Friday, September 29, 2006

Floyd On TV

From Hatred to Healing
Not so long ago, Floyd Cochran was a former recruiter and spokesperson for the Aryan nation who lived his life with hate. Find out how the birth of his son brought about a dramatic turnaround in his life’s mission, and how today he is creating a positive future for the very people he once discriminated against.

Be sure and watch for this interview on the Naomi Judd Show this Sunday - I understand it is excellent! The show can be found on the Hallmark Channel. For more information:

Monday, September 25, 2006


The only thing that pisses me off more than a Nazi is a violent Nazi. Joel Dufresnes likes to think of himself as a badass - but, in fact, the only thing that he whips up on is a woman.

This sorry excuse for a human just epitomizes the detritus that lives in the racist circles. Take a listen to BACKLASH.


Thursday, September 21, 2006


What's new on the racist right this week? A whole lot of things. From Hal Turner and his bombastic attack on Kingston, NY to Fred Phelps and his despicable demonstrations, Nicole Nichols brings everyone up to speed.

Oh the drama! Oh the comedy! Oh those stupid, stupid Racists!


Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Amid one speaking engagement after another, equipment problems on the part of OPR and CAH, Floyd Cochran managed to put this excellent program together. We apologize for the delay in getting this to our members and readers. In the weeks and months ahead - we will be much more timely in our presentations as the equipment problem has been taken care of.

Floyd speaks with Judith Gauch about the Community Unity event held in Gettysburg; Daryle Lamont Jenkins gives his views on the Gettysburg Klan non-event; and Nicole Nichols has some pointed comments as OPR hosts "Coldshot."


Sunday, September 10, 2006


This guy is Justin Boyer. They call him "The Steamroller." He was an NSM member up until a week or so ago. Now, Bill White claims that he left the NSM and is joining up with him. Justin issued the following statement a week ago:

September 2, 2006
"As the date of this letter I officially resign from the NSM. First there was the Satanism and I chose to try to help the NSM by sticking by them. Then I witnessed the abuse of long time comrades and the continual backstabbing. I have had it with the NSM. They are not worthy of any sort of loyalty since they are not loyal to any of us members. They may think they kicked me out but I am writing this to inform the NSM that I officially quit. And, no, I am not giving the NSM dipshits the current contacts that I have.

"I suggest to other NSM members that are being threatened or mistreated to be follow my example and leave the organization."

Since the issuance of that statement, sources inside the National Socialist Movement have been filling us in on what they see as the problem. Of course there is always two sides to every story and there will always be inuendoes. According to someone close to Boyer, Justin beat the living daylights out of his pregnant girlfriend, Brittany and left her with the rent due in three days. Nice guy, huh?

That didn't sit too well with his NSM Unit and they all pulled out. Also according to sources within the NSM, this isn't the first time that Justin has been involved in domestic violence. Previously, I am told, he had a case in King County.

Apparently, Justin has since relocated to Ohio and Brittany has reconciled with him. If these accounts are accurate, it simply demonstrates not only the violent nature of yet another NSM member, but negates Bill White's claims to background checks and selective membership.

If, on the other hand, there is no validity to these charges it demonstrates the lengths that these people will go to to discredit a fellow member. Either way, the whole thing is just another chapter in the chronicles of the racist right.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Broodmare of Kalispell

Having a Nazi for a mother can’t be easy. And if she happens to be April Gaede, it has to be a nightmare. Linx and Lamb Gaede are the twins who comprise the singing duo “Prussian Blue.” Performing at racist events, singing songs written by convicted murderers, embracing a convicted felon as their “spiritual leader,” being home-schooled to avoid contact with other races and cultures, and being uprooted from all that you know to move to an area that is predominantly white will take its’ toll on these children sooner or later.

Earlier this year the Gaede family moved from their home in Bakersfield, California because it “wasn’t white enough.” Leaving an area of a quarter million people to take up residency in Kalispell, Montana, population 14,000 might have seemed like the way to go for April at the time but I can’t help but wonder how she feels now.

A couple of days ago the people living in Kalispell as Gaede’s neighbors decided that those around her should know what had moved into the community. About 20 residents circulated flyers on April’s street explaining what she stands for and asking everyone to display the side of the flyer that said “No Hate Here.”

One of the leaders of the group, Rebecca Kushner-Mateer, told reporters that the last thing that they want to do “…is to get aggressive and hateful.”

“This letter is not written as a means to harass the family or to begin a witch hunt,” the sheet says. “We wish the family no harm. Our goal is to peacefully communicate that this kind of hate and ignorance will not be accepted here in our neighborhood where we live and raise our families.”

