Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Pot & The Kettle

Earlier, Bill White decided to tell eveyone about his feud and bad feelings surrounding Brien James of the Vinlander's Social Club. Now, I read, and re-read, what Bill wrote, and I swear, I thought he was painting a self-portrait.

I don't know a lot about Brien James, and I am certainly not going to try to defend any of his actions. But, Bill really needs to check himself on this one as he has just made a bigger horse's ass out of himself than he already is. Here is his explanation and my comments:

Commentary -- I'm going to try to briefly discuss why Brien James dislikes me, and why I dislike him. I have known him to work with anti-racist groups to attack white organizations he dislikes,

Kinda like you, huh Bill?

and have known him to engage in violent criminal activity before. I have also had confrontations with him, and, frankly, he fears me,

Well, but of course he does. Who wouldn’t with that muscular physiqe of yours? He wouldn’t be any kind of a match for you, now would he?

which is the main reason he spends so much time focused on me -- his fragile white trash ego doesn't know how to respond.

And you know all about egos, right? And trash – and being fragile.

In 2000 - 2001 Brien James and the Outlaw Hammerskins, also at Nordicfest, I believe, kidnapped a girl and doused in kerosene, then threatened to set her on fire, because she was dating Shane McCormick, who, at that time, was the Director of the Midland Hammerskins.
Now, if he did that, one would think that the first thing that she would have done would have been run to the police. I guess that’s just the way NSM dudes handle things though.

Brien James had been thrown out of the Hammerskins for being a coward, a drunk and a snitch and generally not being able to conform to their rules. He decided to respond by forming the Outlaw Hammerskins and "going to war" with the Hammerskin Nation.

Kinda like getting kicked out of the anarchy movement and Pravda, and starting up a white supremacist group, huh? I don’t know about “drunk” but we all know about “snitch,” right? I also hear that your end is coming in the NSM.

In 2003, I met this girl and she told me about Brien James, as well as the fact that he listened to rap music, hung out with guys who had gold teeth, and generally acted like a nigger, and I posted something about that on Brien James then called me repeatedly and I told him he was white trash and that he could take his big mouth and his big ideas of himself and shove them up his ass.

Gee, that reminds me of some of those Creators that follow you around these days. Brian Moudry is said to have a penchant for rap and the people that he hangs out with are often of questionable ancestory.

In 2004, after Erica Hardwick turned informer, Brien James continued to associate both with her and to befriend her new found friends at the One People's Project. Erica lived in Indianapolis through April of that year, if I recall. Erica had been screwing one or more of the Outlaw Hammerskins, now rennamed the Hoosier State Skinheads, on and off.

Wasn’t that around the same time that you posted that condom wrapper on your site in an effort to “prove” you had had sex with Erica? Could it be that Bill White is a lover scorned. Oh, and you even wrote “An Ode To A Beautiful Woman” for that wanton woman!!! Imagine that!

In April of that year she called me and told me some ridiculous story about how they attacked her and she needed money for bus fare to leave Indianapolis, et cetera. At that point in time Brien James had some contact with me and said that he had no problem with Erica, that he didn't care she was an informer and an anti-racist, and that he had a lot of anti-racist skinhead friends himself. Who knows if that's true, but it is in character for Brien James to say that sort of thing - - its also in character for that to be true.

Just like it is in character for you to pine away over a love lost and denegrate the woman who spurned your advances. You even managed to get your friends to vilify her on the internet with sordid comments like “filed mattress” and yet you still wanted her and she snubbed you.

That year, another girl I know started publishing the Nationalist Enquirer, making fun of Brien James and his Hoosier State Skinheads. On the site, these folk did stuff like drive to Brien James' house and photograph him and his barbecues and other stupid things that flipped him out. James called me repeatedly demanding I take the website down. I told him he was a joke and he could stick it.

Oh please Bill! Your memory is really short. You were behind that site – and the entire internet world knows that. As a matter of fact, it looks like you just admitted it. And, I don’t blame anyone who demanded you take that site down. Of course the one thing you did accomplish with that was demonstrating just how reprehensible you are and that your sexual fantasies go way beyond the norm.

Now, Brien James has changed the name of his gang again -- to the Vinlanders -- and tried to pump up his ego by claiming he is king of the skinheads or some other nonsense. Frankly, I find this stuff pathetic. Brien James is a white trash drunkard and petty criminal who will never make anything of himself. He's certainly not any kind of white nationalist leader.

