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Why it was just yesterday (Monday Jan. 29,) that racist internet broadcaster Hal Turner was bragging on the racist forum VNN that he has a new datacenter and everything was cool between him and his new datacenter - this morning (Tuesday Jan. 30 ) Hal's site was up and running.

Well, to make a long story short seems someone contacted Hal's new datacenter and filled them in about Hal and his "show" and this afternoon (Tuesday Jan.30) Hal's new datacenter kicked him to the curb - bwaaaaaaaaaaa

Here is an image of the info sent to the new datacenter and their response.

And to whom ever contacted Hal's new or, should I say, old datacenter, good work!


Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Incredible Shrinking Hal

"Adolescents are not monsters. They are just people trying to learn how to make it among the adults in the world, who are probably not so sure themselves." ~Virginia Satir.

To be a teenager in today's world is often a daunting and formidabble fate. Historically, the teenage years have always been the time that our children have chosen to establish their independence and their freedoms from any and all perceived shackling that has been perpetrated by adult society. Reconciling this new-found rebellion with the mores and edicts set forth by that same society is often a monumental task. Hence, those of us who are older often cut them some slack and recognize the growing pains that we all had at that age.

Perhaps the one thing that concerns most of modern society when it comes to our youth is the dangers that they face simply because of that youth and their lack of experiences. Predators are everywhere and if you don't believe that spend a week listening to the evening news. The sophistication of current technology, the popularity of the internet, and the global shrinking that has ensued may have enriched our lives but it has also provided a new vehicle for those whose purpose is self-serving and esoteric.

Recently a group of young people who avail themselves of the endless entertainment on the internet, came across just such a person - Hal Turner. This group loves to laugh and they enjoy pulling pranks - especially on adults. Little did they realize that they would be threatened with beatings, maimings, and death.

Hal Turner is a racist radio shock-jock who has been the focus of many anti-racist and media people for a number of years now largely because of the vicious message that he dissmenates both from his website and his internet radio show. Turner has long considered himself "untouchable" as far as law-enforcement is concerned and it has often been opined that he may be working with the authorities, however, his rhetoric is way beyond the pale of what is considered protected speech by most rational and sane individuals.

When, in 2005, Federal Judge Joan Lefkow's mother and father were brutally killed in their home, Turner not only took credit for the killings, but went on to post names and personal information about other Judges he deemed worthy of death. He has repeatedly called for the assassination of public officials and even conjured up a fantasy of how he personally overcame five Mexican men, killed them, and threw their bodies in the river.

Just a few days before Christmas, this group of young people who identify themselves only as "Anonymous," chose to prank call Hal Turner's radio show. They thought that it would pay off in lots of laughs if they jammed the phone lines and his regular callers could not be accomodated. It was a prank - nothing more. They have done it in many places before but didn't bargain for the reaction from Mr. Turner.

Generally speaking, most of us have been on the receiving end of a prank phone call or two. Yes, they can be annoying, and they can interfere with our normal routine. Sometimes they may even anger us and result in a threat to turn them into the phone company or to alert their parents as to their actions. Again, generally speaking, we hang up and move on. Not Hal Turner.

Hal Turner's world is considerably different than most of ours, however. Hal Turner thrives on chaos and misery and Hal Turner depends on "his listeners" to pay his bills as he has no other source of income. Many of us were getting a kick out of this because it seemed like precisely what Hal had been looking for - someone he could intimidate. The problem is, for Hal, he picked the wrong fight.

Turner went into the call logs attempting to find out who the callers were who had interrupted his show. Finding precious few numbers, since most were masked by using various anononymizers available, he decided to post the numbers of those he could find, along with any other personal information he could garner, on his website and hope that some of his "people" would teach them a lesson. The plan backfired as the information posted led directly to minors. This didn't sit very well with the Anonymous group. After some research and digging, the group located all sorts of personal information on Hal Turner including his criminal background, bankruptcy, and, of course, his telephone number.

