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June 28th Program - This week's program is a round table discussion hosted by Floyd Cochran with Nikki and Tony from Citizens Against Hate. This week we expose racist talk show Hal Turner as a con-man and informant, KKK coming to Gettysburg, Why is it Black Men get arrested but White Racists don't ? On June 29th we will be interviewing DLJ and Josh from OPP and Craig from Project for Change. Be sure to read the full expose on Hal Turner on the Citizens Against Hate website (article below) and One Peoples Project website.


UPDATE: PART TWO: Craig Roberts of Project For Change in Bay City, Michigan tells Floyd about the project and future plans. They also discuss the racist right in Michigan and what is being done to combat future growth as well as the Unity gathering that is just around the corner.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Would you trust this man? Would you send him your hard-earned money because he says it's going to a good cause? How many cigars has Hal bought with donations? How much money does it take to run an internet radio show?

Faked heart-attacks, falls and injuries, and five murders he has claimed to have committed - and he still wants your money. Tonight Hal Turner pulled the plug on his radio show once again becaue $2,700+ was not enough in donations. This isn't the first time that Hal has done this and certainly not the first time that he has begged and berated white nationalists into contributing to his pockets.

What else has he lied about? In a seering expose done last year, Indy Media tells us what is really up with Con Man Hal.


"There is a lot of rumors about Turner also turning over information to federal law enforcement and his local police. In front of Daryle Lamont Jenkins of the One People's Project and the North Bergen Police, Turner turned over a phone list of all his callers on his 1-800 number, a detailed list of all his donors, and all the guns he owned. It also well known that Turner ratted out fellow white supremacist Lovell Wheeler and James McManus. Turner also turned over information about an Aryan Nation meeting in Idaho a few years ago. Hal wrote a letter to his own newspaper thanking the federal government and local police for all their help."


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Domestic Terrorists Threaten One of Our Own

When the word came down that Gabe Carafa and Craig Orler intended to bomb Daryle Lamont Jenkins' home we were stunned and greatly angered. As I have said here at Citizens Against Hate quite often - we don't take threats lightly - and this is precisely why. Carafa and Orler are now behind bars, but there are other members of that group out there - and they really had better listen up. An attack against one of us by one of you is an attack against us all. We aren't going to play your bullshit games and we aren't going to roll over and play dead. It's one thing for people to oppose each other and our ideology - it is quite another to make threats or to plan attacks. It doesn't deter us, in fact, it makes us more deliberate and steadfast in our resolve to fight back. Consider it done.


Written by Administrator
Sunday, 25 June 2006

So over the past year we have been talking about these two boneheads here in New Jersey, Gabe Carafa and Craig Orler of the Florida-based bunch of jackasses the Hated, and how they were busted last year on weapons charges and for trying to get a bomb made. We covered everything about these guys, from when Orler showed us all why we call them boneheads by trying to escape from a fifth story window, to their eventual guilty pleas which will put them away for about twenty years or so. The one thing that has been particularly elusive was this: What the hell did they want the bomb for? Law enforcement wasn't sure, and the newspapers reported that no one knew. Well we just found out, and we were told by law enforcement who felt we needed to know what was up. Can you guess why? That's right, apparently Carafa and Orler let it out back in March 2005 that in addition to the Delaware Memorial Bridge and perhaps a tunnel or two in NYC, they wanted to have a little ammonium nitrate fertilizer charged up and sent to DLJ! Now as you can tell, we can laugh a little at this, especially since those two are not going to be able to do jack when they are sentenced in August, but it is a serious matter, and we are taking it that way. As it was, it didn't look like the two idiots were a real threat, and DLJ's name was only mentioned once (they were pissed about the Rogues' Gallery entry of one of their friends). We still have to take into consideration the fact that we did receive a death threat on our voice mail saying someone was going to bomb our homes, and the fact that their people are still out there. Don't worry. We will handle our affairs, and if anyone thought that we would stand down if someone made a move, we are doing exactly the opposite. We are stepping up everything now. When we first got the information, a number of people close to us were more than a little pissed to say the least, and to them we say thanks much for all the support. For them as well as us, this episode has made everything all the more clearer: things just got real.

By One People's Project

When boneheads Gabriel Carafa and Craig Orler were arrested May 2005 on weapons charges, there was also the matter of them soliciting others to construct a bomb. At the time news reports said that law enforcement did not know what the bomb was intended for. Earlier this month, One People's Project has learned that the two members of the neo-Nazi bonehead crew The Hated named a number of targets, among them OPP founder and spokesperson Daryle Lamont Jenkins.

According to reports, early in 2005, Carafa and Orler acquired sixty pounds of fertilizer, the same type used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, allegedly from a burglary. They then approached an individual who later turned out to be a federal informant asking him if he knew how to make a bomb. When the person asked what the bomb was for, the two named a number of targets, among them the Delaware Memorial Bridge, and possibly one of the tunnels going into New York City. They also named "that asshole Jenkins" as a target because of One People's Project's Rogues' Gallery entry of their friend, ex-con bonehead Walter Zilinski. The other targets still came up from time to time, but Jenkins was never mentioned again by either of them after this. On March 2, 2005, however, a message on the One People's Project voice mail noted that someone was going to "bomb your homes".

