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"Those who attack me don't know where I am at with Satan or just how close I am to him. He told me not too long ago, 'I love you like my own daughter.'" (Andrea Herrington/a.k.a. Maxine Dietrich, High Priestess & Founder of the Joy of Satan Ministries)

The late William Luther Pierce, lamented the number of "freaks, misfits, and weaklings" within the racist movement shortly before his death. At the same time, however, he expressed the usefulness of groups like the National Socialist Movement for their ability to siphon off a large number of the undesirables. While we rarely ever agree with racists, we have to look back on his words and say he was probably right. Where else can you find Chairmen, Commanders, Ministers of Propaganda, High Priestesses of Satanism, rapists, proponents of group sex, and Christian Identity zealots all bedding down together? Where would you ever find such a combination? Only in a racist group of wannabe Nazi's.

In late June of 2006, the Chairman of the National Socialist Movement, Clifford Herrington, claimed that upon exiting a Wal-Mart store in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, that he saw wires coming out from under his car and leading to his gas tank. The story quickly spread throughout the internet - but not throughout the mainstream media. Hmmm…while Herrington and the NSM were screaming the "Mossad planted the bomb," others were blaming the Jews for suppressing the story in the press.

But then a new twist was added to the mix. Andrea Herrington, Clifford's wife, better known as Maxine Dietrich, was telling her followers that the bomb was, in fact, meant for her. Why would anyone want to blow up Andrea? Perhaps, she had cast one too many "spells" on the wrong people? You see, Andrea (a.k.a. Maxine) is the Founder and High Priestess of the Joy of Satan Ministries. When this information was made public by Citizens Against Hate and One People's Radio, all Hell really broke loose. (All puns are definitely intended).

There is a very large cadre of people within the racist movement in general, and the NSM in particular, who claim to be either Christian or Christian Identity and the news of any kind of association with Satanism is absolutely abhorrent to many of those. The idea that a person in leadership of a group could also be a Satanist is just unconscionable as well. Hal Turner was one of these Christians.

As all of this news was breaking, Michael Blevins was filling in for Bill White on the NSM Presents Radio Show. This show is aired on the Turner Radio Network, and began with Blevins stating that he would take no calls from Citizens Against Hate. Obviously, he had heard a Hal Turner show a few days before where Tony Willow and Floyd Cochran had made several comments which didn't sit too well with him. The tenacious Tony Willow wasn't having any of it, and called anyway.

Interestingly enough, Hal Turner was screening the calls for Blevins. When Tony introduced herself to him he politely told her that Blevins would not take her call. Tony explained that she was wanting to ask Blevins about the Joy of Satan Ministries and its' connections to the NSM. Mr. Turner wasn't sure what she was referring to so Tony told him that the High Priestess and Founder was none other than Clifford Herrington's wife, Andrea and that the NSM Tulsa Unit shared the same P.O. Box address with the Joy of Satan. In disbelief, and with the guidance of Willow, Hal entered the Joy of Satan's website to verify these claims.

"Oh my God! I can't be a part of this. I'm a Christian," was Hal Turner's response. Tony said, "I know. That's why was calling."

Later, Tony called back and Hal asked her to call him after the show. Of course she did. Hal told her over and over that he couldn't have any part of this. He indicated that he would further investigate the situation and that because of his Christian beliefs he would not be party to anything like this. Willow informed him that we would be reporting about this, and Hal asked her to keep their conversations confidential until he made his move. He assured Tony that he would do something that would be noticeable.

That agreement was kept by Tony and by CAH. A series of emails then ensued between Tony Willow and Hal Turner and every opportunity was afforded to Mr. Turner to take the bull by the horns and sever his relationship with the National Socialist Movement.

