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Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man. ~Rabindranath Tagore

The wide-eyed innocence of childhood should never be compromised. Above all else, we value our children and strive to protect them from all things harmful and hurtful. There is perhaps no unifying factor greater than that which concerns the children in our world. Yet, there are those among us who are so twisted, so deranged, so afflicted that they would commit all sorts of abominations upon those whose innocence enchants us.

Pedophilia, child molestations, child pornography are all issues that we find ourselves dealing with on an all too regular basis these days. Sexual deviants who target our children reside in all of our neighborhoods and continuously present a threat to the well-being of our young.

Kevin Alfred Strom may be such a deviant. A Grand Jury indictment was handed down and yesterday Mr. Strom was arrested by federal law-enforcement and charged with one count of child pornography and one count of witness intimidation.

According to the indictment, during the time frame of October 17, 2005, through August 4, 2006, Kevin Alfred Strom did "knowingly possess, or attempt to possess material containing multiple images of child pornography as definded in Title 18, United States Code Section 2256 (8) (A), including, but not limited to, digital image files entitled Karen.jpg." (emphasis added)

The indictment then lists four different pages, and continues to state, "…that had been mailed, or shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce by any means, including by computer or that was produced using materials that had been mailed or shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce by any means, including by computer."

In addition to the child pornograhy charge, he is also alleged to have engaged in Obstruction of Justice - Witness Tampering. According to the indictment, Strom "...physically assaulted and mentally intimidated and otherwise threatened, harrassed and intimdated Witness A in an attempt to prevent Witness A from reporting Kevin Alfred Strom's ongoing criminal activity, including but not limited to that set forth in Count One of this indictment."(emphasis added)

As the news hit the airwaves, the racist world was reeling. Kevin Strom had been a rising star, at one point, in the National Alliance. Picking up the American Dissident Voices after the death of founder William Luther Pierce, Strom was considered one of the few true intellecutals within the rank and file of the movement.

In May of 2005, however, it became obvious that Strom was forming an alliance with Jamie Kelso and David Duke and that another split might be forthcoming. In an interview with Eric Gliebe, then leader of the National Alliance, Gliebe assured me that Strom's loyalty to him and the organization was strong. Not true. It was just a matter of time before Gliebe would realize that a coup attempt was just around the corner. Strom, along with several others were evicted from the National Alliance.

Kevin went on to form National Vanguard, a somewhat anemic group of white nationalists who take a more intellectual approach to furthering their hate.

Almost immediately, the racist front started pointing fingers at Elisha Strom, Kevin's newly estranged wife. Elisha has never been respected or accepted among the white nationalists largely because she is somewhat of a feminist. Members of VNN and Stormfront began accusing her of framing Strom. While I guess this is certainly a possibility, I would think that for someone who has been under scrutiny and investigation this long, law-enforcement officials would have ruled out such a possibility before taking the case to the Grand Jury - at least I hope they would have.

While understanding that those on the racist right really hope that this indictment has no merit, especially given the really disgusting nature of the charges, it is typical of them to attempt to scapegoat and lay blame elsewhere. Screaming that it is a "Jewish Conspiracy" and that "ZOG" is out to get every white nationalist leader, the rants continued through the night.

In July of last year, Strom had resigned from National Vanguard citing "health" concerns as one of the reasons. In a letter of resignation, he passed the baton onto others to continue "the fight." It didn't take long for the National Alliance to issue a statement that he was in no way, shape, or form related to that organization any longer. National Vanguard, on the other had took a little while before claiming that the charges against Strom are bogus and that they stand behind him.

Also, true to form, for those who call themselves white nationalists or white supremacists, is their total ignorance of homosexuality. For some unknown reason, in the mind of a racist, pedophilia or things like child pornography means homosexuality. Now, for years, Kevin Alfred Strom's sexuality has been questioned. When I first ran across him, years ago, his website held all sorts of pictures of young women in various poses. They were all clothed, yet they WERE suggestive. What I found to be really strange, however, was the gallery that he kept of himself. Strom was obviously quite narcissistic. He posed in his briefs, he posed in a variety of stances, alwas looking right into the camera.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Elisha Strom contacted Kevin's first wife, Kirsten Kaiser and told her that she had left Kevin last summer. During that conversation, a rather surprising claim was made by both women. Elisha claimed that Kevin displayed no interest in her, sexually, after they were married. Kirsten then shared that the same thing occurred when he married her. Additionally, it was learned that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had interviewed Kirsten about Kevin's sexual proclivities last November.

