Friday, September 01, 2006

How To Turn A Negative Into A Positive

If the Nazi's could draw and speak to as many supporters and people wanting to learn about hate as Floyd Cochran does, we might have something to worry about. Instead, when the Nazi's come to town everything deteriorates into a shouting match beween the handful of swastika waving or sheet-clad boneheads and those opposed. During this past week, Mr. Cochran has spoken to literally thousands of people seeking enlightenment and reassurance.

Floyd's trip to Gettysburg was arranged by "Unity in the Community" and has kept him on the go around the area all week. All of the education and training in what to do when hate comes to call will culminate in a festive weekend as the Ku Klux Klan rally in the rain at the Gettysburg memorial. Changing the focus from hate to acceptance and outreach is a great way of saying "NO" to Nazi's and Kluxer's and the Adams County group is sending a resounding message to those who want to proffer hate in their community.

Pictured here at Gettysburg college, Floyd held the attention of more than two hundred people with his presentation and his down-to-earth sincerity. While the presentation itself may last between one and two hours, you can always count on an additional two hours of questions. Floyd stays until the last question has been asked and answered. Yesterday was no exception.

For the past 10 days the people of Gettysburg have been treated to educational seminars and events throughout the area. This weekend, there will be fun in the park, music, and lots of activities for the children. While storm clouds threaten the Gettysburg area the spirits of Floyd and those who worked so tirelessly to say no to hate are not dampened - not even close. There plan to turn a negative into a positive has been a mega-success regardless of the weather. In fact, the weather could very well end the KKK rally and keep onlookers at home.

Photos Compliments of Stephen Hersh


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  5. Why are you having such a thing going on in a Church? Is'nt that against 501 c3 status? IF it was a pro-white, pro-american actiivty, you and everyone else against it, including the communist ACLU, would cry to have that Church's 501 C3 status removed!!!

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