Tuesday, May 20, 2008



  1. Looks like Bill White got himself arrested AGAIN for assault. This time against DAVID LOHRMANN and the arrest took place on 5/5/08

    He goes to court on 6/5/08

    at least it will cost him another few $1000 on a defense lawyer

    Case Number:

    File Date:



    Defendant Status:
    Released On Summons

    Defense Attorney:
    ROANOKE VA 24016

    White Caucasian(Non-Hispanic)



    Code Section:

    Case Type:

    Amended Charge:

    Amended Code:

    Amended Case Type:

    Offense Date:

    Arrest Date:

  2. Just read of course, Bill White has filed a number of civil suits against Lohrmann along with his own charge of assault including destruction of property of over $1,000.

    In other words, Bill got into a fight again, probably got his butt kicked in again, and is going to sue on someone whom he'll probably win an uncollectable judgment.

    Bill White loses no matter what, even if he wins the court cases....

  3. Hell, it's only a misdemeanor. Big deal.

    Nikki, the video you posted has been pulled.

  4. Steve,

    I'm sure Bill White will beat the charges. But he'll again pay Harry Brown, his private lawyer, countless $100's of dollars to win. Then all the time he has to spend in court.

    So Bill White LOSES no matter what, even if he wins in court.

  5. Steve,

    The video works fine for me.

  6. Bill may have gotten his tit in the wringer too deep this time.

    Bill White's Man Tits

    Keep an eye on this one Schwartz, Bill has gotten himself into a world of hurt at at time when he has a major cash flow problem. Watch him melt down as he gets more and more desperate.

  7. Great find Harry! Bill IS having major financial problems - and he doesn't know how to handle the pressure.

  8. Who is David Lohrmann, if I maybe so bold as to ask.

  9. For those interested I am publishing excerpts from Yankee Jim's Diary on my new blog.

  10. The leader of a white supremacy group based in Roanoke was acquitted Tuesday of charges that he assaulted a black man and woman who accused him of using racial slurs during a disturbance on Chapman Avenue.

    The man and woman — who both said they resorted to violence in self-defense — were convicted of assaulting William A. White, the commander of the American National Socialist Workers Party.

    After hearing more than a hour of conflicting testimony, General District Court Judge Jacqueline Talevi sentenced Aries Brown to 10 days in jail and gave LaToria Minnis a suspended 30-day jail sentence.

    The charges stemmed from an Oct. 10 disorder in the West End neighborhood, where White owns more than a dozen homes that he rents.

    White testified that he was driving in the 1300 block of Chapman Avenue when Aries Brown stepped in front of his car. After first calling 911, White said, he drove a block down the street but ended up getting out of his car to confront Brown.

    “Then he came at me swinging,” White testified. As the two men scuffled on the ground, White said, Minnis came up and kicked him several times in the head.

    Both Brown and Minnis have criminal records, and White testified they were angry because he had been working with police to reduce crime in the neighborhood.

    Brown and Minnis said it was White who was looking for a fight. They testified the scuffle began when White called Minnis a racial slur and then hit her in the lip with his cellphone. Minnis admitted she hit White back, and Brown said he jumped on White to try to stop the fight.

    But in accepting White’s version of what happened, Talevi noted that his story was corroborated by an independent witness, Miguel Rangel, a former tenant of White’s.

    In reaching her decision, the judge said she did have some concerns about White’s decision not to leave the scene when Brown first stepped in front of his car.

  11. Funny Pedo. Bill White hates your guts worse than we do.

    I wouldn't call it good news for Bill each time he has to hire an attorney his cash flow is that much less. He is already in default on most of his property. It is the end for Bill.

  12. I'd imagine everyone here is tired of you falsely calling your Great a Pedo.

    Bill White probably hates himself, but I applaud him when he gives Niggers & Shit-skin Mongrels Hell

  13. McCain is nowt but a shill for Israel. He's the Manchurian Clowndidate. Everyone praises him for surviving a year in a tiger cage. Great. But that'd not a good thing to have on one's resume to be president.

