Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Shame of the South - PART I

This week's broadcast is a must! Floyd answers some emails, and tackles the Confederates - from the flag to the Council of Conservative Citizens. Nikki joins in with her views on the CoCC and a glimpse at what is coming up next. A brief overview of "what is racism " and "Christian Chauvinism. And...there are a couple of surprises to tickle your funny bone!

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This has been an ongoing project at Citizens Against Hate and one that really hasn't gotten enough attention as of late. Because of upcoming activities that I was just made aware of - I think we all need to take a look at this.

Organized hate groups in America and around the world are of genuine concern to a free society such as ours. They not only gnaw at the fabric of humanity they degrade all that is wholesome and decent in a civilized world. Studying these groups they often seem to be only the "fringe" element of our nation considering the small number of members and their inability to unify and present any type of legitimate threat. Yet, the numbers are frequently deceiving because they do not take into account the silent supporters and the tacit agreement that others share with them.

Groups like Aryan Nations and the National Socialist Movement get our attention through their blatant acts of racism and discrimination. They are vocal and visible. It is those who fly below the radar of watch groups and others who report on their outlandish and sometimes violent actions who we really must consider perhaps even more dangerous in the grand scheme of things. These are the groups who operate within the mainstream of American society and who wield awesome power both at the voting booth and in the halls of government.

The neo-Confederate Movement is, to many, considered to be a little daffy and somewhat eccentric. Often the operation is thought of as harmless and benign and something engaged in by those malcontents in the South whom, for whatever reason, never got over losing the Civil War. Nothing could be further from the truth. And nothing could be more dangerous than allowing this Movement to flourish - and believe me, it is doing precisely that.

Like the neo-Nazi's and the whole White Supremacy movement, the neo-Confederates' contingencies are varied with a number of groups making up the whole. Unlike the neo-Nazi's, they appear to be a lot more cohesive in their efforts to present a united front. Vehemently opposed to immigration, homosexuals, inter-race marriages, and integration, membership in these groups spans the United States and boasts about an alarming number of members. Additionally, the movement is spearheaded by individuals of prominence and sometimes wealth.

The neo-Confederates are but the tip of the ice-berg in the grand scheme of this repugnant hard-right morass, however. Behind every "movement" there has to be largesse - and lots of it. As we move through the members and the leaders of this "Southern Swamp" we will attempt to connect the dots. There are connections - and we think we have found some of the money trail.

The premier group among these neo-Confederates is the Council of Conservative Citizens who were largely unnoticed prior to Senator Trent Lott being outed as an honorary member and staunch supporter of the group.

In the 1950's South racism was the norm. In Mississippi it was perpetuated by a group called the "White Citizens Council" and a racist infrastructure that was unparalled and virtually impossible to destroy. Robert "Tut" Patterson was the founder of the White Citizens Council and together with a handful of other small businessmen and shop-owners, as well as Mayors and other white community leades the organization grew to a membership of over 250,000 in and out of Mississippi. The group prided itself on their ability to threaten and harass those who advocated civil rights. The Council was a segregationist organization and they often wielded a heavy hand and quite a bit of power within the communities.

The White Citizens Council was often referred to as the "Uptown Klan" as it appeared that sheets and hoods had been discarded and replaced by suits and ties. The ideology of this group was much like that of the Klan believing that whites were superior and "uppity Negroes" had to be kept in their place. According to the Sisters of Selma website, "Uppity blacks found themselves jobless, black professionals had credit, insurance, or license problems, and all blacks who tried to register to vote were placed on a blacklist."

Eventually, after a long history of intimidation and hate, the Council fell apart only to be resurrected a few years later by some of the previous members. Gordon Lee Baum of St. Louis, Missouri, once a field organizer for the White Citizens Council, pulled a meeting together in Atlanta of some of the former members, including one-time Governor of Georgia, Lester Maddox, and together they formed what is know known as the Council of Conservative Citizens. Not surprisingly, Tut Patterson became a columnist for the "Citizens Informer" newspaper, a CCC publication. That same publication ran a column written by none other than Trent Lott.

Using old mailing lists, the 30+ membership rapidly gained momentum attracting those who agreed on segregation, miscegenation, the Confederate Flag, and immigration. Claiming not to be racist, the organization continued to flourish primarily in the South but later spanning much of the United States as it does still today. Their non-racist claims, however, just don't hold up to scrutiny. The Southern Poverty Law Center, long ago, declared the Council a "Hate Group" and their attempts to appear mainstream conservative have recently fallen by the wayside opting for a much more blatant presentation of their agenda. In the late 1990's, a few politicians got themselves in some real hot water over their affiliations with this group, not the least of which were Bob Barr and Trent Lott.

It has been reported that the organization currently has over 15,000 members across the United States. Of course, the number of supporters and sympathizers is much larger.

For a look at some of the major figures behind and within the Council for Conservative Citizens. These are leaders of the organization, people who have written articles for the organization, or people who haven addressed the group.


And, while we're at it - let's hear what Floyd Cochran has to say about the Confederate Flag HERE


  1. is what's being planned:

    On Sunday July 30th the racist Council of Conservative Citizens is hosting an anti-affirmative action rally in Jackson, MI from 2:00-3:30 in Ella Sharp Park in support of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative.

    It is likely that many of the people who attend this event will be open to discussing affirmative action and unaware that the Council of Conservative Citizens is a racist organization.

    As I remember the area surrounding Ella Sharp Park is in a majority white part of town and many of which are very conservative.,+MI&cid=0,0,11233929525086041482&ie=UTF8&om=1&ll=42.244785,-84.404182&spn=0.110811,0.2211


    The Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) is the reincarnation of the racist White Citizens’ Councils of the 1950s and 1960s. In Michigan the CCC is lead by John Raterink who is a member of the neo-nazi National Alliance (according to their 2005 internal membership list). He is based out of Caledonia which is southeast of Grand Rapids.

