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  1. Whoa! Good call, Nikki. Your blog is the first place I heard of this.

    Wonder if April Gaede still wants to pimp her kids on Kevin Strom's site?

  2. Well, it's official.

    The Libertarian Socialist News Network relies on Nichole Nichols for its breaking news.

    Overthrowup was 45 minutes behind Nikki on this one.

  3. WE (Nikki and myself) got this news about 3 minytes after it happened - we just needed to wait till the actual "news" came out via the media.

    Eye On Hate

  4. Kudos to you both. Still not even making Google News.

  5. And Hal posted it 10 minutes after Will Blight.

    Interesting that both clowns are trying to take some credit here by claiming they were ahead of the rest of the WNs on knowing about the evil that lurked within Kevin Alfred Strom, and that their respective stances against kiddie porn made them the paraiahs of NA/NV.

    Uh, Bill and Hal? You are outcasts in the WN movement because you are lying, back-stabbing, loud-mouthed cretins, not because Strom suspected you knew about his alleged secret life.

    Besides, pretty much everyone EXCEPT kiddie porn freaks is against kiddie porn. That's like thumping your chest because you take a strong stand against stabbing kittens with letter openers.

  6. Laughing at the VNN buffoons, who are already convinced it's a ZOG attempt to railroad Strom.

    Also, April Gaede relates some strange anecdote about a call she had with Elisha Strom. Kind of rambling, but her take is one of Strom's wives is behind this.

    A lot more plausible than a ZOG attack, but hey - you can't convince a true believer.

    Some of those idiots are already suggesting that Strom is a "political prisoner."

  7. News is news.

    I never understood this media race to be the "first".

    But, it is good info and all child porn dealers need to be locked up.

    I think any children who had any contact with him need to be questioned, including the Prussian Blue twins, as I have witnessed their image seems to provoke some grown men to verbalise inappropriate comments.

    This might also be the tip of the iceberg for a deeper kiddie porn ring.

    Hope they catch them all.

  8. "That's like thumping your chest because you take a strong stand against stabbing kittens with letter openers."


    I am for clean water,

  9. I have been reading some of the weirdest, most convoluted, BS I have ever seen! Now, I am not going to say that Kevin Alfred Strom is guilty - I just don't know and neither does anyone else.

    But...some of these people - these WN's - are just plain weird. Almost immediately, as the news broke - and yes, thank you, Floyd and I just happened to get it first - they start defending him and trying to blame the Jews, and the wives. Hell, they are discussing the "evidence" claiming that it points to a frame. What evidence? The only thing any of us have seen or heard are the charges as listed in the indictment and a scan of the same.

    Now...Kevin Alfred Strom is a strange individual - of that there is little doubt. He has always seemed to me to be a rather "foo - foo" person. What I mean by that is that his website just always seemed a little too artsy and dramatic. I remember him early on and his love of self. Others have mentioned the pictures of art and women - what I remember from the first time I visted his site is the number of pictures and poses of himself that were displayed there. Let's face it, Kevin is no Adonis. But, he was obviously very taken with his own image.

    Both his and his wife's sexual preferences have been the topic of discussion in the movement for years. This does not make him a pedophile or a collector of child pornography. Those are very serious allegations and I prefer to wait and actually SEE the evidence.

    So...when the news came in, was I surprised? Not really. I guess I was surprised that he was charged with "Kiddie Porn." But I wasn't really that surprised after I thought about it.

    There are some really bad and strange things going on inside the movement these days - and if Strom is guilty, I hope they castrate the son-of-a-bitch. However, I have a strong feeling (I always trust those) that this goes much deeper than just Strom.

    I had better shut up now.

  10. Agreed that Strom is - if not a pedophile - one weird dude. His writing is pretty funny, sort of a Truman Capote meeting Joseph Goebbels.

    His sites are filled with nude classical statues and other images one would not expect to find on the website of someone waiting for a race war.

    BTW - National Vanguard still hasn't put anything up on their website about this, and I haven't seen any other statement. Wonder if they are hoping the Strom-storm blows away.

