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May 28, 2008


Domestic Terrorism 101

Many hate groups and individuals have been listed by federal law-enforcement as domestic terrorists. How dangerous are they?

"To Kill A Mockingbird" Town In Unrest

Segregation ended long ago, right? A free, appropriate, public education is guaranteed to all children, right? In America, all people are considered equal, right? Well, maybe not. In Monroeville, Alabama, are sick of the racist bias that still exists within the schools and they are doing something about it.

Skinheads, Lone Wolves & Their Godfather

Hate crimes and hate groups are on the rise according to the F.B.I. and no place is busier than Philadelphia, Pa. Skinheads abound in the City of Brotherly Love and law-enforcement there is on alert.

News on the Hatefront

Psychosis & a Failed Ego Trip


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Burned Bridges

O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!
(Walter Scott)

The art of deception, although coveted by many, has been elusive to most. The beguiling of others requires the craftiest of cunning and duplicity. Of course, it also helps if your targeted audience lacks the aplomb or the worldliness to be discerning.

I have written volumes about William A. White, the narcissistic anomaly with a chameleonic penchant for double-dealing and deceit. Initially, he came to my attention as the outcast anarchist who told the media, "…"the reason [the Columbine victims] got killed is that they are part of an authoritarian social movement and were seen by the killers as symbolic of that movement ... What the shooters were shooting at was not people but the movements they symbolized. It's a shame that authoritarian Christians, who are trying to dominate our society, don't have a clue how objectionable they are until people start shooting them."

With a little research, it soon became clear that Bill White was one of those people found in every movement who never quite fit with the mainstream players. With a little more research, it became abundantly apparent that he was a total liability to the group he claimed affiliation with and that he was seen by other anarchists as a "loose cannon" and somewhat of a pariah.

However, amid the criticism and ostracization experienced by White, it became evident that he was the classic example of narcissistic resiliency. He was also quite capable of transmutation - at whim. With an over-valued sense of self-worth, Bill entered the realm of politics and when he failed miserably, he tried his hand at being a "Third Positionist." Perhaps realizing that in order for him to be truly appreciated he needed an audience easier to dupe, more malleable, and more gullible, he became a neo-Nazi. Ever seeking that brass ring of attention and praise, he trampled on the toes of some, and ran rough-shod over many. As we engaged in a study of the narcissitic personality, Bill White gave us first-hand evidence in the trials and tribulations of those faced with such a dibilitating affliction.

As a preface to a widely read article written in 2003, and entitled "The Pathology Of The Outsider Looking In," I wrote the following:

"Mental illness is no stranger to the extremes of any movement and certainly no stranger to those movements based in hate. One has only to look at the history of those organizations and the violence which has accompanied them to reach the correct conclusion that such campaigns often breed and attract those who lack mental competence. This is not a blanket condemnation, merely an educated observation. Watching the radical right we frequently meet individuals whose attempts to be heard and gain favor with the neo-Nazi's take on a bizarre and sometimes loathsome demeanor and existence. One such character emerges paramount in the personage of Bill White."

Watching someone meander through the throes of maddness is never easy and it certainly isn't pretty. While I have written so much about this individual, it brings no satisfaction to witness the devastating effects of a mental meltdown on any individual no matter how loathsome. We have been witnessing this mental collapse for at least a month now, and in so doing have been astounded at the rapid progression of this illness.

If there is a basic psychological premise, it is that narcissists do not work and play well with others. Considering how long White has been involved in the neo-Nazi scene now, and how many people within that venue he has alienated or totally ground into the mud, it speaks volumes about the self-worth and self-concept of those involved in the "movement." With that being said, it also makes one hell of a statement about the desperation of desperate people.

Those who embrace the ideology of racism and anti-Semitism often find themselves seeking validation for their beliefs - in any way possible. Often believing that any publicity for their "cause" is good publicity, they can be seen proudly boasting of any mention in print or other media about their organizations or their events. It matters not how negative they are portrayed, the fact that they were recognized is enough to verify their worthiness. Perhaps that is why so many of Bill White's transgressions against them have been ignored or overlooked as he is masterful at gaining media attention.

It should be noted once again that Bill White has been unable to maintain any kind of relationship with anyone with whom he has associated with - ever. Of all of the people who have believed in him or followed him, not one remains by his side. Even desperate people recognize maddness eventually.

