Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The young leader of the National Socialist Movement has been faced with a multitude of decisions lately and a lot of flack from his members.

As conflicting reports kept emerging from NSM headquarters regarding the number of members and units it was losing, Jeff Schoep remained eerily silent sending only a couple of messages out through trusted people. The elderly Wild Bill Hoff was calling for calm and unity and Richard Brunson was issuing scathing condemnations of Bill White.

Well, it really doesn't appear that either calm or unity is going to be restored anytime soon.

Yesterday evening, Hal Turner broke into the Gordon Young show with breaking news stating that he had just been informed by NSM member Tim Bishop that Chairman Clifford Herrington had resigned. He stated that Bishop and Schoep had engaged in a three way conference call with Herrington where they confronted the Chairman with allegations of Satanism and pedophilia. The Chairman was asked to resign and when Herrington refused and got nasty, he was expelled from the group.

That was the initial report. However, the statement made today by Jeff Schoep is just a little bit different:


"NSM Chairman Emeritis Herrington is currently retiring from his position, and will be stepping back from active duty, as he attends to some personal and family matters. On behalf of the Party, I would like to thank him for his many years of service to the NSM, and all the sacrifices he has made for us all during that time. He has been a tireless and valuable worker for the cause, and we have all learned alot from him over the years.

"The Chairman has retired once before in 1993, and returned to the Party years later to assist us. Perhaps after his personal matters are squared away, we will see him again in the future.

"Hail Victory! Commander Schoep"

Clifford Herrington was supposedly confronted about his wife being a High Priestess and running a Satanic cult which preys on children and advocates group and perverted sex; his ties to this group; the fact that his wife is non-white by the NSM standards; and claims that he had been indicted for acts with a minor will have to take care of these "personal matters" and then all will be forgiven? He will be allowed to return? Why doesn't this really surprise me?

For years now, Schoep and the NSM have been castigated for allowing John Snyder, a sex offender, to remain in that organization. At one point, Snyder disappeared and was on the most wanted list in the state of Indiana. It appears that Snyder is back among the rank and file.

Last night a message was posted on the VNN site from Herrington's wife, Andrea/a..k.a. Maxine Deitrich. She claimed that in the 1990's Jeff Schoep was homeless and destitute and that she and Clifford took him in and that he resided with them for several months. If her statement is factual, then it begs the question - how could Schoep not have known about the Satanism or the fact that the woman was non-white. Further, if he lived, as she said, with the Herrington's and their three children, would he not have realized that one of her children is of Middle-Eastern lineage? Would he have us believe that he missed all this when living with the Herrington's and he missed all of this for the last 13 years?

On the heels of the announcement that the Chairman had been removed, Tim Bishop asked that Michael Blevins, (VonBluvens) post the following announcement:


Col. Bishop at 8:00 pm EST time asked me to put the word out to all of our comrades that the difficult situation we have been experiencing with the Chairman's wife is now over. He told me that the Chairman has been relieved of his duties in the NSM.

Colonel Bishop went further to say that those that have resigned over this situation are encouraged to come back to the NSM including myself (VONBLUVENS). He also asked me to rescind my resignation (and I have done so on our blog).

I would be more than happy to come back to the NSM and to resume my duties.



This opened up another big can of worms. Since VonBluves, the "Minister of NSM Radio" was going back to the fold, and since the invitation was extended to all, Bill White had a dilemma. He had been busily carving out a new niche for himself - one that would allow him to be in charge, what was he to do? He got his answer pretty fast. It seems the offer was meant for everyone but Bill White. And that, in Bill White's eyes, was the last straw.

When this announcement came down, Bill went into high gear and offered to help Schoep "put the party back in order." However, there were some conditions which had to be met before Schoep could expect Bill's expertise:

"...only on the conditions that other members implicated in the "Satan-gate" scandal be dismissed and that Schoep make other changes to repair the faults in the NSM organization."

White went on to claim that there had been other revelations about members in the NSM and that these things had to be dealt with:

"* The revelation that NSM SS leader Richard Brunson, in the late 1980s, acted as a federal informer in two skinhead groups -- the Rocky Mountain Skins and the Freikorps Skinheads -- that his testimony led to the jailing of one Jesse Ferguson; and that he had donated white nationalist memorabilia to Jewish diversity organizations in a very public manner;

"* The revelation that NSM member April Patterson, who had described herself as a Satanist, has had at least one child taken away from her under allegations of child abuse and neglect;

"* The revelation that Jeff Schoep has allegedly been conducting a long standing with Patterson against his wife, Angela Foxworth Schoep, and that Patterson has alleged that the baby she is raising with John Snyder may be Schoeps'."

