Friday, May 12, 2006

Floyd In Cadillac

Tonight in Cadillac, Michigan Floyd Cochran addressed Cadillac United and other residents of the area. Speaking from the heart and with great humility, Mr. Cochran spoke of his time in the Aryan Nations and about the recruiting methods and techniques of neo-Nazi's in 21st Century America.

Cadillac has had its' share of problems with the Nazi's and his presentation was well received as Cadillac United has come to the forefront with some innovative ideas and events targeted at uniting the community and saying no to hate.

Mr. Cochran, himself, has been a target of late as his recent activities have been cause for some angry moments within the racist movement. Regardless of the libelous slander that has been aimed at Floyd, as well as an internet death threat, he took his message to the people of Cadillac. While everything remained peaceful, not all of the participants at this presentation were interested in combatting hate.

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Dan Carlton of the Michigan National Socialist Movement, dressed in a swastika bearing T-Shirt, was the first person to ask a question of Mr. Cochran. Carlton wanted to know how Floyd could justify the violence and arrests of Citizens Against Hate and One People's Project. Mr. Cochran was quick to inform them that neither Citizens Against Hate nor One People's Project engage in or advocate violence.

Obviously, Mr. Carlton was hoping to derail presentation and demean Mr. Cochran. As Floyd said, "They never dispute what I say." Of course, we know that when the truth is against them, the only thing left is personal attacks.


  1. Thank you for update, glad to hear all was peaceful.

  2. Cochran is right, these groups prey on the ignorant and uneducated. Notice how they fail to make an impact on the educated, they never can and never will!

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  4. So says the fat circus freak of Kennett who was fined $10,000 + court cost + interest for dealing DirecTV in civil court.

    Keep smoking those cigarettes fatty, it will quicken the job.

  5. Cochran speaks about hate groups

    By Rick Charmoli, Cadillac News
    CADILLAC - Floyd Cochran admitted Friday that he wasted his life on hate.

    When he was the spokesman for the Aryan Nations, however, he would tell people something different.

    He would say he didn't hate anyone, he just loved the white race. Likewise, he was not a white supremacist, he was a white separatist. But when those people left, his words would change. They would change to words of hate.

    Cochran left the white supremacy group in 1992 and Friday he came to the Cadillac area to talk about hate groups. Despite threats on Web sites received earlier, he talked to students in Buckley and Mesick and at night he spoke to community members in Cadillac. The event was sponsored by Cadillac United.

    “Threats come and go. I was threatened but I will not be intimidated,” he said.

    During his nearly two-hour presentation, Cochran shared information about symbols and signs hate groups, things happening in other communities and personal stories from his experiences. One thing he wanted to stress was that it was not easy overcoming hateful ways.

    “Change is not easy, it requires work when hate does not,” he said. “It's much like a relationship. When you are involved in a relationship you work hard at it but when it ends it takes no work to hate that other person.”

    The light turned on to change for Cochran when the hate turned inward toward his family.

    While the Aryan Nations treated Cochran as family, something he did not have a child, it did not extend the same attitude toward his son. Cochran was told the child would have to be euthanized because of a genetic defect. Over the next couple months, Cochran struggled with the issue until he finally left the hate group.

    Although he does not wish to go back, he said he still struggles with some of the things he learned while with the group.

    “A year ago in Philadelphia, a black man cut me off. I instantly thought of a racial epitaph. Then I thought, ‘Why did I feel that way?'” he said. “I'm still working on that.”

    After his presentation, Cochran held a question-and-answer session where members of the audience were able to ask questions.

    A few members of the local National Socialists Movement asked Cochran how he could defend members of anti-hate groups who were arrested in Toledo for assaulting various Neo-Nazis.

    He simply said he did not endorse or justify violence and it was better to take a non-violent path against such groups.

    “I was waiting for them to ask a question. I thought (the question) would be a more hostile type question. Like, ‘we don't do that or we don't hate people,'” he said. “They did not deny it.”

    As for what the people can do to combat hate groups such as the National Socialists Movement, Cochran said not to forget the First Amendment protects hate groups as well as every other citizen.

    “It's not what you say at the rally, it is what you do the day after the rally. Find creative ways to take a stand,” he said. “There is a passive way to deal with them.”

    Your Local Connection

    € Hate groups reach out to youth and play on people's fears and stereotypes.

    € Ignoring hate groups with the hopes that they will go away is a myth. It allows them to continue to play on fears and stereotypes.

    € Until July 1992, Floyd Cochran was the fifth ranking member and Director of Propaganda for the Neo-Nazi group, Aryan Nation, in Idaho.

    € This is a white supremacist group that combines Nazi ideas with a racist brand of biblical fundamentalism known as Christian Identity. Since leaving the Aryan Nation, Cochran has been working to counter the messages hate groups bring to communities and schools. | 775-NEWS (6397)

  6. Nikki,

    Are you saying that all Christians are racists? Because as a Christian, I take umbridge to that remark.

    I've noticed that nazies follow a bastardized form of Christianity, personalized in the form of a diety named "Yahweh." Here the nutsies have twisted the Bible to their own liking, or have rewritten it completely. For example, where it says, "Thou shalt not commiit adultery," means have physical sex or even leering outside of marriage. However, the nutsies believe that the commandment means "do not adulterate the white race." Uh-huh.

  7. Anonymous said...

    Are you saying that all Christians are racists? Because as a Christian, I take umbridge to that remark.

