Friday, May 09, 2008


It was one of those fantastically beautiful Florida days in May of 2007. Asma Sidani and her two beautiful sons, one five and the other eleven thought it would be a perfect time for some Taco Bell.

Seated at a table in the Tampa Bay restaurant the two children awaited the return of their mother as she placed their order. Little did they realize that the stranger seated close by, 60-year-old Thomas Plaisted, hated them simply because they were Muslim.

It didn’t take long for the bile that often accompanies such hatred to rise within Plaisted. Unleashing a torrent of racial expletives and curse words upon the two children, Plaisted then spat food into the face of the youngest and began shoving the oldest.

Shouting that he wanted to break their necks, Plaisted was confronted by patrons and workers in the restaurant and forced to flee. However, the hateful onslaught would scar the two little ones for the rest of their lives.

Incongruously, once the police arrived, they refused to take a report furthering the outrage of both the mother and the onlookers and doing nothing to assuage the terrified youth.

In a society such as ours where people from all corners of the Earth converge and dwell and work together it is inconceivable that such things continue to occur. Often we are oblivious to the deleterious acts of the crazed and the depraved. Caught up in the hustle and bustle of our own daily routines, we have a tendency to take freedom, and the acceptance of others for granted.

The Sidani children were guilty of nothing more than being children born into a Muslim family. Anticipating a favorite meal, they expected nothing more than a happy repast with their mother. Yet, they were robbed of their innocence and their security by a thief so filled with venomous hatred as to rival a rattler on a hot August night.

Thomas Plaisted was, of all things, a school bus driver for the local district. Everyday he drove young students, of every color and ethnicity, to and from their educational institutes. His actions resulted in his firing and in his being charged with a hate crime.

The failure of the police in this matter, resulted in an apology and an assurance that such negligence would not happen again. However, the very fact that it occurred at all leaves one wondering how widespread such blatant negligence might be – and if it was negligence at all.

The children are scheduled to give depositions next week. In a civilized community of humanity, children are generally valued at a higher level. We have an innate sense of protecting those who have not yet matured into adulthood. In this case, we can only hope that the children will be able to work through the trauma that Plaisted inflicted upon their young psyches.

While the actions of Plaisted are despicable, they are not without precedence, however. All to often, hate crimes against others, even the young, are being committed. They leave behind not only the physical evidence but an emotional scarring that can and, often does, last a lifetime.


  1. If hating Muslims is wrong....I don't wanna be right!

    Remember guns don't kill people. Niggers kill people.

  2. Him being fired over something away from the place of his employer was dirty and wrong.

  3. I can give no credence to such moronic ad hominem statements as RWM's.

    Because this bus driving bonehead should be beaten with a tire iron. I'd have caved in his testicles had I seen it.

    I also disagree with SH. Whereas this idiot's employers have every right to fire his worthless drunken ass. One who has no regard at maintaining himself honorably and with nobility. For spitting on Muslim children is a most cowardly deed. It's something I would expect from the IDF. But not an American.

    Whereas Muslims are particularly blessed by the God of Abraham. Thus they're entitled to all manner of our Christian nation's protection under the law.

    However, the legal process in this nation is eroded due to the works of Talmudic Jews. Who want nothing more than to destroy American Christendom. To replace the suffering of Jesus Christ, with the alleged suffering of Jews in their so-called Holocaust.

    The Talmudic Jews place no actual value in the Old Testament. For them it's but a token of a long dead belief. And the Talmud bears no covenant with the God of Abraham. Where the Talmud is but a mere intellectual product of a minority of the tribe of Judah during their time of exile in Babylon.

    Nowhere in the Holy Bible does God command any of the twelve tribes of Israel to align themselves with such distorted teachings as the Talmud. Whereas Jesus Christ was aware of God's true intent for Israel. Thus our Lord warned the world of the gross unrighteousness of Judaica.