Kevin Alfred Strom's house was searched in December and it is reported that they carried away "boxes" of evidence. Yet not one word has been mentioned about the raid or investigation.

Some are claiming that the pictures on his computer might be nothing more than his love of art and the works of European artists. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center:

"Strom's interest in young girls was well known. While living at the Alliance's West Virginia compound in the 1990s, and later, living with his then-wife Kirsten Kaiser in Minnesota, he hosted a website with a huge section devoted to "feminine beauty." In practical terms, that meant he posted dozens of photographs of attractive, very young, white girls, many in bikinis. He was particularly fond of the then-child actress Brooke Shields, who he ran several photographs of astride a horse.

"The beauty of the women and girls of our race has inspired our greatest poets, artists, and writers throughout our history," Strom wrote on his site at the time. "[I]f anything is sacred, our girls and women are, and they must be protected from the degradation and degeneracy that is inherent in multiculturalism."

"The website had some National Socialist stuff, but it also had all these pictures of girls who were about 12," Kaiser, 44, told the Intelligence Report after learning of the arrest of Strom, whom she divorced in 1999 after having three children by him. "He used to talk about [the 18th century composer Antonio] Vivaldi, too, saying the reason he was able to write such wonderful music was that he worked at an all-girls school [in Venice]. Kevin also used to say that the only sport he was interested in was nymphet baseball, whatever that means. And he had all these paintings all over the house of water nymphs. He really liked that stuff."

There are several questions in all of this. The obvious is, of course, is he guilty? Many are saying that a handful of pictures don't mean much, however, the indictment clearly says, "not limited to." Perhaps those who are in denial fail to understand that the prosecution rarely presents its' entire case to the jury in these proceedings. Generally speaking they only present what they believe will be sufficient evidence to obtain an indictment. Then again, maybe he was set up. We really won't know that until all the evidence is made available.

One thing that does come to mind, however, in all of this is that if Elisha set him up - perhaps the authorities need to be looking into the dark corners of her computer. Maybe they should do that anyway, if they haven't already.

At the forefront of this claim that Elisha Strom framed Kevin is none other than April Gaede. April related a story about Kevin and Elisha. At one point last March, Elisha is supposed to have bashed Kevin in the head with a big, old-fashioned, telephone requiring Kevin to receive 8 stitches. Apparently Elisha had found porn on Kevin's computer and called him a pervert and a child molestor and threatened to get even with him. That was pretty much what it took to keep the fingers pointing at Elisha Strom.

Most disturbing to me, however, is the fact that Kevin had contact with Gaede's twin daughters Lynx and Lamb of Prussian Blue fame. This didn't seem to be weighing to heavily on the mind of April, however. She seemed way too interested in diverting the focus to Elisha. It's important to keep in mind that there has been bad blood between the women in the National Alliance and National Vanguard for a very long time.

Child pornography and those who embrace it are nothing less than repugnant. It is hard to digest that there are those who find pleasure in anything so reprehensible. When you consider the degenerate nature of those who deal in racism and hate, however, it is easy to think that they will engage in reprehensible acts. Kevin Strom has three children by his first wife, Kirsten. It has been reported that one of those children is autistic and that he contributes nothing to their support. When the story made the mainstream media, a news video showed two children's bikes parked at Kevin's house. One cannot help but wonder who they belong to and are they safe.

One of the most telling things thus far in the discussions held by the racists is the total disregard and lack of concern for the child or children who are depicted in the pictures as well as any others that may have been victims of all of this.

Sexual deviance or sexual obssession is nothing new among the white supremacist movement. A few years ago when Strom's sexuality was being questioned, another white nationalist commisserated thusly:

"...some of the girls whose pictures Strom used on his website were daughters of National Alliance members, from family photos etc. that Strom had somehow gotten hold of and in some cases put on the website without the parents' permission, and also in some cases the girls were very YOUNG. We're talking twelve, thirteen or so. Okay, nothing is more beautiful on this earth that most little White girls but---there was just a bad FEEL about it all. That and the beefcake combined just gave the whole website a slightly off-kilter feel, what HAC described in a recent post as "that slightly sickening National Alliance vibe." I should also add that Strom ignored complaints about this for YEARS, although he did eventually take down the beefcake in his jockey shorts.

