Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Again...when is enough really enough? Where does it stop? When do we say "No Mas?"


'Racist' held in threats to students
Self-proclaimed white supremacist charged after claims of harassment at Newark Memorial high
By Ben Aguirre Jr., STAFF WRITER
Inside Bay Area

FREMONT — A self-proclaimed white supremacist who has the word "racist" and an image of a swastika tattooed on his face was charged Monday with several felonies after two black Newark Memorial High School students said he threatened to kill them.
New Jersey resident Joshua Michael Steever, 26, was being held Monday at Santa Rita county jail in Dublin in lieu of $36,000 bail after prosecutors charged him earlier in the day with having a weapon on school grounds, making criminal threats and brandishing a deadly weapon, court records show.

The charges could be amended to include hate-crime enhancements as early as today, when Steever is expected back at the Fremont Hall of Justice.

Steever, who police said has been in the area since June 3 visiting a girlfriend, was at Newark Memorial on Thursday with his female companion picking up her yearbook when he was arrested after he used racial slurs toward at least two students, then threatened to kill them with a knife, Deputy District Attorney Mark Melton said.

Before that incident, Steever was involved in at least one other altercation in which he allegedly made threats toward another student, who apparently is of East Indian descent, court records show.

Steever, who was held at Fremont city jail over the weekend, appeared in court Monday afternoon with a shaved head and clad in a short-sleeved white

T-shirt. He had the word "racist" — with devil's horns stemming from the "r" — tattooed on his forehead and a swastika inked under his right eye.

He also has dozens of racially charged tattoos — including neo-Nazi symbols such as swastikas, a triskele, eagles and iron crosses — on his arms and neck. Pictures taken by police after the arrest also show Steever has an even larger swastika and eagle on his chest, plus the image of a man holding a gun emblazoned on his back with two slogans expressing his hatred toward blacks.

Authorities also reportedly recovered several business card-style propaganda items expressing white power and praising the Ku Klux Klan.


  1. Oh, not this asshole again!

  2. Anybody with that many tattoos on their face either A. didn't have anything to live for and wanted the world to know--regardless of the subject manner, B. wanted to go to prison from a very early age. His folks, if either were around, probably let him watch prison movies as a tike.

    Whats the article about anyway? Threaten someone? Kill his parents? Wanted to kill his parents but smack beat him to it?

    Get this: lots of people enjoy sports. I don't. I could care less if I see another ball game as long as I live, even though I love neighborhood sports as much as the next guy. Anyhow, do you think anyone who has ever been fanatical about a football or basketball team has ever committed a crime? If someone who was adorned with say, Lakers (a team I've heard of) tattoos, was involved in some sort of shooting, what would you think? Would you assume the lakers were some sort of criminal organization? Would you assume somehow this person's love for the lakers brought him to commit his crimes? What about if the people he committed the crime against even liked another team? Wouldn't that support the arguement even more? If you ask me, I'd say someone who is a fanatic about anything is more likely to be unstable. What they are a fanatic about is largely a minor detail. The point is, someone who is nuts enough to tattoo their support for a thing or idea on their face, for example, might be nuts enough to take an emotion such as anger to a fanatical level as well. His supposed involvement in the movement would be about like assumming someone you saw walking down the street in a laker's jersy, was an actual member of the team. Its a shame someone's fanatical energy all too often is not channeled into anything useful for the movement or at least western civilization as a whole. Instead, he appears to have spent a sad portion of his young life chasing after a jewish stereotype that was set out for him to slip into. I wish this young man's mind and spirit peace since its obvious his physical world has none.