    The CCC typically attempts to give voice to popular rightwing sentiments by organizing protests and using them as a place to recruit. Their racist agenda is only thinly disguised as a simple reading of their platform states that they “believe the United States is a European country and that Americans are part of the European people” and that they “oppose all efforts to mix the races of mankind… and to force the integration of the races.”

    On May 6th the CCC organized an anti-immigration rally in Grand Rapids . This was probably the CCC’s first public event in Michigan. Many of the who showed up for the rally were unaware of the politics of the people organizing the event and open to discussion regarding immigration.

    ADDITIONALLY, they plan on being in Lansing on September 30.

  2. It should be noted that any white man or woman that joins either Bill or Von's bogus groups are considered by AR and Vinlanders as race traitors and will be dealt with accordingly.

  3. Since when did the Vinlanders want to side with the late NSM (god rest it's infernal soul)? All of these recent reports about Bill getting his ass kicked from some guy named Tom Henderson have been bogus.

    If Tom Henderson does exist, him and his group must be very small to remain so unnoticed by the public eye.

    I don't think the Vinlanders would be jumping to the aid of the mortally wounded NSM for any reason. Show me a public statement from the Vinlanders which backs up your claim.

    Show me some proof that this guy "Tom Henderson" and his group Aryan Resistance, even exists.

    This appears to be some disgruntled NSM member trying to scare members away from Bill's group in hopes that they will go running back to the corpse of the NSM.

    I have searched the whole internet and found zero evidence that there is a guy named Tom Henderson leading a group called Aryan Resistance. Show some proof. Forgive me for not taking your word for it. You seem to lack any real sources of credibility.

  4. There are a lot of things going on here which I allow to slide for the purpose of furthering discussion and in the the spirit of free speech. There are a few things, however, which will probably be sent to the great cyber garbage dump in the sky.

    1)Foul language directed at others repetitively;

    2)Racial epithets


    4)Posts made by imposters

    Now - if you want to come here and state your case against Bill White in an intelligent and forthright manner without the bullshit and the lies - be my guest. But, believe me, White and Friends can get themselves in enough trouble all by themselves. No one needs to make up anything about them - they provide us with plenty material as it is.

    You claim that you posted here about him because he reads this blog - well, he reads other forums as well - and I haven't seen anything like that anywhere - why not?

  5. Typical. Can't debate my points so you delete my posts.

  6. write it in your blog.

  7. Just found this gem.

    The NSM "Leadership" Doesn't Give A Damn About Its Members....

    I just have to get this off of my chest. I have been silent too long.

    Well, I listened to the Jeff Schoep this evening and he pretty much said that the service of those that left the party didn’t mean squat to him. I know I gave a good two years in the service of the NSM (and so did my family) doing NSM Radio. They didn’t have any internet radio to speak of until they asked me to do it. Jim Ramm didn’t even think of doing radio until I persuaded him to do it. To think of all the thousands of hours I spent in the service of this group just to be told what I and others did for them doesn’t count. This man calls himself honorable? Give me a break.

    I will let you in on a secret: Eric Adams which controls NSM Records wanted control of other NSM media concerns and I suffered harassment from that quarter for some time. Jim Ramm gets the benefit of Eric’s help now. Funny, I never got the benefit of help from Eric Adams even though he bragged to have the equipment to do live shows. That guy would let us spend NSM money for Hal’s network while bitching about Hal on the NSM’s (I should say Eric’s forum) forum all the while holding back the resources to help the party. True party comrade, eh? Maybe DOC was right when he said Eric Adams is a FED plant. I asked DOC for proof and he said all you had to do is ask the various Klan groups in Florida to get the scoop.

    I don’t know if Eric is an informant but if he is he is definitely in a good position to be one since he has total 100% access to sales information, all servers, including the NSM message board and God knows what else.

    He is definitely in the cat-bird seat.

    My final thought on the NSM is this: They treat their members like light bulbs and what I mean by that is they let the bulbs burn brightly for them and once the bulb burns out they unscrew it and throw it in the waste bin. That is no way to treat members.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Informant Von? You mean like Bill White? You don't know who Tom Henderson is buddy? In some circles he is know as "The Butcher".

    No one cars about your whining, Von. Suck it in and at least try to pretend to me a man.

  10. On July 30? Oh, shit...

    ARA is spending the next three weeks in Jackson dealing with the anti-abortion activism going on, and now they have this?

    I need a plane ticket!

  11. Tom Shelly=NewsGuy aka The Toad

    He's a joke.

    He also posts in Hal's comments as R.James.

    The guy is mentally ill and needs a life.

  12. Tom Shelly, White God said...

    It should be noted that any white man or woman that joins either Bill or Von's bogus groups are considered by AR and Vinlanders as race traitors and will be dealt with accordingly.

    Kind of ironic you say that, considering Clifford Herrington is the BIGGEST race traitor of them all. His wife isnt white! Isnt that bigger than Bills leaving anyday?? I mean the man married secrectly a non-white and fornicates with her. Sorry but thats the biggest "race traitor" of them ALL.

  13. Race mixing doesn't bother the NSM when it is one of their own doing it. Herrington is starting his own chapter of the NSM, which will still be called the National Socialist Movement. They will still be wearing the NSM name.

    There are still people within the main group of NSM who continue to support and cover for Herrington. Race mixing doesn't bother them. Instead of confronting him about his race mixing, they swept it under the rug and said that he may even return to the NSM as their leader in the future. They ignore it.