"WHY? Why do these things happen? Why, even under the best of circumstances, is the Movement always tainted with just a slight little tinge of cadaverine smell? Why are we constantly confronted with this kind of just plain WEIRD BEHAVIOR, even among those who claim to be (and to our reluctant agreement usually are) the best people we've got? Why can't we have so much as one single leader who is just simply NORMAL? Why must there always be these little weird kibbles and bits, these little oddities, these little bits of quirky behavior lurking in the background of everything we do? Why must we always hold our breath around our leaders, never knowing what horrible surprise lurks in their past waiting to spring out and piss all over everything like a giggling deranged baby? Why do we even bother? Is this really, truly, THE BEST WE CAN DO?"

Yep - I think it is the best you can do. When you advocate despicable things, when you associate with those whose hearts are as black as coal, when you cause pain and great angst to others, what do you expect? I don't know if he is guilty - but I do know that he is one very strange dude.

In all of this, I can't help but believe that law-enforcement has barely scraped the tip of the ice-berg. Who else is involved? We may have more surprises coming our way. If there is truth in the charges, then there are others - bet on it. Even if they are not participants in Kevin's crimes, there have to be those who knew and simply turned their heads. The months ahead will be interesting. If he is innocent, I hope they find out soon. If he is guilty, I hope they castrate the bastard. Having said that, my instinct tells me there will be lot more to come out of all of this.


  1. Nikki- Thank you for this very well researched article focusing on the welfare of the lives of children.

    There have been some snotty comments about my concerns about these kids suggesting I go to "", but it has not hampered in anyway my need to continue these concerns.

    Politcal expression and free speech is an extremly important element to the fabic of our nation.

    I will honour all political activists groups in that.

    But NO issue based movement has a pass in the corruption of sexualising children.

    A sexual preditor is a vicious animal who thirsts for the rape of the defensless.

    This is not only a sexual motivation, it is a motivation to impose power over someone who cannot stop them.

    As one of the montras of the White Nationalist movement is all about "the future of white children". I cannot fathem how anyone can expect a young girl to grow up and have a healthy and well adjusted "future" if they are
    developmentally damaged by being sexually exploited as children.

    If this is a movement that is all about the welfare of "the children" then why is an accused child preditor being defended?

    If this is a movement that is based in the beauty of "motherhood" then why is a mother taking the lead in this accused child preditor's defense?

    And the biggest question to be asked is, has anything ever happened to any of the children who have been in contact with this man?

    Instead of wasting page after page on a message board to try to find scapegoats to excuse this man, why don't they shut off the computers, sit down and have open and honest discussions with any of the children who might have had contact with him?

    THAT should be the priority of anyone who has anything to do with Strom.



  2. Actually, Isis, YOU came on here and harrangued Floyd, Nikki, and I because of our "complete lack of concern" for the children involved.

    The implication behind your comments is that we do not care about children. THAT is why I made the comment about

    If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

    Also, are you giving white supremacists a pass when they advocate the genocide of ethnic groups or the political assassination of our elected leaders?

    Is this "political expression and free speech," too?

    Sorry, but in my book, these types of activities are just as reprehensible - and perhaps more so - than sexual exploitation of children.

    White supremacists are like a social cancer, and it no surprise that these sorts of allegations are coming to light. The movement attracts a lot of seriously disturbed people, and I would imagine that the cult-like nature of many of these groups is hiding a lot more sick SOBs like Kevin Strom and Cliff Herrington.

  3. Mike- If I "harrangued" anyone, it was everyone who didn't put the safety of children before the media sensationalism of this situation.

    I give lots of different kinds of groups passes in their podium tautings, as most of it is just hot air that they have a right to spout as Americans.

    This is not about political rhetoric, this is about the real lives of children who might have been violated by a man arrested for hording child pornography, and could be possibly responsible for other crimes on children.

    Yes, I see this as a much bigger concern than ideological speeches and web content on issues.

    I give all activist groups a pass, as I am there to photograph them, and judging publically is not my fight.

    My fists come out in situations where there are possible crimes against children like this one.

    I don't think I am alone at all in my concerns, and I am glad Nikki took the time to put those points on the front burner in this article.

  4. Noted. Sorry for suggesting you go to

    I took the rejoinder a bit personally, that's all.

  5. I think we are all taking this harder than usual because of the nature of the charges. It is simply incomprehensible to me that anyone could be sexually aroused by a child - and yet I know much better.

    There is nothing that I despise more in this world than someone who abuses or exploits children.

    Children in the movement, or even peripheral to it have a hard time ahead of them - and I am always repulsed when I see the KKK or some neo-Nazi holding a small child and telling it to spew some racist venom. But this goes beyond even that.

