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Floyd Cochran arrived in Gettysburg and went right to work. With three interviews under his belt, and after speaking to a crowd of over 1400 people, he sounded upbeat and ready for another day. Check out the video of an excellent interview at the battlesite: HERE.

Well, Floyd is off to Gettysburg where he will spend this week speaking to number of groups and schools in the area. Community Unity has done a fantastic job of pulling the community together in taking a stand against the Klan who is planning to rally at the Gettysburg Memorial next Saturday.

This article gives Floyd's schedule of "public" engagements. There are several others that are not open to the public. It also tells us of the other activities being held during the week and on September 2nd. We will be bringing you updates throughout the week.


Former supremacist to speak on civil rights

Civil rights activist's events lead up to Klan rally Sunday

Daily Record/Sunday News

At bottom: · Cochran's schedule · Sept. 2 events · On the web
Aug 27, 2006 — Floyd Cochran expects to be tired by the end of this week.
The former white supremacist, now a civil rights activist, will speak at several Gettysburg-area locations and schools this week before the World Knights of the Ku Klux Klan rolls into town for a protest Sunday.

Cochran was invited by the organizers of Community Unity Day, an event being held the same day as the Klan's demonstration.

Cochran will speak about his own life. He became involved with the Ku Klux Klan at age 14 and worked with the racist movement for about 20 years, he said. He was a recruiter and spokesman for the Aryan Nation at one point, his Web site says.

In 1992, he renounced his racist beliefs and began speaking out against them the following year, according to the site.

"It is just fascinating to understand the mind of how the Klan works and how the supremacists work," said the Rev. Judith Guasch, one of the organizers of Community Unity Day. Cochran is "just amazing to talk to. To hear his full presentation will be very informative and educational."

Cochran said he's been impressed with how quickly the unity event was put together.

"Any tourist in town will know that this is Gettysburg, not the folks over here in white sheets," he said.

The unity event is one of several activities planned to counter the Klan's demonstration, which leaders said was planned to protest the war in Iraq and promote white unity.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans will host speakers at the Gettysburg Battlefield Amphitheater at Pitzer's Woods on West Confederate Avenue.

Speakers will address the history of their organization and the Klan, to show "there's definitely no connection between the battle flag, the Klan and the Sons of Confederate Veterans," said James Palmisano, Pennsylvania division commander for the group.

Klan leader Gordon Young dismissed the multitude of counter events as "silly" Friday and said he's used to such activity. The demonstration is going on as planned, he said.

Reach Angie Mason at 771-2048 or

Cochran's schedule
· 7 p.m. Monday at Fairfield Mennonite Church, Fairfield. Seating is limited.

· 7 p.m. Tuesday at Unitarian Universalists of Gettysburg, Gettysburg. Seating is limited.

· 7 p.m. Wednesday at Knott Auditorium, Mount St. Mary's University, Emmitsburg, Md.

· 7 p.m. Thursday at Christ Chapel, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg.


Sept. 2 events
Events taking place Sunday, Sept. 2:

· World Knights of the Ku Klux Klan demonstration, 1 p.m., lawn of the Cyclorama Center

· 37th Texas Cavalry counter protest, lawn of the Cyclorama Center

· Community Unity Day, noon to 5 p.m., Gettysburg Recreation Park

· Sons of Confederate Veterans speakers, 1 p.m., Gettysburg Battlefield Amphitheater on West Confederate Avenue

· Gettysburg College Diversity Celebration Picnic, noon to 4 p.m., Stine Lake

On the web


  1. Does anyone know where I can get that movie of Bill White's wife? I would very much like to make sure everyone in NSM gets a copy.

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  4. Oh god, that is so sick and wrong on so many levels.

    And Bill met this woman in church?
    Wait until the Vinlanders see it.

  5. 1400 people in just a few days? That's more than Bill White & Hal Turner have spoken to COMBINED in their lifetimes.

  6. LOL! Yep...over 1400 the first day. As a matter of fact, when he returns he will have addressed thousands. He has 7 engagements today, alone.

  7. I think it is pretty safe to say that Floyd will have spoken to many, many more who will hear our message than those who will hear the Klan. And that is a very good thing.

    Beware of Bill White of "White Homes and Land, LLC" in Roanoke, VA
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    Hal Turner May Face Arrest For Fraud
    My Bank And I Are Waiting To Prosecute

    8/30/2006 4:09:13 PM
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    Bill WhiteCommentary -- At the request of listeners of his who have said they wish to steal money from me, Hal Turner is offering to publish my bank account information on his website.Some folk have asked me about this.When and if he does so, a warrant for his arrest will be issued in Roanoke, Virginia, for conspiracy to commit grand theft. If money is withdrawn, he will be charged as an accessory, and my bank will prosecute whoever owns an account receiving such funds.


