Monday, July 03, 2006

Satan, The NSM, & The Chairman

Expect to hear a lot more on what I am about to report. If you haven't heard it, then you need to sit down. If you have heard it...then you need to take a stand one way or another.

While I am not a particularly "religious" individual, I am spiritual. If I had to categorize myself, I would have to say that I lean in the Christian direction yet I believe that there are other teachings that are important as well. However, I believe to the depths of my soul in a higher power that I call God.

Last night the incident reported by both Bill White and Von Bluvens concerning a bomb that was supposedly planted in Clifford Harrington's car outside a Tulsa Wal Mart, brought to light a startling fact. It seems that Herrington's wife is the High Priestess, or some such, of the Joy of Satan Ministry. If that was not enough...we were also made aware that the Joy of Satan Ministry shares the same P.O. Box as the Tulsa NSM. Money sent to the JOS and to the Tulsa NSM go to the same address.

At the present time, we are doing a little research into all of this - and there will be much more to come. The question that raises its' head at the moment is how do the Christian Identity adherents or the Christian members view this unholy alliance between the Chairman and Founder of the National Socialist Movement, Clifford Herrington, and Satanism?


  1. I think he whole thing was set up by Harrington ans his wife as a media stunt.

  2. How odd this is all is, though since it is the NSM, of course it is odd! Wild Bill Hoff has claimed that the bomb attempt was done by "Children of Satan".


    To ALL National Socialists, 88!

    As you can readily see, the Children of Satan are so terrified of our ever-growing National Socialist Movement they are resorting to acts of violence. It was most fortunate that Chairman Cliff Herrington took notice of the wires dangling from the rear of his automobile. But then, he was highly trained in the military to watch out for anything strange. I am ultimately pleased that he came through this vicious event without being harmed in any way.

    Let this serve as a warning to always be prepared for an attack, for the vile vicious Jews are basically paranoidal and will strike out at the slightest sign that they are being opposed in any manner. What these pschopaths do not realize is that violence creates ultra-violence. This was what made the KLAN strike out so harshly, the fact that the Southern folks were under a realm of tyranny during the Days of Reconstruction and had to deal with murderous ex-slaves. If the parasitical Jews imagine that they can get away with murdering one of our Major Officers, they are going to be in for a tremendous shock!


    Colonel Wild Bill Hoff
    Eastern Director, NSM

  3. Ha!

    Harrington and the wife set the whole thing up as both are big media whores.

    Now, Wild Billy, why would the "children of Satan" have such an issue with Harrington and his carnie wife if she is in fact a high priestess in a branch of the Church of Satan??

    I would think a worshiper of Satan would love their "god's" kids!!

    The whole thing makes no sense, and none of your bullshit spin is going to change that.

    Harrington set the whole thing up, walked around the store, "spotted" it right away (as we all look for wires after shopping) and ate up all the attention he is getting while blaming "the jooos!".

    The guy is going to end up in the pokie!

  4. Well, the wife claims the bomb was for her. Actually, several months ago, Rocky Suhayda, of the American Nazi Party, busted on the wife's affiliation with the Joy of Satan Ministry. But no one ever pays any attention to Rocky.

  5. Anonymous, I agree with you and Anonymous # 1.

    If not, well, it looks like the "chickens are coming home to roost"...

    I seriously doubt the Mossad, CoS, JDL, or (my God!)the ADL had anything to do with this, or any Antifa.

    Probably a) a rival racist gang (Vinlanders?) planted it, or b) Herrington and his sideshow wife did it themselves as a "stunt".

    Yawn. If Billy Bumps isn't in on it, he's probably home shitting himself in front of his computer, and thinking about taking a looooong vacation overseas.

  6. Michael Blevins shunned Jesus Christ so he could hook up with Satanist?

  7. I told Blevins to run ask Bill White what kind of damage control was needed - but he just took my post down.

    Also...since Bill was AWOL - or MIA - Blevins had to do the NSM radio show tonight. He started it off by saying he wouldn't take any calls from CAH.

  8. I just have to ask...

    Clifford Herrington posted the following to the NSM Newsgroup:

    JUNE 30th 2006

    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Walmart Parking


    Chairman Herrington upon returning to his car
    from a very short trip inside Walmart observed
    dangling wires from the rear end of his vehicle
    upon closer inspection, and knowing vehicle
    mechanics, it was obvious what this was.

    Someone, in a hurry had wired a electronic
    device to his rear taillights and attached via
    putty, a device, 3/4 " dia. 8 inches long, newly
    manufactured, black in color, with wires, black
    and red running to his left rear tail light, puttied to the
    gas tank ledge.

