Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Passion of Gibson

from the Daily News

LOS ANGELES - A blitzed Mel Gibson launched into an obscenity-laced tirade when he was busted on suspicion of drunken driving early yesterday, threatening an officer and making anti-Semitic and sexually abusive remarks, according to a police report.
The "Passion of the Christ" director repeatedly said, "My life is f----d," according to the report by Los Angeles County Deputy James Mee, which was obtained by The celebrity news Web site posted excerpts of the handwritten report.

Gibson, 50, was pulled over for speeding at 3:10 a.m. on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, Calif., cops said. The Oscar-winning "Braveheart" star and director was driving 80 mph when he was snared by a radar trap, sheriff's deputies said. The speed limit in that area is 45 mph to 55 mph.

Gibson failed both alcohol breath and field sobriety tests, deputies said. His blood-alcohol level was .12, Deputy Anthony Moore said. The legal limit is .08 in California.

According to the incident report obtained by, the Road Warrior embarked on a belligerent, anti-Semitic outburst when he realized he had been busted.
"F-----g Jews. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world," Mee's report quotes him as saying.

"Are you a Jew?" Gibson asked the deputy, according to the report.
The actor also berated the deputy, threatening, "You motherf----r. I'm going to f--- you," according to Mee's report.

The actor also told the cop he "owns Malibu" and would spend all his money "to get even with me," Mee said in his report.

TMZ quoted a law enforcement source as saying Gibson noticed a female sergeant on the scene and yelled at her, "What do you think you're looking at, sugar t--s?"

Deputy Mee then wrote an eight-page report detailing of the incident, but higher-ups in the sheriff's department felt it was too "inflammatory" to release and would merely serve to incite "Jewish hatred," TMZ said.

Reached for comment on TMZ's report last night, Deputy Moore said the department would neither deny nor confirm its content. He could offer no explanation for why Mee's report was withheld from reporters.

Gibson rep Alan Neirob could not be reached for comment last night.
Earlier, when asked about the arrest, his assistant said in an e-mailed statement, "At this time we don't have any information on this matter but are checking into it."

A devout Catholic, Gibson has been dogged by allegations of anti-Semitism - which he has steadfastly denied - since his 2004 film "The Passion of the Christ," about the crucifixion of Jesus.

Once known as a Hollywood bad boy, the Aussie-raised Gibson was known to down five beers before breakfast at his partying peak. But Gibson has said he gave up drinking in the 1980s at the urging of Tina Turner, his co-star in "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome."

Gibson was previously busted for driving under the influence in 1984. In that case, he ran a red light and struck another car in Toronto while filming "Mrs. Soffel" with Diane Keaton. He pleaded guilty and was fined $240.

After yesterday's bust, Gibson was booked at the Lost Hills sheriff's station at 4:06 a.m. The father of seven spent a few hours in the lockup before being released on $5,000 bail at 9:45 a.m., sheriff's deputies said.

His case will be further investigated and sent to the district attorney's office for review. No court date has been set.

The sheriff's department has previously released mug shots of other stars arrested for drunken driving, including actress Kim Delaney in 2002, but Gibson's booking photo "was not available," according to department spokesman Steve Whitmore.
Sheriff Lee Baca personally ordered Gibson's mug kept under wraps, a deputy told the Daily News.

The California Highway Patrol, which has busted stars including Nick Nolte and former "Growing Pains" cutie Tracey Gold for DUI, routinely releases stars' mug shots, no matter how unflattering.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Constitutional Backlash

"If you don't believe WN have a right to voice their opinions (regardless of how tasteless or horrible you think it is) then you DON'T BELIEVE IN FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Period." (Michael Blevins a.k.a. VonBluvens)

Some time back I wrote an article entitled "We Have Freedom of Speech - So Shut the Hell Up!" Interestingly enough, that article was written in response to another who was defending the actions of Michael Blevins…the same person quoted above. Now I find myself revisiting the whole freedom of speech issue once more.

Perhaps no words are spoken more frequently by the racist contingent than "We have freedom of speech." And, you know, they are right. Their right to spew their hatred from the mountaintops has been upheld time and time again - both in the courts and in the public domain. The fact that they have to keep reminding people or keep having to have the courts speak to the issue simply demonstrates how unpopular what they have to say really is.

So…they have freedom of speech and that should be the end of it. Not quite. Not really. While we may have to put up with their hateful and repugnant message being screeched from the steps of public buildings and beloved monuments - we don't have to 1) Like it; 2) agree with it; or 3) be silent. There is nothing in the Constitution of the United States that says while one person is exercising his/her right everyone else has to shut the hell up. That's the good news.

And there is more good news! They may have freedom of speech but that right does not give them license to abrogate our right to the very same freedom of speech. Case in point: one of the most virulently racist people in America today is Hal Turner. The over-the-top shock-jock of racism and sleaze consistently calls for violence, governmental overthrows, and assassinations of public officials, has admitted to having a good relationship with law-enforcement on all levels, and exercises his right to freedom of speech weekly on his radio show and daily on his website.

Hal Turner seems to continue to fly under the radar of law-enforcement in spite of his reprehensible incitement to violence. When I recently alluded to the fact that in my opinion Turner should be locked up, Michael Blevins took great issue with that belief, again citing "freedom of speech" and claiming that I, somehow, stood against the Constitution. It's a familiar argument and one that really is overused and patently ridiculous. And this is why…

When the Founding Fathers drafted the Constitution of the United States the document reflected the era - and the era was much different than 2006, on that we can all agree. Because of this it is absolutely amazing how that beautiful and insightful document has stood the test of time with very little alteration. It's also very true that the very mention of any such alteration is met, still today, with vociferous and strenuous resistance. There is an almost phobic reaction at the very mention of such a sacrilege.

What is that reaction all about? We, as Americans, have enjoyed freedoms unlike any other country on Earth for a very long time and we cherish those freedoms. Protection of our rights and our freedoms is taught to us through our parents and through schools. We are indoctrinated - and I think rightfully so - into believing that these things must be protected at all cost. We are told that others are envious of us and our freedoms, that wars are being fought to protect our freedoms (even if that is a lie), and that these freedoms are what make us the greatest country on Earth.

Patriotism is a wonderful thing. But…there is a problem. Does anyone believe that when the Constitution was written the authors could envision sometime in the future, a group of neo-Nazi's wearing armbands and waving swastikas around while advocating the overthrow of that very same government that is protecting them and their rights as they stand in front of a national monument wrapped in a mantra of "We have freedom of speech?" Could they see that far? I submit the answer is no.

Furthermore…isn't it interesting that the very group who would overthrow our government and replace it with their fascist views seems to so cherish and utilize the very document that makes our country great?

This same mind-set scrambles for media recognition and then cries "poor me" when the media presents them as they really are. While "using" the Constitution to its' own end, they would censor the press and those that disagree with them. And should they ever achieve their outrageous goals, they would then engage in what they call "The Day of The Rope" where the "Jewish" media moguls, "race traitors," liberals, would be hanged. Sure…the Constitution was meant to protect that.

So, where do I stand? Am I against the Constitution and free speech? Not at all. I recognize the brilliance that those preceding us displayed in writing one of the most perfect of all documents. I also recognize the wisdom and thought that went into the ratification of each of the amendments that changed that document. The value of the Constitution is unquestionable - as is the protection of those rights which belong to all of us.

I find it appalling that there are those within the boundaries of this country who would abuse and denigrate the work of our predecessors to achieve their own despicable agenda. Regardless of how often they invoke their freedom of speech, they seem to forget that with rights comes responsibility. They also fail to recognize that when the exercising of their rights denies us our rights their rights cease to exist.

Do I think Hal Turner needs to be locked up for what he says? Oh yes, I definitely do. Whether he, in and of himself, presents a danger isn't the question. What is in question is his irresponsible behavior. As a public figure - which he certainly is among the racist and internet crowd - he has a responsibility to the populace to not incite others to violence or criminal behavior. When he shirks that responsibility then he has abused his right and the rights of others to feel secure in their homes and their surroundings.

When Michael Blevins and Michael Schnieder aired their January, 2005, program with the slogan "No Jews Alive in 2005," and called for a mass attack on Jews - they should have been arrested. They should have been dealt with and kept away from a public forum, in my opinion.

That being said, it didn't happen just as it won't happen with Hal Turner. And why? Because the Constitution of the United States protects them.

Within the last couple of days, this issue has become even more argued as the Vanguard News Network, along with its' forum, was closed down over perceived threats to Canadian officials. As the arguments and debates seem to find no real substance or solution it will be interesting to see how all of this plays out given the fact that a foreign governmental power seems to have been able to abrogate what the racists call their right to free speech. In review of what was supposedly said by Linder and taken as a threat by public officials, I can say that I doubt very seriously, when compared to other statements being made across the web, that what Linder said would be in violation of American law. At any rate, we might be seeing the setting of a new precedent.

In the meantime, the racists and hate-mongers of America will continue to spew the most venomous of all diatribes across America and be protected while they do it. And while that document is protecting them, they will keep on using that protection as they search for the opening or the opportunity to deep-six the document and the ship it came in on. They will praise Al Qaeda, and suck up to Iran - because they have freedom of speech. They will call for the assassination of congressmen and women and applaud the murder of federal judges. They will try to rewrite history and advocate genocide. And they will be protected. But what they fail to understand is Karma - the blowback is a real bitch.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blind Justice?