Despite their overtures, Carafa and Orler's plans did not constitute an imminent threat because they only had the fertilizer, no real components to make a bomb. They also did not have enough to bring down the targets they routinely spoke of, and as Jenkins' name seemed at the time to have been said in passing, that was basically forgotten. On the other hand, law enforcement felt they needed to move on them quickly before all of this changes, and they cut short a five-month long investigation arresting Carafa and Orler was on weapons charges. Later, Orler tried to jump out of a cell window five stories up in an escape attempt, but was caught.

One year after they were arrested, Carafa and Orler pled guilty to weapons charges and can see upwards to 20 years in federal prison Carafa's sentencing date is August 10, while Orler's is scheduled for the 29th of the same month. On June 16, Jenkins received a phone call from a federal prosecutor informing him that his name was mentioned during the investigation and that it was as a possible target for the bomb Carafa and Orler planned. In a recent interview, Jenkins was undeterred. "Needless to say, it's something that I have come to expect, he said. "It's nothing that's going to slow me down. But it's definitely something to stay mindful of in this line of work."

Over the years there have been a number of threats directed not just towards One People's Project, but antifa in general. All are taken seriously, but some more than others. Hal Turner often communicates threats on his website and internet radio program, but in every instance that he is confronted on those threats, he has backed off, as was the case with antifa who turned up at his house in 2003 when Turner dared them to. Turner is due to appear in court on July 10, after engaging in an April 11 scuffle with Jamie Vazquez, a former councilman and deputy mayor of Jersey City, NJ, when he protested outside Turner's home. The Hated, however, is a group based out of Florida, but they have members in Maryland Pennsylvania, and other states on the East Coast. Carafa and Orler were the two known members in New Jersey, and Carafa was also a member of Matt Hale's Creativity Movement. The tattoo on his forehead is the group slogan RAHOWA, which is an acronym for RAcial HOly WAr. The two groups would be considered more of a concern, but to date have not made a serious move on anti-racist activists in years, although they have engaged in violence against others, including their own.

In light of this, One People's Project plans to step up their activities in the hopes that any threats such as the one Carafa and Orler reportedly imposed are at a minimum. The second annual Anti-Racist Convergence will be held in late August or early September at a location to be determined in the next two weeks. The purpose of the Convergence will be to encourage local communities to get involved with efforts to stifle the activities of white supremacists in their area. As was the case with last year's Convergence held in Orange, NJ, this is expected to generate more interest in anti-racist work.

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June 21 One People Radio Program - This week's program is a round table discussion hosted by Floyd Cochran with Nikki from Citizens Against Hate and DLJ from One Peoples Project, Josh from NY. Tonight we discuss the death of an anti-racist comrade, "Black Power" groups,Hal Turner, Project for Change, plus much more. Be sure to read full texts articles on the Citizens Against Hate website and One Peoples Project website.


Hal Turner had a pretty rough go of it last night on his broadcast. First there was Tony Willow who did a good job of establishing whether or not Hal pays taxes on his donations.


Then there was Floyd Cochran who made quick work of Hal and his "bullshit."


All-in-all, with a couple of other callers, it should have become pretty obvious that the focus of the heat is on Hal - and we aren't stopping there.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Now, someone seemed to think that this problem was endemic to the National Socialists. Do you remember this?

Or, how about the tip-toe-through-the-tulips guy, Billy Roper...

Thursday, June 15, 2006


This week's program is a round table discussion hosted by Floyd Cochran with Nikki from Citizens Against Hate and DLJ from One Peoples Project, we discuss Ann Coulter, racist rallies in Maryland and Buffalo, Pennsylvania KKK forming secret army, Nazi builds museum in Wisconsin, terrorist Hal Turner, plus a lot more. Be sure to read full texts articles on the Citizens Against Hate website and One Peoples Project website.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Again...when is enough really enough? Where does it stop? When do we say "No Mas?"


'Racist' held in threats to students
Self-proclaimed white supremacist charged after claims of harassment at Newark Memorial high
By Ben Aguirre Jr., STAFF WRITER
Inside Bay Area

FREMONT — A self-proclaimed white supremacist who has the word "racist" and an image of a swastika tattooed on his face was charged Monday with several felonies after two black Newark Memorial High School students said he threatened to kill them.
New Jersey resident Joshua Michael Steever, 26, was being held Monday at Santa Rita county jail in Dublin in lieu of $36,000 bail after prosecutors charged him earlier in the day with having a weapon on school grounds, making criminal threats and brandishing a deadly weapon, court records show.

The charges could be amended to include hate-crime enhancements as early as today, when Steever is expected back at the Fremont Hall of Justice.

Steever, who police said has been in the area since June 3 visiting a girlfriend, was at Newark Memorial on Thursday with his female companion picking up her yearbook when he was arrested after he used racial slurs toward at least two students, then threatened to kill them with a knife, Deputy District Attorney Mark Melton said.

Before that incident, Steever was involved in at least one other altercation in which he allegedly made threats toward another student, who apparently is of East Indian descent, court records show.