    Sexual deviance and sexual obsession is rampant within the movement. Anyone who believes that they actually believe the revered "14 Words" or hold women in high esteem has never spent any time around or among them.

    I always worry about the young people they target for recruitment - but I also worry about the children born into the movement.

    Now, we can argue ideology and racial issues all day long - but there is no arguing about the victims who didn't ask for any of this. People who do these kinds of things to children - really have no place in a civilized society.

  6. Ya know, I don't do this very often here, but I just read this post over on VNN and am fuming. I wonder what you guys make of this:

    1 Hour Ago #208
    Junior Member

    Join Date: Nov 2006
    Posts: 42


    so if Kevin Alfred STrom is who runs VNNforum, who is running it now? The jewish pedophilia ring and their lawyers who framed him?

    I've watched movies of women felating dogs to orgasm, there's all kinds of violent rape depictions on porn webites (and in movies, rap music etc), but the only people going to jail are people who are pro white, for no real intent or crimes.

    Jesus Christ went to prison, too. Jesus Christ was a prisoner, and was executed as a criminal.

    Before he was arrested, he was just a mouth, now he's suffering for his cause.

    Blessed are they who suffer for doing what is right.

    To suffer for doing what is right, is a far greater thing than merely doing what is right because everyone else is doing it.

    These jews sell this rap music about raping little girls and slitting their throats to millions of degenerate white kids, and are praised for being smart businessmen, the chosen of God, they have molested and raped entire generations, not only in this country, but everywhere in Europe too.
    They seduce millions of teen girls into homosexuality and boys in sodomy everyyear, they seduce them into premarital sex, they seduce them into bestiality , sex with dogs, over the internet, with their tens of thousands of bestiality websites, and their tens of thousands of mind control cult chicks they brainwash into having sex with dogs , pigs, horses, blacks, etc.

    And yet they use our sex to divide us, to make us turn on eachother, why? because it's so easy, it's so easy for those who get so little sex, to judge others who do, or might be getting more than us, to envy them. And that's what it is, it's envy, the jealous God of the old testament, the hatred and murderous impulse of Cain.

  7. Strom's stock had fallen just as quickly as Bill White's stock as fallen in 2006 and that was before this arrest.

  8. Isisdc - I respect and admire your defense of children. Your kids are lucky to have you as a mother.

    However, I don't see much evidence that VNN'ers are defending the sexualization of children. Rather, they tend to be defending the presumption of innocence. Having witnessed so many pro-white activists economically and legally sanctioned in one form or another because of pro-white political activities, it is quite natural to be suspicious in this case also.

    While children of all ages are considered "wards of state" entitled to special protection rather than fully-enfranchised autonomous agents like us adults, it would be very easy for statists to manipulate us into bartering away constitutional liberties in defense of "child safety". This is happened in other areas; thanks to MADD's constant nagging and whining, we now have Soviet-style sobriety checkpoints on our highways where law-abiding citizens must prove themselves law-abiding, in violation of consitutional principles, just to satisfy the ball-busting battleaxes who run MADD. Now MADD wants to equip every single vehicle in this country with "alcohol-sensing" technology. We must strike a better balance between security and liberty.

    I also don't believe Kevin Strom misbehaved towards Lynx and Lamb. April Gaede is no shrinking violet - if Strom ever behaved improperly toward Gaede's girls, she probably would have kicked his ass.

    Concern with children's safety has also led to some outbreaks of pedophilia hysteria. Back in April I discussed a case in Scotland where a man who spotted a toddler who appeared to be lost failed to stop and render assistance. The toddler was eventually found face down in a local pond - drowned. His reason for not stopping to assist - he was afraid of being accused of pedophilia. A bit cowardly, I'll admit, but when genuine concern degenerates into witch-hunting, this is what can happen.

    I can support Shaun Walker during his legal travails with a clean conscience. He was rough, tough, rude, crude, and liked his sauce, be he NEVER was associated with something like this. However, if I support Kevin Alfred Strom in the name of solidarity, I'll have to hold my nose while doing so. Bill White's longtime concern over this issue cannot be ignored. He was right about the NSM, he was right about the Vinlanders, and he may be right about this.

    One final question to mull over - why didn't the obvious sexual exploitation of Jon Benet Ramsey fuel the same outrage?

  9. A.A.- Thank you for the compliment on my "mommyness". I am a very overprotective mother, to the point where my kids might argue with you about feeling "lucky" about my mother lion actions.