  14. God in Heaven. The Pedo Mongrel is thinking he is white again.

    You're a fucking Jew Holsten. I'd bitch slap you into next week if you called yourself white when you were standing in front of me.

  15. Looks like Bill White has suffered a mental breakdown online. Although I don't know why he continues to lie about his wife being "just released" from the hospital for like the 6th time. Only a real sociopath would lie about their family members like that and not even blink.

    I guess Bill is showing classic signs of bi-polar disorder and is in his depressive phase.

    I think Bill's illnesses involve more than bi-polar disorder, as Vonbluvens CORRECTLY noted, he's also a sociopath.

    One thing is for certain, Bill does require mental health treatment.

    This is just another cry for Bill to get attention, this time it's the pity approach rather than calling everyone names.

  16. In case Bill swings back into a manic phase, I'll quote what he said.

    From: The diseased mind of Bill White

    For the past few months I have been increasingly unwell.

    In January, my wife became extremely ill with complications from her pregnancy. She developed pre-eclampsia, which turned into liver failure (HELLP Syndrome) and something like a stroke (eclampsia). Our daughter was delivered eleven weeks early at two pounds, nine ounces.

    Sometime around the time the doctors informed me my wife and daughter were likely to die,

    but you spend nearly all your time online Bill....

    and this is the first time in months I’ve even been able to write or say something like that without immediately breaking down into tears, something went wrong with me. I really can’t explain what it was, but today is the first day I’ve even vaguely begun to feel like I’m myself again.

    I’m not naturally a very depressed person or someone given to extreme emotions. I can be confrontational and many people find me intimidating, but I am not someone naturally prone to violence

    That's why you've been dragged to court over a half dozen times for assault and battery

    or extreme anger or hatred.


    I don’t like blacks and Jews, but I generally don’t have much emotion associated with it. Its that lack of emotional content in my views that makes me very difficult to dissuade — I’m one of those people for whom racism is a natural and healthy state — one that is the result of feeling comfortable, not uncomfortable. Plus, in my day to day work, people come at me with knives or come at me swinging a two by four and I take it in stride.

    attacked by knives and 2x4's every day??

    I see an angry mob, go into their midst, duke it out, and don’t even break a sweat.

    Notice the classic signs of being delusional

    I strangle a Negro crack dealer, take a few kicks to the head, and the next day I’m enjoying vacation. Things just roll off of me, and I really don’t do well in very low-stress environments. While I don’t bet lots of money, even on vacation I do things like drink lots of coffee and gamble at high stress games like black jack, where I count cards (and the counting just adds to the mental focus and stress level in the game). For fun I do logic puzzles and Sudoku, and read difficult works of philosophy. I thrive in intense and challenging environments.

    So, you would think that when my daughter and wife survived the experience and ended up healthy, I would have recovered from this dead feeling, and things would have returned to normal, but they didn’t. For the past few months, my daughter has really been the only thing that makes me smile, and even then, not really as much as she should.

    Maybe if you actually paid attention to her instead of being online all the time with the ANSWP nonsense

    Things have become progressively worse, day by day, and I have woke up more and more often feeling the need to kill, kill, kill, and have tried to get through my day while ignoring the need to destroy the wicked. Its not been easy.

    Dealing with mental illness is never easy Bill

    The other week, my wife asked me if I had become “depressed” since the baby was born. I told her depressed people feel something. Several friends have described me as “morose”. One joked the other day that they were worried I was about to “go Joseph Paul Franklin”. They’ve been close.

    Since my wife was hospitalized until today my feelings have ranged from completely dead to occassional outbursts of literally murderous anger. I’ve been going through my life doing the things I need to do, but I haven’t been doing them the way I used to do them — they’ve all been half hearted and uncommitted — things I’ve been doing for form, not substance. Over the past few months, it has become impossible to live my life day to day. I’ve just been ignoring things; I haven’t even opened much of my mail for months; it is piled up in bins in my living room. My taxes aren’t done; I’ve put them aside. I have not been aggressively renting apartments;
    that's why you run a craiglist ad every other day and always are in the classifieds at the Roanoke Times....