    Race mixing is not an issue for the NSM. It is a non issue. The whole NSM including Herrington have acted like this has not been a concern at all. It doesn't matter to them because RACE ITSELF doesn't matter to them.

    By not saying anything about this to the public, the NSM is saying a lot. By not speaking up, they say it loud and clear. You don't hear Herrington talking about it either. They said it all by not saying anything.

    The NSM supports and protects the race mixing of their own people. Like a bunch of hypocrites, they will still be walking around telling other people that race mixing is a big no-no!

    And nobody is going to take them seriously. People will see the NSM as a bunch of guys who don't practice what they preach. Do as I say, not as I do.

    Then you have Herrington's breed of Black Nazi Satanists along with the Gay Nazi Satanists. You can bet his chapter of the NSM is going to be a total riot! And yes they are going to be a branch of the very same National Socialist Movement. Jeff and Cliff, right hand buddies for life.

    Herrington is on the outside with the outcasts. He is currently surrounded by his wife's cult members who are the only ones gathering to join him. He is all alone with them. He is even beginning to sound like them.

    The National Socialist Movement has just adopted the Satanic Cult following of his wife. She isn't white. Many of them are not white. And they are all as delusional as Cliff and Andrea themselves. Mutt power!

    Wherever the NSM goes the NSM grows. Well it just went into the Joy of Satan cult and adopted a bunch of freaks. The NSM can enjoy its new reputation as a bunch of race mixing kooks.

    Anybody supporting the NSM at this point is a joke. These freaks are a branch of the very same tree. They are your NSM brothers and sisters, whether you like it or not. Race Traitors! At least Bill and his boys knew when to get the hell out of dodge.

  14. blah...blah...blah...blah...blah...

  15. NSM Has Under 400 Members
    Ken Krauss
    Hitler Memorial Rally

    Chairman are you going to the Wisconsin rally?

    "clifford herrington"

    ONLY IF INVITED! Please read below and forward!

    I doubt it, there are particular individuals who would not like my presence! Thanks anyway, someone want to pay for my flight? I can't drive!

    I have no secrets, as opposed to others.

    Dear Madam,

    Thank you for your kind words In appreciation.

    You are right on all counts.

    This was a political coup, and I felt it in Lansing, when I was getting the proverbial corporate kiss off with a token for appreciation, not that I mind, I am honored by all my comrades, Ladies and Youth, just doing what you are doing. YOU ARE THE HOPE OF THE UNITED STATES and the ARYAN VOLK!

    In regards to these other things, they were coldly calculated to put William Albert Weiss, in position with his money isolate the Commander, and have others whispering in his ear, about, gaawwd awful things! ALL UNTRUE, I might add!

    When the attempted bomding occured, both Mrs Herrington and I were in the car, I have been visited by the FBI for further background on the events surrounding this and details. It has been confirmed by other law enforcement, as to exactly what was in the device. & it was exploded, & according to one officer, went off like a two ton truck. Oh well, at anyrate, when I called Mr. WEISS, he was totally surprised, "Like you are still here, (tone) !!!") and grilled me trying to make it sound like I had something to do with it. A couple of others were likewise taken aback by my, TALKING TO THEM, sorta of like they had expected something else!

    At this time, it was expected to isolate the Commander, vis other individuals surrounding him, whispering in his ear. He was pressured by Parties unknown and the questioning of the POB sharing was brought up. This is for business reasons only. Then demands began to be made on me, the suggestion, that I separate the boxes, Ok, no problem. I advised the Commander, the best policy was to stand strong, quash any mention of the religious angle, and maintain our front. In addition I agreed that this was to have been done, but unfortunately had come too late. Bill WEISS then started harping on the CI's, which I would never do. He then was ordered to stop his attacks, and finally he made links to Mrs Herringtons web site, and posted on his web site, as a link. Then the unfortunate, ill thought out speech by Comrade Drake, was made and never never should have mentioned the religious angle. Further, it was made worse, by him being ordered to take it down, however, Blevins then did so on his own initative, supposedly. However, with the link between White and an ongoing "freidnship" with Blevins, I suspect otherwise, and this was a carefully concoted excuse to remove me and isolate the Commander. Then over a period of days 'it occured that the Commander was under extreme pressure and suggested that I step back. I told the Commander, that I would not. STAND STRONG! TAKE THE OFFENSIVE! DON'T RETREAT! DON'T APOLOGIZE! However, I was told that if something weren;t done, we would lose half the Party, as CI's were putting pressure, supposedly, on him to get rid of those damned "satanists", & implying I needed to take care of her! Well, I refused. He told me in no uncertain terms, "worse is coming!" I asked what, and he
    wouldnt answer me. Well I have very good ideas, what was meant. Not to exclude his personal position, vis pressure groups! And given the advancement of the NSM, I am not and will not be surprised, in future, if in fact they should turn out to be true!

    Then third day, I come home get several calls, however, please note that the days preceeding this attempted bomding, my phones were down and took an act of god to get them operating by the authorities, no less, then five days after this started they went down again, no incoming no outgoing, and I could not access my voicemail. Then the next day I come home from work and discover thru a loyal member, not an "idol" worshiper, that I had voluntarillly retired, ".......Chairman Herington has done this before,..." was the remark. IN FACT, I had not, and I was at work and there WAS NO THREE WAY CONVERSATION BETWEEN ME, Col Bischoff, and CMDR SCHOEP! I was at work!

