Monday, July 17, 2006


During the first half of this month's Coldshot, Nicole Nichols has a little fun with the racists and how they view women - and then she seriously discusses the problem of domestic abuse. She pulls no punches and speaks frankly and openly to the female sector of the movement.



    The goods.

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  3. It seems to be working now. Not sure who the author is or which side he's on, but the blog is a really hilarious spoof of Bill White's blog.

  4. Did you ever wonder how you would feel if you threw a party and no one came? Ask Bill White - that's what happened to him tonight.

  5. Megan Cooper the fat, knocked up new bride will cum.....well maybe not I doubt Bill is worth a shit in the sack....

  6. I am sure Cliff Herrington's Christian enemies in the National Socialist Movement (NSM) would love to hear that his wife's Joy of Satan sect includes a Yahoo group led by a bisexual black man who likes transexuals.

    Here's a link to a post by Keon, moderator of a JoS-affiliated Yahoo group for Satanists of African descent:

    in which Keon says, "Transsexual, sound sexy heehee. I love men and women and I would one day love to have sex with a Trans."

    As far as the vast majority of Satanists are concerned, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a bisexual black man who likes transexuals. However, most white nationalists would likely have a big problem with this, as also would most black nationalists, for that matter.

  7. This is a picture of the trannie that Maxine's own appointed high priest (Keon Holiday) was hitting on. And the same high priest said that Clifford Herrington helped him create his own black National Socialist group for Satanists.

    JOS Black Transexual Nazi

    Of course, gays, bisexuals, trannies of any race and color are welcome to join Clifford and Wife's cult-circus of Sata-Nazis. "Clifford is more open minded then his enemies claim."

    Boy was he really fooling those white power Christian fundies with his public act of intolerance. This man's world is completely taboo. And it just keeps getting worse (better). Anything and everything goes! Jump on in, the water is gay!

  8. I can see it now. Clifford's next big Neo-Nazi rally is going to look like this!


  9. Anonymous said...
    JOS Black Transexual Nazi

    Even worse (better): JoS Interracial Transsexual Nazi!

  10. Anonymous said...
    Of course, gays, bisexuals, trannies of any race and color are welcome to join Clifford and Wife's cult-circus of Sata-Nazis. "Clifford is more open minded then his enemies claim."

    Could you please source that last quote?

  11. Andrea Herrington said:

    "I am pro-abortion, pro- homosexuality and free sex all the way. My husband knows this. He is more open to free thought than his enemies claim."

    Source Here


    Remember, you got it from us first!

  13. This was just posted on Bill White's website declaring himself "commander" of a new nazi group.
    I think that in the course of human events and evolution there has never been a bigger idiot then Bill White. - Floyd

    from Bill's site:
    Commentary -- When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for a group of Aryans to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among white people that separate station to which their race entitles them, a decent respect for the opinions of man requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to separation.
    We hold these truths to be evident from our tradition: that Adolf Hitler was the living instrument of God on Earth, that he was endowed by the Creator with the qualities of our ancient Heroes, and that the movement which he founded is the only means by which white people can possess life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; That to secure these rights, he instituted a government among men, deriving its just powers from the benefit of our race; That modern Judaized government, with its capitalist diversity and internationalist multi-culturalism, is destructive to these ends, and that it is the right of white people to alter or abolish it, and institute a National Socialist government, laying its foundation on those principles, and organizing its power in such form, as to preserve our safety and our happiness.

    Prudence, indeed, will dictate that institutions long established for advancement of the white race should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, that movement activists are more disposed to suffer, while their leadership is sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the old organizations to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and deceit exposes the leadership of the movement as incapable of leading, and to be unable to win our people their victory, it is the right, it is the duty, of the white race to throw off such leadership, and to provide new organizations for our advancement. Such has been the patient suffering of us as comrades in the National Socialist Movement, and such is now the necessity which constrains us to break from that leadership.

    The history of the present Commander, Jeff Schoep, is a history of repeated injuries and abuses, all of which make him unfit to continue his leadership of America's National Socialist Movement. To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world:

    * He has allowed men convicted of infamous crimes to serve in the Movement, and has promoted them to high office, and has ignored the petitions of his comrades to remove them;

    * He has allowed men who mix the blood of the our race to serve in the Movement, and has promoted them to high office, and has had knowledge of such crimes, and has concealed such knowledge from his comrades, and deceived his comrades in the protection of such men, and has ignored the petitions of his comrades when they have asked that these wrongs be righted;

    * He has allowed men of inferior ability and infamous reputation to serve in the Movement, and has promoted them above their comrades, and has allowed them to harm the Movement and drive away good comrades;