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  4. Wow Drake that was almost touching..The NSM does Halmark? Of course you had to go and throw the whole "spent his life chasing after a Jewish sterotype" thing in there. Using your logic can we infer that Soccer Hooligans became such because of Jewish expectations on what their lives were supposed to be? What about Orthodox Jews? Did they themselves fall into a roll because of the Jews? Also as far as I know the L.A. Lakers have never advocated a position of genocide. I see your point fanatics can be dangerous, especially those who feel they have the right espouse their position based on something arbitrary like race or religion. When Laker fans start killing Clipper fans in mass for no other reason aside from the fact that they are Clipper fans (or simply not Laker fans) I can take your analogy more seriously. Also did you notice Bill White's voice changing from his faux Southern accent back to his suburban Maryland accent during his little pep talk?

  5. Chris, come on. That was a fucking stupid analogy.

  6. Drake, I guess then Sgt. James doesn't have anything to live for and wants the world to know with that tattoo on HIS forehead??? And to think, you just can't understand why we call you out on this shit!

  7. I'm off to class, but while I'm gone, help me out on one thing: Who is Sgt. James? Its it the guy with the eagle on his face, as far as I know, he's not a member. I'll check. Besides, there is about 5 anti-social signs radiating from the kid in the picture besides facial tattoos. The facial tattoos are just "hey look at this, not that" most likely.

    As for Hoyt, where did I say that being anti-social was the jews fault? Going out and playing white-power gangster because you saw a movie saying thats what you do when you're pro-white can be linked to jewish propaganda. I didn't expect anyone to like the analogy here but at least DLJ got it.

    Also, cool it with the whole "advocation of genocide." Who the hell in their right mind would A. think people were pissed off enough to get behind something like that, or B. so out of touch that they think they could pull it off. Even if that was something we actually wanted to do, it would be impossible and pointless. We're not all little ARA punks here so you can drop the whole "they want to kill the world" crap for now.

  8. yeah - it's easy to just say - "oh he's not a member" just like it was easy to say "Oh, it wasn't one of our rallies"

    Give me a break. As for the Genocide thing, then why the hell does all your music say differently?

  9. Ok, our music sings of genocide, right? What about mainstream deathmetal? They sing about killing every living thing possible. What about...rap?!? What about multi-million dollar jewish movies that are about nothing more than killing their enemies? What about all the jewish fantasy WW2 films where we get to see whites wholesale killing whites?

    I'm sure there are white power bands that sing about killing jews, blacks and mestizos. Does it cause people to want to kill non-whites? I seriously doubt it. Probably what makes people want to kill non-whites is non-white behavior. Do I want to kill non-whites? No. I'd like it no more than I would like to have my house broken into or to get mugged. Does anyone I know want to kill non-whites? If anyone does, they've never mentioned it to me. Writing an over-the-top song for the shock value and making hundreds of films, producing thousands of records and writting thousands of books barely compares.

  10. Drake if you are going to take the position that your group does not advocate genocide then you should do a few things. First expell Bill White as he is an individual who has called for it on numerous occasions. Also your group might want to distance itself from the likes of Hal Turner who makes at least one threat on his site per day. Last and not least what did the original Nazis stand for and do? Don't give me this shit about they were just "opposing communism" ect.. Though I am sure that a man such as yourself will deny the Holocaust you can't escape historical fact. History cannot be replaced with psuedo history, science cannot be replaced with pseudo science. You could tell me that the earth was flat or was created in six days however, you would only be deluding yourself. With that said let me return to my original question. What did the nazis stand for? By putting on that uniform what do you stand for? What is that uniform gaining for white people in America? Do you have your fingers plugged so deep into your ears and your eyes shut so tight that the obvious simply eludes you? You COULD be a credit to humanity. You seem like a pretty intelligent guy. Think about it..

  11. You know, I actually thought you'd know more about the movement than what someone's grandma could pick up on the history channel. When you say "we" can't rewrite history, is that "we can't rewrite history, only jews can"? Its pretty cut and dry on the holocau$t. At best 1.5 million jews and such died. Want to talk about how many whites were killed in the jewish instigated conflict? Better yet, do you want to get into how many deaths, by jews, were a result of communism--the fountain from where all your ideas spring? Even Noam Chomsky, the very leftist, jewish MIT professor says the holocaust is just a propaganda machine for the jews and is highly exagerated. Most of the free world doesn't believe in it anymore and the other half could care less. Heck, even Poland is talking about shutting down the camps.