    911 was called and OSBI, City Police, FBI and
    assorted other law enforcement departments
    showed up.

    Chairman Herrington described the events of
    the evening, including an individual who tried
    to make himself look casual in the store, ID given
    to authorities, in addition, coincidently, the home,
    phone was suddenly not working and the Tele-
    phone company upon investigation stated
    that something really weird was wrong with
    the phone, coincidently it began working just
    as the device was discovered and Chairman Her-
    rington called to SECURE THE AREA and ADVS
    of situation. In addition, with adequate descrip-
    tion, the two days preceeding this event two
    cars had paced the Chairman, one tried to actually
    push his vehicle thru an intersection into the on-
    coming traffic, suffice, Police have description of

    Upon initial arrival WALMART PARKING, THE
    authorities moved everyone back fifty feet called the
    fire department, and cordoned off the area, then up-
    on arrival bomb squard moved everyone back another
    100 feet, the device was inspected by remote bomb
    sniffer, photographed and then removed from the ledge
    of the rear side of the gas tank. Upon permission and
    further inspection the authorities determined no other
    device was attached or inside the vehicle.

    Chairman Herrington fully cooperated with authorities
    and praised their handling of the situation in a most
    professional manner. Adequate descriptions and
    other details of individuals and vehicle were provided.
    Surveillance cameras and other media are now being
    scanned and pertinent details forwared to appropriate

    If it turns out that on the heels of various threats purportedly
    emanating from veteran Israeli Military MOSSAD agents,
    perhaps with the substantial id information provided,
    these terrorists will be prosecuted for numerous crimes,
    not to exclude attempted murder of an AMERICAN CITI-

    Chairman advises all NSM leaders and organization heads,
    to heighten their security, report any email threats to all
    authorities to initiate investigation, and keep records of same,
    if possible with full headers for ISP tracking, it is vitally
    important that the NSM & cadre bear this as a bump in the

    AS THE CHAIRMAN SAYS, "You are the Movement. You
    are the one's making it go, and it is YOU they are afraid of!"


    Rememember, these people are steeped in a blood religion,
    which brookes no tolerance for any other peoples, age, gender
    or race, they will kill just as if stepping on a bug.
    HEIGHTEN YOUR AWARENESS, heighten your security,

    with gracious thanks to one and all,
    TO HELL WITH THEM, why don't they come out of the wood work,
    as they accuse us of not doing, (gag!) and perhaps
    we can have an equal chance!
    You couldn't kill me in Viet Nam and I'll be damned if a bunch of itinerant, lazy, filthy
    jewish scum are going to kil me here!

    Chairman Herrington

    About the same time this was going on, his wife posted the following on a Joy of Satan website:

    There have been numerous attacks against the Joy of Satan of late. The Teens for Satan e-group was moved in negligence by Yahoo to an adult sexual over 18 category. This came as a surprise and shock that Yahoo would place close to 4,000 minors in danger of sexual predators and others who would try to exploit kids. This was in very bad taste and was a DIRECT ATTACK ON THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF RELIGION, FREE THOUGHT AND FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY AS GUARANTEED IN THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. Luckily, the moderators check the groups frequently and we keep the membership lists private and unavailable to the public.

    The teen group was shut down immediately and reopened back where it was originally. For the new Teens for Satan e-group- CLICK HERE

    Friday night, June 30th, between 8:30 and 9 pm, my husband Cliff and I were shopping at the supermarket to purchase some items. Cliff pulled me aside and told me he spotted an older man with silver hair and silver framed glasses following us. I sort of blew it off. We then left the supermarket and as we approached our car, Cliff spotted some wires hanging under the gas tank. Upon closer inspection, he noted the wires were clean (anything hanging under a car would be dirty) and with his background in bomb detection and auto mechanics, he immediately called 911.

    I went and got parking lot security. About 20 squad cars and the Tulsa Bomb Squad showed up and after some 1 -2 hours, a robot detected a device and it was removed from under the car, by a person who was in a heavily padded suit with a shield. The parking lot was sectioned off and there were many people unable to get to their cars for over 2 hours. It was a mess. The police captain then had the bomb squad go over our car inside and out, after the device was placed inside a huge box and put inside the bomb squad truck.

    Father Satan told me a couple of years ago: “There will be many attempts on your life. Some of these you will be aware of, most you will not, none of these will succeed, but one thing- They will all know ME.”

    After the police got through, a news reporter from channel 2 interviewed me, and asked me at the end of the interview if I will continue in my work following this. I replied: “I will go on no matter what. Death does not frighten me.”