    * He has set an example of immorality, refusing to take the mother of his children in marriage, conducting affairs with infamous women, suffered accusations, on good evidence, of having fathered children in such affairs, and has used such affairs as the basis of providing his mistress position in the party;

    * He has allowed comrades to be attacked, and refused to take action against their attackers, and disciplined or threatened disciplinary actions against those who have;

    * He has conducted party business in secret, refusing party comrades their rightful access to information, and created the appearance of impropriety in the conduct of party affairs;

    * He has taken disciplinary action against comrades in secret and without cause, expelling both individuals and entire state organizations, and has concealed such actions from his comrades, and denied such actions, and refused to explain or justify the departure of these comrades;

    * He has lied to his comrades, and issued false statements, and issued true statements and then denied them for his political advantage, and refused to set a consistent example for the Movement.

    In every stage of these oppressions his comrades have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms: our repeated petitions have only been answered with repeated injury and deception. A Commander whose organization is thus marked by every act that defines corruption and weakness is unfit to be the leader of white Aryan people, and shall be no more.

    I, William Alexander White, on behalf of the representatives of the American National Socialist Workers' Party, in Party Congress assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of my intentions, do, in the name, and by the authority that is traditional for our leaders, solemnly publish and declare, that:

    * The American National Socialist Workers' Party, and a National Socialist Workers' Party for each nation our comrades inhabit, is formed;

    * I am the Commander of the American National Socialist Workers' Party, and the assembled National Socialist Workers' Parties of the world, and that said organizations declare their independence from the National Socialist Movement and the Command of Jeffrey Schoep;

    * All party comrades are absolved of all allegiance to the old Movement, are released from all oaths to the old leadership, and that all political connection between them and the old Command is and ought to be totally dissolved;

    And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of our Gods, I submit this resolution to the Party Congress.

    Bill White
    July 18, 2006

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  15. Before Bill White can come up with his usual mixture lies and half truths, I will tell you what really happened today. Bill White was stupid enough to show up at Tom Henderson's house (Leader of Aryan Resistance Virginia). Bill was stupid enough to threaten Tom who was one of many who plugged Bill's whore of a wife, Meghan Cooper. Bill White got his fat ass throughly beaten down. End of Story. Bill never landed a punch and he begged Tom to "leave me alone" like a little bitch.

  16. It should be noted that I post this with the full backing of Commander Schoep of the NSM. Bill White is no longer welcome at rallies or events at any White Power organization. Should Bill White or Vonbluvens show at any rallies they will be mass beaten by any and all Aryan Resistance or NSM members.

    Bill White turned informant, he has gone to the police with a sack of lies about myself, Commander Schoep, and others.

  17. Ok - but he told us that he still hoped to be at Gettysburg and other "pro-white" rallies. Would that include Gettysburg?

    And what could he have gone to the police with - more of his lies?

  18. Bill White showed up at Tom's house today bragging about going to the police. Reportedly he has told them that Sledgehammer88 uses underage girls in his Videos and that Commander Schoep is a meth dealer. Both to the best of my knowledge are lies.

  19. If Bill is unwise enough to show up at the Gettysburg event he should have lots of police protection. Remember Bill, we know where you live and what you drive.

  20. Any clue as to why he would show up at Tom's house? I ask because he has been posting on his sites today and no mention of anything.

  21. I doubt very seriously if Bill would show at any event where he thought there might me NSM or Vinlanders - he's kind of a pussy that way, no doubt. That's why I am trying to understand what possessed him to show up at Tom's house.

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Bill was mad because Tom has been outing Meghan Cooper for a whore that was in at least one of SLEDGEHAMMER88 spank films. This happened only about an hour and a half ago. I think Bill has been reading his own bullshit too damn much and thought he was tough or something. Bill out weighs Tom by around 40 pounds, I guess he thought fat was an advantage somehow.

  24. Bill will lie but I challenge him to appear in public in the next day or two. Billy Bumps has an extra bump or two on his head. LOL!

  25. Oh...I can see Bill thinking he had the advantage. Were you there? You say he didn't get in a punch...why does that not surprise me? I have been saying all along that this would happen - he just doesn't get it.

    I wonder who we have in the area who could snap a picture of those "extra bumps?"

    Oh - you can bet he has been spin doctoring all the way home!

  26. yeah Bill White made the mistake and he has made several of them - playing with the nazis isnt like playing with the leftist - the nazis will beat him half to death -

    He played these games with people when he was an anrachist and thought he could do it with the racist - for all his "smarts" he is pretty dumb and now will pay for it :)


  27. You are right Floyd. I just checked, and there is nothing about this on his sites. And he just posted in the last hour. I'm going to see if anyone has said anything on Blevin's blog - I doubt it - or on any other forum.