On July 5th, 2006, two days after the conversations between Willow and Turner, it was noted that all of the articles on Turner's website had been removed and replaced with an essay about America at an earlier time. As of yet, there had been no mention of the NSM. Tony Willow decided to ask him what was going on and to remind him of what needed to happen:

From: Tony Willow
Subject: This is Tony Willow
Sent: Wednesday, July 5, 2006 12:11 AM
MIME-Version: 1.0
Received: from [] by via HTTP; Tue, 04 Jul 2006 22:11:59 PDT
Content-Length: 1007

Hal, I noticed you yanked all of the stories off of your website but then low and behold your going to an NSM Rally with the KKK? What happened to "I can't be a party to this"? How come you are allowing these Satan worshipers to continue on the Hal Turner Network? Herrington is the Chairman of the NSM, hell he founded the damn group in the first place AND appointed Schoep Commander.

I agreed to keep our conversation quite because you assured me that you would drop the affiliation but that does not seem to be the case. What am I to do Hal? This isn't some petty argument. This is a huge deal. Have you researched that website? Have you seen the comments about CI? What about all of the CI shows you have running on your network now. Don't you think they would be a tad bit offended? We are working on a BIG story about this and we plan on mass emailing it to everyone. Are you going to be a part of that story or not? This is not a threat in any way Hal. I was hoping you would live up to what you promised and the way things are looking, well its not looking well at all.

The next morning, Hal responded to Willow with an assurance:


  1. Andrea Herrington is a bonafide nut and Clifford is in this up to his eyeballs - read it all and stay tuned for the rest of the story!

  2. Well, I've only read the blog, but so far this is the first factually accurate thing I've seen written by CAH.

    Of course, I'm sure it fall apart in part II, but maybe you guys will start running something other than a tabloid?

  3. I do hope you read the entire thing, Bill.

  4. Nice work, Nikki, Tony, Floyd, et al. I look forward to reading the rest of the soap opera.

    Overthrow is on overtime to air dirty NSM laundry right now; Bill has already posted almost a dozen ugly articles, and a little bird tells me that the worst (best?) is yet to come.

  5. Bill White: Snitch Bitch.

    Gee, if Bill was ever thrown into a State pen, they would definitely have to isolate him in Protective Custody to keep his butthole from becoming a high traffic area.

    I guess I should be nicer to Bill since he's helping destroy the Nazis in America, but I just can't, because Bill hasn't, essentially, changed any.

    How does this guy come out in public and keep a straight face?

    Keep up the good work, Bill. No one ever dreamed the NSM was this fruity.


  6. Are you guys sure Bill White isn't working for Antifa?

    I mean, really sure

  7. 100% sure Bill White is working for antifa

    The antifa are the only ones benefiting from what is going on.

  8. I'm not airing NSM dirty laundry, or "snitching", et cetera.

    I have always been opposed to corruption in the white nationalist movement -- or corrupt behavior in general -- and I have always used to expose it.

    Fortunately, being no longer affiliated with the NSM, I can now do it in good conscious, instead of biting my limit and arguing in private.

  9. And nikki -- I did read the whole thing. Very good so far.

    And, unfortunately, I think all the allegations are almost certainly true.

  10. Thanks Bill. For once we can agree. As I get further into this, I am really finding some disturbing things - more than disturbing, frightening.

  11. OMG I think I'm going to die of shock, Bill White AGREES with us?? What has the world come too??? LOL

    Yes what we wrote IS true.

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  13. Bill White wrote "Of course, I'm sure it fall apart in part II, but maybe you guys will start running something other than a tabloid?"

    LOL that's funny coming from you Bill - you do have a sense of humor.

    Who would have thunk

    oh and Bill just cause we are polite to you, dont think we will be swapping spit in the showers any time soon

  14. Well, nikki, you're finding disturbing things but ...

    I know a lot of things that have not come out in public that are starting to come together in my mind that are even more disturbing.

    And as I'm typing I just got a phone call ...

    Wallis Jones and the entire North Carolina state organization have now tendered their resignations, and Brunson is promising to expel from the party "all Bill White supporters" -- currently consisting of about two thirds of the unit leaders.

    I think Brunson, Snyder, Braun / Patterson and several other NSM members are in on this Satan cult thing. I don't even want to name some of the others, because I'm hoping they can be brought around.

  15. Wallace Jones and friends would be a huge loss to them because they have been very loyal members. I can't believe that Snyder was let back in!