In what they considered fairness, a member of the group then made a phone call to Hal's home. After being interrogated and cussed out by Hal's wife, Hal got on the phone. The caller explained what information they were in possession of and promised not to make it public if Hal would remove the information that he had on his site about those who were underage. Hal said nothing...it was the first, and maybe the last time, that any of us had ever heard Hal speechless (the phone call was recorded and placed online later). There was no response. Later that day, however, the information was removed - only to be reposted the next morning - so was Hal's "Full Disclosure."

While the anonymous group had provided Hal Turner with an opportunity to, in essence, hang up and move on - Hal Turner couldn't do that. Hal Turner saw another opportunity to elicit attention and sympathy from his "supporters" which has always equated to dollars for his pockets. Mistake. Big Mistake, Hal.

Hal railed against the group. He screamed and ranted and raved. He went onto various hate forums soliciting support - both moral and monetary - while the Anonymous group waged a cyberwar against his website unlike anything most of us have ever witnessed. His website was down more than it was up and his radio shows have been interrupted continuously. Throughout all of these attacks on Turner, his threats of bodily harm against the group have served no other purpose but to assure that the next attack would be even more memorable.

Turner claims that the group harassed his mother and his wife and made threats against his son. None of these statements have been verified. He did bring someone he claimed to be his mother onto his radio show one evening, however, there are many who believed she sounded an awful lot like Phyllis, his wife. That is one of the drawbacks of radio and the internet - anyone can be anyone. Throughout all of his claims, the one that stood out the most was his plea for contributions to help him with legal fees and with the cost of bandwidth charges that he estimated to be in the thousands. For all of his whining and begging, he was eliciting very little sympathy from the VNN crowd as most of them already realize that Hal is not the "Voice of the Common Man," as he refers to himself, but the "Voice of the Con Man," as we refer to him. Hal "Show Me The Money" Turner was not having a very happy New Year.

True to form, Hal continued his bid at intimidation and braggadocio on his webstite, on his radio show, and in his emails to the Anonymous members. Let's look at some of what he had to say:

-------------- Hal Turner warns:

The ONLY thing any of you are accomplishing is raising the level ofbrutality I intend to use when I take revenge.

Here is how I will mete out justice according to the action committed:

1) Some of you are going to get the shit beaten out of you.

2) Others are going to be beaten to death, and finally;

3) Others are going to have firebombs thrown through the windowsof their houses WHILE THEY ARE HOME and when they - and their familiescome out, their throats will be cut.

This is the price I will exact for :

1) Harassing my wife (who has nothing to do with my radio show)2) Recording the harassment of my wife and putting it on the net and3) Harassing my senior citizen mother.

I am so motivated to to physical violence to these people that Idon't even care to state my intentions publicly. Neither cops, norProsecutors, nor Judges will be able to stop me.

Hal Turner

When the Anonymous group threatened to turn him in to the appropriate internet authorites, Hal did nothing but scoff and say:

The AOL Police? Big fucking deal.

THe U.S. Secret Service has been "monitoring" me since the year 2000because of the things I say about the President and VP

The U.S. Marshal Service has been watching me since 1997 when Istarted make life uncomforatble for federal judges.

The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force has had me in their sights formore than three years as have the New Jersey State Police (Office ofCounter Terrorism).

Do you REALLY think I give a shit about AOL?

Think again.

Do you know why those law enforcement agencies watch me so closely? Because they KNOW I hurt people; they just can;t prove it.

THey KNOW homes and businesses have been fire bombed becuase of me;they just can;t prove it.

They KNOW a federal judges family was killed in Chicago because of me;they just can't prove it.

So you and your pals just keep fucking around. YOU TOO can becomejust another part of a long string of people I have "dealt" with.

