Sunday, June 25, 2006

Domestic Terrorists Threaten One of Our Own

When the word came down that Gabe Carafa and Craig Orler intended to bomb Daryle Lamont Jenkins' home we were stunned and greatly angered. As I have said here at Citizens Against Hate quite often - we don't take threats lightly - and this is precisely why. Carafa and Orler are now behind bars, but there are other members of that group out there - and they really had better listen up. An attack against one of us by one of you is an attack against us all. We aren't going to play your bullshit games and we aren't going to roll over and play dead. It's one thing for people to oppose each other and our ideology - it is quite another to make threats or to plan attacks. It doesn't deter us, in fact, it makes us more deliberate and steadfast in our resolve to fight back. Consider it done.


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Sunday, 25 June 2006

So over the past year we have been talking about these two boneheads here in New Jersey, Gabe Carafa and Craig Orler of the Florida-based bunch of jackasses the Hated, and how they were busted last year on weapons charges and for trying to get a bomb made. We covered everything about these guys, from when Orler showed us all why we call them boneheads by trying to escape from a fifth story window, to their eventual guilty pleas which will put them away for about twenty years or so. The one thing that has been particularly elusive was this: What the hell did they want the bomb for? Law enforcement wasn't sure, and the newspapers reported that no one knew. Well we just found out, and we were told by law enforcement who felt we needed to know what was up. Can you guess why? That's right, apparently Carafa and Orler let it out back in March 2005 that in addition to the Delaware Memorial Bridge and perhaps a tunnel or two in NYC, they wanted to have a little ammonium nitrate fertilizer charged up and sent to DLJ! Now as you can tell, we can laugh a little at this, especially since those two are not going to be able to do jack when they are sentenced in August, but it is a serious matter, and we are taking it that way. As it was, it didn't look like the two idiots were a real threat, and DLJ's name was only mentioned once (they were pissed about the Rogues' Gallery entry of one of their friends). We still have to take into consideration the fact that we did receive a death threat on our voice mail saying someone was going to bomb our homes, and the fact that their people are still out there. Don't worry. We will handle our affairs, and if anyone thought that we would stand down if someone made a move, we are doing exactly the opposite. We are stepping up everything now. When we first got the information, a number of people close to us were more than a little pissed to say the least, and to them we say thanks much for all the support. For them as well as us, this episode has made everything all the more clearer: things just got real.

By One People's Project

When boneheads Gabriel Carafa and Craig Orler were arrested May 2005 on weapons charges, there was also the matter of them soliciting others to construct a bomb. At the time news reports said that law enforcement did not know what the bomb was intended for. Earlier this month, One People's Project has learned that the two members of the neo-Nazi bonehead crew The Hated named a number of targets, among them OPP founder and spokesperson Daryle Lamont Jenkins.

According to reports, early in 2005, Carafa and Orler acquired sixty pounds of fertilizer, the same type used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, allegedly from a burglary. They then approached an individual who later turned out to be a federal informant asking him if he knew how to make a bomb. When the person asked what the bomb was for, the two named a number of targets, among them the Delaware Memorial Bridge, and possibly one of the tunnels going into New York City. They also named "that asshole Jenkins" as a target because of One People's Project's Rogues' Gallery entry of their friend, ex-con bonehead Walter Zilinski. The other targets still came up from time to time, but Jenkins was never mentioned again by either of them after this. On March 2, 2005, however, a message on the One People's Project voice mail noted that someone was going to "bomb your homes".

Despite their overtures, Carafa and Orler's plans did not constitute an imminent threat because they only had the fertilizer, no real components to make a bomb. They also did not have enough to bring down the targets they routinely spoke of, and as Jenkins' name seemed at the time to have been said in passing, that was basically forgotten. On the other hand, law enforcement felt they needed to move on them quickly before all of this changes, and they cut short a five-month long investigation arresting Carafa and Orler was on weapons charges. Later, Orler tried to jump out of a cell window five stories up in an escape attempt, but was caught.