The recent developments with Bill White may be surprising to some people, but they shouldn't be. These developments should also be viewed in context with, not only his illness, but with his real agenda which seems to be working quite well in spite of his recent downward spiral. Years ago, Bill established himself within the white nationalist community, albeit tenuously. Time and again he has been caught up in his narcissistic pattern of lying and deceiving only to be welcomed back out of acute desperation. But his words written early on should be a valuable resource to those astute enough to add two plus two.

In his own words...

"…white nationalism deserves to fail because the people involved in it are too stupid to deserve success, whether that be in their personal lives or their private lives. White nationalism is held back by the freaks defectives, and professional ignoramouses that make up not just its leadership, but much of its rank and file. I am not a white nationalist primarily because I would never want to be lumped in with the idiots who are."

"Most of the white nationalists who are in operation are miserable failures, both personally and professionally. You have petty criminals, porn hustlers, men who live with their mothers, men who can't hold jobs, women with four kids from four different fathers, etc. These folk range from liars to drinkers to thieves to grown men who are still playing at being in "gangs" to the whole list of dysfunctional and deservedly socially rejected people. I can understand playing at being a part of a subculture when you are 14 or 18 or even 21, but if you are 25 or 29 or in your 30's or more, and you are still trying to be "cool" by anyone's standards, you need to grow up."

"I hope most folk out there turn away from the losers and lowlifes of the white nationalist movement and look for constructive ways to build up first themselves, and then their communities."

"I don't like the white nationalist "movement" as a "movement"; it has the same decadent form of either of the two major political parties."

"I'm not a part of fantasy politics. I'm not a National Alliance member because I don't want to play at being a Nazi, and I have no desire to subject myself organizationally to people who aren't competent to judge me."

"…the idiot game that communists and Nazis play fighting each other, just provide more examples of just how idiotic these political fringe fantasies can get. I just want to let both sides know, however, that I'm not part of it. There is a reason you've never been comfortable with my website or my politics, and its not because I'm part of the other side. The reason I make you so angry is because I am above you, I am watching you, and I am mocking you because you are incompetent. I'm not "on the other team" I'm more of the sportscaster commenting except that unlike the sportscasters on TV, I hate both teams, and the reason people tune in is to listen to me rag on both of you.

"Just like there are people who's sport is football, my sport is fringe politics.

"Welcome to my arena, but don't ever make the mistake of thinking I'm playing in your games."

So...if he isn't playing their game, just what is it that he is doing? I would submit that he believes that he is beating them at their own game - and he well might be except for that fact that he may have very well burned his last bridge to the playoffs. We'll see.

Most recently, numerous members of his American Nationalist Socialist Worker's Party have jumped ship - fled in the face of what can only be summed up as Bill White's War on White Nationalism which, loosely translates into Bill White Shoots Himself Squarely in the Ass.

After what can only be described as a gang-bang of Michael Blevins of VonBluvens notariety, White felt the backlash for weeks. As he and Chris Drake pummled Blevins on the Vanguard News Network Forum, those who were often seen sitting on the fence when it came to White, along with many of Bill's detractors, soon came to the defense of Michael Blevins. Recognizing the damage that White had done over the years to other members within their ranks, they united against what had once been White's strong hold over those weaker and less perspicacious than he.

Amid claims that he somehow compromised Blevin's computer and that he and the VNN moderators were sharing information about Blevins - something that probably has been done on a regular basis with a number of the VNN crowd - White met with the wrath of some of VNN's most dedicated members. And as it was announced that other members of his organization were resigning, Bill was in a crisis.

Taking to his blog and making post after post about killing people in the general sector who he believed were doing him wrong, his writings took on an eerie and troubling air. He would later recount an illness that his wife and newborn daughter suffered back in January and explain his recent behaviors as that of a despondent man suffering what appear to be extreme panic attacks. Not many were buying his try for attention. His latest scheme is claiming that he has acquired the mailing list of the rival National Socialist Movement and offering it for sale for $1,000.

What has become painfully obvious in all of this is that Bill White's NPD has crippled Bill White. The one truism in all of this is that White has no place left to go. He knows that. While he has been on his own before, there were always new bridges to cross - he's burned them all. And...those on the racist right are learning the hard way that there is no honor among racists - they can and will be sold out by their commrades whenever the chips are down. Loyalty and honor requires integrity - something that's pretty alien to those who hate others simply because of who they are.