Hal Turner

When one of the Anonymous group called into his crippled radio show Hal told him, "I'm gonna send some of my Nazi Skinheads over there and they're gonna beat the shit out of you. And they're even gonna tell you why...they're gonna tell ya Hal Turner sent them."

Now, we, at Citizens Against Hate, have been monitoring hate groups for a lot of years and we are pretty well acquainted with most of the organized movement racists who are active - and we, for the life of us, cannot even begin to imagine what skinhead wants to be one of Hal's skinheads. Hal Turner is this little man who features himself as some sort of Don Corleone who can, with a nod of his head, command a hit on anyone and an army of skinheads are just waiting to do his bidding. That's an interesting point of view since the vast majority of the movement racists, including skinheads, view Hal as an embarrassment and a joke. To even hint that he commands that much respect among them is totally disingenuous.

Hal Turner knows that his popularity among the racists is non-existent, but he has to keep up appearances. His web presence has been much the same as well...and there aren't too many who seem to care.

Last week, Hal Turner filed a lawsuit against the anonymous group. He also requested a restraining order which was quickly denied. The suit itself has been reduced as a copyright infringement case and promises to go nowhere. But then, Hal Turner doesn't really care about that - what he wanted was subpoena power. He wanted the ability to have subpoenas served on the "1000 John Doe's" that are listed within the suit. Why? Because that will give him access to their names and locations. You see, Hal's web presence isn't the only thing that has been damaged. Hal's ego has been crushed. He has been ridiculed and humiliated in front of a huge internet crowd - and he really thinks he has to rectify that situation. He has finally reached that point of no return where push has come to shove and it is time to put up or shut up. Like most junkies, Hal had to reach bottom before anyone could get his attention - and he is but a stones throw away from the dregs.

There are dangers inherent in all of this, and while Citizens Against Hate and Eye On Hate is happy to see Hal Turner's web presence nullified, if only for a little while, we cannot help but be more than a little concerned over the end-around that Turner is trying to negotiate. Throughout all of this it has become apparent that Turner is, in fact, sociopathic by nature and really cares nothing about the harm that might befall others - even minors. For this reason, we have now reached out to those in the Anonymous group with a promise to assist them in any way possible in their battle to maintain their anonymity and to remain safe. Since our archives are replete with information and evidence on many people in the movement, and our associates include people like Mr. Floyd Cochran, who has long been considered an expert on hate groups, and since Hal Turner's lawsuit and his request for subpoena power for the sole purpose of finding those he believe wronged him, threatens to set a dangerous precedent for all people we feel compelled to take a stand.

All legal issues aside Citizens Against Hate and Eye On Hate believe that Mr. Turner has already demonstrated his propensity for the advocation of violence and that he has done so to an egregious degree over a period of years. We believe that any suggestion that Mr. Turner be provided with the names and addresses of those he wishes to exact his "street justice" upon as stated by him, should not only be viewed with an arched eyebrow but with a swift stroke of the judicial pen that denies him that access.

Providing Mr. Turner with this type of information would serve no purpose other than to further his hateful agenda and would put any and all of our population at risk. It has long been said that a person can sue anyone for anything. Suing doesn't mean you will win. Consequently, anyone could sue another for the sole purpose of disclosure of personal information to fulfill a violent agenda.

In essence, the actions engaged in by the Anonymous group had nothing - absolutely nothing - to do with Mr. Turner's ideology. As stated previously it was a prank that had been pulled on many others before reaching Turner. Since many of the group members were teens and not at the age of majority, the granting of any such request to the Plaintiff would place those minors and their families in peril.

It is for these reasons that we will attempt to assist those members in quashing any actions that would provide Mr. Turner and his "marauders" with such information.Last week, Mr. Cochran and I sent a strong message to Hal Turner. We let him know that he cannot clean up his tracks, as he was attempting to do, he cannot hide his past calls to violence and his deplorable hate speech by erasing it from the internet. We advised Mr. Turner that between all of the people working together to warn others about him, we have pretty well documented, chronicled and archived his internet life. Any attempt on his part to appear mainstream or even tolerable to the court will be met with more humiliation as he will then be proven the charlatan that he is. For those who often wonder what we do besides report - this is but one example of our endeavors.

