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What a wonderful way to strat a New Year!

The group known on the internet as “Anonymous” certainly has done a number on racist shock-jock, Hal Turner. Turner’s web presence has become minimal at best. Now, Eye On Hate’s Floyd Cochran has completed a radio interview with Anonymous. Hear what they have to say about their “raids” and taking Turner down! If you ever wondered how someone could get a virtual butt-kicking, just look at the fray between Hal Turner and these guys.

Eye On Hate - Jan. 3 - we were going to wait till 9pm tonight to air the Eye On Hate mp3 broadcast featuring our interview with Anonymous but do to overwhelming demand we have posted it a few hours earlier.
To view the page and listen to the program go to www.eyeonhate.com
Floyd Cochran
Eye On Hate



  1. 9 out 10 Anti-Racists Agree , 7 out of 10 neo -Nazis Agree !
    Racist Talk Show Host Hal Turner IS a JOKE !

    Tune in tomorrow night (Wed. Jan 3) at 9pm Eye On Hate as we give out the Bill White Award (award given to racist who's actions and deeds help anti racism ),


  2. Is there any truth to Michael Brooks instigating on 7chan?

  3. No Von - it's just another Bill White fabrication.

  4. Just a short note, Eye On Hate has just posted the interview with Anonymous, we also give the Bill White Award out -plus more

  5. I just got done listening to Hal Turner on KFI640am in LA - when one of the hosts asked Hal if he was racist, Hal danced around the question and wouldnt give a striaght up answer - said people who call in to his show have racist ideas and use street langauge when talking about minorities, when they asked him again he still wouldnt give a striaght answer - he did say his show has thousands of listeners.

    I think it is both funny and telling that Hal wouldnt admit he is a racist - sort of says alot about him and his so-called beliefs - I dont think it will win him many friends over at VNN and elsewhere. I think the only color Hal is interested in is GREEN.

    Floyd Cochran
    Eye On Hate

  6. Hal on KFI640am - here is a short audio clip of Hal skirting the issue if he is a racist


  7. 7chan is full of porn (questionable ages of some posted there).

    How can such moral and upright people such as yourselves give pervs like this a platform?

    I guess when it serves YOUR agenda you have no problem looking the other way.

    What a bunch of jerks Nikki and Floyd are.

    Can you say irony proof?

    Whatever credibility you had just went down the drain.

  8. TO Mike aka vonbluvie - you are in no position to question someones credibility Von - I would make a pact with your grandmother if I thought it would slow down someone like Hal Turner or put if it would put out of business a racist gang.

    And I am the wrong person to talk to about porn,maybe you should have that talk with well your new bestest buddy Hal Turner, from what I understand he knows alot about internet sex site and trolling the net for sex.


  9. My newest friend? Hal has been my friend for a long time.

    You guys seem to forget that no individual or government has the right EVER to deny all of us from holding opinions nor do they have the right to INTERFERE with those ideas or opinions regardless of the mode of communicating those ideas! These rights are our birthright regardless of content of speech those rights are our birthright and no matter how many assholes like you work to destroy that right you cannot. This right is God given and it is protected by our laws. DON'T EVER FORGET THAT, FLOYD AND NIKKI!

  10. I guess what I am trying to get across to you thick skulls is by supporting the actions of 7chan and their affiliates you go against everything America stands for.

    After listening this show it is clear you approve of them denying Hal's right to communicate his ideas.

    You think it is a good thing Hal's site was hacked...in short you support "anon" in their attempts to silence Hal (which denies Hal's civil and constitutional rights).

    I cannot think of ANYTHING more un-American. This only goes to illustrate clearly what I have said about people like you in the past.

  11. Hold up here, just one damned minute! Blevins - you, of all people, do not need to speak to me about "morality." I am not the person screaming for no Jew to be left alive in 2005! I'm not the one saying "pick up anything you can find" and kill a Jew while in the same house where care is being given to small children who belong to others not sharing your hate.

    Do you really want to go there with me again, Blevins? You speak of "credibility" - I'm not the one calling myself "Christian" in one breath and calling for the anhiliation of an entire race or group of people.