    I understand that Kevin is not guilty till it is proven in court, and I honour that. But, I am a bit confused about how quick VNN was to run to conspiracy scapegoats, while there seems to be very little evidence of concern for any children who might have been injured in this.
    Instead of looking to blame others for Kevin's situation, shouldn't protection and well being for the children be the first thing on their minds?

    FIRST make sure the children are all okay, THEN wait for the results of court case, THEN blame others if it proves a set up.

    I don't agree with White Nationalism, I am not been shy about exprssing that. But, I as an American believe in personal rights and the rights of free speech, that too, I have made very clear.

    But, I must say that I have concerns about April's judgments regarding the girls as far as exploiting them for publicity and the movement.

    I can tell she is not a weak woman, but if someone I knew was arrested for child porn, the ties would be cut right then and there, until the court case was over and they were proven innocent.

    When you are a mother, ANYONE who can even be remotely accused of being a risk is guilty until proven innocent when it comes to the children.

    In many ways, I can se where April is a loving and caring mother.

    I have never met them, but I get the impression that the girls are well behaved, quite polite and appear well cared for.

    But, children involved in any extreme movement are at some risk as all extreme movements attract their fair share of shady people.

    I also have to wonder if the parents who are deeply involved with these movements get a little blind sided with their loyalty for the movement over their responsiblity to protect their children.

    Mike- no prob, this is a very emotional issue for those of us who are parents, as you, I am sure can relate to.

    Nikki- I think you and I are standing side by side in both concern and fear for what might be uncovered in this case.

    And about that VNN post, I am not even sure I understand what it is trying to say.

  10. I like to see the evidence before I totally make up my mind. If it is just the 3 images, any decent lawyer will easily get those charges dismissed. His lawyer could also argue that others like Elisha had access to the computer.

    I just checked Albemarle County's online District court records and there is nothing at all on Strom there. Their Circuit court records appear not to be online and that's where any divorce filings would show up if they are filed in their home county.

    I'll login to PACER at on Monday.

    Any DA can indite a hamster under the grand jury system.



    The Jon Benet Ramsey got 10,000 times more coverage than this story has gotten including the angle about her possibly being abused.

    The Ramsey case was far worse because she got murdered.

    Only a few local news outlets have carried the Strom story. You ask 10,000 people on the street and maybe 1 will recognize the name of Strom.

    Everyone knows the Ramsey case.


  11. Schwartz- Would it be in the Federal court in Alexanderia?

  12. Hello and Happy new Year Isis.

    I don't think it's in Alexandria available but you can check.

    US Virginia Western District Court - Charlottesville division.

    I can't run PACER from here or I would check now online. It cost a few pennies a page to download documents from them.

    I'd like to see what they are referring to in the grand jury document about the unnamed person he made threats against.

    No bail though is really odd. If the reason is because he is a racist, that's wrong.

  13. Happy New Year to you to, Schwartz.

    If it's "Federal" I thought that means Alexandria.

    There are a few things about this case that seem odd.

    Like, if there was an assault, shouldn't there also be an assault charge?

    Held without bail? Does he have a record? Is he a flight risk? What did they find in his house?

  14. There ya go! See, I thought the without bail thing was odd as well until I read the indictment. As I read it, it is pretty open ended. It implies that there is more evidence forthcoming. There has to be much, much more to this case.

    The fact that they "carried boxes of evidence" out of his home tells me that they have other things on him as well.

    Also - this investigation has been pretty thorough, from what I gather. They were interviewing his first wife in Novemeber about Kevin's sexual proclivities.

    As to the assault - there may be an assault charge in another venue - we need to check that out.

    Lots of questions that need answers. But, as a parent, if my child had been anywhere near Kevin Alfred Strom, we would be having some questions of a different kind and some very long talks.

  15. Nikki- If my child was anywhere near Kevin, it would mean "family counceling" with a few sessions with a qualified professional.

  16. I agree - I just can't imagine any of mine ever being around anything like that.

    Later tonight we will be posting a new Eye On Hate report - with some new information and raising a number of questions that maybe no one has thought of.

  17. Yes, like I want to know if Strom really talked openly with April Gaede about his love for "nymphettes"?

    And, if true, how in the world can this woman see this okay for him still to be around her girls?

    As a mother, I am beside myself here.

    I detached my family from a person who was just a mild aquaintance because he was 22yrs old and I found out he was dating a 15yr old girl.

    From that point on he was dropped from our lives.

    I have a pre-teen daughter, and that is too much of a risk.

    I cannot imagine my reaction of hearing from a close male friend in my own age group that he enjoyed "nymphettes".

    I think I would be reaching for my 9mm at that point!

