Monday, June 05, 2006


For those who grew up on the streets and call that home, there is an unwritten code – an unspoken honor oath that is inherent with the territory. Many a spoon-fed, moneyed, dogooder has learned the hard way that things are done a lot differently in Joe’s Diner than they are at the Waldorf.

We have all known the person who is intelligent in the book sense but lacks even a modicum of common sense. There is another one who just joined the ranks of the reality impaired - Bill White. I know that we have talked a lot about this person – but he gives us a lot to talk about. Back when he was an anarchist he was good for a few eyebrow raisings and a chuckle. We couldn’t help but laugh at the poor little rich boy trying to fit in with the big guys.

Today, however, Bill has taken his insanity and his lack of understanding into the realm where death wishes live. No longer an anarchist and no longer a little boy, Bill is trying really hard to fit in with the Nazi’s. He wasn’t doing too bad when he teamed up with the misfits of the scene and was even establishing himself as a leader of the outcasts. Until the last couple of weeks, that is.

When five of his crew became the recipients of a boot party at Nordic Fest over Memorial Day Weekend, we knew that the fur was going to fly. Now White didn’t seem too upset over the beatdown that was given to his men – he was more concerned that it was largely because of him that the guys met their fate, and he wanted to encourage his men to press charges against the miscreants.

Back to that code of the streets. There are few things in this world stronger than that code, that understanding between people of what is right and honorable according to the rules of the game you are playing. Of course, if you happen to be the rich kid on the block, or the newcomer to the street, you may have to learn that code through a few lumps and scrapes. Bill White, the Nazi wannabe, doesn’t have a clue about the streets.

I have said, time and again, that Bill is playing a very dangerous game – a game that he doesn’t understand the rules of. He doesn’t understand that there are some things he can’t buy his way into or out of. He just doesn’t understand the code. And that will be his undoing.

First and foremost, the rules of the street prohibit informants. You don’t call the police and you don’t talk – two things that Bill does a lot of. When he took on Brien James of the Vinlander Social Club, he really should have boned up on the rules. But, of course, Bill didn’t see any need to do that – he has blustered and bluffed his way through a lot of altercations and this one couldn’t be much different. Wrong. Things are a lot different when you take on the skinheads. Bill White is in a whole new arena – one that is unforgiving, driven by a code of street “ethics,” and potentially deadly.

According to Brien James, “Over the last few days I have spoken with Mark Martin, Jeff Scheop, and several NSM members, and former members. They have all talked agreeably and said that they wanted peace. Jeff went as far as to garauntee me that he could personally put a stop to Bill White running his mouth on This was a promise he obviously could not keep.”

If Jeff Schoep made that promise to Brien James, he is much more out of touch with the real Bill White than I thought. Any belief that Schoep could exercise even a small amount of control over White would be nothing but idiocy. Of course, rumor has it that Jeff has been hitting the bottle pretty hard all week.

Also according to Brien, “Someone from the NSM allegedly gave my name and cell number to one of the largest men (about 280 pounds of solid muscle) I have ever met in my life, in order for him to come and have a "talk" with me. I, of course met this man, like I will anyone, and the whole thing backfired on the NSM quite severely. As a result of this incident several other NSM members in Indiana have quit that organization and have already started to spend time getting to know different groups of my people all over the state. We have also been contacted by several former NSM members in Ohio and Pennsylvania including one of the guys who was involved in the fight at Nordic Fest.”

Actually, I had also heard that there were a number of NSM members pulling out as well, so this might just be confirmation of that fact. On the Vinlander website, Brien claims,

“…a person going by the nickname of "concerned whitey" is calling for the removal of Bill White, Jeff S. and another man I dont know of. At first they accused me of being "concerned whitey" but now they obviously know this is someone inside of their organization. Here is the latest message I received on this list from Bill White talking about how unhappy the membership is.

"An anti-racist group has decided they are going to use the Brien James incident to try and disrupt the internal functioning of the NSM.

“What's obnoxious is the amount of time the Commander and I are having to spend on the phone with people who should know better telling them to ignore these guys -- and the handful of NSM members -- almost all new recruits -- who are not able to take this stuff with the proper grain of salt.

“The Commander, who has been away on business, came back today and was so overwhelmed with calls and messages that he had to have another comrade takeover answering them.

“We are one week before two regional rallies and we should be focused on building those events and not playing games with a handful of wanna-be gang members outside of our organization who have a long history of attacking white activists of all stripes.


As I hear it, from a source who will remain anonymous, “White made some sort of covert bid to have Schoep dumped as "Commander," (due to weak leadership) and he nominated himself as the replacement.”

We wondered how long it would take before Bill “I’m a Millionaire” White would make that kind of grandstand play. The problem is, Bill still doesn’t understand that he isn’t “one of them.” He never has been and he never will be.