    As far as porn or sex is concerned - I have no idea what is on that website other than the discourse they have been having about their raids. And, frankly, I don't care what else is there. That's their business. They weren't granted an interview because they have some porn on their website. They were given an interview so that their side of the story could be heard by those who were trying to piece it all together.

    As far as this freedom of speech crap is concerned - when those young people called Hal's site, they were exercising their right to free speech, too. When anyone calls in to a show that welcomes callers, their voices should be heard, as well.

    Additionally, there are many people who believe that with the rights that you so love to hide behind, there is implied responsibility - something neither you nor Turner understand because you have never grown beyond the concrete operational stage of existence.

    Personally, I am damned sick and tired of this hackneyed routine that you and Hal think you have perfected. Freedom of speech does not belong just to the chosen few - Blevins. And I, like so many others, have had it with watching you exercise what you believe is your right while stepping all over the rights of others.

    Now, you want to talk about being un-American? LOL! That's another cloak that you guys like to wear. You are no damned patriots - get that through your thick skulls. You use this government and its' guarateed rights to work against it every chance you get. You have no love of this country - you want to overthrow the government and make it anything but what it is.

    Un-American? Which of us is screaming for the assassination of our elected officials? Which of us is advocating violence against the judges and justices sworn to uphold that very Constitution that you stay so protected in?

    Neither of you are Christian, Blevins. Neither of you are good Americans or patriots. You are nothing more than racist terrorists who lack morals, character and integrity. Like Floyd - I will work to expose you at every turn - bet on it.

  12. Yup, Nikki, you complain of that pesky ol’ Constitution when it gets in the way of your agenda I have noticed. Never thought you would refer to our Constitution as “crap.” It isn’t “crap,” Nikki; it is one of the most important rights that we have. But you knew that already, it’s just inconvenient for you to recognize that at this time.

    Apparently, in your world some people are more equal than others.

    This 7chan attack is almost as immoral as your so-called crusade against my wife. If I recall correctly one of your stated motivations for going after my innocent wife was all in the name of “keeping children safe,” and I figured since this issue of keeping children safe was such a great concern of yours that you might be interested in knowing these children YOU are interviewing post child porn and organize internet based attacks on 7chan. Yes, Nikki, they are children and you are willing to put your principles of “saving the children” to the side in order to satisfy your twisted sense of justice on Hal Turner.

    You may not have known that child porn was posted on the forum before I pointed it out to you but you sure as Hell know about it now. Wonder if you will stick to your “principles” with this new found revelation. I suppose this is why I think you are a hypocrite because I know that you won’t.

    These kids were not just calling Hal’s show but were actually disrupting his call in portion in the way they are now disrupting legitimate traffic to his website-and mine for that matter.

    I am a good American as well as a patriot. In fact compared to the likes of people like you I am a GREAT AMERICAN.

    I don’t go around congratulating children for breaking our law and constitution like you did on this program you proudly list for everyone to hear.

    As longs as guys like me around you will not be able to make the Constitution the “crap” you apparently think it is.

  13. Nope, none whatsoever, Vonnie. I am not "orchestrating," "masterminding," or "creating" the shit storm that Hal and Bill (and, by connection, you) have crawled into.

    I never even heard of these groups until Christmas Eve, when Hal started ranting about them on his website.

    I posted to that effect on Bill's blog, but he doesn't have the balls to publish my reply to his bullshit posts.

    The 4chan and 7chan boards are their own world, and no one on the outside can direct them any more than antifa can "direct" what happens at Stormfront or VNN.

    Besides, some of the posters on those sites claim to be racists. They seek revenge for what they perceive as "wrongs," and Hal and Bill are too thick-skulled to back-down.

    If I were you (shudder at THAT thought) I would lay low for a few days (or weeks) until they move on to a new target. Once they get bored, they will stop their attacks.

    As far as the legality or morality of 4chan and 7chan, those places have some seriously disturbed material posted, no doubt. If you see something that crosses the line into the illegal, you have every right to contact the related authorities.

    But the same can be said about any public forum. Idiots will be idiots.

  14. I'm fairly tight with the white hats and black hats in this area. In fact, I know a lot of computer geeks in general. Most are anti-racist since they'd best not turn down contact with a female of any race, age or size who might ever pay them attention. Politics aren't where these people are putting their mental energy.