    I’ve got more vacancies than I’ve almost ever allowed myself to carry. I’ve just been ignoring things I don’t like, avoiding things I don’t want to see … I’ve become very dependent on the people who do the work for me, sometimes too dependent. My company has suffered substantially from this – not unrecoverably, though I’ve now decided I need to not recover the rental portion of it and let it go in favor of construction, but substantially. I’m like that guy in Office Space who woke up one morning and just decided he didn’t want to go to work or pay any bills, but without the comfortable hypnosis.

    Just confirms what we already knew, Bill has not being any of his mortgages and is facing foreclosure

    Combined with this dead feeling I realized the other day that I have, almost without realizing it, though that may seem a bit strange, developed a very intricate plot for the murder of about a score of Roanoke City’s Negro nuisances and their annoying counterparts at the Roanoke Times. I know everything about these assholes – where they live, who they live with, what they look like, where they go, when they go there. I estimate I could probably, in the course of a few hours, kill fifteen out of the twenty easy if I picked the right day and time, and still lived long enough to travel the country and begin picking off the ridiculous “independent journalists” that staff the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report. I have a list of those as well. What’s amazing is that I’ve been doing this almost without paying attention to it, until I started thinking about things the other day.

    The other day I read something, as it happened, about post traumatic stress disorder. It was completely random, but something struck me when it mentioned dissociation. I was a psych major with biological and clinical foci at University of Maryland; but flunked out before getting a degree I studied stuff like this. I realized that dissociate was an extremely good term for what I was doing. The other day I drew a gun and was ready to kill one of my tenants, based mostly on behavior from the tenant that while violent and disruptive, would usually have rolled off my back. As I’ve thought about things the past few days, I’ve realized that I’ve been avoiding confrontations solely to avoid killing people. As my list of people to kill has grown, it has become rather paralyzing.

    I honestly believe at this point that Bill is capable of killing his child and wife

    Somewhat scary stuff, I guess. Not normal or healthy.

    Today, I had something like a heart attack combined with an almost complete breakdown. I say something like a heart attack because I’m not trying to be Hal Turner. I had a sharp pain in the left hand side of my chest, became light headed, and had to sink to the ground to keep from falling. I had:

    * Chest discomfort with lightheadedness, fainting, sweating, nausea or shortness of breath.

    * Anxiety, nervousness and/or cold, sweaty skin.

    * Increased or irregular heart rate.

    * Feeling of impending doom.

    Notice he's quoting word from word from this website LOL!!!! I can see Bill at the ER, having to read a bill to describe his symtoms!!! ROTFL!!!

    I did not have:

    * Uncomfortable pressure, fullness, squeezing or pain in the center of the chest lasting more than a few minutes.

    * Pain spreading to the shoulders, neck or arms. The pain may be mild to intense. It may feel like pressure, tightness, burning, or heavy weight. It may be located in the chest, upper abdomen, neck, jaw, or inside the arms or shoulders.

    * Paleness or pallor.

    So I don’t know what that is,

    It's called an anxiety attack Bill. Unit 9 has run many a call just like this

    but it wasn’t pleasant. I’ve done some research, and it sounds like a whole bunch of other things that aren’t heart attacks, but also aren’t good, but are stress related.

    In any case, after a brief near-faint I recovered and decided to pack up and leave work early. On the way home, I had some sort of breakdown and had to pull my car over into a parking lot for about twenty minutes. I just couldn’t pull anything together. I couldn’t even speak. It was not a normal experience for me.

    I’ve never really had problems like this before and don’t know what to make of them. In any case, it was unusual. I just felt like I collapsed. The whole thing is somewhat embarassing, frankly, and probably a little pathetic, too — maybe something I should keep off a blog, though I won’t. But regardless, since then, I’ve felt a whole lot better. Things feel a whole lot clearer and I don’t feel the detachment from things that has been hanging over me for months. I suddenly feel happy in the normal way I feel happy. I am no longer angry about all the people who spend their time screwing me over in small ways (and most of life and business, to me, is a series of small people trying to screw you over in small ways). I can talk about my wife’s hospitalization without serious problems, which is something I couldn’t even do this morning. I feel much more alive than I have recently. It is good.

