this? Why would they open up the possibility of hate crime charges?


    This is reminiscent of the Robby Hedrick situation---you lambasted the ‘racist right’ for exploiting the situation—claiming teenagers often fight.

    You claimed that we shouldn’t be so quick to judge—let the jury and the prosecutors do their job. So, I will repeat what you said during the Hedrick debacle: they are innocent until proven guilty.

  21. Latinos are hybrids between Spanish Europeans and the Indigenous population of the Americas—this satisfies the definition of a mongrel.

    However, the term mongrel [if applied in the literal sense, ignoring the common interpretation] can be applied to most White Americans as well. Most Americans are a mix between various European ethnicities.

  22. You are attempting to equate this with two boys getting into a schoolyard fight. That makes no sense. These two guys were skinheads - one with a very racist and violent past. They had been drinking and they attacked this young man - and used a pipe in a horrendous way. I don't know for CERTAIN that it was because he was Hispanic - and you don't know for CERTAIN that it wasn't.

    The two are NOT being charged with a hate crime. Tuck has some baggage that he brings with him for attacking another minority - and that is what might enhance his sentence should he be convicted.

  23. Hummmm Steve Holsten posting as "Proud White". Would not "Stupid Semi-White" not be more truthful?

  24. so lets agree this was wrong, and racists r gay

  25. I'd argee with some of that. Certain Steve Holsten is a racist and he is gay. He also wants to put my man member in his mouth. It is so damn sick but he can't seem to get over it. All things considered though, it is a real big thing.


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