It should be noted that neither Citizens Against Hate nor Eye On Hate advocate violence or anything that is illegal or immoral. We are taking this stand because we believe that should Mr. Turner be allowed to view the personal information that would generated with those subpoenas there is a real and present danger and that the potential for violence against the named witnesses would be far too great for the Court to ignore. While the Court is bound by the body of jurisprudence that dictates its' actions it is not bound by any commandment that places others in harms way. There is a huge body of irrefutable evidence which demonstrates the violent and vengeful nature of Mr. Turner, and that evidence will be made available to the Court for the presiding Judge to do with as he sees fit. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved without anyone's safety being compromised.

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It's What You Don't Say...

Far right extremists are in the news – Eye On Hate’s news. Floyd Cochran and Nicole Nichols bring you the latest on the extremist right.

From the tax-standoff that is attracting so much attention up in New Hampshire to the Christian Identity Movement and James Wickstrom and on to the never-ending saga of Hal Turner, Cochran and Nichols leave no stone unturned – and bring you a surprise regarding Hal.

Also new in this Eye On Hate edition is the long-awaited music program with Doug from OPP.

You really don’t want to miss this one!


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Hal's Folly

LOL! Here is the Restraining Order that was denied to Hal - thanks to Tony Willow for finding this jewel!

Well, we really haven't talked enough about good old Hal and his funny little lawsuit! I read the suit over the weekend and just cracked up at this little man who thinks he is so damned important. If you haven't read it - here is a link. Now, you tell me - how far will this fly?


Sunday, January 14, 2007



Countians remember Dr. King

By IRIS HERSH Staff writer
Chambersburg Public Opinion

The late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired a nation with his non-violent methods of fighting for equality for everyone.

He sought peace through dynamic leadership and speeches of hope for a better life -- regardless of a person's race, creed or color.

And King's message touched the lives of local residents.

From 1957 to 1968, King traveled more than 6 million miles, spoke over 2,500 times and wrote five books and numerous articles. He led a massive protest in Birmingham, Ala., and planned the drives in Alabama for the registration of African-Americans as voters, according to Nobel Lectures, Peace 1951-1970.

He was arrested upwards of 20 time and assaulted at least four times, and awarded five honorary degrees, was named Man of the Year by Time Magazine in 1963 and became the symbolic leader of African Americans as well as a world figure.

King directed the peaceful march on Washington, D.C. of 250,000 people to whom he delivered his address, "I Have a Dream."

Helen Reed of Carlisle was part of that 1963 march on Washington that King led.

"I was about 21 and a member of the Carlisle NAACP," said Reed.

Numerous buses from across the country brought people of many races and ethnic backgrounds to Washington to participate in the march.

"As a young black person I thought we're finally going to get some recognition," Helen Reed said, adding she was so far away from King that she couldn't recognize him but could hear him speak and recognized his voice.

"He said his 'I had a dream' speech," Helen Reed said, "and I was honored to hear someone of his caliber speak in Washington and get recognition from government officials."

African-Americans then wanted a lot of things they couldn't have, she said, adding in 1963 it was better for African-Americans in Pennsylvania than in the South. Even after the speech in 1963, in Carlisle there were places African-Americans couldn't go, but we wanted to go," she said. "I felt more accepted by people after King's speech."

Helen Reed remembered going to a popular restaurant in Carlisle with a group of friends where she felt her group was treated poorly because there were some African-Americans in the group. When that happened she recalled King's speech and thought that things had to get better.

His speech and all that he did made her, her friends and her family feel proud to be African Americans, she said.

Reed's husband, the Rev. Walter Reed, will be the speaker at the 28th annual Martin Luther King Jr.community service at 4 p.m. Sunday in Zion Reformed United Church of Christ, 259 S. Main St., Chambersburg.