    Secondly, in 1994 when I appointed Cmdr SCHOEP, I appointed him with the clear understanding he was the COMMANDER OF THE UNIFORMED DIVISIONS, not the head of the PARTY MAIN ORGANIZATION, (Chartered NSM) I am Member No. 7 I have a'priori rights to, as designated by Comrade Brannen to all logos, names, titles, and symbols, and as such also have a contractual agreement making me the CHAIRMAN NSM and can only be removed, by my resignation or death, or my appointment of a replacement, not retirement, not dismissal, can't be done!

    Further, as indicated, the attempt was to isolate the Commander, when it appeared that myself and Mrs Herrington were not dead, someone paniced. WHAT WE DO? WHATA WE DO? Bill White bolted after being disciplined by me and the Commander for attacking CHRISTIAN IDINTITISTS. HE WAS SUBSPENDED FOR THIRTY DAYS, for indiscipline! THEN HE RESIGNED, then Blevins resigned, then Blevins camed back aftert I supposedly resigned. The Commander, stated to Blevins, when asked pointedly, Chairman Herrington will be back sometime in the future. I AM NOT ON VACATION, I am not retired, I WORKED UP TO THE LAST DAY OF THIS CALAMITY, and sent the latest, belated magazine and Bulletin, four hundred copies, to the COMMANDER. AND I HAVE NEVER ASKED FOR ANYTHING. And believe me lI understood where the Commander was going with plans, there are still there, they can still be accomplished! WE MUST NOT ALLOW JEWS AND THEIR FALSE FRONT JEWS TO CONTAIN THE NSM!

    I AM NOT A QUITER, never have, never will.

    There are numerous individuals and organizations part and parcel of this, not excluding the ADL, who wished to see me go. I was, am the Comdrs right hand man, and him myself. We were on the same page.

    I have organized the counter part to the UNIFORMED DIV. and announce it shortly. It is already done, and is INTENDED TO COMPLEMENT, not challenge the Uniformed division. BECAZUSE THE PARTY MAIN ORGANIZATION IS YOU! Ever come the day, heads will roll!

    I have and believe certain other factors were involved.

    I can and will refute all these dastardly allegations against me by WEISS, and I will not go , under a cloud of suspicion, because to have resigned with, such grabage floating over me, would have been to have tacitly admit they were true, THEY ARE NOT TRUE! And further, further, I ASK JUST WHO IS IT WHO HAS BEEN PROVED THE LIARS AND IN FUTURE WILL BE PROVED TO BE THE LIARS, especially when the FBI comes knocking at their doors? regardless of whom they come from. I AM AN HONORABLE MAN!

    Get rid of me isolate the CMDR, use whatever they have to insunate, cajole, threten and ISOLATE HIM, and there you go. BUT THIS IS TYPICALLY JEWISH. and then of course the attempted bombing was play acting, RIGHT?! What a crock, I don't need this kind of childishness or behavior nor attention, of course Bill WEISS, would know extctly what kind of play acting and antics I am talking about! and don't let anyone tell me, "I told you so, just like another jew out of Chicago, whom we were onto two years ago, WE KNEW IN ADVANCE HE WOULD TRY SOME-0THING, but we didn't have the goods, and I for one was not taking any jewish money!!! But we were using him for whatever benift we could gain for the NSM and YOUR EXISTENCE, thanks Bill, appreciate the trip to Yorktown, thanks Liber appreciate the printing equipment. & if the Commander would have stayed strong this unfortunate event would not have occured!


    PS- we do not, will not and never have attacked any religion.

    However, as opposed to Hal TURNSTILE & jew WEISS, & evidently a lot of other individuals who have misplaced "ideals" MY PEOPLE ARE MY NATION & RELI-GION! And I will fight any religion which puts their existence heavenly, whichever heaven it is, above the existence of MY PEOPLE!


    What good is a "constitution" or religion, if the original creators no longer exists?!



    HEIL ALL THOSE WHO HAVE SACRIFCIED SO MUCH for those who appreciate so little, for those who have done so much for so long with so little, they are now capable of doing anything with little or nothing!




  16. Now that the NSM is shattered, someone needs to seriously work on neutralizing Hal Turner.

    He's delusional. He thinks he's "untouchable".

    "You Washington Politicians are like old nigger slaves. You do whatever your "massa" tells you. Ultimately, Israel is going to lose and when they do ALL OF YOU who supported Israel will lose too. I'm saying this openly and publicly - send the cops/FBI/Secret Service - see if it does you any good."--Hal Turner

    "Give it your best shot. You are powerless to do anything to my show or site.

    The state government is powerless to do anything to my show or site.

    The federal government is powerless to do anything to my show or site.

    All the governments of the world are powerless to do anything to my show or web site!

    People have tried for YEARS to shut down my show and site. ALL of them
    have failed."--Hal Turner

    All quotes

    He needs to be taken down a few notches.

  17. From Hal Turner show website (comments section):

    "Let's Rock! When do we start? I can't WAIT to hear all the little "Oy Vey!"s as pussy kike housewives run for cover in the streets!

    None shall be spared! Not even the children! Not even NEWBORNS! You make think that sounds too harsh but I have two reasons to back it up:

    1. They have done the same thing for years; in Palestine and other countries too.

    2. The kiddies are the seed of the next generation, we don't stop them, they'll just sprout right back up again!

    So grab your blades, grab your guns, grab your bats, whatever's at hand and go get 'em!"--"Locked and Loaded" from Hal Turner Show website

  18. We are on it. You know, Vonbluvens and Doc Schnider tried this crap with their "No Jew Alive in 2005." That show didn't stay up very long - as a matter of fact - not very long at all.

    The thing that really boggles everyone's mind is how Turner continues to get away with this.

  19. I seriously doubt that "Tom Shelly" is TOAD. Tom Shelly, White God has been posting to Usenet for years. He is like a hundred times smarter than TOAD. I don't agree with his sick racial outlook but I do respect his intelligence.