Yesterday, speculation and misinformation concerning the disappearance of Vanguard News Network and the VNN Forums were running rampant across the internet. Bill White claimed, erroneously once more, that the site had been taken down because of complaints made by NSM members Eric Adams and his wife to Alex Linder's internet service provider.

Today it was learned that the shutdown had nothing to do with the NSM and everything to do with Alex Linder and friends issuing a call to arms against a Canadian Judge Konrad Finckenstein and attorney Richard Warman over the incarceration of fellow white supremacist Thomaz Winnicki.

Understanding that Canadian law is much more restrictive when it comes to hate speech than American law, the question still remains - how is it that Hal Turner does more - much more of the same kind of thing along with those who frequent his website and yet receives nothing in the way of punishment or investigation? One can only assume that Turner is more useful to the powers that be on the outside rather than where he needs to be.

Death threats raise alarm

A U.S. white supremacy leader issues a call to arms against a Canadian judge and others.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission has stepped up security for staff working on hate crimes in the wake of death threats from an American white supremacy leader.

The same threats, written over the jailing of Londoner Tomasz Winnicki, prompted an American communications company to shut down one of the largest U.S. white supremacy websites yesterday.

Vanguard News Network is described by U.S. anti-racism advocates as one of the most active and popular white supremacy websites.

But yesterday afternoon it was taken offline because of concerns raised in Canada over threats posted by its leader, Alex Linder.

Linder issued a call to arms on his website against Federal Court of Canada Justice Konrad W. von Finckenstein, members of the human rights commission and Ottawa lawyer Richard Warman.

"Killing Warman, 'judge' von Finckenstein, or any of the jews who make up the dictatorial 'human rights' council . . . would be a genuine act of patriotism," Linder declared.

"That . . . is VNN's view . . ."

The threat was posted last week.

"We are reviewing it. We are taking it seriously," said Andrew Baumberg, spokesperson for the federal court.

The human rights commission has taken several steps, spokesperson Kathrin Stokes-Bonhomme said yesterday.

"Decisions have been made to add security for staff working on hate crimes," she said.

She refused to elaborate.

The commission and Warman both drafted letters to U.S. police and the Internet service provider for Vanguard News Network after Linder's call to arms.

"This is a direct incitation to murder," said Warman, a human rights advocate who targets Internet hate sites.

Vanguard News Network also posted death threats from its members, including one saying outlaw bikers had been offered money to kill Warman and his family.

"Money CAN buy justice . . . (Warman) is going down," the message stated.

Many Internet service providers have policies prohibiting the posting of threatening information.

"The site has been taken down," confirmed a spokesperson for the Internet service provider yesterday afternoon.

Linder could not be reached for comment by phone and did not answer e-mail inquiries.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre, an anti-racism group in the U.S., describes Linder as a rising white supremacy star and "the operator of a gutturally racist website that is close to breaking into the big time by becoming one of the 10,000 most-visited pages on the Net."

Vanguard News Network is the same website that hosted Londoner Winnicki's long-running tirade against non-whites and non-Christians.

In 2003, Warman filed a complaint with the human rights commission that Winnicki was breaching the Canadian Human Rights Act by likely exposing certain groups to hatred and/or contempt.

Winnicki was called before a human rights tribunal last summer.

He was also ordered by a federal court to stop posting hate messages until the tribunal reached a decision.

Winnicki refused and two weeks ago was found in contempt of court and jailed for nine months.

Meanwhile, in April, the tribunal ruled he had indeed broken the act. He was ordered to pay $11,500 in fines and compensation.

Monday, July 24, 2006


The hard-right is home to many ultra-conservative views and ideologies. Setting themselves up as the "moral majority," they hope to return to an Anglo-Saxon Puritanical society. With their checkbooks and their connections they are waging war on those of us who enjoy the lifestyles that we have chosen. Using the Bible as their gun, interpreting scripture to suit their agenda the hard-right has also turned a corner when it comes to race relations and freedom of religion. Pro-life, anti-immigration, separatism, and homophobia are but a few differences that we have with these people. They are many and their numbers are growing. As the tide and tenor of the country changes, there will be those who look around and ask, "When did that happen?"

The Council of Conservative Citizens certainly bears watching, but there is another group, cut from similar cloth, upon which a vigilant eye should be cast. The League of the South is fairly new in its' current configuration having grown out of the onetime Southern League. The ties between the CoCC and the LOS are tight and the affiliations are generally one and the same. Additionally, the money trail leads to both organizations with surprising regularity.

The League of the South boasts approximately 10,000 members, although it has lost several prominent leaders over the last couple of years due to a host of internal problems largely surrounding the League's current leanings toward the Christian Reconstructionist nuts it has attracted. This should not be too surprising to the membership, however, given their ties to the hard-right elites. The Southern Poverty Law Center chronicled the exodus of prominent members and headlined the article "Goodbye League of the South." While we generally accept the reports from the SPLC as pretty much gospel, we have to disagree with the insinuation that the League is going somewhere.

There is definitely a shake-up taking place both within the League and within the Sons of Confederate Veterans. As both seem to be embracing even more extremist beliefs, so are they gaining members with extremist agendas - while others are simply bringing their true convictions out of the closet.

It didn't take long for the League of the South to emerge to the forefront of the neo-Confederate Movement. The head of the organization is one Michael Hill. A former Professor at a predominantly black college (Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Ala), Hill is largely a secessionist. The group rails against egalitarianism and inter-racial marriage. Hill has even gone so far as to say that the institution of slavery was "God ordained,” further echoing the beliefs of the Reconstructionists.

The abrasive remarks of Hill only serve to further the belief that the League of the South truly deserves its' tag as a hate group. Hill was certainly an embarrassment to Stillman College and his departure in 1998 was followed by a lot of sighs of relief. The sad thing is he is now proving an embarrassment to the South as well. In a vicious attack upon the U.S. Supreme Court for ruling against anti-gay sodomy laws, Hill said the court was helping to advance ""sodomite and civil rights agendas." In 2004 Hill was listed as one of the 40 to watch on the SPLC website, and he has proven that to be accurate.

The League of the South appears just a little more militant than the other groups. Until recently, Michael Tubbs, the chaplain of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Florida chapter, also served as the League's Vice Chairman of the Northeast Florida chapter. Tubbs is a former Green Beret and munitions expert who was arrested, along with his brother for theft of government property and conspiracy to transport guns and explosives across state lines(SPLC). It appears that they stole more than guns. The authorities found five caches of weapons, including machine guns, 25 pounds of TNT, land mines, an anti-aircraft machine gun, grenades, booby traps, 45 pounds of C-4 plastic explosive and more. Additionally, they found information written by the two brothers indicating that they were establishing a racist group called the "Knights of the New Order." And, if that wasn't enough, they had a list of of targets - newspapers, television stations and businesses owned by Jews and blacks.

Michael Tubbs served a little over four years. When he was released from prison he immediately went back to the White Supremacist fold. He started a group called "Kinsman's Comitatus" whose purpose it was to provide support to "political prisoners" within the movement.

While they have taken great issue over being classified as a hate group by the SPLC, they have done nothing to clean up their act or their rhetoric. Additionally, their continued association with the Council of Conservative Citizens as well as their hard right religious leanings places them squarely within the realm of a racist group.

In actuality, the true threat of the League of the South lies within the number of sympathizers it has, the number and nature of financial supporters it has, and in the new emphasis being placed upon a Reconstructionist Christian agenda. Given the current climate in our country, and the obvious influence of the "moral majority," the teachings of the reconstruction gospel might appear very appealing to those who are vulnerable.

As previously noted, they have very strong ties to the Council of Conservative Citizens as well as the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Many have dual memberships and frequent many of the same events. For a closer look at those who shape the ideology of this group we have provided the following profiles.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Shame of the South - PART I

This week's broadcast is a must! Floyd answers some emails, and tackles the Confederates - from the flag to the Council of Conservative Citizens. Nikki joins in with her views on the CoCC and a glimpse at what is coming up next. A brief overview of "what is racism " and "Christian Chauvinism. And...there are a couple of surprises to tickle your funny bone!

TO THE BROADCAST - (Click on the July 20th Link)

This has been an ongoing project at Citizens Against Hate and one that really hasn't gotten enough attention as of late. Because of upcoming activities that I was just made aware of - I think we all need to take a look at this.

Organized hate groups in America and around the world are of genuine concern to a free society such as ours. They not only gnaw at the fabric of humanity they degrade all that is wholesome and decent in a civilized world. Studying these groups they often seem to be only the "fringe" element of our nation considering the small number of members and their inability to unify and present any type of legitimate threat. Yet, the numbers are frequently deceiving because they do not take into account the silent supporters and the tacit agreement that others share with them.

Groups like Aryan Nations and the National Socialist Movement get our attention through their blatant acts of racism and discrimination. They are vocal and visible. It is those who fly below the radar of watch groups and others who report on their outlandish and sometimes violent actions who we really must consider perhaps even more dangerous in the grand scheme of things. These are the groups who operate within the mainstream of American society and who wield awesome power both at the voting booth and in the halls of government.