That might be – I really don’t know the man. However, the old cliché about the pot and the kettle still rings true today.,obviously. Leaving the Utopian Anarchist Party behind and claiming that you were now the “Great White Hope” isn’t very far from what you are accusing Brien of. And, there are hundreds of white nationalists who feel much the same way about your “leadership” potential. You seem to enjoy placing yourself far above others, when, in truth, you are no better – no different. You actually think that people in the movement like you – clue, most loathe you. They see you as a nutso who can’t be trusted. You are the best thing that has happened to the anti-racist movement in a long time – and the kiss of death for any racist organization that affiliates itself with you.

I don't generally accuse people of cooperating with the government or other conspirational kinds of groups, but I have certainly known Brien James to provide information to law enforcement or antifa when he felt that by doing so he was attacking a rival organization or crew.

Damn, Bill! What is this you are writing – an autobiography? This is a self-portrait. Need I bring up your dealings with the feds? Should we unearth some of the people that you have ratted on, or some of the “information” that you have provided?

I think the only reason he is not a formal federal informant is that the quality of information he has provided has never been very good. I also think that there are regular snitches in his Vinlanders organization and his section of the white nationalist movement in general, and that honest white nationalists should steer clear of him. There is some additional information I have to support that statement, but it implicates another skinhead organization that is not in rivalry with the NSM, and I cannot share it here.

Again, White, you are not the paragon of virtue. Do you consider yourself an “honest white nationalist,” because there aren’t too many others out there who consider you one. Again – white nationalists don’t like you and there are few within the NSM who like you. And even fewer trust you.

That's my opinion of the guy, for what its worth. I have gotten some emails, mostly from teenagers and various skinhead wanna-bes taking up for him, and I want to share that experience and opinion to help those who may be taken in by this skinhead culture thing that James has tried to take for himself.

Your opinion really doesn’t carry much weight in any circle. I don’t know much about Brien James, and I am certainly not trying to defend him. But, I can’t help but take issue with what you have written, Bill. As a human being you lack all the qualities that set us apart from other animals. You bring nothing of value to any group you join or any organization that you affiliate yourself with. You are truly a man without a country.


  1. ...but it implicates another skinhead organization that is not in rivalry with the NSM, and I cannot share it here.


    One word, CREATORS.

  2. Ping Chris Drake:

    Who do you stand behind?
    Bill White or Brien James?

    As long as Bill White is with the NSM, I fully support Bill White what he is causing for WN.

    How about you?

  3. Gee, thats a tuff one. I'd support Bill. I guess if I didn't I'd go join another organization. What difference does it make to you?

    Besides all the drama, the basics exist loudly. I don't know Brien James and his crew jumped two of my friends.

  4. Maybe those two friends wouldn't have been "jumped" if Bill White had not been in the picture. And, as I hear it - Bill might not be in the picture much longer.

  5. Maybe we should send Bill a farewell or bon voyage card? Then when he joins up with another group we can send them a sympathy card.

  6. LOL @~~~ Harry - everyone has to have someone to love them! I love your "support" message on your blog! You really are quite a devil.

  7. Oh! On the 10th - take lots of pictures!

  8. You are the best thing that has happened to the anti-racist movement in a long time – and the kiss of death for any racist organization that affiliates itself with you.--the article

    I have heard this statement many times—I have ignored it before but I cannot anymore.

    Now, I don’t think Bill White is much of an asset to anyone except himself. However, I find it quite amusing that you [anti-racists] gloat over how much of an asset Bill White is to the anti-racist movement but at the same time undermine him with every article that you write and every statement that you make.

    Certainly, if White was much of an asset to the anti-racists, you would keep mum about this. You definitely do not want Bill White to be ejected [which you seem to be absolutely elated over].

  9. Stefan - I realize that all of this seems highly contradictory to you. You have to look beyond the obvious.

  10. There is good news. Both me and my wife will be at the Antietam rally this saturday. She is a paramedic.

    But there is a catch.

    We won't be with the antis nor among the general public.

    And I'll give one more tell... if Bill White gets physically harmed, we will be one of the first to "help" Mr. White afterwards.