  20. Tom Shelley's websites are really perverse and disgusting.

    Nikki, I am going to start saving EVERY threat I find on Turner's site, be it from him or one of his goons, from now on. I might even post an archive.

    I think, at the very least, it will make interesting, if poorly-written, reading.

  21. Herrington Said:

    "PS- we do not, will not and never have attacked any religion."


  22. Be sure to listen to this week's OPR program for July 20

    This week's broadcast is a must! Floyd answers some emails, and tackles the Confederates - from the flag to the Council of Conservative Citizens. Nikki joins in with her views on the CoCC and a glimpse at what is coming up next. A brief overview of "what is racism " and "Christian Chauvinism" ?, And...there are a couple of surprises to tickle your funny bone!

  23. Be sure to listen to this week's OPR program for July 20

    This week's broadcast is a must! Floyd answers some emails, and tackles the Confederates - from the flag to the Council of Conservative Citizens. Nikki joins in with her views on the CoCC and a glimpse at what is coming up next. A brief overview of "what is racism " and "Christian Chauvinism" ?, And...there are a couple of surprises to tickle your funny bone!

  24. Oh, shut up Toad!

  25. From One Peoples Radio - we experienced some tech problems - to listen to the July 20 broadcast go to

    and click on the July 20 broadcast

    Thanks Floyd

  26. Has anyone noticed that the internal strife has already started in Bill's new group?

  27. From the Hal Turner Internet Mental Home:

    "Change is good"! Cut the punks balls of so he is left with a crude vagina. Take his testicles,sprinkle them with an entire bottle of tabasco sauce. Stick them down the rapo`s throat and then chase it with gasoline and a match. BUENO APPETITO,Roberto!"--
    Hymie Bagelbeak Rabbi/Pornogra


    "Lynch them!

    Rape and murder their sisters!




    White flesh is too valuable and clean to be raping nasty mexibitches!

    Kill 'em all!"--Anonymous

    All quotes from Hal Turner Website


    I've got lots more. I could make a hobby out of just collecting the wacko ravings of Hal's drooling comrades!

  28. Are Hal's fans not the most degenerate, crude, amoral, sub-literate gaggle of unadulterated cretinous mutants you have ever encountered?

    It's like Hal's fans are straight from The Hills Have Eyes or something.

    Maybe Deliverance.

  29. Toad has a habit of taking names of more well known white racists and posting under them.

    I bet he did that with Shelly.

    I looked at Shelly's site.

    He posts like he has a bad mental condition.

  30. Joy of Satan's Mexican High Priest Michael Duenas, AKA Salem Burke. Second High Priest of JOS ministry. Second Rank to Andrea Herrington.

    Nine year old chinese girl accuses Salem of touching her. She sees him naked and he says, you are suppposed to like it? Threatens to kill the girl by ripping her face off.

    He mentions black prostitutes and the old man checking out Salem's package while Salem struts around in a thong flirting and smiles like a school girl? Other mentions of murder, sex and madness.

    Keep your kids away from the JOS!

    Click Here

    Or check out the "Orange Chapter" at!!!

  31. Just a note that Salem Burke wrote this himself. He is an adult, in his 30s.

  32. First, let me say to this person calling himself Tom Shelly - I will not allow you to shit in my house - got that?

    As to Micheal Duenas - Salem Burke: The man is definitely a menace to the children who frequent that JOS site. While there is such a thing as freedom of religion - there is also such a thing as decency and morality. And when it comes to our children, we certainly put a high value on such things.

    Imagine the fact that the Herrington's still have two children left at home. I am told that the area of Tulsa where they live is pretty run-down and is primarily a very poor section of town. Something tells me that there are going to be some people looking very closely at what happens in that house.

  33. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  34. NIMBuster Private InvestigatorJuly 22, 2006 7:20 PM

    Tom Shelly's real info. Nazi's on alt.flame.niggers outed him years ago after he uploaded a virus to the newsgroup

    Thomas Falater
    roommate: Andrew T Clemmer
    2880 Corte Cafetal
    San Ysidro, CA 92173-1102
    Tel.: (619) 690-1097
    DOB: 8/31/1961

    multiple felon.... go figure & he has sued the federal prison system several times as an inmate.. losing all of them

    Civil Action No. CV941248GTPOR (S.D. Cal.)
    DISPOSITION: Judgment for Defendant

    Civil Action No. CV941148B (S.D. Cal.)
    DISPOSITION: Judgment for Defendant

  35. Well I'll be goddamn. Schwartz actually got close. FALATER, THOMAS
    was Reb Biker, dumbass.

    Keep guessing though, you make me laugh.

  36. Funny, I find no Thomas Falater in the federal prison system. I think that someone is full of crap.

  37. Dear people: If you ever feel like shit, or think about suicide, remember to look on the bright side: At least you aren't Tom Shelly. Knowing that alone will be sure to brighten your day.

  38. Tom - personally, I don't give a rat's ass who you are. Your website is despicable and your blog is reprehensible. Use of racial slurs are not acceptable in this forum - period.

    As to whether or not you are racist - bottom line is, you are a repugnant individual - period. Peddle your shit elsewhere, because it is not welcome here.

  39. And now for something completely different:

    "Congratulations on spreading the message, Hal.

    I spread my word about you on the Internet where your messages could reach the audience on international term in the open forum.

    Perhaps -partly- because of that, they have visited your web site.

    The citizens and North America expatriates of the countries listed above may not agree with your racist views, but they probably agree with your contention Zionism is the ultimate terrorist organization, quite possibly the most advanced on Earth. Remember the Mossad pull the con jobs again and again, starting with King David Hotel bombing that slaughtered British diplomats and many others 60 years ago today.