The neo-Confederate Movement is, to many, considered to be a little daffy and somewhat eccentric. Often the operation is thought of as harmless and benign and something engaged in by those malcontents in the South whom, for whatever reason, never got over losing the Civil War. Nothing could be further from the truth. And nothing could be more dangerous than allowing this Movement to flourish - and believe me, it is doing precisely that.

Like the neo-Nazi's and the whole White Supremacy movement, the neo-Confederates' contingencies are varied with a number of groups making up the whole. Unlike the neo-Nazi's, they appear to be a lot more cohesive in their efforts to present a united front. Vehemently opposed to immigration, homosexuals, inter-race marriages, and integration, membership in these groups spans the United States and boasts about an alarming number of members. Additionally, the movement is spearheaded by individuals of prominence and sometimes wealth.

The neo-Confederates are but the tip of the ice-berg in the grand scheme of this repugnant hard-right morass, however. Behind every "movement" there has to be largesse - and lots of it. As we move through the members and the leaders of this "Southern Swamp" we will attempt to connect the dots. There are connections - and we think we have found some of the money trail.

The premier group among these neo-Confederates is the Council of Conservative Citizens who were largely unnoticed prior to Senator Trent Lott being outed as an honorary member and staunch supporter of the group.

In the 1950's South racism was the norm. In Mississippi it was perpetuated by a group called the "White Citizens Council" and a racist infrastructure that was unparalled and virtually impossible to destroy. Robert "Tut" Patterson was the founder of the White Citizens Council and together with a handful of other small businessmen and shop-owners, as well as Mayors and other white community leades the organization grew to a membership of over 250,000 in and out of Mississippi. The group prided itself on their ability to threaten and harass those who advocated civil rights. The Council was a segregationist organization and they often wielded a heavy hand and quite a bit of power within the communities.

The White Citizens Council was often referred to as the "Uptown Klan" as it appeared that sheets and hoods had been discarded and replaced by suits and ties. The ideology of this group was much like that of the Klan believing that whites were superior and "uppity Negroes" had to be kept in their place. According to the Sisters of Selma website, "Uppity blacks found themselves jobless, black professionals had credit, insurance, or license problems, and all blacks who tried to register to vote were placed on a blacklist."

Eventually, after a long history of intimidation and hate, the Council fell apart only to be resurrected a few years later by some of the previous members. Gordon Lee Baum of St. Louis, Missouri, once a field organizer for the White Citizens Council, pulled a meeting together in Atlanta of some of the former members, including one-time Governor of Georgia, Lester Maddox, and together they formed what is know known as the Council of Conservative Citizens. Not surprisingly, Tut Patterson became a columnist for the "Citizens Informer" newspaper, a CCC publication. That same publication ran a column written by none other than Trent Lott.

Using old mailing lists, the 30+ membership rapidly gained momentum attracting those who agreed on segregation, miscegenation, the Confederate Flag, and immigration. Claiming not to be racist, the organization continued to flourish primarily in the South but later spanning much of the United States as it does still today. Their non-racist claims, however, just don't hold up to scrutiny. The Southern Poverty Law Center, long ago, declared the Council a "Hate Group" and their attempts to appear mainstream conservative have recently fallen by the wayside opting for a much more blatant presentation of their agenda. In the late 1990's, a few politicians got themselves in some real hot water over their affiliations with this group, not the least of which were Bob Barr and Trent Lott.

It has been reported that the organization currently has over 15,000 members across the United States. Of course, the number of supporters and sympathizers is much larger.

For a look at some of the major figures behind and within the Council for Conservative Citizens. These are leaders of the organization, people who have written articles for the organization, or people who haven addressed the group.


And, while we're at it - let's hear what Floyd Cochran has to say about the Confederate Flag HERE

Monday, July 17, 2006


During the first half of this month's Coldshot, Nicole Nichols has a little fun with the racists and how they view women - and then she seriously discusses the problem of domestic abuse. She pulls no punches and speaks frankly and openly to the female sector of the movement.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

VonBluvins Recruiting for New Group

Here is VonBluvins recruiting these youngs girls to his new Nazi gang, he picked these girls for recruitment because they are wearing the colors of the swastika.

Von was heard saying he was going to wear this recruitment costume, cause he wanted to show he is a "bigger dick then Bill White"


Saturday, July 15, 2006



TAMPA - The bank robbers had a getaway car, a creative disguise and a fake gun.
What they didn't count on was the big blue recycling truck, the 5-pound rolling pin, the smoking money and the flat tire.

Also overlooked: the fact that it's hard for a bicyclist wearing a bright red motorcycle helmet, a blue rain jacket and gardening gloves to, say, blend in.
The two men failed miserably in their midday attempt to rob the Bank of America at 249 S Hyde Park Ave. Thursday.

Tampa police arrested Paul Aitken, 46, of 11123 N Nebraska Ave., after a sequence of events that might otherwise inspire a bad sitcom writer. Police were still searching for a second man.

Uwe Scherruble, 40, was busy picking up cardboard bales from behind Walgreens and loading them in his giant Land O'Lakes Recycling garbage truck about 3 p.m.
The bicyclist who pedaled past him seemed a little out of place with his red motorcycle helmet and blue rain jacket. "Weird," Scherruble thought.

A cook inside NOLA Cafe just across the way noticed the bicyclist, too.
Taylor Walker, 19, looked on from the restaurant. The fellow on the bicycle talked with the driver of a red Chevy Cavalier while donning the odd outfit, tying a black bandana around his head before pulling the helmet over his face.

"He looked like a clown. ... We just assumed it was another crazy guy from this area," Walker said.

Police say the bicyclist, described as 50 to 60 years old with a medium build and a large potbelly, rode across Hyde Park Avenue to the Bank of America.
He dropped his bike, entered the bank, brandished a gun, jumped the counter, pushed the teller aside and filled a black bag with cash.

Then, he climbed over the counter again, dropped his Glock - which turned out to be a toy gun - ran back to his bicycle and peddled back to the Chevy.
Scherruble, the trash collector, was just about to pick up the last of his six bails of cardboard when he saw the bicyclist come spinning back, and noticed red smoke pouring out of a black laptop bag the man was carrying.
"What's up with that?" Scherruble thought, then flashed back to the time a gunman held up his fiance while she was working as a bank teller. "I put two and two together and I said, 'He robbed something.' "

Scherruble didn't hesitate.
He moved his truck to block the Chevy as the bicyclist was shedding his helmet, bike and sunglasses, climbing into the car.
Then, living out a common garbage truck driver fantasy, he said, Scherruble lowered his front dump attachment on top of the passenger's side of the car, crushing its fender and flattening its front right tire.
"I finally had that chance," he later said of the car smashing. "I put it to good use."

Inside the cafe, Walker, the cook, saw the commotion. The Chevy Cavalier began backing up and jerking forward to try to escape, and Walker worried the robbers would ram his blue Jeep parked nearby.

He grabbed his 2-foot rolling pin, ran out of the restaurant and began pounding the car's hood with his heavy culinary tool, screaming for the man to stay away from his car.

The loot, stained red with the potent dye pack that banks use to help track stolen money, swirled through the air. David Costa, owner of Eagle Cleaners, ran out of his dry cleaning shop and shouted to an employee to call police.

The Chevy managed to escape despite the flat tire and the blockade, leaving behind the cash, bike and helmet, police and witnesses said.

As Costa and his customer, Tracey Delk, began gathering the cash for police, the getaway car hobbled north on S Plant Ave., Tampa police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said. The robbers abandoned the vehicle at W Grand Central and S Magnolia avenues.
Officers found Aitken a few blocks away. Aitken, who was wearing a Ku Klux Klan T-shirt when arrested, has a long history of arrests including battery, burglary, marijuana possession, fraud, larceny and driving with a suspended license. He was charged with robbery.

Police were still searching for the bicyclist, who they said was wearing a green jumpsuit over faded jeans.

The bank robbery was the first in Tampa this year, McElroy said. "These do not appear to be experienced bank robbers," she said.

When it was all over, the cook went back to work, using his now paint-scarred rolling pin for more scrumptious endeavours.

And the recycling truck driver went home to Port Richey, a hero to frustrated garbage truck drivers everywhere.

Times photographer Daniel Wallace and researcher Caryn Baird contributed to this report. Rebecca Catalanello can be reached at 813 226-3383 or [Last modified July 14, 2006, 05:35:04]

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Terrible Tommy Says Bill White Lied

Is it possible that Bill's psychosis runs so deep that it has now afflicted his cognitive ability to the point that he can lie and distort the truth without realizing it? Is it possible that even when confronted with what he has reported versus what the facts are that he really cannot even see those lies because he, in his own twisted and demented mind, cannot be wrong? Well, I gues anything is possible when it comes to the pyschotic.

Today he took issue with what I wrote about his statements regarding what Tom Metzger of White Aryan Resistance had said to him - and the way that Bill reported it. Let's look at the exchange between them and the end product. Bill published what he claimed to be an email exchange between he and Metzger on his blog - here is that exchange:

Email #1:

From: Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 22:03:45 EDT
Subject: Re: Cliff Herrington / Pedophilia

In a message dated 7/9/2006 2:03:22 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
Terrible Tommy:

Michael Blevins called me today and says you have
information on Cliff Herrington having molested
children in the 1970's and 1980's.