  11. Yes Harry, take TONS of pictures, I especially want to see how big the "bumps" on Bill's head have become.

  12. Gang fighting continues within the NSM

    Statement from Brien James in reference to

    Over the last few days I have spoken with Mark Martin, Jeff Scheop, and several NSM members, and former members. They have all talked agreeably and said that they wanted peace. Jeff went as far as to garauntee me that he could personally put a stop to Bill White running his mouth on This was a promise he obviously could not keep.

    Someone from the NSM allegedly gave my name and cell number to one of the largest men (about 280 pounds of solid muscle) I have ever met in my life, in order for him to come and have a "talk" with me. I, of course met this man, like I will anyone, and the whole thing backfired on the NSM quite severely. As a result of this incident several other NSM members in Indiana have quit that organization and have already started to spend time getting to know different groups of my people all over the state. We have also been contacted by several former NSM members in Ohio and Pennsylvania including one of the guys who was involved in the fight at Nordic Fest.

    I have also ended up on the mailing list for the NSM's internal bickering somehow. In this group, a person going by the nickname of "concerned whitey" is calling for the removal of Bill White, Jeff S. and another man I dont know of. At first they accused me of being "concerned whitey" but now they obviously know this is someone inside of their organization. Here is the latest message I received on this list from Bill White talking about how unhappy the membership is.

    "An anti-racist group has decided they are going to use the Brien James incident to try and disrupt the internal functioning of the NSM.

    What's obnoxious is the amount of time the Commander and I are having to spend on the phone with people who should know better telling them to ignore these guys -- and the handful of NSM members -- almost all new recruits -- who are not able to take this stuff with the proper grain of salt.

    The Commander, who has been away on business, came back today and was so overwhelmed with calls and messages that he had to have another comrade takeover answering them.

    We are one week before two regional rallies and we should be focused on building those events and not playing games with a handful of wanna-be gang members outside of our organization who have a long history of attacking white activists of all stripes.



    A couple of quick points on this message from myself: No one on our side of the fence has lost ONE SINGLE member due to this incident. Keep holding your rallies, and showing your asses in your uniforms, and see how far it gets you. Members leave as quick as they come. This incident should be proof of that to the decent brothers in the NSM. Drop that shit and join a state crew.

    We have not been bombarded with calls other than that of congratulations and laughter. How sad it must be to be in your shoes.

    And P.S. Bill.. you might not wanna talk down to the few supporters you have left by telling them they are an "obnoxious" waste of time and that they should know better. A leader makes his poeple feel safe and at ease and in order to do that you would have to have courage.

    Which brings me to my next point...

    This whole thing seems to come down to an old issue between myself and Bill at this point. In his latest statement he has narrowed it down to two points. One being that he beleives I am a coward and specifically afraid of him. This is easily settled.

    I will offer right now to fight Bill White one on one. Any terms. I know people that run professional cage fighting events. I wil do it in that venue with a ref and a doctor, or in an alley behind his house. Whatever he chooses. Put up or shut up Bill. You ran your mouth. Now do it for the guys that got banged up reading your bullshit words if for nothing else. Show one characteristic of an aryan warrior king for once in your life. You have made the threats. This is not an unprovoked challenge. If you do not accept it you expose yourself for a fraud and a coward.

    The second issue is that he is now claiming to have info that I am a snitch. Well for anyone who knows me or my history this is downright laughable. I have been tried for attempted murder and multiple batteries and hate crimes. In all of my cases I served some time in jail and was held on extraordinary bond until I could be proven innnocent or pay my way into a decent plea deal. I have sat in jail for months on charges I was found innocent on. Hardly the treatment of a snitch. My JTTF file is a mile long and I have never been given any lee-way whatsoever by the law in my entire life.

    Bill, on the other hand, posted an article right after Nordic Fest calling for my arrest. Endangering NSM members safety all over the world. Especially any unfortunate NSM affiliates who may be serving time. End of story.

  13. try this on for size, no live NSM show tonight! HMMM...trouble in paradise! I'm telling ya, its the beginning of the end of the NSM and of Bill White.

  14. It would be interesting if Brien James would drive to show up at the Antietam rally this weekend.

    It would be great if one gets injured and me and my wife are the ones who have to treat them. She would probably miss 5 or 6 times trying to put a 14 gauge needle into a vein.



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