The Rev. Van Scott of John Wesley AME Zion Church, Chambersburg, saw King on a college campus and heard him speak.

"He had a vision to see this country as one individual and see everyone as the same, not different no matter what the color of their skin was," Scott said, adding a man should be judged by his character, that is what makes a person who he is. The speech caused Scott to look at people as not what they look like, but by their actions and thoughts.

"Since I became a minister I listen to what God is saying, and he doesn't see us in color but as men and women," Scott said, adding it's not people's color that makes them who they are.

Jenny Waters of Chambersburg and her husband, the late Donald "Mike" Waters, saw King at Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, around 1965, Waters said. A featured speaker at a program, he spoke about his work with the civil rights movement.

"I remember that he was a very dynamic speaker and held my interest from start to finish," she said. Donald and Jenny Waters were involved with the Chambersburg Chapter of the NAACP at that time, and the Chambersburg Community Improvement Association, which had been chartered two years before, in 1963.

"He motivated us to press forward with trying to make conditions better for African-Americans in our community," Waters said. "He said that in order to make things better for our people, it would have to start at a grass roots level in local communities.

She feels King inspired local people to stand up for justice in the local community in a non-violent way with a local march.

In 1967, Waters recalled the CCIA and local NAACP chapter led a march to Borough Hall in Chambersburg and spoke to local councilmen about housing and employment for local African-Americans.

In early 1968, Eugene Rideout of Shippensburg heard King speak a high school he was attending in Brooklyn, N.Y.

As a high school student interested in politics, King's speech about youth getting involved in their government made a great impact on Rideout, he said. King told the group they were the young people of the future and to get involved in government, learn about the Constitution and what government is all about. Rideout said King inspired him to got involved in politics and he eventually ran for mayor of Chambersburg and commissioner of Franklin County.

"He brought everyone a long way and got people to realize we should be one nation, not a divided nation," Rideout said.

At 35, King was the youngest man to have received the Nobel Peace Prize. When notified about being selected, he announced he would turn over the prize money of $54,123 to the furtherance of the civil rights movement.

Though his life ended tragically on April 4, 1968, at 39, his legacy has continued in his teachings of non-violence and in his dream that people be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Reprinted Courtesy of the Public Opinion Newspaper

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There is a sickness running rampant in this country and it affects each and every one of us - pedophilia and child molestation. The racist extremists seem to have a few more of these freaks than they would like - and all of a sudden, they are coming out of the woodwork.

In this Coldshot Nicole Nichols recaps the latest arrests and has some very pointed things to say to those who are trying to defend the indefensible. Get a cup of java, pull up a chair, and put the headset on or turn the speakers down. This is not something you want to share with your own children.



While there are those who prey on the very young and the vulnerable for either the purpose of recruitment or abuse, there are those young people who are standing up and fighting back. They are saying no to hate and taking their message to the streets.

I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing two young ladies with some very definite opinions on racists and racism and those who spread their venom. It is reassuring to know that the youth of our country have morals and values and courage in the face of hate.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007


UPDATE Gordon Young joined the NSM and claimed to have 500 followers coming with him. Now...he is in jail for the alleged rape of a minor!TO THE STORY

House cleaning is usually down in the Spring or the Fall - but those in the racist movement seem to prefer the dead of winter. It appears we can add another National Vanguard member to the list of predators and pedophiles. Maybe by the time the broom meets the dustpan we'll have picked up enough of the garbage to take to the dump - where they belong.

Both Kevin Alfred Strom, Director (on leave of absence) from National Vanguard, and Matt Downing, the coordinator for the Boston Unit of National Vanguard have been arreseted for their crimes against children. In separate incidents, these two men share the limelight for their disgusting love of underage girls.