    I still have a bunch of practical issues that need to be taken care of. I think I am going to force a closure of White Homes and Land’s rental business, take some time off, maybe take a vacation, keep the construction business, and get back to work on what I enjoy — remodeling houses — instead of what I hate — babysitting “human beings” that are really little more than animals. A friend of mine pointed out the other day that you never meet an old property manager that loves life, and several friends of mine have pointed out that the day to day work of cleaning up houses is just demeaning for someone of my intelligence to be doing. I don’t have that kind of class arrogance — I like going into a house that is totally destroyed and rebuilding it. I just don’t like rebuilding the same house every two months on an emergency schedule because the latest bunch of white trash has pissed on the carpets — again. In fact, I had a friend call and say he’d never thought about how dried urine would have white crystals in it until he read my blog …

    Regardless, the rental business is over. Someone better than me will have to take over the properties, and I am going to file paperwork to force a sale sometime in the near future. We could continue operating, but I choose not to. The drain and strain on me is just no longer worth it, and if I’m going to feel better and take a vacation, its a lot easier to take a vacation from construction than from tenants.

  17. It is just amazing how Bill lies. Here is the truth through all the bullshit: Bill can't pay the mortgages on his subprime loans. He is looking at mass foreclosure. He is a lying cocksucker.

  18. Ken,

    I'll tell you something else that makes Bill a sociopath.

    1) He lies about his own wife being in the hospital ready to die. She's been out for quite a while putting up fliers & taking calls about the properties BW is trying to dump.

    2) But if she was in the hospital near dead, it really shows what a psychopath BW is by going up to Chicago instead of being near her. Any human being, regardless if they are racist or an anti, wouldn't do this if they had any conscience at all.

    3) If you read BW's previous blogs, he complains that his own lawyer can't talk to the power company about the bills in his wife's name. Think about it, Bill doesn't even allow his OWN lawyer to represent Meghan, his wife.

    No matter what, BW's is a psychopath.

  19. Believe it or not I owe Bill a bit. Years ago when we were both in NSM Bill lied on me to the police, I went to jail for bullshit and Bill got my position in the NSM.

    Bill is very good at lying even though they were no drugs or guns at my house, I spent nearly 3 months in jail for bullshit. It gave me time to think. I decided that I hated neither blacks nor Jews.

  20. now we know yr fckn lying!

    any white man who has "doings" with the jewSA "jewdicial system" becomes "jew-wise" @ a rate of knots!

    and...any white man who does more than a week in a ZOG gulag emerges with an intense hatred of fckn niggz!

    yr ex-NSM?

    i find that hard to believe too!

    National Socialist beliefs can't simply be "jettisoned" because they're on a rock-solid intellectual foundation!

    WTF did u join for?


    as such: perhaps yr "intellectual foundations" were nuthin' more than quick-sand?

  21. Ken Kraus - congratulations on your awakening. I'm just sorry that you had to be a victim of Bill's deceit.

  22. I've done my best to contribute to the down fall of Bill. I send out fliers to all of Bill's properties every couple of weeks telling the tenants about their nasty racist Nazi landlord. Gee I hope that didn't cause them to tear up Billie's units or anything.

    Besides being a tard what seems to be Jimbo's problem?

  23. Actually, I don't really know about jimbo, other than he is a bore. Ny guess would be that he is a very frightened little man who likes to feel big by posting threats and bragging about himself on the internet. It's really kind of sad.

    Hopefully, there will be some sort of defining moment in his life too.

  24. Jimbo is nothing but a Nimbuster troll. He calls himself NewsGuy (Newsgay to the rest of us) and he is not from Iceland, Australia or anywhere else he claims to be from. His real name might be Peter Goodman. He lives in his mommy's basement and might be a self hating Jewish person. He claims to be Aryan. He has been laughed off quite a few boards and was banned from Hal's old board. He is a total nut case that will do anything for attention.

  25. Ken,
    I am glad you got out. You are a very strong and brave person. Good Luck and I wish you the best.


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