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with Nicole Nichols
May 28, 2008


Domestic Terrorism 101

Many hate groups and individuals have been listed by federal law-enforcement as domestic terrorists. How dangerous are they?

"To Kill A Mockingbird" Town In Unrest

Segregation ended long ago, right? A free, appropriate, public education is guaranteed to all children, right? In America, all people are considered equal, right? Well, maybe not. In Monroeville, Alabama, are sick of the racist bias that still exists within the schools and they are doing something about it.

Skinheads, Lone Wolves & Their Godfather

Hate crimes and hate groups are on the rise according to the F.B.I. and no place is busier than Philadelphia, Pa. Skinheads abound in the City of Brotherly Love and law-enforcement there is on alert.

News on the Hatefront

Psychosis & a Failed Ego Trip



  1. What's interesting is that when I lived in the deep south, any African-American over the age of 45 remembers having to go a different school than the white kids. They remember having to drink out of a different water fountain and using a different bathroom. It wasn't until 1971 that schools in SC were integrated. The white schools were made of brick and are marked as historical properties today. The black schools were made of cheap wood and most are either now destroyed or rotting into the ground.

    Despite this, many African-Americans have proudly served their country, even though many of them also were treated like 2nd class citizens.

    Even to this day, white people chose to live away from african-americans whenever they get the chance.

    Still a lot of work to do. The neo-nazi & Klan movement is dead but the suit & tie variants of it are alive and well.

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  3. Yep, most of us Whites do want to live away from Blacks. They must be better in your area. Most of them around here are trouble makers, smell bad, are uneducated and just plain obnoxious. I say most but not all.

  4. Holsten you ain't white boyo. I would bitch slap you into next week if you ever call yourself white in front of me.

    Culturally Coons are diseased. They rob, they steal, and they murder. Should have never been given the right to vote.

  5. And white people don't commit crimes?

  6. Well...Bill White is even crazier than we thought. He's crowing about Dan Jones supposedly beating up some Viet Nam veteran, biker dude, AFTER Dan pepper sprayed him. Now that takes a lot of balls, huh?

    And...he "has it on good authority" that Blevins wrote the Burned Bridges article. Gee, Mike, was it you who sent me that?

  7. Nikki nugget-nutz wants to know: Many hate groups and individuals have been listed by federal law-enforcement as domestic terrorists. How dangerous are they?

    sorry...i can't give u an "answer" on that one....but i can tell you who "tops the pops" for "terrorism"....none other than good old Uncle Schmuely!....yeh...thass-right....fedZOGjewSA....with "greatest hits" like: the terror-bombing of millions of defenceless women & children in Germany during WWII (Hamburg, Munich, Dresden &c), the first use of atomic weapons against an exhausted, war-weary nation on the verge of surrendering (Japan), the deliberate murder of almost five million surrendered German PoWs just after WWII and in direct violation of the Geneva Convention, accesories both before & after the fact in the murder of over 10milion ethnic German "VolkesDeutsch" in the years following WWII, complicit in the gutting of a surrendered nation in accordance with a terrorist agenda called 'The Morgenthau Plan', robbing of billions of $$$ from that same nation, Germany, on the basis of a foul hoax ('The Holocaust')....then, we have: Korea
    (numerous accounts of psychopathic brutality against Korean civilians by heavily-armed US 'troops'), Vietnam(the same again...only over a longer period and with the added "fun additions" of such jollifications as wide-spread use of naplam, 'Agent Orange' defoilant & high-level B52 carpet-bombing....estimated civilian deaths: over five million!)...then we move on to: the illegal invasion of Panama, the illegal Gulf War I (in direct contravention of a firm promise given to the Iraqis...who where trying to recover oil stolen by Kuwait!), the subsequent economic sanctions on Iraq causing the deaths of almost one million children because of a lack of medicines and food-stuffs, the bogus 9/11 "false-flag" psy-op "attack" jointly engineered by the CIA and its 'handler'...MOSSAD, the re-invasion of Iraq & Afghanistan and the subsequent brutal slaughter of literally millions of totally innocent civilians by all sorts of high-tech weaponry from cruise missiles to depleted uranium to white phosphorous to new-generation micro-wave 'cannons' and a seemingly never-ending series of massive 'suicide' car-bomings against soft civilian targets...courtesy of 'embedded' MOSSAD & 'private security' goons!, the open advocacy of torture ('Abu Gharib' being the tip of a very large ice-berg), the detention without trial or due process of a large n° of innocent civilians in a "concentration camp"...Guatanamo Bay...the suspension of many civil rights & liberties by the totally un-constitutional 'Patriot Act' and....the piece de resisance......this shit!.....and .... wtf? ....these clowns have got the gall to draw up a list of 'potential domestic terrorists'.....!......really!