What do you know about that I can publish?


I will have to recheck my source he is not on the web. Don't print it unless I verify. I know a few years ago he showed up on my friends door step in Tulsa wanting to move in and borrow money. He was living with a family in a car. My friend said no way. It was then as I recall that the person said he had some kind of complaint out on him in Wisconsin or Ilinois and had to skip the area. But at the time I didn't pay much attention other than my friend thinking he was white trash. I have never met the man so I do not know personally.My contact will get back to me tomorrow. TT

Email #2:

In a message dated 7/9/2006 10:55:54 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
There was a brief story in the Tulsa World about the
car bomb attempt.

I missed it .

The story is that around 1993 I was visiting Dennis Mahon in Tulsa .Mahon received a call while I was present from Herrington who ask to stay for a few days . He was on the road living in his car. Mahon said he might be able to put him up for a few days. Herrington then said that he had a wife and three kids with him. Mahon has a small two bedroom bachelor pad with his brother and said no way could he handle that many more people to which Herrington replied that he heard Mahon had a six bedroom house .Mahon laughed and said goodbye.

It seems that the reason Herrington was on the road was that he fled Minneapolis because a grand jury was seated investigating his having sex with a 15 year old girl. I don't know whether they indicted or not. That's all I know about it. TT

On Metzger's July 11, 2006, radio show Metzger recounted much the same story that he gave to Bill…and questioned how Bill had gotten such a headline:

Herrington Was Indicted For Raping A 15-Year Old Girl In Minneapolis In 1993

Indeed - I wondered the very same thing. How did he go from a Grand Jury being seated to an indictment and how does he justify the rape claim when Metzger said that he was "under investigation for it?"

In his exuberance to paint Herrington as even more evil than we already know he is, White further claimed "According to Metzger, he was visiting Mahon when Herrington arrived at Mahon's home with his wife and their three children asking for a place to stay because he was under indictment for raping a 15-year old in a Satanic ritual and was attempting to go into hiding."

Metzger never said that Herrington arrived at Mahon's home. As a matter of fact, Metzger said he never met the man. He also never said that he was under indictment - and he certainly never said that the alleged rape had taken place during a "Satanic ritual." Where in the hell did Bill White conjure up that story? You don't have to answer that as we all know that Bill White's imagination defies rational thought.

Now, as if this wasn't enough…Bill later claimed ""Cliff Herrington and his wife were indicted in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1993 for raping a 15 year old girl during a Satanic ritual."

Now Andrea Herrington has been made part of Bill's mix and has been indicted, as well.

And... he says, "Tom didn't say I lied." Uh…below is the clip from Metzger's show which clearly demonstrates that, not only did Bill lie, but in his last statement regarding the situation, Metzger says "If anybody asks you about this…there you have it. Anything else added on to that is a BALF-FACED LIE."

Bill has long been known for spin-doctoring and distorting elements of truth to suit his own needs and wishes. However…he has been losing his edge for awhile and this whole shake-up with the NSM and him becoming persona-non-gratis has just sent him around the bend, hence he will do anything to bolster his insatiable ego and to make himself feel like he looks good to others. The trouble is, he keeps revealing what a true liar Bill White is and has been.

Now I am sure that everyone will remember this from the height of Bill's mania:

Herrington Was Indicted For Raping A 15-Year Old Girl In Minneapolis In 1993
Terrible Tommy And Dennis Mahon Tell The Story

Now in this story and on this blog Bill said the following:

"According to Metzger, he was visiting Mahon when Herrington arrived at Mahon's home with his wife and their three children asking for a place to stay because he was under indictment for raping a 15-year old in a Satanic ritual and was attempting to go into hiding."

"Cliff Herrington and his wife were indicted in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1993 for raping a 15 year old girl during a Satanic ritual."

I said...

"Confirmation of this is needed."

Bill said:

I'm waiting on a physical records search but Tom Metzger's word is good as gold.

Now hear Terrible Tommy Metzger - In his own words. I think Bill is trying to set a world record in how many lies can one man many distortions of the truth does it take before people wake the hell up? LISTEN FOR YOURSELF

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Are Congrats In Order?

I had heard some rumblings that you were sporting a wedding ring, Bill. Just wondering if this is the blushing bride? She says her name is Meghan White and calls herself "whitesbeauty88." She reports that she lives in Roanoke, Virginia and that she is in real estate. And...other than Julius Evola's blog - she lists as one of her favorite sites.


The young leader of the National Socialist Movement has been faced with a multitude of decisions lately and a lot of flack from his members.

As conflicting reports kept emerging from NSM headquarters regarding the number of members and units it was losing, Jeff Schoep remained eerily silent sending only a couple of messages out through trusted people. The elderly Wild Bill Hoff was calling for calm and unity and Richard Brunson was issuing scathing condemnations of Bill White.

Well, it really doesn't appear that either calm or unity is going to be restored anytime soon.

Yesterday evening, Hal Turner broke into the Gordon Young show with breaking news stating that he had just been informed by NSM member Tim Bishop that Chairman Clifford Herrington had resigned. He stated that Bishop and Schoep had engaged in a three way conference call with Herrington where they confronted the Chairman with allegations of Satanism and pedophilia. The Chairman was asked to resign and when Herrington refused and got nasty, he was expelled from the group.

That was the initial report. However, the statement made today by Jeff Schoep is just a little bit different:


"NSM Chairman Emeritis Herrington is currently retiring from his position, and will be stepping back from active duty, as he attends to some personal and family matters. On behalf of the Party, I would like to thank him for his many years of service to the NSM, and all the sacrifices he has made for us all during that time. He has been a tireless and valuable worker for the cause, and we have all learned alot from him over the years.

"The Chairman has retired once before in 1993, and returned to the Party years later to assist us. Perhaps after his personal matters are squared away, we will see him again in the future.

"Hail Victory! Commander Schoep"

Clifford Herrington was supposedly confronted about his wife being a High Priestess and running a Satanic cult which preys on children and advocates group and perverted sex; his ties to this group; the fact that his wife is non-white by the NSM standards; and claims that he had been indicted for acts with a minor will have to take care of these "personal matters" and then all will be forgiven? He will be allowed to return? Why doesn't this really surprise me?

For years now, Schoep and the NSM have been castigated for allowing John Snyder, a sex offender, to remain in that organization. At one point, Snyder disappeared and was on the most wanted list in the state of Indiana. It appears that Snyder is back among the rank and file.

Last night a message was posted on the VNN site from Herrington's wife, Andrea/a..k.a. Maxine Deitrich. She claimed that in the 1990's Jeff Schoep was homeless and destitute and that she and Clifford took him in and that he resided with them for several months. If her statement is factual, then it begs the question - how could Schoep not have known about the Satanism or the fact that the woman was non-white. Further, if he lived, as she said, with the Herrington's and their three children, would he not have realized that one of her children is of Middle-Eastern lineage? Would he have us believe that he missed all this when living with the Herrington's and he missed all of this for the last 13 years?

On the heels of the announcement that the Chairman had been removed, Tim Bishop asked that Michael Blevins, (VonBluvens) post the following announcement:


Col. Bishop at 8:00 pm EST time asked me to put the word out to all of our comrades that the difficult situation we have been experiencing with the Chairman's wife is now over. He told me that the Chairman has been relieved of his duties in the NSM.

Colonel Bishop went further to say that those that have resigned over this situation are encouraged to come back to the NSM including myself (VONBLUVENS). He also asked me to rescind my resignation (and I have done so on our blog).

I would be more than happy to come back to the NSM and to resume my duties.



This opened up another big can of worms. Since VonBluves, the "Minister of NSM Radio" was going back to the fold, and since the invitation was extended to all, Bill White had a dilemma. He had been busily carving out a new niche for himself - one that would allow him to be in charge, what was he to do? He got his answer pretty fast. It seems the offer was meant for everyone but Bill White. And that, in Bill White's eyes, was the last straw.

When this announcement came down, Bill went into high gear and offered to help Schoep "put the party back in order." However, there were some conditions which had to be met before Schoep could expect Bill's expertise:

"...only on the conditions that other members implicated in the "Satan-gate" scandal be dismissed and that Schoep make other changes to repair the faults in the NSM organization."

White went on to claim that there had been other revelations about members in the NSM and that these things had to be dealt with:

"* The revelation that NSM SS leader Richard Brunson, in the late 1980s, acted as a federal informer in two skinhead groups -- the Rocky Mountain Skins and the Freikorps Skinheads -- that his testimony led to the jailing of one Jesse Ferguson; and that he had donated white nationalist memorabilia to Jewish diversity organizations in a very public manner;

"* The revelation that NSM member April Patterson, who had described herself as a Satanist, has had at least one child taken away from her under allegations of child abuse and neglect;

"* The revelation that Jeff Schoep has allegedly been conducting a long standing with Patterson against his wife, Angela Foxworth Schoep, and that Patterson has alleged that the baby she is raising with John Snyder may be Schoeps'."