    Hal Turner -- Awaiting Prosecution
    The Truth

    8/30/2006 5:16:38 PM
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    Bill White

    Commentary -- Well, looks like we aren't going to reach a settlement with Hal.Today, one of my attorneys, Richard Lawrence, called Hal while I and a Roanoke City prosecutor sat quietly in the background, and tried to explain to Hal that it is a crime to aid and abet bank fraud.Hal blustered and is blustering twice as loud now.
    I have no problem with Hal posting the check as long as he does not post the routing number and bank account. If he does that, I have been assured that a federal warrant will be issued for his arrest.

    The Truth About Hal Turner
    He Was Paid For The Shows That Aired

    Commentary -- Hal Turner has posted a headline article on his site complaining that I stopped payment on two checks to him. Here is the truth:I paid Hal Turner $300 for July. That check cleared and he was paid.
    I sent Hal two additional checks -- one for $300 in August and one for $3600 to pay for the year Sep 06 - Aug 07.The day Hal received the money he cancelled my show on his network. I stopped payment on both checks and noted such on my site. The checks were entirely for goods and services he did not provide.Hal's intent was to rip me off for $3900. Now, he went and spent the money even after I told him I'd stopped payment, and he's probably bankrupted himself.

    You know fully damned well Hal I paid you. Paid you for shows
    you've never aired, since you chose to side with Jeff Schoep
    and the friends of Satan. You're allied with the losing side,Hal.In any case, I have a message for you form myself, and my new...allies of convenience, shall I say. Pull that article.about me. NOW, Hal. If you don't...I'll be quite displeased.As will my new...allies of convenience. And with their
    control of most of the media...I've learned to obey them, Hal.
    As will you, eventually.My new...allies of convenience...are going to shut your show down after tonight, Hal, if you don't pull that article.about me. They can do it, Hal. I've learned it the hard way. Better to obey and be able to broadcast.Is THAT the e-mail you're referring to? Yes, I got it. Now I'll answer it:Go f*** yourself. Your friends can go fuck themselves too.
    I don't care what you or your "friends of convenience" think or want. I'm the one with all the control here. You can only TRY to respond AFTER I do whatever I do.Incidentally, your threatened response is a non-starter on a whole host of levels:There is no "conspiracy." No case can be made for conspiracy.THe local City Prosecutor doesn;t stand a chance in hell in getting the feds to issue a Warrant on such a shambled premise as the one from which you proceed.In addition, anyone who tries to make such a case, either yourself, the lawyer, the city prosecutor or the feds will be dealt with mercilessly, with a level of absolute ruthlessness none of you ever dreamed possible.I'm the one calling all the shots. Do what I told your lawyer to do and you'll have a chance at reprieve from me. Fail to do it and I will simply crush you -- and anyone who stands with you.By the way, I already have the Collection Item ready to be sent to the three credit reporting agencies for your personal credit report and Dunn & Bradstreet for your company credit report. The existence of a collection itme on credit profiles will seriously hamper your ability to obtain credit. No more quick loans to re-develop properties. No more construction loans.Your business will grind to a halt.Sure, you can sue me, and maybe in three or four years, when you finally get a court date, you may get some relief. But what will you do for financing in the meantime?Even if you get relief, and try to sue me for damages, what will you get? I am absolutely judgement proof. Judgements against me won't be worth the paper they're written on. So again I win.You picked a fight with the wrong guy. Accept defeat, do what I told you to do and go away.Oh, and make sure it all gets done BEFORE that check arrives back here because if you don't, I WILL publish that check routing numbers and all.Hal Turner.


    Hal Turner Shuts Down Website, Shoutcast Feed
    After Bill White Stops Payments On Hal's Checks -- LOL

