Thursday, May 08, 2008


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Ya know...I just have to say a few things about all of this. Bill White has to be the single-most effective anti-racist that ever walked the face of this earth. We all complain about him, we get really pissed at some of the things that he does, but let's face it - he makes our job so much easier in so many ways.

1) We know that whenever he hooks up with another individual or group that eventually we are going to be the recipients of:
A)Personal information on all parties - either in the form of membership lists; addresses, phone numbers, and real names; or lists like those from Shop White.

B)All the dirt and inside information about that group or individual.

2) We can count on Bill to decimate all white activists, albeit, one member at a time. The job that he does on those in the racist movement is often swift, brutal, and often leaves the person totally incapacitated.

3) While he demonstrates no loyalty to the racist movement, we can always rest assured that he will follow behind us and do clean-up whether it is an issue like Satan's Gate or the figurative decapitation of political candidates such as Ron Paul - Bill will add the finishing touches.

4) Under the guise of white nationalism, Bill White brings people like Tony Zirkle to the forefront of media attention. Placing Zirkle at a podium in front of a portrait of Hitler was a sure-fire way to assure that his constituency equated him with the ideology he embraced and that he would be defeated.

Time and time again, this man has risen to the occasion and taken an axe to this thing known as the racist movement. For that we should thank him. Just look at what he has done to the forum once belonging to Alex Linder! It just goes to show you that when we all work together we DO make a difference. BRAVO!


  1. Why are you congratulating him before his work is through?

    I have to agree the he is doing a smash up job on the movement and movement individuals.

    VNN has been totally decimated without anti-racist lifting a damn finger.

  2. He ain't got my name. And even if you did. I wouldn't care. Because I'm better than any of you. And I'm meaner than all of you put together. Just ask any of the decaying liberal corpses strewn about the woods behind my White Supremacist compound.

    So publishing the personal info on nice folks. What's that for exactly? So you can egg people's homes? Or commit other mayhem? Like ding-dong-ditch? Well, y'all just try that around here. Because we don't take crap from anyone. Least of all godless preverts like y'all.

    Happy mother's day! Kill a commie for mommie!

  3. I agree and I'm a racist. Bill White does more to destroy White Nationalism in the USA than David Duke or Don Black could ever do. Also, he fuels the fires of anti-racists and unites them. I would describe him as a fake National Socialist. HE IS A FRAUD especially being married to an ex-porn star (he has the nerve to criticize Jeff Schoep).

  4. we don't need committed white racialists running around joining this 'org' or that 'org'.....except, perhaps, to be loosely affiliated with such as an indication of their general philosophical 'position'; what we do need, though, are small groups of white activists, armed to the teeth with guns, explosives & hi-tech 'counter-surveillance' equipment "taking out" rich & powerful kikez by the bucket-load; in effect: 'a campaign of bombings, shootings & assasinations'; most racially aware white know who their 'targets' are as most can name @ least a dozen or so of these kike-en-vermin just "off the top of their nogginz"!

    thatz the only 'white activism' that really counts!.....KILLING KIKEz!

  5. What Bill White did to Vonbluvens was the worse thing. Poor Vonbluvens thought Bill was his good friend yet he turned against him and turned Chris Drake against him too. I feel so bad for Vonbluvens.

  6. Poor, poor Vonbluvens. He suffers so much at the hands of these evil men.

  7. Look VON is crying for more attention.

  8. No, he's not. He's being attacked by bad, bad men. No one is taking up for him. No one is sending him money and nobody has tried to kill either Chris Drake or Bill White in his honor. The world hates Mike Blevins apparently. He has done nothing but try and help people. He has told the truth and stood up for what is right. The movement still rejects him. They don't deserve Vonbluvens. Fuck them.

  9. Von, nut job. Quit talking about yourself in third person.

  10. Perhaps the anonymous function should be disabled here for a while.

  11. I think Chris Drake is the one posting anonymously.

  12. Vonbluvens sees Chris Drake everywhere. His plees for acceptence are sickening.


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