    The furiously pumping black heart of the gnawing blood-thirsty Zionist Vampire need a major puncture with a stake and stuff cut garlic in his dying roaring mouth with fangs bared after cutting out its demon snake tongue and place the small cross on the forehead to burn into the diseased skin.

    We await the Final Solution to be delivered to the festering tumor cell of Zionist headquarter in Israel.

    And we will not shed tears when it is finally annihilated -- afer all Zionism is a major pain in the ass of humankind who want to live in peace and harmony with the human civilization and nature (of course, natural disasters occur) on Earth.

    Zionism merit being annihilated to the nucleus core!"--Grandson of Liberty Against Zi

    Above quote:


    The mind boggles.


  40. Obviously, you have no class either. Show some respect - for yourself.

  41. His name is slightly misspelled on the federal prison system.

    Search Falatar as his last name. Slightly misspelled but it's him.

  42. Reb Biker was the one who helped out your real name Mr Falater.

  43. What happened to Michael Blevins blog?


  44. Uh...somebody stole Von's blog???

  45. Nope,

    The idiot Vonbluvens apparently deleted it out. So I took it.

    You want it to redirect to your blog?

  46. And now for something else completely different:

    The time for talk is over. It is now clearly time to give Israel the green light to wage total war. Given the fact that American forces are stretched so thin, we must outsource the job to Israel, to wage total all-out war, to a victorious conclusion.

    The president fails to fathom that it is Iran which must now answer for the ills of the world, for it is Iran, which emboldens Red Chna , North Korea, and Jihadistan. It is time to wipe the Iranian regime from the map.

    If the Arab world wants war; let it be war of such a vicious nature, that Jihadistan will learn to acknowledge the United States as Supreme Shogun forever after. The will of Iran to resist, must be knocked out with a nuclear striike.

    We need the resolve to incinerate cities, if need be, to resurrect the "Greatest Generation."
    War is hell: let us give it to them in full measure.

    Above quote:


    The mind boggles.


  47. No time for the ol' "in-out, in-out", luv, I'm off to the Korova Milkbar (a knifey, vonny , moloko).

    "Thy Little Alex"

  48. It really is amazing how similar our tastes are in music, movies, literature, alt culture, and yet our worldviews are 180 degrees apart.

  49. I know I am really popular because there have been sooooooo many lies told about me. First lie:

    Brewski aka Greg Kay is not Tom Shelly, he is a minor player on Niggermania. He is a minor player who has tried at various times to take over the site and turn it into
    right winger "intellectual site".
    He is not and never will be Tom Shelly.

    Second lie:

    Tom Shelly is TOAD. Who the hell is TOAD?

    Third lie:
    Tom Shelly is Thomas Falater who was supposedly sent to prison for uploading a virus to alt.flame.niggers The virus was uploaded to the Newsgroup in 2004
    and Falater was released from prison in 1994. Tom Shelly is not Falater no matter how you spell the name, Schwartz.

  50. I never said that I was Tom Shelly, "Tom". I merely pointed out that YOU aren't, based upon my correspondence with him when you first appeared.

    Tom may run an offensive site meant to flame blacks, but he has much better things to do than spam Nim Busters and CAH-related blogs with juvenile nonsense.

    You would be doing everyone a favor to drop this charade and stop bothering these people.

  51. Give it up, Jewski. You've changed your story too many times already.
    I'm Shelly, you aren't get over it.
    You're just suffering from a bad case of Shelly envy, son.

  52. Tom Shelly is Thomas Falater, a former federal prison inmate.

    One of his tricks is to flood groups and use dozens of nyms. He'll make up rumors about himself. He's another person crying for attention for himself.

    No one said Falater went to prison for uploading a virus. What is the fact is Falater uploaded a virus to alt.flame.niggers which infected a number of computers of known racists there who turned on Falater.

    Falater went to federal prison for mail fraud.

    His personality is just like Bill White's except White is 1000x more smarter and influential and Falater is 10x more sick.

  53. I'm still wondering about Shelly's first post. I think he might be right about Meghan White and Meghan Cooper being one in the same.

    I also have heard from multiple sources that a Meghan Cooper had a black pimp and did do a video or photo shoot for Sledgehammer. Does anyone know if Meghan Cooper and Meghan White are one in the same? Does anyone have a face shot from the Video?

  54. Actually, I have it from a really good source that Meghan White's maiden name was Cooper and that she and Bill were married on his trip to Mexico a couple of months back.

  55. Poor VB is so upset! Harry took his old blogspot and he really didn't want him to have it!

    Also - this is shaping up really crazy (of course - what else.) Now Von has a blog and a Yahoo discussion group for his new "Sons of National Socialism. Maybe he will be able to wear his black uniform and raspberry beret after all.

    I wonder how long it will be before he high-tails it back to the NSM or to Bill White. Then...maybe not - he seems to be bonding nicely with Frank Weltner.

  56. Oh yeah, like Isis's web page is, Oh yeah that is real believable.

  57. Vonbluvens has removed the links to on his website.

    Will Bill do the right thing and confirm what we already know about Michael Blevins mental illness and his living at 1529 Patterson Ave.

  58. I've been out of it for a while. Can someone fill me in on what's been going on. I know the NSM has split but now Bill and Von have had a spat?

    Man this is getting like Peyton's Place, you go out looking for a new stripper and you lose track of all the plot twists. Can someone please fill me in, in 1,000 words or less (Reader's Digest Addition),
    I'm so very confused. I thought that Von and Bill were butt buddies for life.