  11. Statement posted on VNN from National Alliance concerning Kevin Strom
    It has come to our attention that Kevin Alfred Strom, who was fired from the National Alliance in April of 2005, was arrested by the FBI this week for allegedly possessing child porn. Strom, along with a few others who were also kicked out of the Alliance, were involved in a failed coup attempt in the organization.

    Strom then attempted to steal the name of the Alliance's flagship publication -- National Vanguard -- for his own rip-off organization, which has failed miserably. Up until recently, Strom's Virginia post office box had been used to receive funds sent to him from misled Vanguard members.

    The National Alliance wishes to make it clear that Strom was dismissed from the organization's employ for gross dereliction of duty some time ago, and that the organization has nothing to do with him or his personal life.

    Erich Gliebe

    Thus National Alliance has fully disassociated itself from Kevin Alfred Strom, We encourage other White Nationalist organizations to do the same, as well as sever all ties with present and former members engaged in similar conduct.

  12. Nikki,

    Did you catch on VNN where someone said, "well here's my question, were they pictures of little girls or little boys?"

    Uhh, I *guess* I admit I'd like to know to, but it's not MY first question.

    I'd rather know HOW underage is underage? 10 year olds? 17 year olds?

    Why are these guys SO obsessed with gayness?

    And despite the many posts that claim to know that the file is actually named, "Karen.jpg", some have decided that being a pedophile MUST also make him a homosexual.

    I think it also has something to do with the fact that FAR too many posts on VNN make arguments that 12-13 y.o. girls are "women" and therefore hot marriage material.

    I'm telling you, the white supremacist movement is a cesspool.

  13. I am just appaulled has there is a complete lack of concern for any children this man has been around.

    It is a known fact that most adults who collect child pornography have taken their obsession to the physical level.

    How can any mother jump to the side of man who has been arrested for kiddie porn and not turn into a mother lion to protect her children?

    This is not about "news" this is about kids who might be exposed to a possibly damaging situation.

    Am I the only one who has these concerns?

  14. Isisdc wrote "This is not about "news" this is about kids who might be exposed to a possibly damaging situation."

    I agree with you - Eye On Hate will addressing this issue and the whole Kevin Strom/racist kiddie porn feeling that run deep in the racist moevement - later today or early tomorrow morning (Sunday) - thank you for posting your feelings and questions - Floyd

  15. Of course.

    Our hearts and prayers are with the victims and their families in this time of trauma.

    But this is a site dedicated to exposing the sordid underbelly of the WN movement. One can always go to for tear-jerking and hand-wringing.

    No offense, but this is like the earlier argument about kittens and letter openers.

    Only a sociopath would not be appalled by the sexual exploitation of children by pedophiles. God forbid anyone should ever harm one of my kids.

    Two words: "Louisville Slugger."

  16. It has taken me a little while to digest all of this. Isis - I agree that the children - any children that he may have been in contact with should be a major concern if it is shown that he is guilty. I was really pissed last night as April Gaede is flaunting herself and her belief that he has been framed by his wife - someone she has no use for anyway. What about her girls? I would be a lot more concerned about them than who framed Kevin Alfred Strom.

    Christopher - a cesspool indeed! And as I said earlier - I really believe that this goes a lot deeper than anyone knows. I caught that boy or girl question on VNN. I also was highly irritated with the ignorance shown. This pedophilia = homosexual thing is nothing more than gross ignorance.

    And...if these guys believe that there are no homosexuals within their ranks they had better think again.

    A couple of years ago I wrote an article about Strom, Jamie Kelso, and David Duke. It was just as the coup was being put into motion - and I saw the handwriting on the wall - Duke and Kelso had wined and dined Strom and an unholy trinity seemed to be forming. I questioned their "relationship," and it was one of the two times that Bill White ever agreed with me.

    Many within the movement believe that once a young girl becomes a woman, and capable of bearing children, she is marrying material. Many want to see the statutory rape age lowered. On the one hand, they preach family values and what they consider sound child-raising tactics, yet they see nothing wrong with having sex with a 12 or 13 year old.