    What about the communist jews in America that were "exterminated"? What did we do to them when we caught them selling secrets to the Soviets? We did one hell of a lot worse than the Germans did and rightfully so.

    Face it, without the whole "genocidal murder frenzy" scare tactic, you've got nothing. I really feel like I'm not getting anything out of this conversation. I want someone to argue the thoughts of some of the great minds of either side of the fence--pro or anti-white. Instead all I'm arguing the ideas put forth by hollywood, emotion grabbers.

    And to ask another question, do you honestly think the holocau$t was exactly what the jews say it is: an attempt to kill them all which suceeded by 3-6-12 million dead (according to what number they think will have the most effect)? Remember something, Josh, truth fears no investigation. In fact, it invites it. Its illegal to question the holocau$t in most countrys the jews have a strangle hold on. You don't have to hide truth and pile laws on top of it.

  12. And in your little blame the Jews tirade you did not answer a single one of my questions. So I will ask again. What has wearing that uniform EVER accomplished (positive) for white people? What has the NSM done to better the white community? What does that uniform stand for?

  13. Did you see the Hitler memorial?...excellent.

  14. It is theignorance of the broad masses about the inner nature of the Jew, the lack of instinct and narrow-mindedness of our upper classes, make the people an easy victim for your Jewish campaign of lies.

  15. I think somebody forgot their Seroquel!!! Mike If I've told you once I have told you a thousand times!!!!!

  16. I am not suprised that Chris Drake refuses answer even a single one of Josh Hoyt's questions.

    Their ideology is, for the most, part about as well put together as a house of cards.

    What amazes me about these Nazis is their myths surrounding the Jews.

    The Jews run the world yet some how "aryan" people are supposedly genetically superior?

    I tell yall if I was one of these "aryans" I would be hell bent on joining the Jewish tribe cause they really must have their shit together.

  17. There are 4 federal informants on this comments section. Can you spot them ? I'll give you a tip, DLJ is probably the only one not on the payrool, only because he does it for free.

  18. Vonbluves said..."It is theignorance of the broad masses about the inner nature of the Jew, the lack of instinct and narrow-mindedness of our upper classes, make the people an easy victim for your Jewish campaign of lies."

    So...white European Ameicans are superior, but ignorant?

  19. Ok, I answered the whole genocide-jew-story question but I guess the others were more important. Don't be so quick to claim victory here. I'm not avoiding anything.

    Wearing our uniforms are ammount to the combination of a few simple concepts. First, no one can misunderstand our message. We're not back-peddling or trying to appear to be something we're not. Second, our uniforms and symbols are all icons of white revolution. People the world over understand that; we get a lot of letters from Europe saying we give people hope. For every bit people dig deaper into what we really are and are all about, it destroys the jewish message and takes the powders out of a lot of their more popular lies.

    On a more direct note, we bring not only race but the message of National Socialism anywhere we go. Our uniforms set us apart from all the tea-cups and ruff-necks--as well intended and necessary as they are. Whites are glad to see someone not afraid to stick up for them. Each time we appear in public, the unit hosting the gathering has their numbers double for the first few times. We grow as a party and whites grow as a community for it.

    I used to think I had the type that joined the NSM pegged. I'm sure you do now. Its no one class or type of white person. National Socialism is a firey thing not unlike the religion that propelled Mohammed to greatness (like him and his people or not). You can run around putting out little blazes at best, once in a while. The wall of flame can no more be stopped that the sun setting this evening. Its a force of nature like anything else. Life will prevail.

    If something isn't clear, ask. I don't mind answering whatever that relates to me. My time's limited so thats just how that is.