    All that being said, no matter what these kids say they are, they are just as stereo-typically facist as what they claim to be railing against. Me, I have seen by experience that the best thing to do is let the opposition speak. Silencing the opposition implys that you don't think you're ideology would hold up placed next to their's. And gosh, I get sick of supposedly believe in democracy who also want to "silence the message of hate before too many hear it and possibly accept it..." So people are too dumb to make the call for themselves, huh Stalin? All that being said, one of the best "recruiting" tools I have is the main website belonging One People's Project. I show people that site and a few choice articles, the rot-in-hell sections and they know where they stand pretty quick. If anyone ever got rid of the internet antis, I'd be pissed.

  15. All that being said, no matter what these kids say they are, they are just as stereo-typically facist as what they claim to be railing against.

    You misunderstand. Anonymous isn't railing against facism, or anything else for that matter. Maybe some of the people attacking Hal (of which I'm not one, just in case it came up :P) have decided to attach a personal agenda to their actions, but it's not a unifying cause.

    There is no cause.

    The chans raid things because they collectively get a kick out of it. It's not just racists, it's tech support lines, search engines, video chat sites. Anything that will get a potentially-entertaining response from somebody.

    Anonymous is the collective boredom of the Internet expressing itself in generally-destructive ways. It doesn't go any deeper than that, and hating Anonymous or trying to give it some kind of ideology is missing the point.

    If Hal Turner would have understood that and just sat back and had a laugh, Anonymous would have gotten bored and moved on a long time ago. Remember, this started as a few relatively-lame prank calls into his show. What radio show hasn't dealt with those? Hell, that was the first and only time I actually listened to his show. His audience probably tripled thanks to Anonymous' attention.

    As long as he keeps providing the lulz, he will be a target. Other people seem to want to throw themselves in the line of fire too, and they seem to be getting what they ask for. Not really an intelligent move, imo, since they're messing with a group with a lot of free time and significant collective resources.

  16. Stabbington - I have tried, really tried, to make it clear to everyone that what has transpired has not been about racism, bigotry, Hal Turner's mindset, etc. It's about Anonymous pranking people and Hal's knee jerk reaction to that prank. I have about decided that it is impossible to make some people understand that.

    Thank you for your post - maybe it will help to clear things up.

  17. Even if what you are saying about their apolitical status is true it doesn't explain how you guys try to use it for your own twisted agenda.

  18. Oh trust me, no one has to explain to me the philosphy of hacking, phone-phreaking or anything like that. I'm an avid reader of 2600 magazine. I'm basing my opinions of what these kids say on their message boards. Its not clearly anti-white like the rank and feel here and on OPP but its clearly anti-nationalist.

    My opinion of Hal remains the same: Hal is an entertainer. Hal mainly entertains people in the movement. Is Hal a serious person to pay close attention to? I don't know, you tell me! I listen to his show for entertainment. Seriously, getting upset about Hal is like getting upset about Chris Rock or someone like that. Hal's a good showman and he uses this to make money and keep the lights on. Big deal. He's allowed to do that. If people want to send him money, then let them. More people make a living from being anti-white than they do from being pro-white.

    And to top it off, I feel about as motivated when Hal says "Let's kill 'em all!" as the average person on the street feels when they hear one of the anti's scream "they want to kill them allll!" Both sides of the fence--its shock value and in this day and age, its worth very, very little. If it was to be taken seriously or even pondered seriously, the feds would have rounded Hal and his people up and the rest of us per the anti's educated and informed advice. We should take Hal just as seriously as we take all of you, in all due respect to both parties.

  19. I'm an avid reader of 2600 magazine.

    Now that's lulz!

  20. Let's see if you're real. Where did 2600 magazine get its name? I don't even know why I'm asking this since we're both aware of a such thing as wikipedia.

  21. First, let me address Chis. In many ways, I agree with what you have said. For many of us neither Hal Turner nor Bill White are seen as "real Nationalists." Hal is the consummate con man. He reminds me of many people I have known in my life - just shuckin and jivin through everything.

    The danger, in my opinion, that Hal presents - and Bill for that matter - is not going to come from most white nationalist - but from some unstable and twisted individual who takes Hal seriously and goes ballistic. You know that, Chris, just as well as I do.