It's always interesting to watch Bill spin-doctor events and even more fun to witness him trying to bloody the noses of other white nationalists and neo-Nazi's. As narcissists have oft been called "ruthless fools," I tend to believe that Bill White exemplifies that label. Bill, in the throes of a manic phase, fails to realize that he has alienated not only a sizeable number of racists - but a huge majority of them. He can't see that because his narcissistic mania won't allow such negativity to penetrate that fragile psyche. To do so would be to unleash the underlying demons of self-destruction.

What is really funny in all of this, however, is watching the attempts at manipulation that are taking place. In truth, not much has changed. The NSM thinks it has gotten rid of their problem - but they haven't. If what Bill White says can be believed, the NSM still legally belongs to Clifford Herrington. And even if it doesn't, Jeff Schoep has attempted to put a band-aid on a hemorrhage. He might have "retired" Herrington, but he has, in essence said, that "once everything quiets down and the feeble minds in the NSM forget this, Cliff will be back."

VonBluvens doesn't know where to light - he is just flying by the seat of his pants and looking for his puppet master. I don't know where it will all end up - but one thing is for certain - it ain't over by a long-shot.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Hello - as a result of numerous emails and questions sent into One Peoples Radio regarding racism and bigotry, we have decided that in each broadcast we are going to have a segment devoted to answering one of these questions: what is racism ? , How did start ? where does lead ? hopefully to start a discussion.

I would be interested in hearing your opinions/ideas,maybe even put you on the air. I realize that these questions cant be answered in one short broadcast which is why we will spread the discussion out over several broadcasts.

Also, we want to look at solutions to racism - there are many watchdog groups out there all fighting "racism and racist groups" but we rarely discuss the roots of racism and bigotry, it history etc...eliminate the root maybe we wont have the face of bigotry ie.. the KKK, Neo-Nazis, Aryan Nations etc.

Here at One Peoples Radio, we want to do more then just report on "racist crimes and racist activities",Bill White and nazi boneheads, hence this new segment.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts - you can email them to us at

Thank You- Floyd Cochran - One Peoples Radio


Topics Covered in the July 11 One People Radio Program are :

Neo Nazis Sinking Faster than the Bismark,

Lord “Haw Haw” of New Jersey,

Interview with Nikki and Tony from Citizens Against Hate,

The “Bill White” Award for JUly 2006,

Why Is Society Racist ?,

“The Smallest Person Can Change the World”.

Note: we experienced minor audio problems the first 10 seconds of the interview with Nikki and Tony

We are now podcasting - so be sure to subscribe and encourage your friends;
One People's Radio

Sunday, July 09, 2006



"THEIR GOD IS NOT OUR GGGGGAAAAAAWWWWWWDD! PERIOD! The jews relish in the festering pool of such internecine "theologies" which can be neither proved nor disproved. We are ARYANS! BE AS NOBLE AS YOUR ANCIENT ANCESTORS! Our god is their devil and their god is a blasphemy on all of Gods creation." (Clifford Herrington, NSM Chairman, December, 2004)

Throughout the chaos that has been a direct result of the research and reportings of Citizens Against Hate and One Peoples Radio, the NSM has attempted to paint Andrea Herrington's husband, Clifford, as one whose only connection to Satanism is that he happens to married to the High Priestess of the Joy of Satan's Ministries. Well, as my grandmother used to say, "The proof is in the pudding."

Former High Priest of the Joy of Satan group has already declared that he was present when Clifford Herrington was appointed President of the Ministry. He further characterized Herrington to a tee when he spoke about the rages that he is prone to engage in. This has been a topic of discussion for years as Herrington seems to be close to exploding and many fear that he might be on the brink of a stroke when he delivers his impassioned speeches.

Within the confines of the Priestess' websites there are links which are strategically placed to emphasize her teachings. One of those links, in particular - although the information is interspersed throughout her "teachings" - is a page of lings to articles which are National Socialist in nature and definitely anti-Semitic. Most of the articles contained there are those which are regularly read and offered as proof of Aryan supremacy and National Socialist ideology. In short, the entire page has the earmark of Clifford Herrington so I decided to ask Dann about the Chairman's involvement. Here is what he had to say:

"Oh Maxine is not ashamed to state she gets all her materials FROM Cliff!

"… I can't count the amount of times Maxine has stated "Cliff is a Satanist" or "He was a hardline Christian but I showed him the truth and now hes a Satanist". She brags about this constantly. Its one of her crowning achievements. She even tells us how Satan came to Cliff and all of this stuff but he didn't know it was Satan at the time and Satan saved his life."

Throughout the Joy of Satan website it is evident that "Meditation" is used to teach and to administer. Andrea calls many rituals and rites "Meditations." In a post to the NSM egroup, Clifford Herrington decided to announce an event as a "Winter Solstice Meditation." It is highly doubtful to this writer that the date of the event was "December 22, 2004 as December 22 is one of the most endeared holidays of Satan worshipers as attested to by Andrea, herself. Here is what Clifford had to say to his members:

From: clifford herrington
Sent: Sunday, December 12, 2004 1:11 AM
Subject: Winter Solstice 22 Dez2004 MEDITATION

Racial Kultural Symbols Embody the Power of the Racial Soul
An invitation to all Racial Comrades!
To reawaken the Racial Spirit of Aryan Volkdom!
Since the beginning of time, symbols have been vital in the passing up of the history, spirit and values, and survival of all peoples!

The HakenKruez has since time immemorial been an ARYAN symbol, it has served as an Icon of good luck and POWER!

It has followed us on the great migrations since the last great cataclysm that our people and other races Faced, it has been with us throughout our wanderungen and visited every major civilization that we have Ordained and created, it is found throughout the world, BROUGHT BY ARYAN MAN and WOMAN! For all these aeons!

And now, for those who know, those who see and those who think, I ask You, to re-awaken the Spirit that is embodied in the Racial Memory, the Soul of ARYAN VOLKDOM!

And Our enemies know the power of our symbols, they have forbidden, trampled and jailed because of our Kultural symbols, and in so doing tried to eliminate the Racial memory of our Volk, for how can a people resist their destruction if their history and symbols no longer have power! If they are not practiced by their creators?

In the quest for the restoral of the balance of humanity and of nature, to restore our peoples to the Natural Order, and in syncrenicity with the Laws of Nature, AT MIDNIGHT OF THE WINTER SOLSTICE, I ASK ALL THOSE, Who know, who understand, WHO THINK! to re awaken our Ancient Spirits and Our Racial Memory, FOR IN WORDS AND SYMBOLS THERE IS POWER! AT MIDNIGHT, of the 22d Dezember Zweihunderten ud vier in symbological visualization, In quiet meditation, four candles, one black to the north, one black to the south one red to the east and one white to the west, the four cardinal points of the compass, lit and in quiet mind, in silent mediative visualization, UNTIL 12:20 AM of the morning of the 23rd Dezember zweihundertenudvier THE MOST POWERFUL SYMBOL OF OUR PEOPLES THAT OUR ENEMIES FEAR THE MOST! For those who know! Those who understand! and THOSE WHO THINK! QUIETLY, PURPOSEFULLY MEDITATIVELY VISUALIZE THIS GREAT and GLORIOUS SYMBOL OF REBIRTH and the eternal COSMOS!

(POSTSCRIPT: for those who may think I am off my rocker, don't worry, we are not going into off the wall "sectism" and for those who have questions, this is an ancient "spiritual" volkisch celebratory period long held by our people, it will not compromise your "religious" preinclinations)

They have no respect for their ancestors, no respect for their own white children (Let alone you!) and no respect for the rest of humanity, let alone the rest of the world, and why? Because in sum they are servants of the Jews, they don't worship the "son of god", anymore, than they worship the Creator of the various races, THEY ONLY WORSHIP GOLD AND THEIR OWN INSANE jewish "chosenk of Gaaaaawwwddddd!"

clifford herrington

Clifford Herrington is, at the very least, as fruity as his spouse. However, the ritual described above is very closely attuned to the rituals used in a Satanic ceremony as delineated by Andrea on her website - right down to the black candles which she bemoans being so hard to find these days.

According to Andrea, the "Four Cardinal Points of the Compass," referrenced by Clifford, indicate the following:


From: Hal Turner
To: Tony Willow
Subject: Re: story on Citizens Against Hate
Sent: Monday, July 10, 2006 9:50 AM
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Originating-IP: []

Just to clear up your curiosity about why I pulled all the stories, and why I posted conciliatory messages on VNN etc. . . . .

Chairman Herrington wrote me to say he WOULD sever the satan group from the NSM Post Office Box. His e-mail to me indicated that he had intended to do that, but never got around to it. If the P.O. Box had been severed, that would have ended the "link" between NSM and the satan cult and I could have lived with that.

But one day later, Herrington did an about-face. Herrington ordered Bill White to publicly attack me. Bill - to his dislike - followed that order.

That attack backfired in a big way. We all tried to make peace. I thought the issue was finally over after both I and Bill White pulled the nasty stories. Then Herrington shit all over everything by coming out an publicly refusing to separate the NSM Tulsa P.O. Box from the satan group.

Bill white objected - and got suspended for objecting - so he quit NSM

I shit canned the NSM show a and gave the time slot to Bill White.