The other thing that should be patently obvious to the racist sector by now is that Bill White really isn't playing on your field - he told you that a long time ago.

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Whose Fault Is It?


From the Los Angeles Times
Lawyer blames school in shooting of gay Oxnard student
Attorney for youth facing arraignment on murder charges says officials failed to defuse tensions.
By Catherine Saillant
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

May 8, 2008

As 14-year-old Brandon McInerney prepares to be arraigned today in the slaying of 15-year-old Lawrence "Larry" King at E.O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard, his lawyer is advancing a defense that at least partly blames school officials for the tragedy.
FOR THE RECORD: A story in Thursday's California section about the legal defense of 14-year-old Brandon McInerney of Oxnard omitted the first name and title of Ventura County Dist. Atty. Gregory Totten.
Educators should have moved aggressively to quell rising tensions between the two boys, which began when King openly flirted with McInerney, said Deputy Public Defender William Quest.

Instead, administrators were so intent on nurturing King as he explored his sexuality, allowing him to come to school wearing feminine makeup and accessories, that they downplayed the turmoil that his behavior was causing on campus, Quest said.

On Feb. 12, McInerney shot King in the back of the head with a handgun as first-period classes were beginning, according to police. McInerney's inability to see another way to solve his problem is partly the fault of the school system, his attorney said.

"Brandon is not some crazed lunatic," Quest said. "This was a confluence of tragic events that could have been stopped. If there is partial blame in other places, let's not throw away Brandon for the rest of his life."

McInerney has been held in Juvenile Hall in lieu of $700,000 bail since the shooting. Ventura County prosecutors have announced their intent to try him as an adult. The teenager is scheduled to enter a plea at today's proceedings, but Quest said the arraignment may be postponed until the court decides on his motion to try him as a juvenile.

Under state law, juvenile offenders can be incarcerated until the age of 25 and then must be released. If he is convicted as an adult, McInerney would face 50 years to life, with an additional three years for a special hate-crime allegation.

"We think there will be evidence that the school, with the actions of Larry, didn't quite know how to deal with it," Quest said.

School Supt. Jerry Dannenberg strongly disagreed with such allegations. "School officials definitely were aware of what was going on, and they were dealing with it appropriately," Dannenberg said Wednesday. King was constitutionally entitled to wear makeup, earrings and high-heeled boots under long-established case law, Dannenberg said.

Totten said he was open to further discussion on trying McInerney as an adult. Prosecutors are looking at all of the evidence and are considering pleas from the community, as well as from McInerney's family and friends, he said.

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On Tonight's Eye On Hate Radio show we discuss an interesting email we recieved from "VB" regarding Hal Turner's possible involvment in the murder/sucide of a NY couple.(Deb & Jim Leshkevich)
Show starts at 10pm est - opening the phone lines at 10:30 for your calls.

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It was one of those fantastically beautiful Florida days in May of 2007. Asma Sidani and her two beautiful sons, one five and the other eleven thought it would be a perfect time for some Taco Bell.

Seated at a table in the Tampa Bay restaurant the two children awaited the return of their mother as she placed their order. Little did they realize that the stranger seated close by, 60-year-old Thomas Plaisted, hated them simply because they were Muslim.

It didn’t take long for the bile that often accompanies such hatred to rise within Plaisted. Unleashing a torrent of racial expletives and curse words upon the two children, Plaisted then spat food into the face of the youngest and began shoving the oldest.

Shouting that he wanted to break their necks, Plaisted was confronted by patrons and workers in the restaurant and forced to flee. However, the hateful onslaught would scar the two little ones for the rest of their lives.

Incongruously, once the police arrived, they refused to take a report furthering the outrage of both the mother and the onlookers and doing nothing to assuage the terrified youth.

In a society such as ours where people from all corners of the Earth converge and dwell and work together it is inconceivable that such things continue to occur. Often we are oblivious to the deleterious acts of the crazed and the depraved. Caught up in the hustle and bustle of our own daily routines, we have a tendency to take freedom, and the acceptance of others for granted.