Matt Downing was arrested for statutory rape of a 14 year old when he and his friend coerced her into having oral sex. How many more sexual deviants will be uncovered? I think it depends on how many people Strom rolls over on. But, one thing for certain - I doubt that the tip of the iceburg has been scraped. And, the bottom of that barrell sure is deep!

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January 7, 2007
Meet Kevin Strom:
Racist, intellectual,
Alleged child porn collector :

EYE ON HATE Mp3 Internet Radio Report

In this special edition of Eye On Hate Floyd and Nikki give their take on the arrest of Kevin Alfred Strom and the charges brought against him.

Nikki provides a little background on Mr. Strom and Floyd offers commentary on the deviance found within the white supremacist movement from his first-hand experiences.

Also discussed are the children who are raised within or recruited into the movement and how they often find themselves exploited.

Eye On Hate Report

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man. ~Rabindranath Tagore

The wide-eyed innocence of childhood should never be compromised. Above all else, we value our children and strive to protect them from all things harmful and hurtful. There is perhaps no unifying factor greater than that which concerns the children in our world. Yet, there are those among us who are so twisted, so deranged, so afflicted that they would commit all sorts of abominations upon those whose innocence enchants us.

Pedophilia, child molestations, child pornography are all issues that we find ourselves dealing with on an all too regular basis these days. Sexual deviants who target our children reside in all of our neighborhoods and continuously present a threat to the well-being of our young.

Kevin Alfred Strom may be such a deviant. A Grand Jury indictment was handed down and yesterday Mr. Strom was arrested by federal law-enforcement and charged with one count of child pornography and one count of witness intimidation.

According to the indictment, during the time frame of October 17, 2005, through August 4, 2006, Kevin Alfred Strom did "knowingly possess, or attempt to possess material containing multiple images of child pornography as definded in Title 18, United States Code Section 2256 (8) (A), including, but not limited to, digital image files entitled Karen.jpg." (emphasis added)

The indictment then lists four different pages, and continues to state, "…that had been mailed, or shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce by any means, including by computer or that was produced using materials that had been mailed or shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce by any means, including by computer."

In addition to the child pornograhy charge, he is also alleged to have engaged in Obstruction of Justice - Witness Tampering. According to the indictment, Strom "...physically assaulted and mentally intimidated and otherwise threatened, harrassed and intimdated Witness A in an attempt to prevent Witness A from reporting Kevin Alfred Strom's ongoing criminal activity, including but not limited to that set forth in Count One of this indictment."(emphasis added)

As the news hit the airwaves, the racist world was reeling. Kevin Strom had been a rising star, at one point, in the National Alliance. Picking up the American Dissident Voices after the death of founder William Luther Pierce, Strom was considered one of the few true intellecutals within the rank and file of the movement.

In May of 2005, however, it became obvious that Strom was forming an alliance with Jamie Kelso and David Duke and that another split might be forthcoming. In an interview with Eric Gliebe, then leader of the National Alliance, Gliebe assured me that Strom's loyalty to him and the organization was strong. Not true. It was just a matter of time before Gliebe would realize that a coup attempt was just around the corner. Strom, along with several others were evicted from the National Alliance.

Kevin went on to form National Vanguard, a somewhat anemic group of white nationalists who take a more intellectual approach to furthering their hate.

Almost immediately, the racist front started pointing fingers at Elisha Strom, Kevin's newly estranged wife. Elisha has never been respected or accepted among the white nationalists largely because she is somewhat of a feminist. Members of VNN and Stormfront began accusing her of framing Strom. While I guess this is certainly a possibility, I would think that for someone who has been under scrutiny and investigation this long, law-enforcement officials would have ruled out such a possibility before taking the case to the Grand Jury - at least I hope they would have.

While understanding that those on the racist right really hope that this indictment has no merit, especially given the really disgusting nature of the charges, it is typical of them to attempt to scapegoat and lay blame elsewhere. Screaming that it is a "Jewish Conspiracy" and that "ZOG" is out to get every white nationalist leader, the rants continued through the night.