Herrington screwed up this entire situation: First by his bad judgment in sharing the NSM P.O. Box with the satan cult; then by ordering Bill White to attack me; then by agreeing to sever the P.O. Box from the satan cult but reneging on that.

Herrington clearly suffers fro terrible judgment and he has probably dealt a mortal blow to the NSM with his neophyte handling of this entire situation.

It is interesting to note that Erich Gliebe of the National Alliance married a High Priestess from the church of satan, and the National Alliance was destroyed. Cliff Herrington has now sided sided with satan by allowing a P.O. Box for his satan worshipping wife to remain connected to NSM -- and now the NSM is being destroyed.

Satan is clearly opposed to White Nationalism. This kind of makes me wonder if the others who are opposed to White Nationalism aren't themselves, doing satan's work?

Hal Turner

From: Hal Turner
To: Tony Willow
Subject: Re: story on Citizens Against Hate
Sent: Monday, July 10, 2006 9:15 AM
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Originating-IP: []

Not bad. Including so much verbatim content from the satan site got boring, but I think it was probably necessary to drive home the point.

Including my e-mails in the story was rude but it worked to my advantage because it shows I'm a "stand-up guy."

Bill White will be on the air tonight. That ought to be really interesting. I'm sure you'll be tuning in!

Hal Turner


"Those who attack me don't know where I am at with Satan or just how close I am to him. He told me not too long ago, 'I love you like my own daughter.'" (Andrea Herrington/a.k.a. Maxine Dietrich, High Priestess & Founder of the Joy of Satan Ministries)

The late William Luther Pierce, lamented the number of "freaks, misfits, and weaklings" within the racist movement shortly before his death. At the same time, however, he expressed the usefulness of groups like the National Socialist Movement for their ability to siphon off a large number of the undesirables. While we rarely ever agree with racists, we have to look back on his words and say he was probably right. Where else can you find Chairmen, Commanders, Ministers of Propaganda, High Priestesses of Satanism, rapists, proponents of group sex, and Christian Identity zealots all bedding down together? Where would you ever find such a combination? Only in a racist group of wannabe Nazi's.

In late June of 2006, the Chairman of the National Socialist Movement, Clifford Herrington, claimed that upon exiting a Wal-Mart store in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, that he saw wires coming out from under his car and leading to his gas tank. The story quickly spread throughout the internet - but not throughout the mainstream media. Hmmm…while Herrington and the NSM were screaming the "Mossad planted the bomb," others were blaming the Jews for suppressing the story in the press.

But then a new twist was added to the mix. Andrea Herrington, Clifford's wife, better known as Maxine Dietrich, was telling her followers that the bomb was, in fact, meant for her. Why would anyone want to blow up Andrea? Perhaps, she had cast one too many "spells" on the wrong people? You see, Andrea (a.k.a. Maxine) is the Founder and High Priestess of the Joy of Satan Ministries. When this information was made public by Citizens Against Hate and One People's Radio, all Hell really broke loose. (All puns are definitely intended).

There is a very large cadre of people within the racist movement in general, and the NSM in particular, who claim to be either Christian or Christian Identity and the news of any kind of association with Satanism is absolutely abhorrent to many of those. The idea that a person in leadership of a group could also be a Satanist is just unconscionable as well. Hal Turner was one of these Christians.

As all of this news was breaking, Michael Blevins was filling in for Bill White on the NSM Presents Radio Show. This show is aired on the Turner Radio Network, and began with Blevins stating that he would take no calls from Citizens Against Hate. Obviously, he had heard a Hal Turner show a few days before where Tony Willow and Floyd Cochran had made several comments which didn't sit too well with him. The tenacious Tony Willow wasn't having any of it, and called anyway.

Interestingly enough, Hal Turner was screening the calls for Blevins. When Tony introduced herself to him he politely told her that Blevins would not take her call. Tony explained that she was wanting to ask Blevins about the Joy of Satan Ministries and its' connections to the NSM. Mr. Turner wasn't sure what she was referring to so Tony told him that the High Priestess and Founder was none other than Clifford Herrington's wife, Andrea and that the NSM Tulsa Unit shared the same P.O. Box address with the Joy of Satan. In disbelief, and with the guidance of Willow, Hal entered the Joy of Satan's website to verify these claims.

"Oh my God! I can't be a part of this. I'm a Christian," was Hal Turner's response. Tony said, "I know. That's why was calling."

Later, Tony called back and Hal asked her to call him after the show. Of course she did. Hal told her over and over that he couldn't have any part of this. He indicated that he would further investigate the situation and that because of his Christian beliefs he would not be party to anything like this. Willow informed him that we would be reporting about this, and Hal asked her to keep their conversations confidential until he made his move. He assured Tony that he would do something that would be noticeable.

That agreement was kept by Tony and by CAH. A series of emails then ensued between Tony Willow and Hal Turner and every opportunity was afforded to Mr. Turner to take the bull by the horns and sever his relationship with the National Socialist Movement.

On July 5th, 2006, two days after the conversations between Willow and Turner, it was noted that all of the articles on Turner's website had been removed and replaced with an essay about America at an earlier time. As of yet, there had been no mention of the NSM. Tony Willow decided to ask him what was going on and to remind him of what needed to happen:

From: Tony Willow
Subject: This is Tony Willow
Sent: Wednesday, July 5, 2006 12:11 AM
MIME-Version: 1.0
Received: from [] by via HTTP; Tue, 04 Jul 2006 22:11:59 PDT
Content-Length: 1007

Hal, I noticed you yanked all of the stories off of your website but then low and behold your going to an NSM Rally with the KKK? What happened to "I can't be a party to this"? How come you are allowing these Satan worshipers to continue on the Hal Turner Network? Herrington is the Chairman of the NSM, hell he founded the damn group in the first place AND appointed Schoep Commander.

I agreed to keep our conversation quite because you assured me that you would drop the affiliation but that does not seem to be the case. What am I to do Hal? This isn't some petty argument. This is a huge deal. Have you researched that website? Have you seen the comments about CI? What about all of the CI shows you have running on your network now. Don't you think they would be a tad bit offended? We are working on a BIG story about this and we plan on mass emailing it to everyone. Are you going to be a part of that story or not? This is not a threat in any way Hal. I was hoping you would live up to what you promised and the way things are looking, well its not looking well at all.

The next morning, Hal responded to Willow with an assurance:

Saturday, July 08, 2006


In the email group of the NSM, Jeff Schoep issued the following statement concerning Bill White and the recent happenings:
From: "Commander NSM" View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert
Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2006 15:41:14 -0500
Subject: [nsmworld] Expulsion of disruptive element from NSM


NS greetings, as some of you know last night Chairman Herrington and I suspended Bill White from the NSM, asking him to reign in his disruptive behavior, cease attacks on various Religions, and other Pro-White Organizations. All NSM members are held to certain standards, and Bill was repeatedly breaking the rules of conduct, basically ignoring rules, and regulations set in place by the NSM. The suspension was meant to inforce those rules, and let Bill know that he could not simply engage in whatever destructive, antagonistic behavior he chose.

Instead of choosing to correct the disruptive behavior and lying, Bill chose to rebel against the NSM rules of conduct. In his rebellion of one, he goes on to level baseless attacks on my charachter, and others he wrongly feels were trying to oust him, and attempting fruitlessly to pull others down into the fray.

The truth of the matter is, Bill would not adhear to NSM rules and regulations. Instead of adjusting to discipline and taking the moral high ground Bill has demanded apologies, and made other demands.

The Party does not respond to demands, and did not respond to the demand that we purge Bill White from the Party by literally countless individuals and groups that warned us he would stab us in the back. I have always been one to give people a fair chance to prove themselves, and I was warned that Bill would stab us in the back the first time something didn't go his way. His suspension was a test of his Loyalty, his actions after the suspension prove he is not Loyal to the NSM, its members, or its Leaders.

The end result is the expulsion of Bill White from the Party.

The NSM expects its members to be Loyal and trustworthy, without Loyalty or trust you have nothing, and are nothing. With that being said, I suggest everyone else gets back to work and focuses on the positive work of the NSM, and turn a blind eye to the rumour mill of disruption and antagonism.

FIRST STORY - Bill White Resigns???

Everything is a question mark these days with the NSM - but in a rather expected, yet comical move, Bill White claims to have resigned from the National Socialist Movement today. Citing the weakness of Jeff Schoep, being told what to print and what to remove, and an ongoing attack from Richard Brunson, April Braun Patterson, and, of all people, John Snyder to oust him, Bill stepped down and promised to go back to running full time.

As we knew would happen, the Satanist news sent shock-waves through the NSM rank-and-file and has rancored many of the members who adhere to Christian Identity. Bill White's harrangue on Christian Identity being "stupid" and only 10% of the believers being worthy of his friendship along with other remarks, certainly caused him to lose favor with many long-time members.

The events, as they unfold, should provide us with a lot of entertainment - and the issue of Satanism and the Chairman is a long way from being dead. Saty tuned because it ain't over till it's over.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Bitch, The Witch, & The Con Man

THE BITCH (Bill White), THE WITCH (Andrea Herrington), & THE CON MAN (Hal Turner)!

