Sunday, January 07, 2007


January 7, 2007
Meet Kevin Strom:
Racist, intellectual,
Alleged child porn collector :

EYE ON HATE Mp3 Internet Radio Report

In this special edition of Eye On Hate Floyd and Nikki give their take on the arrest of Kevin Alfred Strom and the charges brought against him.

Nikki provides a little background on Mr. Strom and Floyd offers commentary on the deviance found within the white supremacist movement from his first-hand experiences.

Also discussed are the children who are raised within or recruited into the movement and how they often find themselves exploited.

Eye On Hate Report


  1. The shows needs louder audio. I had to crank my speakers much too high because my email sound byte was blowing my ears out.

  2. Shut up porky. No one cares about your problems.

  3. Good luck on running for local office Steevo.

  4. Thanks, if the Dummies will leave me alone.

  5. So Steevo, are you going to be open about your racism & hatred for gays while running for city council or are you going to hide it?


    About Eye on Hate:

    By the way, nice show, no problems with the sound here.

  6. I won't speak of of it. It has no bearing here.

  7. In other words, you're afraid of exposing the real "Steve Holsten" to Kennett, Missouri voters.

    Or maybe you have changed.

    So you have no problems with blacks and gays in Kennett, Missouri. All these years you ranted about them but yet think they are no longer a problem.


    I think personally, you're scared to expose what you really believe.

    That's alright, I hope you get elected. It will make things fun.... for me.

  8. I just posted on my board my reasons & etc that I'm running. I will keep the thread civil and delete of the stupid Nim Busters Bullshit type posts. I'm too tired to post the html in the link.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Steve's statement - hint, get a real website

    You can't even manage your own finances and have several judgments against you but yet want to manage the finances of Kennett, Missouri. I won't even bring up your son or play the Nimbuster games. What I posted on my website is all I am going to mention on it unless something major happens.

    I'm not going to write any letters or notify anyone in Kennett about your racism. If they are too lazy to google your name or spend five minutes on, you deserve to be elected.

    Just curious, is the guy you are running against African-American?

    At least get yourself a real website instead of something stupid like schwartzohero.

    I personally don't like the Chief of Police being elected anywhere. Brings politics into an office that doesn't need it. It encourages favors to be made to politicans.

  11. VOn Bluvie said on his show last night he would rather debate DLJ than me - I am hurt -
    here take a listen - its a short clip,less than a minute - I added some music -


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