When the picture of one activist appeared in the paper as she and her daughter were posting the flyers, the racists at VNN went, predictably, into a feeding frenzy. Jill Summers and her daughter Bianna Munillo were shown taping a flyer to a resident’s door. The first thing that was said was that the people protesting must all be, you guessed it, Jews. But it wasn’t long before the last name “Munillo” came under attack.

Itz Molecular stated:
“…that kid could take the state championship for homely .

And ei012 had a comeback –

“That's because it's a mongrel.

"Brianna Murillo"

“That white whore hates herself so much, she bred her ancestors out of existence.”

Then the fray was on. Some claimed they were “Jewish” while others claimed she was “Mestizo.” Their outrage that anyone would resent the presence of openly racist and anti-Semitic people in their community would have been laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic.

It is always almost impossible to make the racist right realize that they are not mainstream and will never be mainstream. They just can’t get a handle on why people do not accept them and their ideology. When “Yankee Jim,” Hal Turner’s boot licker, claimed:

“I never realized how fucked up in the head most White people are! THEY'RE SICK!”

burnjewburn was quick to respond:

“You are right Yankee Jim Most whites are sick. I have never had one white person come to my defense against mudds usually if whites do anything it is to come to the defense of the mudd.

“The other day I put the CB mic up to the radio speaker and played one of Johnny Rebels new songs. This one nig chimed in after the song calling me a racist cracker and other such names then other nigs started putting in their two cents in and a few whites, not one white person stood up for the white race.”

He signs his posts:

“nothing says lovin' like a jew in the oven”

Imagine that. Not one person, white or otherwise appreciated the racist music he was sending out to fellow CB’ers! Go figure!

Now, the eunuchs over at Stormfront weren’t much better. They couched some of their remarks in euphemistic drivel, but the sentiment was still the same. Some quotes from that corner of the racist world:

Mickey88: “What is sad is that the ones complaining were probably white. I call them jew mediated whites.”

ChrisB: “That is an absolute shame that other whites would target children. For crying out loud, we ARE better than that. That’s how negroes and mestizos act. Its also sickening how the police did nothing.”

Celtic Patriot: “Kushner is a high probability Jew name. Summers is a moderate ranking probability Jew name, dependent upon action to verify Jewishness.

“Both these likely Jewish women got the surveillance word from ADL and Jew organizations via email.

“They then went to motivate and terrorize their existing White community as best they could.”

When one poster suggested a Klan rally in front of the homes of those who passed out the flyers, April Gaede did have the good sense to step in and ask them not to do that. However, my favorite of all of the posts has to be this one by Tangie Town who was telling April to just laugh it off:

“They are just going to show up on the news gloating about how they made you feel the way the non-whites feel when we pass out our flyers about them.”

Gee, imagine that! Now, it was explained by one towns person in a news report that after they heard who the Gaede’s were they did some research and became even more alarmed. I wonder what they found.

Maybe they learned that April was raised by a Nazi who even brands his horses with a swastika. Or, maybe they read some of the lyrics to the Prussian Blue songs. Perhaps they looked up “The Order” who the girls are encouraged to stay in contact with while they are all serving lengthy sentences for robbery and murder. Maybe it was the fact that Matt Hale is their “Spiritual Advisor,” even though he sits in a maximum security cell for soliciting the murder of a federal judge. Surely, they weren’t alarmed by the fact that Mrs. Gaede was arrested for riding a horse through town while naked! But, if they really did their homework, they might have run across all of the internet scuttlebutt about April’s promiscuity.

Regardless of what the folks of Kalispell found, it is obvious that they are concerned about what this might mean for their little piece of paradise. It takes courage to stand up in the face of such hatred. Of course, Bill White had to insinuate himself into this situation. When the names were published in the paper, Bill did one of his little searches and posted addresses and phone numbers for the racists to use as they please. Of course, the number and addrress posted belonged to a little couple in their 70’s who know nothing about April Gaede or the frey surrounding them. They have already been the recipients of a death threat. So what else is new? Bill White has this awful habit of posting erroneous personal information on people and placing complete innocents in harms way.

April Gaede did, at least, have the common decency to ask people to stop bothering the elderly couple since they have had nothing to do with any of this. At the same time, she claimed that the Southern Poverty Law Center had put White up to this to make White Nationalists look bad. I really want to let Gaede know that it is highly doubtful that the SPLC has anything to do with Bill and I can assure her that there are no anti-racists who would even consider doing business with him. Additionally, it doesn’t take a stunt like this to make WN’s look bad – they do that everyday all by themselves.