Further evidence to Bill’s lack of street knowledge was not far behind. In typical “I’m All That” fashion that has distinguished Bill White’s short career as a Nazi, he threw his tantrum. In response to a report by One People’s Radio that all might not be well with Bill White and the NSM, White fired back:

“Two new teenaged NSM members recently made some inappropriate decisions and made some public statements, variously, about how the Commander, Mark Martin, Richard Brunson, Jim Ramm and / or I -- mostly focused on me, though -- should be removed from our positions in the NSM "so the group can move forward". Obviously, they name five of the top NSM activists and demand that those particularly comrades are "holding the NSM back". Their call was picked up by anti-racist groups who immediately began spamming poison pen email letters and posting bogus forum posts attacking us all over our email lists and various forums.

“About 90% of the supposed "opposition" to various folk inside the NSM are anti-racists. A few comrades, mostly younger and newer members, have been suckered by it. I can say right now that the Commander and I, and the Chairman and I, are and remain friends -- I don't think anyone is being fired.”

There were no “teenaged NSM members,” there were no spammed “poison pen email letters,” this is pure Bill White hyperbole. It is fantasy – and one that most lucid and rational individuals can see right through. The truth of the matter is, Bill is unable to control his world at the moment. Everything is spinning wildly and downwardly out of control. When there was no response to his manic lies, Bill did the one thing that may cost him everything. In response to what Brien James had said on his website, White posted the following:

Brien James Beaten Outside His Home
Says Unknown "NSM Member" "Had A Talk" With Him

Indianapolis, Indiana -- Vinlanders leader Brien James issued a statement today saying he was attacked and beaten outside his home by "one of the largest men (about 280 pounds of solid muscle) I have ever met in my life".
James, in his statement, said that the brutality with which he was attacked "has completely backfired on the NSM" and claims that he was beaten "in retaliation" for the attack he launched with approximately fifty other persons on five NSM members at the Nordicfest concert in Kentucky.

The National Socialist Movement denies any responsibility for any act of retaliation against James or other Vinlanders who participated in the violence.

James concluded his statement by challenging NSM Spokesman Bill White "to a cage match" claiming that he had friends "who could arrange that kind of thing".

White responded by suggesting James was spending too much time drinking and watching WWF, referring to James as "the white nationalist underground man" and stating:
"I don't respond to obviously silly white trash fantasy suggestions. Anyone who ever wants to fight with me can do it very easily -- just walk up to me and take a swing," adding, "If Brien James was attacked outside his house, as he claims, then he has my response."

At the end of another diatribe posted on his blog, White makes the following statement:

“Nothing stops any person who wants to fight with me from doing so. All you have to do is walk up to me and take a swing. But I don't treat trash fair, I carry a gun, and I prosecute. None of that should be a problem for someone who really wants a piece of me. Otherwise, I let success speak for itself.”
All of this comes at a time when the Chairman of the Nationalist Socialist Movement, Clifford Herrington, had issued a series of edicts aimed at stopping the division that is occurring among the membership. Setting that aside, however, Bill White not only made a mistake – he made an egregious error. To blatantly lie, to threaten, and to issue such a challenge to someone like Brien James is, perhaps, the most foolish thing that Bill has ever done.

The code of the streets requires Brien James to step to the plate – it requires him to save face and honor by obliging Bill White. Bill has created his own monster – and this time the monster bites.

I don’t know if White did this out of ignorance or because he has a death wish – two things for certain, though – this is not over, and Jeff Schoep and the NSM organization have no choice but to cull Bill White from the rank and file. Anything less than that could only mean that Bill White’s deep pockets have been turned inside out by Schoep.


  1. For some people there are codes that dictate an aggresive posture.

    But for those like Bill Lying White you can pretty much sit back and watch 'em self destruct.

    ((Pass the popcorn))

  2. If you can believe it, Bill actually emailed this out.


    I'm forwarding this on to everyone who has been
    receiving the various poison pen emails that are
    circulating. The NSM has recently absorbed a large
    number of new members, not all of whom joined with
    honest purpose. Honest party oomrades should not
    allow themselves to be suckered into this kind of
    behavior, which the enemy uses its assets to provoke
    just before just about every National or Regional
    level Rally the NSM holds.

    The following is from the Chairman:


    IGNORE it, but remember it's sanctions!)

    Before I begin, let everyone know, I value you all, we
    are part of a greater whole, only together will we
    win, (now take this in the comradely spirit in which
    it is intended)

    This type of black bag co-intel ops and personal
    attacks, either on general members, designated
    officials, unit leaders & or other individuals will

    If you come into the NSM with baggage from other
    groups, we will not tolerate this type of behavior.

    If you have issues with a specific individual, then
    take it up with that person, DO NOT MAKE IT AN NSM

    I have not suffered the slings and arrows and
    deprecations and physical attacks and abuse by the
    enemies of our people, to have this kind of immature
    and irresponsible behavior going on.

    External remarks by individuals who have their own web
    sites are not under the direct control of the NSM. AND
    THE MUTUAL GOALS WE SHARE, and word their remarks
    concerning other groups accordingly, unless, it is the
    direct policy of those groups to deprecate & attack
    the NSM.