  28. Well...I sent White an email asking him to confirm or deny - we'll see what he has to say.

  29. Okay, pardon me for being dumb here but is there actually a group called Aryan Resistance?

    Who the hell is Tom Shelly?

  30. We hold these truths to be evident from our tradition: that Adolf Hitler was the living instrument of God on Earth, that he was endowed by the Creator with the qualities of our ancient Heroes, and that the movement which he founded is the only means by which white people can possess life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness --Bill White


    Someone apparently smacked Bill in the head a little too hard.

  31. Tom Shelly, Sledgehammer88, and Tom Henderson are all Stromfronters/Vinlanders/Aryan Resistance a-holes. Sledge has his own Video Porn business :

    and is heavily involved in Nimbusters and NimCrown. They were all three big posters on alt.flame.niggers the Usenet Newsgroup. All three hate Bill White.

  32. Overblown said...
    Remember, you got it from us first!

    It is now getting to be more and more apparently written by an actual Nazi, and less funny in my opinion. However, the earlier entries (up to and including "BREAKING NEWS: Blackula a member of JOS") are still very funny.

  33. What makes you think a Nazi wrote it? We're doing a survey.

  34. Looks like one of HistoryMike's works.

  35. What makes a guy who produces sleazy pornos White Power ?

    What makes a sleazy porn producer who makes vids of niggers spanking teenaged White girls White Power ?

    Sounds like he's in good company with the NSM.

  36. I can't find any but white spankers on the site. Does this matter? Some black girls though. Not many of the girls are all that cute.

  37. Overbown is either Historykike or Unknown Fucktard.

  38. Anonymous Dumbass said...
    I can't find any but white spankers on the site. Does this matter? Some black girls though. Not many of the girls are all that cute.

    There is a nigger spanking a white teenager on the front page dumbass. There are also a bunch of nigger girls getting spanked, White Power !

    So you heard of Bill White getitng in a fight with a sleazy jew porn peddler and then you ran to Citizens against Hate to let them know first, White Power !

    You're the one who should be worried about appearing in public after this. You said Bill White was there in person. What if he reveals where this jewish porn production house is at ?

    Whoever lives in that house should pack their shit and move, probably before he writes about it. It should be burnt to the ground for what's going on there.

  39. Anonymous Dumbass said...
    Overbown is either Historykike or Unknown Fucktard.

    Or Jim Ramm, lucky guess :)

  40. The style is HM.

  41. Nice try Bill, you limp wristed little pussy. Trying to confuse everyone with lies? Sledge isn't Jewish. Tom Henderson doesn't produce porn. Your main problem is that you never know what the hell your talking about. You went after the wrong guy when you went after Tom and got your pussy ass kicked. Live with it bitch.

  42. I think all you bitches are lying. I can't find any black bitches on the

    site. Besides that site ain't Sledge's anyway.

    You idiots must be sucking Lloyd's dick to get this damn stupid.

  43. Overblown said...
    What makes you think a Nazi wrote it? We're doing a survey.

    The last two entries (the ones after the "Blackula" entry) are atarting to sound more and more like straightforward neo-Nazi propaganda with only a touch of humor. Perhaps they were intended as a very subtle spoof of neo-Nazi propaganda, but they didn't come across that way to me. Perhaps I'm missing something?

  44. Looking more closely at the last two entries in Overblown, I see that one (on Hezbollah) can perhaps be taken as an ironic commentary on hypocrisy by some people who oppose neo-Nazism (without the writer necessarily actually being a neo-Nazi, though pretending to be one), and that the other (on the FBI recruitment crisis) can perhaps just be taken as humor about the existence of people associated with neo-Nazism who turn out to be Jewish and/or gay and/or on welfare.

  45. I will be announcing a new blog and website in the next couple of days - as soon as I create a symbol and write up a document declaring me grand pooh-pooper of North America.

    So, stay tuned - we will be making this earth shaking announcement on our new radio show Facists Against Gays (FAGS).

    Signed : underblown7

  46. The Von Bluvie White Address:

    Four score and a few weeks ago, my forefather Bluvie Von White brought forth on this continent thru inbreeding and incest a new nation, conceived in the dungeons of his mistress, and dedicated to the proposition that all S&M is not created equal or that Jeff Scoep and Cliff Herrington are lovers.
    Now we are engaged in a great battle between the National Socialist Movement and American Nationalist Socialist Worker's Party , testing whether this S&M nation, or any ass, so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are fighting this war on the Internet,behind police barricades and the dungeons of Mistress Megan. We have come to dedicate a portion of that fight, as a final resting place for those who allowed their asses to beaten bloody so S&M might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

    But, in a larger sense, we can not fight—we can not breed—nor can we take this spanking on by ourselves. The brave men, spanked and and the un-spanked, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our shouts White Power.