The Sidani children were guilty of nothing more than being children born into a Muslim family. Anticipating a favorite meal, they expected nothing more than a happy repast with their mother. Yet, they were robbed of their innocence and their security by a thief so filled with venomous hatred as to rival a rattler on a hot August night.

Thomas Plaisted was, of all things, a school bus driver for the local district. Everyday he drove young students, of every color and ethnicity, to and from their educational institutes. His actions resulted in his firing and in his being charged with a hate crime.

The failure of the police in this matter, resulted in an apology and an assurance that such negligence would not happen again. However, the very fact that it occurred at all leaves one wondering how widespread such blatant negligence might be – and if it was negligence at all.

The children are scheduled to give depositions next week. In a civilized community of humanity, children are generally valued at a higher level. We have an innate sense of protecting those who have not yet matured into adulthood. In this case, we can only hope that the children will be able to work through the trauma that Plaisted inflicted upon their young psyches.

While the actions of Plaisted are despicable, they are not without precedence, however. All to often, hate crimes against others, even the young, are being committed. They leave behind not only the physical evidence but an emotional scarring that can and, often does, last a lifetime.

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Photo by Isis

Ya know...I just have to say a few things about all of this. Bill White has to be the single-most effective anti-racist that ever walked the face of this earth. We all complain about him, we get really pissed at some of the things that he does, but let's face it - he makes our job so much easier in so many ways.

1) We know that whenever he hooks up with another individual or group that eventually we are going to be the recipients of:
A)Personal information on all parties - either in the form of membership lists; addresses, phone numbers, and real names; or lists like those from Shop White.

B)All the dirt and inside information about that group or individual.

2) We can count on Bill to decimate all white activists, albeit, one member at a time. The job that he does on those in the racist movement is often swift, brutal, and often leaves the person totally incapacitated.

3) While he demonstrates no loyalty to the racist movement, we can always rest assured that he will follow behind us and do clean-up whether it is an issue like Satan's Gate or the figurative decapitation of political candidates such as Ron Paul - Bill will add the finishing touches.

4) Under the guise of white nationalism, Bill White brings people like Tony Zirkle to the forefront of media attention. Placing Zirkle at a podium in front of a portrait of Hitler was a sure-fire way to assure that his constituency equated him with the ideology he embraced and that he would be defeated.

Time and time again, this man has risen to the occasion and taken an axe to this thing known as the racist movement. For that we should thank him. Just look at what he has done to the forum once belonging to Alex Linder! It just goes to show you that when we all work together we DO make a difference. BRAVO!

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3 skinheads held for trial in attack
Philadelphia Daily News 215-854-2592

Three men - who police and civilian investigators say are members of a group called the Keystone State Skinheads - were held for trial yesterday on weapons, conspiracy, simple-assault and related charges in connection with a beating last Memorial Day weekend of another man believed to have neo-Nazi ties.
Keith Carney, 26, and Andrew Boyle, 28, both of Northeast Philadelphia, and Douglas Caffarella, 26, of South Philadelphia, are accused of conspiring with a fourth man, Vincent A. DeFelice, in the May 26, 2007, beating of Eric Dottaviano on 17th Street near Shunk, South Philadelphia.

Municipal Judge Nazario Jimenez Jr. held Carney, Boyle and Caffarella on most charges, but dismissed an aggravated-assault charge based on lack of evidence.

A preliminary hearing for DeFelice, who is in custody in New Jersey, was postponed to June 20.

A police source said yesterday that Dottaviano had been beaten because he allegedly broke a Keystone State Skinheads' rule - "something petty," the source said - for getting a "type of tattoo not in accordance with KSS."

The source said Carney, Boyle, and Caffarella are KSS members and also believed that the victim, Dottaviano, was a member.

However, Daryle Lamont Jenkins, 39, an activist with the watchdog group One People's Project, which monitors right-wing groups, said after the hearing that Dottaviano was just a "hanger-on," and not a KSS member. Jenkins confirmed that the three defendants in court yesterday are KSS members.

"They really don't like him," Jenkins said, but added that "he [Dottaviano] is a neo-Nazi."

Jenkins called Carney "the most prominent [KSS member] in this area."

It is not clear if DeFelice, 26, is a member.

In a recent study, the Southern Poverty Law Center listed the Keystone State Skinheads as one of Pennsylvania's active hate groups and labeled it "racist skinhead." The Harrisburg-based KSS also has members in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Altoona, Bethlehem, State College, Wilkes-Barre and Greensburg.

