Monday, January 22, 2007

Hal's Folly

LOL! Here is the Restraining Order that was denied to Hal - thanks to Tony Willow for finding this jewel!

Well, we really haven't talked enough about good old Hal and his funny little lawsuit! I read the suit over the weekend and just cracked up at this little man who thinks he is so damned important. If you haven't read it - here is a link. Now, you tell me - how far will this fly?



  1. Just for starters, I want to direct everyone's attention to this comment:

    "The Show is a national treasure."


    I'm just getting started on this laughable court filing trust me!

  2. In his own mind he is a "Legend."

  3. ROTFL!!!! on the Turner lawsuit. But the IRC folks sure have shut up and shut down Turner. Turner even has most major isp providers blocked from accessing his website, which is a wonderful thing.

    Did anyone notice & just happened to get hacked?? What timing!!!

    I'll put money it's Vonbluvens himself fake hacking his own webpage just to get attention.

  4. Nikki- I believe I might have heard that you are in the legal field.

    If this is true, how does this doc look to you?

    I don't know what to make of legal stuff, I just shoot photos.

  5. It won't be so funny when Hal kicks their Punk Asses in court.

  6. Actually...Tony is the legal mind here. She tells me that it is a crack-up! The other thing that I am trying to figure out is that this suit seems to be filed as a copyright infringement case...and if that is so, then all of the things of a criminal nature that Hal is talking about will be thrown out. Tony - what say you?

  7. When I went to Hal's site earlier all of the content was gone, Harry. As to Bluvie - I am amazed that he isn't whining all over the damned internet.

  8. Steve, Hal does not have a chance in hell. BTW his bid for a restraining order was shot down as well. This "case" won't get far at all. Hal claims that he makes $60,000 per year off of his show and websites. What he neglects to mention that most of that money is in the form of donations by stupid, and I mean STUPID people.

  9. If & when I hit the Powerball; I plan on giving Hal the $60,000 a year to go back to having his show 5 nights a week.

  10. An admission of stupidity?

    WOW, who would have thunk it Steve!

  11. Steve Holsten actually thinks he is going to hit powerball.


    And Steve, Hal can already do a show 5 days a week with the money he gets in. He's just too lazy to do it.



    Hal filed for a restraining order? Can you provide details?

  12. Harry, what's your email addy, I'll send it to you

  13. I enjoyed. Thank You.

    The law is pretty clear that websites can't be held liable for the postings of 3rd parties. That make sense because Google and Yahoo would long have been bankrupt had this been the case.

    Turner's case is DOA. He really is sick in the head.

  14. Does Schwartzo's bike avatar look like it was built for Faggot's or what?

  15. Only Steve Holsten can take a picture of a bicycle and think of homosexual acts. I know he can't help it, gay sex acts and the male penis is what Steve enjoys talking most about.

    He's a classic case of a homphobic gay male. He hates being gay and pretends to hide it by lashing out at all gays.

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