Monday, May 01, 2006


By Nicole Nichols

April 22, 2006, promised to be no different than any other day in Spring, Texas. People went about their usual Saturday chores and errands. Back yard Bar-B-Que's were being planned and neighbors were mowing and tending their lawns. That evening, however, everything changed in this quiet suburb 20 miles north of Houston. What was a quiet and ethnically diverse community was transformed into a crime zone for one of the most despicable and heinous acts possibly imagined.

On Martin Luther King day in 2004, David Tuck, then 16, marched around his neighborhood carrying a swastika flag much like the one he was ordered to remove from over the family's garage. Neighbors shook their heads and commented on the craziness of it all. According to an Associated Press article, Tuck incurred the wrath of neighbors when he taught younger children in the neighborhood to "bow down and praise Adolf Hitler." Now 18, David Tuck was described by his classmates as a "Skinhead with Nazi tattoos."

Early on the 22nd of April Tuck went to a Crawfish Festival where he was heard asking some of his classmates "Do y'all want to become skinheads?" Later, David would meet up with one of his friends, Keith Turner. David and Keith then went to the home of another acquaintance for a little fellowship. Present in that home were a mother and two other children as well as a 16 year old Hispanic boy. Later in the evening the mother had gone to bed as she was not feeling well and the get-together got a little rowdy. When David and Keith found out that the Hispanic boy had kissed the 12 year old girl living in the house it was just a little more than they could take - the fight was on.

Only there wasn't much of a "fight." In the wee small hours of Sunday morning, Tuck and Turner drug the Hispanic teen into the back yard and began to beat him and kick him with their steel-toed boots. Screaming racial slurs and savagely wailing on the teen, at some point they removed his pants. What happened next is almost unbelievable. They worked themselves into such a frenzy that they took a piece of plastic pipe that held a patio umbrella and shoved it up the young man's rectum sodomizing him. But that wasn't the end of it. According to reports, David Tuck kicked the pipe repeatedly driving it as far as it would go. A couple of days ago, it was learned that they then poured bleach into the pipe and doused his body in it as well.

The young victim lay on the ground in that back yard for hours before being discovered. How does that happen? How does any of this happen? How is it that those so young can harbor so much hate? How do young minds ever even conceive of doing such things? From Jacob Robida who left a trail of blood halfway across the United States to David and Kevin who have so callously put another teen into a coma from which he may never recover, what happened? How extreme is too extreme? When do we say "enough is enough?"

Extreme sports, extreme make-overs, extreme T.V. shows, have all become a part of everyday life in the 21st Century. It is nothing unusual to see people eating the raw innards of a cow or depositing leeches from one container to another via one's mouth. People do extreme things whether for money or for shock-value. Neither is it uncommon for television hosts to caution "Do not try this at home." The problem is, however, that there is always going to be someone who does try it at home.
Just as we are bombarded with extreme actions and indulgences for the purpose of "entertainment", we are now being bombarded with extreme speech. Nowhere do these "extremes" have a greater impact than what they have on our youth.

Young people in their teens are faced with the daunting task of learning and establishing who they are. They express themselves through the way that they dress, the way they carry themselves, and through what they choose to do with their bodies. Regardless of how we, as adults, feel about the current trends or music teens often set their own rules and expectations. The advertising industry realizes this and thus targets our youth for their buying potential. Others realize this, as well. Some of these "others" are innocuous and well-intentioned while there are those who consider our youth nothing more than easy prey.

One of those segments of our society which preys upon our children is the neo-Nazi/White Supremacist faction. During the last five years these organizations have been actively recruiting our youth through their propaganda and hatecore music. Aside from the battle that they are waging for the hearts and minds of young people, there are many other pitfalls that accompany children becoming involved with these people and their organizations.

Teens are, indeed, still children. While they are growing and attempting to assert themselves within our society, they still lack maturity and judgment. They are unsophisticated when it comes to understanding the nuances and techniques that are being employed by cultish white supremacists. They are not "seasoned" in all things worldly and are often blindly led into the sensational or shocking alleys of the underworld or counter culture. It is one thing to wear outrageous clothing, pierce and tattoo your body, or emulate the latest movie idol and quite another to sell your soul to the hatemongers of the world. Even with a good value system already in place, teens are still very impressionable and many are not yet stable in their decision making processes. When people like Hal Turner or Michael Blevins or Bill White issue an opinion on the violence that should be committed against others who they hate, those young people who are attempting to be noticed and embraced, who are attempting to make their own unique mark on the world often lack the self-control or the ability to see the consequences of such violence or the absurdity of an unfounded hatred.