Steever, who was held at Fremont city jail over the weekend, appeared in court Monday afternoon with a shaved head and clad in a short-sleeved white

T-shirt. He had the word "racist" — with devil's horns stemming from the "r" — tattooed on his forehead and a swastika inked under his right eye.

He also has dozens of racially charged tattoos — including neo-Nazi symbols such as swastikas, a triskele, eagles and iron crosses — on his arms and neck. Pictures taken by police after the arrest also show Steever has an even larger swastika and eagle on his chest, plus the image of a man holding a gun emblazoned on his back with two slogans expressing his hatred toward blacks.

Authorities also reportedly recovered several business card-style propaganda items expressing white power and praising the Ku Klux Klan.

A Grand Slam

By Tony Willow

Well it seems Bill White is afraid of little ole’ me!

Just another day in the life of an anti-racist you call a racist show wanting to ask a legitimate question and what do you get? Hung up on, that’s what.

I called NSM Presents, their internet laugh fest, wanting to ask Bill about the conflicting stories regarding the Buffalo protest and just the mere mention of my name and he bails. Guess I really burned him the last time he and I spoke. See, I called him out on the whole Molly Nolan fiasco and how he DID NOT see her get hit with anything at Toledo 2. He was told of the incident by their so-called “Minister of Radio” Vonbluvens shortly after the event and for him to say differently is typical Bill.

Well, that brings me to why I called. I wanted to ask Bill about his side-stepping around the “facts” regarding the Buffalo protest. He never can get the truth right but I was beat to the punch by another caller.

“Amy from Virgina” called in and point blank asked Bill why he was lying about the Rally in Buffalo. She claimed that the carload of people she was with received a phone call stating that the rally had been called off because of a fight at Burger King and that it “wasn’t safe” to hold the rally.

This is in stark contradiction to what Bill claimed. He said the rally was a no go because a permit was not issued to Karl Hand of the Racial Nationalist Party of America.

His lies on this issue were precisely what I was going to ask about. I really wanted to know which of his statements were true - the one he has been putting out all along or the one he opened the show with tonight, the fact that this was NOT an NSM rally. Could have fooled me by all the press they have been putting out about this rally BEING and NSM event. I guess they wash their hands of an “event” if less than 5 show up?

After Bill hung up on me I sat and listened for a bit and decided to call back and ask him why. Take a wild guess, he hung up on me again. But it did send him into a bit of a tirade. He actually thinks people take him serious when he claims he might get a Virginia warrant out on me when I called New Jersey? Ok Bill, your killing me here!

But wait, it gets better. He also brought up something that needs to be addressed which I don’t think we have as of yet. His claim that we are somehow obsessed with him and that we have written 1030 articles dealing with him. Sorry Bill, we have only written about 300-400 stories TOTAL, dealing with everyone not just you. Bill you’re a footnote compared to Matt Hale.

This is just typical Bill White, only thing is, he was really rattled tonight, we have only begun Bill. Sucks being a public figure don’t it?

Sunday, June 11, 2006



An Eyewitness Accounting of the Weekend Rallies From Our Friends At One People's Project

Could our work be any more easier? This is not a good month to be a Nazi. In the past few weeks, we had the National Socialist Movement get slapped around by fellow Nazis and the chairman of the National Alliance getting snatched up on federal civil rights charges. Now the boneheads are going to have to explain why they failed to make an appearence in their much-hyped rally in Buffalo, while those that did rally in Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland did so with a longtime FBI informant! Antifa came out in force to both events, augmented by local people who did not want this crap in their town. That resulted in a little fun and excitement in a supermarket near the battlefield between Antifa and Nazis, and we still are trying to get the full story on that. We provide the information on all the fun at both spots here as Josh Hoyt covered Buffalo, and DLJ represented at Anteitam. We will be talking more about Roy Frankhouser, that FBI informant soon on One People's Radio and on this page. Since it looks like he wants to be active again, we will be beefing up his Gallery entry soon too.

NO Nazis NO KKK NO Show in Buffalo

By Josh Hoyt, One People's Project

BUFFALO, NY--Today (June 10) the National Socialist Movement along with Karl Hand’s group punked out of a confrontation with Antifa. The Buffalo rally had been announced several months ago, and to be honest we thought this thing had the potential to be really big. Central and Western New York have started to have some bonehead problems cropping up, one being Michael Crook announcing that he plans to run for sheriff of Onondaga County (Syracuse.) The NSM had been hyping this event as a prelude to several public rallies that they are planning for this summer. If today was any indication of what we can expect from Bill Whites band of costumed freaks and geeks it is going to be a long cruel summer for them.