    Anonymous - the only reference to Christianity that I see was in the news item I posted above regarding Floyd Cochran's presentation. Of course I don't believe that all Christians are racist - or even the majority of Christians.

    Those who practice Christian Identity - what you are speaking of - are not only racist but absolutely not Christian. The bastardized "religion" known as CI is, to me, merely a convolution of the Bible and meant only to prey upon the weak and to be used as an instrument to fill the pockets of racists and hate-mongering people who call themselves "Ministers."

    I might have just opened up a real can of worms.

  8. Most Christians in the world today are non-whites.

    Any true Christian will disvow racists.

    Floyd Cochran in the Cadillac News


  9. Elmer Frazier wrote, "I don't know if you Anti's call ones who say Faggotry is wrong racists or not.

    Real Christians will never accept Faggots & Faggotry. The Bible says that Faggotry is an Abomination in God's eyes."

    Absolutely correct, Elmer. I'm a Mormon, and when we find a practicing homo in our church, and he doesn't repent, we excommunicate him straightaway, along with people who engage in other forms of sexual misconduct, such as adultery. My Bible still contains Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, and Romans 1:26-27.

    The problem is that the gay rights lobby wants to justify sin, so they twist and mangle scripture to do it. They want to transform the King James Bible into the "Queen" James Bible. This is what happens when you substitute "purpose-driven" Christianity for "Christ-driven" Christianity.

    Practicing gays have their own church to attend, the Metropolitan Community Church. They should quit trying to force other Christian denominations to change their doctrine to suit them.

  10. adultery is also an abomination in God's eyes. The bible talks a lot more about that sin than homosexuality.

    Steve is an adulterer. He should be killed according to the same bible that calls for gays to die.

    Anchorage, does the Mormon church expel adulterers also?

  11. Steve, all sin is an abomination in the eyes of God. That is if you believe in God. You certainly don't follow the beliefs in Jesus.

    Jesus never brings up the topic of homosexuality being a sin but does talk quite a bit about adultery being one.

    The only reason you hate gays is they are a threat to you for some reason. And the only reason a gay would be a threat to you is if you are fighting homosexuality yourself.

    See Steve, I care less what two consenting men do. So should you.

    Here is something that will educate you in the meaning of the word

    Wikipedia article

    It will educate you on how you are an abomination in the eyes of God Steve.

    And also remember pedo if you are a Xian, Jesus forgives all sin. Regardless of what they are.

  12. I suspect "Achorage Activist" is really fat, repulsive neo-Nazi Dave Pringle.

    Hey Dave: you're one to talk of morality. Still frequenting the strip clubs, you fat-assed loser?!

    BTW, Mormonism is a CULT.


  13. David Pringle helped put Chester Doles in prison.

  14. "David Pringle helped put Chester Doles in prison. "-Harry


    Dave should have had the decency to join him. And, NO, you CANNOT BE A NEO-NAZI AND A CHRISTIAN AT THE SAME TIME.

    If you think differently , you might consider the fact that the
    Confessing Church of Germany issued the famous theological proclamation of Barmen that repudiated Nazi interference in the church during the Hitler Era.

    Do you know, btw, how many Christians and Catholics went to their death in the Nazi concentration camp system for being "resisters"? Do you know about the Italian church refusing to turn over their Jews to the S.S., secreting them away in monastaries and convents because they were REAL CHRISTIANS, as opposed to the QUISLING HYPOCRITES that went along with the Reich despite their confession of "faith"?

    You neo-Nazi and Holocaust deniers have really MISSED OUT on learning about this whole aspect of World War 2 history. You could start with researching names like Karl Barth, Dietrich Boenhoffer, Corrie Ten Boom, Elisabeth Abegg, Marie Benoit; names of Christian and Catholic ministers who sometimes lost their earthly lives resisting Nazis.

    You cannot serve God and MAMMON. Hitler is identified by many seers as having been one of the Antichrists that were foretold not only in the holy scriptures, but by secular prophets such as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and others.

    You cannot serve the God of Love and the God of Hate in the same measure.

  15. Steve,

    Are you telling me that gay men have forced themselves on you in the past? Because that is what you just said.

    I've never been hit on by a gay man once in my life.

    Maybe they can sense something about you.

    There are plenty of gay Christians in the world today. If you actually would read the Bible especially the new testament and John 3:16-17 , being gay does not keep you out of heaven.

    However, I totally suspect you are not a God following Christian at all. Instead, you are a pedophile with a profane mouth full of hatred.

  16. Steve said:

    I haven't had a Faggot "hit" on me since I was a kid about 10 yrs old. That was at a gas station back then that was close to home. I hung around there to watch the owner work on cars. He got me in his trailer one day that was behind the station and started feeling me up. I got away from as fast as I could.

    So Steve Holsten was molested when he was a child? That makes a lot of sense now in how he thinks today.

    Most pedophiles were molested themselves when they were kids. That would explain why Steve is a pedophile today.

    Now again, if you are not gay Steve, why would seeing two men kissing each other offend you? You used to brag about downloading pics of two women & lesbians kissing and getting it on. So why doesn't women doing it bother you just as bad?

    I care less about gays getting married. Being a straight married man myself, it doesn't bother me one bit.

    And Steve, let you ask you this. If one of your sons or daughters said they were gay, what would think of them? Would you still love them? And answer the question, don't say "it isn't going to happen".

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