  8. Oh look, the Nimbuster troll (Jimbo) is back. Making no sense as usual. Ignore mode on.

  9. Eric Adams (or whatever his real name is) just kicked the living hell out of Michael Blevins on VNN.

    Look at post #42 & #43

    Nobody jerked your chain Mikey, Just sit back and let the adults talk.

    The craziest part of it all is the fact that most of what you get your "Intel" from is Doc, a certified Nut Case. That man is needs to be a white coat. The only thing ever ripped off pertaining to Doc is the fact he’s a Homeless Bum that members of my old group went out of their way for almost a year letting him "squat" at their house. I say it that way cause he’s a fucking bum that never works and lives off the charity of others. Wait, that’s you too. My Bad. If memory serves me well you and doc met in a crazy house.

    Not to mention the 2 yrs I carried your ass when you couldn’t even afford $20.00 a month for your website. 2 yrs I made sure you stayed online, always willing to help you out. That was on my own stupidity. I take full responsibility for that.

    Now run along like a good little bitch and let the big people take care of business.

    And to show you the lack of honor these pieces of scum have, Adams admits to turning over information about every customer NSM Records ever had.

    Poor Blevins, keeps getting bitched out.... But yet, he keeps wanting to play neo-nazi, so you gotta laugh.

    Woo Hoo!!!!!!

  10. Von should ignore those Turds. He'll do just fine without them.

  11. Steve,

    Blevins gets screwed over and over and over and over and over and over by the same people... over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over......

    This happens because Blevins is a very weak beta-male that put himself into these situations. He's got no one but himself to blame for it Steve.

    And it will keep happening to Blevins over and over and over and over and over and over...... you get the point.

    And just think, if Bill hadn't so openly dicked Blevins, Blevins would still be kissing his (blank) to this very day.

  12. You have to be pretty stupid not to realize (as I did) that most people in the WN movement are scum of the earth. Jeff Schoep, Vonnie, and Chris Drake all receive or have received public assistance. Yet they preach that it is wrong for minorities to receive the very same services. Bill White and Hal Turner are police informers. Do I have to mention that Hal Turner is a drug addicted cock sucker?

  13. No, but we can read between the lines that you have the hots for Hal.

  14. Why does everything you post sound quasi homosexual? Are you a faggot or something? Where I am from we have ways of dealing with cock smokers. I doubt you'd like any of them.

  15. You falsely cal Hal a Faggot and then say I'm the only to talk about Faggotry. Did you have to ride the short bus all of your life?

  16. Ha! What kind of public assistance have I ever gotten? Unlike many in White Nationalism, I have never been gotten any form of public assistance. I know a lie is a lie and thats fine, my quesiton is what was the basis for that lie?

  17. Had this sent to me.....

    Looks like BW has totally taken over Chris Drake's new group (although Drake was the only member of it) ... with Drake having no say in the matter. Drake will cave in like a weak wimp he is

    It's now officially the ANSWP Wilderness & Gun Club run by Bill White.

  18. Well...I gotta tell ya...I watched that "long awaited" (sigh) video of the Nazi's supposedly kicking around a gang of Viet Nam Vet bikers and all I can say is I was on the floor laughing my ass off!

    Are any of these Nazi's grown ups? They can't operate a camera worth shit. And for all of their bodacious claims about kicking ass - this was ridiculous. They sprayed what appeared to be a senior citizen with something that he just laughed at - as a matter of fact, he said "spray me again - it didn't work, did it." Then, the senior went for the camera, there was a tussel - and it was cut off. No one beat anyone - unless it was the biker taking the asswipe to the ground. They wouldn't want us to see that.

    Again, I ask if any of these people are adults. They all seem to be little children playing dress-up. My goodness - they would have been laughed out of any of the groups who operated in this country 20 years ago. Can you imagine their fate?

  19. Chris - are you really sure this is what you want to be associated with?

  20. Online,

    That's what Chris Drake wants to be associated with online. But when Drake is at the Redneck Shop or like when he was speaking after Bill Hoff died, Drake suddenly becomes an NSM member again!!!

    Drake even got emails from Bill Hoff about Bill White... Here's just one of many....


    To ALL National Socialists, 88!

    Recently, an eight page scandal publication was sent to me and it is entitled "National Socialist Journal of the American National Socialist Workers Party." As you may probably guess, this was put out by Bill White; who truly does not deserve to have his family name.