FBI Special Agent J.J. Klaver, a Philadelphia spokesman, said yesterday "the FBI recognizes the KSS as a domestic terrorist group."

During yesterday's preliminary hearing, Police Officer Clinton Cunningham testified that about 2:15 a.m. May 26, he was at 17th and Porter streets when he heard "yelling and screaming."

He drove a block south to Shunk Street, where he saw Caffarella, Boyle and DeFelice "standing over, punching and kicking" Dottaviano.

"Caffarella had a handgun in his hand and was pointing it down toward" the victim as he was trying to get up, Cunningham testified.

After one of the defendants saw him, Cunningham said, all three ran to a nearby gold Dodge Avenger, driven by Carney, who "took off at a high rate of speed."

Cunningham said he called for a rescue vehicle to help the victim, whose "face was covered with blood." He then pursued the Dodge around the block to 18th Street near Shunk.

With the assistance of other officers who rushed to the scene, police arrested the four men and confiscated a .380-semiautomatic handgun from Caffarella's waistband, Cunningham said.

He said Officer Joseph Cosgrove confiscated a set of brass knuckles from DeFelice, who was in the front passenger seat and had them in his "lap area."

The Dodge, with a Delaware license plate, was later determined to be Boyle's, Cunningham said. (Court records show Boyle has lived in Delaware.)

Under cross-examination by defense attorney Joseph Santaguida, who represents Caffarella, Cunningham said he later found out that Caffarella's permit to carry a gun had been revoked.

Dottaviano, now 34, was not in court. Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Kotchian would say afterward only that she "had contact with his family, and he's not able to be in court today."

Santaguida said he does not know if Caffarella is a KSS member. He called the "scuffle" an "argument with friends."

Defense attorney J. Michael Farrell, who represents Carney, Boyle and DeFelice, would not comment on whether any of his clients are KSS members.

Carney, Boyle and Caffarella, who are all out on bail, were told by their attorneys to keep quiet.

In court, Santaguida and Farrell asked the judge to dismiss the aggravated-assault charge and other offenses.

"Without a complainant, I think they [prosecutors] insult the court's intelligence," Santaguida said. "We don't know if it was an aggravated assault. We don't know how it started. We don't know who started it."

He also argued that simply pointing a gun is simple assault.

The judge agreed, saying that by case law, just pointing a gun is simple assault. He also noted the absence of the victim in dismissing the aggravated-assault charge.

Kotchian had argued for the defendants to be held on all charges.

After the hearing, Officers Cunningham and Cosgrove couldn't believe that the aggravated-assault charge had been discharged.

"You're beating someone on the ground and you point the gun at them," Cosgrove said. "My belief is if Officer Cunningham didn't respond, it would have been a shooting instead of a beating. In my opinion, he saved the complainant's life." *

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Watching what can only be called the “Blood – Sport” of the neurotics in the racist “movement” over the last few days has brought me to the realization that none of them have a real understanding of the work that we do or what we are all about.

I guess it just makes things easier for them if they lump every group, organization, or anti-racist all together in one of their little piles of people to hate. Just as they dispose of their own without compunction, marginalizing and trivializing has always been one their mainstay tactics when faced with truth and reality.

In a recent display of what can only be characterized as the pathological behavior of those so insecure in their world of angst and disquietude as to have been rendered dysfunctional, a campaign against one of their own has resulted in the almost total decimation of one-time high-profile member known as VonBluvens – real name Michael Blevins.

As Bill White, a noted narcissistic and behaviorally disordered pseudo-Nazi out of Roanoke, Virginia, and Chris Drake, former NSM skinhead turned suck-up to White, stand poised to deliver the final blow in what has to be one of the most offensive public displays of humiliation, others are choosing up sides and placing their bets.

The irony in all of this may really turn out to be karma. Blinded by his anger and perceived wrongdoing by Blevins, Drake appears to have been duped into believing that the favors being lavished upon him now by White are without the consequences that surely await. Skillfully manipulated by White, Drake will soon be the recipient of much the same as Blevins – bet on it.