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  17. Actually, what Bill and Nikki, Tony, Floyd and others (did I really just write that?) are doing, ultimately benefits children. The children that have been abused by JoS and possibly currently are. Also benefits the screwed misused adults in the group and hopefully also prevents future recruitment and abuse.

    And maybe some more folks will get educated about destructive group dynamics, how to listen to their intuition and intelligence, and when to get the hell away from dangerous people like the leaders of JoS.

  18. Bill,
    Do you know for a FACT that John Snyder was let back into the NSM with the leadership knowing full well that he was a sex offender? Also Do you really believe that Herrington is a pederast or are you spin doctoring things? That whole joy of satan thing is insane and demonstrates the calibur of people you have chosen to associate yourself with for the past couple of years. Does it now seem so off the wall that these folks (NSM) are involved in this stuff? This aint a Jewish plot but of course will be written as such because it beats personal responsibility hands down.. The connection with children is VERY disturbing the whole joy of satan for teens.. BUT on the flip side of that you had the NSM Viking youth corps. If what you are saying about Herrington is true then the lines between the JOS and the NSM child recruting thing become very blurry indeed.



  20. Wild Bill chimes in:

    To ALL National Socialists, 88!

    I have been informed that several members have resigned because they could either not abide by our organizational rules or that one of our most responible Officers has a wife who believes in a religion that most of us disagree with.Yet, inasmuch as we are a political movement, there is no room in our ranks for squabbling over religious matters. If we were to permit criticism of Christian Identity by Baptist or Roman Catholics, there would be constant fighting going on within our ranks. As far as I am concerned, her preference of religion is strictly her business and no one should become concerned with this matter.

    This is simply something that we will have to tolerate in order to maintain strength. If we were to resign over every little thing that may disturb us, the Jews would be extremely pleased that once again a powerful organization has been destroyed from within and once again they are safe to conduct their evil ways. In every growing organization or business, there will be times when steps have to be taken that may not please everyone. Yet, rationality demands that we put aside our individual wishes for the good of all and continue to forge ahead. Only by keeping our eyes on the goal that lies ahead of us will we succeed in winning ultimate political power.

    By doing otherwise, we shall be committing political suicide.

    What sayeth ye, Storm Troopers? Continue to march ahead? Yes, indeed!


    Colonel Wild Bill Hoff
    Eastern Director, NSM

  21. Josh makes some important points here.

    Reminds me of reading Wild Bill Hoff's description of a white supremacist rally held back in May, includes this choice bit:

    "What definitely pleased me was to see Klansmen taking photos of many very young children and each of them was giving the Nazi salute. Watching that being done warmed my heart immensely."

  22. I think what I find most bizarre at this point, though, is that, even as Bill White is busily trashing them every hour on the hour, the NSM has still failed to remove the internet radio programs featuring Bill from their website.

    Are these cats just not on the ball, or what?

  23. One of two things might be happening there - 1) VB says he is on a two week vacation (HA! HA!) and is the only one who can take care of that; or 2) All people who can take care of that have either jumped off the bow, or are just too stunned to move. (Or, maybe they think everyone is going to kiss and make up.)

  24. Do you know for a FACT that John Snyder was let back into the NSM with the leadership knowing full well that he was a sex offender?

    Yes. He was at the Lansing rally. He is in some of the national meeting photos.

    He, Brunson and Patterson -- and almost the Commander's wife, as well -- walked out because Brunson and I kept getting into it.

    I asked why he had been readmitted and was told he had been acquitted of all charges. I then found out he wasn't, and was told not to ask about it, since it wasn't my business.

    I have a strong feeling this Satanic cult thing and some of the NSM members with sex offenses are linked. Also, some long term comrades who are incompetent have not been dismissed from the NSM and clearly, from what they've been saying to me, knew about this Satan cult thing.

    Also Do you really believe that Herrington is a pederast or are you spin doctoring things?

    He apparently has a criminal record in either Illinois or Wisconsin for sexually abusing children. I am waiting to confirm that.

    I got that info tonight from a reliable source, and, in retrospect, he has said he had a break up with a first wife or something that involved sex charges, though I don't know the details.

