Thursday, May 04, 2006

Racism Against Whites In Mississippi?


By Emily Wagster Pettus
The Associated Press

MACON, Miss. — Ike Brown is a legend in Mississippi politics, both loved and hated for his ability to turn out black voters and get his candidates into office.

That success has also landed him at the heart of a federal lawsuit that's about to turn the Voting Rights Act on its end. For the first time, the Justice Department is using the 1965 law to allege racial discrimination against whites.

Brown, head of the Democratic Party in Mississippi's rural Noxubee County, is accused of waging a campaign to defeat white voters and candidates with tactics including intimidation and coercion. Also named in the lawsuit is Circuit Clerk Carl Mickens, who has agreed to refrain from rejecting white voters' absentee ballots considered defective while accepting similar ballots from black voters.

Brown shakes off the allegations.

"They've been trying to target me for years, the attorney general and all them, because we're so successful," he said. "Hey, if you're a failure, nobody will mess with you. But we're successful in east Mississippi."

The Justice Department complaint says Brown, 52, and those working with him "participated in numerous racial appeals during primary and general campaigns and have criticized black citizens for supporting white candidates and for forming biracial political coalitions with white candidates."

Noxubee County — a rural area along the Alabama line named for a Choctaw word meaning "stinking water" — has a population of 12,500, 69 percent black and 30 percent white.

Whites once dominated county politics here, but now only one white person holds countywide office, and he says Brown tried to recruit an out-of-county black candidate to run against him three years ago.

The federal case against Brown, scheduled for trial this fall, represents a change in direction in the use of the Voting Rights Act, said Jon Greenbaum, director of the voting-rights project for the Washington-based Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

The law was written to protect racial minorities in the 1960s when Mississippi and other Southern states strictly enforced segregation.

"The main concern we have in the civil-rights community isn't necessarily that DOJ brought this case," Greenbaum said. "It's that the department is not bringing meritorious cases on behalf of African-American and Native-American voters."

Justice Department records show the department's last voting-rights case alleging discrimination against black voters was filed in 2001. Since then, six cases have been brought on behalf of voters of Hispanic or Asian descent in five states — plus the case involving white voters in Mississippi.

Brown, a former tax preparer, served 21 months in prison in the 1990s on a felony conviction of preparing fraudulent federal income-tax returns. He retained his right to vote. The same federal judge who handled his earlier trial is now overseeing the Justice Department case.

"This case is real simple," Brown said. "Find me one white person that was discriminated against."

The main white person who makes the claim is Ricky Walker, the county prosecuting attorney who believes Brown recruited an opponent for him simply because he's white.

Walker says that when he qualified to run again in 2003, Brown brought in a black lawyer from another part of the state to run against him. A circuit judge found that the lawyer had not established residency and was not allowed on the ballot.


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    While Schwartz may say he thinks that Louis Farrakhan is "the most powerful racist in the United States," why isn't he all over them like he is on a group like the NSM (which is only growing because there isn't any other WN group out there ATM, so all the stragglers who left NA, etc who need to belong to some place wind up there, and doesn't attract a rational white person) or NIM (which is a joke in itself)? Why isn't Schwartz all over the Black Israelites like he is on CI? Because the black groups really would make good on their threats, that's why.

    A small step in the right direction, Nikki, but let's see you and your pencil-necked geeks take on these black groups like you do the white ones. Until then, *YAWN*

  11. BTW the real reason Nikki posted this article is because the NIMBusters, and especially LLoyd Davies in his last few podcasts, have been exposing her hypocrosy in this manner.

  12. All of the WN's, Nazi's, or whatever you want to call them have just proven Josh Hoyt's claim as to their collective IQ.

    First of all, if you read the title, there is a question mark after it - meaning that it is a question. Imagine that. I thought when I posted it that it might generate some discussion over what this man is doing and whether or not it is a sort of racism or discrimination. I knew when I did this that the racist group here would not get the significane of the post. They would all be a little puzzled that I would post such a thing.

    Harry said earlier "Louis Farrakhan is the most powerful racist in the United States." While I don't think he is the "most powerful," I do consider him to be racist - very racist.

    Do I agree that what Ike Brown is doing in Mississippi is racist? I'm not sure. But while all of you racists are taking pot-shots and slinging mud, you missed your opportunity to convince me and others that this is, in fact, racism against whites.

    It's not at all unusual to see you guys miss such an opportunity since you are more interested in attacking people than convincing people.

    Incidentally, I don't know anything about Lloyd Davies and I have never heard one of his podcasts. And, believe it or not, I rarely ever go to Nimbusters. So, I don't have a clue to what you are speaking about.

    As to this article, I need more information. Brown is accused of "waging a campaign to defeat white voters and candidates with tactics including intimidation and coercion." Yet, it gives no evidence. Hence, I will follow the case and let some of this play out before forming an opinion.

  13. I always said this wasn't the real Hal Turner and he just proved it. The real Hal has nothing to do with Nimbusters or Lloyd's Podcasts.

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