Antifa arrived in Buffalo at about 3:00 pm. We were expecting to see Hand and his group march from Lafayette Square at 3 PM and give their speeches at Niagara Square at 4 PM. Well, 3 pm came and passed and the only indication of anything going down was a few cop cars trying to get a count of the group. We decided to head down to Niagara Square where we met up with more Antifa, community members and even a wedding party who were coming across the square. Groups represented were One Peoples Project, The International Socialist Organization, Buffalo Forum, Buffalo Anarchist Collective, The Buffalo Green Party and I guess you could even count the wedding party! (Though that would have bought us up to about 100) In total about 70 Antifa showed up. At one point a van purportedly carrying Hand and a few followers drove by, they yelled something that I couldn’t make out and continued driving. So much for that Aryan bravery they are always going on about! We ended up talking with the wedding party for a few minutes and took some pictures with them. The whole experience was pretty surreal. Unfortunately we didn’t get invited to the buffet and open bar but it was still a good time. In all of my years of doing Antifascist work I have NEVER had the boneheads simply just fail to show. No doubt they will have plenty of excuses.

We do want to thank the fascist scumbags for one thing, however. Buffalo gave us a chance to meet and network with some good people who we will be working with in the future. We suspect that Bill White’s influence may have had something to do with the total lack of turnout. Many boneheads who might have otherwise attended this event were likely turned off by Bill and the NSM’S constant attacks on other bonehead crews. Karl Hand and the NSM were told not to bring their bullshit to upstate New York, and it seems like this time they might have listened to us.

KKKanning the Klan in Maryland

By Daryle Lamont Jenkins, One People's Project

SHARPSBURG, MD-The Klan rally held at Anteitam National Battlefield on Saturday made for a rather unusual event, as a cross section of people, many of whom were not the regular activists that often counter demonstrations like this, came out to call out the white supremacists that came out. It was an event marked by a pre-rally confrontation outside the park as well as the appearance of a veteran Klansman who is also well-known as an FBI informant.

Close to thirty hatemongers gathered in the Mumma Farm section of the park as twice that number gathered across from them in a grove where officials set up a counter protesting area. The two parties were kept apart by fifty police officers who also controlled the arrival of the neo-Nazis, driving them to the area in two small vans from a gathering location somewhere in the park. The neo-Nazis represented members of the World Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, National Socialist Movement (NSM), and reportedly the Creativity Movement. Radio show host Hal Turner also made an appearance, and was the first speaker. He was drowned out by chants and a woman on a megaphone who was particularly angry about the rally being held here. Union and Confederate forces clashed Sept. 17, 1862 on this battlefield which is approximately 40 miles outside Washington. This marked Confederate General Robert E. Lee's first invasion of the North, and with more than 23,000 men on both sides killed, wounded or missing, this was the largest single day loss of lives in the history of American wars. "This is a desecration of this battlefield," The woman shouted. "Men shed their blood here so we can be equal!"

Other speakers followed Turner, including NSM spokesperson Bill White and Ken Krauss, one of the NSM members who was stomped by his fellow Nazis at Nordic Fest Memorial Day Weekend, reportedly because of his association with Bill White. The biggest surprise, however, came when Ku Klux Klan veteran Roy Frankhouser took to the podium. Frankhouser has been in the Klan scene for decades, but he is persona non grata in most white supremacist circles because when he was working for political gadfly Lyndon LaRouche, it was revealed that for many years he was an FBI informant. He had not been heard from in years, and this was the first time since 2000 he has made this public an appearance.

There was a reenactment scheduled at the park today that went on as scheduled. Afterwards, there were a number of reenactors who were dressed as confederates that came over to join the counter demonstrators. This launched the organizer of this rally, Gordon Young of the World Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, into a tirade that was laughed at by those opposing his efforts. The counterdemonstration included not just antifa and the reenactors, but other visitors to the park, and a group of bikers who were the most vocal. One biker called out the neo-Nazis on the megaphone saying, "Get out of my country! You don't belong here!"

There might have been more on both sides but prior to the rally there was an altercation in a nearby supermarket between people from both sides. Although there were not any reports of arrests, police barred those involved from going to the rally. Gordon Young was not aware of the incident, but said to the press that he hoped that those who opposed his rally were stomped.

Young's intent was to focus on black crime with this rally, but when confronted with the fact that many of the groups and individuals he was associating with were themselves criminals - one even sporting a prison tattoo - he dismissed the crimes that may or may not have been committed as possibly them administering "Aryan justice". He even used this dismissal when asked about white supremacist Scottland Belk allegedly killing his own mother.


By Nicole Nichols

NEWS FLASH: Onondaga County, New York is soon to host what might be a “show-down” election between the encumbent Sheriff and newcomer Michael Crook. In a statement issued yesterday, Crook announced his candidacy:

“I've spoken to the Onondaga County personnel involved in the election for Sheriff, and I will be eligible to file the paperwork next month that will enable me to run for Sheriff of Onondaga County, New York.

I will not be a champion for the deputies, but for the taxpayers, looking for ways to streamline the money the department spends on everything from operations to payroll.

“If I win, it'll be a brand new day for Onondaga County. If Walsh wins, yet again, the same old-dog tactics will remain and keep Onondaga County down.”

Well, we wonder how the deputies feel about that. But it gets worse. On the Stormfront website (yes he is a stormfront member), he had the following to say:

“I plan to do great work for the Aryan cause, regardless of whether or not I win, but if I do win, White brothers and sisters can be assured that they will be treated well in Onondaga County.

It is time for we, as a race, to do all we can to take back the power in this country, whenever we can, legally.”