    As Floyd said - we will be talking about this issue either tonight or tomorrow on Eye On Hate. I am also working on an article that addresses all of this. Again, I think that only the surface has been scratched - and that is a pretty scary thought.

  17. A copy of the indictment can be found here:


  18. National Vanguard has just posted a statement on their site. Here's the crux of their statement:

    "We are confident that this charge -- which we became aware of from the mass media -- is totally without foundation, and came about because of a fractious divorce situation. Added to this is the fact that Kevin was threatened by a federal agent after attending a hearing for Chester Doles, another pro-White activist framed on bogus charges. The agent allegedly pointed his finger at Kevin and swore that 'I'll be seeing you next'."

    Perhaps the fact that so many pro-white activists have faced politically-motivated economic and legal sanctions for their pro-white political activity is responsible for generating so much skepticism within the ranks of the pro-white movement. Surely most regular patrons of this blog remember how the Feds magically transformed a three year old bar fight into "civil rights charges" against Shaun Walker and two of his cohorts.

  19. Thank you for the update Alaska. believe that the charges against Shaun Walker were bogus?

  20. Hey, Nikki, Floyd and Mike:

    I am glad that the concern for any children is going to be a frontline component in this whole case as far as reporting/covering and in investigation.

    I believe Strom has had a lot of contact with the Gaede children, and it is making my blood boil to think anything could have happened to them.

    I have concerns for those girls, for many reasons that I have posted up here in the past.

    Here are a few things to consider:

    The girls have been raised under Very strong conditioning.

    Conditioning to follow to the letter, strong and controversial words of the adults in their lives on many issues. And I do believe that their parents have that right to raise them in anyway they feel fit.


    When a child is raised in such a programming based atmosphere, there is a tremedous risk for the boundries of the adults in their lives to cross into very inappropriate areas.

    This can leave them purhaps with a very small voice along with fear of coming foward should anything have happened to them.

    We saw examples of with within the children in the Branch Davidian cult.

    I am really not out to "get" Strom and I am trying very hard not to judge April Gaede.

    My biggest concern is that Lynx and Lamb and any other children were not sexually exploited and/or abused.

  21. Nikki - I believe the charges against the Shaun Walker Trio are politically motivated.

    They were based on a couple of bar fights they got into with a couple of non-whites over three years before the indictment. Neither the alleged victims pressed assault charges, nor did the state of Utah file assault charges. Yet, over three years later, the Feds suddenly decided the Trio "violated the civil rights" of the people they got into it with.

    In addition, there is at least one (and maybe two) informers involved in the case. Earlier this year, Bill White reported on Overthrow that the NSM's Utah State leader was an informer. Informers are likely to sing any tune the prosecutor wants in exchange for leniency.

    It has oft been said that a halfway competent prosecutor can convince a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.

  22. Well, Alaska, I'm not going to say that those kinds of things don't happen because we both know that they do. In all honesty, I did wonder why those charges were so long in coming. It isn't like no one knew where Shaun Walker was.

    However, in this case, I can't help but think that there is lots more evidence than what was shown in the indictment. The fact that they carted "boxes" of evidence out of Kevin's house and left the indictment open-ended to include other evidence, tells me they really believe they have a case.

    Is it possible that he was set-up? Sure, it's possible, but I think we need to see more evidence before we jump in either direction.

  23. I miss all the good stuff while on vacation. I'm buffed, tanned, and rested now.

    Bill White has to be smiling from ear to ear on this.

  24. Oh he is definitely crowing.

  25. I like Storm.I favor healthy sexuality.But his sexual life none of my busniess.

    Common understanding is that, Nazis are devil, pervert, harboring sick ideas.So the Storm is not a exception.

    Kevin is a great thinker what ever his sexual activities be.

    The idea of defamation, bogus charges come to mind...

    My heart and my soul believe him and the people of the national alliance.

    We need a sane revival of our white race and westren culture.

    We need strong holds like national alliance to further our cause against Jewish Moloch.



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