    The world will little note, nor long remember what we cry out here or on the Hal Turner Show, . It is for us with our red-asses and bruised egos , who have dedicated our selves to saving the white race and S&M. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us ,that we here highly resolve that these men and women shall not have been spanked in vain — that this new S&M nation, under Bill White, shall have a new birth of whiteness and red asses— and that this movement of the spanked, by the spanker and for those looking to be spanked, shall not perish from this white earth or the handcuffs of my lovers VonBluvens and Mrs "beat me" White.

    Signed : the descendants of Bluvie Von White

  47. Nikki - I seem to be having problems with email and trying to log into the blogger - let me know if you have received any emails from me - Floyd

  48. I used to post on here and read this stuff from time to time. First it was all good solid bitching about us. It was like the geeks who didn't play football bitching about the dudes that did. Now...its just all gone to hell. Its all Satanism, giant-walking-weeners, history mike, red-assed-spanking and even more about Satan. Here: you guys can say I robbed the Piggly-Wiggly or something.


    This is the welcome page onthe site. The nigger spanking a White girl is on the front page. Perhaps you need to scroll your broser to the right to notice it but it's right there on the front page.

    Heather and Chris
    4 Parts 6/30/06

    These are disgusting vermin who should be wiped from the Earth. No who promotes or participates in this sleazy bunch is considered White Power, they're worse than most jews. Not even primative Island people live that filthy.

  50. Nicole consider this a complaint to get that cocksuit off the front page. It's offensive.

  51. Overblown is Jim Ramm.

  52. Deputy Commander VONBLUVENS has been locked up in a psychiatric institute..

    BW spin:


    Today I received the email, attached below, from Michael Blevins.

    As Deputy Commander for Internal Affairs, I need someone who is
    loyal and honest and who can be trusted to handle money.

    Mike Blevins is all of those things.

    However, he is correct in his statement that he has not been able to
    maintain the constancy necessary to assume a Deputy Command in our
    party. He has formed, and quit, three organizations this week, and
    been in and out of depression since the NSM fell apart. He has also
    been subject to constant abuse from Jeff Schoep and other members of
    the old National Socialist Movement.

    I will be announcing a new Deputy Commander within the week.
    Comrades interested in the position who I don't know should email me
    at nsmroanoke@.... The ability to pass a thorough background
    check and a verifiable white genealogy, as well as the other
    requirements of membership, and the desire and drive to build an
    organization of this nature, will be required.




    What has happened with the fallout of the NSM has had a profound
    impact on me. It has destroyed my short term mental outlook and has
    made somewhat of a wreck of my life.

    With that and some family issues I am just not up to the task of
    being part of your or ANY group right now. You need a strong co-
    commander and right now I know I am not that person. I am sorry
    about the vascillation but you know that happens with people with

    I suppose I am going to concentrate on my art career (has been in
    neglect for some time because of my efforts for the NSM).

    I consider you a friend and I would be doing you and the group no
    favors by staying in this position right now.


  53. How do you know that he has been locked up???

  54. You should consider doing a piece on the neo-nazi who runs VNN UK. There even is a blog on him. He is a nasty nazi and what he is doing is illegal..

    His real name:
    Pete 'Sid' Williamson
    Brighton, UK

    On VNN, he is:
    British Super Moderator

  55. Well, locked up. Depends how you look at it. One thing is sure, his wife wants him out.

    He is acting so weird (did you listen to his SONS speech? "I am a leader", "I am Commander, chairman and president") that she wants him out. Divorce is coming up.

    They will lock him up or he will commit suicide. He finally understands that he is a waste of space.

  56. Yeah - I listened to that and kept saying over and over - this is just bizarre. Blevins is not well, obviously - and I think your perceptions are right on target.

  57. For the record:

    I am in no way associated with the "Overblown" website, nor do I know anyone who participates.

    I have enough to do in all of the projects I am currently involved with.

    Thanks for thinking of me, though, anonymous!

    As far as Von Blevinsky:

    I agree he sounds out of it, and the implosion of the NSM has likely knocked the wind from his proverbial sails. Von invested a lot of time and energy into his NSM-related projects, and his WN opportunities are limited to Bill's new group or...nothing.

    No one else will take him in, if the VNN and Stormfront boards are any indication.


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