    Oh a personal level I found a new stripper named Chocolate. She has a sister that dances named Candy. Drat the luck they aren't kinky for a threesome. Damn it all!!!!

  59. Hal Turner is live right now on the Sonny Crack show.

  60. The archive of Sonny & Hal.

  61. Note to Tom Shelley, Aka Whoever :

    Will you get lost already with this long diatribe crap. You're not interestng to me. I've looked at your side a while back and it's meritless even for entertainment. You're malarky posts are irrelevant and it's about the same as someone flippigthe ld ladies soap operas to a different channel all through the program. Beat it loser. Now, let's get back the program shall we?

  62. Okay - let's see now. We have the National Socialist Movement - Jeff Schoep (lame-brain style); The National Socialist Movement - Clifford Herrington (Satanist style); The American National Socialist Worker's Party - Bill White (Follow-me style); and the Sons of National Socialists - Michael Blevins (What should I wear style).

    I would say that there is definitely something for everyone out there. What a mess!!! I love my job!

  63. Oh dear Nikki, you are so pathetic. You actually think you had anything to do with the idiot Nazis breaking up? Nigger Pleeeeeeaaaasssseee, those idiots were a time bomb waiting to explode. As far as White goes, I don't think he was even a racist. I met the asshole years ago, he acted offended when I used the N word. As far as Bill's smarts goes...greatly over rated. The only thing you can say about Bill is that he always has his mind going....thinking up his next lie.
    Thinking up the next way he can 'cause trouble. Bill can divide but never conquer.

    People in the groups I belong to will always be beyond your reach. Sons of Confederacy, the Vinlanders, and others that make policy in Washington that you will never know anything about. If anything Bill was our boy, working for us. The NSM had become too visable after Kingston and Toledo
    and had to be put down. If Bill wasn't on the pay roll he damn sure should have been. This bud is for you Bill. Sorry we had to turn around and discredit you boyo, I mean you'd done a fine job of doing it yourself but we just had to make sure. I don't think you'll be doing any press interviews now 'ole son.

  64. Oh please! Do not make me ill! The Sons of Confederacy and the Vinlanders making policy in Washington!!! I think I will sleep well tonight knowing that fairy tales are just that.

    However, I do agree with you about Bill never being a racist or a Nazi. I have said that over and over. He is whatever will get him the attention at the moment.

  65. Voice From BeyondJuly 24, 2006 1:00 PM

    Tom Shelly- If you mean Norm Shackleford, and others from Ron Paul's office?

    Yeah...we know....

    And there are lots of things going on that you don't know.

    But, you are right, there are lots of things going on that Nikki doesn't know either.

  66. Bill White's group has 2 members.

    1) Bill White
    2) Gary Nemeth - felon who used to live in Ventura county California, only discovered he was a nazi in December. Has an 3d art site on the web.

    All the others are yahoo profiles invented by Bill White.

  67. Voice From Beyond said...

    Tom Shelly- If you mean Norm Shackleford, and others from Ron Paul's office?

    :) Very perceptive, but I never mentioned these names :) So who are you really Voice From Beyond?
    You seem too intelligent to belong to CAH. Tom Shelly might have to watch himself around you. Nikki on the other hand is clueless...

  68. Voice From BeyondJuly 24, 2006 5:44 PM

    Tommy, can you hear me?

    You wouldn't happen to know anything about an Andre' Bruder (sp?) and the "Broken Glass" gang now would you?

    No, I am not CAH, they are a joke.

    Oh, and yes, I know all about Mary Parker Louis and her outreach to Stormfront.

    We all have to watch our asses these days.

    Something is going to hit us hard in the next few months.

  69. Tommy can you feel me near you?

    Can you feel Tommy near you "Voice"? Can you see Shelly's foot prints out your back window?

    Sorry, wouldn't actually give any useful information to a liberal. I only drop hints to Nikki to frustrate her. She likes to actually think that she is doing something with her shitty little blog and her "hate the haters organization." Her targets are of little consequence as is she.

    Why does she obsess so with Bill White, I ask you? Bill is a ticker, something bad is going to happen to him (not by my hand either directly or indirectly) you can't keep doing the things he has done to the people he has done it too (was that cryptic enough?) and expect to come away unscathed. Bill had better hire some body guards and not leave home without his Kevlar, Billy Boyo has pissed off some very very bad men.

    You must be a conspiracy theorist,
    "Voice from Beyond". Things are not as black and white as you would like to make them. You seem to be searching for patterns in the mosaic and well you should but do not think that you are ever going to be able to see the complete pattern, it is too complex and your resources will never be good enough. You will just be labeled a "nut case" and be ignored. No one will take you seriously.

    Get a Hair cut and get a real job. Try to be more like your big brother Bob.

  70. Okay, give me a fucking brake. When did Tom Shelly become the Smoking Man? He's likely setting himself up, posting as "Voice From Beyond". The NSM did mean something before traitors brought it down from within. Only the "Sons" can keep the torch burning.

    Eighty-six years ago, Germany had gathered to protest the enslavement of their nation by Jews, and gave birth to a political movement that could save the German people- the NSDAP (in English: The National Socialist German Workers Party).

    In 1933, Adolf Hitler, carried the White banner all the way to be selected as the party’s first elected leader. He became the German nation’s and the world’s greatest leader…

    Every day, we will strive to fulfill Hitler’s vision – a Pan-White world, in which all white people are guaranteed equal rights and the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

    Hitler’s legacy goes beyond the borders of Germany. It can be seen in the continuation of that idea when George Lincoln Rockwell founded the American Nazi Party but unfortunately was cut short when Rockwell was assassinated in 1967. In 1974 the National Socialist Movement was founded and victory once again had become out of reach with the revelation of Satanism and corruption at the leadership level.