The fate of David Tuck and Kevin Turner is now up to our judicial system. The young victim remains comatose. But, the fate of our youth is up to us. At what point do we draw the line? Does freedom of speech entitled those who incite racial and ethnic violence ever become too extreme? Does it give a blanket guarantee to those whose purpose is to corrupt our children that they may do so without consequences? How extreme is too extreme? What about these comments...are they over the line:

"Abe foxman's family should be targeted. Kill his children, mother or wife. Make the fat jew piece of shit suffer. Better yet kid-nap the fat kike and torture him to death but remember to make a video so the whole world can see this kike vermon suffer.
Attention: all jews and self-hating white faggots! The nazi's where just a warm-up. Next time we'll get every kike and traitor."--"Viking Man"

"Personally, I believe that we should help the ADL...

"I believe that we should correct their 6 million (holohoax) miscalculation, by making said number accurate. After that, we can go for 6 million more."--"Jessica"

"The spics have no clue as to what a threat is. A genuine threat is delivered IN PERSON, not by mail or such.

"I strongly suggest any such threat also be delivered to the FAMILY of the offending, hateful, jew-incited beaner politicians.

"Thank you, loose cannons, for your attention & cooperation."--"Pogo"

Where is our outrage? Where do we draw the line? One of the biggest recruiting tools used by the white supremacist is hatecore music. It is vicious, guttural, and heinous - and it is being handed out to our kids. Here are some lyrics:

The mud brown child that's been given birth

The beating of your life is what it is worth

To satisfy your lust, well, you never did care

Your baby was born a mongrel, with African hair!

The culprit of producing a maleficient race

We will soon dispose of your shameless disgrace

Your villainous contempt is really well understood

Your futile cries of mercy will do ya no good!

You had to be sexually explored by countless black men

You continue to abide by this horrible trend

Fear strickened eyes are drenched with tears

Your feeble pleas will only fall upon deaf ears

My Hands are around your neck

Your error is mine to correct

The air slowly dwindles away

Your defiled body, on the ground it lays.

Browntown burning down

Negro in flames rolling on the ground

No longer welcome in our cities 'cause you'll get beat

Extreme White racial violence!

Is what the darkies can expect to meet.

Drive around in my van

We want to kill a nigger

They are in the city

Follow one into the alley

We all attack the nigger

He has seen his last day

Beat his face from black to red

Cut off his cock, shove it in his mouth

No more racemixing, spreading your seed

Splatter day, Nigger Day

We must stop the decay

Splatterday, Nigger Day

Niggers are in the Whiteman?s way

Slice open an ape throat, pull out the esophagus

Mutilate the nigger face with a sharp instrument

Flesh & Meat splattered on my hands and the wall


Fuck the Hip-Hop community

We will kill minorities

Nigger blood is spilled by my son

This is the way families should be

Hope he?ll be the next Adolf Hitler

Killing niggers and jews by the millions

Unsuspecting apes of the tiny Aryan

But when they spoke, junior chopped their heads off

Daddy, Daddy call the Coroner?.I just killed another nigger

Niggers must die!!

Was it something like this that sent David Tuck and Kevin Turner over the edge? We don't know. What we do know, however, is that no child who praises Adolf Hitler just decided on his own that this was something to do. No child who parades around his neighborhood waving a swastika flag to the derision of friends and neighbors just woke up one morning and said to himself, "It's Martin Luther King Day - I think I'll protest." No child tattoos himself with Nazi ink because it just seemed like a fun thing to do. Those ideas came from somewhere - and like a cancer it stole a life. Actually, it stole three lives.

They are our children and it is up to us to protect them and shield them from all things that harm them. They are our future - or, they are the future of the hate-monger. The choice is ours - so what are we going to do about it? When are we going to scream - "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?" We talk about taking back our streets and our neighborhoods from the criminal element. Are we ready to take back our children as well?



  1. totally speechless... I have a hard time understanding how this community allowed these kids to walk around with nazi tattoos and flags... with no one doing shit about it? Expose and confront... no tolerance, no rest, and no peace for fascists... EVER

  2. Agreed on all counts. When asked about her son's Nazi activities Tuck's mother denied that he had any "Nazi sympathies."

    Also - how did the mother in the house where the attack took place not hear the screams of that young man? And how is it that her children did not seek help when this was going on?

    The latest report claims that Tuck and Turner threatened to hurt the others if they cooperated in the investigation.