In July of last year, Strom had resigned from National Vanguard citing "health" concerns as one of the reasons. In a letter of resignation, he passed the baton onto others to continue "the fight." It didn't take long for the National Alliance to issue a statement that he was in no way, shape, or form related to that organization any longer. National Vanguard, on the other had took a little while before claiming that the charges against Strom are bogus and that they stand behind him.

Also, true to form, for those who call themselves white nationalists or white supremacists, is their total ignorance of homosexuality. For some unknown reason, in the mind of a racist, pedophilia or things like child pornography means homosexuality. Now, for years, Kevin Alfred Strom's sexuality has been questioned. When I first ran across him, years ago, his website held all sorts of pictures of young women in various poses. They were all clothed, yet they WERE suggestive. What I found to be really strange, however, was the gallery that he kept of himself. Strom was obviously quite narcissistic. He posed in his briefs, he posed in a variety of stances, alwas looking right into the camera.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Elisha Strom contacted Kevin's first wife, Kirsten Kaiser and told her that she had left Kevin last summer. During that conversation, a rather surprising claim was made by both women. Elisha claimed that Kevin displayed no interest in her, sexually, after they were married. Kirsten then shared that the same thing occurred when he married her. Additionally, it was learned that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had interviewed Kirsten about Kevin's sexual proclivities last November.

Kevin Alfred Strom's house was searched in December and it is reported that they carried away "boxes" of evidence. Yet not one word has been mentioned about the raid or investigation.

Some are claiming that the pictures on his computer might be nothing more than his love of art and the works of European artists. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center:

"Strom's interest in young girls was well known. While living at the Alliance's West Virginia compound in the 1990s, and later, living with his then-wife Kirsten Kaiser in Minnesota, he hosted a website with a huge section devoted to "feminine beauty." In practical terms, that meant he posted dozens of photographs of attractive, very young, white girls, many in bikinis. He was particularly fond of the then-child actress Brooke Shields, who he ran several photographs of astride a horse.

"The beauty of the women and girls of our race has inspired our greatest poets, artists, and writers throughout our history," Strom wrote on his site at the time. "[I]f anything is sacred, our girls and women are, and they must be protected from the degradation and degeneracy that is inherent in multiculturalism."

"The website had some National Socialist stuff, but it also had all these pictures of girls who were about 12," Kaiser, 44, told the Intelligence Report after learning of the arrest of Strom, whom she divorced in 1999 after having three children by him. "He used to talk about [the 18th century composer Antonio] Vivaldi, too, saying the reason he was able to write such wonderful music was that he worked at an all-girls school [in Venice]. Kevin also used to say that the only sport he was interested in was nymphet baseball, whatever that means. And he had all these paintings all over the house of water nymphs. He really liked that stuff."

There are several questions in all of this. The obvious is, of course, is he guilty? Many are saying that a handful of pictures don't mean much, however, the indictment clearly says, "not limited to." Perhaps those who are in denial fail to understand that the prosecution rarely presents its' entire case to the jury in these proceedings. Generally speaking they only present what they believe will be sufficient evidence to obtain an indictment. Then again, maybe he was set up. We really won't know that until all the evidence is made available.

One thing that does come to mind, however, in all of this is that if Elisha set him up - perhaps the authorities need to be looking into the dark corners of her computer. Maybe they should do that anyway, if they haven't already.

At the forefront of this claim that Elisha Strom framed Kevin is none other than April Gaede. April related a story about Kevin and Elisha. At one point last March, Elisha is supposed to have bashed Kevin in the head with a big, old-fashioned, telephone requiring Kevin to receive 8 stitches. Apparently Elisha had found porn on Kevin's computer and called him a pervert and a child molestor and threatened to get even with him. That was pretty much what it took to keep the fingers pointing at Elisha Strom.