Do the Gaede’s have a right to live wherever they choose? Of course they do. And, I don’t believe that anyone in Kalispell would say otherwise. According to the information in the flyer, it is not the people they are protesting – it’s the potential damage and chaos that could result if those people decide to preach and practice their brand of hate in that community.

Just as the Gaede’s have a right to live where they choose, the residents of that community have rights as well. They have the right to free speech and they have the right to assemble. And just as the racists can throw their trash in our driveways, the community members can hand out flyers. We can applaud the people of that small city, and we can pray that their lives are not disrupted by hate and bigotry. Maybe the Gaede’s will behave themselves now that they know that their hate will not be accepted there.

What Heritage?

Immediately after the Klan rally in Gettysburg the York Daily Record published an article claiming the debate over the Confederate flag had been refueled by the events of September 2nd. Their premise is based on the fact that a small unit of the Sons of Confederate Veterans protested the Klan at Gettysburg and that protester Mike Duminiak said “the flag belongs to those who want to honor the memory of their ancestors who fought on the side of the secessionist south.”

Most of us who claim anti-racist status have dealt with this issue on more than one occasion and cast a wary eye on such claims as “heritage not hate.” And to say that we have been more than circumspect when it comes to the Sons of Confederate Veterans would probably be an understatement. Floyd Cochran, who spent the week leading up to the rally educating people in Gettysburg, has been quite outspoken about the flag and what it stands for.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins, of One People’s Project, was quick to tell the York reporter that the heritage they are attempting to preserve is “not one that’s really favorable to my people.”

Ann Van Dyke, of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, said she is skeptical about whether or not the Confederate flag could ever be “removed from its identity with racist causes.”

Let us first consider that the Sons of Confederate Veterans has been permeated with some of the worst racists and anti-Semites that there are out there. Over the last few years, many members have left in protest over, not only the acceptance of racists within the rank and file, but the promotion of these hate-mongers into the upper-echelons of the organization. While the Unit that demonstrated in Gettysburg may have been attempting to paint themselves in a positive light, the fact still remains that their house is in desperate need of cleaning.

The “heritage” that the SCV and others claim they want to preserve and honor, is suspect, as well. Just what was that heritage? The Civil War was fought for a variety of reasons – one of which was the wish of certain people in the South to protect the institution of slavery and the economy of same. Is that cause for pride? The South seceded from the United States of America, wanting to go their own way. Additionally, there are those within the SCV who would like nothing more than for the “South to rise again” and, once again, to disaffiliate itself from the rest of the country.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but regardless of the faults and the problems that are endemic to this land, I happen to love America. To my mind, anyone wanting to engage in such actions cannot be seen as anything other than detrimental to a unified nation. One simple Google search of the Confederacy or the flag will take the surfer to hundreds of quotes just like these:

“i support secession by what ever means it may take we live under tryanny by liberal athesit from the yankee north and hollywood and other yankee liberal minded states we should and have every right to secessed from the tyrants of the leftist liberals who are benton destroying us threw thier own cowardice and acting as traitors by giving aid and comfort to our enemies”

“It is past time for the wrongest wrong in American history to be righted. Southern secession NOW!”

“Southrn's hear you country call you! Rise up! Rise again! We are losing control here! Let's get organized! I love America, and if we could stay together as a God-fearing nations, I would that we do that, but we can't. General Jackson, General Lee, and the reast of our 1860 patriots had the right idea. Then, we lost the war! We gotta re-claim the victory!!!!!!!!”

Yes, the spelling and punctuation and grammatical errors are all theirs – and so is the insanity. I have always been somewhat amazed at how fervently these people present their case and at how they seem unable to appreciate the reasons why many of us don’t take them seriously. Some of the most heated debates and discussions I have witnessed or been a party to have been with the neo-Confederates.

To claim in one breath to be “Patriots” and call for secession in the next breath seems more than just a little oxymoronic to this writer. Additionally, preserving and honoring a heritage of slave-owning, traitors is just a little more than I can comprehend.

When it comes to the issue of the flag itself, Duminiak claimed that the history “…has been hijacked by those who have no honor, who are politicizing the symbols of his ancestors who fought and died for the ‘Lost Cause.’”

Ummm…well, if that is the case, then it was hijacked a hundred and forty years ago and has been the symbol of the most abominable kind of hatred for one whole hell of a lot longer than it was a symbol of Glory for the South.

Racism and bigotry may not be unique to the South. Actually, geographical setting has little to do with any of this in modern day society. The fact remains, however, that there is racism and bigotry still within our society and like it or not, the Confederate flag is a constant reminder that we, as a society, have a long way to go.

