Sunday, May 25, 2008

Burned Bridges

O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!
(Walter Scott)

The art of deception, although coveted by many, has been elusive to most. The beguiling of others requires the craftiest of cunning and duplicity. Of course, it also helps if your targeted audience lacks the aplomb or the worldliness to be discerning.

I have written volumes about William A. White, the narcissistic anomaly with a chameleonic penchant for double-dealing and deceit. Initially, he came to my attention as the outcast anarchist who told the media, "…"the reason [the Columbine victims] got killed is that they are part of an authoritarian social movement and were seen by the killers as symbolic of that movement ... What the shooters were shooting at was not people but the movements they symbolized. It's a shame that authoritarian Christians, who are trying to dominate our society, don't have a clue how objectionable they are until people start shooting them."

With a little research, it soon became clear that Bill White was one of those people found in every movement who never quite fit with the mainstream players. With a little more research, it became abundantly apparent that he was a total liability to the group he claimed affiliation with and that he was seen by other anarchists as a "loose cannon" and somewhat of a pariah.

However, amid the criticism and ostracization experienced by White, it became evident that he was the classic example of narcissistic resiliency. He was also quite capable of transmutation - at whim. With an over-valued sense of self-worth, Bill entered the realm of politics and when he failed miserably, he tried his hand at being a "Third Positionist." Perhaps realizing that in order for him to be truly appreciated he needed an audience easier to dupe, more malleable, and more gullible, he became a neo-Nazi. Ever seeking that brass ring of attention and praise, he trampled on the toes of some, and ran rough-shod over many. As we engaged in a study of the narcissitic personality, Bill White gave us first-hand evidence in the trials and tribulations of those faced with such a dibilitating affliction.

As a preface to a widely read article written in 2003, and entitled "The Pathology Of The Outsider Looking In," I wrote the following:

"Mental illness is no stranger to the extremes of any movement and certainly no stranger to those movements based in hate. One has only to look at the history of those organizations and the violence which has accompanied them to reach the correct conclusion that such campaigns often breed and attract those who lack mental competence. This is not a blanket condemnation, merely an educated observation. Watching the radical right we frequently meet individuals whose attempts to be heard and gain favor with the neo-Nazi's take on a bizarre and sometimes loathsome demeanor and existence. One such character emerges paramount in the personage of Bill White."

Watching someone meander through the throes of maddness is never easy and it certainly isn't pretty. While I have written so much about this individual, it brings no satisfaction to witness the devastating effects of a mental meltdown on any individual no matter how loathsome. We have been witnessing this mental collapse for at least a month now, and in so doing have been astounded at the rapid progression of this illness.

If there is a basic psychological premise, it is that narcissists do not work and play well with others. Considering how long White has been involved in the neo-Nazi scene now, and how many people within that venue he has alienated or totally ground into the mud, it speaks volumes about the self-worth and self-concept of those involved in the "movement." With that being said, it also makes one hell of a statement about the desperation of desperate people.

Those who embrace the ideology of racism and anti-Semitism often find themselves seeking validation for their beliefs - in any way possible. Often believing that any publicity for their "cause" is good publicity, they can be seen proudly boasting of any mention in print or other media about their organizations or their events. It matters not how negative they are portrayed, the fact that they were recognized is enough to verify their worthiness. Perhaps that is why so many of Bill White's transgressions against them have been ignored or overlooked as he is masterful at gaining media attention.

It should be noted once again that Bill White has been unable to maintain any kind of relationship with anyone with whom he has associated with - ever. Of all of the people who have believed in him or followed him, not one remains by his side. Even desperate people recognize maddness eventually.

The recent developments with Bill White may be surprising to some people, but they shouldn't be. These developments should also be viewed in context with, not only his illness, but with his real agenda which seems to be working quite well in spite of his recent downward spiral. Years ago, Bill established himself within the white nationalist community, albeit tenuously. Time and again he has been caught up in his narcissistic pattern of lying and deceiving only to be welcomed back out of acute desperation. But his words written early on should be a valuable resource to those astute enough to add two plus two.

In his own words...

"…white nationalism deserves to fail because the people involved in it are too stupid to deserve success, whether that be in their personal lives or their private lives. White nationalism is held back by the freaks defectives, and professional ignoramouses that make up not just its leadership, but much of its rank and file. I am not a white nationalist primarily because I would never want to be lumped in with the idiots who are."

"Most of the white nationalists who are in operation are miserable failures, both personally and professionally. You have petty criminals, porn hustlers, men who live with their mothers, men who can't hold jobs, women with four kids from four different fathers, etc. These folk range from liars to drinkers to thieves to grown men who are still playing at being in "gangs" to the whole list of dysfunctional and deservedly socially rejected people. I can understand playing at being a part of a subculture when you are 14 or 18 or even 21, but if you are 25 or 29 or in your 30's or more, and you are still trying to be "cool" by anyone's standards, you need to grow up."

"I hope most folk out there turn away from the losers and lowlifes of the white nationalist movement and look for constructive ways to build up first themselves, and then their communities."

"I don't like the white nationalist "movement" as a "movement"; it has the same decadent form of either of the two major political parties."

"I'm not a part of fantasy politics. I'm not a National Alliance member because I don't want to play at being a Nazi, and I have no desire to subject myself organizationally to people who aren't competent to judge me."