    North Bergen, New Jersey -- Hal Turner's website and Shoutcast feed were shut down yesterday, only days after he announced that he was cancelling Bill White's popular "National Socialist Workers Presents" radio show.
    Reason for the shut down was not clear, but earlier this week, White said that Turner was running desperately short of money and that he expected Turner would have to stop broadcasting in the near future.
    Fans started noticing early yesterday that Turner's Shoutcast feed had been taken off line, and, this morning, all of Hal Turner's websites appeared to be gone. However, the news had been eclipsed by yesterday's barrage of Canadian news reports on the now failed efforts by Jewish attorney Richard Warman to take this website off the internet.On Monday, during his show, White discussed with a caller the case of Jody Lee Mathis, a federal informer responsible for the conviction of seven members of the World Church of the Creator, who now heads the Vinlander's Florida affiliate, the Florida State Skins. White also said that he had read the threats being made against him on the Vinlander website and that he had written the names of the Vinlander leadership on the side of shotgun shells, should they ever try to make good on their threats.Over the past week, Mathis had been having a running converation with Turner, where he repeatedly threatened to kill Turner if Turner did not cancel White's radio show. Turner responded in the thread by apologizing to the Vinlanders and offering them free air time -- an offer they rejected.In terms of today's shut down, White also noted, with amusement, that Turner cancelled White's show on the day he received two checks from White paying for the air time into the immediate future, and that he pulled the plug on his websites right around the day he would have learned that White had placed stop payments on those checks before Hal had cashed them.


    Movement Pissing Matches
    How Wanna Bes, Fragile Egos and Weak Minds Hold Us Back And Send Us To Prison

    8/30/2006 8:07:25 PM
    Discuss this story in the forum
    Bill White

    Commentary -- A few days ago, a friend of mine did something he shouldn't.
    The National Socialist Movement, Matthew Ramsey in particular, spent a good few weeks publishing all sorts of ridiculous lies about me in response to my well founded and truthful criticisms of them. Their repeated libels forced me to respond with a lawsuit. I don't particularly want to sue them -- I have much better things to do with my time -- but they basically backed me into a corner.
    Over the weekend, it looked like we would finally have a settlement and be able to make peace. I sent out an email to my supporters telling them to cease and desist any efforts against the National Socialist Movement or any public attacks on its leadership. I knew what terms we would be settling on, and I saw no need to rub things in.
    Then a friend of mine took a private conversation and published it on his blog to publicly embarass the National Socialist Movement and mock how "weak" they were in the concessions they were willing to make.
    The result was that the National Socialist Movement withdrew from negotiating and I am probably now going to have to duke it out with them. Given the number of legal misconceptions they are under, my guess is that I'll be seizing their property within three or four months.
    When I told my friend, just casually, that it looked like we'd reached a settlement with the NSM, he began insisting that the only possible settlement I should accept is that they sign over all their assets to me, that anything else was "wussing out", and that he was gong to post all the concessions they were going to make to show everyone how weak they were.
    I asked him not to. He said why. I said that, when someone is surrendering to you, you don't rub it in -- in fact, quite the opposite, you try to make them feel good about and preserve their self-respect. The desire to completely crush a helpless and surrendering enemy -- one that willingly surrendered before they had to -- is cruelty, it is ignoble, and it wastes resources -- and, more importantly, it is weakness. Strong people don't have to run around showing how strong they are -- they can afford public humility because there is no question of their private strength. My friend refused to see the point, scuttled the negotiations, and put everyone back in a head butting situation.
    The same mentality can be witnessed in many white nationalist leaders. Matt Hale was a good example of this type -- he was a nobody who became "a leader" because he said things that were more extreme than anyone else -- even though he took very little action personally to back it up. His primary involvement in leading was motivating other people, more criminal than himself, to commit crimes. He enjoyed the power trip of being able to "frighten" other people by seeming "powerful" and being "under investigation", and went to prison.
    I've seen others of this type. Alex Curtis is one. The Vinlander leadership is a minor version of the same thing. Each one of them are people who have very little going for them in their private lives, and so they get a small amount of power in "white nationalist" circles, imagine themselves much more powerful than they are and they end up in prison.
    Hal Turner is another of this type, and I hold up for the world his behavior of the past day.
    Hal was paid by me for radio shows he usually does for free. He was paid fairly and in full. When I prepaid him for shows not yet done, he attempted to steal the money, and I stopped him.
    Everyone knows, though, that Hal is a conman and a thief -- he fakes heart attacks and demands money for medical bills he doesn't have. He says outrageous things to get attention in the hopes of scraping together some donations. Having no income generating activity in his personal life, he is constantly desperate for money.
    Two good points in evidence of this are:1) He alleges to be upset over a stop payment of $300. Think about how poor you must be if a $300 stop payment throws you into conniptions; and,2) He describes himself as "judgment proof" -- meaning he has no assets.He also has a dangerous lack of knowledge about the law. The average small case in the SW Virginia courts is returned within 21 days of service and is heard and settled within two months. Bigger cases can take 90 - 120 days. His assertion that a lawsuit would take "three or four years", his claims about "New York lawyers" (he will need a Virginia one), and so on just show a general ignorance of how the legal system works. My guess is that Hal has never been sued.