Night raids, lynchings, and burning crosses are the only images evoked by the Confederate flag just as death camps, oppression, and gassings are the images brought forth by the swastika. As the swastika had a kinder and gentler meaning long ago, there aren’t too many out there running a campaign to fly it from atop state capitols. Why? Because it has taken on a whole new meaning – one of hate.

Once again, beware of those who say, “I’m not a racist, but….,” There are no “buts,” just as there is absolutely no valid argument for displaying a symbol that is equated with the oppression and death of a whole race of people.

As Holocaust deniers attempt to rewrite history, so do neo-Confederates. The Confederate flag is a symbol of hate and has been for well over a century. There are many neo-Confederates trying to sell mainstream America a bill of goods. Claiming “heritage not hate” really doesn’t carry a lot of weight with me – not when that “heritage” is one of hate-filled abuse directed at an entire race of people – not when that “heritage” is used as a smoke screen to further oppress or secede.

Groups such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the League of the South have thousands of members. Many belong to both groups and many of them are very racist. The whole of the flag argument is fraught with errors and is transparent at best. There is nothing that justifies displaying such a symbol in 21st Century America.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

87 Year Old Junker To Be Sued

What part of this agreement does this old Nazi fail to understand? I doubt very seriously that Schoep and friends will be very benevolent when Junker has to foot the bill.

Walworth County Officials Plan Suit Against Hitler Museum Owner
Junker To Be Served Early This Week

UPDATED: 6:50 pm CDT September 4, 2006

SUGAR CREEK, Wis. -- Walworth County officials said that they plan to file a civil suit against a man who claims that he was a Nazi SS officer after he had a gathering at his Adolf Hitler memorial.

Walworth County officials said that Theodor Junker, 87, had about 20 people at his Hitler memorial in Millard on Aug. 25.

Assistant Corporation Counsel Michael Cotter said that the meeting created a public gathering on land not zoned for such an event, prompting the county to file a $2,000 civil suit against Junker.

The National Socialist Movement, which had a rally in Madison on Aug. 26, publicized on online message boards it wanted to have a meeting at Junker's memorial.

The group agreed to cancel the meeting if the county agreed to cancel an injunction against Junker for planning to allow such an event.

Junker and representatives from the National Socialist Movement couldn't be reached for comment this weekend.

Cotter said that Junker will be served with the suit by early this week

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Gettysbrug Non-Event

The Ku Klux Klan rally at Gettysburg this weekend was another non-event. Perhaps the best part of the whole thing was when Hal Turner didn't show and Bill White did. This led us to Turner's broadcast schedule where we found that World Knights of the KKK leader had been removed from the line-up.

On the other hand, the Community Unity event for that day drew a crowd of over 600 in spite of the rain. After our own Floyd Cochran of One People's Radiospent the entire week prior to the event speaking to thousands of Gettysburg residents, they decided that ignoring the group and celebrating their diversity was the way to spend the day. For excellent coverage of both events, please check out

Friday, September 01, 2006

How To Turn A Negative Into A Positive

If the Nazi's could draw and speak to as many supporters and people wanting to learn about hate as Floyd Cochran does, we might have something to worry about. Instead, when the Nazi's come to town everything deteriorates into a shouting match beween the handful of swastika waving or sheet-clad boneheads and those opposed. During this past week, Mr. Cochran has spoken to literally thousands of people seeking enlightenment and reassurance.

Floyd's trip to Gettysburg was arranged by "Unity in the Community" and has kept him on the go around the area all week. All of the education and training in what to do when hate comes to call will culminate in a festive weekend as the Ku Klux Klan rally in the rain at the Gettysburg memorial. Changing the focus from hate to acceptance and outreach is a great way of saying "NO" to Nazi's and Kluxer's and the Adams County group is sending a resounding message to those who want to proffer hate in their community.

Pictured here at Gettysburg college, Floyd held the attention of more than two hundred people with his presentation and his down-to-earth sincerity. While the presentation itself may last between one and two hours, you can always count on an additional two hours of questions. Floyd stays until the last question has been asked and answered. Yesterday was no exception.

For the past 10 days the people of Gettysburg have been treated to educational seminars and events throughout the area. This weekend, there will be fun in the park, music, and lots of activities for the children. While storm clouds threaten the Gettysburg area the spirits of Floyd and those who worked so tirelessly to say no to hate are not dampened - not even close. There plan to turn a negative into a positive has been a mega-success regardless of the weather. In fact, the weather could very well end the KKK rally and keep onlookers at home.

Photos Compliments of Stephen Hersh