Last weekend reading about the purported attempted bombing of Clifford Herrington’s car in a Wal Mart parking lot was pretty funny, especially since no major news outlet picked up the story and the racists were claiming that the Mossad was after them and that the Jews had something to do with suppressing it in the media. It was doubly funny when other racists started claiming that it was nothing but another publicity stunt by the Hollywood Nazi’s. And then the bottom fell out as it became known that Herrington’s wife, Andrea, using the name “Maxine Dietrich,” was the High Priestess of the Joy of Satan Ministry.

It got better…or worse for the NSM as Citizens Against Hate uncovered the fact that not only was she the Devil’s playmate, but the Tulsa NSM Unit and the Joy of Satan Ministry used the same P.O. Box.

As Tony Willow and I delved into the far reaches of some of the most hideous and bilious sites and pages, we began to uncover more and more ties between the NSM and what can only be described as a satanic cult – something that you will be able to read much more about in the next few days.

On Monday evening, Michael Blevins of VonBluvens fame, filled in for Bill White on the Turner Radio Network. He opened the show with the declaration that he would take no calls from Citizens Against Hate. Tony Willow called anyway. When Hal Turner answered the phone, he politely told her that VonBluvens would not take her call and she proceeded to tell him that she wanted to talk about the NSM’s relationship with the Joy of Satan Ministry.

At first, Turner didn’t believe her. Tony, however, walked Turner through some of the websites inhabited by Herrington’s wife. Hal’s response was something like “Oh My God! I can’t have anything to do with this! I’m a Christian.” He assured Tony that something would be done.

Tony continued to send items that we found to Mr. Turner to further prove that all of this was factual and truthful. We at Citizens Against Hate and One People’s Radio waited to see the action that would be taken while continuing to research.

Yesterday, Hal Turner posted a statement explaining his Christianity and his refusal to be involved in anything that related to Satanism. The end result was that he wanted the Tulsa NSM Unit PO Box separated from the Joy of Satan Ministry. If that did not happen, he said that there would be no more free or discounted air time for the NSM.

Now, this all seemed pretty good, but not enough. There were those among the racists who called for the ousting or the resignation of Herrington at the very least. We agreed, of course.

As One People’s Radio’s weekly show aired last night, we reported on Hal’s statement and the NSM/Satan connection. Today, Bill White just had to enter the picture – we knew that he would. This was just too big for the narcissistic White to stay out of. He issued this bag of serpents:

“Bergen, New Jersey -- Hal Turner, short of cash as always, has pulled a publicity stunt to get the NSM to pay more for the air time they use on his network.
“On July 3, Turner posted a statement denouncing the wife of National Socialist Movement Chairman Clifford Herrington for alleged "Satanism".
“Herrington's wife holds a post-graduate degree in ancient religions and has been involved in a group advocating Aryan-pagan worship in opposition to Christianity. Her religious views are very similar to the Radical Traditionalism and Aryan Paganism shared by most of the National Socialist Movement's leadership.
“Turner based his actions on a recent radio broadcast by an anti-racist group, but has been needing additional cash to maintain his radio network for several months, and has been negotiating for additional fees from the NSM for several weeks.”
Now, normally in something like this, we don’t like to take sides – but, in fairness, this is Bill White speaking and…we all know that Bill White NEVER tells the truth. But we know that Hal tends to stretch the facts, as well. We didn’t have too long to wait for the other side of the story to be told as Hal Turner was furious over Bill’s claims. This is what he had to say:

“UPDATE July 6, 2006 12:38 PM
As of now, I have terminated the "NSM Presents" radio show from the network.
I sent the following notice to the Commander Jeff Schoep of NSM explaining why:

“It is with regret that I inform you that I will no longer accept NSM audio shows on Turner Radio Network effective immediately.

“I am taking this action as a direct result of a story published by Bill White which falsely accuses me of engaging in a "publicity stunt" over the satan worship by Chairman Herrington's wife, falsely accusing me of using that publicity stunt in an effort to renegotiate money paid to me by NSM and further falsely states that I have been trying to renegotiate such fees "for weeks."

“For the record, NSM has not paid a single cent to me in months and I have not asked for any money - never mind MORE money - in months.

“My "Statement" about the Chairman's wife was true in every regard. My distancing myself was the right thing for me to do so as to preserve my self respect and the religious ideals I adhere to personally. I performed that distancing in a truthful and honorable way hoping to preserve the relationship with NSM.

“The Chairman choosing to share the P.O. Box with his wife's satanic cult was bad judgment. What Bill White has done is not only bad judgment but dishonorable. Rubbing salt in this wound is the fact that Bill's story came minutes after he personally spoke to me and mentioned nothing about any such smear attack against me. I will not put up with this type of bad behavior.

“I wish you and the NSM good luck in the future.
“Hal Turner”

Somehow or another, this had a little more ring of truth to it. But…wait…as of this writing, Hal Turner has pulled everything regarding this off of his website. Maybe it had something to do with this statement that he issued a little earlier:

“Bill White Single-Handedly Wrecks Turner - NSM Relationship
“NSM Radio Show Terminated from Network
“He didn't have to lie to save face. We could have worked things out. He blew it. What a shame.

“The damage being done to NSM by this man is serious. First, his online ranting caused NSM Members to be brutally beaten at a pro-white event by offended attendees, now he's wrecked the NSM radio show on the biggest pro-white media outlet in the world. How much more damage is Bill going to be allowed to do before someobody puts a stop to it?

“I harbor no ill will toward NSM and hope that one day, after the Bill White problem is fixed, we can resume relations”

Fix the Bill White problem? Well, that would be a major accomplishment! We have been saying the very same thing about Bill White for quite some time. We predicted his destruction of the NSM – and, obviously Hal Turner agrees. We can only speculate about what is going on. Did Hal get an agreement from Schoep to axe Bill? Did Bill pay Hal off? Or…does Hal have something else planned?

Funny, but you get the feeling on days like this that what we do here is really worthwhile.

As we wait for the next episode, I will make the following observations:

It’s time to bring out the easy chair and grab the bowl of popcorn – because this is more than a movie – this is an event. Earlier today, Floyd Cochran made the following observation:

“The past week hasn’t good for the racist movement - they are like a bunch of looky –l oo's. On Bill White's blog he is talking about looking for hookers, that made me think hmmmm, they are all looking for something.

“Cliff Herrington is looking for bombs,
Herrington's wife is looking for Satan,
the Washington NSM is looking for members,
Hal Turner is looking for money,
the KKK is looking for clean sheets and
Bill White is looking for hookers.”

A little while ago, Bill White posted an article that absolutely denigrates Christian Identity calling it stupid, and talking about how he has sat through many “boring speeches” about Identity. I guess this means that the NSM can add the rest of the Klan to their list of enemies, and kiss some more active members good-bye.

I find all of this more than a little interesting. While the racists have been accusing Citizens Against Hate of all sorts of things, accusing Floyd Cochran of being a dope-smoking, aids-ridden, teen-chasing, fraud, we have laughed at the attacks and simply gone on. The truth really does set you free – and after unearthing the truth and reporting it as the fact that it is, we are still laughing as the players are going to be wiping egg off their faces for a very long time over this because we aren't finished. For all those who think that Herrington has no Satanic ties - hide and watch. And for those who aren't sure what all the fuss is about - you will be.

Victory is always sweet – but we aren’t raising the flag just yet. Experience tells us that anything can happen between these people and groups. Unholy alliances are formed more often than not, and we know that there are some very unholy people involved in this mess. But, for just a moment, we will pat ourselves on the back, and take the credit that is due. For sure, whatever happens in this incident, there are those who can truly claim – the devil made them do it.

Stay tuned to Citizens Against Hate and One People’s Radio for more coverage on the Bitch, the Witch, and the Con Man because it isn’t over yet.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Photo by Isis

As if Hal Turner and Michael Blevins are not enough, there is yet another purveyor of hate out their on the internet airwaves. True enough, he has a very limited listener ship and a very low-key presence within the rank and file. Apparently, he wants to change all of that – understandably.

A couple of weeks ago when both Tony Willow and Floyd Cochran called in to the Hal Turner Show – Paul Gellar sent an email to Citizens Against Hate requesting that both Tony and Floyd be guests on his show. Quite honestly, we had never given much thought to Gellar as he just seemed to be another racist full of hot air filling up one of the Turner Radio Network time-slots.

After listening to a couple of his shows and discussing the pros and cons of such an appearance, both Floyd and Tony decided against giving him any more recognition than he already had. That decision was based upon the fact that 1) Gellar was obviously attempting to bolster his numbers; 2) He appears to be another narcissistic entity who is very impressed with himself; 3) It was pretty apparent that Gellar lacked a general understanding those opposed to racism and that it would only give him an opportunity to further castigate us and our associates; and 4) They were not interested in assisting him do any of those things..

This past week, Gellar decided to dedicate most of his show to the lambasting of Tony and Floyd – especially Floyd. Gellar had earlier claimed that he had a list of questions that he wanted anti’s to address and as he decided to go through these questions on the air – it became patently obvious that he didn’t have a clue as to what Citizens Against Hate, Tony Willow, or Floyd Cochran were all about. His lack of knowledge was so transparent as to make us all wonder if he had even bothered to do even a modicum of research – or had he just stereotyped anti-racists and ASSUMED that this is what we do? Actually, it was pretty funny at times – and absolutely, positively demonstrative of the fact that Paul Gellar is without any basic understanding of us and what we do. As Bill White is a man without a country – Paul Gellar is a mouth without a clue.