    A lot of weird asides that have been made to me in conversations over the past year are unfortunately starting to make sense, and I am almost afraid that what will emerge will be a systematic ring of child abuse that involves several long-term NSM members.

  25. There is a fellow who is a Jewish murderer who was expelled from the NSM for running a militia training camp where he was teaching children to shoot guns then raping them.

    This is the first issue that I brought up that made Richard Brunson very upset at me.

    The same clique of people who read CAH and constantly buy into that crap, and who are most aggressively pursuing my supporters in the NSM, consist of almost all the convicted sex offenders in the NSM plus several other people who clearly have something wrong with them.

    Brunson, for instance, has a serious explosive temper problem -- the kind I associate with men who either drink heavily or beat their wives. But he doesn't drink -- and I wonder if there isn't sexual abuse or something else going on there.

    Andrea Herrington was apparently raped as a child.

  26. "The Washington units follow several other states who have marched out of the National Socialist Movement in protest of the pedophilic Satan worshipping activities of the group's Chairman, Clifford Herrington, and his wife, Andrea. Several other members of the National Socialist Movement have been implicated in the illicit rituals, which have included teaching teenagers and children to masturbate to Satan in order to summon demons, and the postulation of an inter-galactic war involving reptilian Jewish space aliens."

    That shit was funny as hell.

  27. Accordig to a posting on the Washington Unit web site , they have not left the NSM - are writing nasty things about Bill White ,including a picture of Bill with a very long nose.

    Bill wouldnt be telling stories again would he ?

    Floyd-One Peoples Radio Network

  28. I think someone may have gotten control of their website.

    All of the websites being hosted on the NSM88 servers are being seized by headquarters.

  29. Actually, this is what the site says:

    We are no longer affiliated with the National Socialist Movement.
    We are developing a new organization, which will be aligned for VICTORY,
    not ham-stringing side-issues like Satan worship, "Unity", etc.


    Monday July 3, from 2 pm - 4 pm
    The event HAS TAKEN PLACE on the steps of the Capitol Building.

    We were there for a History-making Event!

    E-Mail questions to

  30. Well this is what the nukeisrael people are saying along with very unflattering picture of you - Bill - you seem like a smart guy - why buy into all this racist shit ? you could be do so better and be a much more complete person if you left the entire racist scene. Floyd!.htm

    "The worthless piece of crap known as BILL WHITE continues the lie fest. He now claims that NSM Washington has all resigned and everyone else in the northwest will soon. He also says that those who organized the rally in Olympia are all dismissed. More of white's lies! 2 people in the entire NSM NW were removed. I wondering if their is anyone left in the movement that goes to his liesite and truly believes the crap?
    Bill White has put daggers into the back of every organization he has ever belonged to. Everyone hates his guts including the Anti's. Bill White turned on us so quickly that he was never was with us. He was still a communist turd deep down inside. His purpose was to infiltrate the NSM in a attempt to destroy it. The asshole will fail! I suspect he will soon start his own group using former members of NS groups who are too stupid to see what he truly is. Then he will slowly frame each member to get them locked up. The movement will weather the Bill Black storm. The NSM will survive Butthead Bill's lies and we will continue on."

  31. Jim is a friend. The day before this happened I was helping him collect money from his ex-wife. He's just upset, and the NSM leadership is running around telling everyone I'm lying.

    Sometimes, its easier to believe someone is lying than it is to believe someone you admire is a child molesting Satan worshipper -- though Jim should know better.

  32. Gee, that's odd Bill. Here is what he's saying about you on the nsm forum


    All traitors must be delt with sometime?

    or is that someone else?

  33. bill white said:

    I am almost afraid that what will emerge will be a systematic ring of child abuse that involves several long-term NSM members.

    Kindly wait until you have proof available before making allegations about "child sex abuse rings." Back in the 1980's and early 1990's, lots and lots of probably-innocent people were sent to jail over such allegations. For details, see:

    Against Satanic Panics

    See especially the many links on the following page:

    The "Satanic Ritual Abuse" scare (and the larger child sex abuse panic) of the 1980's and early 1990's


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