If there ever was a certainty among the racists it is that there is no honor – no loyalty – and no member is safe. When it comes to Bill White, that certainty is 100%. Among all those who have followed White into his melee of irrational megalomania, there is not one person left standing. The world is just not big enough for Bill and anyone else.

As speculation about where Michael Blevins will land runs the gamut, it becomes clear that little is understood about those who leave the movement and those who help them. Living an existence within the confines of bigoted and racist beliefs does not generally lend itself to knowledge and friendship outside of that belief system. After immersion in such a hateful and harmful atmosphere leaving is not an action undertaken lightly or easily.

Often the very notion of making such a life-altering change causes a great emotional confusion and worry. Taking the first step frequently ends up with the racist taking two steps backward – yet the next “first step” will be much easier.

Concern over friendships and bonds are often tantamount to the other interests. “What will I do for friends?” or “What happens to my friends,” are foremost in the racist mind. After-all, for most, this has been their sequestered lifestyle for years.

Safety and security come next as well as the possibility of trying to renew old relationships with family and friends that were long-ago broken.

Some who leave, join forces with groups like Citizens Against Hate or other anti-racist organizations and spend their lives working against the very beliefs and ideologies that dictated their racist actions. Others simply fade off of the radar, move into mainstream society, and begin building what most would consider a “normal” life for themselves and their families.

Of course, there are those who have been active within the “movement” and whose departure creates a great dread among other members, and who feel threatened by what secrets are being taken away as well. These people often go into hiding…sometimes they change their names and put a great deal of physical distance between themselves and their former comrades.

Our role in all of this is generally to provide support and encouragement as well as help in the areas needed to make a successful break and take the first steps toward putting their life back together. Unlike the racist movement, there are no strings attached to that help, no demands, and no expectations other than a new life for the ex-racist.

It is always interesting to me to see how those in the “movement” think that we must employ much the same tactics as they do when nothing could be further from the truth.

Will Michael Blevins leave the movement behind? I don’t know and I can only hope that he will. He has many positive things on his side to help make, not only his decision, but a clean break not the least of which is his faith. A sincere belief in a higher power goes a long way in helping one over the rough spots.

A supportive wife would be a helpful thing for Blevins, but by all earlier accounts his wife has been pretty much a part of the racist scene. However, the very fact of an existing family can have an enormous impact on someone who sincerely wishes to leave.

Caught up in the furor of all of the blood-letting, Christopher Drake has also demonstrated his lack of resistance to the manipulation of Bill White. While he may appear to be a willing participant, he is nothing more that White’s latest victim – an unsuspecting marionette who dances to the beat of the pseudo-Nazi’s drum.

As the alliance between White and Drake took many by surprise, myself included, it has only served to further the belief that White intends to continue building his ever-mounting heap of flayed and filleted Nazi’s – one body at a time. And…hey, as long as they are willing to become the next victim in his web of hate, there isn’t much anyone can do about it, huh?

Consequently, we will continue to hold the door open for those who have had enough…for those who want to change…for those who want a better life. We’ll continue to reach out and to help those who choose walk down a path to being human, once again.

The relentless attacks by Bill White against Blevins will change focus as his need for attention mandates he that seek another target. Once Christopher Drake fulfills his usefulness to White, he will become just one more notch in White’s belt. And the crowd roars. Living a life filled with hate in one’s heart requires very little in the way of amusement – just an occasional suicide/murder, a spate of child molesting offenses, or perhaps a wanna be Nazi’s exsanguinations of one of their own.

Such is the life – and the nature of the beast. Such is the ill - logic of the racist movement.

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Email to Nikki from VonBluvens

Originally Posted by Christopher Drake
FLoyd Cockran just told on Mike. Check out their latest eye on hate show. FLoyd just admitted Mike has contacted them. Its over, Mike.

Von Bluven's response to Chis Drake:
They don't have personal email or snailmail correspondence from me. I dare Floyd Cochran or Nikki Nichols to publish any sort of personal correspondence from me--They won't be able to because none exist." end of posting by VonBluvens aka M. Blevins

Mike, while this email you sent Nikki in 2005 is rather innocent - we have more, should we post them ? Floyd - Eye On Hate
: "M. Blevins"
Subject: Correction
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005 22:56:40 -0800

I have to correct you on just one point. The NSM doesn't have a problem with Billy Roper or White Revolution. I honestly don't think they have a problem with us either.


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