One year after they were arrested, Carafa and Orler pled guilty to weapons charges and can see upwards to 20 years in federal prison Carafa's sentencing date is August 10, while Orler's is scheduled for the 29th of the same month. On June 16, Jenkins received a phone call from a federal prosecutor informing him that his name was mentioned during the investigation and that it was as a possible target for the bomb Carafa and Orler planned. In a recent interview, Jenkins was undeterred. "Needless to say, it's something that I have come to expect, he said. "It's nothing that's going to slow me down. But it's definitely something to stay mindful of in this line of work."

Over the years there have been a number of threats directed not just towards One People's Project, but antifa in general. All are taken seriously, but some more than others. Hal Turner often communicates threats on his website and internet radio program, but in every instance that he is confronted on those threats, he has backed off, as was the case with antifa who turned up at his house in 2003 when Turner dared them to. Turner is due to appear in court on July 10, after engaging in an April 11 scuffle with Jamie Vazquez, a former councilman and deputy mayor of Jersey City, NJ, when he protested outside Turner's home. The Hated, however, is a group based out of Florida, but they have members in Maryland Pennsylvania, and other states on the East Coast. Carafa and Orler were the two known members in New Jersey, and Carafa was also a member of Matt Hale's Creativity Movement. The tattoo on his forehead is the group slogan RAHOWA, which is an acronym for RAcial HOly WAr. The two groups would be considered more of a concern, but to date have not made a serious move on anti-racist activists in years, although they have engaged in violence against others, including their own.

In light of this, One People's Project plans to step up their activities in the hopes that any threats such as the one Carafa and Orler reportedly imposed are at a minimum. The second annual Anti-Racist Convergence will be held in late August or early September at a location to be determined in the next two weeks. The purpose of the Convergence will be to encourage local communities to get involved with efforts to stifle the activities of white supremacists in their area. As was the case with last year's Convergence held in Orange, NJ, this is expected to generate more interest in anti-racist work.


  1. To hear Bill tell it, the FBI is the one who released the information about this whole damn thing and to the public no less. This is NOT the case as the Prosecutor's office is the one who approached Daryle about this. Of course we know this is a bunch of crap as that is all that comes out of Bill anymore.

    Anyhow, I'm making plans on attending this anti-racist conference. Something needs to be done NATIONALLY!

  2. This is a wake-up call to all of us. This is just one example of what can happen when someone not too stable listens to the incitement of another not too stable individual.

    Make no mistake about it - those who attempt to incite others to do their dirty work, know precisely what can happen - they bank on it.

  3. If someone got arrested each time we got a death threat, we'd do nothing but sit in court 7 days a week.

  4. Drake why is it that Bill can't tell the truth to save his own life?

  5. Chris can't say a bad word about Bill White or he'll suffer the rath of White. Chris is Bill's bitch.

    Bill White claimed in 1998 that his mother was a jewish communist from England. Just search usenet archives if you don't believe me.

  6. Suffer from what? Bill is a friend of mine and I've taken up for him in the face of things a lot more ominous than this blog. I don't have anything bad to say about him. I've got a whole crew of people who do nothing but make things up about people all day demanding that I tell Bill to not make something up--of which I have no idea about anyway.

    And hey, you probably really are a jewish/and/or/communist. I definately believe the jewish part since you don't leave your name on here.

  7. Drake you said:

    I've got a whole crew of people who do nothing but make things up about people all day demanding that I tell Bill to not make something up--of which I have no idea about anyway.


    wtf? What the hell are you talking about?

  8. :)

    Sorry, I'm tired. "I've got" as in "what we have here." Maybe that was unclear unless you speak Georgian.

    I have a whole crew of people before me, ON THIS BLOG, who do nothing but sit around making up stuff about people, who are demanding I explain to them why something they feel Bill made up, is or is not made up. Somehow, I think that sentance is barely grammatically correct.

    Anything else before I go to bed? (note to CAH: Chris Drake goes to bed sometimes at 2:00am).

  9. Ok, I'll bite Chris, what do I make up again?

  10. Let's examine a fresh Bill White post and dissect the lies.

    This one is easy, as I live in the town (Toledo) that White purports to provide information about.