Now, this is just what we need in law-enforcement, right? Crook makes no apologies for himself or his views. Awhile back he had a website entitled “” where he claimed that “Vets are beyond stupid, all they know how to do is kill people and waste our money.”

On Michael Crooks blog, the becomes gleeful when a soldier’s wife is killed:

A Virginia Navy wife was killed instantly when a stolen car, driven by teenagers allegedly, plowed into her living room.

Life is good!

One less bloodsucker on the dependant list.

Life might be good for Michael Crook…right now. But something tells me that may not be the case in the coming weeks. To hear the full skinny on Michael Crook, tune into One People’s Radio Wednesday night. And check back often for our coverage of the racist right in this election period. Note:

Friday, June 09, 2006

Shaun Walker Goes Bye-Bye

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse for the National Alliance - they did. Yesterday, Shaun Walker, the NA leader was arrested for crimes committed in 2002 and 2003. What happens to the ailing National Alliance now is anyone's guess.


Neo-Nazi National Alliance leader indicted in civil rights conspiracy

Shaun Walker and Travis Massey

June 9, 2006 -- A federal grand jury has indicted the top leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, once the most feared hate group in America, and charged him and two subordinates with conspiring to deprive non-white people in Salt Lake City of their civil rights, the U.S. Department of Justice announced today.

Alliance Chairman Shaun A. Walker, 38, was arrested at the West Virginia headquarters of the group on Thursday. On the same day, Travis D. Massey, 29, the Alliance's Salt Lake City unit coordinator, and Eric G. Egbert, 21, of Salt Lake City were arrested in Utah. Each man is charged with one count of conspiracy to interfere with civil rights and one count of interference with a federally protected activity.

"These arrests may mark the final stage in what has been a long decline in the National Alliance," said Mark Potok, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Project, which has monitored the Alliance since the 1980s. "What was once the most important hate group in America may soon be just a memory."

Prosecutors allege that the three engaged in a conspiracy between December 2002 and March 2003 to provoke fights with non-white persons "in order to make them afraid to appear in public, work and live" in Salt Lake City, prosecutors said. If the men are convicted, they could face up to 20 years in prison apiece.

The indictment alleges two specific attacks -- a Dec. 31, 2002, assault by all three men on a Mexican-American man identified only as "J.B." in O'Shucks, a Salt Lake City bar, and a March 15, 2003, assault on a Native-American individual in a bar called Port O'Call by Massey and an unidentified person.

Shaun Walker was named chairman of the Alliance on April 25, 2005, replacing Erich Gliebe, who was being widely criticized within the group. By his own account, Walker joined the Alliance in 1999, and was named Salt Lake City unit coordinator soon thereafter. He became the Alliance's Western Regional Coordinator in 2002, and was named chief operating officer the next year.

Walker was born and raised in California, but later moved to Utah. He says he served in the Marine Corps between 1986 and 1990, and earned a bachelor's degree from the University of California, San Diego, in molecular biology. Walker also says he has worked in construction and as a lab technician and research scientist.

The National Alliance is a group that has produced a huge number of criminals, including men who have engaged in shootouts with police, robbed banks, carried out assassinations and bombings, and killed suspected informers. Its founder and long-time leader, William Pierce, wrote a novel called The Turner Diaries, which has inspired terrorists including the 1995 Oklahoma City bombers.

Pierce died in 2002, and the Alliance has been in decline ever since. At the time of Pierce's death, the group had more than 1,400 members and 17 full-time, paid staffers, and was grossing about $1 million a year. Today, the group has fewer than 200 members, a small handful of staffers, and a money-losing operation.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


On this June 7th, OPR roundtable discussion you will hear Floyd Cochran, Nicole Nichols, and Josh Hoyt discussing the recent primary in Alabama, the never-ending Bill White saga, the upcoming rallies, and whose payroll is Hal Turner on. You won't want to miss this lively show.


Now, I have to hand it to Tony Willow! This video is priceless!


Tuesday, June 06, 2006


From Floyd Cochran

Well seeing that Bill White has now let the cat out of the bag, I guess I can let the whole world in on the secret - CAH, OPR, OPP and NO-dic Fest Fight, we planned it all.

First I called Time magazine - then Nikki called the Vinlanders and DLJ called the SPLC - we gave them all top secret codes in hidden emails - and then zapped those codes into the heads of bigots at the No-dic fest and wa la it was done! God I just love it when a plan comes togther . (grin)


Monday, June 05, 2006


For those who grew up on the streets and call that home, there is an unwritten code – an unspoken honor oath that is inherent with the territory. Many a spoon-fed, moneyed, dogooder has learned the hard way that things are done a lot differently in Joe’s Diner than they are at the Waldorf.

We have all known the person who is intelligent in the book sense but lacks even a modicum of common sense. There is another one who just joined the ranks of the reality impaired - Bill White. I know that we have talked a lot about this person – but he gives us a lot to talk about. Back when he was an anarchist he was good for a few eyebrow raisings and a chuckle. We couldn’t help but laugh at the poor little rich boy trying to fit in with the big guys.