    Now...Blevins, let me see if I can clear a couple of things up for you. First of all, I did not say that the Constitution was "crap." I was referring to this freedom of speech cry that has become the mantra of the racist movement. As a matter of fact, I value the Constitution of the United States greatly. However, it is not me or others who are trying to silence this hate speech who are going to abridge anyone's rights - it is YOU guys.

    As I see it, the government has become really hinky when it comes to things like "terrorism" and threats. They have just been itching to take a lot of freedoms away in an effort to have better control over the populace.

    Now, when someone like Turner gets behind a microphone or a keyboard and screams about assassinations and committing violent acts - this is precisely what the government needs to say, "See...you need to be protected from people like this. What if he or someone else follows through with his suggestions? Don't we need to shut him up?"

    It is not that hard to imagine, Mike. With all of the "Homeland Security" and such that is now in place, we know that the government is trying to erode those rights as guaranteed.

    Many of us cautioned others about these things when they were first being put into place. But, since September 11, many people are very willing to give up some of their freedoms to feel "safe." And now...with the level of activity that you and your people are engaged in - all it will take is one to act and I fear that the entire country and that Constitution that you wrap yourselves in will be nothing more than a memory.

    As to Anonymous - they are NOT part of us and we are NOT part of them. We should all understand by now why this whole thing started. Hell, even Hal admitted last night that he handled it "badly."

    Prior to this week, I didn't know anything about that group and would venture to say that you didn't either. At any rate, the attack took place and Hal went down. Considering that we have been battling you guys for years, yes - we were quite awed by all of that.

    As far as "using it for our own agenda," we're not "using" anything. We are laughing at you guys because you got snookered by an internet posse of young people - who are, obviously, a whole lot more computer savy than any of us. And ya know, Von - they have said repeatedly, if it had not have been handled so poorly - if Hal would have used prudence and had had just a modicum of integrity it would not have become the war that it did. Instead, he treated them like he has treated others - he put their personal information up. He cavorted and threatened and vomited his venom all over the place.

    I think there is a lesson for everyone in all of this. You can't threaten violence, you cannot attempt to intimidate others the way that Hal Turner does, without expecting some consequences.

    As far as some of the other things that you have said, Mike, they don't even merit a response. As it is obvious that you are here taking this conversation to your blog - I just don't think that I want to give you any more material.

    Incidently - Happy New Year to Everyone.

  22. Let's see if you're real. Where did 2600 magazine get its name? I don't even know why I'm asking this since we're both aware of a such thing as wikipedia.

    Easy there, kiddo. I'm not "calling you out" or anything.

    I'm just saying that identifying yourself with hacker culture by proclaiming yourself an avid reader of 2600 is like me identifying myself with military culture because I read Soldier of Fortune (which I don't).

  23. Ok, maybe you don't get my meaning. I'm not a hacker. I have a life and I do damage in public, when damage is called for. However, I do know why cowardly types who are too afraid to break store windows or flex at people on the street, get their vandalism in a safer way than their streetbourne cousins. A guy spray painting the wall behind a gas station has more balls than the average hacker. I'm not impressed with them. Still yet, I like the attitude and I find it all interesting. My idea of hacking, is hacking to get more out of a device or a system, not to comprimise it.

    And to inform you so this doesn't happen again, 2600 got its name from the 2600 tone used by old phone systems to clear a long distance call. Everybody knows Captain Crunch and how he used a toy whistle to mimic the 2600 tone. Later blue-boxs were used to do essentially the same thing. Before the internet, people hacked phones. I think it was 1993 or 94 I was still seeing people using blue-boxes. Most of the crowd I was running with was into phone-phreaking and that sort of thing. I think most pretty much gave it up with very few going on to hack the internet.

    Nikki, I wouldn't go as far as to call Hal a con-man. He's no more of a con-man than any entertainer. And as far as some mentally ill person taking him seriously, hey, anything is possible. I think there are enough places for mentally ill people to find inspiration other than Hal Turner, but then again nothing would suprise me. I think it goes back to the 1980's heavy-metal suicide arguement. Did kids blow their brains out from listening to Ozzy (who is on TV now) or did kids who WOULD blow their brains out happen to listen to Ozzy? It sounds like a symtom/disease arguement. I think he's an alright guy for the most part. Sometimes I think he wants people to actually take him seriously, sometimes I don't.