    Whereafter He was Crucified by Judaica, only to rise again to take His rightful place alongside His Father in Heaven. Wherefrom our Lord watches over everything. And dispatches God's angels amongst us. To educate all who profess a belief in Him. And soon this college of the righteous will rise up to destroy all who oppose God.

    Know that the Talmud actually allows for the most greivous of sins to be perpetuated against children; where the younger the child, the less protection the child is protected from grievous sin. Wherefore the Babylonian Talmud states:

    SANHEDRIN at 54b:

    Rabbi Rab: Pederasty (pedophilia) with a child below nine years of age is not deemed as pederasty with a child above that.

    Rabbi Samuel: Pederasty with a child below three years is not treated as with a child above that.

    What is the source of their disagreement?

    Rab maintains: Only he who is able to engage in sexual intercourse, may, as the passive subject of pederasty throw guilt upon the offender; whilst he who is unable to engage in sexual intercourse cannot be a passive subject of pederasty.

    Wherein the Talmud dictates males are sexually mature at age nine.

    While Samuel maintains in Scripture: And thou shalt not lie with mankind as with the lyings of a woman.

    Wherein the Talmud dictates females are sexually mature at age three.

    Which means the Talmud allows for the rape of infant children. Where the younger the child, the less protection of law is afforded.

    And of course the cops in this instance were unrighteous. Which is to be expected. Since the system of justice they serve to uphold is corrupted by Talmudic Jews. Who hold sway in high judicial positions all across America.

    But soon all will change. When Jesus Christ instills himself in hearts, minds and souls of all found wanting. And thereafter the unrighteous will be righteously executed. Where no quarter will be given. To thus allow the world to exist forevermore in perfect peace.

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  6. The source for the charge that Judaism permits child molestation is a passage from the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Ketubot, pg. 11b:

    Rava [a fourth century Rabbinic authority] said: If an adult has sex with a girl under the age of three, it is ignored, for it is like putting a finger in someone’s eye [i.e., tears may drip from the eye but there will always be more tears to replace them; so too the hymen of a girl so young may break but it will heal]. From this quote, anti-Semites argue that Judaism permits the sexual molestation of young girls. This, however, is not true. In fact, in several places the Talmud makes clear that Judaism possesses its own version of the American law of statutory rape. A formulation of this law may be found in the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Yevamot, pg. 33b:

    נינהואונסקטנהפיתוי.One who seduces an underage girl is considered as if he had raped her [i.e., the laws applicable to rapists would apply to the molester]. An honest reading of the passage from Ketubot shows that it is part of a technical discussion regarding the evaluation of a woman’s ketubah – a reverse dowry that Jewish law requires a man to pay his wife in the event of divorce. A major factor in the determination of the ketubah in traditional Jewish law is whether the woman had been a virgin at the time of the marriage; virginity is considered a positive value that would enable the woman to claim a higher ketubah. The quoted passage indicates that if a girl had been molested before the age of three, she is still considered a virgin and is entitled to the higher ketubah. In no way does the passage or the discussion in Ketubot imply that it is permissible for Jewish men to molest young girls.

    That anti-Semites have taken the passage from Ketubot out of context and ignored Judaism’s law against statutory rape demonstrates their true agenda: to instill others with hatred for Judaism and Jewish people

  7. I see the stupid bitch is censoring again.

  8. nikki nugget-nutz: That anti-Semites have taken the passage from Ketubot out of context and ignored Judaism’s law against statutory rape demonstrates their true agenda: to instill others with hatred for Judaism and Jewish people

    u'v just "outed" yr-self, girly!

    WTF but a god-damn kike would have such a familiarity with the Turd-mad?

    and quote the original kike-ese to boot?

    either u or yr rabbi, right?

    but: while we're "on" abt asking the rab' re: all those other "passages" that say itz jes' "fine & dandy" to rob & kill the goyim!....ohh.....& LIE "yr titz off" abt it while yr @ it!