"…the idiot game that communists and Nazis play fighting each other, just provide more examples of just how idiotic these political fringe fantasies can get. I just want to let both sides know, however, that I'm not part of it. There is a reason you've never been comfortable with my website or my politics, and its not because I'm part of the other side. The reason I make you so angry is because I am above you, I am watching you, and I am mocking you because you are incompetent. I'm not "on the other team" I'm more of the sportscaster commenting except that unlike the sportscasters on TV, I hate both teams, and the reason people tune in is to listen to me rag on both of you.

"Just like there are people who's sport is football, my sport is fringe politics.

"Welcome to my arena, but don't ever make the mistake of thinking I'm playing in your games."

So...if he isn't playing their game, just what is it that he is doing? I would submit that he believes that he is beating them at their own game - and he well might be except for that fact that he may have very well burned his last bridge to the playoffs. We'll see.

Most recently, numerous members of his American Nationalist Socialist Worker's Party have jumped ship - fled in the face of what can only be summed up as Bill White's War on White Nationalism which, loosely translates into Bill White Shoots Himself Squarely in the Ass.

After what can only be described as a gang-bang of Michael Blevins of VonBluvens notariety, White felt the backlash for weeks. As he and Chris Drake pummled Blevins on the Vanguard News Network Forum, those who were often seen sitting on the fence when it came to White, along with many of Bill's detractors, soon came to the defense of Michael Blevins. Recognizing the damage that White had done over the years to other members within their ranks, they united against what had once been White's strong hold over those weaker and less perspicacious than he.

Amid claims that he somehow compromised Blevin's computer and that he and the VNN moderators were sharing information about Blevins - something that probably has been done on a regular basis with a number of the VNN crowd - White met with the wrath of some of VNN's most dedicated members. And as it was announced that other members of his organization were resigning, Bill was in a crisis.

Taking to his blog and making post after post about killing people in the general sector who he believed were doing him wrong, his writings took on an eerie and troubling air. He would later recount an illness that his wife and newborn daughter suffered back in January and explain his recent behaviors as that of a despondent man suffering what appear to be extreme panic attacks. Not many were buying his try for attention. His latest scheme is claiming that he has acquired the mailing list of the rival National Socialist Movement and offering it for sale for $1,000.

What has become painfully obvious in all of this is that Bill White's NPD has crippled Bill White. The one truism in all of this is that White has no place left to go. He knows that. While he has been on his own before, there were always new bridges to cross - he's burned them all. And...those on the racist right are learning the hard way that there is no honor among racists - they can and will be sold out by their commrades whenever the chips are down. Loyalty and honor requires integrity - something that's pretty alien to those who hate others simply because of who they are.

The other thing that should be patently obvious to the racist sector by now is that Bill White really isn't playing on your field - he told you that a long time ago.


  1. I know Bill likes hiking. What I suggest for Bill White is to get on the Appalachian Trail for a few months. He can get away from everything and he'll learn on the trail lessons that can't be taught online. Bill will have troubles except for having to hike 10 to 20 miles a day.

    Maybe Bill being in an area with no technology will help him out and get his mind clear.

    And if Bill White needs to place to stay when he's at Pen Marr at the MD/PA line, I've got a few works who are willing to help him out with a place to stay.

  2. I'll be in Troutdale in Early July which isn't far from Roanoke and has a lot of stores... the AT runs right by there...... Say Hi Bill.... And on the AT, no one gives a damn about politics one way or the other... people are too tired at the end of the day and just want to eat and sleep.

  3. The last time I saw him melt down like this was when Jennifer Adams split and he rebounded to Erika. Even then it wasn't quite as bad as it is now.

    You are so benevolent, Harry :)

  4. I meant this seriously for BW. He says he likes to hike, maybe if he would spend a few months hiking, it will help him out mentally a great deal. It would certainly help overcome being a sociopath, as Vonbluvens described well with all the signs that BW suffers from.

    I hike all the time. So much so that I bought a house because of the location to hiking.

    Of course, the biggest part would be for Bill to put aside his ego and his need to be the center of attention.

  5. You are correct about hiking. There is something about being out there and losing yourself in nature that really clears the head.

    I haven't been in about a year, but it's good advice for everyone, in my opinion. However, when Bill returns, he would still be a sociopath, Harry.

  6. When I go hiking, I take nothing electronic except for a flash light. No cell phone, no ipod, no radio. I don't stay at the shelters because of the dogs & noise, I always camp in the woods. I don't carry a gun, there illegal in most places along the trail and I have never felt the need to have one for self-protection.

    I've got about 1600 miles of the Appalachian Trail hiked over a period of several years and hopefully will get to finish it totally one day.

    Unit 9 & my daughter want to complete something called the Tuscarora Trail over a period of two weeks this summer so it looks like no visit to Troutdale near Roanoke for me this year unless I drive there for a weekend.

    Now someone like Michael Blevins, this is what he really needs. A few weeks in the woods. No internet bullshit to worry about. He could take a Greyhound to Roanoke or Wytheville... then get over to Troutdale by US11... I would even pay for his Greyhound ticket From Sarasota as long as had 7 days notice and it was a non-refundable ticket for him. (so he couldn't cash back the ticket and pocket the cash)

    Blevins would learn what true friendship is about on the Appalachain trail where no one gives a damn about what or who you work for. You got millionaires thru-hiking and people who have no source of income thru-hiking.

    So if Blevins actually did want to meet me in person, he can go this route.


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