  24. Oh and here's my challenge to the hack-happy-avengers: let's see you go after some real supremacists. Let's see you really do something politically incorrect. Let's see if you really want to go after the system. And most importantly, give us a front row seat to your lesson in "racism." Go after the following sites:


    Go after them and see what happens to you. You see, they are jews. They demand that we all adopt the flimsy mental construct of equality while they openly teach jewish-supremacy. Unlike the pro-white movement, the jewish supremacist are wealthy, polically powerful and clearly above the laws that govern the rest of us. Let's see whose among you has the guts to do something for real instead of going after second and third class citizens of the pro-white movement. Knock yourself out, tuff guy.

  25. LOL! I think Hal needs to know that you consider him a second or third class citizen of the pro-white movement!!! That's pretty funny, Chris.

  26. chris...

    I'm laughing pretty hard. I really don't have anything else to say.

  27. I think you miss my meaning. Technically, in the eyes of the law, all of us are second or third class citizens. If the jews ever get their way here like they have in Europe, we'll be jailed for our opinions.

  28. All I know is that 7chan has been destroyed, because there is more collective destructive boredom sitting behind fifteen years of Overthrow.com than has ever sat behind Anonymous.

    Many lulz.

    And yes Mike Brooks did provoke the 7chan into attacking my site, much the same way he does stalk women because he hates his wife. Frankly, of all the antis here, he is the king fruitcake.

  29. Chris, do you honestly believe that the Jews want us to be jailed for our opinions? I'm sorry, but this whole concept of yours about Jewish people is just absurd to me - always have been. It's like you guys are still afraid of what is under the bed or lurking in your closet.

  30. And Bill White is still afraid to post my replies to his bullshit and lies on his blog.

    He's never one to let truth get in the way of publishing his delusions.

    You might want to consider Thorazine, Bill, although given your history of violently resisting professional help, I suspect they would have to tie you down first.

    Have a happy new year, Bill!

  31. Ok, Nikki, so I could go to Austria or Germany and state an opinion about the holocaust being mostly made up? Would I or would I not go to prison for questioning the jews? And if you are about to sit here and tell me they haven't been pushing for years for laws like that in the USA, then I will happily prove you wrong.

    Here's an example of the tip of the iceberg of the iceberg I'm talking about. Suppose I stated, "lots of people signed up for the Union or Confederate Army twice as a way to be paid more in the Civil War. This helped inflate casualty lists. We be able to prove or disprove, independantly, just how many people were actually killed in the Civil War. We also need to investigate how many people were killed in the years right after the war due to effects of the war (poor living conditions, hungry, etc)." Should people in the South work to try and stop me from investigating a theory like this?

    Now, I know the Civil War was bad for everybody involved. So war WW2. The only people to come out on the good end of that war was the jews and the Soviets (the Soviets paying a heavy price in men and reasources). Naturally, the South would have nothing to lose or gain by anything a casualty study would find. No matter how many people more or less died in the war or directly after, their position, good or bad, would not change. So why can't you question the jews? I've given a good contrast, I think. I'm curious to hear your counter-point on that one.

    PS. On a simliar note, the holoco$t scam is falling apart on a global scale, in case anyone is paying attention. To me, if we found out only 486,000 died as per the American Red Cross, it would make no difference in jewish power in the world. However, it would change the victim-status of the world's greatest enemies to peace and freedom

  32. Someone hacked OPP Forum. I wouldn't go there, because it redirects to a GNAA site with a screaming voice that yells "HEY EVERYBODY! I'm LOOKING AT GAY PORNO!" with the requisite goatse pics.

    You might want to make sure CAH is secure, Nikki.

    Also, I have gotten several wierd emails that purport to be from 7chan.

    I have my suspicions as to which Nazi twit sent them, but I'll wait until I figure out how to read the headers before I name names.

  33. History Mike - a certain nazi twit from VA was talking about this on his blog at 959am this morning that OPP and CAH people where getting thier email addy hack to gather personal info - the OPP forum is now redirected back to the main OPP website - Floyd


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