Today, however, Bill has taken his insanity and his lack of understanding into the realm where death wishes live. No longer an anarchist and no longer a little boy, Bill is trying really hard to fit in with the Nazi’s. He wasn’t doing too bad when he teamed up with the misfits of the scene and was even establishing himself as a leader of the outcasts. Until the last couple of weeks, that is.

When five of his crew became the recipients of a boot party at Nordic Fest over Memorial Day Weekend, we knew that the fur was going to fly. Now White didn’t seem too upset over the beatdown that was given to his men – he was more concerned that it was largely because of him that the guys met their fate, and he wanted to encourage his men to press charges against the miscreants.

Back to that code of the streets. There are few things in this world stronger than that code, that understanding between people of what is right and honorable according to the rules of the game you are playing. Of course, if you happen to be the rich kid on the block, or the newcomer to the street, you may have to learn that code through a few lumps and scrapes. Bill White, the Nazi wannabe, doesn’t have a clue about the streets.

I have said, time and again, that Bill is playing a very dangerous game – a game that he doesn’t understand the rules of. He doesn’t understand that there are some things he can’t buy his way into or out of. He just doesn’t understand the code. And that will be his undoing.

First and foremost, the rules of the street prohibit informants. You don’t call the police and you don’t talk – two things that Bill does a lot of. When he took on Brien James of the Vinlander Social Club, he really should have boned up on the rules. But, of course, Bill didn’t see any need to do that – he has blustered and bluffed his way through a lot of altercations and this one couldn’t be much different. Wrong. Things are a lot different when you take on the skinheads. Bill White is in a whole new arena – one that is unforgiving, driven by a code of street “ethics,” and potentially deadly.

According to Brien James, “Over the last few days I have spoken with Mark Martin, Jeff Scheop, and several NSM members, and former members. They have all talked agreeably and said that they wanted peace. Jeff went as far as to garauntee me that he could personally put a stop to Bill White running his mouth on This was a promise he obviously could not keep.”

If Jeff Schoep made that promise to Brien James, he is much more out of touch with the real Bill White than I thought. Any belief that Schoep could exercise even a small amount of control over White would be nothing but idiocy. Of course, rumor has it that Jeff has been hitting the bottle pretty hard all week.

Also according to Brien, “Someone from the NSM allegedly gave my name and cell number to one of the largest men (about 280 pounds of solid muscle) I have ever met in my life, in order for him to come and have a "talk" with me. I, of course met this man, like I will anyone, and the whole thing backfired on the NSM quite severely. As a result of this incident several other NSM members in Indiana have quit that organization and have already started to spend time getting to know different groups of my people all over the state. We have also been contacted by several former NSM members in Ohio and Pennsylvania including one of the guys who was involved in the fight at Nordic Fest.”

Actually, I had also heard that there were a number of NSM members pulling out as well, so this might just be confirmation of that fact. On the Vinlander website, Brien claims,

“…a person going by the nickname of "concerned whitey" is calling for the removal of Bill White, Jeff S. and another man I dont know of. At first they accused me of being "concerned whitey" but now they obviously know this is someone inside of their organization. Here is the latest message I received on this list from Bill White talking about how unhappy the membership is.

"An anti-racist group has decided they are going to use the Brien James incident to try and disrupt the internal functioning of the NSM.

“What's obnoxious is the amount of time the Commander and I are having to spend on the phone with people who should know better telling them to ignore these guys -- and the handful of NSM members -- almost all new recruits -- who are not able to take this stuff with the proper grain of salt.

“The Commander, who has been away on business, came back today and was so overwhelmed with calls and messages that he had to have another comrade takeover answering them.

“We are one week before two regional rallies and we should be focused on building those events and not playing games with a handful of wanna-be gang members outside of our organization who have a long history of attacking white activists of all stripes.


As I hear it, from a source who will remain anonymous, “White made some sort of covert bid to have Schoep dumped as "Commander," (due to weak leadership) and he nominated himself as the replacement.”

We wondered how long it would take before Bill “I’m a Millionaire” White would make that kind of grandstand play. The problem is, Bill still doesn’t understand that he isn’t “one of them.” He never has been and he never will be.

Further evidence to Bill’s lack of street knowledge was not far behind. In typical “I’m All That” fashion that has distinguished Bill White’s short career as a Nazi, he threw his tantrum. In response to a report by One People’s Radio that all might not be well with Bill White and the NSM, White fired back:

“Two new teenaged NSM members recently made some inappropriate decisions and made some public statements, variously, about how the Commander, Mark Martin, Richard Brunson, Jim Ramm and / or I -- mostly focused on me, though -- should be removed from our positions in the NSM "so the group can move forward". Obviously, they name five of the top NSM activists and demand that those particularly comrades are "holding the NSM back". Their call was picked up by anti-racist groups who immediately began spamming poison pen email letters and posting bogus forum posts attacking us all over our email lists and various forums.

“About 90% of the supposed "opposition" to various folk inside the NSM are anti-racists. A few comrades, mostly younger and newer members, have been suckered by it. I can say right now that the Commander and I, and the Chairman and I, are and remain friends -- I don't think anyone is being fired.”