Most disturbing to me, however, is the fact that Kevin had contact with Gaede's twin daughters Lynx and Lamb of Prussian Blue fame. This didn't seem to be weighing to heavily on the mind of April, however. She seemed way too interested in diverting the focus to Elisha. It's important to keep in mind that there has been bad blood between the women in the National Alliance and National Vanguard for a very long time.

Child pornography and those who embrace it are nothing less than repugnant. It is hard to digest that there are those who find pleasure in anything so reprehensible. When you consider the degenerate nature of those who deal in racism and hate, however, it is easy to think that they will engage in reprehensible acts. Kevin Strom has three children by his first wife, Kirsten. It has been reported that one of those children is autistic and that he contributes nothing to their support. When the story made the mainstream media, a news video showed two children's bikes parked at Kevin's house. One cannot help but wonder who they belong to and are they safe.

One of the most telling things thus far in the discussions held by the racists is the total disregard and lack of concern for the child or children who are depicted in the pictures as well as any others that may have been victims of all of this.

Sexual deviance or sexual obssession is nothing new among the white supremacist movement. A few years ago when Strom's sexuality was being questioned, another white nationalist commisserated thusly:

"...some of the girls whose pictures Strom used on his website were daughters of National Alliance members, from family photos etc. that Strom had somehow gotten hold of and in some cases put on the website without the parents' permission, and also in some cases the girls were very YOUNG. We're talking twelve, thirteen or so. Okay, nothing is more beautiful on this earth that most little White girls but---there was just a bad FEEL about it all. That and the beefcake combined just gave the whole website a slightly off-kilter feel, what HAC described in a recent post as "that slightly sickening National Alliance vibe." I should also add that Strom ignored complaints about this for YEARS, although he did eventually take down the beefcake in his jockey shorts.

"WHY? Why do these things happen? Why, even under the best of circumstances, is the Movement always tainted with just a slight little tinge of cadaverine smell? Why are we constantly confronted with this kind of just plain WEIRD BEHAVIOR, even among those who claim to be (and to our reluctant agreement usually are) the best people we've got? Why can't we have so much as one single leader who is just simply NORMAL? Why must there always be these little weird kibbles and bits, these little oddities, these little bits of quirky behavior lurking in the background of everything we do? Why must we always hold our breath around our leaders, never knowing what horrible surprise lurks in their past waiting to spring out and piss all over everything like a giggling deranged baby? Why do we even bother? Is this really, truly, THE BEST WE CAN DO?"

Yep - I think it is the best you can do. When you advocate despicable things, when you associate with those whose hearts are as black as coal, when you cause pain and great angst to others, what do you expect? I don't know if he is guilty - but I do know that he is one very strange dude.

In all of this, I can't help but believe that law-enforcement has barely scraped the tip of the ice-berg. Who else is involved? We may have more surprises coming our way. If there is truth in the charges, then there are others - bet on it. Even if they are not participants in Kevin's crimes, there have to be those who knew and simply turned their heads. The months ahead will be interesting. If he is innocent, I hope they find out soon. If he is guilty, I hope they castrate the bastard. Having said that, my instinct tells me there will be lot more to come out of all of this.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


What a wonderful way to strat a New Year!

The group known on the internet as “Anonymous” certainly has done a number on racist shock-jock, Hal Turner. Turner’s web presence has become minimal at best. Now, Eye On Hate’s Floyd Cochran has completed a radio interview with Anonymous. Hear what they have to say about their “raids” and taking Turner down! If you ever wondered how someone could get a virtual butt-kicking, just look at the fray between Hal Turner and these guys.

Eye On Hate - Jan. 3 - we were going to wait till 9pm tonight to air the Eye On Hate mp3 broadcast featuring our interview with Anonymous but do to overwhelming demand we have posted it a few hours earlier.
To view the page and listen to the program go to www.eyeonhate.com
Floyd Cochran
Eye On Hate