    Our policy is an extended hand of friendship to any
    individual, organization and group, which has the best
    interest of the whole in mind.

    have been attacked & will continue to be so, as is the
    nature of our struggle, but we do not approach it as a
    personal thing, WE LAUGH AT THEIR STUPIDITY! and even
    then we are reserved in our wordage. WE SEEK TO UNITE

    If you have an issue, then keep it to yourself, or if
    it is of a particular security, administrative, or
    operational question THEN USE THE CHAIN OF COMMAND.

    If you are so thin skinned & sensitive that you can't
    operate professionally, I say to you, do not throw
    stones if you can't tolerate self defense!

    Either we are all in this together, or we are
    defeated, period.

    OF THE NSM, in their words, THE JUGGERNAUT! YOUR

    In regards as to aspersions on the Commanders
    character, mine, or any designated individual of the
    NSM, we are not, have not and will not be bought by
    anyone! ANYONE!

    That is one of the reasons the enemy fears us, and WE

    Loyalty in the form of a cohesive organization
    dedicated to the same goal.

    of personality attacks, disputes and arguments from
    disrupting the day to day operations of the
    NSM on pain of EXPULSION!

    There's enough for us all to do without such infantile
    internecine family disputes!

    WE ARE NOT IN THE DRAMA BUSINESS, for that, go to the
    ne'er do'ells & keypad bangers!


  3. Bill White controls the NSM. The NSM is totally powerless to do anything to Bill White. The NSM does not have the power to expel Bill White, in fact, Bill White has incorporated the NSM under his name and his name alone.

    I'm sure it was Bill White who was writing letters under nyms to remove Schoep. White did this in order to generate internal friction. Which is a good thing.

    So if Schoep would try to expel White, White would go to court and win complete control of the NSM including it's membership list.

    Schoep is only a figurehead now. No power but allowed to use the title of "commander". Everything he does now goes through White.

    Which is a good thing. I fully support Bill White controlling the nazi gang. I was just amazed at how simple it was. Maybe that's why White targeted the NSM, the easiest gang to get into as Jacques Pluss showed.

    Finally, I wish Bill White's version of the story was true that Brein James got the shit kicked out of him. It isn't but I wish it were.

  4. Citizens Against Hate is very impressed with the powerful leadership of Brien James.


    I think this is the first time a "white nationalist" has ever received an endorsement from the other side. Brien James -- the anti-racist candidate for leader of the white movement.


  5. Nice try Bill - but everyone is wise to your spin-doctoring and, quite frankly, you have lost your edge.

    How does Herrington feel about your refusal to abide by his rules? Or, do you believe you are exempt from that?

  6. Harry F Schwartz said...
    "Bill White controls the NSM. The NSM is totally powerless to do anything to Bill White. The NSM does not have the power to expel Bill White, in fact, Bill White has incorporated the NSM under his name and his name alone."

    If Bill White is allowed to remain in the NSM after this, you are absolutely correct. Schoep has been neutered and the rank and file have a new leader.

  7. Bill White was born a punk ass coward, he lives the life of a punk ass coward and snitch and he will die a punk ass coward. Nothing can change that one simple fact. I see bumps is now drawing comparisons between Brien James and myself. In other words when challenged to step up man to man Bill chooses not to do so. To say that OPP, CAH and the Vinlanders are in bed together is so insane as to deserve no response at all. OPP and CAH know where they stand. I am pretty sure that the same can be said of the Vinlanders. The one who doesnt know where they stand is Bill. Bill, you were a failure as an Anarchist, you were a failure as a Communist, you are a failure as a Nazi and you are worthless as a human being. As many lies as you spin on me.. hell or Brien James for that matter changes NOT a single iota of truth. You have refused to meet up and settle any score man to man. Of course not being a man does make your case. James and I have both extended you an offer (and yes it was the same offer to meet you and only you, one on one and provide you with a format to show me what a "coward" I am.) Any similarity ends there. Brien James and I occupy two totally diffrent worlds but the thing that we both know is that in the end you are nothing. You were nothing when you were pretending to be one of us and you are less than nothing when pretending to be one of them. You are a king without a crown Bill. You only live to destroy the lives of those who have the misfortune of befriending you. There is nowhere left for you to run Bill. You have boxed yourself in. Do the world a favor and follow the lead of Hitler, put that gun you like to brag about into your mouth and pull the trigger. That would be the best thing you could EVER do for "your cause" and the best thing you could do for humanity.

  8. Bill White must not read well. Must be that 178 IQ.


    I said I fully support Bill White running the NSM and I wish that Brien James did get the shit beat out of him. And considering how James is able to draw 400-500 to events while the NSM gets 50 at best to show up, I would consider James a much more powerful enemy.

    How Bill takes this as I am supporting Brien James, one has to wonder.

    Again, I support Bill White running the NSM. As long as he is in charge, he does all the work for us.

  9. I love you, Josh!


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