There were no “teenaged NSM members,” there were no spammed “poison pen email letters,” this is pure Bill White hyperbole. It is fantasy – and one that most lucid and rational individuals can see right through. The truth of the matter is, Bill is unable to control his world at the moment. Everything is spinning wildly and downwardly out of control. When there was no response to his manic lies, Bill did the one thing that may cost him everything. In response to what Brien James had said on his website, White posted the following:

Brien James Beaten Outside His Home
Says Unknown "NSM Member" "Had A Talk" With Him

Indianapolis, Indiana -- Vinlanders leader Brien James issued a statement today saying he was attacked and beaten outside his home by "one of the largest men (about 280 pounds of solid muscle) I have ever met in my life".
James, in his statement, said that the brutality with which he was attacked "has completely backfired on the NSM" and claims that he was beaten "in retaliation" for the attack he launched with approximately fifty other persons on five NSM members at the Nordicfest concert in Kentucky.

The National Socialist Movement denies any responsibility for any act of retaliation against James or other Vinlanders who participated in the violence.

James concluded his statement by challenging NSM Spokesman Bill White "to a cage match" claiming that he had friends "who could arrange that kind of thing".

White responded by suggesting James was spending too much time drinking and watching WWF, referring to James as "the white nationalist underground man" and stating:
"I don't respond to obviously silly white trash fantasy suggestions. Anyone who ever wants to fight with me can do it very easily -- just walk up to me and take a swing," adding, "If Brien James was attacked outside his house, as he claims, then he has my response."

At the end of another diatribe posted on his blog, White makes the following statement:

“Nothing stops any person who wants to fight with me from doing so. All you have to do is walk up to me and take a swing. But I don't treat trash fair, I carry a gun, and I prosecute. None of that should be a problem for someone who really wants a piece of me. Otherwise, I let success speak for itself.”
All of this comes at a time when the Chairman of the Nationalist Socialist Movement, Clifford Herrington, had issued a series of edicts aimed at stopping the division that is occurring among the membership. Setting that aside, however, Bill White not only made a mistake – he made an egregious error. To blatantly lie, to threaten, and to issue such a challenge to someone like Brien James is, perhaps, the most foolish thing that Bill has ever done.

The code of the streets requires Brien James to step to the plate – it requires him to save face and honor by obliging Bill White. Bill has created his own monster – and this time the monster bites.

I don’t know if White did this out of ignorance or because he has a death wish – two things for certain, though – this is not over, and Jeff Schoep and the NSM organization have no choice but to cull Bill White from the rank and file. Anything less than that could only mean that Bill White’s deep pockets have been turned inside out by Schoep.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Pot & The Kettle

Earlier, Bill White decided to tell eveyone about his feud and bad feelings surrounding Brien James of the Vinlander's Social Club. Now, I read, and re-read, what Bill wrote, and I swear, I thought he was painting a self-portrait.

I don't know a lot about Brien James, and I am certainly not going to try to defend any of his actions. But, Bill really needs to check himself on this one as he has just made a bigger horse's ass out of himself than he already is. Here is his explanation and my comments:

Commentary -- I'm going to try to briefly discuss why Brien James dislikes me, and why I dislike him. I have known him to work with anti-racist groups to attack white organizations he dislikes,

Kinda like you, huh Bill?

and have known him to engage in violent criminal activity before. I have also had confrontations with him, and, frankly, he fears me,

Well, but of course he does. Who wouldn’t with that muscular physiqe of yours? He wouldn’t be any kind of a match for you, now would he?

which is the main reason he spends so much time focused on me -- his fragile white trash ego doesn't know how to respond.

And you know all about egos, right? And trash – and being fragile.

In 2000 - 2001 Brien James and the Outlaw Hammerskins, also at Nordicfest, I believe, kidnapped a girl and doused in kerosene, then threatened to set her on fire, because she was dating Shane McCormick, who, at that time, was the Director of the Midland Hammerskins.
Now, if he did that, one would think that the first thing that she would have done would have been run to the police. I guess that’s just the way NSM dudes handle things though.

Brien James had been thrown out of the Hammerskins for being a coward, a drunk and a snitch and generally not being able to conform to their rules. He decided to respond by forming the Outlaw Hammerskins and "going to war" with the Hammerskin Nation.

Kinda like getting kicked out of the anarchy movement and Pravda, and starting up a white supremacist group, huh? I don’t know about “drunk” but we all know about “snitch,” right? I also hear that your end is coming in the NSM.

In 2003, I met this girl and she told me about Brien James, as well as the fact that he listened to rap music, hung out with guys who had gold teeth, and generally acted like a nigger, and I posted something about that on Brien James then called me repeatedly and I told him he was white trash and that he could take his big mouth and his big ideas of himself and shove them up his ass.

Gee, that reminds me of some of those Creators that follow you around these days. Brian Moudry is said to have a penchant for rap and the people that he hangs out with are often of questionable ancestory.

In 2004, after Erica Hardwick turned informer, Brien James continued to associate both with her and to befriend her new found friends at the One People's Project. Erica lived in Indianapolis through April of that year, if I recall. Erica had been screwing one or more of the Outlaw Hammerskins, now rennamed the Hoosier State Skinheads, on and off.