    *for the record* i, personally, make it a habit not to quote 'passages' from the Turd-mad because the kikez will inevitably say: i/u'v "mis-tranalated" and/or ii/the 'quote' is 'out-of-context'; much easier to use un-equivocal material thatz on the public record (exmpl: MacDonald) and/or from the jews' own publications; that can include 'The Communist Manifesto' & 'The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion'; with kikez: 'the rule of thumb' is: don't necessarily listen to WTF they say except 'amongst them-selves' but DO look very closely @ WHAT THEY DO!

  9. Why are you talking about this while Bill White and Chris Drake torment Mike Blevins?

  10. I believe this is only the second post on this blog ever to address the question of rampant anti-Muslim bigotry in the Western world in general.

    For the first such post one must go all the way back to Cronulla's Revolt of the Skips.

    This, coupled with a recent post dealing with systemic racism and bigotry against African-Americans, gives me hope that at some point this blog can move away from documenting every belch, fart and sneeze of costumed losers and on to more substantive issues.

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  12. Muslims deserve to be hated, bitch.
    I hate to admit this but I hate Muslims worse than I hate Jews. The only issue here is that someone get this fine man an attorney and his job back.

  13. I hate to admit this but I hate Muslims worse than I hate Jews

    it's important not to confuse "religion" & "race"; theoritically (and i say 'theoritically' because most 'muslims' are, of course, 'non-white') any-one can be a 'muslim'....just as any-one can be a xtian; how-ever: only those born of jews can be jews!

    also: jews have done our race the most damage in the last couple of centuries and still pose the biggest threat to our race by far

    (i'm sure yr aware of all this!)

  14. No, you are an idiot. Muslims are much worse than Jews. Most of them are dark skinned porch monkeys. Jews have never really done anything to me or mine. They do a good job of running the porn industry. Unlike coons they are very smart.

    Funny how your writing comes and goes. Who are you claiming to be, now, Mr. supposed White Man Jimbo?

  15. Don't for an instance start thinking I like Jews....I don't I am just not currently at war with them the way I am coons and Muslims. Spics and Jews I hate about the same. Shitsreal I could live with Iran needs to be nuked off the map.

    I don't have any respect for costumed Nazis either. Fuck them.

  16. No, you are an idiot. Muslims are much worse than Jews. Most of them are dark skinned porch monkeys. Jews have never really done anything to me or mine. They do a good job of running the porn industry. Unlike coons they are very smart

    sure yr not actually a kike yr-self?

    never done any-thing to you or yrs?

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  17. Nikki, can you disable your anonymous function on the comment section for at least a week?

    It would cut down on some of the nonsense.

  18. Sure, Mike. We all know how bad you hate people who comment without signing their name.

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  21. Hey Real Man you are right about that troll Jimbo. He is a fake, all fake. He is a Nimbuster who calls himself Newsgay. Most likely he lives in New York. By his own admission he hasn't worked in ten years. He is a total loser who is best ignored.

  22. What is a "nimbuster"? Some kind of liberal faggot or some kind of dress up nazi fags? I am familiar with Nimcrown.

  23. The Ketubot and Yevamot only discuss young girls in relation to the preservation of their virginity before God. It's nothing to do with any criminal code. Whereas "the finger in the eye" analogy doesn't refer to damage. It actually refers to that where no damage occurs.

    The fact is that Tal Muddy law allows old men to marry infant girls and fuck them.

    And the Sanhedrin at pederasty is exactly as it states. There's nothing elsewhere in the Tal Mud to distinguish it. Know that pederasty generally refers to the anal rape of young boys. Not girls.

    That's why NAMBLA is all old Jews. Who cite the Sanhedrin in excuse of doing their evil. They should all be executed. And so they shall.

    And I'll take a Muslim over a Jew any day. Muslims are clean decent intelligent folks. And they love our Lord. Jesus Christ is going to use the Muslims to destroy Satan.

  24. Good blog, but the comments are utterly repulsive.


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