    Hitler’s successors have been joined by a common purpose – securing the existence of our people and a future for white children. Today, the Sons of National Socialism has formed to carry on that ideal of the best traditions of National Socialism and carrying the banner of freedom and the “Fourteen Words”.

  71. How interesting that you would claim to know what I know and don't know. Interesting in that you have no knowledge of me and have only seen one side.

    That's okay though - continue thinking that. I want you to.

    Incidentally - the "Sons of National Socialism" will go nowhere fast - just like Michale Blevins.

  72. voice from beyondJuly 24, 2006 6:56 PM

    Tommy, hear me, touch me, feel me, let's not get our tats in twirl.

    The big thing that is about to hit has nothing to do with our friendly neighborhood racists, and no not even the fat bald little suits who brown nose their anti-tax rants on The Hill.

    There are some semi-auto bangs bangs dealings with the big D's and R's and the shit with come tumbling down.

    But, yes, tis a big blurr, no pattern but chaos.

    Bill took a step into the wrong ally, messed with the "broken glass" and will probably get himself cut up badly.

    CAH's obsession with Bill is a comedy of errors.

    I never understood it, but all is such crayons and coloring books in their world, posted up on the door of the fridge waiting for the big grown ups to approve.

    While me being the nut don't matter, just keeping the shell from cracking is the challenge.

    If you decide to come through the back window, please stop off at the Lebonese Taverna for some stuffed dolmas before coming over, bottle of vodka wouldn't be a bad house gift either.

  73. The Sons of National Socialism... actually should be named the Son of National Socialism considering it has only one member.

    And we know Vonbluvens read this blog so how about that Bill White bragging that he went to the authorities on an NSM member in Indiana?

  74. Okay, hardcore neo-Nazis using code words from Tommy by The Who.

    You guys are actually fans of The Who?



  75. Borg- watch the name calling!

    You are too bright to be as clueless as CAH.

    Use that fine mind for murder to scratch the surface.

    The truth is out there, but you won't find it here.

  76. Oh boy - cloak-and-dagger stuff from a bunch on anonymous posters (or clever pseudonyms).

    Methinks there is much smoke and little fire, and that testosterone-overdosing keyboard commandos are trying to out-bluff one another.

    Then again, what do I know? I'm just a yokel from the Midwest with an insignificant blog, right?


    BTW - Tommy was and still is one of rock's finest moments. Townshend was in a creative groove like few artists have ever been.

  77. History Mike said...
    "Oh boy - cloak-and-dagger stuff from a bunch on anonymous posters (or clever pseudonyms)."

    Yeah - they are probably all of about 18.

    "Methinks there is much smoke and little fire, and that testosterone-overdosing keyboard commandos are trying to out-bluff one another."

    Just a little case of boys will be boys.

    "Then again, what do I know? I'm just a yokel from the Midwest with an insignificant blog, right?"


    Yeah, and Citizens Against Hate is just a little unknown organization.

    "BTW - Tommy was and still is one of rock's finest moments. Townshend was in a creative groove like few artists have ever been."


  78. "BTW - Tommy was and still is one of rock's finest moments. Townshend was in a creative groove like few artists have ever been."--Historymike


    I love Ken Russel's movie of Tommy (but then I love all those surrealistic rock operas from the sixties, like Pink Floyd The Wall).

    Not big on just listening to the music by itself, although if I found it on an old vinyl at the Salvation Army for a couple quarters, I would consider myself quite lucky.

    BTW, check in with human garbage bin Hal Turner. He is frothing, foaming, and threatening with gay abandon again.

  79. BTW, Anonymous, I am NOT a member of CAH, although I certainly do agree with much of what they are trying to do.

    This is just one place I blog at , under one identity.

  80. "Freedom of Speech" stops when you enter my house ! If you come to my house, I expect you to be respectful or leave. No racist slurs, jokes,name calling ect...

    Nikki - this blog is your house - and I know you would throw me out, if I came to your house and said some of things written here under the guise of "freedom of Speech" the door would be hitting my "speech" on the way out !

    Could I ask to you to consider banning some of the posters here ?


  81. You need to check the accuracy of information presented in this blog. The data presented by NIMBuster Private Investigator, at July 22, 2006 8:20 PM lists a Thomas Falater
    roommate: Andrew T Clemmer
    2880 Corte Cafetal
    San Ysidro, CA 92173-1102
    Tel.: (619) 690-1097
    DOB: 8/31/1961
    As multiple felons. Well I am Andrew T. Clemmer and you do have my Address right. However, I am not a fellon and I have never even been arrested. About the only thing I have ever received from the police is a traffic ticket.I wish I was born in 1961 then I would be a lot younger then I am. Please remove this misinformation from your blog. I don't know where he got his information, all I can say is that I am not associated with any type of supremist group now or in the past.

  82. This forum was brought to my attention by a reader. I am Tom Shelly. The real Tom Shelly. My website is and as you can see at the bottom, my email is and it always has been. You can verify this post's authenticity by contacting me through official means if you want.

    I am not the one posting here and I have no idea who these people are pretending to be me. In fact, I very rarely if ever post anywhere other than the site.

    I get may requests from people telling me to post blogs or on other forums to argue with people but I just don't have the time nor inclination to argue with people who just recycle the same arguments over and over again. It gets boring.

    But rest assured: Anyone posting as me on the internet on a site that is not is definitely not me.

  83. wait I thought Tom and Nikki had a child together. Nikki cut a deal so she wouldn't have to go to prison for mail fraud and Tom took the rap so Nikki could care for their child Poppy.


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