    If any of this is true, April Gaede's stock should be dropping, light speed.

    Meanwhile, my concern for her children has jumped off the charts.

  18. This is unverified, but it keeps popping up in discussions all over the place. According to some, Elisha Strom turned over a video of Strom looking at Kiddie Porn. Now, I don't know if that is true - but it is making the rounds.

  19. EYE ON HATE Mp3 Internet Radio Report
    In this special edition of Eye On Hate Floyd and Nikki give their take on the arrest of Kevin Alfred Strom and the charges brought against him.

    Nikki provides a little background on Mr. Strom and Floyd offers commentary on the deviance found within the white supremacist movement from his first-hand experiences.

    Also we discussed the children who are raised within or recruited into the racist movement and how they often find themselves exploited.

  20. Just remember that we are talking about someone that the media [Jews] and the United States government would love to discredit. Therefore we should take care as to what we believe and choose to disseminate to others.

    I haven't read the indictment, but if it relates solely to a photograph on Strom's computer, I am highly skeptical that there is the slightest merit to this case.

  21. It seems that the media is almost ignoring this story. Just a little bit of Charlottesville local press and that's it.

    So much for the "jewish" media going nuts over the story. Not even genetic "jews" like Vonbluvens are even talking about it.

    Speaking of Vonbluvens, he's posting personal information again at VNN, after swearing that he never does such things. But he's a plain liar.

  22. I withheld the guys address and "personal" information...the only thing I reported was his involvement with Israeli groups and student associations (which was already public).

  23. Historymike -- I wouldn't be surprised if you're the next one to be outed touching kids. Your uncontrolled and pathetic sexual urges can only, eventually, turn towards abuse of the weak.

    As to the bit Nichols wrote about homosexuality and pedophilia -- the two are pretty much the same. Why do men feel attracted to pre-pubescent girls? Because they are sexless, just like prepubescent boys.

    You should know, Mr Brooks. ;-D

  24. Bill - making such statements against Mike is bordering on libelous. You have absolutely no knowledge of Michael's "sexual urges."

    Actually, we could quite easily chronicle your obsessions with sex and your sexual proclivity. I would gladly do so if it wouldn't mean that it gives you way too much attention.

    Please consider yourself warned and please do not ever make such libelous statements here again.

  25. Mike - I think you are gathering a lot of evidence against this man - all I can say is go for it.

  26. You bet, Nikki. I have downloaded every bullshit post Bill White has made, both on Overthrow, his blog, and recently on the Jim Webb for Senate site.

    This is not to mention some of the behind-the-scenes crap he has pulled. You know what I am talking about, Bill.

    BTW - still too chicken to post my responses to your latest smears to me on the blog, eh Bill?

    Mr. White - I would strongly urge you to knock off this smear campaign against me in which you are engaging. While I have better things to do with my time than sic lawyers on Roanoke slumlords, my patience is far from infinite.

    And I am sure the last thing you would want to do is pay some person like me a hefty settlement for libel. But hey - it's your money, pal. If you want to piss it away on lawyers and libel judgments, go for it. I am more than ready.

    Finally, you have to wonder about the seemingly endless fascination Bill White has with the sex lives of other people. Off the top of my head, I think Bill must reference sexual issues in one-third of everything he writes.

  27. Google Search + sex

    Results 1 - 10 of about 8,640 from for sex

  28. Interesting method of quantitative analysis, Harry.

    Overthrow's "LSN archives" list a total of 9,705 articles.

    Hence, 8640/9705 = 89.02% of Overthrow articles reference the word "sex" in our semi-scientific Google survey.

    Use of the search term "gay" gives 1,050 Overthrow results, while the search term "homosexual" gives 1,310 Overthrow results.

    "Homo" gives another 233 results, while "fag" delivers 58 more. "Faggot" retrieves 45, while "queer" gives 42.

    "Homosexuality" is referenced in 188 articles, and "pedophiles" is mentioned on a whopping 445 pages. "Pedophile" appears on only 34 pages.

    Readers can determine for themselves what all this means.

  29. LOL! I love it! Remember how Bill would post photo-shopped pictures of people in various pornographic poses? And...who can ever forget the Nationalist Enquirer?

    And he is still the only man I know who would save an empty condom wrapper and photograph it as "evidence" that he had sex with a particular individual.

    Actually...Bill is really one strange dude, as well.

  30. And what about his infatuation with hookers, prostitutes, and whores?

    hooker - 144
    Prostitute - 344
    Whore - 1,570


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