Saturday, August 19, 2006


After much consideration and considerable debating with myself I have realized that sensible, rational, civil discussion is impossible in this forum. The time and effort that it takes to keep up with deleting garbage from the comment section of this blog would be much better spent in an area more productive.

This is truly unfortunate since many good discussions have been conducted in this forum. As seems to always be the rule, a few ignorant and selfish people spoil things for those who try to do the right thing. In retrospect, I believe that we here on this blog have been more than fair and have tried to accomodate people with all viewpoints. However, the smut, the personal attacks, and the racism that has been permeating the comments section of this blog is simply untenable and requires too much time to clean up.

From this point forward, no anonymous posters will be allowed to post in Nikki's Nest. You will have to register to post. Additionally, some articles will have a comment section only available on our new forum at CAH - including this one.


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