    Both Father Satan and Thoth have been working with me in revealing some very powerful knowledge. There are those in high positions who do not want any of you to have this knowledge. I intend to keep going no matter what. As I go along, I will keep revealing what they have been teaching me to the groups.

    There are a lot of people who don’t take this seriously. HP Keon was attacked offline last week. The JoS IS a serious threat.

    So...who's lying?

  9. hmmmmm I think I have finally figured it out, when the NSM and other racist say the "JOOS" are behind everything maybe it is a mispelling for JOS ( joy of satan)

    If anyone know where I could get a recording of the Flip Wilson saying " the devil made me do it" - I have been looking on the net - I need it by wednesday nite - thank - Floyd

  10. Nice. Both delusional twits get to proclaim martyrhood to their various movements: two-for-one bomb threats.

    And most of us, deep down, believe this was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

  11. The following is on their yahoo group, I think it really does speak for itself:

    High Priestess Maxine Dietrich wrote:

    Thank you to everyone who replied with words of support and encouragement.
    The murder attempt was not from xians, but from jews. They wanted to get
    both Cliff and I at the same time. Before this occurred, several NSM
    leaders, Cliff included, received direct death threats from Israel. The
    statements made were that they were going to come here and kill the leaders
    after they watched their women and children be tortured to death. Some of
    these children are infants and toddlers. They also cut the telephone wires
    to our house twice in the past two days. Needless to say, we are armed to
    the teeth and highly organized should anything occur. We will shoot to kill.

    Yes, the e-mails were turned over to the police. The real source of the
    problem is the jews. They also work diligently to create disunity within the
    Satanic community. Note many of these REAL hate groups claim they are
    "jewish" openly- not "Satanists." One is either a Satanist or a jew. This
    shows where their real loyalties are at, and their websites are full of
    slandering and bashing other groups, individuals and mainly the JoS.

    Their next agenda is to get the JoS e-groups moved to the "adult" category
    of yahoo, as they did with the 666 Black Sun group. What was done with the
    Black Sun group was done from the inside of yahoo. No accounts were hacked

    There is no bigger threat to the jews than Satan and his people. As long as
    Satanists take the legends of the Gods as real and not the allegories they
    are, as long as we don't understand the symbols and how to interpret them,
    as long as we play their game of "god" verses the "Devil" and conform to the
    xian concept of Satan and stay ignorant, and above all, as long as we don't
    really have or know how to access any serious power, they let us alone for
    the most part. This is all changing people. Note, these attacks against me
    came with my revealing just a small amount of occult knowledge. Father Satan
    and Thoth are working with me in my studies and pushing me with the enemy
    fighting me every inch of the way.

    As for the death threats and the bomb, I say FUCK THEM!!
    I will continue on no matter what. They don't frighten me. I already got my
    revenge when I freed the Demons.

    High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

  12. I thought Jews were "the children of Satan"?

    But, now Satan is the biggest threat to them?

    These freak show carnies can't even keep their stories straight!

    And now their phone lines have been cute twice in the past 2 days?

    Boy these bullshit artists like to play with their own wiring.

  13. Hats of Nikki and Tony at CAH - Hal " its all about the money boys" Turner is having a fit over this on his web site.
    Way to go - of course later tonight, I will be interviewing Tony and Nikki about this latest saga of the Nazia and a Witch on One Peoples Radio


  14. it possible for the Chairman to be married to the High Priestess and not be a Satanist?

  15. I don't think the Chairman is a Satanist, but if his wife is, you would think they would think twice about putting down Jews with a Satanic image.

    I know his wife probably has no issue with putting down Jews, but if Satan is her "god", isn't her husband and his merry gang of brown shirts putting down her "god" along with their racist slurs?

    I can hear the carnival music playing right now....and there is Anton LeVay...playing his organ....

  16. Um, excuse me, but Doktor LaVey was heads, tails, and cloven hooves above this sorry lot...

    His musick was, literally, incomperable,and his recordings are still a huge inspiration to both Satanist and non-Satanist alike...

    Anyone interested in downloading any of the Doktor's august musickal masterpieces is advised to visit Satan Takes A Holiday. This is TRUE occult musick, as opposed to the idiotic, frenetic "speed fests" of heavy metal, which serve only to deaden the senses and create emotional zombification.

    NEVER confuse a true eccentric genius like Doktor LaVey with the petty antics of Clifford Herrington and his rotten wife.

    Ave Satanis!

  17. Oooops, sorry, didn't mean to step on cloven hoofs.

    But, LaVey was a carnie before his started COS.

    I have not heard his music, but I have heard mixed reviews of COS.