Wasn’t that around the same time that you posted that condom wrapper on your site in an effort to “prove” you had had sex with Erica? Could it be that Bill White is a lover scorned. Oh, and you even wrote “An Ode To A Beautiful Woman” for that wanton woman!!! Imagine that!

In April of that year she called me and told me some ridiculous story about how they attacked her and she needed money for bus fare to leave Indianapolis, et cetera. At that point in time Brien James had some contact with me and said that he had no problem with Erica, that he didn't care she was an informer and an anti-racist, and that he had a lot of anti-racist skinhead friends himself. Who knows if that's true, but it is in character for Brien James to say that sort of thing - - its also in character for that to be true.

Just like it is in character for you to pine away over a love lost and denegrate the woman who spurned your advances. You even managed to get your friends to vilify her on the internet with sordid comments like “filed mattress” and yet you still wanted her and she snubbed you.

That year, another girl I know started publishing the Nationalist Enquirer, making fun of Brien James and his Hoosier State Skinheads. On the site, these folk did stuff like drive to Brien James' house and photograph him and his barbecues and other stupid things that flipped him out. James called me repeatedly demanding I take the website down. I told him he was a joke and he could stick it.

Oh please Bill! Your memory is really short. You were behind that site – and the entire internet world knows that. As a matter of fact, it looks like you just admitted it. And, I don’t blame anyone who demanded you take that site down. Of course the one thing you did accomplish with that was demonstrating just how reprehensible you are and that your sexual fantasies go way beyond the norm.

Now, Brien James has changed the name of his gang again -- to the Vinlanders -- and tried to pump up his ego by claiming he is king of the skinheads or some other nonsense. Frankly, I find this stuff pathetic. Brien James is a white trash drunkard and petty criminal who will never make anything of himself. He's certainly not any kind of white nationalist leader.

That might be – I really don’t know the man. However, the old cliché about the pot and the kettle still rings true today.,obviously. Leaving the Utopian Anarchist Party behind and claiming that you were now the “Great White Hope” isn’t very far from what you are accusing Brien of. And, there are hundreds of white nationalists who feel much the same way about your “leadership” potential. You seem to enjoy placing yourself far above others, when, in truth, you are no better – no different. You actually think that people in the movement like you – clue, most loathe you. They see you as a nutso who can’t be trusted. You are the best thing that has happened to the anti-racist movement in a long time – and the kiss of death for any racist organization that affiliates itself with you.

I don't generally accuse people of cooperating with the government or other conspirational kinds of groups, but I have certainly known Brien James to provide information to law enforcement or antifa when he felt that by doing so he was attacking a rival organization or crew.

Damn, Bill! What is this you are writing – an autobiography? This is a self-portrait. Need I bring up your dealings with the feds? Should we unearth some of the people that you have ratted on, or some of the “information” that you have provided?

I think the only reason he is not a formal federal informant is that the quality of information he has provided has never been very good. I also think that there are regular snitches in his Vinlanders organization and his section of the white nationalist movement in general, and that honest white nationalists should steer clear of him. There is some additional information I have to support that statement, but it implicates another skinhead organization that is not in rivalry with the NSM, and I cannot share it here.

Again, White, you are not the paragon of virtue. Do you consider yourself an “honest white nationalist,” because there aren’t too many others out there who consider you one. Again – white nationalists don’t like you and there are few within the NSM who like you. And even fewer trust you.

That's my opinion of the guy, for what its worth. I have gotten some emails, mostly from teenagers and various skinhead wanna-bes taking up for him, and I want to share that experience and opinion to help those who may be taken in by this skinhead culture thing that James has tried to take for himself.

Your opinion really doesn’t carry much weight in any circle. I don’t know much about Brien James, and I am certainly not trying to defend him. But, I can’t help but take issue with what you have written, Bill. As a human being you lack all the qualities that set us apart from other animals. You bring nothing of value to any group you join or any organization that you affiliate yourself with. You are truly a man without a country.

Friday, June 02, 2006


FCochran wrote:

Breaking From One Peoples Radio:

Friday June 2, 2006

Breaking: From One Peoples Radio:
Friday June 2, 2006

We are trying to confirm rumors swirling around the Nationalist Social Movement ( NSM) that NSM spokesman Bill White is about to be "demoted" by NSM Commander" Jeff Schoep.

According to OPR sources inside the NSM Schoep is "pretty pissed" over the way that Bill White has become the focus of much "in-fighting" among various members of the NSM and different organizations with-in the racist right.

White, was the inspiration for the severe beating five members of the NSM endured this past Memorial day week-end, a beating administered by members of a rival racist gang.

Over the last couple of years White has engaged not only in a series of personal attacks on fellow racists, but also has been accused by bigots of lying about them on his (White) web-site.

Schoep feels, according to information we have received, "that Bill White has become a distraction"

Things have gotten so bad for Bill White that recently several anti-racist organizations gave him an award for creating "havoc" with-in the over-all racist movement that has led to people dropping out of the NSM.

Apparently Jeff Schoep and the NSM have had enough of Bill White ........well we can only hope.

As more information comes, we will keep you posted at

Feel free to post or reprint