Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's What You Don't Say...

Far right extremists are in the news – Eye On Hate’s news. Floyd Cochran and Nicole Nichols bring you the latest on the extremist right.

From the tax-standoff that is attracting so much attention up in New Hampshire to the Christian Identity Movement and James Wickstrom and on to the never-ending saga of Hal Turner, Cochran and Nichols leave no stone unturned – and bring you a surprise regarding Hal.

Also new in this Eye On Hate edition is the long-awaited music program with Doug from OPP.

You really don’t want to miss this one!



  1. Very good show, loved the comment about Bill White being seen as normal when compared to the white supremacy movement. Offering testimony to help out anonymous, that's a great touch.

    One correction, it's ebaumsworld.com not ebaum.com

    And it's ranked 829 on Alexa. The site gets around 200 times more traffic than Hal Turner and about 1,000 times then Bill White.

    and yes, the webmaster there has very deep pockets and can easily afford a top attorney.

    He must in order to afford the $10,000 a month the bandwidth on that site must cost.

  2. Funny how things happen. Bill White seeming almost normal is just downright scary! I never thought that would happen!

  3. Here is the latest Hal saga, seems he is lying once again. I'll explain after you read what he just posted on VNN


    I regret to announce that Net Access Corporation (NAC) of Parisppany, NJ invoked the "network protection" clause of my server colocation contract, and terminated all services to me last night.

    They took this action because my server was the target of yet another large denial of service attack on Wednesday evening, which affected not only my server, but many other customers in the NAC data center.

    I am looking for a new data center to house my server. As soon as I can get that done, my sites and all the sites I host will be back on line. I expect everything to be restored not later than Monday.

    Hal Turner


    See, in his court document he stated that he ALREADY has another data center already lined up and that it would cost him 61% more. Guess he just likes lying don't he? How is it that you are Looking for one one minute but yet claim something different in court documents to make your case look "better" by exagerating the numbers? Then again this is Hal we are talking about

  4. Hal's word is good as Gold...

  5. Steve made a typo. He meant to say that Hal's word is as good as God, not Gold.

    Steve worships Hal like a god. Steve even has said that Hal Turner brings him pleasure.

    Hal is a pathological liar.

  6. The only pleasure I get out Hal is the truth he tells on the Other Color and the Brown Mongrels. Nothing more and nothing less. I like Hal but I don't worship him.

  7. As usual, Schwartzo is obsessing over me


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