It's always interesting to watch Bill spin-doctor events and even more fun to witness him trying to bloody the noses of other white nationalists and neo-Nazi's. As narcissists have oft been called "ruthless fools," I tend to believe that Bill White exemplifies that label. Bill, in the throes of a manic phase, fails to realize that he has alienated not only a sizeable number of racists - but a huge majority of them. He can't see that because his narcissistic mania won't allow such negativity to penetrate that fragile psyche. To do so would be to unleash the underlying demons of self-destruction.

What is really funny in all of this, however, is watching the attempts at manipulation that are taking place. In truth, not much has changed. The NSM thinks it has gotten rid of their problem - but they haven't. If what Bill White says can be believed, the NSM still legally belongs to Clifford Herrington. And even if it doesn't, Jeff Schoep has attempted to put a band-aid on a hemorrhage. He might have "retired" Herrington, but he has, in essence said, that "once everything quiets down and the feeble minds in the NSM forget this, Cliff will be back."

VonBluvens doesn't know where to light - he is just flying by the seat of his pants and looking for his puppet master. I don't know where it will all end up - but one thing is for certain - it ain't over by a long-shot.


  1. Well I thought originally that Herrington being released would be horrble because it would re-unite the NSM with other racist groups.

    But as Bill White put it, Schoep is another Gliebe, which means the NSM will continue to decline. Schoep appears to be too inept to do anything which is fine by me. Schoep's silence will be his downfall. Which again is fine by me.

    Vonbluvens is a circus sideshow. While the best thing that could happen for mankind is for Vonbluvens to succeed in committing suicide the next time he tries, like I said in another thread, Vonbluvens is going to join White's new organization & force Schoep to dismiss him from the NSM.

    From this point on, no matter what happens, this is a win-win situation for the antis.

    Let the chips fall.

  2. Off topic.

    Klansman Jeff Berry beaten within a inch of his life, his own was behind it.


    (Dekalb County - WANE) Police in Dekalb County have arrested a second person, in connection with the beating of a former Ku Klux Klan leader. Doctors say Jeff Berry has a 50-50 chance of survival, after being beaten into critical condition on July 1st. Police say Berry's son, Anthony, and a second man, Fred Wilson, beat him up at a Fourth of July barbeque.

    Police arrested Anthony Berry on Tuesday. In court on Wednesday, Berry pleaded not guilty to a charge of aggravated battery. On Friday, police arrested Berry's suspected accomplice, Fred Wilson. Wilson has been charged with one misdemeanor count of battery.

  3. This is from Jaques Pluss - the Professor who infiltrated the NSM. To read more this is his blog.


    The latest news from the NSM and from Bill White just boggles the mind because of its utter stupidity. First, let's take the supposed attempt on the life of the infamous alcoholic Chairman of the NSM, Clifford "the Fraud" Herrington. That attempt (to plant a bomb under Herrington's car) was, I'm sure, an act perpetrated by the NSM itself (but probably not by Herrington, who is usually too bombed and psychotic to make sense of much of anything)to gather publicity and sympathy. Who else other than the NSM itself would want to be bothered by the NSM? But, of course, the NSM blames any Jewish group it can think of, so we hear of the Mossad, of the ADL, and so forth. Isn't it all getting a little old, my pseudo-Nazi ex-pals? As for White, he mentions on his site, Overthrow(up).com that the NSM is holding four rallies or meetings in the near future, most importantly one in Madison, Wisconsin. He believes that splinter factions from other White Power groups, plus remnants of nearly defunct White Pride groups will be drooling at the mouth to hitch up with the NSM. Right. Even if White is correct, that still means only a mere handful of individuals. One of my sources in the NSM -- one so close to "Commander" Jeff Schoep that the person can hear him snore -- relates to me that, at best, the NSM can count under 150 actual paying members, and a few more supporters. You can win the Whitehouse in 2008 with numbers like that, eh? And if, as the NSM "news" service notes (as does White)that the NSM now sports a friendship with the cause of the Palestinians, as well as its usual attempt to link up with the Klan, the FBI and other American law enforcement groups will crush the NSM in good time. As far as White's claim that the NSM supports some sclerotic old man going by the name of Ted Junker -- who claims to have been in the Waffen SS -- well, give me a break. There is no record of a "Ted Junker" in the Waffen SS. Yes, I have my sources, too. That old idiot better watch out that his senile game doesn't get him deported. MOST CRITICALLY, it is interesting to note that it seems I have been blocked from the NSM blog and White's vomitous site. Why? Could it be that I know too much? But my information is shared with groups far more powerful than the NSM's blog or Overthrow(up). By the way, if you're listening in, "Commander" Jeff, I wonder how much you like sharing intimacies with a nice Aryan blonde whose "collar doesn't match her cuffs," as we say. What a joke -- but more information for a further installment of my book, don't you say? Heil "Larry the Cable Guy!" Dr. Jacques Pluss.