    I, on the other hand, have become an expert at squeezing blood from stones. My tenants are the classic "judgment proof" cases -- people whose sole income is welfare and immune to attachment who have very few personal possessions. Yet I often manage to squeeze some satisfaction out of them -- I seize beat up old cars that barely run and sell them for scrap; I seize their interest in rickety old trailers; I haul them in and find out what they do with the tip income they don't report to their employers; et cetera. I have found that, when one considers the power of the levy and the writ of fi fa, it is really difficult if not impossible for someone to completely avoid payment of a judgment.In any case, what we see is Hal going down the tubes and blustering the same way Hale and half a dozen others have gone down the tubes blustering. I can remember the rhetoric that came from them right up until the very end -- in some cases continuing to come from them in their prison cells. They lost it, and they dug themselves holes trying to deal with problems they perceived - - wrongfully -- as insurmountable. They refused to realistically assess the situation.
    The demand for the complete destruction of your opponents over minor slights, the refusal to compromise, and the increase in bluster as one goes down the tubes, are all signs of very weak and very pathological personalities that unfortunately appeal to the often fringe and anti-social personalities that Jewish propaganda drives into the white movement. It is this kind of pseudo-leadership that makes white activism weak.How does a rational person deal with Hal Turner-type problems?Well, first, when someone is on your messageboards saying "please post banking information so I can use it to steal from that bank account", you don't aid and abet them. You don't do it, first of all, because you cause no harm to the person who has the account -- the money is insured and, like any other unauthorized transaction -- funds removed without approval have to be returned to the account by the bank. The bank carries insurance against this. Thus, you don't cause anyone -- except maybe an insurance company several times removed -- any harm.From the way Hal talks, though, you would think he had found a magic key, and that it had granted him ultimate power. Delusional thinking like that is usually a sign of fear and powerlessness.A good rule in live is not to do things that are obvious crimes. If someone had come to me and said "Bill, I would really like to kill Richard Warman" and I gave them Richard Warman's address in the United States, I could potentially go to prison for conspiring to kill him. I'm not sure what law would apply in another country.Just because you have legally obtained information or tools that can be used to commit a crime does not mean you can legally commit it.
    Second, a rational person pursues legal methods of redress. If Hal thinks I owe him money, he should sue me for it. Is it worth it to risk going to jail when a $50 court action could solve your problems?My advisors said "Why on earth are you getting into this kind of fight over $300?" The only thing I could say is that its a pissing contest, it wasn't worth it, but sometimes, if someone wants to fight you, you have to fight -- even if you have nothing to gain by it -- and smashing someone like Hal, who has already been smashed, has no upside for me.
    Third, in addition to the sheer foolishness of the action, can you imagine what kind of idiot will ever send a check to Hal Turner ever again?Hal Turner and I were friends until last week. If Hal can turn on me -- and invite people to steal from me -- what would he do to someone with less resources than I have?Irrationality, lack of patience, and a burning desire to "be somebody" at the expense of others are all character flaws that make someone unsuited to be a leader. Whatever such "leaders" build inevitably collapses, and such leaders inevitably go to jail.
    It is time for white activists to stop recruiting among the angry fringes of society and among people who have been unable to build anything meaningful out of their lives. It is time to stop nurturing fragile personalities and allowing anti-social tendencies to go unchecked.We should have pulled the plug on Hal Turner months ago -- during one of his crazy and irrational speeches at the NSM rallies. We didn't, because we were lazy and didn't want to figure out internet radio, and now we pay the price of dealing with a loon -- a few minor legal inconveniences while we shut him up.Folk who lack egos and constantly have to prove themselves are sitting targets. Its time to stop clustering ourselves up with them.

  15. I hope Bill White ends up owning the Turner Radio Network although that isn't worth much.

    What I would like to know is if Hal still deposits his checks into his wife's bank account?

    If so, I would think that would make her legally liable also and unlike Hal, she does have assets to lose.

    Hal will lose this battle.


  17. maybe there is a god afterall. The Gettysburg rally is going to take place right as the epicenter of Tropical Storm Ernesto is going to be over Gettysburg PA. They are calling for 3 to 5 inches of rain on Saturday.

  18. Dear Nasty - that is what you are. Your posts are deleted because I don't like the name you have chosen or the words that you use in your posts. As long as you choose to use those I will choose to delete you.

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  20. Early reports said that Schwartz and Floyd Cock Hound got an early start by putting up a tent for all to stay dry while they serviced all the cocks that wanted their cock sucking expertise. They found some extra padded knee pads so they could stay in position longer to lap up every WN drop. Schwartz said that all that came and went had the biggest smiles he'd ever seen. He learned the art of deep throat.


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