    Now is there was a rumor at one time that LeVay's daughter had a WN movement connection between COS and the skinheads.

    Nikki, you might want to follow that trail, as I seem to remember that after LeVay's death she was running around with the white power crowd.

  18. Zeena LaVey disowned her father, slandered his name, and started slumming with German skinheads. Sadly, yes, that is true.

    Odd, also, considering the Doktor's Gypsy/Jewish heritage, as well as the fact that her "spouse" Nicholas Schreck was actually a Jew who ended up living on a kibbutz in Israel.

    Also, I believe her first marriage was to a Vietnamese man.

    Zeena LaVey, in other words, is another basketcase.

  19. I believe that connection between Lavay's daughter and the WN was Bob Hieck from the American Front - in fact I know it to be true - as I hung out with Hieck a couple of times in Portland, OR before I threatened to shoot him - Floyd

  20. Yeah, and Hieck was a one time buddy of Non musician Boyd Rice.

    Boyd was next-in-line for CoS leadership after Doktor LaVey died, but turned it down. Now, he mostly focuses on grotesque "Unpop" art.

    It's a mad little gaggle of aquaintances.

  21. Hmmm...just wondering what Ann Coulter's opinions are about the Co$, Boyd Rice, the American Front, "LaVey" and related matters.

    Anybody here know? :)

  22. "Might was right when Ceasers bled upon the stones of Rome..."

    Most Americans understand the need to maintain an agressive stance against those that would rob us of our liberty and lives.

    I think the Israelis understand that, too.

    It's a simple , logical, chain of reasoning.

  23. July 5th Program - Tune into One Peoples Radio as we discuss the following:

    Neo Nazis Hold Rally in Washington and hardly anyone came,

    What does a Bomb Plot, National Socialist Movement and the Joys of Satan have in Common ? Tony from Citizens Against Hate will tell us,

    Former KKK Leader Beaten,

    Possible new Business for National Socialist Movement's Spokesman Bill White,

    KU Klux Klan Coming to Gettysburg

    Nikki from Citizens Against Hate Announces new Outreach Program,

    More on Hal "its all about the money boys " Turner,

    Steve Hersh Talks Exposes an Anti-Gay "Bishop" in Pennsylvania,

    Laurie from Collaborative Project/soar talks about how a family member was murder by a racist gang..

    Click Here for the mp3 program on One Peoples Radio for July 5, 2006

    On Thursday, July 6 be sure to tune again as One Peoples Radio host Floyd Cochran talks with Josh from New York and DLJ from One Peoples Project.

  24. EB: "Most Americans understand the need to maintain an agressive stance against those that would rob us of our liberty and lives."

    I think most Americans would certainly have a problem with those who constantly state their sincere desire that their political enemies be "detained", in the name of "America" no less.

    I know that many, if not most, American have come to realize, especially in recent years, that "those who would rob us of our liberty and lives" live not thousands of miles away in Afghani caves, but much much closer to home.

    I also know something else, which has been obvious to all but hardcore reality-denying Busheviks and Ann Coulter-loving morons for quite some time. Namely that most Americans are very much against the war in Iraq.

    As I said before, you've got some logistical nightmare ahead of you. Exactly how many "camps", encompassing how much territory, will it take to house 180 million "traitors"? Has Michelle Malkin tackeled this all-important question yet, or no? :)

  25. Anonymous said...

    Now, Wild Billy, why would the "children of Satan" have such an issue with Harrington and his carnie wife if she is in fact a high priestess in a branch of the Church of Satan??

    Joy of Satan (JoS) is not a branch of the Church of Satan (CoS). Their worldviews are wildly different. The CoS, despite its name, does not believe in Satan as an actual entity, but only as a symbol. JoS does believe that Satan is an actual entity, and moreover believes that Satan and assorted other gods and spirits are really humanoid alien lifeforms who live in some distant galaxy and who like to spend their time astrally projecting themselves to Earth for whatever reason. Many of their ideas are derived from discredited "ancient astronauts" theories such as Erich Von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin.

    I'm a theistic Satanist myself, but I do not agree with JoS on the idea of Satan as humanoid alien, and I disagree with them on many other points as well.

    Incidentally, it is clear that "Wild Billy" is using the term "Children of Satan" to refer to Jews, not Satanists. Yeah, that's absolutely ridiculous too.

    1. actually, we note that zecharia sitchin was actually a jew and just literally made a bunch of shit up, to tie into jewish themes and ideas, and mislead people. The actual Joy of Satan Website is heavily outdated; to find out what we really believe you have to get on the e-groups and the forum, especially the "newletter" e-group/forum page and see what the high priests have actually said.


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