    We have got to unite and empower communities - this should never have happened. And I agree - no tolerance, no rest, and no peace - EVER.

  3. It looks to be a good article. I will not have time to read tonight though.

    Er, one thing Nikki: The pic of the kid with the mohawk and spiked jacket...That isn't one of the perpatrators, I take it?

    Most "punks" I have known are VEHEMENENTLY anti-racist. Hell, I think ARA actually grew FROM the punk scene. Most kids I've known that really dress and take punk seriously as an "alternative
    lifestyle", while they may be MANY nasty things, are usually the farthest thing from being neo-Nazis or organized racists.

    Just thought I'd throw my two cents in. Best of luck, and it looks like we've got Hal Turner pissing icecubes right about now.

    All in all, a great day!


  4. A home run with the article. Like I have said, the nazis are no threat to overtaking the government but are a threat to mentally ill teenagers and young adults who might carry out their threats of violence.

    People like Hal Turner & Michael Blevins who call for violence should be treated as domestic terrorist. It's Turner & Blevins who inspire such hatred.

  5. Harry,

    Have you heard anything about Hal's court date? I've been under the weather and have not kept up on that.

  6. This most likely wouldn't have happened if the Mongrel hadn't been messing with the White girl.

  7. Tony,

    The court date was yesterday according to about two weeks but I haven't heard anything from it. Hal would have been bragging about being found innocent so something must have happened.

    Steve Holsten,

    You are stupid as shit. The girl was hispanic.


    You just keep proving us right when we say you and your types support violence. Like in this instance, you fully support the violence that happened.

    And you are stupid as shit. Yea, I said that already but you really are.

  8. Quote from the pedo just in case he decides to delete his latest round of stupidity.

    Elmer Frazier said...

    This most likely wouldn't have happened if the Mongrel hadn't been messing with the White girl.

  9. Damn KIKE Schwartzo, I read somewhere that the girl is White. These guys wouldn't have given 2 Shits if the Shit skin Mongrel was messing around & kissing another Mongrel.

    And Schwartzo, your latest request to suck my Dick is still denied...

  10. Pedo it's none of your damn business when teenagers of the same age are kissing each other of any color.

    What is illegal is when 23 yr old men hunt down 13 yr oldlittle girls on the internet.

    Once again, interracial dating=legal

    Pedo hunting=illegal

    If you and the skank driven goobers of this world would just learn a few basic facts, far few good kids would be getting hurt.

  11. EB - No - the picture is certainly not one of the perpetrators - just an example of a teen seeking identity and trying to establish themselves with their own uniquie brand. As I was writing about some of the "extremes" that we see today I kept remembering some of the reactions that I have seen older adults have to those in the punk scene.

  12. The unorganized bigots and racists commiting acts of violence are going to be a continuing problem. However I think it is totally incorrect and dangerous to discount fascism as a political trend with the potential to grow.

    While the swastika will likely never have mass appeal, with European Americans, there is at least the possibility that the radical ideas of fascism will gain mass appeal.

    From my observations, particularly in regards to immigration, I see there is a portion of the European American community who are already moving toward a fascist position.

    We need to recognize that people are looking for answers as the economic and social crisis in the USA deepens and they are not going to be looking for answers.

  13. and they ARE going to be looking for answers."

  14. I agree - and the more desperate they become the easier it will be for fascism to take root.

  15. Damn train schedules....

  16. Anonymous Pussy FuckTard said:

    Once again, interracial dating=legal

    No Fuckwad, it equals Beastality...

  17. This is pretty horrendous. We now know that Tuck has a lengthy history of racist crimes. The people who he was with when this Hispanic man was beaten were staying in his house. And yet the mother claims she has no knowledge of his Nazi leanings. Hell, the boy hung a Nazi flag outside the garage and they were eventually ordered to take it down. He paraded up and down the street waving a swastika banner or MLK Day, he drew the wrath of neighbors for teaching their small children to bow in admiration of Hitler. He stood in the middle of the street, stopping traffic, while giving the Nazi salute. AND...he has Nazi tattoos. Is the mother deaf, blind, and senile?

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. I wouldn't be too hard on Beastality, Stevie. It wouldn't be too long now that your shit stain of a son will be going to the big house. If he comes come alive it will be only because he has found a new "daddy" of a different race and color.

    Illegal Immiration should be a felony!

  20. Why do you keep running your hole, Mouse Shit? You were Fucking told that Chris won't spend another day in jail over the Entrapment Bullshit.


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