Thursday, May 01, 2008

Who's in Bill White's Basement ?

Due to a work issue we will not be broadcasting at 9pm tonight May 1, instead Eye On Hate will be broadcasting at 10pm tonight May 1. Thank you

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Chat with Floyd who is in Roanoke,VA;
Who's In Bill White's (Neo Nazi from Roanoke) Basement ?;
Elections and Racism In Indiana;
Correcting "the real white man"
Hate Briefs plus more...

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  1. How about this topic: Why are race traitors allowed to live?

    Look bitch, you can't correct me. You can't lie to me either. My father knew your drunk ass. Someday the Aryan Nation will catch up with you Floyd, you can count on that.

  2. A "real man" of any color doesn't make threats or speak with constant vulgarity. A "real man" of any color doesn't publish the picture of someone else as his own. And...a "real man" of any color respects himself enough to honor his father rather than have to be told what a "real man" acts like.

  3. Nice try, Nikki but I won't allow you to have my picture to post online. I am hardly claiming that Jay's photo is mine. What would a coon lover know about "real men". Ha ha. Too funny.

    The white Aryan race is descended from gods. We are Demi gods that walk the earth.


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