Gellar seems to have picked up a new buzz phrase – sensitivity training – and he applies it, erroneously to everyone who works in the area of anti-racism, evidently. We are all trainers in sensitivity. Hence he ponders whether he should call himself or his show, “Insensitivity Tainting Central” since he, in his words, is training people to be insensitive.

Now… I told Gellar on the Nikki & Tony Show that would address him shortly, so I am going to speak directly to him on some of these issues.

First, I doubt very seriously, Paul, that you are “training” anyone to be anything. In order to do such, you must captivate your audience – something which you simply do not do. Your shows are dry, boring, and offered without any radio presence at all. Secondly, no one listens to you. In a 67 minute show where you encouraged people to call in incessantly, you had one call. One. Apparently, you believe yourself to be a lot more important that you are.

Your first question for anti-racists was sophomoric and almost moronic. “Do you hate hatred?” I know you are trying to establish an aura of hypocrisy within the anti-racist movement. So…let me try to make this very clear. I don’t HATE anyONE. I may hate your message. I may hate the words that you choose to use. I may hate your ideology, but that doesn’t mean that I hate YOU. There is a major difference between hating an idea or an intangible – and hating a person or a group of people. Of course, you have to be able to engage in a macrocosmic view of the world to understand that.

You then ask since we believe that the best way to fight racism is with words, are we sad that so few have called your show or Hal Turner’s to put us in our place. Well, first let me say that we are glad to hear that you recognize us as the non-violent group that we certainly are and have been. In answer to your question, the only thing that I am sad about is that there is a need for groups like ours. A head-on confrontation with you over the internet airwaves is not something that a lot of people want to engage in. Generally speaking the only time that we feel the need to call in to shows like Hal Turner is when we believe that a point needs to made or that something needs to be cleared up. We do a lot of community outreach and that is where our focus stays most of the time. It’s not like we hang on every repetitive word that you guys utter.

Another thing that needs to be addressed is this delusion that you seem to be under that we are “depressed that our websites aren’t as popular as racist sites.” Unlike the racists and anti-Semitic people out there, we do not measure our success by the number of hits that a website receives or the number of posts on a message board. We realize, as you apparently don’t, that hits tell us nothing about those viewing a webpage or site. For your own edification, Paul, many of the “hits” that racist sites receive come from anti-racists and curiosity seekers.

I am going to combine a couple of your questions here, since several of them overlap. You ask if it is “wrong” for whites to have their own meetings or rallies and is it “okay” to harbor racist thoughts privately. How silly. This is an opinion question that can only be answered on a personal level. Determining what is right and wrong for any given individual is certainly nothing that anyone can do with any certainty. Additionally, this line of questioning only establishes your ignorance about what we do and what we are all about.

Citizens Against Hate fights and exposes hate GROUPS and the individuals within those groups who attempt to further their agenda of racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism and other forms of prejudice. We do not “police” the thoughts of those in the general public, however, we do not remain silent when those thoughts become words or actions. There aren’t many of us who really don’t care if you are privately racist or wish to be separate from a mainstream multicultural society. We probably prefer to be separate from you. The gloves come off when that agenda is furthered through events such as rallies and meetings in an effort to persuade others that racism is acceptable, when you attempt to recruit members within our communities and neighborhoods, when you target the minds of our youth with what we consider offensive, or when you proffer an agenda that reeks of oppression and white supremacy. Again…it’s not you – it’s your message. It’s not that it is “wrong” for you to have meetings and rallies so much as it is “wrong” for hate speech to be shouted at the masses simply because you can. We oppose those who attempt to incite violence through meetings, rallies, one-on-one contacts, or the internet.

It didn’t take long in your litany of hackneyed and na├»ve questioning before you had worked yourself into an almost nonsensical barrage against Floyd Cochran and, once again, it became clear that you know nothing about Mr. Cochran. Suggesting that African-American people often refer to themselves as “lazy and stupid,” you then characterize Mr. Cochran as someone who rushes to the rescue in an effort to “straighten out their thinking.” You indicate that the African – American resents this, thinking “here comes Whitey with his sensitivity training.”

Mr. Gellar, Floyd Cochran is a lecturer and educator – not a “social worker” or a “sensitivity trainer.” Mr. Cochran speaks to groups of mixed ethnicity and he speaks to them about hate groups. He relates his experiences while both in the Klan and in the Aryan Nations. He discusses the mindset of the group. He speaks to the dangers, both physical and emotional to becoming a member of such a group. He tells of recruiting practices and what to watch for in communities and with out youth. He does not, I repeat, does not engage in sensitivity training in any way other than what could be considered a vicarious understanding of what is implicit in a successful multicultural society.

In your long and tiresome harangue against Mr. Cochran, you demonstrated not only that you had never heard Mr. Cochran speak or who his audience is comprised of, but that, much like others on the racist right – you just made assumptions and an ass out of yourself.

You continue by asking Floyd if he gets a “euphoric high” or “LSD flash backs,” or if he “meets chicks” doing what he is doing in an effort to determine his motive. You quickly exclaim that the same could be asked about you. Later you tell us that your motive is that you want more people to think like you. You claim that you want to reach a political tipping point where we all can become white nationalists. You say, “I am kind of like a virus in a sense – I want to spread our thinking among fellow whites so we can secure our territory for ourselves and become a political power instead of the secretive, sneaking around outsiders.”

Well, Mr. Gellar, I cannot speak for Floyd Cochran but I can tell you that you just verbalized what makes us tick – what energizes us – and what our motivation is. It is all about stopping you from ever reaching that “tipping point.” You are right, Coca Cola and IBM do not wish to advertise on the Turner Radio Network. They want absolutely no part of any of that. However, while claiming that such corporations “love a Floyd Cochran,” while speculating that he might just be a scam artist flipping from one end of the spectrum to the other and stating that a person such as that is “shallow,” is quite ingenuous on your part – especially when one of the current leaders of the movement is Bill White who has run the gamut.

Further, you speak of aesthetics while comparing “beautiful white women” to “ugly squat mestizo’s.” Now, I really don’t care about your taste or preference in women, but I do believe that you are “aesthetically challenged.” You speak of “shallow” individuals and then you demonstrate how that label fits you as you snicker and make a feeble attempt to bait Mr. Cochran. I don’t know how old you are, Mr. Gellar – but you remind me of a school boy who is attempting to speak of grown up things yet lacks the sophistication to do so. I know that you cannot help but agree that not all white women are beautiful. Well, not all Hispanic women are “ugly and squat.” In mainstream society, Paul, there is always going to be “preference.” Some like blondes, some like brunettes and some prefer redheads. There are those who like big-busted women and others who are more into the Twiggy look. That’s “preference.” And…that’s okay. Also in mainstream society, however, not everything is black, white, and brown. What a narrow and uninteresting world yours must be.

Lastly, your assertion that we are in this for the money was the biggest laugh I got out of that show. You really DO need to do some homework, Paul. You suggest that Floyd Cochran get a “real job” like a mechanic. What makes you think he doesn’t have another job? Are you sure that he doesn’t? And even if he doesn’t – don’t you think maybe the same thing could be asked about Hal Turner who sits back and depends on the money sent in by hard-working white nationalists?

Mr. Gellar, the rest of the questions raised by you dealing with crime, Hal Turner’s rally in Kingston, New York, differences in abilities according to race, hate crimes, and Matt Hale have all been done to death. You really do need to get some new material or save it those for anti’s who haven’t been around very long.

I would further suggest that in the future, if you are going to speak about one of us, or even about us collectively, that you, at the very least, learn something about us first. Before you start making wild claims about anti-racists or Citizens Against Hate, it would probably make you look a lot more informed if you took the time to know your enemy – and we are your enemy.

It’s one thing to try to pass yourself off as a right-wing, racist, talk show wannabe – but quite another to say “The best way to do social work is through mass sterilization.” Perhaps we should start with you.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Satan, The NSM, & The Chairman

Expect to hear a lot more on what I am about to report. If you haven't heard it, then you need to sit down. If you have heard it...then you need to take a stand one way or another.

While I am not a particularly "religious" individual, I am spiritual. If I had to categorize myself, I would have to say that I lean in the Christian direction yet I believe that there are other teachings that are important as well. However, I believe to the depths of my soul in a higher power that I call God.

Last night the incident reported by both Bill White and Von Bluvens concerning a bomb that was supposedly planted in Clifford Harrington's car outside a Tulsa Wal Mart, brought to light a startling fact. It seems that Herrington's wife is the High Priestess, or some such, of the Joy of Satan Ministry. If that was not enough...we were also made aware that the Joy of Satan Ministry shares the same P.O. Box as the Tulsa NSM. Money sent to the JOS and to the Tulsa NSM go to the same address.

At the present time, we are doing a little research into all of this - and there will be much more to come. The question that raises its' head at the moment is how do the Christian Identity adherents or the Christian members view this unholy alliance between the Chairman and Founder of the National Socialist Movement, Clifford Herrington, and Satanism?