  20. Somehow this blog just ate my last post. That pisses me off.

    I was basically responding to Nikki's comment or question to Von. Sound logic dictates that nature and history will show who is superior. No one is in the position to make that call, as much as the jews, nevertheless, frequently claim it to be themselves on top. We can't be perfect if we went to war against ourselves to allow an alien group of people to continue exploiting us, leaving most of Europe in communist slavery.

    To the little antifa kid, I feel bad for you. Your admitted feelings of inferiority when compared to jews is saddening, dude. You'd be better off on the side of your people, regardless of who or what they are. If you're happy to be exploited for the Chosen's needs, then more power to you. You're just as much a slave now as if you were black farm hand on a 1800's southern American plantation.

  21. Thank you for your concern about my well being Sgt. Chris Drake. However I do not feel inferior to Jewish people or any other group. Nor did I say anything like that in my post.

    Of course you didn't answer my question which I will repeat.

    The Jews run the world yet some how "aryan" people are supposedly genetically superior?

    The idea that Jewish people run the world, the media, and control ruling class of America, is one of the craziest Nazi lies out there. And if you don't believe this lie then you are under the control of the Jews! Absurd

  22. Can you read? Quit being a little parrot for Josh here. I spent two paragraphs answering your question and commenting on it. I said history will say who's superior and you shouldn't buy into the master-chosen-people jewish lie if you want to tell people you believe in equality. Josh can pull the jewish tactic of claiming his questions weren't being answered because he didn't get the answer he wanted. You can do it too but not on the same exact thread. Josh, really quick, post something else so this punk will know what to say next.

  23. Chris-

    It is Nazis like yourself and racist religious fundamentalists that perpetuate the myth that that there is a world Jewish conspiracy. It is Nazis like yourself who attempt to argue that references in the Bible to Jews as the “chosen people” means that Jews believe they are superior over other groups.

    What is amazing is that you Nazis claim that the Jews put forth a myth of their superiority for whites to “buy into” yet at the same time the Jews are working to hide this world Jewish conspiracy from white people.

    Nazis such as yourself perpetuate the myth of a world Jewish conspiracy for your own benefit. Without an enemy with similar racist ideas National Socialism has nothing to organize around. If the enemy doesn’t exist then a new one will be manufactured.

  24. Listen, you'd sooner convince a Regan-voter of the 80's that there was no such thing as communism than you would convince anyone even vaguely famliar with world affairs that there was no such thing as global jewish supremacy. Wheather someone is racist or not is irellivant when you are talking about world-jewry. Jews have made no real attempt, in my opinion, to hide or keep this a secret. Its out in the open each day, wheather we are talking the US government, "western" media, the middle east, etc. Most thinkers on the anti-white side even are aware of this. The think they will fair better under the jews than under us. Heck, probably a mestizo private dodging IEDs in Iraq knows he's there on the behalf of the jews.

    As far as what the Bible says or does not say, I don't take any of that into account. Desert religions are for desert people, as far as I'm concerned. The jews are the ones who say they are "God's Chosen" and the talmud says a lot more to that effect. Don't even get started on the talmud either. Its about twice as bloodthirsty and based on racial supremacy than the Koran ever thought of being.

    Here's a good conversation starter. What about the muslims of the world? Why do they hate the jews? Why do many Asians? Is is because they heard our message and took it to heart? Did we teach arabic peoples to be anti-jewish and hence anti-zionist? Its all a myth we started, right?
    And what about all the people who have been noted for standing up to the jews throughout history, from the Roman empire and beyond? Was it because the poor jews were just minding their own business and were suddenly oppressed. Please don't insult your own intelligence by buying into their very, most basic standing lie of the poor innocent, peaceful jew. I would sooner walk around during 9-11 wearing a sandwich board declaring Islam was a religion of peace.

    Got any other barely thought-through ideas you buy into?

  25. Need another day, Mr. You-can't-answer-my-questions?

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