    In all honesty, it is extremely fancy looking and that was done to attract readers. Anyone receiving this will notice that of the eight pages, six of them are slanderous short stories concerning responsible Leaders and Members of our outstanding National Socialist Movement. Each of them were specifically written to make everyone of the victims look extremely bad and I would equate this rag with National Inquirer and Screw Magazine. This contains one inane cartoon which lacks any sense of comedy, but is crude for the utmost. What is even worse is that Bill White wishes to charge any moron the sum of $8.00 per issue when the contents is not worth ten cents.

    It is my hope that he has expended an enormous amount of money publishing this notorious rag and that he continues until he is deeply into debt.


    Colonel Wild Bill Hoff
    Eastern Director, NSM


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  23. Is it just me, or is the whole White/Drake/Vonnie ANUS-Wipe soap opera thing kinda leaving everyone else limp? I did have high hopes (there for a while) that Vonnie would suck on the barrel of his .22 and ejaculate a bullet into his tiny chemically destroyed brain. Drat the luck, I guess Bernie wouldn't give him permission!

    I do have some questions though:

    1). Is "Shift Leader Drake" Chris's ANUS-Wipe title or just his position at BK?

    2) Has anyone seen this Video?Chris Drake as a Young Boy (Pre-steroid)

    3). Does Jeff Schoep have enough illegitimate Children to populate his own trailer park?
    Schoep Video (somewhat related)

    4). Is there enough steroids in Drakes sperm to make Hal Turner grow big and strong?

    5). Does Drake wear his leopard skinned thong in public or only for his ANuS-Wipe Commander?

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  25. Aryan Nation compound rebuilt in Missouri. Richard Bulter's great work lives on.

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  27. Hal Turner, White Traitor FBI Informant -

    There is no such thing as "white trash children." Don't make that mistake again. Also...this sandbox is not yours...keep YOUR shit out of it.

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  30. How come Holstien is kissing anti ass? He finally come to the realization that he ain't white? It's about time.

    Looks like VonJewuen has gone to the other side as well.

  31. No DickHead, your Great Hero is still White. I don't kiss Nikki's ass. I respect her.

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  33. Yes, there was a time that I did but I haven't in a good long while.

  34. I did not make that blog. I linked to it a couple of years ago. In case you haven't noticed; I no longer post on Nimbusters. It is too sick and stupid anymore.

  35. Steve,

    Cut it out. You've only quit and rejoined NIM Busters like 50 different times. You are just as bad as the idiots of Chris Drake, Lloyd Davies, & Michael Blevins.

    And you're a damn liar when it comes to you and that blog. It was all you and you know it. Man up and own that it was yours.

    At least Nikki has taught you on how to act like a rational human being on here at times. So I guess she has helped you along with being able to pass as a human being. For that, I do thank her.

  36. I'll kiss your nasty KIKE ass if that blog is mine. I have never made any blog. I don't know how as I have never even tried. You know, I do good to run a message board.

    There is no joining or re-joining Nimbusters. Hell, it's wide open to anyone. That's the biggest reason that I have decided to be done with it once and for all and not to go there anymore.

    What's your beef with Lloyd. He hasn't done anything to anyone. All he did was to try to fit in and was badgered for it. If you're mad at anyone over Lloyd; it should only be his impostors.

  37. I think that maybe Drake and mentally unstable Belvins are fighting it out on Nimbusters but it is hard for me to decide because of the other two idiots on the board.

    Speaking of Lloyd Davies, he is a complete idiot and now lives in a homeless shelter.

  38. Boa,

    Have you had the experience of seeing a hockey game on HD????? Saw the Red Wings-Penguins game on HD last night and it's like a brand new game.

  39. Yes, HD beats the hell out of that crap they used to do (few years back) of lighting up the puck. The Red Wings are on the verge of taking the cup!

    Basketball is good on HD as well, though I am still a bit bummed about the Damn Celtics eliminating my Pistons. They were really missing Big Ben Wallace in the middle.

  40. What the hell is wrong with Bill's Brave ANuS-Wipe Soldiers? Even that pussy Hal can manage to beat up old men.

    ANSWP takes a beating

  41. I've got work to do. I've got to get Bill White unbanned from VNN without making it too obvious.

  42. Good work, one Jew eliminates another.

    If loathing Bill White is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

  43. What a revolting development. I knew Nikki would get in bed with coons but I never thought she jump in there with Holeswine.

  44. a (white) man grows increasingly tired of the dull, drab, 'drivel' that passes for "commentary" on this ' such: i'm recommending a perusal by all & sundry of Brutus' greatest writings!


  45. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, loser.


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