  4. As I said, the NSM is full of informants. It's not too difficult to find out what is really going on in there.

  5. VONBLUVINS says on VNN forums that his original resignation still stands.

    11:00PM EST

    "My original resignation stands. Loyalty is a two way street. No, not being wishy washy at all.

    It is just time for me to move on. Perhaps I will help found a group of National Socialist without the Satanist element."

  6. He has heard his masters voice!

  7. At least he is not hearing the voice of Father Satan.

  8. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. You know, it is just like Maxine and Cliff to run off with all of the paying members money and use it for life-support in a situation like this. How greedy can you get? I'd say that is pretty low, and more like a 'fuck you' to all of the paying NSM members.

    In one final sweep, Cliff is like MINE and takes their money for him and his wife. It goes to show a huge reflection of character on the part of Maxine and her husband. It's all about the money to Maxine and Cliff.

    The only real cause on part of the NSM or JOS is personal gain for two low lifes that refuse to work real jobs and make an honest living. They are sitting back and living it up while somebody else is unknowingly paying their bills. The members probably had the impression that their money was going to a better cause than welfare.

  10. Vonbluvens is OWNED!!!!!!!

  11. Vonbluvens reminds me of the game pong. Everytime the ball would hit a wall, it would change directions.

  12. There are many interesting side notes to this whole series of NSM debacles:

    1. We are likely to get a truer understanding of the real NSM membership at its peak. White alludes to the "groundswell" of defections, then later points to his NSM group as evidence of the people lining up behind him (78 Yahoo members, at last check). SPLC's estimate of 300 active members now sounds a little high, since some of Bill's 78 appear to be double- and triple-aliases to make arguments look better supported, plus another 1-2 dozen anti-racists creating accounts to keep an eye on the activity. Those 78 are probably more like 45 "real" Nazi bodies, and that number probably can be reduced to 30 hardcore NSM members.

    2. As far as Blevins/Vonbluvens goes, he is looking for a paycheck. He will follow the faction most likely to underwrite his podcast efforts, but Schoep's announcement of Ramm as Minister of Disinformation sounds permanent, and Ramm looks like he is intent on muscling his way past Vonnie into keeping the job. At least Von could sometimes be funny - Ramm is way over the top, and too fond of being the "scary" lunkheaded brownshirt.

    3. You just know the NSM has to keep Cliff around - he's the closest thing the NSM has to Hitler's spittle-dripping rhetorical tirades. Schoep is too droll, Ramm is a bonehead, and who knows if Gletty is staying or going. Mark Martin takes a good picture, but his nasally screeching is too comical, and he has the IQ of an end table.

  13. Nikki -- Thanks so very much for pointing people in the direction of my book blog. Yes, the NSM is in serious melt-down, between the antics of Jeff 'who's my wife?' Schoep, Clifford 'Red Devil' Herrington, Bill 'the Liar' White, and Mike 'Which seat, teacher?' Blevins (who is really a Nazi out in the cold now). I urge every antifa-oriented reader here to go to the home page of what "had been," "is supposed to be," or whatever the NSM is now ( and click the 'Contact Us' Icon on the left to see how many leaders of that completely confused group have been dropped, reshuffled, or have their former positions simply left blank! As for White's new group, if it does even take form, it's interesting to note that one of the individuals he names for a key post has been sending me information for months. For the latest that I have as of Wednesday night, July 12, the information is in the latest posts of mine at -- and I thank you and your team members for all the hard work which has gone into your terrific coverage of the NSM melt-down. I look forward with anticipation to your next reports. For those of you who appreciate the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour," I'll just say, as always "Heil Larry the Cable Guy." Dr. Jacques Pluss.


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