    Overthrowup article about ex-police chief Jack Smith

    Lie #1: "Toledo Police Chief Fired" - Smith resigned, and returned to his old position as captain.

    Lie #2: "Smith refused" to provide information about gangs - Smith did disagree with the mayor about the number of formal gangs, as opposed to criminal teens who happen to hang out and cause trouble. Smith has always acknowledged crime problems. The resignation was really due to a conflict over the mayor's caustic managerial style, not specifics about gangs.

    Lie #3: "Youth gangs...drove Toledo Police out of the area" during the Toledo riot on October 15 - Bill can be forgiven here, since the NSM was the only group that was driven out of the area. Toledo Police maintained their positions on Mulberry Street all day, despite White's fanciful delusions that they "threw down their weapons and ran away screaming" as I heard him lie in a Toledo court on December 9, 2005.

    Lie #4: "Crime is up in the LaGrange area" - uh, Bill? Cite some statistics and sources. Citywide crime was up in 2005 for Toledo as a whole, but 2006 stats aren't even out yet. Smith took over this year, so the jury is still out. Besides, FBI statistics do not break down by neighborhood.

    Lie #5: "Section 8 housing" is to blame for crime, and a local housing development corporation wants to move out whites in favor of blacks - Hey Bill? Any landlord can accept Section 8 housing assistance funds, and I would be surprised if you didn't as a Roanoke landlord (we'll take your word if you swear that you don't, though). Most landlords are happy to get Section 8 money, because they know they'll have their check on time. As far as the LaGrange Developemnt Corp to which you alluded, they buy up rundown properties and rehabilitate them.

    Much like a certain NSM spinmeister in Roanoke.

    These facts are available in dozens of media outlets, so Bill White is either illiterate (doubtful) or a pathological liar (likely).

  11. Ok, we're all fag, jews, on welfare, criminals, on drugs, go to tailand for sex tours (since Anthony did it, which by the way has never had anything to do with NSM records--but thats another fabrication), stalk women, teach NS to kids who can barely talk at a daycare, etc. Its goes on and on. I could be here all day.

  12. Gays = Hal Turner, Mark Martin, Frank Weltner

    Jews = Bill White, Alex Linder, Frank Weltner (again)

    Welfare = Michael Blevins, Steve Holsten, Jeff Schoep,

    Criminals = Bill White several times over, Chris Drake, Michael Schneider (wanted), Mark Martin (26x over at least), John Snyder (pedophile)

    Drugs = Michael Blevins, Bill White, Hal Turner, nearly every Vinlander

  13. Hal Turner is on right now pissing and moaning and threatening to shut his show down if he doesn't get any $$$$



  14. Hal is now "terminating" his program for the evening.

    What a fucking drama queen!

    It must be something about white racists that they always seem to think of themselves as "persecuted"!

    Must be something psychological.

    WN=mental illness.

  15. LOL! He took his marbles and went home - AGAIN! The awful thing is - he will get the money. If the truth be known he proabably already has it and is pulling another stunt so he can say - "see how people love me!"

    What an asswipe!

  16. Hal doesn't fucking know what real work is...

  17. And I agree, unfortunately, he will probably get his money. Although, it just goes to show what a level of ignoramus makes up his fanbase, as I cannot think of a more unprofessional stunt to pull than cancelling a show before it even starts.

    What an obvious amateur!

  18. Okay, Chris, what if we really were all Jews?

    Would that really bother you?

    Why are you here if there is a chance of an evil Jew being in the mix?


  19. Ok, Chris, I asked what do I make up not what does %100 of WN make up. Name what I have lied about. I know it's hard because that would entail you doing some research which you obviously have a hard time with since you beleive EVERYTHING that Bill spews.

  20. I'd like really quick if our anonymouse guy clear up what I'm being called a criminal about. I've heard that about 3 times and I guess since I'm a big guy with ink, it fits in the anti-white mind. What crime have I committed? I'm all ears.


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