Sunday, June 11, 2006


By Nicole Nichols

NEWS FLASH: Onondaga County, New York is soon to host what might be a “show-down” election between the encumbent Sheriff and newcomer Michael Crook. In a statement issued yesterday, Crook announced his candidacy:

“I've spoken to the Onondaga County personnel involved in the election for Sheriff, and I will be eligible to file the paperwork next month that will enable me to run for Sheriff of Onondaga County, New York.

I will not be a champion for the deputies, but for the taxpayers, looking for ways to streamline the money the department spends on everything from operations to payroll.

“If I win, it'll be a brand new day for Onondaga County. If Walsh wins, yet again, the same old-dog tactics will remain and keep Onondaga County down.”

Well, we wonder how the deputies feel about that. But it gets worse. On the Stormfront website (yes he is a stormfront member), he had the following to say:

“I plan to do great work for the Aryan cause, regardless of whether or not I win, but if I do win, White brothers and sisters can be assured that they will be treated well in Onondaga County.

It is time for we, as a race, to do all we can to take back the power in this country, whenever we can, legally.”

Now, this is just what we need in law-enforcement, right? Crook makes no apologies for himself or his views. Awhile back he had a website entitled “” where he claimed that “Vets are beyond stupid, all they know how to do is kill people and waste our money.”

On Michael Crooks blog, the becomes gleeful when a soldier’s wife is killed:

A Virginia Navy wife was killed instantly when a stolen car, driven by teenagers allegedly, plowed into her living room.

Life is good!

One less bloodsucker on the dependant list.

Life might be good for Michael Crook…right now. But something tells me that may not be the case in the coming weeks. To hear the full skinny on Michael Crook, tune into One People’s Radio Wednesday night. And check back often for our coverage of the racist right in this election period. Note:

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